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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this with our trenice bishop. trenice? trenice: alison, this afternoon, absolutely. all lanes are shut down. the traffic is stopped from the key bridge headed northbound on the g.w. parkway. like you said, it's at 123 or just after before the george bush center for intelligence. interesting situation as typically tracker trailers don't travel the g.w. parkway. it's not for their use. we have the accident there. police are on the scene. we are sending a crew and we'll have a live shot from the area momentarily. at this hour avoid the g.w. parkway if you can. the traffic is diverted to 123. there is heavy traffic there. from the rosslyn corridors, 66 is an option to get to the beltway but that takes a while. we have heavy volume due to the gun glare and work crew leaving rosslyn to 495. i wi
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jonathan: thank you. right now, an argument leads to a murder. michelle: a neighbor's son in the middle of it. alison: the man accused of opening fire surrenders after two tense hours in a standoff this morning. jonathan: this was 400 block of west south street. michelle: ending on the parallel block of hoffman's alley. alison: brad bell is there. the neighbor you spoke to described it all for you. brad: it was for her and others. horrifying. it happened in the middle of the neighborhood historic homes near downtown. we can tell you in the last couple of hours the suspect appeared in court. he was kept behind bars. the historic home on west south street is split to two apartments. lana: winters lived downstairs and apparently came out when he heard richard on the upstairs door. the woman in that unit doesn't want to be soun but says
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>> he was protecting my son. brad: according to witnesses the 62-year-old richard haraday approached winters in this picture provided by a friend. the younger man punched richard. richard went to get a gun and returned and killed him. >> why? no one knows. brad: we will come to explore the reasons. we talked to another neighbor that we will share with you at 5:00. he says this never should have escalated in the way it did. in frederick, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: also developing the manhunt for the driver who slammed into a park police officer's car and drove off. it happened in a traffic stop before 4:00 on talbert terrace in southeast. the driver rer versed in the squad -- reversed in the squad car and the officer started shooting. police are looking for a black dodge charger. that is all we know about t
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it's his job now. the mayor's pick for chief of the metropolitan police department, peter newsham. john gonzalez was there when mayor muriel bowser made it official. john: he has been around the city for many years. law degree from the university of maryland. now peter newsham loses the interim title and is now the acting chief in d.c. muriel bowser making the announcement inside the ceremonial room at city hall. the wilson building. chief newsham held the interim title after cathy lanier left for the nfl last september. newsham joined the police force in 1989, promoted to commander in 2000 by the laniers predecessor. today the mayor saying her new chief understands and believes in community policing and is trusted by d.c. residents. mayor bowser: without a doubt, washington, d.c. is safer today than it was two years ago. gog
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our foot off the gas. today we are here to talk about how we build on that progress. >> we are not going to ask your race, your religion, your age, your sexual orientation. when you call us, we will always come. when we come we are coming to help. john: in the past year, mayor says total crime throughout the entire city is down 9%. she also took the opportunity today to announce quincy booth as the new director of the d.c.'s department of corrections. she says one of the priorities will be discussing a new d.c. jail. the new police chief joked a bit today saying that trust is the most important thing even though he knows it will be hard coming that he is a new england patriots fan learning to become a redskins fan. at the wilson building, john gonzalez, back to you inside. michelle: coming up at 4:30, we go one-on-one with the new chief live on abc7 news. alison: all right. with weather like this today, it's tough to blame you if you
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early taste of spring like this could get you hooked. richard reeve found some people taking advantage of the western. our steve rudin is monitoring the forecast from the water front down there in georgetown. but let's start with rich in college park, maryland. hi, rich. richard: hi, alison. check this out. you won't see this in any normal february. look at this. this is the mall here on campus. you have dozens of dozens of students just kind of hanging out in an area they call the mall. this is just amazing. there is an entomology professor here at u.m.d. who says he is expecting things like stink bugs and other critters to come out because it's so warm. i have to tell you, nobody here is complaining. take a look here at the other mall. the national mall in d.c. you can see people dressed up in summer clothing. runners loving this. we saw blossoms blooming. no wonder with 75-degree temperatures. i have to tell you, how often do you see people taking a nap outdoors in february.
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it in. an adam's morgan eatery packed full for outdoor seating at the lunch hour. then there are those trying out the ice rink at the sculpture garden. a group of girls from california say it is warmer here than there and it is making the ice sloppy. >> i am learning. at least when you fall, you won't, it won't hurt as much. you still get soaking wet. but it's refreshing because it's so hot out. richard: yeah. check this out. we have a guy hanging out in a hammock, outdoors in february. coming up at 5:00, we will check out the eateries and we will tell you how they are taking advantage and the cash is rolling in. from college park, richard reeve, abc7 news. let's send it back to steve rudin in georgetown. steve? steve: all right. let me tell you, it is absolutely gorgeous out here. a lot of folks are enjoying themselves on the record-breaking warm day across the d.m.v. as you see, the crew members are now getting ready to he
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exercise in, the practice in. a lot of folks are taking advantage of the beautiful weather and will continue to dosaz they move through the evening hours. talk temperatures now. look at that out there. lower 70's at reagan national airport. near 80 in leesburg. look at annapolis. cooler. in the middle 50's. at dulles international airport was 76 degrees shallotering the old record of 73. 73 is the current reading at reagan national. 78 is the record. not going to hit that. at least not for today. let's talk about this evening. it looks absolutely gorgeous. if you have plans outdoors, maybe barbecuing, our temperatures will fall in the 60's. then we see temperatures tonight falling into the 50's. of course, you don't need to have s
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storm watch 7 app. now is a great time to do it. great tool to have. i guarantee with 100% certainty if you are in to tracking storms you will need it for the daytime hours on saturday. we have a cold front on the way. chief meteorologist doug hill will have more on that in a few minutes. from the left, their base, there is a technical term for their base. >> moscow. >> i was going a different direction. right now democratic senators are more scared of their base than they are of the voters. jonathan: conservative leaders taking the stage for the first full day of the conservative political action conference, cpac. amy aubert has been following the day's events and the hot topics discussed. she joins us with the latest on this from the "live desk." amy: that conference st
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speakers tackling topics across the board including women in power. sanctuary cities and holding elective officials accountable. the events started this morning kicking off an interview with kellyanne conway. from there, other big names including secretary of education betsy devos, senator ted cruz and the white house officials reince priebus and steve bannon. some of the speakers touching on recent protest and pushback. >> the anger on the left, i have never seen anything like it. they are right now opposing everything. >> look at it through the positive side of the ledger. so much is negative these days and so much is automatic. what can i find wrong in this? a bunch of trouble-makers. >> i wasn't going to let the noise of the protesters drown out the voices of the majority of people who elected us to do the things we were going to do. >> vice president mike pence is scheduled to speak in a few hours. president trump will be speaking at the event tomorrow morning.
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aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. back to business for president trump today. he was hosting two dozen leaders from the manufacturing industry. this was sold as a listening session. but it's all part of the president's campaign promise to bring back manufacturing jobs. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- one person picked all six little numbers and now they have $500 million. alison: amazing. we tell you how bao bao's welcome party rivaled the going-away party. michelle: an obituary that will put a smile on your face. also this -- >> during engineers week, a former astronaut visits a local elementary school telling the students to shoot for the stars. i'm ryan hughes.
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michelle: bao bao's welcome party almost as big as her going-away party. you can see a truck with her name on it. her fans also greeted her. we are told she is doing well and adjusting to the new home. she is the 11th panda born overseas and return to china. jonathan: she is saying wait a minute i went all that way for more bamboo? i had this set up before i was in a plane. michelle: she looks happy. jonathan: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. that is what space-x capsule did. this morning it successfully docked with the international space station a day after an attempted dock
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because it had the wrong directions. lost if space. wasn't there a movie? "lost in space." it's carrying 5,000 pounds of experiments and supplies. all astronauts saying please, come to the international space station. the juneau space probe arrived at jupiter in july. now nasa says something is wrong with int -- wrong with it. it is take 53 days and it has sent back incredible images. the problem is the sticky valves. michelle: someone got carried away with the peanut butter and jelly. jonathan: they will have a hard time with an oil can to give it oil.
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>> s a strong hers now -- astronomers now found seven earth-size planets. alison: this is really big. they are 40 lightyears away. michelle: this is exciting stuff. but closer to home a famed astronaut is doing her part to get kids excited about space. ryan hughes with the message of reaching for the stars. >> it's starting to feel good on the ground about this one today. ryan: chesterbrook elementary school turning into mission control this morning. former astronaut sandra magnus spent months in space traveling 6 o million miles. today she is speaking with students in fairfax county about the important of science in engineers week. >> if you are a young person of dreaming what the future can be, you can't dream it if you haven't been exposed to it. ryan: she was selected to the nasa astronaut corps in 1996. a veteran of four space shuttle flights flying to the space station and the only won
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mission of the american space shuttle program. >> i am hoping they see myself and other successful women no matter what the field is as role models and say hey, you can do whatever you put your mind to. >> she is now the executive director of the american substitute -- institute of aeronautics. she gave the youngsters a glimpse in a career involving aerospace and engineering. >> we live in a great era for space exploration. i see it getting better and better. ryan: she inspired the small group of girls telling them to shoot for the stars. >> she followed it from middle school. >> find your dream and don't let anyone stop you. ryan: in mclean, ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: they will remember the day forever. alison: it makes it more real
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who has done it. jonathan: nice to have the kids at that stage aspire to want to be astronauts. we need so many people in the space program. that's great to see. alison: we want to get back to traffic watch because we had the breaking news on the g.w. parkway. a tractor-trailer hit a low-hanging tree branch near the c.i.a. headquarters there. the northbound is closed at last check. let's get to trenice bishop in the traffic center with an update. what is the latest, trenice? trenice: you are correct. northbound lanes still closed. again the accident between 123 and the george bush center for intelligence. everyone is being diverted at 123. we are not seeing alternates to get around. you will find delays from key bridge to head northbound. the southbound lanes are not affected on the g.w. parkway. however, if you are in the georgetown area think about staying there. take a walk. park the car. enjoy the sunshine. one alternate route, canal road to the
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parkway. rosslyn, 66 westbound to the 459 corridor or if you can hop on old dominion you may find more signal lights to deal with but not the heavy delays as in the northbound stretch. southbound lanes are open so that is not affecting the trip from 495 back to the arlington area. but i would certainly stress to folks that the detour this afternoon would be not to take the g.w. parkway. we are seeing heavy volume on the thoroughfares. we have sun glare on westbound of 66. problem on the beltway. heavy volumes on the prince george's county side. i am looking at the maps. we are looking at 495 at templeton avenue. there is a solid delay from 59 in college park to take you to forestville this afternoon. jammed on the outer loop of the beltway to get to forestville to alexandria. heavy volume as well on the 14th street bridge, 359 southbound stacked one a possible incident at little river turnpike. sout
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when i flip over the camera. a lot of folks are out because of the beautiful weather so the volume will be heavy for the ride home this thursday. back to you, alison. alison: trenice, thank you very much. "7 on your side" with a little bit of a reminder. this comes right from arlington time-out police. they say if you are hitting the trails for a hike or a run make sure you go with the partner, know your route ahead of time, carry i.d. with you. carry a cell phone and always let someone know where you are going. we put a full list out for you on the website. you can go to jonathan: that is good advice. now we hit the weather where everybody wants to get outside and do something. alison: sure! michelle: today is just, if we could put in a box and save it and repeat, i think we are about to do. doug: tomorrow there may be a couple of spots that are a couple degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon. mild and warm for saturday but then it will change with the cold front. let's get into it. we start with a look at the western bug camera on the western shore of the chesapeake bay. no, it's not. we are loo
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-- we are looking at national harbor. the beautiful weather makes you think of spring. but the national weather service has a reminder boaters to tell you up front for this coming saturday a strong cold front comes in the afternoon with possible thunderstorms and the strong wind gusts. the water in the by a and the riverer are only in the 40 -- and the river and in the mid-40's. we had an incident where a cold front and the boat capsized. it is different if you are in the summertime in august and something happens. you have an accident in the water and 78 degrees. when you are in the low 40's, that is dangerous. make your plans and don't get carried away. it's not spring yet. as far as the numbers, 73 right now at reagan national. we get 77 at washington dulles. that was a record. we hit 70 in columbus ohio. that was a record. richmond, a record. tomorrow will be a new degrees warmer but it will change started with a front. ment to we may ha
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patchy -- tonight we may have patchy fog but the overnight readers is in the mid-50's. that is higher than the normal daytime high temperatures. tonight 52 to 57. clear skies. light winds out of the south. patch of fog here and there like this morning north of town is a possibility. through the day tomorrow we turn sunny and warm. 75 is average. but many areas can be warmer than that. a quick look at the extended forecast. any cold air? sunday is breezy and colder after the cold front. monday, 55. 63 on tuesday. warming up to 68 degrees. shower chances tuesday and wednesday. but look at thursday and friday. we stay average. warm up by next weekend. one chilly day out of the next ten. michelle? michelle: thank you. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- remember this giraffe calf at the maryland zoo? she has a name. the list of six narrowed down to one next. jonathan: good luck to get to roosevelt island.
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next week. we expla
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alison: willow is the new name of the baby giraffe at the maryland zoo in baltimore. it had 32% of the votes. fans got to choose between willow, dottie, imara, ruby, safara and opal. the reason willows
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and thin like the beautiful giraffes. jonathan: she is so cute. look at her. alison: beautiful. jonathan: she's like 6'6" when she is born. michelle: standing in 15 minutes. jonathan: get up there for mom. alison: i love the name willow. jonathan: she is cute. look at her eyes. gorgeous eyes. all right. a shopping spree by the vet can. pope -- by the vatican. they are giving food for those impacted by the earthquake in italy. he brought up cheese and local produce from the struggling businesses and hi gave them to soup kitchens. michelle: general motors is trying to keep the competitors off the road. the company is lobbying state lawmakers to pass self-driving car rules that directly benefit them. they want the company -- state to pass
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jonathan: coming up next at 4:00 for us, fired up in california. the reason an off-duty officer fired a gun in the air to get a group of teens off of him. michelle: next, he is the d.c. newton -- the new to cop. we talk to him. alison: days after finding graffiti on memorials, see where the abc7 crew found the same messages scrawled just today. oh, how was the open house? so good! look. 800 square feet, 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, 15 minute ride to work. dude! dude! i know! your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? how do i check? credit karma. it's free. that's great! that's super easy. um hm. that's a credit score. just whip bam boom, it's done. check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit. eyes over there, dude.
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is breaking news alert. michelle: that breaking news on the g.w. parkway. right under the ramp to the c.i.a. there. park police say a tractor-trailer hit a low-hanging tree limb. we are told the driver is hurt pretty badly. the parkway is jammedded. stephen tschida is live there. what are you seeing? stephen: you can see over my shoulder. check it out. the truck awe apparently truck -- the struck apparently struck a tree. the driver was injured. we believe taken off for treatment. northbound g.w. parkway closed down completely at this time. as you can see.
4:30 pm
the c.i.a. exit. it is closed down. it doesn't look like the truck will be moved out any time soon. for this time and the foreseeable future keep in mind northbound g.w. parkway closed down. a big headache for a lot of commuters tonight. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> it brings me great pleasure to announce my appointment of peter newsham as the next chief of police. [applause] jonathan: he has been with the d.c. police department since 1989. he has filled in since cathy lanier went to the nfl. peter newsham is officially d.c.'s top cop. now we have a chance to hear from him directly. chief newsham, thank you for taking time to join us. looked good there. now you are officially the chief. start off with the question, what does it mean to you to be in charge of the department that is tasked with keeping the most powerful city in the world safe? chief newsham: well, first of all, thank you for having me on.
4:31 pm
responsibility. i can't say enough about how honored i am that the mayor entrusted me with this position. i know they did a national search. i am sure that some of the most respected law enforcement folks in the country tried to get this job and for her to select me is an honor, especially in a police department i have been in for my entire career. jonathan: congratulations to you. let me ask this, too. when you are the interim, you don't have power as far as what to change but you have ideas and initiative you want to put in place. what is the one change you really want to put in place quickly with the department? chief newsham: well, you know, as the interim i did have a lot of autonomy to make some changes. a couple of things i did i think were critically important. shortly after the election there were a lot of folks in the community that weren't feeling comfortable with the change of administration. so one of the things i did was i moved our special
4:32 pm
chief of police. i want to let folks know in the underserved community just because there is an administration change at the white house, that things in washington, d.c. didn't change at all. we are going to continue to police this city as we always have. in a fair, unbiased, constitutional and respectful way. the other thing that i did, we are as a police department some of the senior managers have a significant amount of time on the agency. so i went to a sector concept which gives us the ability to evaluate the middle managers to make sure when the senior folks leave they will take the position and we don't miss a beat. one thing i intend to do with the metropolitan police department is continue to move us in the positive direction that we have been moving in. last year we had the lowest number of the violent crimes in the city that w
4:33 pm
that is something we are proud of. as chief of police my number one goal is to make sure we continue to move violent crime in that direction. until we don't have any violent crime in the city. jonathan: what is the best part and the worst part of the department you want to change? chief newsham: the best part of the department is the men and women that work here. recently in the news we had officers that saved a man from a burning car. jonathan: did a great job. chief newsham: they did. and i have seen these things on a daily basis for the past 28 years as a member of the police department. the best thing about the agency is the men and women sworn-in civilian who work here. the worst part about the agency i think is about law enforcement in general. law enforcement has a bad rap in the last couple of years. i think to some degree the
4:34 pm
by some high-profile incidents that have occurred in other parts of the country. so i think the worst part of it is that has had an impact in the men and the women who work in this noble profession. it's my job to remind the men and women every single day and appreciate the work they do. so those -- that is a critical thing for me in this position. jonathan: we can't thank you enough to take the time. two second left. yes or no. will you denounce tom brady and bill belichick as your hero and switch over to the redskins? chief newsham: i have selected the washington redskins to be moy n.f.c. team. so coming up next football season the redskins will be my second favorite team. jonathan: chief, thank you for taking the time. michelle: good answer. this is an island with the president and popular in the warmer weather but next week roosevelt island wil
4:35 pm
sam sweeney explains. >> another 70-degree day of the temperatures and it will be packed with people today and this weekend. that means this parking lot will likely be full. it's last time that will happen for quite some time. the parking lot needs repaving, new cush and gutters. the trail needs realigning and it is slated to get raised and widened. good news for the regular and the tourists who block here in the springtime. we caught up with the regulars who are disappointed and they understand work needs to be done. >> a good idea. people have to cross the parking lot so they are making it easier for runners and bikers and more safe,
4:36 pm
it's for a good reason sam: you should know that roosevelt island will remain open but you have to park either in rosslyn or down at columbia island. they expect to last until the spring. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. tesla while popular doesn't seem to make money. it is reporting $120 million in losses for the last three months of 2015. but that is improvement. because last year they lost $320 billion. that is more than the lump sum in last night's power ball drawing. michelle: spirit airline c.e.o. is brushing off for the other options. they have added the basic
4:37 pm
spirit eaten in their markets. the spirit c.e.o. says the customers know what they are getting. >> next for us here on abc7, the right time and the right place. the reason a store clerk is happy the buddy decided to pay him a visit. jonathan: and the missing brady jersey. we show you who he is closing in on as a possible suspect. michelle: plus our "good morning washington" crew already thinking about friday. here is jummy olabanji with a preview. jummy: thanks, michelle. tomorrow on "good morning washington," we show you how to get oscar party ready with the tasty easy-to-make hors d'oeuvres you can whip up in a snap. >> plus, how to put together the perfect hollywood swag bag for all of your guests. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 on "good morning washington." announcer: countdown to the red carpet, brou
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about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. jonathan: if you are coming home we have breaking news on the g.w. parkway you need to know about. this is right under the ramp to the c.i.a. you can see why. park police say a tractor-trailer hit a low-hanging tree limb. the driver is in pretty bad shap
4:41 pm
jammed. trenice bishop will be back with a look at this not only this incident but how the traffic looks this afternoon in a general sense but again, this is an area they have closed down. no cars are going by that way. stay with us. we will have another check of traffic in a couple minutes. they say in lime -- in life "timing is everything." michelle: in boston a gas station clerk is happy his friend decided to visit him on the job. two guys were robbing the station. when the clerk's friend showed up, the two took off running. >> the guy opened up the door. he is like "come in here." why would i come in there? >> he left with nothing but the friends. michelle: the friends chased the two down the street to get a look at them. he was rewarded for the actions. the store hired him as a clerk. new england patriots quarter
4:42 pm
searching for the missing super bowl jersey. he has a list of suspects. jonathan: this is a flowchart that brady put together. suspect board. animated cartoon. look at the players and the culprits. gullhan from "lord of the rings." michelle: lady ga ga. jonathan: she was at the super bowl. it could be that. "good will hunting" is on there. he is buddies with matt damon. brady himself but the sketch in the courtroom and it didn't look anything like tom brady. michelle: i remember that. i went viral. jonathan: it was funny. okay. moving on. a wealthy wednesday for somebody in lafayette, indiana. a state of mourning for us because we didn't win. michelle: the jackpot was worth $435 million making it the tenth largest in nower ball
4:43 pm
i went in on the last round so maybe that is why you didn't win. jonathan: is that what it was? michelle: yeah. jonathan: up ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- drawing power. while you are away we see how much your favorite shows add to the power bill. that is coming up. michelle: the obituary going viral. the grand mother's legacy making her family smile, cry, laugh. >> we saw it all, did it all, and had a ball. thank you for putting up all my [bleep] michelle: that is just the beginning, folks. her grand dur shares it all -- grand daughter shares it all. steve: i'm steve rudin. we broke a record today at dulles international airport. we have one more day on the way. more on that. plus we are tracking a cold front for the weekend.
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trenice: hello. good afternoon. welcome back to "abc7 news at 4:00". skytrak7 is live over the scene unfolding still on the northbound stretch of the g.w. parkway. all lanes are still shut down due to an accident involving a tractor-trailer. again an investigation is still conti
4:47 pm
we certainly have heavy volume delays now stretching back to the key bridge. all the travel lanes are stopped an everybody is being diverted at 123. i would think of using the clara barton parkway as an alternate. the southbound lanes are not affected on the g.w. parkway. the ride from the beltway back home to arlington is not a problem. but if you are leaving say georgetown thinking about the northbound trip or headed away from the airport this afternoon, you certainly want to avoid the northbound stretch of the g.w. parkway. here on the beltway through part of virginia and maryland we are heavy as well. outer loop jam now from the 270 spur to the cabin john area. your inner loop delays are heaviest leaving old dominion back to the 270 spur where we have report of a possible police activity before the spur on the inner loop of 495. also heavy due to an earlier accident in prince george's county. inner loop now leaving i-95 in college park to the forestville corridor is under
4:48 pm
trip. 395 southbound is seeing heavy volume from the pentagon to the little river turnpike. back to you in the studio. jonathan: trenice, thanks. columbus, ohio, woman leaving behind a loving legacy in an obituary nobody saw coming. michelle: we have the woman you'd probably want to meet. reporter: within the first few lines of her final goodbye -- >> i guess after all these years, god finally figured out where to put me. reporter: a legacy begins. >> we saw it all, did it all and had a ball. thank you for putting up with all my [bleep] -- reporter: it comes out of the truth-telling life. >> don't cry because i'm gone. have a drink and be happy you knew me. maybe you can cry a little bit. after all i died. >> the grandmother of the woman who died this presidents' day reads her obituary for us. >> i will be missed by my favorite daughter casey, my adorable grand daughter
4:49 pm
melissa eden, should be gene. >> the obituary she wrote herself. and says it still cowelln't be call -- couldn't be filled with a column. >> we could have bought the paper today. >> if you are sick, don't bother to come. i might be dead but i don't want your germs. >> so she gets ready to fulfill the promise. >> put in the obituary i was born, i lived and i die and have an open bar. >> hosting the open bar for her grand mother after saturday's service as it captures the spirit of a woman who is recorded telling her final dirty joke at the hospital. >> it's so funny. >> and who captured this last laugh. >> please remember this. never let the facts get in the way of a good story. the middle finger is sign language. >> with the help of those she leaves behind. >> wherever she
4:50 pm
cacklalling with the last laugh. hopefully proud. i show she is proud. jonathan: that is how you want to be remembered. michelle: yeah. what a great story. so many she can now share with her children and beyond. jonathan: you love that sassiness, don't you? michelle: she said she was born, she lived and she died. but the lives some people might overlook that. to live and be alive, two different thing. she lived. that good for her. michelle: that is great. jonathan: singer rihanna is heading to what vard next week. -- to harvard next week. >> rihanna has a reputation being the bad girl but harvard wants everyone to know about the good. they did so with this tweet. the harvard foundation named rihanna the 2017 harvard university humanitarian of the year. well, this is the website for queen elizabeth hospital in barbados. according to harvard, rihanna is focusing to treat breast cancer in her home country. she
4:51 pm
oncology and nuclear medicine center there. harvard says she rihanna set up a scholarship in her grand parents' honor to help fund scholarship in the caribbean to study in the u.s. she will be on campus to accept the award next tuesday. back to you. steve: i'm steve rudin live at georgetown harbor. it's a beautiful afternoon. we begin the evening hours. a lot of folks are enjoying themselves taking advantage of the record-breaking warmth at dulles international airport. tomorrow we revisit the situation again with temperatures well, well above average for this time of year. if you have anywhere to go this evening and you have outdoor plans take advantage and soak up the beautiful, beautiful weather. the warm temperatures. around 75 degrees. 5:00, we will drop in 60's by 7:00. we will stay in the lower 60's come 9:00 tonight. the forecast for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. make sure you have sunglasses handy. outdoor recess for the kids. food truck friday for the
4:52 pm
near 75 degrees. wouldn't be surprised if it's warmer than that in some locations. south and west of d.c. saturday around 70, we look for the thunderstorms to develop. gusty winds. cold front sweeps across the d.m.v. boaters be aware. especially saturday afternoon. saturday is going to start off beautiful but once the cold front moves through if you have plans to be on the bay be careful. upper 40's. gustier winds for the day on sunday. then we will be in the 50's on monday. lower 60's on tuesday. back to the upper 60's on wednesday. temperatures for the rest of next week and into the following weekend stay above average for this time of year. i can't think of a better job to have today on a day where we had temperatures in the 70's. the end of february. all the crew teams are out there enjoying themselves. a lot of folks enjoying the nice, nice weather. head back inside to the studio with
4:53 pm
michelle: thank you. there is an alarm about the streaming apps for children. they use the app to broadcast live to connect to friends but anyone who subscribes can also watch. that is the problem. the woman you are about to see ask we protect her identity. she was shocked when an online safety watchdog group informed her what her daughter and other children are being coaxed into doing by sexual predators. >> they remove clothing. they insert things into their body parts. meanwhile, on the other side of the screen they can't see is a pervert recording and selling it on the internet. michelle: "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes brings us who is watching your child. tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- power vampires. forget the cable bil
4:54 pm
your power payments. you might rethink recording your favorite shows. that's next. ♪
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4:57 pm
john: electric bills are going up and up these days thanks to the rate hike and the high-tech appliances and the tvs in our home. but one could be one of the biggest power hogs. the cable d.v.r. they call them power vampires. things that suck power 24 hours a day. >> the coffee maker not making coffee is sucking down energy. >> that is $1.25 a month even if you don't make any coffee. but the biggest vampire according to a new report in the "l.a. times" is your cable d.v.r. it is always on with a winning hard drive running all night using 35 watts of power. the "l.a. times" says it could cost $8 a month.
4:58 pm
now use 6 watts and that is another dollar. from the doesn't that stink file? comparison of the power drain. computer in sleep mode is 7 watts. c.f.l. bulb outside the door at night is 13 watts. cell phone chargers is 4 watts. but the cable is showing a movie every night when no one is watching. you might as well stay up and watch the movie. cable companies have begun to switch to newer d.v.r.'s, and that is half what they used to draw. but it will be the appliance that doesn't sleep. don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: tonight -- >> he was protecting my son. next door neighbors escalate beyond words to an ending no one was coming. vandal's territory expands beyond the national mall. where jackie shot j.f.k. is turning up now. and how three unsolved alexandria murders from
4:59 pm
getting new attention. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: that is on the g.w. parkway where all northbound lanes are closed at route 123. stephen tschida is there live with the latest. stephen: you can see what is going on over my shoulder. there is the truck. it apparently struck a tree. the driver we understand seriously injured. medevaced out of here. you can see the truck still there. northbound still completely blocked. we have an active crew here. the investigation is underway. trying to piece together what transpired. what was the truck doing on the g.w. parkway? trucks are not allowed here on the parkway. at this time, northbound g.w. parkway closed down completely. it has been for more than an hour. that means for a difficult commute for a lot of people. that is the latest. reporting
5:00 pm
tschida, abc7 news. larry: trenice bishop is on traffic watch for a look at the alternates around the crash. help us out. trenice: northbound with the traffic lanes shut down. southbound lanes are open. that is not affecting the ride from 495 through the arlington and into the rosslyn area. if you are trying to get northbound on the other side of the bridge from georgetown, do not get on the g.w. parkway. clara barton is a better option. if you have committed to make it across the bridge, try 66 or maybe old dominion. you will see traffic trip to make it to 495. but a lot less volume. for folks elsewhere we have volume elsewhere because the weather is so nice. expect a slow ride on the beltway as well. but at the december -- back to you at the desk. alison: at the mount vernon trail, new developments and the investigation in the graffiti spotted on the nation's memorials. an executive producer snatched


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