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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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detectives are working to try to establish what took place. richard: any idea if it was a dispute or they got into something with another vehicle driving along? >> that is what our detectives are looking for. route 50 is very busy. route 50 will remain closed for several more hours. so anyone to try to please avoid the area. we are working with the maryland state police and the department of public works to try to avoid people getting caught in the bottlenecks. richard: there are traffic backups eastbound route 50? >> yes. richard: thank you so much. you can see still an active investigation. we want to reiterate again that eastbound route 50 completely blocked at this time because they are working this active crime scene. we have the latest for you coming up at 6:00. reporting live from cheverly, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you so much. also a messy commute in the district. literally. when a dump truck flipped over on the ramp.
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hours ago. right now the south bound lanes are blocked as the clean-up continues. larry: tonight, two crime fighters accused of committing crimes. the prince george's county police officers were indicted in separate cases this afternoon. maryland bureau chief brad bell broke the story on twitter and is live in palmer park with the latest. brad? brad: yeah, this agency is not proud of these charges. but they are proud of the fact they say that the cases show that they can police themselves. the case against corporal william diaz has to do with his work on an antiprostitution squad. we have gone along on raids the squads have conducted. it's alleged that diaz was doing more than making arrests. he is accused of having relations with a prostitute while on duty. that's not all. >> he was alerting at least one prostitute when the unit was going to be enforcing in certain areas. presumably for her to avoid
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brad: decorated 14-year veteran corporate george merkel is accused of assault against a homeless woman in lanham and accused of picking her up by the ears and striking her in the face. >> there were two officers who witnessed this assault and immediately reported it. brad: that is the message from police headquarters today. their own people reported the alleged crimes. they were investigated by internal affairs and sent to the state's attorney for prosecution. >> this shows we are not tolerating any wrongdoing, whether it's our officers, whether a member of the public. we police them both the same. this is i have had of -- this is evidence of that. brad: both police officers have had the police powers suspended and they will get a day in court. union spokesperson telling us it's important to stress that and they will have due process. tomorrow another officer who was found guilty of
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upskirt photos of women will be sentenced. at police headquarters in palmer park, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: less than 24 hours after andrew puzder dropped out of the running to be the country's next labor secretary, president trump announced a new nominee. but as kristine frazao reports, the press conference on the new nominee really turned a knock-out drag-down fight between president donald trump and the media. president trump: because the press honestly is out of control. the level of dishonesty is out of control. forecast to say the relationship is rock -- kristine: to say the relationship is rocky is putting it mildly. president trump: the media is trying to attack the administration because they know we are following through on pledges that we made and they are not happy about it. i mean you have a lower approval rate than congress. i think that's right. kristine: a feisty and frustrated donald trump reiterated his belief the media and especially cnn are fake news. president trump: your ratings
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people that are waiting. kristine: one of the top questions from journalist was about the white house relationship with russia, amid reports that top trump aides communicated with russian officials before president trump took office. >> but do they damage the relationship -- president trump: no! kristine: trump once again defending his former national security adviser. president trump: he was just doing his job. kristine: and his own view of russia. president trump: i own nothing in russia. i don't have any deals in russia. this is fake news put out by the media. kristine: president trump made clear the media isn't his only target. president trump: they are criminal leaks put out by people in agencies. i this i you will see it stopping because now we have our people in. the leaks are real. the news is fake because so much of the news is fake. kristine: as we near the end of donald trump's first month in the white house. president trump: sit down, i understand the rest of your question. kristine: a sign of a rocky
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crime in the inner city. the president said he would be willing to sit down with congressional black caucus to talk about solutions. also the immigration ban. president trump said he plans to introduce a new comprehensive executive action sometime next week. but alison, i got to tell you, what was said overshadowed today by the mood in the room. really a boiling over of tensions. a sign that the president is reading and watching and he is not liking what he is seeing. live on capitol hill, i'm kristine frazao, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. meanwhile, this morning, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee announced it will begin confirmation hearings for neil gorsuch on march 20. that is president trump's pick for the open seat on the u.s. supreme court. larry? larry: the white house says it plans to replace the president's travel ban next week. but today people from san francisco to chicago and atlanta and even here in d.c. tried to demonstrate what a day without immigrants would look like in this country. we have team
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protests in our area tonight. begin with stephen tschida in northwest. stephen: larry, this march started in mount pleasant and slowly worked its way through the nation's capital to the white house, or as chose to the white house as the marchers could get. the message, the most clear message from this march, a call on the new administration to change its policy on immigration. a procession of protests. marchers calling for greater acceptance of immigrants. both those who are legal and the undocumented. >> today, we are proud to join our immigrant brothers and sisters. >> i'm marching because i'm originally an immigrant. stephen: some here to show support for those suddenly in fear. we found teachers in the crowd who work with undocumented st
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will happen to them. stephen: the march made its way through the heart of the nation's capital. a slow procession. aim to bring attention to what those who march call vulnerable and vital group of people. >> we are here to actually support my people. period. okay? we are hard workers. >> we are seen here as criminals and we just came here to work and support our families and give our families a better future. stephen: even though it is pretty cold out here and some of the marchers were out for hours once they got to the white house, they stayed for another hour chanting. hoping that what they would say could be heard within the white house. now for another aspect of this day of protests, let's check in with my colleague q mccray who is also in northwest d.c. q? q: that is right. listen, challenges are if you were -- chances are if you were to drive around d.c. or arlington you would find a number of businesses closed in
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immigrants. we went around and found businesses like this one here that are open right now. even though they support the movement 100%. but staying open is a lot easier said than done. it doesn't take long to notice the obvious here. david von stork's office is empty. >> across our businesses, anybody who has wanted to participate today by not showing up to work, we have allowed it and supported it. q: he is talking about a day without immigrants. the campaign against president donald trump's immigration policies. immigrants are protesting by not spending money, keeping their children home from school, skipping work today altogether. a hard reaction for his bank salon and vida fitness. >> it makes it difficult to run our business. that is the point. the point is it's not possible to run our business or any business without the immigrant community. we have managers who are normally doing marketing and operations and ordering and
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other duties. they have all been pulled off the duties to help out. as i mention that works for maybe one day or two days but that is not sustainable. q: the wait times are longer than usual here. the workers are having to pick up the efforts. >> this protest lasted any longer than a few days we wouldn't be able to operate. q: the big question now is how much of an economic impact does a strike lake this have on the d.m.v.? we headed over to fairfax this morning. went to the george mason university campus and spoke to the good people with the incity taut for immigration research. i asked them that exact question. working on the story now. we will have it at 6:00. until then, that is the latest live from northwest. i'm q mccray. back to you. larry: okay, q, thanks. organizers of the women's march in washington are calling for another protest to call on all women across the country to take part in a day without a woman. this is similar to today's
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it's planned for march 8, international women's day. alison: the fact it felt like winter didn't keep the imaginers from taking to the streets. but warmer weather is not far. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a check on the forecast today. doug: it's ten degrees warmer tomorrow than today and warmer over the weekend. we have clouds and flurries earlier. now it's clear and breezy and cold. look at the wind gusts. the best news is the gustiness will diminish. in the past hour we had a gust of 37-mile-per-hour at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. 25-mile-per-hour gusts at reagan national. we'll see the winds diminish through the everything and the temperatures fall in the 20's. what about the week up? we have the full forecast in about ten minutes. >> what happened and why? who did this? alison: more questions than answers tonight as the police try to figure out who killed two missing teenagers. larry: water shooting in the sky leaves a sheen of ice behind. we'll let yo
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are doing. alison: we might have seen a few flurries this morning. look how pretty that is. find out where snow is falling in heavier amounts right now. >> last weekend police discovered the body of a 15-year-old girl near this wooded area in fairfax county. today murder charges. i'm jeff goldberg. coming up, why it's part of a gang problem growing in the region. that story when "abc7 news at why are you checking i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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larry: police arrested two people in connection to the murder of timothy sherod, 24-year-old donvain hodges and 19-year-old cessna blow are charged with murder. police found sherod dead in a car in accokeek on monday. they believe he was shot over a money dispute. alison: so far ten people have been charged in the death of a missing 15-year-old. and police say the investigation into damaris rivas' murder points to a larger gang problem. jeff goldberg is in springfield now to explain why. jeff: damaris rivas was just 15 years old but police say in early january she was held against her will taken to lake accotink park in springfield, assault and then kill and l
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jeff: they have a video that resulted in murder charges against five people. serano and rivas and three juveniles and the sources confirm 17-year-old venus iraheta who returned home to alexandria on tuesday night after going missing for a month. in iraheta's case, the case of a missing teen mother in springfield and a murder in prince william county led authorities to information in killing of rivas who went missing from montgomery county in early december. >> the gang crime knows no boundaries. this is difficult to combat. >> we have seen a notable increase in gang activities and crimes, especially violent crime. jeff: jay lanham heads the regional gang task force and says
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el salvador often call the shots here to raise money for drubbing -- drug trafficking. >> it's kids looking for family and protection. and just being part of a group. jeff: it was near this wooded area in springfield that authorities found the body of damaris rivas last saturday. now authorities hope that community outreach and school outreach, plus intense police work like we saw in this case can help prevent crimes lake this from happening in the future. live in springfield, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: a silver spring man is heading to prison for 40 years for shaking and beating his infant son to death three years ago. outside court today the child's mother recalled trying to revive her son. >> bubbles of blood came out of her mouth. man, that image will never leave
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larry: prosecutors say the father was trying to get his 7-week-old son to stop crying. he was convicted of murder and he did not apologize at the sentencing today. he could be eligible for parole after serving 20 years. alison: "7 on your side" now on health matters and concerns the district's test for zika last summer were faulty. two pregnant women who thought they were negative for the zika virus are now being told they were positive. d.c. department of forensic sciences comes after a scientist raised questions about their testing procedures and the d.c. forensic director called at it a laboratory testing error. >> if is a mistake is found that impacts the public we need to tell you about it. that is why we are here today to revile it to you. there is not hiding of information while i'm the director of forensic sciences. alison: she went on to say of 62 negative samples sent to the c.d.c., two of them came back positive. more than 30
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samples are being retested by outside labs so there could be more positives. the women did give birth but there is no information about the health of the babies. larry? larry: the centers for disease control and prevention says this year's flu vaccine is doing its job. the c.d.c. says this year's shot is 48% effective and they consider it a good match if it's 50-60% effective. alison: 7 on storm watch today as new england sets record for snow. another foot of snow fell in part of new hampshire and maine last night. the town of east port maine recorded -- listen to this -- 69 inches of snow in the last ten days. larry: wow! oh, of course, we haven't had anything like that in our area this winter but look at this. we did get a few flurries this morning. they came out of nowhere. just like that. a lot of those move through the area in the morning rush. and our mild wenter is taking a toll on a
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oakland, maryland, is rescheduling this weekend's winterfest. on the website the greater oakland business association says it will just be too warm. they are hoping for colder temperatures hopefully the weekend after. alison: how funny. larry: i think doug is going to tell them they may have to wait longer. alison: we are about to head into a nice warm stretch. doug: long stretch toward the end of the month. maybe early march we could get a few days that are colder. but then spring is literally around the corner. the pattern of the warm weather will continue for the next ten days or so. alison: the flurries were pretty today. doug: it was nice. we might see a little bit here. this is a look from the weather bug camera at nationals park. 36 degrees there. cloudiness through the area this morning and snowshowers through the city briefly went. but the skies careered out. temperatures never warmed up that much. i stayed in the 30's. a nice mid-winter's day. now the skies are clear. the winds are gusty. that is driving the wind chills down. we think over the next few hours there will be a noticeable drop off in the wind gusts around the area.
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33 in hagerstown. these aren't the chills. these are the air temperatures. 37 in leesburg. 37 at joint base andrews and 39 at reagan national airport. when you factor in winds it feels colder. feels lake 21 in hagerstown. 26 in leesburg. 28 at joint base andrews. it feels like 31 in the capital. we'll watch the windy min niche. 10 to through the early everything. more like 5 to 10 when we hit late night hours and a steady drop in temperatures in the 30's by 9:00. and into the 20's we think by early in the morning in most areas. the range of temperatures overnight with clear skies and diminishing winds between 24 and 30 degrees. kind of like mid-february. as far as satellite and radar goes, not a lot of cloud cover. that pretty much cleared up. still patches of snow through the upstate northern pennsylvania, new york state and part of new england. but that will all swing out. we will have a couple of quiet days. we will keep an eye on cloudiness that
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sprinkle for some areas. we know this for the friday morning bus stop. cold start to kids. 30 degrees. 42 by midday. it will hit 51 degrees tomorrow afternoon. that will be a good ten or 11 degrees warmer than today and plenty of sunshine to go around as well. the future cast from the stormwatch7 weather center shows generally clear skies through the day tomorrow. winds change southerly to help us warm us up to 50 or so. clouds roll in late saturday. a little disturbance. it's not out of the question we could have a sprinkle late saturday or sunday morning but that should move out of the way. we will move into sunshine late sunday afternoon. look at the numbers. 66-degree temperatures for highs on saturday and sunday. maybe clouds or a sprinkle late saturday night and archbishop sunday. president's day a bit cooler. 60 degrees. any way you cut it, a terrific weekend for this time in february. now for the next ten days this is what we have for you. the temperatures warm up a bit tomorrow. even more so as we head to saturday and sunday.
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presidents' day. upper 50's tuesday. wednesday and thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, way above average here. alison: you can't complain. doug: well, you can -- alison: i know they do to you. larry: some people just live to be negative. no complaints. the bye-bye for bao bao starting to hit full stride. alison: i know. we are all sad about that. meanwhile, we will show you this later. why a maryland breast cancer survivor is taking to the catwalk in new york. horace: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. a huge recall to tell you about if you have a small child. you will want to hear this. we'll fill you in coming up. larry: but first, t.g.u.t. -- the favorite thursday night shows are back on abc. alison: and veronica johnson has a look at what the coming up on "good morning
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washington." >> thank you, alison. tomorrow on "good morning washington," you can lose that final 15 pounds, curb your emotional eating habits and lose weight. >> and from music to art, legendary drummer from def leppard is here. >> we have weather and traffic every ten minute starting at 4:25 on "good morning washington."
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we couldn't be any happier. larr
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consumer alert. about a stroller and car seat combo. horace holmes has recall. horace: it's 700,000 strollers. they are made by the britax company. in particular, the b-agile and bob motion strollers. these are strollers that allow a car seat to attach to them so you can take the seat in and pull it out also. the problem is with what d'brickashaw calls the click & go -- what britax calls the click & go receiver mount. portion where the car seat snaps or clicks onto to stroller. the consumer product safety commission ordered the recall because the manufacturers received numerous reports of those car seats suddenly disconnected and then falling to the ground. horst horst in 26 cases the children in the seats received minor injuries after the seat has fallen out. the stroller sets have been sold at several big stores like babies r us, bye-bye, baby, and target between may 2011 and february of this year
5:27 pm
the car seat in your car but stop using it attached to the stroller immediately and contact the company. they will give you a repair it can. back to you. alison: -- give you a repair kit. back to you. alison: popular stroller. thank you. coming up at 5:00, stunning images of the hotel consumed by an avalanche in italy. larry: we didn't get that much snow this morning so what left this tree looking like a winter wonderland? >> a sign is on the front door and it's dark inside a frederick restaurant that shut down for a day without immigrants. i'm cheryl
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larry: back with an update on breaking news out of cheverly where part of route 50 is closed after three people were shot in a car. richard reeve is there now and has an update for us. richard? richard: larry, still a very active scene here. we will push into the car and let you see it. we counted at least a dozen bullet holes in this car. now police are investigating to see if this 30:00 shooting was -- this 3:00 shooting was indeed shots fired from another rolling vehicle. they have a k9 unit out here looking at woods in the area. but so far we are told no lookout, no specific description of any suspects. they have been talking to witnesses who obviously stopped
5:31 pm
saw this. a lot of folks thought it was a traffic accident. we will have the latest for you coming up at 6:00. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. meanwhile this sardis restaurant in beltsville is one of dozen of local restaurants that closed today for the day without immigrants protest. but it wasn't just restaurants taking part in the protest. cheryl conner live in frederick with reaction. cheryl? cheryl: well, what we have found is sardis in frederick is also shut down. there have been people showing up here at the parking lot. they are disappointed. they were hoping for their chicken for dinner. this right here, the door unlocked has been unusual throughout the day outside the beltsville. we watched as people hungry for lunch showed up and realized they were closed. >> it's okay. i can do without it. cheryl: all day
5:32 pm
and spotted the sign on the door saying they will reopen on friday. >> i forgot. one day without immigrants. cheryl: it's dark inside. chairs are on the table. but the kitchen is still hot at a mexican restaurant run completely by immigrants. >> we have guatemala, salvador, mexican. cheryl: the manager says they support the national protest on president trump's immigration agenda but his boss still wanted to open. >> we come for one thing. to make the american dream for every person. cheryl: customer dennis gates voted for trump and said the issue is not presented clearly and we need to give the president some time. >> i think we need to give him the benefit of the doubt. he is trying to do something right and honorable for the country. as he sees it. cheryl: as carlos gomez gets his lunch somewhere else. the immigrant from nicaragua says he and his family are here with
5:33 pm
>> everything work, everybody trying to do the best thing for their families and stay together. cheryl: other restaurants we spoke to on the phone said they couldn't afford to shut down. we also talk to a landscape company who says some employees did not show up to work today and it had a minor impact on their business. the owner tems us they will not get paid. live in frederick, cheryl conner, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. unprecedented expansion of power for maryland attorney general. they have given attorney general brian frosh broad authority to sue the trump administration would larry hogan's approval. frosh and most legislators are democrats and hogan is a republican. alison: so governor hogan sat down on a one-on-one interview for baltimore police station wbff today. he called the change to the attorney general's power a huge mistake. >> allowing someone to willy-nilly go wit
5:34 pm
approval for whatever to go suing for whatever reason the federal government, it's a pretty major step. obviously it was politically motivated, partisan and a huge mistake. alison: hogan noted that this is the first time the attorney general's powers have been changed since 1864. he predicted a backlash against democrats. larry: well, now to a developing story in indiana where the f.b.i. is now joining the chase for a killer. two teenage girls found dead on tuesday after they went missing while hiking. the bodies were discovered in the woods almost a mile from a bridge seen on one of the girl's snapchat videos. they say it's no accident and they are searching for this man who was on the trail at the same time as the girls. >> extremely important because if you have a bad guy that happens to have a cell phone or some device that is emitting a signal. he may be able to put him or her in the proximity of the two girls. larry: officers say this type of cr
5:35 pm
this part of indiana. alison: now to an update on the deadly avalanche in italy last month. this is drone footage of the scene. now that the snow is melting we can really see the ruins of what was that hotel. i was just buried along with several overturned cars. first responders saved 11 people trapped in the hotel but 29 others were killed. larry: a college student in georgia is calling this drone plan bee. it's designed to pollinate plants. the device can fit in the palm of your hands. it could be used in large-scale farming. alison: cute. cute drone. larry: i like it. alison: speaking of cute, the chinese embassy sent over dumpling to the national zoo in honor of who else? bao bao. the last full week at the zoo before she leaves for china on tuesday. the move is part of a long-standing agreement with china to protect endangered species.
5:36 pm
bao bao all week long. >> got to see her while she is here. coming up at 5:00, not the usual models. why some of the women taking part in this year's fashion week are in the catwalk. ryan: i'm ryan hughes in dumfries where signs are in yards and now they are only drinking from bottled water fearing the water is contaminated. coming up, hear how they plan to voice their concern. alison: at 6:00 tonight you won't believe this video. a scramble for her life. a mother races to save her child as a car crashes toward them.
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larry: well, the thimble can no longer pass go and collect $20. monopoly says it is retiring the game piece for the next generation. the thimble was introduced as one of the pieces in 1935. hasbro says it isn't making the cut with voters to stay in the game so they are letting people vote on new pieces with choices like penguins, smiling emoji and hashtag. cell phone. you can see there. dinosaur. the winners should be announced next month. alison: that is an old looking cell phone. larry: it is. if you are going to do it -- alison: one of the originals. larry: what is the point? we moved up to 1988. whoo hoo! alison: baby steps f
5:41 pm
monopoly. larry: i've got the cell phone. one of the show at new york fashion week was unlike the rest of them. alison: the 16 women at the show are currently battling or have battled breast cancer. one of the women in the show was a baltimore resident. shay sharp. she underway a full mastectomy and she was asked to join through a facebook message. what she took away from it was so much greater than what one disease took away. >> we are here. we exist. i can still be sexy. one boob, two, no boob. that was it. alison: good for her! several of the women on the runway even went topless to show their scars. by the way the anna ono lingerie line is designed specifically for women with breast cancer who has undergone surgeries and
5:42 pm
that. good for her. >> i love it. alison: cheering her on. larry: absolutely. girl, you go. tennis star, a great story here. you may have heard of genie bouchard. during the super bowl game she tweeted she knew the falcons would win but a man tweeted her back and said if the patriots win we go on a date. she told him sure, then the falcons blew the lead. so last night she is sitting courtside with the brooklyn nets came with the student from the university of missouri. think he is not taking selfies -- ja he looks nervous to me. like this actually happened. what do i do now? larry: what do i ask her? courtside. cameras in front of me. >> i love that story. good for her to follow up on it. larry: exactly. very cool. alison: still to come -- >> i said you don't have anything hard. you don't have anything tough. look at that little girl and what she is going through. she is still able to put a smile on her face. alison
5:43 pm
the georgia mason basketball team and she is only 3. how the toddler is teaching the college athletes a thing or two about adversity. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen in northeast washington outside miner elementary school where dcps acknowledges three recent incidents of bedbugs. coming up, why parents say they are unhappy with the school's handling of this.
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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alison: so now a second d.c. school is dealing with bedbugs. we reported earlier this month at a temp care closure of savoy elementary school in southeast washington so they could treat for bedbugs and for rats. now as mike carter-conneen reports ret peteed bedbug sightings have been reported at miner elementary school in northeast d.c. >> i'm angry. mike: she has three children at miner elementary school and believes all parents should be notified each time, anytime bedbugs are spotted. >> don't identify the child because he is innocent but identify the problem. mike: dcps says it is actively communicating with families and schoo
5:47 pm
recent incidents of bedbugs at miner february 9, 14, and 15. but the school system says it does not believe there is a widespread infestation here. miner's principal sent a letter home to warrants wednesday. the letter does not acknowledge the incidents but describes the policy. if a pest identified as bedbug it's the nurse's role to notify the students, parents and staff on the next step and the resources. the spokesperson said parents schoolwide are not always notified of the bedbugs because it's a private matter. >> this is a public school. mike: exterminators say it's not uncommon. where there are people there are bud begs but that is not not -- bedbugs. it's not tha
5:48 pm
>> if you don't trust they are telling you the truth and they are evasive it becomes worse, a powder keg. mike: the spokesperson said the minor bedbug sighting should not be compared to the situation at savoy elementary school. but in january their principal described single isolated incidents before the school was shut down and the students relocated. in northeast washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: it should be back to normal in alexandria after crews repaired a massive early morning water main break. water spewing in the air for hours. running down the road. freezing on the trees at the masonic temple. the repairs took seven hours. alison: let's check on the roads. trenice bishop is on traffic watch for us. high, there. trenice: hi, alison. still dealing with the same closures through the area. 695 or the eastbound stretch of the southeast/southwest freeway where we had the earlier incident involving a dump truck. i am hearing we may have video we can see of the dump truck being uprighted.
5:49 pm
closed. we are still seeing heavy volume delays for the folks trying to make the ride from arlington to the district. the delays coming from around the pentagon to make it across the 14th street bridge to access 695. also seeing heavy volume on the westbounds stretch. that is the regular volume for folks making the ride through the city. other incident involving a police investigation that continues on the roadway on 50 through cheverly. eastbound at columbia park road. all travel lanes are shut down. the ramps to 50 also affected. heavy volume displays from folks making the trip from new york avenue in downtown d.c. to make the ride to 50. back to you in the studio. alison: thank you, trenice. tonight at 11:00, a special report from "7 on your side." this is something we should all be aware of every time you drive on the highway. when driving, it can happen in the blink of an eye. debris on the highway from trucks and cars. in an instant, debris fl
5:50 pm
windshield. it happened to stewart roy of alexandria. >> the pitchfork came loose. just hit me head on. lisa: you won't belief the story he has to tell. he says it is a story you need to hear. >> i'm lucky to be alive. lisa: i'm lisa fletcher. don't miss my story coming up tonight at 11:00. alison: important information from lisa tonight. we have lunchbox weather once again. we love to hear from the kids. doug: this morning molly went for a trip to visit school kids, fourth graders at forest heights elementary school in oxon hill part of the lunchbox weather program. while she was there she likes to answer questions for the kids. and kind of give them behind-the-scenes look at what we do. we have a special video we created for that. we conduct a few weather experiments in the classroom. we discussed today's weather and gave them an idea what the weekend is like and then took them outside to look at the stormwatch7. running the
5:51 pm
brown and we had a weather question from deanna. >> hi. i'm a fourth grader. i have a question. how does noaa help meteorologists predict weather? doug: that is a good question. how does noaa help meteorologists predict the weather? they provide data and information. satellite images from them and radar images besides our own radar. they supply an enormous information from the weather balloons sent up twice a day from a lot of locations. they record surface observations, what the weather is, observed every hour at thousands of locations across the country. they have the main supplier of the computer models we talk about, the guidance there. we take the information that filters through noaa to help keep you one step ahead of the weather. we tell the kids, the whole reason we do weather on the to boil it down to one thing to give them information so people make good decisions. what they will do if they go out or wh
5:52 pm
we give you enough to make good decisions for the day. alison: safety, too. good. thank you. well, george mason university has a new member on the women's basketball team. larry: but here is the catch. she is only 3 years old. erin hawksworth is here with the rest of the story. erin: how is that possible, guys? it didn't take long for little mia grace to feel at home with her new teammates. once you meet her, it is impossible not to smile. >> hello. erin: 3-year-old mia grace is the newest member of the george mason university basketball team. >> any accomplishment she has she says, "i want to make sure i tell my teammates." erin: this is part of friends of jacquelyn a foundation to improve quality of life for children battling pediatric brain tumors. >> it puts things in perspective quickly. this is a hard time of the season for us. you don't have anything tough. look at that little girl
5:53 pm
through and she puts a smile on her face. erin: mia was diagnosed with a brain tumor in november of 2015 and she underwent 14-hour surgery with a successful 100% tumor removal. mia's mother says she has handled it like a champ. >> she would be running around the hospital on the floor with her i.v. pull. they always told us that her personality was going to help her get through. we think it has. >> yea! erin: two weeks ago mia signed a letter of intent in a private invitation with the team. >> my goodness. mia grace, i love it. erin: last week, mia got her very own jersey. >> oh, yeah. >> she is with the team for as long as she wants to be with the team. i hope it gives her an outlet to do something fun and forget about all the other things that are going on in her life and give her an escape for a little bit
5:54 pm
you can tell she is really enjoying it. her mom says every accomplishment she is like, "i have to tell my teammates." she made them valentine's. alison: her new big
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
larry: tonight concern is growing in prince william county over coal ash. residents in dumfries worry a project at a power plant will voice their water wells. there is expected to be a contentious public hearing tonight. >> my night has been a nightmare for a year. >> dan buys two cases of water every week and ten one-gallon containers. he tells us the well water has been contaminated and believes the cold ashe from the power -- coal ash from his power station is to blame. >> i fear is it leaking to the water table. >> in january of last year the department of environmental quality approved a permit for
5:58 pm
million gallons of treated coal ash in quantico creek. it's part of an e.p.a. effort to dispose old coal ash. there are five ponds. they will be permanently sealed but he is driving around with this sign to oppose the project. he does not want d.e.q. to grant dominion a solid waste permit that would cap and close the five pounds. he wants the state to require dominion to haul the coal ash away and dispose it off-site. >> i fear that d.e.q. will award them the permit against the safety of all of us. >> dominion tells abc7 news the heavily treated water will be environmentally friendly and there are two dozen ground water wells on site to monitor the levels. signs are posted in yards. neighbors plan to make their voices heard in a public hearing. the public commented period goes until march 10. then the depame
5:59 pm
viabilitial quality has 90 days to decide -- department of environmental quality will have 90 days to decide if they will be given the permit. in dumfries, ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: now at 6:00, the president on attack. president trump: the leaks are real. you wrote about it. they are real. you saw it. the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake. the press has become so dishonest. because the press honestly is out of control. wait, let's see -- i want to find a friendly reporter. michelle: trump's pushback against the media and his response to claims the white house is in chaos. jonathan: breaking right now a carriedalled with bullet holes, three people shot -- a car riddled with bullet holes and three people shot. michelle: a car crashes over a guardrail. announcer: now "abc7 news at
6:00 pm
president trump: tomorrow they will say "donald trump rants and raves at the press." i'm not ranting and raying. i'm just telling you, you are dishonest people. i'm not rantinged a raving. i love this. i am having a good time doing it. jonathan: this is a new for the trump presidency. for more than an hour he blasted the media, defending his administration and vowing to look into what he calls criminal leaks. this started with a simple announcement. he picked alexander accosta to lead the department of labor and the tone changed. >> i inherited a mess. larry: he is defending his administration saying is it running like a feign-tune machine. president trump: i turn on the tv and open newspapers and i see the stories of chaos. it's the act opposite. larry: this is the same week that national security adviser michael flynn stemmed


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