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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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called stewart's landing off of church road. take a look here. this is the car at the center of the shooting. as we zoom in, we might be able to see four different bullet holes. there are three on the driver's side window. there is one in the front windshield. then as we reposition the camera, just a little bit, we can show you on the roof of the car what it -- what appears to be a ziploc bag contains what source tell me police believe is marijuana. 2:15, the police got the call for a shooting. they arrived and found an adult man and a juvenile male in his teens believed to be father and son inside this car. one had been shot in the hand. one had been shot in the leg. police sealed off this area. actually put a lockdown at a local school while they searched for a suspect who is described as a dark-skinned hispanic male wearing blue jeans with curly hair. he was seen fleeing on foot.
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an hour. they were not able to track down the suspect. but at this point the chief of the bowie police, the investigating agency, is telling me they do not believe there is a continuing risk. you can see from the crime scene tape this road is closed down. it's called urbana lane. police are investigating what is happening here. bullet holes in the car and drugs in the car. in bowie, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: right now in the zoo, ollie is still on the run. michelle: but he has been spotted. ads -- alison: more than a dozen schools are keeping the kids in for recess. michelle: are they closing in on ollie? jonathan: q mccray has the new developments. q? q: we have yes and no answers for you. good news because according to the zoo, they got credible tips that ollie, the bobcat was in the cleveland park, in
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the woodley park area. but bad news in this hour because i just checked. they have no idea where ollie is. we are talking about an animal. she is 7 years old. bobcats are gray in color. many don't know this but seconds ago bobcats used to thrive in the d.c. area. so the zookeepers aren't worried about her well-being. they think she will be fine out there. she escaped around 10:00 a.m. yesterday through small hole in the mesh around the enclosure. they have no idea how the opening got there. but you know, they didn't pull any chances. they sent out the zookeepers and the zoo police. they also sent out the d.c. humane rescue alliance to find the cat. they had no luck. we spoke to b.c. residents who are not too worried about a bobcat roaming the city. any concerns? >> no, other than it's a bobcat on the loose. he has a lot of woods here to hide out in. if i we
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go. >> knock on wood, i am probably thinking we are not going to see him. q: i tell you who has worries. the d.c. public school system. they issued warnings for 13 schools closest to the school and not allowed the children to play outside in lunch and recess today. though we did see them playing outside at john diehl elementary school a few blocks from the zoo. at 5:00, we will let you know more about how the zoo is trying to capture ollie. we will hear from a parent who has a student going to d.c. schools and a pet owner who is concerned about his best friend. coming up at 5:00. until then, that is the latest live from the smithsonian zoo. i'm q mccray. back to you. jonathan: don't miss an ollie update even away from the tv. customize the breaking news texts you want by entering your phone number at alerts will be sent ri
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your phone from the newsroom. it happens immediately. anti-trump vandalism at montgomery county high school in potomac. we had to blur some of this out. it's not appropriate, period. a parent sending abc7 the pictures from winston churchill high school. the bulk of the damage around the ballfield, concession stands and bathrooms. not clear who did this. the montgomery county police are trying to figure that out. abc7 is following the story. we have updates when new information comes in to us. on the hill, a list of cabinet nominees on the agenda today. some approved. in other meetings, tensions seem to be flaring. amy aubert has been following the development throughout the day today and has the latest from the "live desk." amy? amy: votes for two of president trump's nominees are delayed after democrats boycotting the meeting today. the picks affect the treasury nominee and the health and human services nominee. democratic senator ron white telling us that the nominees in question
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the public and say they are looking for answers. inside finance committee chairman orrin hatch said he was ready to believe the vote was ready to move forward saying, "this is the most pathetic thing i have seen in the whole time in the united states state senate." they were scheduled to vote for jeff sessions, nomination for attorney general today but the meeting is now delayed until wednesday. this is after the president fired the acting u.s. attorney general monday everything. earlier today the senate energy and resources committee approving nominee's representative ryan zinc and rick perry. also today betsy devos was approved for senate committee for education secretary. the next step of the nominations are going before the full senate. at the "live desk," amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: thank you. at the white house, president trump met with executives from the pharmaceutical industry. he says he wants
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astronomical drug prices. >> so what i want, we have to get lower prices. we to get better innovation. i want you to move the companies back to the united states. alison: the president also claimed business rivals overseas aren't playing fair. >> you look at what china is doing. you look at what japan has done over the years. they play the money market. they play the devaluation market. we sit there like a bunch of dummies. so you have to get your companies back here. alison: the president said he would make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to win regulatory approval for their products here in the states. michelle: from big business to small business, one local owner and his shot has been in the spotlight since he met with president trump. richard reeve has the hoagie man under the heat lamp. mixed opinions today from the lun
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richard: casey patton, the owner of the store and ten others in the d.c. area getting a lot of heat on twitter after a meeting, just a meeting to talk about small business issues with president trump. take a look at the photo that has inspired so much comment. patton among other small business owners meeting with the president. he owns 11 of these restaurants. he calls himself apolitical. he wanted to talk about the idea of increasing employment of young workers between 16 and 24. he expressed concerns about the 300 employees half of whom are immigrants or children of. i -- children of immigrants. but people went at it. they said they were done with the restaurant. boycotting it. calling the people at the restaurant trump collaborators. another said, "you're with trump, i'm out." some say they are unhappy that he made the visit, others
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despite the politics. >> it makes you think. makes you think just the dislike for someone or if you don't agree with someone over the president how it can trickle down to the smallest things as an app, or a statement that an app made or a company made. richard: now we try to reach casey patton several times. he did not return our phone calls but look at the tweet he sent out late this afternoon. he says patton wanted to politely tell trump many of his employees are nervous about the future of america and their place in it. coming up at 5:00, emotional debate. more business owners waying in. richard reeve, abc7 news. >> tonight president trump is supposed to announce his
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nomination for the supreme court. he would fill the seat vacatedded by the late justice antonin scalia who was viewed by a conservative on the high court. stephanie ramos has more on a potential legacy-making pick for trump. stephanie: his finalists are young enough they could sit on the court for decades and tip the balance toward conservatives on the bench. in the a primetime presentation we will hear who president trump has chosen to take a seat on the supreme court. >> we'll see you in a little while. we'll announce a supreme court justice who i think everybody will be impressed with. see you about 8:00. stephanie: the high court has been operating with only eight justices since antonin scalia's death last february. in the campaign, trump promised that his nominee would be someone similar to scalia. president trump: the justices will be pro-life, have a
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the second amendment. stephanie: the top two spots are for jack hardiman and neil gorsuch. gorsuch is 49 years old. serves on the tenth circuit court of appeals. he attended harvard law and has a ph.d. from oxford. in legal circles he is considered an originalist like scalia. they were both pointed by president george w. bush and according to a senior official trump personally interviewed both men before his inauguration. president trump: i think the person that i pick will be a big, big, i think people will love it. i think evangelicals, christians will love my pick. stephanie: expect that person to be
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hearings from executive powers to trump's latest immigration order. at the supreme court, stephanie ramos, abc7 news. alison: thank you. this is the final day to purchase affordable care act. 11.5 million signed up before christmas in the 35 states served by premiums are up this year. 80% of customers signing up received subsidiaries to pay for insurance. 13 million are expected to buy coverage for 2017. coming up next right here at 4:00, we will tell you about oprah. she has a new job and it's in primetime. michelle: and a new first for twinkies. jonathan: also this -- >> you are driving along the highway and then this happens. you approach a car going way too slow in the fast lane. now a new measure to try and fix that coming up. doug: the last day of january started with cloudy skies
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now we are in the upper 50's and we have sunshine. what will february be like? the first i work overtime when i can get it
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ideas. she will remain chair and c.e.o. of her own cable network, of course. the network says she will be part of several stories in the upcoming season. her first report is scheduled to air this fall. jonathan: we have all been there. out on the road. driving along. in the fast lane and then you are stuck behind someone in the fast lane going really slow. alison: now the state of virginia wants to do something about the drivers. michelle: transportation reporter brianne carter explains. brianne: it's reichly -- likely happened to you. you are in the far left lane on the highway and you find a car going under the speed limit. lawmakers in virginia are trying to prevent that from further happening. a bill before the legislature calls for $250 fine if you are caught in the left lane going under the speed limit. the current law only allows for a fine up to $250. lawmakers say the issue creates dangerous driving conditions on virginia roads, adding even first responders have had close calls right now going under the speed limit in the left l
4:16 pm
sometimes you are in the left lane. you do maybe the speed limit of 60, doing five miles over and you come up to someone doing 40 or 45. it could be dangerous. brianne: what do people think? will $250 change how people drive? reaction from both sides coming up tonight at 5:00. in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: slovenia has seen a major boost in tourism. you may wonder why slovenia? it's first lady melania trump's native land. overnight stays in slovenia from americans surged 10%. there are special tours from her hometown to show where she worked before she came to the united states. alison: the annual white house correspondents dinner will have a little competition this year. comedian samantha bea is hosting a
4:17 pm
her own called "not the washington correspondents dinner" and it will air on tv. michelle: we want to introduce you to gordon, the first robotic barista in the united states. he is now serving coffee from inside of this booth you see in san francisco. gordon went online yesterday making and pouring 120 cups in an hour. all for about $3 each. >> once people get from the cafe x, specialty coffee but being able to get that consistently and efficiently. you can order from an app or one of the ordering stations. michelle: 120 cups in an hour? jonathan: he is moving. michelle: yeah! the world's first robotic barista nicknamed "malcolm" is in hong kong. a third robot named
4:18 pm
will go online soon to unnamed tech company in silicon valley. i miss the human interaction. alison: i was going to say the same thing. part of why you go is you see the same conversation. jonathan: there is no personality. none. they will put a face on a video screen and give you personality. michelle: gordon is a little stiff. jonathan: we're on traffic watch this afternoon. trenice bishop is in the traffic center with a look at the ride home. how is it looking, trenice? trenice: not bad but we have a couple of things that just cleared up. we had an earlier vehicle fire for you on the beltway on the inner loop between connecticut and georgia avenue. you can see on the big map you may find heavy volume delays coupled with the regular volume that builds at this time of the afternoon. that is on the inner loop. take a live look at connecticut avenue. we're still moving but not fast for folks making the trip from connecticut to new hampshire avenue. expect some delays there. elsewhere for you in montgomery county, we had report of an
4:19 pm
possibly involving a pedestrian on new hampshire avenue. this is the intersection at good hope road. it looks like all of that is out of the way. we can't see flashing light or leftovers from a possible incident. we will take a live look here where the heaviest volume is for folks on the beltway. inner and outer loop jammed up for folks making the ride between maryland and virginia headed toward the legions bridge. alison, back to you. alison: thank you. if you like sweets you want to hear the story. twinkie flavored ice cream is now a reality. snack maker hostess teaming up with nestlé to produce a line of frozen desserts. in addition to the twinkie flavored ice cream there is the snowball and cupcake flavored ice cream. and dingdongs available now in the form of ice cream sandwiches. jonathan: so good. alison: no way! they have started to appear on store shelves across the country. jonathan: the folks at hostess were in trouble and then they came out of it. someone who has taken over
4:20 pm
a genius. michelle: this seems like stuff that should have already been invented. jonathan: you think? alison: sounds great. doug is here to talk about the weather today. doug: we started with the snow way north. the temperatures 27 to 30 degrees. cloudy. now it's in the upper 50's and sunny. real nice change here. we will enjoy one more mild day and get to reality toward the weekend. a live look right now from the weather bug camera at national harbor. you see the capital wheel there. there is still sunshine. on the breezy side. the stronger winds are to the west of the metro area. 56 now at last report at reagan national. the winds are west/south worseerly at six. the dew point is 27. the air is dry. westerly winds are moving in. you don't have to go far west to see the wind. wind advisory is up. look at this. leesburg had wind gust of 36 miles per hour. 36 in luray. if you get back to the metro the winds are 5, 6, 7 miles per hour. so a big change outwest. the winds to the west
4:21 pm
diminish tonight. we'll see partly cloudy skies. with a westerly wind of 6-12 later this everything the temperatures will be slow to fall from the 50's to the mid-40's. overnight we'll stay partly cloudy. there will be increasing cloudiness overnight and through tomorrow. meanwhile from the system to brush the far northern areas this morning. that is where we see rain. north of the warm fronted and snow. stretching from michigan to the new england coastline. it will all stay north. matter of fact, any rain chances are low. the next real precipitation chance we see is sunday. that is only like 40%. pickup time for the kids tomorrow. 39 in the morning. part lu -- partly cloudy. mostly cloudy for recess. the extended outlook we will get to 45. colder turn on thursday. if you are look tonight, you won't be able to go to sleep. what will happen when phil comes out? what will happen? is he going to see the shadow? there is 40% c
4:22 pm
and snow early, midday sunday to late in the day. after that we will turn it around to another warmup monday and tuesday. looking ahead to next week. temperatures first week in february will stay well above average. michelle? michelle: thank you. washington, d.c. versus congress. the city's legislation that congress might take on and the residents that could take a key role fighting a takeover ahead. horace: if you have a consumer problem we have great news for you. in the "7 on your side" hemp center, the hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow. moms don't take sick days. moms take nyquil severe: the... ...nighttime sniffling,sneezing, coughing, aching, fever best... ...sleep with a cold, medicine. new pantene doesn't just wash i wiyour hair, it fuels it.gain. making every strand stronger.
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because strong is beautiful.
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horace: welcome back to the "7 on your side" help center. i'm horace holmes. "7 on your side" has some very exciting news. we have joined forces with a powerful consumer advocacy group called "call for action." the volunteers here behind me are the ones who help make it all work. it's an army. a small one. but the men and women are definitely fighters. call for action volunteers have been fighting for more than 35 years to solve consumer complaints. >> this is our call for action forum. horace: if you have a problem with a contractor or bought a product that is not working and you can't get the vendor to fix it or take it back, this is how "7 on your side" call for actions volunteer set up to take your cas
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information over the phone. horace: then they track your case and intervene on your behalf and followup. >> we contact the other party to see if we can work out something between the two parties. we put our notes in here. and we continue to work on it until the problem is solved. horace: you and the problem are the top priorities. the volunteers have a long history of getting results. >> i feel like i'm a voice for people. people that don't have a voice or don't know how to take care of a problem or don't have the persistence and the patience. horace: first of all, if you want to be a volunteer, be a helper, help make things happen. go to our website or you can call the telephone number on the screen right now. so go to or call the number on the screen. then you can become a volunteer. if you have got a problem right now, the volunteers are here waiting to answer your calls and start to your
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call 703-236-9220. we will be here from now until 6:30. jonathan: great resource. thank you very much. distracted driving is not just dangerous. it's down right deadly. coming up at abc7 news at 4:30, a friends of a victim wants to take his message to drive safe and put it where you can't miss it. you will see it coming up next. sam: little legal protection from the hostile congress, d.c. members are talking about using hostile residents against hostile members. i'm sam ford. that story is next on abc7 news. alison: then new at 5:00 tonight, 11 days in the trump administration and we have seen plenty of protests around the country. we'll take a closer look at some isjust wanna see ifa again? my score changed... you wanna check yours? scores don't change that much. i haven't changed. oh, really? ♪ it's girls' night they said business casual.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: i want to update you on the breaking news we started with at the tov of the hour. a father and son shot in bowie. goodard school locked down for a time. it's been lifted. abc's brad bell working that story. he showed us bullet holes in the car windows. the two victims are expected to alive. any and
4:31 pm
pass on to you. but we move on now. with a republican president and congress, democrats are in a tough spot. we have more now on how leaders plan to make their voice heard. >> the council voted 11-2. sam: d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton brought city officials this afternoon to decry an upcoming house vote they say will overturn the d.c. death with dignity, assisted suicide law. >> congress should not swoop in and pick a piece and say no. sam: earlier at the mayor council breakfast the frustrated sponsor of the bill acknowledged there is nothing the city can do but says the city needs to do something. >> we have to be a bit more aggressive defending ourselves against the bullies over there in congress. sam: assisted suicide is just one d.c. law house republicans denounced. they have talked about overturning d.c. gun laws, funding for abortions for poor women, legal marijuana.
4:32 pm
are a councilmember. let's make sure they know when the trash needs picking up. sam: they talk about finding republican friends or social pressures. some say residents are anxious for direct action, picketing individual members as they come to and from work. >> they want a hands on experience to let them know to keep their hands off d.c. sam: also today, jason chaffetz said he would support seeding back to maryland and congress would haven't a say. >> the district does not want to go back to maryland. i raise the salient question. chairman chaffetz, have you asked maryland? sam: on capitol hill, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: well, doug is back now looking at the temperatures. it feels great out there. 50's. high 50's at that. doug: a big turn-around. it's a cold front coming but it's not bitterly cold. low 50's and then we get to seasonal temperatures for early february that sta
4:33 pm
tomorrow. the temperatures on the screen. 54 in waldorf. 52 in herndon. 56 in northwest washington. and through the evening hours we will see partly cloudy skies. we will stay mild. temperatures are holding in the 40's in the evening hours with a westerly winds continuing to turn colder overnight. but only in the 30's. the mid-to-upper 30's. the cold front will clear the area tomorrow morning. most precipitation with us will stay well to the north and west. the winds still continue westerly. but as we get through thursday, the winds will turn on in a more northwesterly heading to bring cooler temperatures. not bitterly cold but closer to average. we do see for the weekend the temperatures are below average coming in on saturday and sunday. so the forecast as we head through the day tomorrow, 52 degrees for a high temperature. pretty sweet. we have clouds at times. 42 on thursday. then another little surge of the colder air arrives friday with the next front. it will be breezy. highs of 42. a little colder still over the weekend. possibility of precipitation sund
4:34 pm
out in the ten-day outlook when he joins you here in 18 minutes. jonathan? jonathan: all right, thanks. "7 on your side" with the call for action phone bank. the lines are open now. number on the bottom of the screen. 703-236-9220. if you have any consumer complaints you will share it with the folks. they will walk you through what you can do to get a resolution. the number is 703-236-9220. this will be open for any and all calls until 6:30 this everything. jonathan: updating breaking news now monday at 4:00. arlington police criminally charged heber amaya-gallo with first-degree murder in the death of his roommate. police believe that amaya-gallo got in a fight with michael wiggins monday afternoon. wiggins' body was found in their apartment on 7th road south. in addition to amaya-gallo, police took two other people into custody for questioning but they have not been
4:35 pm
is potentially a deadly mistake. in virginia, teens there who have seen the tragic impact are fighting back with a message. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg reports that the message would go right where you can't miss it if you are paying attention on the roads. jeff: in lansdowne, distracted driving is not just a catchphrases. they believe it led to the death of kristen schultz last summer. chad is a senior at riverside high minutes from where tristan was killed in a crosswalk while in a stroller pushed by his mother. 45-year-old john miller who witnesses say was not watching the road is charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving. local teens wanted to take action against distracted driving so they spoke with local delegate and dad tad
4:36 pm
>> we are talking life and death. not a b on your report card. it's life or death. jeff: the kids want to create a statewide license plate with wording sure to grab your attention. some possibilities. "put your phone down, dummy." "stop texting, stupid." "pay attention, idiot." tad loved the idea and took it to the general assembly in richmond where today it passed the house of delegates moving closer to be a reality. >> it's so apparent to me. when we see the license plate that say "put your phone down, stupid" i do believe someone will think twice before they pick it up and send the next text message. jeff: that is what the students here believe as well. if it passes the senate it is signed by governor mcauliffe and then there is a contest to offer suggestions for
4:37 pm
wording and the license plate for distracted driving. one will be pick and sold at the d.m.v. similar to "virginia is for lovers" or "don't tread on me license plates" you see throughout the commonwealth of virginia. live in leesburg, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. the american worker is taking home for money. the labor department reporting total competition climbed half a percent over the previous three months whichs -- which also saw increases. last year the benefits climbed 2%, faster pace than 2015. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- your legos online. how children can take on challenges from other kids around the world and show off the work in a cyber bullying safe place next. >> a new push to legalize marijuana in the state of maryland. will the proposal go up in smoke? jonathan: here is julie wright
4:38 pm
washington" preview. >> thank you, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning washington," watch to win an awesome trip to live with kelly's after-oscar show in hollywood. >> plus a smart way to deal with a threatening call from a debt collector. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten
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michelle: breaking news now. virginia is taking legal action regarding president trump's executive order on immigration. let's listen in. >> identical stories found on campuses all across virginia. our colleges and universities freakenly obtain visas for the faculty members. after the january 27 executive order, those employees can no longer enter or exit and re-enter the united states. the full impact of president trump's ban remains unclear. because the government has not complied fully with a valid temporary restraining order issued by a federal court, the commonwealth has been hindered in its ability to identify the virginia residents who have been detained at dulles, moved to an immigration detention facility or even removed from
4:42 pm
there are countless residents of the commonwealth, people who live in virginia, who work in virginia. or who attend schools in virginia. whose lives and livelihoods have been and will be severely disrupted. michelle: again, virginia is taking legal action against the white house and the executive order. limiting immigration and refugees. you are listening now to to the attorney general for virginia. if you want to continue listening to the remarks the coverage continues on the sister station newschannel8. seeing and smoking green in maryland. hundreds of millions of dollars potentially at stake in marijuana legalization. ahead, what it means for you if a bill actually reaches the governor's desk. >> a project started by students at the university of maryland will soon be headed to space. i'm kellye lynn with that story coming
4:43 pm
on education." >> even after a white house statement expressing the president will not peel back the lgbtq federal worker protection, gay rights activists vow to continue their protest. that's coming up. we have activists from th why are you checking i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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horace: welcome back to the "7 on your side" help center where we have the "7 on your side" call for action volunteers right here manning the phones. answering your phone calls. if you have a consumer problem. a problem with a contractor. if you have a problem with a product that you bought at a store. that store is not taking it back or fixing it for you. call us now. 703-236-9220. 703-236-9220. the phones will be open between now and 6:30. back to you. michelle: thank you. the state of maryland had taken steps to change the way it polices marijuana. could it soon be legal for adults? maryland bureau chief brad bell explains there is big money at stake when it comes to potential legalization.
4:47 pm
passion. issue of legalization of marijuana. a poll suggests that a minority agrees with ewhen sharps -- with helen sharps. >> they should. too many people i know who smoke it. why not? brad: plenty agree with julie espinoza. >> i'm not sure about legalizizing it. it's the start of drugs for kids. brad: in the days ahead it will be the divide in the maryland statehouse. >> we are at a time that the public wants to see a change. the public realizes the war on drugs failed. brad: montgomery county state senator is among those leading the fight. he has introduced two pot bills to be considered during this legislative session. >> one would regulate the sale and the distribution of cannabis products in the state of maryland. one would set the tax rates for that. patterned after the
4:48 pm
models that both the state of colorado and the state of washington are using. brad: he says legalization would also generate tax revenue. if the bills fail to get through the general assembly there is a secondary push here that is gaining some support. to put the legalization of marijuana on the ballot in 2018 and let the voters decide. in annapolis, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: all sorts of things are left on airplanes. but what maintenance workers did not expect to find was 31 pounds of cocaine on an american airlines plane in tulsa. there they are. the packages are all taped up. workers found the drugs hidden in the plane's nose cone. >> this plane came from bogota. landed in miami. got picked up the computer system for routine maintenance. usually it happens in miami. they were just overloaded so signed
4:49 pm
jonathan: hmm. maintenance workers made a similar discovery on another flight last year. unclear if the drugs were put on the plane in colombia or in miami. treason charges in russia linked to the c.i.a. russian intelligence officers are being accused of sharing secrets with the spy agency. two men who worked for russian intelligence service supposedly cooperated with the c.i.a. executive from the russian cyber security firm also has been arrested. michelle: a rare opportunity for students at the university of maryland college park. in the spotlight on education, kellye lynn shows us how the opportunities created an ex -- us how the students created an experiment to be spent to the international space station. kellye: an experiment that started inside the university of maryland lab will extend all the way to space. >> the idea that we might have something we designed or made to go to the international
4:50 pm
space station is humbling and incredible for us. kellye: this comes comes from te space flight program where young people submitted ideas including three university of maryland students that make up the only university team selected. their goal to understand the effects of micro-graverty on bacteria development. >> if we are going to be out in space for long period of time without any access to real medical care it's really important we don't have the infections cropping up that we can't treat. >> we will compare differences between the genes turned on in space versuses the genes turned on, on earth. kellye: they submitted the bacteria in a capsule like this one. >> this is identical to the specimen we will send. >> the bacteria is found in soil, water, on our skin and in our gut. samples that will launch from earth to the i.s.s. in april. once the space experiment is complete they will return to maryland for further a
4:51 pm
bacteria being more dangerous and a particular gene is responsible we can perhaps design therapies to target the gene. kellye: in college park, kellye lynn, abc7 news. steve: almost the middle of the week here. temperatures looking nice out there this evening. getting outside. 66 at reagan normal airport. upper 50's in quantico. 60 in fredericksburg. this everything, once the sun goes down at 5:30, temperatures fall in the 40's. the winds out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow watching a cold front that is going to sag across the mid-atlantic. this will bring cooler air to the end of the workweek and maybe a wintery mix by the end of the upcoming weekend. looking ahead, tomorrow, high temperatures, lower 50's. cooling down on thursday behind the cold front. middle 40's. by friday we are in the lower 40's, a mix of sun and clouds. talking about the weekend ahead. 38 degrees. that is it for a high
4:52 pm
saturday. a little below average this time of year. sunday mix of rain and sleet, maybe snow. high temperatures then around 38 degrees. we will keep an eye on it here at abc7. let's talk about the next ten days. look at the warmup coming to those next week. 50 by monday. by tuesday we are looking at a high around 60. in the lower 60's on wednesday. by thursday and friday, upper 40's to around 50 degrees. don't forget groundhog day this thursday. check on what is happening with the traffic tuesday afternoon. here is trenice bishop. trenice: hey, steve. this afternoon we are clearing up an accident on 95 southbound. slowing the ride for folks headed to the woodbridge area. between route 1 and woodbridge. the occoquan this afternoon. we can take a look at the pig picture. maybe you can see the delays. if you are heading southbound leaving the i-95 corridor it's slow for f
4:53 pm
show you a life picture of the ride on i-95. not the best view peaking through the trees. we see flashing lights. we also had vdot on the scene with the incident. that did block a right lane and the ramp there for quite a while. i will show you some delays as well. if you are headed out or thinking about trying i-95. expect to sit a little bit to fairfax county. also in virginia it is 66 still with a slow ride westbound. the heaviest volume approaching 28 in centreville. no report of an accident but seeing the heavy volume delays for folks on 28. this is southbound 28 leaving chantilly, headed to 66. a very slow ride there this afternoon. earlier an accident was reported on 210 southbound between 459 and the wilson. you will see extra volume as well if you are headed to oxon hill. back to you at the desk. michelle: trenice, thank you. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the first 100 days. controversy and protests. but inaction from president
4:54 pm
skepticism on one issue. obama era white house policy he isn't changing. that's nex
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
michelle: in the first 100 days president donald trump is getting attention for something he won't change. announcing he won't roll back federal workplace protections for lgbtq workers.
4:57 pm
order by president obama. but as mike carter-conneen reports, many in the gay community are skeptical. mike: responding to growing speculation and suggestions that the president might roll back lgbtq rights, the white house issued a statement. president donald j. trump is determined to protect the rights of all americans, including the lgbtq community. president trump continues to be respectful and supportive of lgbtq rights just as he was throughout the election. >> this is an historic moment we have today where a republican president who promised to be a real friend to the lgbtq community is following through on that promise. he deserves praise for that. mike: with republican control of the white house and congress, gregory angelo president of the log cabin republicans believes lgbt advocacy must now appeal to the central right. >> liberals are out protesting things that have not even happened. mike: most gay rights organizations including the human rights campaign are still leery of the trump administration and promising to continue their protests
4:58 pm
minority groups. >> lgbtq people are women. we are muslims. we are immigrants. we are refugees. instead of celebrating the statement, hrc held a demonstration opposing many of the cabinet picks and the executive orders. >> we are not giving up one inch of progress we have made. mike: but reaction is mixed. >> he should be respected for his decision-making. >> not messing up a good thing doesn't get my applause. >> i don't think he should be praised for anything. it was already there. >> it's a good thing but i think it erases everything he said in the past? no. mike: activists add they will be watching closely to see who trump nominates on the supreme court with marriage equality and other rights targeted by conservatives. in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: tonight, tensions rise on capitol hill as cabinet confirmations run up against boycotts and delays.
4:59 pm
recess indoors while zookeepers hatch a plan to lure her back. and it's never too late. a retired firefighter receives a heartfelt thank you from a brother and sister he saved nearly 60 years ago. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. larry: after days of protest at dulles international airport national airport, 20 minutes ago the attorney and governor announced a lawmaker against trump's travel ban on immigrants. tom roussey is in the satellite center with the details. tom? tom: president trump says what he is doing is keeping the country safe from terrorists but leaders say he is going to far and violating people's rights. this is video from the last 20 minutes. it's governor terry mcauliffe and mark herring the attorney general who both announce they are joining a lawsuit against the executive actions that donald trump took late last week. this comes after what was a weekend of a lot of p
5:00 pm
dulles international airport. according to the attorney general, he says people in the state of virginia are having their rights violated by the executive order. that is why he says he is joining a lawsuit that has already been filed against the executive orders. >> because countless and virginia residents are subject to degrading and the unlawful treatment under the executive order, the commonwealth is compelled to intervene in the case pending in the eastern district of virginia to challenge the executive order. tom: the lawsuit that the state of virginia is joining is a lawsuit that is filed by attorneys for the aziz brothers from yemen. they feel that they had the rights violate as they tried to move to the u.s. where they had the rights violated according to the attorneys was dulles international airport over the weekend. reporting live in the satellite center, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: all right, tom. virginia joins washington


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