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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 13, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jummy: that breaking news, a pair of suspicious deaths, both in prince george's county. one in the quiet area of accokeek, the other in upper marlboro. brad bell is live right now with the very latest. brad? very sad, a very violent morning in prince george's county. i am in upper marlboro, at a shopping center well known as the home of the dutch village farmers market in upper marlboro. you can s
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still ongoing, police trying to figure out exactly what went on. what we know is this. they were initially called, police were, for a pedestrian struck. it was a chaotic scene. they found the mother of the young man struck by the vehicle on the ground screaming. ak-47 -- a gun, and there was a gun, an ak-47 on the scene. is dark-colored range rover the one that struck the young man who was carrying a gun, struck and killed him. we have been told that this had to do with a dispute over a girlfriend, harassment, and a planned confrontation. my sources are telling me that the story may be changing. it may be changing a little bit. they believe they man driving the range rover and the man with the gun did know each other, but
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a dispute. it will be quite a while before police can sort this out and get to the bottom of it. the bottom line, a young man instead -- a young man is dead. police found an ak-47 assault rifle on him. the shopping center is closed. it has been a terrible thing to watch as people, grief stricken, dropped to their knees. as we said at the outset, there were two homicides in prince george's county this morning. in accokeek, discovered at just about the same time as this one. police believe it happened some time before that. a man in a townhouse community was found deceased, shot, in a car. police are trying to figure out when that crime happened and what that involves. we will stay on top of both stories throughout today. brad, abc 7 news. jummy: we want to get to our big story we have been covering all morning long.
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d c, and virginia are still feeling the impact of the powerful wind. of the darkre left overnight, and right now green elementary in arlington is without power. students are on their way to washington-lee high school until further notice. doug hill will have an updated look at the forecast in a second. andt, let's go to d.c. virginia. suzanne kennedy is in southeast, where a roof was blown off a building. cleanup andy are in repair mode here in southeast washington. you can see behind me pepco remains on the scene, trying to restore power to the remaining few customers that do not have it as a result of this overnight incident. there are a couple of men up there on the building, checking out the damage, trying to figure out what they have to do to get things back to normal. the debris was everywhere in the
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southeast. the wind was so strong, they tore part of a roof off a three-story apartment building. >> there was a big boom, and i looked outside, and saw that the transformer blew up. suzanne: the red cross was called, but tenants were allowed to return briefly to their apartment. these sisters were woken up by the wind. >> it started like something big was crashing down. we did not know what it was until we look out the front door. look up the window and i was like, oh, my god, look. i called my sister, and it was just devastating. suzanne: act now live. you can see the damage that was caused by the wind, and the damage that blew around this area. this is one of several cars that were damaged. this is what we are
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coming off the roof. it is foam insulation. there was a covering over top of the roof. these are the two things that came off the roof. the good news is that no one was injured. reporting live in southeast washington, we will throw it to john gonzalez in mclean with some of the damage being seen there. john: suzanne, this wind is still howling. folks have been using words like train," to"freight describe the sounds they were hearing inside their home. it is also a challenge for the crews to make the repairs. we are live in mclean. there are power lines down all over the place, here at the intersection of mcgarity and great falls. that massive tree came down just before midnight. they have been able to cut some of it
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to relieve the tension on the power lines, but the pressure with the tree coming down snapped a utility pole right in half. you can see there are a number up, crewstrucks now trying to make repairs. right now there are 250 homes in the dark. >> my wife and i were in bed and the power went off. so we went to sleep. we are surprised that it was still off this morning. john: what are your thoughts? >> somebody has a lot of work to do, and we are grateful they are going to be doing it. john: so the crews here have to finish cutting up the tree so they can open up the road. they have to lift the power lines, put in a new utility pole, and then they start working on the grid to restore everyone's power. in the meantime, great falls street is closed, and
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hundreds of homes without power. i got an update from a spokesperson at dominion power who said there is a chance this will not be fixed by dinnertime. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. doug, the wind is not letting up. doug: it is not, but the top wind speeds have diminished a bit. the national weather service has canceled the high wind warning for the area, about six hours ahead of time. let's go to the maps. withill have high wind, winds gusting over 40 miles per hour for several more hours. so now the entire area is under a wind advisory. the strongest field has shifted over the eastern shore, delaware, new jersey. here is what we have as the current wind gusts. gusts of 43 miles per hour in frederick, 32 in bwi thurgood .arshall they will stay into this 30 to 40-mile-per-hour
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slowly diminish in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine but windy. we will hit the mid 40's, just about average for this time of year. there is an old-fashioned sozzard down there in maine, it is offshore. the wind is rushing behind it. there is a huge area of low pressure behind it, -- a huge area of high pressure behind it powering the wind in. the wind is showing some signs of diminishing just a bit. although it continues to be a windy day. it looks like from the futurecast we will have wind gusts anywhere between 15 to 18 miles per hour. that is much improved. overnight to tomorrow morning, this will be even better. 4en gusts predicted 3 to miles per hour. i will take that. we will look at the next 10 days in the next 10 minutes. jummy: our forecast is better than those further to the north, who were hit by snow,
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wind. a major storm brought freezing temperatures and up to a foot of snow in the northeast. in boston, students have been out of school -- , schools have been closed. its yearlyd surpass snow point average this week, and it is only february. get constant updates on the weather by downloading the stormwatch 7 weather app. drop tested. other president handles his first run-in with foreign policies. plus, a race against time. uncontrollable floodwaters on down onk of falling several towns in california. plus -- >> hello. [cheers and applause] jummy:
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star-studded evening. the faces that dominated the grammys. plus, a check of your traffic with angela foster. angela: thank you so much. we continue to monitor all the troubles we have been following all morning long due to the windy conditions. we have wind warnings on area bridges. if you are headed into downtown, heads up to the circle, 14th street. there are water main repairs. otherwise, we're dealing with power outages. aeat a signal that is out as four-way stop sign. this is a look at the capital beltway. 495 at old dominion drive, we just reopened lanes on old dominion drive and 123. the same on annandale road, where we continue to block the roadway.
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through prince george's county. a crash has been cleared on the outer loop. approaching 202, the lanes are open. the lanes are getting better.
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jummy: over the weekend, president trump had his first major point policy challenge after north korea conducted its first successful missile test. the prime minister of japan called the launch "absolutely intolerable." president
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vowed solidarity with japan. the president will meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. ahead of his right -- ahead of his white house visit, the meeting will focus on shanking the middle class of both countries. however, he has been critical of mr. trump -- will focus on helping the middle class of both countries. however, he been critical of mr. trump's immigration policy. legislators are speaking out since their 10-year-old son died six months ago on a waterslide. they sat down with abc to talk about their 10-year-old son, caleb. in august, he flew off the world's tallest waterslide, dying from decapitation. was so surrealay that they needed others to confirm it for them. i said i just need to hear you say it. is my sunday?
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shook his head. i said i need to hear it from you. he said, " your son is dead." >> a gentleman would not allow me to come close enough to see what was going on. he said, trust me, you do not want to go any further. jummy: so terrible. they decided to finally speak out to let everyone know they are going to be ok. happening now in california, 200,000 people force to leave their homes as a dam comes closer to collapsing. the orval dam is located 150 miles northeast of san francisco and holds water from one of california's largest man-made lakes. engineers spotted a hole on the concrete lip of the secondary spillway. california highway patrol will send out two planes today to help with traffic control as well as search-and-rescue.
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the corner. tomorrow the nationals pitchers and catchers will report to report toe -- will spring training in west palm beach. their first official game is march 31 against boston. they will play the first week in april for their first official kind of home game here. all signs of spring coming. so the wind today is still gusty, but the strongest wind is over for our area. the strongest wind shifted to these terms shore and farther up the eastern seaboard. let's get started. another bige -- warm-up is coming. here is what you need to know about the colors of the map. you see the tan color. those are all the counties and jurisdictions under wind advisories. that is one step below the high-wind warning. that is the mustard colored yellow on the right side of the screen. that is the highest when gusts. we will still have wind of 35 to 40 miles per
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over the afternoon. 39 miles per hour at reagan bwi thurgoodat marshall. still gusty, but look further southwest to culpeper and charlottesville. the wind is already starting to slacken because the major storm center, the blizzard over the atlantic ocean, is whipping portions of maine and coastal canada, and those will continue to move out, so the wind will shift with it. temperature, mid 40's, just about average for the middle of february. as we get to the stormwatch 7 futurecast, a little frontal system will pass through early on wednesday, maybe a few snow showers, maybe a sprinkle early wednesday morning. temperatures will start to turn cooler later in the week. at that is only temporary and it will not get bitterly cold. we will start tomorrow at about freezing or slightly above. the wind
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temperatures will climb to 51 in the afternoon with partly cloudy skies. the average high, 47, so a little bit above average. if you have valentines plans, it will be partly cloudy with temperatures not terrible. 50 degrees at 5:00 p.m., 45 degrees at 9:00 p.m. all things are looking good for the valentines weather. we will take you through the weekend and beyond. 46 today, 51 tomorrow. 50 degrees with sunshine on thursday. friday, partly sunny. we will bounce back into the upper 40's on friday. and monday.s sunday holding in the 60's on tuesday. what do you say about that? i will do a quicker drop. jummy: i am really liking this winter. doug: my electric bill does not mine did a bit either. jummy:
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sales,ne's day presidents' day sales, and of the model year sales -- we are getting inundated with ads urging us to stop in and get a deal. but can you actually save a box? the 7 on your side i-team went to find out. it troubleshooter, horace holmes, digs into all of these promises. is it really a sale? he went to a local consumer rights organization that tracks prices for close to a year. the finding will surprise you. tune in at 11:00 tonight to find out, is it a deal for real? here is michelle marsh with a preview of abc 7 at four -- at 4:00. how to protect your heart from a dangerous condition that affects millions that can be easily prevented. this woman had to gamble on risky surgery because of it.
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jummy: the 59th annual grammy awards left a lasting mark last night with big winners and spectacular performances. here is a look back. for ♪f you are looking >> overnight, a showstopping moment. ♪ i am sorry for swearing, i am sorry. can you please start it again? i'm sorry. i'm really sorry. >>
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performance to a shocking halt before finishing strong. >> ♪ ooh, baby baby ooh ♪ ,> garnering a standing ovation and -- toand the grammy goes "hello." >> the singer pink should be to beyonce, bringing -- the singer paying tribute to beyonce, bringing the superstar to tears. >> the way you may my friends feel is empowering, and you make them stand up for themselves. i love you and i always have. >> beyonce was back in formation, one of her first
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performances since announcing she is expecting twins. >> ♪ and washed away mesmerizingg a medley from "lemonade." taking home a grammy for best urban contemporary album. >> important to show images to my children that reflect their beauty. gaga, hot on the heels of her super bowl halftime show, teaming up with metallica for a fiery performance that was plagued by audio issues. [h
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jummy: it was windy today. doug: the high wind warning has been canceled, but most of the area is still under a wind advisory. the wind will diminish a little bit later this afternoon and tonight. our hourly forecast has temperatures in the mid 40's with tons of sunshine and a little bit of a warming trend late in the week. jummy: i like the warming trend. thank you for joining us this midday. watch "abc 7
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>> hey, everybody, it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." we've got some incredibly smart young students with us today. all of them dead set on walking out of here with $1 million, and i can't wait to see if they can pull it off. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. it's whiz kids week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." i love it. today's whiz kid has won president obama's award for academic excellence, is an academic bowl state champion, and yells at his tv when our adult contestants get their questions wrong. here to prove he deserves to be on this stage, from peachtree corners, georgia, please welcome 13-year-old naman shah. [cheers and applause] naman, what's up, brother? >> what's up? >> how you doing?


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