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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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while playing with the cigarette lighter. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live from the lorton neighborhood. jeff, you hear details of this and this is devastating. jeff: it is. it is awful. throughout the day we have seen a lot of people walk up to the home. take a look at this house. seemingly shaking their heads in shock. heart-broken by what happened here. throughout the day the memorials have only gotten bigger. >> right after the fire started, it spread fast. >> very frightening. >> two adults who live in the house made it out safely. but a 5-year-old boy was trapped in the garage. >> getting worse and worse. >> diane said she saw the boy's mother standing outside the house screaming his name. >> i thought about it all night. hearing her, crying her baby's name was tough. >> the fire ignited in the
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night. fairfax county fire officials say the cause was inappropriate use of a lighter by the 5-year-old boy. >> two who lived in the naked tried -- two firefighters who lived in the neighborhood tried to help. >> it was impossible to find the child in time. >> this afternoon the firefighters are walking door to door to talk about the fire safety. >> we try to educate the citizens here. the firefighters and the adults in the home were taken for treatment for smoke inhalation. two dogs were rescued by firefighters. however, two other dogs and three birds died in the
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larry: it breaks your heart. jonathan: we did digging and found fires like this are rare but they happen every day across the country. in 2014, half of the fires in america are caused by cooking. other causes are heaters, electrical problems and smoking. playing with matches is a small percentage but it still ads up to 1,500 fires every -- adds up to 1,500 firefighters every year. michelle: investigators are looking for the california of a -- looking for the cause of a fire that forced a family of six from the home. no one was hurt but there is $350,000 worth of damage. take a look at this. it took 150 firefighters hours to knock down this fire at a tire shop in rosedale. at times the smoke was so thick nearby highway had to be shut down in rush hour. the cause is under investigation. >> breaking news at 6:00. li
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where police have started to arrest people who haven't left the dakota access pipeline protest. protesters have until midday today to leave the encampment. while most people left, some haven't. those who went voluntarily set fires to the tents before they left. >> they probably would have needed heavy machinery to move the structures. we are out of time. >> the citing environmental and the religious objections opponents are challenging the construction in court. the company building the pipeline received approval from the trump administration. to complete the project. >> new pipeline could be coming to your area. this result is proposed. you can see where it goes. this is the atlanta coast pipeline. it would carry natural gas from dominion energy. public hearing is held tonight in stanton. michelle: if you call 911
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instead the person on the phone tells you to take a cab to the doctor. as sam ford reports that is an effort to build on the campaign to make sure that the emergency crews are available for real emergencies. nearly a year after they brought private ambulances in to give d.c. beleaguered system a relief, mayor and the fire chief told reporters today it is working. >> we are growing city. more people live and work here. sam: 72% of ambulance runs are not real emergencies. so the system they started last year private ambulances arrive to take lesser cases off their hands. they are calling for further scrutiny where a call to 911 might means you take a nurse that tells you to take a cab to a private clinic. >> some require fire truck and ambunc
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sirens. others take you to private doctor's office. sam: the workers now have time for training, the vehicles are being repaired and the average ambulance response time fallen for the public and the private ambulances -- >> i'm a veteran. i need to go to the v.a. hospital. they would want to make me to greater southeast because i live in the southeast. >> the money they spent to outsource to another ambulance company they could put in our system to improve it. sam: city officials consider the changes made a success. with few of any of the horror stories of people having to wait 20 to 30 minutes for an ambulance. reporting from northwest washington. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell got a rude welcoming home. hundreds rallies and protests at an event he was set to speech. but inside the speech went out without any drama at all. but the same cannot be s
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republicans. watch. >> that was an exchange for congressman dave bratt. where the g.o.p. is facing harsh critics. they are packing the town halls. some canceled the town hall citing safety concerns. the white house says the protesters are bei paid by the liberal groups but protesters deny that. jonathan: the conservative political action conference, c.p.a.c. began today. tomorrow's speakers are the vice president, betsy devos, the secretary of education and one of the most controversial advisers to president trump, steve bannon. the event wraps up saturday. michelle: this just in. secretary of state rex tillerson just arrived in mexico city. he will be joined by john kelly who is current guatemala. in the meeting with the mexican leaders they ae
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trump's travel ban, his proposed border wall and new immigration guidelines that subject more undocumented immigrants to deportation. jonathan: a surprise guest at the supreme court today. ivanka trump and her 5-year-old daughters. they were guests of justice anthony kennedy. michelle: shots fired in 105-mile-per-hour chase. the dramatic end and what happened after the crash. jonathan: the officer told her to walk the line. what she did instead got her a free ride to jail. we will show you. doug: the sun has been down for 12 minutes. enjoy spectacular sunset. warmer temperatures in the future. we will check that and the ten-day outlook when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues. stay with us.
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know that together, you can establish a meaningful legac with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management® team. this is abc7's jay korff live outside the white house. close to lafayette square. as you can hear, there are hundreds of people that gathered here in protest. they are saying trans-evidence quality now. this is a huge issue because the trump administration announced today at any moment they will roll back some of the transgender rights for students in schools.
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something in place that allowed students to decide what bathroom they would use based on their gender identity. but the trump administration is arguing that this needs to be a states rights issue. we have more coming up at newschannel8 at 10:00 and abc7 at 11:00. for now live in the district, jay korff, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. you remember this? this was a moment tough to forget. incredible video. strangers banding together to save a woman from her car. floodwaters were ripping through downtown ellicott city. many were banning together to rebuild. but others began looting. 30-year-old woman pleading guilty to just that. she was caught in the act stealing liquors from a restaurant. her sentence three days in jail and 18 months probation. michelle: sobriety test in arizona is quickly going viral because of how the woman attempted to prove she wasn't drunk. the officer several times asked her to walk a line. here is what she did instead.
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i don't know what you are doing. put your hands down. i didn't ask you to do a somersault. if you continue to do this, i will take this -- michelle: after that, the officer warned the woman she needed to walk the line. instead she did two more cartwheels. on the second one she kicked the officer. that is never good. so he decides he has had enough and takes the 23-year-old into custody. she is charged with battery and d.u.i. just walk the line. jonathan: had to be one of the most acrobatic d.u.i. tests we have seen. one of the biggest frustration of city driving. we are talking about a plan to use $500 fines to fight back. we will explain what that is. >> coming up. shots fired in a high speed chase. the crash that ended it. what happened next. jonathan: what we just learned about the police officer behind the
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remember this? that is coming up next at 6:00.
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jonathan a
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caught on video. now we have learned that the fairfax county police officer involved was speeding. so the big question for investigators is whether speed is to blame for the crash because the officer in this case did have the green light. right now that officer is on desk duty. the driver of the van is in the hospital. but the force of the crash destroyed the police car's dashboard camera. talk about a dangerous job. this is incredible video after a reckless high-speed chase in south carolina. the trooper's dashboard camera is rolling. speeds are up 130 miles per hour in the chase. then suddenly this. >> 8:34. jonathan: 130 miles per hour. then gunshots are fired at the trooper. six of them. minutes later the car goes for an exhibit. the troopers move in to end the chase. four men jumped out and ran. all four of them have been
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arrested. michelle: a little thing that can drive you mad in traffic. you get a green light but someone with a red light is blocking your path. it's called blocking the box. abc7 traffic reporter brianne carter joins us live from bethesda with a plan to stop that. brianne: a bill making its way to the general assembly here in maryland. it has to do with what happens when you or another driver ends up there. blocking the intersection. >> you have seen it happen. >> every now and then yes. >> the light turns red and cars are sitting in the middle of the intersection blocking traffic. >> those drivers caught blocking the box in maryland could soon have to pay up. a bill making its way through the general assembly calls for finding and ticketing drivers who block a four-way intersection. fine that could be up to $500. montgomery county delegate al carr sponsored the bill. >>
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it gets congested. it's dangerous for pedestrians. people in cars as well as people on bikes. >> i think anything would help. >> shelly and her dog loretta walk daily through downtown bethesda. drivers who do this awful block the crosswalk. >> all of downtown bethesda is unsafe. on a regular basis i am hit by a car. brianne: the goal of the bill is to keep the traffic flowing and reduce congestion through the busy corridors with the traffic lights. >> anything that improves the traffic i agree with. although, you know, i don't like to pay the fine. >> there are exceptions to the rule. for instance if you are making a left-hand turn, you are sitting in the intersection waiting to do that. or if you are struck in the intersection yielding to a pedestrian or bicyclist. this is making its way through the general assembly in annapolis. if it passes the session could go into effect in october. reporting live, brianne
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michelle: astronomers discovered seven earth size planets 40 lightyears away located in the constellation acquirous. the planet -- acquirous. it res around a single star three. are in the so-called habitable zone. they could have liquid water and oxygen. the others are close to the zone meaning they could have the right conditions to support life. doug: getting ready for a big-time warm-up. we talk about it all week. in the 70's. there is color above the horizon. looking live at the capital wheel. 56 in the city. the temperatures won't drop that much. it's 61 in luray. 61 in frederick. 51 in baltimore. 56 at reagan national. we'll see the temperatures drop to the upper 40's to the low 50's. rain south of metro should stay there. overnight showers south of washington through fredericksburg
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look at the temperatures. 2:30 in the morning. 54 in washington and 52 in leesburg. mild start to the day. we could have areas of fog through 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. not everywhere. and skies brighten and turn partly sunny. there is a chance of showers in the afternoon for lower 70's. not only do we start off friday with mild temperatures. we will climb to 75 degrees here by friday afternoon. change for the weekend. ray out the next couple of days. after a warm weather we will cool off for a day, day and a half. we drop to 50 tonight. more than 20 degrees above average tomorrow. 72. 75 on friday. check out the extended outlook. a couple of warm days. still mild on saturday. saturday afternoon the strong cold front will approach. that will gave us an 780% chance of -- 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms. rain is helpful but it won't take us out of the drought celebration. sunday, oscar
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49 and breezy and sunny. it will feel like late february. then temperatures warm back up for the 50's monday and tuesday. 70 on wednesday. then falling off. falling off to comfortable levels mid-50's as we head through the middle and end of next week. that is the latest. your turn. michelle: all right. thank you so much, doug. jonathan: wizards doing some stuff. michelle: yeah. robert: yeah. michelle: they have a good team already. jonathan: don't trade anybody. robert: well, he might help. "might" is a keyword. not a blockbuster trade but they did make a move before the trade deadline. also erin hawksworth sit down with who else? bryce harper. that's next in sports.
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announcer: nowitzki the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealer. robert: the wizards have made a trade and they didn't have to give up a lot at all. the wizards sent nicholson and a 2017 pick to the nets for a swingman bogdonavic. he could help a lot. in west palm beach all eyes on turner and murphy but you can never take the mic from the rock star. bryce harper, still mr. popular in west palm beach. a new man. he got married this off-season.
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happen after his contract is up in 2018. erin hawksworth sat down with the former m.v.p. erin: what type of things did you work on in the off-season? >> really just trying to do everything i can to get ready for spring. to do what i need to do to get into it. hitting three times a week and get ready for the grind. it all starts now. robert: in college hoops the 24th ranked terps are hoping to bounce back after the loss to wisconsin. they will be without the 7-footer who is out for the season. they say it's about the initial. >> we played eight out of 12 on the road. it's nice to play three of the last four on the at home.
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we love to be home and playing in this building. robert: they are 112-3 at home. hoyas at depaul tonight and caps in philly against flyers. wizards can hopefully bog down the other team with the threes. michelle: warmup continues. doug: did we did well in the 60's. at the bus stop it's 64. we warm to 7 the in the afternoon. morning fog and there could be isolated afternoon shower if the kids get home from school. the near record warmth on the way. cold front for the weekend. steve rudin tracking those conditions. he will give you updates to e weekend and the ten-day outlook tonight at 11:00. michelle: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. we will see you at 11:00. have a good night.
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tonight, the town hall fury. members of congress return home to anger across this country. frustrations boiling over. [ chanting ] some calling out president trump. others fed up with congress. tonight, the white house calling some of them professional protesters. president trump tweeting about the so-called angry crowds. also breaking news tonight on two girls found dead in the woods. authorities now releasing sound of the suspect. investigators believe one of the victims secretly recorded him before she was killed. the off-duty officer who opens fire after a confrontation with a group of teens. the video now revealed chlgts at this hour, police moving in at the controversial dakota pipeline. fires set, protesters under


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