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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  February 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] traffic iss like able to get around the scene headed towards the d.c. line, but again, a double jurisdiction working, so heads up inbound on certain -- on the suitland you have thee activity before southern avenue. traffic is again able to get by, but root for is a great option for you, as well as the suitland parkway headed towards the d.c. line this morning. john gonzalez is headed to the scene and we will have a live report from him shortly. a the rails, dealing with power problem at largo town center. virginia, we have reports of an accident between lorton city, nogton at dale service on the blue line coming out of virginia. stick with the yellow line and yellow plus line trains. out of maryland, stick with the silver line. for right
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check on today's valentine's day forecast. to do that we are talking to our sweetheart, veronica johnson. how sweet, you are being nice to me for five minutes? [laughter] julie: don't count on it. all right, guys. we could see some passing showers for couple of hours. going wide here on the doppler, it is further out of our area and we are seeing a few showers coming to areas of west virginia. some light snow showers but by the time we get anything really falling that is substantial behind the air is so dry the last weather system it will come in the form of a sprinkle or two. maybe a snowflake in the highest elevations south and west of there. cloud cover first thing, temperatures higher, at least we're not having to deal with the extreme wind we had over the last couple of hours, last 24 hours.
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the morning, afternoon sunshine. high today going up to 51, putting us a couple of degrees above average. for the evening, pretty nice to. look at the a weekend, presidents' day weekend, coming up in a few minutes. larry: breaking news out of prince george's county. autria: jummy olabanji at the live desk for us. people are now behind bars after an early-morning death at a cvs. this happened at 1:00 in the morning. it is exactly the same store that was hit by an armed robber last month, back in january you might remember for pharmacies were robbed in prince george's and montgomery county. no word yet on whether this incident is connected to the others, but you got calls and we will update you as we get more details. autria: also breaking overnight, a shakeup in the white house.
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larry: michael flynn, the national security advisor, is now out of a job. suzanne kennedy has more on why and what comes next. suzanne: a lot of people have been paying attention to this simmering issue that ultimately boiled over last night and ended overnight with a resignation letter being submitted by the now former national security advisor, michael flynn. stepping down after conceding that he gave incomplete information about his calls with the russian ambassador in the days following the election. vice president pence relied on the information when he went on the sunday morning talk shows and denied that sanctions were discussed. last month the justice department warned of the issue, saying that it left flynn vulnerable to the possibility of being black now by russians. the dailyalso in briefing yesterday and in the front row at a news conference yesterday afternoon. by
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the white house came to an end. his president has named keith kellogg as the acting national security advisor. senior administration officials say that he is one of three people being considered for the job. the others are david petronius and the former deputy director of central command, retired vice admiral robert harwood. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. larry: as she mentioned, david ,he trias is potentially on tap though he would tire because it -- the pure tired because of a scandal. in 2015 he pled guilty to mishandling classified materials. autria: a legal setback for the halted travel dan, a federal judge in virginia has issued an injunction to block the van in th
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the new ruling from the u.s. district court in alexandria is in -- is a more permanent type of injunction. we will have much more coming up on this in a live report a little later on. larry: an accused rapist is now off the street. police are searching for ronald -- have been searching for ronald herrera contrariness since last fall. 15 --d of dragging a 15-year-old girl into the woods and raping her. threatening the girl and her family before and after the encounter, he faces an array of charges including assault and battery. autria: a principal and assistant principal in fairfax administrative leave. these photos are from the school website. the school district sent a letter home with students announcing believed. parents hoped for additional information last
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school system has not given it an explanation. that dam in california, on the verge of failing. plus, get out the gloves and get your cleats on. spring training is here. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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larry: tuesday, happening today, the nationals are back to work, reporting to spring training at that brand-new facility in west palm beach. the big question surrounding the pitching staff this spring, will stephen strasburg stay healthy? he has been on the disabled list several times despite that contract extension. only time will tell. the first game in the spring is a week from saturday already. veronica johnson, almost the springlike day around here, not too bad. run a
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temperatures for each afternoon, coming up, running through the 50's, feeling like we are two weeks ahead of schedule. check this out, i took a look the temperatures across the nation. some of the warmest weather in the nation's right down there in florida. 70's in areas of texas and northern florida. 80 degrees for a high temperature. mild for those guys, but around here the temperature will push into the lower 50's. you can see early-morning here, low 30's. an umbrella that you need to keep handy and ready to go, but i like the glasses for the afternoon hours, it means we are expecting some sunshine. we've got a bit of wind coming our way this week and even thursday, high of 40 degrees, just a break from the mild conditions with the wind coming up and windchill in the 20's. we will take a
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warm-up for the weekend in 20 minutes. julie: taking a look at what's happening in virginia, this seems to be a hot spot right now on the inner loop. before you reach 236 on the little river turnpike, there was a crash on the mainline tying up the left side of the highway. headed northbound towards 236 and northbound 95, this is where we had a crash between lorton and newington. looks like most of the activity is on the left shoulder. heads up traveling northbound from woodbridge. we have police activity at suit and road with pictures from the scene and john gonzalez headed in that direction. stick with that, he will be with you shortly. inbound on suitland road, you can always bailout. the metro silver line dealing with delays this morning towards wheelie rest in east. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes for another up
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into southeast. autria: taking the fight to the street. to the the controversial bill finally making headway in d.c. and why people who support its a congress has no right to stand in the way. plus? >> ladies and gentlemen, jimmy, this is the most dramatic announcement ever. >> i agree. let's meet the new bachelorette autria:. autria:it was a historic -- bachelorette. it was a historic first. the announcement, taking the country by storm. kidd: good morning. i'm kidd o'shea. we are spreading the love this valentine's day by handing out roses. i'm also asking everyone a very specific question when i give them the rose. i will tell you about that, coming up
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. jummy:
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evacuation orders are still in place for 180,000 people. towns below a dam in northern california living under the threat of a catastrophic flood. video coming in from oroville, california, crews working to patch up that emergency spillway on the verge of collapsing. we're hearing from officials that the water level is being lowered at the rate of four inches per hour and that the erosion area caused -- that cause so much concern is now stabilized and the erosion has stopped progressing, so that's good news, better than 24 hours ago. no word yet though on when people will be allowed to go back to their homes, we will update you as we get more on the story. for now, back over to you. larry: the death with dignity cpr this use some morning, it was passed last year, allowing terminally ill, mentally competent adults to ask a doctor for medication to end their life.
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approval of all new laws from congress and last night the oversight committee voted 22 to 14 to overturn the law. it sparked a protest outside the capital. >> the best thing that the federal government can do for us is to leave us alone. larry: what happens this week will be crucial if the full house and senate don't vote to overturn the law on friday, it will take effect on saturday. autria: if you are one of the millions who love the idea of turning out the half -- turning off the house lights for ordering dinner with a super compressed simple command, the amazon or the eco might be in your future. what else does it hold? every word you say it listens to and only the manufacturers know what data is transmitted. we have warnings on the privacy dangers and showing you how to make sure that your device is an eavesdropping when you don't want it to. larry: good idea.
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still buzzing after an unbelievable night. the huskies, redefining the dominance means as they wrap up their 100th consecutive win. they have won their last four national championships in a row. the last time that they lost was november of 2014. wow. autria: history was made last night, right here on abc seven. >> please welcome our next bachelorette, rachel lindsay rachel. one-year-old rachel lindsay was the first african-american bachelorette. she is a texas lawyer and a popular contestant on the current season of "the bachelor." >> am looking for someone who is ready for what i'm ready for. 31, i'm ready to find someone who is ready to be a husband, start a family. autria: the 13th season of "the bachelorette" premieres right here on abc seven.
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love guru himself, kidd o'shea, is out and about this morning with a surprise. we are at the buoy town center and we have a lot of roses to hand out. everyone going throughout the dmz. as i give people roses today, i have a question for them. the question is, what is the secret to love? maybe today i will find that answer and we will be sharing that with you all morning long. i want to show you, we have got these roses and they have little messages on them. roses are red, violets are blue, poems are hard. aren't you greg -- aren't you glad that you rose out of bed? ok, that's kind of funny. who needs coffee when you have a rose? if you are out this morning in prince george's county, hopefully we will see you and be able to wish you a very happy valentine's day as well. don't forget that there is $100 and cupid cash coming up in just a little bit,
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for now, back to you guys. good stuff out there. the last cupid cash visit, color now.r seven, call right wake up this valentine's day with an extra $100 in your pocket. one more giveaway in the 7:00 hour on news channel 8, so good luck with that. you know, for your honey. >> last day. >> that's right. i prefer raining men, but i will take it. [laughter] larry: dollar bills, dollar bills. making it rain. could have some specials. it's going to be very small pockets. areawide, not that big of a deal at all. fact, we've got a sunglasses check for today with an umbrella as well. maybe a few light showers coming through prior to lunchtime and then afterwards we are into the sunshine.
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for a high temperature, so really you can get on with just a warm jacket for today. live doppler, there is a little pocket just now starting to come into areas of southwestern virginia. today things are going to rise into the 50's, as mentioned. southwesterly breezes, but by evening we will drop into the 40 plus. in fact the overnight temperature is only 40 degrees versus the low 30's that we are starting with this morning. we will be back there into the colder air by wednesday night. 47's are high for midweek. thursday, a bit of a bump, cooler and breezy throughout the area. 63 on sunday., this'll be a great weekend, presidents' day, for traveling. take the kids for a hike or go skiing, but we've got a green light for all of it. we want to show you the temperatures here, locally, but also down to the
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going to be doing any traveling to the south or north. 40's and 50's up in pennsylvania. the snow that they got in upstate new york is going to be melting. this is a look at sunday's high temperatures. just as mild across the area. in a couple of minutes i will return, take a look, and i will tell you what i think about the rest of february. julie? julie: right now in prince george's county this is where it is busy. a couple of problems on walker mill road, old walker mill road, putting itself up to central avenue. police on the scene of this collision, one of which is a van , heads up on walker mill road over old walker mill road. we also have the police activity in the investigation continues at this hour at suitland road and southern avenue. gonzalez, what you need to know is that some traffic is able
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investigation. still, wanting to avoid this area, as well as pennsylvania avenue. use them as your workaround headed into southeast virginia, the beltway, inner loop, before 236, the crash on the left side a the highway, there was also crash before newington that is gone. silver line delays, a power problem outside largo town center. watch,the traffic updating that ride on the east side of town. autria? autria: lance armstrong is getting ready to head back to cart -- back to court. the landmark case has been
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water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. morning in our "gma" first look, lance armstrong, hosting his own eclectic podcast from the wine cellar of his home , facing a new challenge. a federal judge ruling monday that the u.s. government's
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massive $100 million case against him will move forward. the u.s. government claims the postal service wouldn't have paid more than $32 million to sponsor his team if they knew he was cheating. thecivil suit claiming that doping of athletes in cheating to win is inconsistent with their objectives. armstrong arguing that he brought them far more value during years of good publicity, asking the judge to throw the case out. coming up, dan abrams weighs in on the case. with your gma first look, i'm neal karlinsky.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. breaking news details just coming in about the police activity in suitland. larry: jummy olabanji has the latest details, but first let's go over to veronica johnson fore-check on this tuesday forecast. we are happy to say that it's not as breezy as yesterday. calm, i'mtoday, very not really seeing any big troubles from today's weathe
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pocket of moisture that is just about ready to slide into the area. you can see it here around woodstock and luray. into frontgetting royal and crossing air -- crossing over into areas of 56. a slow-moving pocket of moisture . what could happen here, i have taken a look at the temperatures here to show you that there are generally hovering around freezing to just under freezing, so if the moisture comes in, even if it's light we could see a little bit of freezing on contact with the drizzle and light moisture. just something to watch in the areas far to the west. temperatures rising very quickly today, but in most neighborhoods by 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. this morning they are above freezing, arou 50 degrees for this afternoon, going from clouds to sunshine on this day and then tomorrow, a little bit cooler, 40's across the area. that's how it's
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now, but then with a look at your ten-day forecast in the warmth coming up in a couple of minutes. on the highways right now you will find it we have problems in prince george's county. this is where we have old walker mill road and walker mill road. sky track 7 is above the scene right now, showing you what it of south police on the scene, you can see a minivan involved in the crash. traffic is temporarily stopped as they maneuver the equipment on the scene to remove those accident vehicles. back to the map to update the right elsewhere in virginia. this is accident one of two. inner loop coming in from springfield towards braddock road, a crash at the entrance for the express lane. stay to the far left to get by, to the right in the mainline. heads up from the interchange pushing northbound in the direction of 66. just before 236, still there on the
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heads up making your way northbound out of springfield towards 66. back in the next 10 minutes to update this ride on the west side. larry? autria? larry: breaking details out of suitland. jummy, what do you have? here's what we know. prince george's county police said that they are investigating an atm robbery that happened at the bp gast station at the 7700 that itd they believe is connected to a car that was found abandoned on soup and road at the d.c. maryland line. police tell us they think the car may be connected to other crimes the area, but the thing is that no one was arrested at the scene, the car is just there. john gonzalez is heading to the bp gast station where the robbery initially occurred. we will check and live with him in just a little bit
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police finding a montgomery county teenager who has been missing for months, murdered in fairfax county. the remains of the 15-year-old found near the park in springfield. the medical examiner is now we ruling her death as a homicide. fairfax county police say that they are pursuing multiple leads, including a possible connection to gang activity. abc seven that they did not alert the public that the teenager was missing when she disappeared several months ago. autria: one man in the hospital after being stabbed multiple times overnight at an apartment on nicholson street in northwest. police have not released suspect information but amazingly the man is expected to survive. with: an adult son charged child sex abuse, five years after the former penn state
6:35 am
side of your screen, arraigned yesterday on 14 counts of sending inappropriate texts to a victim and asking for naked photos. he remains in jail this morning. autria: a wild scene playing out in prince george's county. a father may have intentionally run over an armed man in a parking lot. the man says that the suspect pistol whipped his daughter sunday night and monday morning the suspect ran the sus -- the suspect was run over. principal and assistant principal at west potomac park on administrative leave. these are principles -- pictures of alex case and michelle little, from the school website. they sent a letter home with students announcing the leave. parents were hoping for more information last night, however, the school system has not given an excavation. autria: a ceremonial swearing-in will be held for the
6:36 am
of the city of fairfax. david meyer was officially sworn in on friday after a special election three days earlier. replacing the former mayor, scott silverthorne, who was arrested last year. his swearing in ceremony is set for 7:00 tonight at fairfax city hall. larry: happy valentine's day for everyone now, for the lovers out there. we have a great forecast for you, coming up. we have more on the kind of
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6:39, dinnerght, plans for you tonight? autria: no. [laughter] i will be staying at home, but for the folks that get to go out, it will be nice weather, ?ight vj veronica: tracking some moisture and snowflakes that could be reaching the surface, right over areas of 81 towards woodstock, right into the d.c. area, starting at 8 a.m. this
6:40 am
the possibility of seeing a flake or a flurry coming through the area, maybe a sprinkle, you can see the hour-by-hour forecast here. even lunchtime, temperatures pushing from the low-to-mid 30's and 5040's by 11:00 a.m. degrees for the afternoon hours. a pretty nice evening for us. tracking a warm-up for the end of the work week, 40's for a high on friday. 50's for the upcoming weekend, which is looking nice and dry. that is the change for us. you can see that we had plotted it out here, just what percentage of the month our temperatures have been above average and while, as you know, it has been great, every time we take a dip in the temperatures we are way up four days at a time. 80% of february so far, afternoon temperatures have been above average, plotting out saturday here, look at that, 57 is the high temperature, which is more like march than
6:41 am
culpeper. fredericksburg, that's the same deal on sunday, another very mild day for us. in a couple of minutes we will take a look at the chances for rain again and talk about what i think of in terms of winter weather out of february. julie? julie: i'm not complaining i like the 60's. walker mill road at old walker mill road, police are on the scene, sky track 7 is above the scene as well. a few moments ago we showed you the shot and no one was able to get past the scene as they were maneuvering equipment trying to remove those accident pickles, one of which was a minivan involved in this crash. looks like they still have activity at the scene with no one getting through at the time, although periodically they do really some of the traffic. back in virginia towards the map we want to show you the inner loop of the beltway.
6:42 am
here. the first on the inner loop for braddock road or the entrance to the expressway. stay to the right, in the mainline, towards 236. just before that there is a second accident on the scene, tying up the left lane, pushing everyone to the right in order to get by. the yellow line, facing delays train malfunction outside pentagon city. that's the traffic watch, in 10 minutes we will keep a close eye on your ride on the left side. larry: see you then. overnight autria:, a shakeup in the white house. the late-night resignation in the trump administration. in the people who could be stepping in. >> another judge shutting down the immigration ban. coming up. >> good morning, washington. spreading the love this vale
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but where is everyone? we are giving away roses.
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morning washington," on your side. back at 6:40 five, breaking overnight, a shakeup in the white house. larry: michael flynn, the national security adviser at the white house, out of a job. suzanne kennedy has more on why he is out and what comes next. suzanne? suzanne: good morning to both of you. this all came to a head yesterday. eventually at 11:00 last night the white house saying that this it happened and now the warmer --d of the national security rather, the national security advisor, decided to step down after conceding that he gave incomplete information about his calls with the russian ambassador in the days following the election related to sanctions given out by the obama administration. vice president pence relied on that information when he went on the sunday morning talk shows and denied that sanction
6:47 am
last month the justice department warned the administration of this issue, flintthat it left honorable to the possibility of being blackmailed by the russians. he spent the weekend in florida with the president and was at the daily briefing press conference yesterday but by 10:00 last night, his time at the white house was coming to an end. the president named keith kellogg as the acting national security advisor. senior administration officials say that he is one of three people being considered for the job permanently. the others up for the job -- davidavid to try us -- p -- david portray s etraus. and suereaking news lynn road, john gonzalez is at the scene. john, what's the latest?
6:48 am
john: new carrollton police and prince george's county police are on the situation. take a look, we want to show you the scene. there are a number of the police officer still here. you can to the damage there. two or three suspects made off with the atm machine inside of the shop here at the bp gast annapolisght off of road. we want to show you some video. seven miles down the road on suit and road, almost into the district, that is where a white van was found, believed to be connected to this early morning theft. it is believed that the two or three suspects parked the van there and then took off on foot. right now police are searching for the suspects. we understand that there may have been some sort of a police pursuit and during that pursuit, these suspects through the atm machine out of the van somewhere on route 50. we are told.
6:49 am
right now, stillness suspects as the police still investigate the scene here at this gas station. that is the latest. back to you inside. larry: back to those new developments now with president trump's travel ban. sam sweeney is on your side at dulles this morning. sam? judge in time a alexandria issuing a preliminary injunction against the travel ban, effectively halting it until a final outcome comes from a trial. now, in her opinion the judge says that the executive action inflicted immediate harm on virginians. she went on to say that this is in fact a muslim ban and violates freedom of religion. the judge says the government did not provide any significant evidence saying that the ban actually protects national security. so far this morning no comment from the trump administration but over the last couple of days president trump has vowed to
6:50 am
it comes to immigration. sam sweeney, abc seven news. larry: a lot of developments following the first 100 days in office. stay up-to-date with us at 6:50 now, a final report will be released today on the explosion and fire at the flower branch apartments. the explosion was fueled by natural gas. seven people were killed, 39 including three first responders. dozens of families losing their homes. residents have filed lawsuits against the complex and washington gas. autria: the big question surrounding the pitching staff, will they stay healthy? a dealve been placed on several times since signing that monster contract extension, so only timwi
6:51 am
happy valentine's day to you this morning, we sent eileen whelan on a mission. she's outat's right, in fairfax county spreading the love today. eileen? eileen: i know. right outside starbucks, look, i met a new friend. ellie hall, kindergarten teacher at the alexandria country day school. first of all, happy valentine's day. tell us about your valentine's day plans. >> i'm a kindergarten teacher and i will be celebrating with my kids. i got married in october and so my husband and i are going to vacation in a couple of weeks. eileen: i spotted her and said i had to talk to her. look at the cute little hairpiece she's wearing. i'm sure the your kindergartners will love that. >> absolutely, we get really dressed up and excited during valentine's day. eileen: you were talking
6:52 am
>> they love each other a lot so we had to talk about what's appropriate for kindergarten. we have the conversation of -- we love our friends because we are a school family, but in terms of boyfriends and girlfriends, we do that when we have edge waited. after eighth grade. eileen: and then you can do what you want. >> within parental reason. [laughter] of course. happy valentine's day. we will continue spreading the love as "good morning washington" continues. veronica: and we were just singing, eileen. and we can hear her. who is going to sing with me? autria: what are we singing? larry: ♪ spreading the love autria: i've never heard of that. [laughter] larry: ♪ giving roses today veronica: [laughter] we want to make people happy.
6:53 am
talk me into that, vj. [laughter] veronica: another mild day, up to 50 degrees. look at that. a pocket of sprinkles we are tracking, especially areas of prince william county, we will watch that for the next hour to two hours, 50 degrees is the high with sunshine later today. to 46 for those evening hours if you have plans to go out. you can see the temperatures here ranging, clouds and dry surfaces, it will be nice in the evening if you have plans with .upid for the evening, this pattern we have been under. look at this, other than a sprinkles chance, the next few days are looking dry and mild. i really don't think we have a chance of getting a big snowstorm around here. 34 days until ma
6:54 am
by the way is the first day of spring. just don't think were going to do it this winter, getting the snow in here. sorry, guys. those winter days when you get to stay at home because of the snow, not going to happen. i'm hearing applause from julie. she is like -- bring on the spring. seriously. skip the snow days, you get out longer for summer. that's my vote. on the highways right now you will find we have troubles in virginia on the center loop of the beltway trying to make your way past springfield and braddock road. the accident activity has traffic squeezing by to the left as you push northbound trying to towards springfield and 56. the second crash before 236 is cleared but right now from springfield and tysons, that's a 30 minute commute and within the hour look for that to be a 36 minute ride on the west side. 95 had a hiccup h
6:55 am
on woodbridge on the right shoulder, look for it to be a 25 minute commute. yellow line delays towards franconia, springfield, due to an earlier train the function outside pentagon city. next 10 minutes to update your ride on the top stretch of the beltway. autria? autria: let's give some stuff away. we have four tickets for you for one of the most exciting shows in town. the globetrotters at the verizon center. right now if you are collar number seven, you are going. today, just win watch us again tomorrow during the 6:00 hour for another shot, get it? another shot at the globetrotters? larry: i like that. one more giveaway coming up in the next hour, cupid cash. be sure to watch for your chance to win for the final giveaway of cupid cash. happy valentine's day. jummy: thank you. to you guys as wel
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season of the bachelorette and history was made here last night on abc seven. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our next -- loretto rachel lindsay rachel. is, you may she recognize her from the current season of the bachelor, but she is the first african will -- african-american woman to be named the bachelorette. a lawyer from texas, many may remember her from this season on "the bachelor." >> what kind of man are you looking for? like someone who is ready for what i'm ready for. 31, i'm ready to find a husband, start a family. >> what qualities are you looking for in a husband? >> someone who can make me laugh. great smile, physically. >> the former national security advisor, michael flynn, stepping down after conceding that he gave incomplete information ou
6:57 am
the election. for luminary injunction came down last night from a judge in alexandria. another setback for the trump administration. >> prince george's county police say that they are investigating an atm robbery that happened on the 7700 block of annapolis road in atlanta. , anunning out of the store off-duty police officer was inside the store and doing some last-minute -- last-minute valentine shopping. they were found a few miles down the road. that's 100 consecutive wins.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight president trump's national security adviser out. general mike flynn resigns after admitting he misled the vice president about those calls to the russian ambassador. warned by the justice department three weeks ago that he may have been vulnerable to blackmail. the turmoil in the white house as they move quickly to replace one of the president's most trusted advisers. high alert. crews debt separately working to fix the nation's tallest dam and helicopters dropping large bags of rocks into the massive holes racing against the clock. nearly 200,000 rushing to evacuated. >> our phones starting going off. >> forced out of their homes for up to two weeks. now, a new set of storms moving in. ♪


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