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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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autria: breaking overnight, a deadly tragedy at the ohio fair. a ride bricking apart, sending people through the air. where the investigation stands right now. >> i was shocked and angry
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after the president says it is too expensive to let transgender people serve in the military. autria: a key member and the white house looking for help from the white house. ist anthony scaramucci feeling this morning. i'm autria godfrey. larry: just when you think it is ok to not look for a moment, something happens. day in quite a while. veronica: upper 80's, close to 90, feeling hotter. this weekend, it will be almost cooler. grab a jacket. can you believe it? autria: i will have the heat on. veronica: a little shift from yesterday. shifting on saturday. today is all about the heat.
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tracking a few isolated showers and storms. this weather front comes closer to us. will is your when that help those temperatures go up. this is the storm that will be coming our way that will bring the slow-moving heavier pockets intoin friday night saturday early. today, 88 degrees. keep the umbrella handy. we will talk about the rain, coming up. julie: northbound along i-95, the struggle israel for those coming out of woodbridge. over an hour commute. northbound i-95. there is a crash that cleared in springfield, but unfortunately over an hour commute. by 7:00, look for that to be an hour and a half. route 1 taking a
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around. that has heavy volume out of woodbridge and stafford. there is a tree in the roadway north of the dulles toll road. and fairlawn avenue before an issue.ia avenue is morning,reaking this police investigating a deadly shooting in southeast d.c. 11:30appened just before on fairlawn avenue. a man was shot and later died. a homicide investigation. we're still waiting to hear from the police about a possible suspect. developing, tragedy at the ohio state fair in columbus. larry: a ride malfunction's, one person is dead. adrianna: they are calling this the worst disaster in the fair's history. an 18-year-old m
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is dead. seven others are injured after last night's horrific incident. a ride at the fair called the fire ball malfunctioned and an entire row of seats snapped off, throwing the riders to the ground. three of those who survived are in critical condition. scream help.girl i seen someone fly out. and then i see it hit the ground. >> the whole car so. >> there are being closely monitored. adrianna: inspectors say the fireball was checked earlier in the day. there were no signs of any problems. no word at this hour on what caused that malfunction. ohio governor john kasich did beer all of the rides to shut down today. additional inspections will be performed. the fair will stay open a scheduled through august 6. autria: unbeliev
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a similar ride is shut down. the kmg is from the same manufacturer that may be fireball. they call it a proactive step to ensure these -- the safety of guests. larry: a key member of president trump's team looking for legal action from the fbi. autria: sam sweeney is live with the new push from anthony scaramucci. sam: is in his grandma to begin the white house commission's director last friday. he came in guns blazing. his mission to get rid of leakers. last that he thought someone leaked his financial documents when politico put them on their website. the white house commission director now just does not know how public documents work. take a look at the tweet he put up late last night but then deleted. he said --
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he suggested reince priebus was behind the tweet. the tweet was deleted after midnight when scrimmage you presumably learned -- scaramucci presumably learned it was not illegal. he submitted the document june 23, which means it became public last sunday. his forms show he holds assets of about $85 million. he later to lead to the tweet just after midnight, as i said, he was priebus saying down blaming him, only suggesting senior administration officials are routing to -- looking to root out leakers. thank you for your service. larry: the latest decision from president trump. autria:
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announcing transgender people will no longer be permitted to serve in the military. it is a decision met with swift across from the lt bt community. >> i think it is abominable they would be told by tweet they cannot serve. >> i can't believe we can make policy in a series of tweets. autria: one of the sticking points of the decision by the president, the cost. he says it is too expensive for transgender people deserve. the medical cost he cited runabout $8.4 million here, 4% of the1 budget. it cost taxpayers two main dollars every time trump goes to his -- $2 million every time trump goes to his mar-a-lago estate. that hasn issue everyone talking online. we're going to keep following it for you. you can join in on the conversation on our twitter and facebook pages.
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larry: justin bieber's fender bender. he had a photographer. getting ready for football. the redskins get ready for training camp. veronica: i'm tracking have he rain moving into our area not today, but tomorrow. a weather alert for friday. some neighborhoods could see an inch, others could see over two.
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veronica: the clouds have got us. that is ok. we're getting closer and closer to the end of the work week. we don't have any rain this morning. scattered clouds, temperatures much higher than yesterday by five to 10 degrees. to report currently. by 1:00 to 2:00 this afternoon, there will be some way showers, maybe even t
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you can see the storm we are tracking off to the west around missouri, southern illinois and indiana. here are leading to flash flooding. we could potentially see some flooding around here by friday afternoon. it is looking more likely by late friday during the overnight and early saturday morning. today from 70's to the 80's in terms of rainfall from out of the system, rains right now looking as though they will range from one inch to just over two inches. julie: still looking at quite a slowdown on northbound 95 in virginia. this is the slowest trip so far this morning coming up for the springfield interchange. an earlier crash at the beltway gone. 50 minute ride. i 7:15, it does not improve much, 55 minutes. but overall, lanes are open and traffic is moving once again. the ew parkway,
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and maybe a car fire up toward 32. delays are forming. on the southbound side, starting to slow, but only four minutes to go about two miles out of hanover toward 32. that is our traffic watch. i will be back in 10 minutes to update the ride on the parkway
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autria: breaking overnight, justin bieber caught on camera hitting a paparazzo with his truck. take a listen. this happen as justin bieber left the church last and beverly hills. he did stay on the scene until paramedics arrived. news --ographer is 57 57 years old. he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. witnesses did tell police it looked to be an accident and police did not give justin bieber a ticket. just recently, he cancel
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this is a story we will be following for you. larry: the first signs of life for football season. training camp gets underway in a few hours. john gonzales is already in richmond live with the excitement. john: that's right. richmond dressed in burgundy and gold this morning. it is day one for training camp for your washington redskins. hard to believe it is already this time of year. we are live at the, well, very fancy -- the $10 million state-of-the-art facility the redskins are calling home here in richmond. this will be their second straight summer here at this training facility. public on field sessions. the camp runs starting today until august 13 starting with one of those sessions this morning. camp officially o
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the walk-through is at 10:30. the afternoon practice is 3:00 to 5:00. if you want to come down and see the burgundy and gold this summer, admission is free but you have to download and print a pass. you go to the redskins training camp website and look for the fan mobile pass. that is what you need to get in. once inside between practice sessions, fans will have the opportunity to meet redskins alumni and cheerleaders, take part in family from the activities, and purchase tentandise at the redskins on the ground. there will be autographs to be signed after practice. take a look at your screen. is your first preseason game against the baltimore ravens. is uponyear of football us, folks. it all gets underway this morning. it is
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seeing fans dressed in burgundy and gold in a little bit because we know redskins fans travel in these practices get very busy. make sure you are aware it is hot and humid here in richmond. we will be talking about the redskins and practice in anything you need to know right here on "good morning washington." you plan to head down to training camp and you see john gonzales, snap a picture with him and send it to us. you can upload your photos online. larry: the 911 calls after wicked weather. cleaning up for a while. homes and businesses damaged.
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larry: luckily, no deaths were caused by the tornado. states taking on the gold cup at levi stadium in california. the match was a nailbiter. u.s. forward opening up to score before halftime, quickly von watsony jamaica ja to tied up. scores. jordan page six reporting "dancing with the stars" is working to get sean spicer as a contestant. he would not be the first political insider to compete for the mirror ball trophy. for it. competed in the most recent season. -- rick perry competed in the most recent season. an early birthday party tonight at the sideline restaurant in southeast ec city residents are invited but you need to register on the
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people are told not to bring gives but bowser will make donations. autria: let's get a check on the forecast. veronica: it is gray. tweaking the beach forecast. that in a few minutes. it is not looking good. here is the reason why. this map shows how much rain we could get. in inch, if not more, culpeper, fredericksburg, close to two inches in d.c. to threed is over two inches across northern ireland. flooding will be a real issue by saturday morning across the area. we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of the devastating flooding that hit ellicott city on july 30 last year. always know what to do. i just posted a lot of great information on my facebook page. remember, turn around, don't drown.
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you do when you see water covering a roadway. here is the way it will play out. today, isolated showers, maybe a thunderstorm. notice the lower threat. then notice the higher threat. is, 90% chance on friday afternoon and evening. saturday, morning and during afternoon hours. well over two inches of rain from this system. muggy outside. humid later today. temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. thettle sunshine could fuel late day thunderstorms we could see around here. saturday, looking wet. the temperature drops. feeling like 90 plus today, then feeling cooler than 76 because of the rain, especially the mountains. weather alert on friday, we will post a lot of great information to even some went possible with
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keep that in mind. mid 70's to 80 degrees. thecan check that out on weather channel any time. i will have more on this nice stretch of weather coming up in 10 minutes. on the roads,ow we are still very busy as we continue into the rush-hour drive. after 32 is where you will find a car fire with only be left lane getting by. southbound come all lanes are open. a tree is down at hunter mill road at crowell road. don't forget, police investigation in southeast, fair lawn avenue, one-way eastbound is closed at pennsylvania avenue for this ongoing investigation. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes. larry: a murder mystery on the high seas.
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the fbi is investigating a suspicious death onboard alaskan cruise liner the emerald princess. princess cruise lines reports a 39-year-old woman from utah who abc has identified died following some kind of domestic dispute. >> they just said security breach, security breach. we could tell by the sound of his voice it was something really scary and really serious. say aroundnesses 9:00 p.m. tuesday, they heard a woman near a balcony screaming for her life and at one point come a man threatening to jump overboard before security officers on board the tank the suspect. one passenger says a member of her family saw the victim's young daughter moments after the incident describing her as hysterical. more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m..
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deadly tragedy at the
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midair, sending riders flying. larry: one schools potential million-dollar name change. autria: redskins training camp gets underway this morning and we are live in richmond as we are just hours away from the gates opening and the players -- to the players and the public. very exciting. i'm autria godfrey. larry: glad you're here on this friday eve. let's get a check on the forecast. veronica: it is looking like a soggy weekend. break a little bit of a as we transition today into the clouds. last week and we had the storms. it looks like the friday-saturday time period, we will have waves of downpours coming our way and sunday-monday, delightful weather. we have to get through that friday-saturday time period. it does
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areas will top that with over two inches and three inches of rain. today, a spotty showers, humid and muggy, 87 to 88 for the temperature. you can see the cloud cover that will be sticking around for the most part. little bit ofam a green. spotty, light showers. friday, 6:00 a.m., looking dry. by noon tomorrow, certainly by friday late and overnight, big rain comes in to the area. how will it impact your travel for the weekend? in all take a look at that couple of minutes. julie: problems on the baltimore-washington parkway northbound. the remains of a car fire will slow you after laurel. only the left lane getting by after 32. southbound, all lanes are open. will also find we do have a police investigation a continues to block fairlawn avenue before you reach pennsylvania
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before 18th street place. ers checking in with delays on 95. a couple coming through woodbridge northbound. about 40 minutes to travel almost eight miles. if you stick with the express lanes, it is a bit better. springfield north toward duke street to travel five miles, 14 minutes. back in 10 minutes to update 270. larry: today, a critical vote heading to the fairfax county school board and it might not be long until a familiar name is gone for good. suzanne kennedy is live with the big story we are watching today. suzanne: this to your controversy will come to a head tonight as the school board finally, after a very long and heated debate period, will make a decision as to whether or not church highis falls school i am in front of right
6:34 am
after confederate army general jeb stuart. a petition was started in 2015 by actress julianne moore and bruce: interchange the name. both of them at attended this school. right now the petition has about 35,000 signatures. proponents of the name change late students of color should not have to attend a school named after a slaveholding member of the confederacy. those who want the name to remain the same say this issue is an attack on southern heritage. another issue being debated is the fact it would cost upwards of $700,000 to change the name. the vote on this issue will take place at 8:00 tonight. suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." fairfax county, police are looking for a maintenance man accused of installing secret cameras inside the apartments where he worked. this is the man they're searching for. police say they were tipped off by a woman at the apartment complex.
6:35 am
power problem. after he left, she felt something was off post up that is when officers found the camera. police do not know where he is and it is possible he has left the country. larry: police in montgomery county are searching for the person who fired shots at a 17se around 3:00 a.m. july in silver spring. the incident was caught on surveillance video. when police arrived, they found gun shell casings on the street and found the house had been hit multiple times. >> we are to determine a motive. until we can identify suspects, we don't know why this crime occurred. larry: police of the neighborhood does not have a history of this type of crime and are offering a reward of $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest. autria: a bit of a temper tantrum on the ball field in texas. adrian beltre on deck and gets told to stand in the better circle.
6:36 am
where he is just fine so he picks up the circle and moves it. that gets him booted. rangers fans are not pleased because beltre is chasing 3000 hits and is just four away. it did not help the rangers were down 18-6. tempers flaring in southeast d.c. bryce harper gets tossed in the bottom of the eighth for arguing balls and strikes. at least he got the guy fired up. down theerman drills right-field line. brian goodwin scores. the nats seven in the eighth and will go on to win 8-5. larry: a key member of president trump's staff fuming. the leaks anthony scaramucci is tried to track down only a week into the job. closer to back-to-school time, abc 7 joining forces to stuff the bus. bring backpacks and school
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veronica: a beautiful day for a summer swim. not people, ponies. they took a full
6:40 am
advantage. about 200 ponies into the water yesterday morning for the 92nd year. it is all to get the ponies to the other side for today's auction, which raises money to help care for the wild ponies. let's take a look at this image. ocean city this morning. this is a live look. you can see a little wave action. notice the clouds. this is not looking like it is going to be a great weekend for heading to the beach. 72 with the more easterly wind, picking up the water temperature. on the cool side this weekend, especially saturday and sunday. today is probably one of the better days. afternoon thunderstorms are a possibility. 81 to the mid 70's saturday and sunday. the water temperature in the lower 70's. not good pool days
6:41 am
off the weekend. today you might want to get out a little bit. it is fairly cloudy. sunday, back to sunshine. temperatures today get in to the lower 80's by 11:00 a.m., coetzee thunderstorm during the afternoon hours -- could see a thunderstorm during the afternoon hours. upper 80's for the high temperature. cool we can coming our way. it is all about the weather alert with flood risk fairly high certainty coming our way for friday, early saturday morning. julie: on the roads, we are still looking at significant tieups for those traveling on the bw parkway. the car fire has been cleared. 20 minute ride northbound from the capital beltway toward 32. 20 minute commute with average speed dropping to about seven miles per hour. keep that in mind northbound 295. police investigation continues between fairlawn avenue 18th street place and young
6:42 am
in down pennsylvania avenue, your lanes are open. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update your ride on the top stretch of 495. protest at the white house. sam sweeney is following this for us. sam: after president trump says he is going to been transgender people from being in the military. a live report, coming up. atria: a death investigation a state fair. the deadly malfunction and what police are saying overnight about riders after they
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autria: breaking overnight, tragedy at the ohio fair. larry: in attraction called the fire tearing apart mid ride. one person is dead. at least seven injured, some critically. the fair will open today. the rides will remain closed. autria: we understand you have new information that c
6:46 am
muchght now there is so shock and devastation here at the ohio state fairgrounds, but there are even longer list of questions that investigators are working to answer at this hour. the governor of ohio was promising a full scale investigation of each and every ride come all 70 -- 70 plus rides. i do want to show you some cell phone video recorded by a bystander of the moment the accident occurred on this fire ball ride last night. what we know right now, what we learned overnight, it will send a writer 40 feet into the air, spinning 13 times per minute on a pendulum-like apparatus as a goes back and fourth. we still do not know what went wrong on the writer, but some seats, a chunk of the right, did come off, sending people falling to the ground. we spoke to one girl who says she was on the right as it happened and others watched in horror abc 7. >> one of
6:47 am
it flew off. started falling. they were stuck. you know, what they put over you? they could not move. remember the little girl. she was screaming for her mom. >> it just fell down. it was just flying off of their. it was a tragedy. ride has been guarded by state patrol officers overnight. these rides do get checked by the department of agriculture with the state of ohio. there was assembled a process these ride get looked at -- there was a several day process of these rides. the department of agriculture said the ride did pass the latest inspection hours before the malfunction happen. the search for answers happening today. here,e will be operating but the fair will
6:48 am
the governor is expected here as inspectors look at each and every ride once again. autria: thank you. mike come on board details on the fire ball ride. it is owned by amusements of america in south carolina. on the website, the ride is described as one of the most popular throw ride since debuting in 2002. ohio state officials say four different inspectors examined the ride prior to it opening yesterday. developing at home, protest outside the white house. arry: president trump nothing transgender are no longer allowed to wear the uniform. sam sweeney is live. sam: the fallout came fast and from every angle, not only the american people, but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on capitol hill and even the pentagon. there were major protests in the white house and new york. let'
6:49 am
>> thank you for your service. they fight for us, we will fight for them. >> here the white house, transgender veterans and their supporters gathered to show support for friends who are still serving. conservative estimates put the numbers for transgender military members at 2500 at the lowest, but some estimates are as high as 15,000. the overall medical expenses each year roughly $8 million, a tiny, tiny fraction of overall health spending within the department of defense. the spokesperson of the white house was asked yesterday if transgender military members will be sent home immediately from iraq and afghanistan and of others will have to leave the military right away. those answers are still unclear. what is clear this morning as there was not much thought put into this before it was released on twitter. reporting live at the white house, sam sweeney.
6:50 am
autria: breaking overnight, new white house communications director anthony scaramucci deleted a true -- tweet where he call for the fbi an investigation into what he called a felony leak. politico posted the form that shows he has assets worth as much as $85 million. he made $5 million in salary and another $4.9 million in ownership in his investment firm skybridge capital. all of that in the first six months of the year. but this may be the reason why he deleted the tweet. officials have said that form becomes a public document 30 days after it is filed. it was filed on june 23. today is july 27. so at this point, officials say it cannot be leaked. six weeks after the ambush at a congressional baseball practice, a special honor today. president trump will rue -- welcome the first responders who arrived minutes after the first
6:51 am
the most serious was steve scalise. good news, the congressman is out of the hospital. he will begin rehab. doctors say he is in good spirits and looking forward to getting back to work. autria: back to the breaking news we have in following out of warranted. police finding a body next to a road. blackwell ward -- a live look at the scene. right now there is no danger to the public, but we are staying on top of this investigation. as soon as we get more information from police, we will bring it to you right here. the first signs of life for football season. larry: the way dishonest over. training camp starting in a few hours. john gonzales is live in richmond with the excitement. the players are starting to
6:52 am
this is their $10 million state-of-the-art facility the redskins now call home in the off-season, their second training camp in a row. it will start today. one big question looming, is this kirk cousins last training camp? this contract will be a big talker here in richmond this summer. the 28 euros would essentially become the high-speed quarterback in nfl history if he stays with the burgundy and gold. beer draws in the camp will a young defensive line growing with experience, a looming battle at wide receiver with gone. this careful run until august 13. it is free. run intoamp will august 13. it is free. there will be a fan appreciation day august 5. you will need a mobile pass, a fan mobile pass. go on the redskins training camp website
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pass and bring it. you will need it even though it is free. august 10 is your first preseason game against the baltimore ravens. autria: from football to baseball, "good morning washington" has your hook up for free tickets to the saturdays potomac national games. just call the number on your caller number 7 wins. travel this weekend could be messy. on friday.iserable i don't throw that word around too often. today will be overcast, peaks of sunshine. this is the deal for tomorrow. weather alert day with the roads , moderate delays with the heavy rain, ponding. cautionary. and water delays possible because we're not going to be the only city impacted with this system.
6:54 am
for 88 today with higher humidity. your is a snapshot of friday. philadelphia, d c, virginia, raleigh, north carolina, looking wet for friday. heavy storms coming our way on friday. a nasty friday evening. 72 to 78. not a great night at all. for the weekend, 76 to 80. we try out on sunday. julie: we are checking out your drive. it is not too bad. we have some delays around town we will show you the inner loop headed for the wilson bridge, 14 minutes. in maryland, southbound 200 70, better than expected. a live picture out of germantown. 11 minute commute. --se brown along 66, out of eastbound
6:55 am
your ride into the northeast. right now we say good morning to our pets of the day. cuties. pic if you want yours to be head of the day. -- pet of the day. now.a: get us in the >> i read the cover story and it is pretty boring. we got to the juicy parts, about brad. angelina jolie says she is going through the hardest time in her life. bell's palsy and hypertension and sometimes cries in the shower just so the kids don't see her upset. she admits in the article things between her and brad started getting bad last summer. when they asked her how things were and is it true communication between her and brad had gotten better,
6:56 am
looks down, pauses and says, "we care for each other and care about our family and we are both working toward the same goal." autria: that would be a no, things are not better. >> at least they're trying to coparent together. she says she's tried to be strong for the family. sometimes the women of the household when they are the ceo of the household, wait until the last minute when it affects their health when they finally take care of themselves. autria: so we still don't know what broke them up. >> they did not talk about the plane incident. just that they are talking and getting through. what is fascinating about this story, again, a person with all of the money come all the resources in the world, you read the article and it is like she is just a regular mom trying to make things happen. they just moved into a $25 million mansion they had to buy quickly because they were living in a rental prior to that. i'm sure very nice. autria:
6:57 am
a she is just trying to be parent. autria: a divorce is hard for everyone whether you are a celebrity or not abc 7 she says her body has changed a little bit and she doesn't know if it is menopause, but she's going through changes, gray hair and drier skin. autria: she is aging like everyone else. larrynow know what david's imitation of bernie sanders is so good. they are related. in an upcoming episode, larry david found out he is tied to the senator. in an interview, larry said he could not remember the exact link. he is like a third cousin. i think we all related to bernie sanders. now you're in the now. join us for more
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a tragic accident at the ohio state fair. at least one person killed. seven others injured when this popular ride malfunctions breaking apart in midair sending people flying. the governor ordering all rides shut down. we are live on the scene. outrage growing on president trump's ban on transgenders serving in the military. the military blindsided. his own top advisers surprised. fierce reaction on both sides of the aisle as the white house leaves questions unanswered. what will happen to those already in uniform? suspicious death on the high


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