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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  February 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather app alert. winds whipping across the dmz. is trackingwatch 7 a number of problems as this wicked weather closes the roads for your morning commute. what a mess out there. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: fairfax county schools have gone on to a two hour delay. larry: eileen whelan is in fairfax county right now with what you are seeing as you head out the door. eileen? eileen: we are in northwest washington and will be heading after thisjust report. we wanted to bring you some information from connecticut avenue and wyoming here in northwest, where a tree was uprooted. the crews are working hard to remove the t
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debris. cars were damaged from this. i can say that these crews are working very quickly and it looks like this should be probably out of here in the next half hour to an hour, but again in northwest d.c. at the corner of an etiquette and wyoming, we just heard that fairfax county public schools are on a delay because of numerous power outages. we will bring you the latest coming up in just a little bit. veronica: a handful of power outages that we could see today. the windows -- the wind, not nearly as strong as overnight, but today they could still top out between 40 and 50 miles per hour. these are the occasional wind gusts that come through. possibilities of power outages but isolated trees down throughout the area today. looking at some of the current wind
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43 mile-per-hour wind gusts, currently. plotting the wind here, putting it into the red zone for most impactful, this is the early part of the day. through themove timeline. 9:00 a.m., still over 35, close to 40 mile-per-hour gusts expected. into the later part of the day, more notable at 3:00, finally dropping to around 25 mile-per-hour wind gusts in the afternoon and evening. all of this with what will be a much cooler day for us. high temperature being forecast, 46 at drop-off. 39 with the wind, yes, it will be brisk. taking a look at the next 10 days, another big swing in the temperatures, coming up. julie: there is
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safetrack surged 12. service on the blue line coming out of virginia, stick with the yellow line, yellow rush plus service will be available today with those trains operating every eight to 12 minutes. newark -- coming in from maryland, arlington cemetery station is closed but they will have free shuttle bus activity on the right side. wind restrictions still in effect for those traveling out of the bay bridge. a number of trees are down across the area. walker road, south of the georgetown pike, clifton road, just to name a few. to anmber, if you come intersection where the traffic lights are dark, that is a four-way stop. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the roads and rails. over to you, autria. autria:
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region. arlington, a lecture whole crashing to the ground on columbia pike. here bursting into flames. here is where things stand right now. dominion power reporting 15,000 people making up without electricity. pepco working to get the lights back on and pg&e helping some 2200 people without power this morning. this morning a lot of damage across southern montgomery in northern virginia. larry: trees are down, taking down wires and houses. john gonzalez has a look at the damage right now. john, good morning. john: when many of us went to sleep last night, many of us to realize that the wind was going to create such problems. a lot of trees down in the cabin john area. you can see there are a number of fairfax county police officers at the scene. this is the intersection
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the whole area shut down and we want to show you why. take a look. there's a massive tree that came down, bringing down power lines, creating a domino effect. power lines came down, snapping the utility pole here at the intersection of mcgarity in great falls. we are told that a utility worker, a service man with dominion power has just arrived to try to isolate the problem, try to turn on some of the power , because this is going to be a job, eight to 10 hours, we are told, you definitely want to avoid this area. keep in mind that there are at least three schools in the area. mclean high school. vdot crews are here with police. they are waiting for crews to arrive to repair the problem. it's going to take eight to 10 hours. back to you inside.
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northeast are hunkering down, preparing for another blizzard. it could be worse. portland, maine, in the bull's-eye and flights have been preemptively grounded until 8:00 tonight. south in boston they are bracing for up to 16 inches of snow on top of the 31 inches they already have for the year. new york city is not expected to get any snow but they are looking at wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. larry: i will take the wind. this is the first morning rush-hour commute during safetrack surged 12. no blue line trains are running. keep that in mind, commuters are advised to use a beefed-up yellow line. trains are running between rosslyn and the pentagon. as a result, the arlington cemetery station is closed. overcrowding is expected on the yellow, orange, and silver lines.
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to telecommute or find an alternative mode of transportation. we are on top of every development with this windy weather, a messy commute. a great day to sign up for traffic alerts., go there to learn about delays as soon as they happen. autria: 200,000 people under an evacuation order as a california dam looks ready to collapse. jummy: pretty scary stuff. it is called the order of ill dam. is the tallest dam in the united states. as you mentioned, it is on the verge of failing and if it does that means uncontrolled flooding waters could hit towns in three separate counties. it holds back water from lake oradell. it is located 150 miles northeast of san francisco. engineers
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opened an emergency spillway for the first time in almost 50 years because of the heavy rain they have had. yesterday they spotted a whole on the concrete lift and said that it could fail, literally, at any minute. 200,000 people are under an evacuation order. they had to pack up, put things in their car, get out of dodge. as soon as anything new happens, we will be sure to let you know. larry: thank you for that, jummy. the dust is settling after music's biggest night. the winners and losers from last night. and the showdown for beth -- best album that has everyone
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veronica: the wind through the morning hours, 40 to 50 miles per hour. it will be gusting to the area. take a look at this, cautionary conditions for the commuter forecast through
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hours. even at lunch time the wind starts to come down even more. and evening,oon finally into the green. much improved with much less wind. wind gusting up to 38 miles per hour. martinsburg, generally just over 30 miles per hour. today temperatures in the upper 30's to the mid-40 bus. gusty out there for your driving forecast. high, into the mid-40's. we will take a look at your next chance for rain, coming up. julie: accidents to look out for approach main avenue on the right side of the highway. northbound 200 95 after the beltway, that's accident activity tying up the right side. before still a tree down you reach the chain bridge. stay to the left to get by.
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inbound, coming in toward arizona avenue. tree down, closing at connecticut avenue, the intersection is still tied up at this time. that's the traffic watch. minutes to next 10 update your ride on the road and rails. larry: 6:12 this morning, a rough flight before a pilot even left the gate. >> we were a little bit afraid, having someone who was somewhat unstable flying the plane. larry: i would say so. the bizarre rant and an out first that had a pilot hole off a plane. plus a scramble on the world stage. emergency meeting after north korea releases this video.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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autria: back at six: 15, stormwatch 7 is on your side tracking the heavy winds that battered the area overnight. take a look at this, a roof ripping off the apartment building here in southeast d.c. we are checking in with suzanne kennedy coming up here at 6:30. also in fairfax county we have learned that schools are on a two-hour delay because of power outages, but first the heavy winds coming during a critical test of the morning commute for metro. adding aner is only extra challenge. sam sweeney is live with a look at how things are shaping up on the rails right now. sam: good morning. right now the headline is that there is no blue line service anywhere in the metro system. this is part of safetrack surged 12. it lasts for 18 days.
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if you live in northern virginia and you normally get on the train at franconia, springfield, or van dorn, you'll have to trade -- take the train into l'enfant plaza. if you're coming back to rosslyn or foggy bottom, you will have to switch. if you go from rosslyn to the pentagon that is no service between those stations. you will have to go into d.c. and get back to the pentagon. today it's going to take 25 minutes out to springfield and franconia. minutes, pack a lot of patience, your ride is going to be a lot longer is your blue line is shut down. back to you guys inside. larry: president donald trump is back at the white house after his day at mar-a-lago. cnn reports that he was making decisions over a cell phone set on speaker alongside the japanese prime mis
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the president will meet with the canadian prime minister head of his white house visit. trudeau has been critical of the travel ban. was the executive order first put into place, trudeau took to social media to restate canada's open-door policy. united airlines, investigating after a pilot had to be removed from a plane. headed from san francisco to austin, texas, he showed up late , dressed as a civilian, and started ranting about her divorce. she started ranting about the presidential nominees and the passengers said they didn't feel safe. the plane took off about 90 minutes late. new this morning, a big night at the grammys for a dell -- for a dell -- ad
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elle. >> 25. autria: that was one of five movie -- five grammys she took a last night. she won the song and record of the year for smash hit, hello. the first artist in the history sweep the top three categories twice. has got types. larry: no question. 6:19 right now, the wind today? is it going to die down? veronica: today are last night? it will start to die down by noon, 1:00 today, but for the first part of the day, still howling out there. the wind is currently gusting over 40 miles per hour. we are going to keep that up through the morning rush. there could be a pocket or two where it comes down to
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the afternoon and evening just don't to 20, 25 mile per hour gusts. by the later part of the day. what the wind is doing to for the temperatures and in the air out there, making it feel that much colder. you will need the help menu cap out the door. most locations now are between 25 and 33 degrees. it is cold through the day. ringing it down to 30 to 34 degrees by the evening hours. keep that in mind if you have plans to go out. should hit 40 by 9 a.m. look at the nice, clear sky today. high pressure has moved in, the wind today from the big storms across new england, one in the midwest, one in the northeast. the next system for us will be a cold front by midweek. just a brief cooldown with temperatures going back up again
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by the way, yes, julie, i'm counting down to spring. i know that you are, too. 34 more days until spring. look at those pretty flowers coming up. julie: my gosh, 34 more days. we can do it. can be just fast forward? roads in thehe rails. we keep telling everybody about the underlying and how you want to stick with that as an alternative to the blue line, but now the yellow line is facing delays in each direction. ,range, silver, yellow plus those are the alternates to the blue line closure. accidents eastbound on the freeway at maine avenue, 290 five, right lane blocked off because of a crash with a tree down outbound on canal road on the right side. wyoming, connecticut avenue in the district. a tree was down there, and eileen was there showing us that there is a crew trying to
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down, staffing a poll in half. that is the traffic watch. back in the at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the
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cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: you are waking up to high winds whipping around out there. so bad that theyav
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area. fairfax county schools are on a two-hour delay this morning because of those. veronica johnson is tracking the latest from the weather center it will have the latest coming up in about six minutes. last summer a day at the water park turning to tragedy. a 10-year-old killed in an student are speaking out for the first time. matt gutman has more in your "gma" first look. >> the parents of the 10-year-old killed in a tragic water park accident, speaking out for the first time. last august they decided to take the four boys, including caleb, to the water park. he and his tall-year-old brother went straight to the 170 foot the ride that means insane in german. i said -- look at me, brothers stick together. he said -- i know, dad. >> it was the last time that they w
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the big brother dutifully waited at the bottom on the unimaginable happened. >> he was screaming. he flew. >> you will hear much more the emotional interview coming up at 7 a.m.
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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather app alert. autria: high wins causing trouble around the dmz. trees and wires are down, power is out, roofs call -- roofs are coming up buildings. fairfax county schools are on a two-hour delayed to get a handle on the mess. good monday morning, washington. larry: let's get a check on the well, some things, power outage scoreboard is up next. is that what we're doing? power outages? veronica? northern virginia reporting 12,000 in the dark and overnight. novak, 400 customers in the dark. pepco, 1000 without power. potomac edison repti
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for more on this let's get over to veronica johnson with the latest. veronica: think about this to offer some perspective to the system, bringing snow to areas of new england and for us some of the worst weather of the winter, coming from the wind and not the snow. once again we are seeing a system impacting areas of new england. quite as all day, not high as what we were feeling last night during the overnight, but today the wind will be upwards of 40 miles per hour there for a time, at least from new to 1:00. keep that in mind for the kids at the bus stop this morning, it is going to be a windy one. garbage day, recycling day, make sure the lid is secure. anything for the afternoon hours, 43 to 45 degrees. at least we have got sunshine on tap for today. all
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like try conditions tomorrow. valentine's day if you are going out, looking dry into the mid-40's. julie: a couple of problems on the rails and on the roads themselves. yellow line, each direction, a train malfunction. you will find an incident eastbound on the freeway tying up the center of the road, slowing your roll off of 395. 295 off the beltway, only the right lane is getting past this crash and it is slow. still have a tree down outbound on canal road before the chain bridge. wyoming at connecticut avenue, the tree is down, follow police direction to get by. mcgarity road, great falls street, john gonzalez has been reporting live from the scene. the cruise telling us it will take eight to 10 hours before the road can be reopened. back in 10 to update your ride. larry?
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side. autria: we are following a mess. strong winds have ripped the roof off of an apartment building. suzanne? suzanne: tenants in the building at the time say that it was really frightening to hear the wind whipping down the street of brucehe 2700 block place. take a look behind me, you can see that there is still debris in the roadway that will remain for a time. authority saying that this roof camet 11:30, the off the three-story apartment building, blowing into the street, impacting several cars for a time. we had an opportunity to speak with the tenant just a few minutes ago and here's what he had to say about what he heard and saw. >> it was a big room and then i look outside, the transformer had blown up. that was it. to get my neighbors to
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it. >> this roadway is closed down here right now. tenants are just starting to wake up and they will be able to assess the damage to their units but right now they are allowed back in. pepco was here for a time because a transformer had blown off of one of the telephone poles here and we imagine that they will be returning this morning to deal with the cleanup. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. autria: thanks, suzanne. don't forget, if you lose power you can watch us on the stormwatch 7 app. we are on your side keeping your and your family safe during the nasty weather. breaking news overnight, north korea launching another missile, that country now releasing the video for the world to see. jummy olabanji is at the live desk is more. jummy: north korea admitting this morning that it successfully testfired a new long-range missile this weekend. they fir
6:35 am
sea early on sunday morning. a new type of weapon that we are told is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. this happened as president trump was meeting with the japanese president in florida this weekend. the u.s. and japan joining with south korea in requesting an urgent u.n. security meeting. further u.n. sanctions, we hear, against young yang, could be coming in the coming days. we are of course keeping a close eye on this one as we hear more from the white house and we will be sure to let you know. larry? larry: seven is on your side, verizon is bringing back unlimited data plans starting today. totomers will get up unlimited data, 10 gigabytes of mobile hotspot usage. verizon scrapped the unlimited plan six years ago, but other service providers have reintroduced them in the time since. autria: who can resist a good sale on the store promises savings of up
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are those really good deals at all? we wanted to find out, so tonight horace holmes reveals the finding around an 11 month prices. retail when is a product really on sale. >> this suit was on sale for 60% off and i guarantee you that if i go there now it will be about the same price. autria: should we believe the ads promising the discounts? find out tonight in his story -- is it really on sale. larry: saturday night live is at it again. reprisingcarthy
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now, "good morning washington" has four tickets for you for the hottest show in town. the globetrotters, playing at the verizon center. call a number seven? you are going. -- caller number seven? you are going. if you don't win today, check in again tomorrow for another shot. vj? morattico: it is going to be windy --
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one thing's for sure, this winter is going -- has been acting a lot like early spring, where you get those big windy days. taking a look at the capital, the sun is coming up here. still windy from now to noon, 1:00, the wind will be in this range, 40 to 50 miles per hour. the occasional wind gust coming through, good enough to notice the debris going around. thing, sterling, virginia, the wind is again dropping after lunchtime today. let me go back to this graphic. with wind of this strong you will notice across wind on the open road with trees starting to sway and titles blowing off the roof here and there, not quite as strong as what we were feeling last night. todoesn't take much for it fly on open. 40 degrees is the high mp
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milder air is coming our way. julie: a couple of things we are keeping a close eye on you -- close eye on for you. delays outside braddock road, each one on the yellow line would affect your commute on safetrack. up the centerying of the road, causing a slowdown on 395, with delays going northbound and only the right lane is able to get through. still dealing with wires down, trees outside canal road, stay to the left to get by under police direction. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the roads and rails. speaking of the rails, we say good morning again to sam sweeney. still stuck on the metro? sam: we are riding the metro all day long, giving you a glimpse of what the metro is looking like. we will tell you why it is not as confusing or difficult as other safetrack's.
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john: the howling wind, creating so many problems in mclean. a massive tree came down, snapping a utility pole in half. coming up we will tell you how long folks in this area will be without power. it was the biggest night in music. breaking down the big moments that everyone will be talking about.
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larry: right now, stormwatch track -- stormwatch seven tracking a severe weather alert. are so outages widespread in northern virginia, fairfax county schools are opening on a two-hour delay. larry: this on top of major damage and southeast d.c., where the wind peeled the roof off of an apartment bui
6:46 am
we get started with eileen whelan, where the schools are delayed because of the wind. eileen? numeroushere have an reports of power outages, downed trees. we just stopped by the one on wayne and annandale. looks like the tree has been cleared. looks like they have power in the neighborhood, however, now we are at little river turnpike and are about to head onto maple and laurel. a lot of debris flying around. one thing that my photographer has been noticing, we are in a toyota and you can really see all of these high profile vehicles. you want to have your hands on the vehicles. you can feel the car being swayed because of these gusty winds. as of right now i will show you, quickly, but the vantage point is. so far we haven't encountered any intersections with power outages, but we will be keeping a close eye on
6:47 am
you any information as it comes into us. reporting now, eileen whelan, back to you guys. larry: all right, thanks. thousands of power outages across the region. arlington, and electric pole crashing to the ground. bursting into flames. here is where things stand right now. dominion power, people waking up without electricity. pepco working to get the lights back on to about 100 folks. bg any helping 2200 people currently without power. autria: damage along southern montgomery and northern virginia. larry: john gonzalez is live with a look at the damage that everyone is dealing with right now as they wake up. john? this neighborhood here in mclean, the grid is fried, it's out of service and it's going to be a long job going into the afternoon hours, we are told. this is the intersection of
6:48 am
police have the entire area shut down. this is why. just down the hill. take a look at the massive tree that came crashing down just before midnight, bringing down with it utility lines, creating a powerful domino effect. so powerful that right above us, directly above my photographer, you can see the utility pole that snapped in half. as joe follows the lines, you can see that some of them are just resting on the traffic signal here, which is of course dark. we can tell you that this will be a job that will take between eight hours to 10 hours, we are told. a servicemember with virginia power has arrived to try to, as they described it to me, isolate the problem. meaning they could try to get some of the power back on to some of the homes in the neighborhood, but the actual job to make the repairs will take tw
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keep in mind, you guys were talking about fairfax county schools being on a 10 hour delay, this area here has three different schools, including mclean high school. a busy area that is, right now, dark. autria: well, it could be a lot worse. people in the northeast are currently hunkering down, preparing for another blizzard. portland, maine, in the bullseye. flights have been preemptively grounded. in boston, they are bracing for up to 16 inches of snow on top of the snow they already have for the year. new york city is not expecting to get any snow for their looking for wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. larry: it's already a messy commute this monday morning. this is a great day to sign up for our traffic alerts. it's easy to do. to learn about the delays
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autria: surged 12 is impacting thousands of commuters this morning. sam sweeney is on your side with what you need to know. sam? sam: i've covered all of these and so far this one seems to be going relatively smooth. typically we hear metro voices shouting at people saying -- shuttle buses this way, that way , that's not happening this morning, there are no shuttle buses. this is the transfer point. you can see your regular rush-hour crowd here. here is who it is affecting. the blue line, shut down from end to end. so, if you normally get on there, you will be getting on a yellow line train the goes all the way out to greenbelt and they will be running regularly. fromu normally come in northern virginia, you go to rosslyn or foggy bottom, you will have to switch over to the oranger
6:51 am
a lot less confusion, doing it for your safety. mandatory evacuations for people in california as a dam is on the brink of failing. theia: jummy olabanji is on live desk with this one. jummy: california fire officials telling "the l a times" that it could break open at any moment and it will unleash a 30 foot wall of water. thingsls saying that have gotten better, water had stopped washing over the emergency spillway, but the situation is still precarious this morning. engineers have already opened an emergency spillway for the first time in 50 years because of the heavy rain they have gotten in northern california. this, by the way, is the tallest dam in the country. the orovi
6:52 am
dam, many people i've had to evacuate. we will keep a close eye on this one and bring you the updates after 8:00. autria: thank you, jummy. her, melissa mccarthy made return to "saturday night live." [laughter] >> line of clothing and accessories. that's nordstrom's loss. these are high, high-quality products. i am wearing one of her bangles right now. it's beautiful, it's shimmering. [laughter] autria: they should have kept it, they put a qvc logo up. a frequent critic of the show was upset that a woman was
6:53 am
impersonating his spokesman, leaving us to our question of the day. has snl gone too far with recent political sketches? we want to hear from you. -- on to note vote now to let us know you think. all right, 6:53? larry: it's what they do, it's been going on for years. autria: when will we be getting some relief from the high wind? we will all get a chance to feel less wind across the area. but this is the weather alert. larry: you were saying that it was really unusual? rocco: that's right, a high wind warning today. when you need to be on the weather alert because of the high wind, because of the debris blowing around. things that could be in the highway, in your roads. the wind is currently at upwards of 45 miles per hour.
6:54 am
manassas, and then write in d.c., it's feeling much colder today. wind chill in the 20's for the morning hours. mid 30's starting at 2:00 today. a definite chill for today. .omorrow, much improved even for the evening hours it is looking nice tomorrow. mid 40's for temperatures. the next big change for us will occur on friday. look at this, back into the upper 50's, maybe even mid 60's across the area. traveling everywhere this week should be pretty nice. take a look at the 10 day forecast for the weekend. dry and sunny. on the roads right now you will find problems not only on the roads but the rails, a handful of issues here on the inner loop beltway trying to work your way past 210. the accident reported in the main lines, headedor
6:55 am
heads up there, already slowing out of oxon hill. eastbound freeway, maine avenue, six winning backup off a 395. 295 north of the capital beltway, only the right lane is getting by. delays to go northbound back towards the d.c. line, the yellow line in each direction, experiencing delays due to a train malfunction outside braddock road, costing you some time and trouble with safetrack surged 12 in full effect this morning. that's the traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update the roads in the rails. have your chance to win $100 in cupid cash. caller number seven, right? was that a typo? it's at 37 in there. i was like, that's new. [laughter] today, tomorrow will be a last chance. i would have
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[laughter] number for you. last chance, good luck to you. let's talk about the grammys from last night. if there was ever the time that the grammys could have had a tie, that was last night. a dell could not accept the award without congratulating the on say. could not possibly accept the board without congratulating beyonce. >> this album to me, the lemonade album, is so monumental . so monumental. and so well thought out. kidd: beyonce did take him to grammys -- take home to grammys. --two grammys. toit is important for me show images to my children that reflect their beauty and see themselves.
6:57 am
beautiful, intelligent, and capable. kidd: time now for a new segment called -- wait a second, was kanye right? remember when he charged the stage during taylor swift's acceptance speech? saying that she had -- beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. there are still debates, but last night even adele sheowledgment how much loved lemonade. kanye did not attend, because he was boycotting, but it makes you think -- wait a second, was kanye right? much more from the grammys
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good morning, america. race against time. crews working to prevent catastrophic failure at the nation's tallest dam. emergency evacuations overnight. nearly 200,000 people in california forced to leave their homes. hundreds of cars stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic as helicopters move in to drop rocks to stop the water. we're live on the scene this morning. one-two punch. more than a foot of snow slamming the northeast again. a blizzard warning for parts of new england. powerful wind gusts topping 60 miles an hour. this woman rescued after her car slipped into icy water. the dangerous commute for millions this morning. new white house tensions. the president's national security adviser michael flynn in trouble for conversations with russia. the administration stays quiet but is a shake-up coming as


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