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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 18, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, a widow's grief. president trump speaks with the wife of a fallen u.s. soldier. but this morning that very call proving controversial. hear the comments causing the growing backlash. health care deal. an agreement on capitol hill to pay insurance subsidies for obamacare. >> this avoids chaos. >> this morning the uncertainty surrounding the deal. breaking his silence, the hotel security officer who confronted the las vegas shooter tells his story. >> i saw the blood. >> jesus campos explains what happened. a wild crash. wh
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into the ocean. and your mother was right. you should make your bed. it could make you a millionaire. and we do say good morning, everybody, on this wednesday. we start with the growing controversy overnight. the president's words to a pregnant widow facing harsh criticism. >> he reportedly told her the widow rather of a fallen army sergeant that her husband, quote, knew what he signed up for. now, the question now is was that remark taken out of context. abc's serena marshall has more on it from washington. serena. >> reporter: kendis, diane, good morning. president trump reached out to all four families of the fallen soldiers from that deadly attack two weeks ago, but that one phone call raising questions. a grieving widow six months pregnant and a flag-draped coffin. the remains of her husband u.s.
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returned home. the soldier with the's let u.s. army special force, one of four who died nearly two weeks ago in niger. only an hour before president trump calling her offering condolences but according to democratic representative fredricka wilson, in that call the president told the grief-stricken johnson he knew what he signed up for but when it happens it hurts anyway. >> so insensitive. >> reporter: wilson only heard parts of the more than five-minute call. >> you don't say that he is the president of the united states. this is a soldier who gave his life. >> reporter: according to the white house the president's conversations with the families of american heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice are private. but the new controversy coming after the president defended his claim that other presidents including president obama did not ever personally call grieving families of fallen soldiers. >> i mean, you could
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kelly, did he get a call from obama? >> reporter: kelly doesn't talk about his son's death and wouldn't go on the record. obama aides not disputing the white house's claim but say kelly attended a white house breakfast for gold star families where he sat at the first lady's table. after some initial backtracking president trump appears to be standing by his initial comment that previous administrations never called the families of fallen soldiers. those previous administrations say they used a combination of phone call, letters and in person meetings to express their condolences. kendis, diane. >> serena marshall, thanks. in the meantime, the president is sending mixed signals about a last-ditch effort to reform obamacare. the senate is working on a deal to restore subsidies that help low income americans get insurance. the deal reached by lamar alexander and patty murray would cover $7 billion over years but the president says a different fix is needed. >> this is a short tief herm
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this very dangerous little period including dangerous period for insurance company, by the way, for a period of one year, two years. >> this agreement avoids chaos and i don't know a democrat or a republican who benefits from chaos. >> tennessee senator there. now, the deal was announced hours after president trump declared the affordable care act dead. without the subsidies insurance companies say premiums will go up. the justice department will fight a new ruling that blocks the third version of president trump's travel ban. it was supposed to go into effect today but a federal judge in hawaii ruled the administration did not show a clear link between a person's nationality and their potential threat to the u.s. former white house press secretary sean spicer has been interviewed by special counsel robert mueller's staff as they look into the russian investigation. spicer is known for his extensive note taking during hi time in the white
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nation's opioid crisis. for the first time the u.s. government has indicted chinese nationals on charges they manufactured tons of fentanyl and other narcotics. fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than heroin. most comes from china where it's legal. of the 64,000 drug overdose deaths in the u.s. last year, 20,000 are blamed on fentanyl. rod rosenstein spoke with our pierre thomas about the unique problem in confronting these drug traffickers. >> one of the challenges we face is that because fentanyl is a chemically produced drug, produced in a lab, if we prohibit a particular type of fentanyl, a particular molecular construction the chemist can make a slight modification so the new version isn't identical to the previous version so that chemist labs are staying a step ahead of us. >> with no u.s. extradition treaty,
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nationals will never face charges. rosenstein says china will do more to help. president trump's nominee for drug czar has withdrawn his name from consideration. tom marino came under fire for his role in a law weakening the dea making suspicious drug shipments. the justice department may ask congress to repeal the law. in los angeles emergency crews are fighting a fire at the chevron oil refinery near l.a.x. airport. the fire reportedly broke out after an explosion at the refinery and flames were threatening storage tanks. residents nearby were advised to close their windows. chevron says the refinery is the largest on the west coast. new details about the deadliest hot air balloon crash in history. investigators say the pilot's poor decision-making caused the crash that killed 16 people. several medications were found in his system including valium and oxycodone. that's prompted investigators to urge the faa to change a policy that allows balloon operators to
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certified. a state of emergency before an appearance tomorrow by a prominent white nationalist. richard spencer is set to speak there. the security for the event could cost $500,000. let's take a look at the weather on this wednesday morning. we're seeing new video here showing a waterfall in england being blown backwards. >> ooh, wow. this from the powerful wind from hurricane ophelia. nearly 200,000 customers in ireland till don't have power after the storm. now here in the states the temperatures in the northeast will be back into the 70s today. the northwest will be in the 60s with up to a foot of rain there in the next few days. not bad and the readings around the great lakes will be about 10 degrees above normal. 70 in chicago.
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coming up, the dangers of exercising too much. we'll tell you the amount that's just right. also ahead, driverless cars in new york city. a new plan in the works. teenagers break into a stranger's house and throw a wild party. what every homeowner needs to know
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if you're heading to the gym at this hour, listen up. this is a strange one. apparently too much exercise can kill you. researchers at the university of illinois, chicago, found that white men who work out more than 7 1/2 hours a week are nearly twice as likely to suffer from heart disease than those
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week. now, those same experts say too much exercise may cause stress on the arteries. they apparently did not find the risk among black men or perhaps other minorities. johnson & johnson scored a legal victory in the case that said talcum powder causes cancer. a $72 million verdict was thrown out. jacqueline fox blamed the powder for causing her cancer. in 2016 a jury ruled in her favor. but the appeals court said the alabama resident should have filed it in her home state, not missouri. the decision could affect several other pending lawsuits. well, that big hollywood sex assault scandal has now apparently spread to harvey weinstein's brother. a show runner for the weinstein company's tv drama pa "the mist" says bob weinstein sexually harassed her several times inrighting her to dinner and up to his hotel room. his attorney says the woman's claims are, quote, riddled with false assertions. in the
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harassment allegations have forced roy price to step down, days after reports that his fiancee lela fineberg called off their wedding which was set for next month. two airport security officers have been fired for dragging a passenger off a plane in chicago. david dao was removed from the flight in april after refusing to give up his seat. one officer was fired for using excessive force and another for tampering with the report. two other officers were suspended. automated cars could soon cruise down the streets of new york city. >> general motors and cruise automation are planning to test economist cars in the big apple next year. they would be the first fully self-driving vehicles in the state and here's a crucial detail. there will be an engineer behind the wheel and an observer in the passenger seat. i'm sure that's good news based on some of the driving that we already have in new york city. all right. well, there is a new development in the national anthem protest
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coming up, hear what the nfl commissioner is now saying. but first the hotel security guard shot during the las vegas massacre breaks his silence about what happened that night. later, what led to this crazy crash? i just finished months of chemo. but i don't want to talk about months. i want to talk about years. treatments have gotten better, so... i'm hoping for good years ahead. that's thanks to research funded by the american cancer society. the same folks giving me free rides to treatments, insurance advice, and a place to stay during chemo. i need that stuff like you don't know. and now that you do, please give at you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's...
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high blood pressure, aucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at but it's helpful for people to understand what a hero you are because you being shot in the leg saved so many people's lives that instead of you just -- >> that's ellen degeneres with jesus campos, the security officer at the mandalay bay hotel the night of the las vegas shooting massacre. he and building engineer stephen schuck were the first to encounter the shooter. >> now campos is breaking his silence about what happened that night. he says he realized the stairwell door was blocked and called engineering. and then he says he heard what he thought were drilling sounds and turned down the hallway near the
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shot. >> as i was walking down, i heard rapid-fire and at first i took cover, i felt a burning sensation. i went to go lift my pant leg up and i saw the blood. that's when i called it in on my radio that shots have been fired and i was going to say that i was hit, but i got on just to clear radio traffic so they can coordinate the rest of the call. >> wow, you see stephen schuck there who is sitting next to him says campos saved his life and the life of another hotel guest by keeping them out of the path of the gunfire that episode of "ellen" airs today. an important warning for anyone putting their home up for sale. a man in colorado says he believes teenagers saw pictures of his online and broke in and threw a massive party.
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drinking and trashing the place. the owner says damage is in the tens of thousands of dollars. >> they don't value, you know, anything. they don't value people's hard work. their property. any of it. >> real estate experts say as soon as you put your house on the market consider installing a security system and make sure your broker is using it and consider installing video surveillance signs all around your home. speaking of surveillance those cameras captured this frightening moment. that truck hurtling down an incline right into the ocean. now, police say a possible brake failure caused the man to lose control but he managed to roll down the window and swim to safety. >> well, the nfl will not force players to stand during the national anthem. team owners huddled with players at nfl headquarters tuesday. president trump has called on owners to fire players who kneel during the anthem. the players say they're protesting social injustice, not the actual
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they will continue to support the players and both sides described that as pro-tuductive dodgers and yankees are the big winners. the nba season is under way as well. >> good morning, morning people. he's stan. i'm neil. boy, tough start for the celtics. gordon hayward dislocated his ankle. fractured his tibia and five minutes into the game, awkward fall under the basket scheduled to have surgery. then under 20 seconds to play. jalen brown, no, ball will bounce around. goes to irving with lebron james on him. no, sir and the cavaliers win it by three. the warriors host the rockets up in oakland. warriors took their first lead at 2-0 after 2-0 up by one here. kevin durant wins it, though, and the warriors win.
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the warriors don't win because that ball did not go off, leave durant's hand before the clock got to zero. durant had eight turnovers could not get the game winner, the rockets win, 122-121. so they won't go 82-0 but will go a whole bunch. >> i 81-1. back to you. up next in pulse pushlgs a very good reason to make your bed every day. also ahead a posh pad with a rather hefty price tag. if you're a buyer you better be thirsty. jimmy kimmel's guest. the more on the "star wars" spin-off. all about han solo on you were borne to travel... borne to rock... borne to piggyback...
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♪ time to check "the pulse" on this wednesday and it is a daily debate whether or not to make your bed. >> not in my house, you just don't. >> apparently you should. >> yeah, because researcher randall bell came to the conclusion if you make your bed every morning you are 200% more likely to become a millionaire. now, that may sound ridiculous but apparently making your bed is a sign of daily discipline that most millionaires have in common. another habit among millionaires baking up early. hours early to get organized. >> okay. i make my bed every day and i'm still broke. not sure i believe that. >> not 100%. >> okay, all right. all right, so the president just dropped 92 points on the latest "forbes" list of richest american. his network apparently dropped by
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knocking him down to number 248. >> oh. how much money does he have now? >> oh, man, only $3.1 billion for his net worth. >> billion. >> yes. >> okay. bill gates topped the list for the 4th consecutive year. amazon founder jeff bezos held on to number two and warren buffett came in third. $89 billion. he makes his bed every morning. >> my god, his bed must be so neat. all right, so david letterman is apparently back on late night tv and appeared on jimmy kimmel during kimmel's visit to brooklyn. >> he was kimmel's hero growing up and was more than excited to have dave as a guest and the feeling was obviously mutual. >> so excited to be here. it's so good to see famous people again. just to be out of the house, ladies and gentlemen. >> you feel like you miss it? >> no.
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i miss wearing makeup. >> yeah, well, of course. >> apparently he missed hair and makeup as well. so kimmel pressed letterman for details about his upcoming show on netflix but letterman wouldn't give anything away. raising real estate at a pretty hefty price. the new castle malibu's most expensive megamansion. >> it's more than 15,000 square feet in two buildings no matter where you are, you're never far from the pacific ocean apparently? massive cigar and wine room comes with 440morning washington. another chilly morning out there, on this hump day. and if you like roller-coasters, then you will love the forecast we have coming up in a few moments. first here is a look at this morning's top story. that was florida congresswoman frederica wilson,
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intention of cursing out the president of the united states. it's part of the growing controversy about a call from the white house, to the family of a deceased solider. good morning washington. toss to veronica frost advisory: most of the area until 9am this morning taste of fall this week, milder weekend continued dry, next rain late monday abnormally dry resulting in more muted autumn color today: sunny, warmer & more comfortable highs: around 70 winds: ssw 5 mph
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tonight: clear & not as cold lows: 39-49 winds: light thursday: sunny & gorgeous highs: 71-75 winds: ssw 5-10 mph an important 7 is on your side alert for
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an important 7 is on your side alert for ford owners. the company is offering inspections and repairs more than a million suv's after reports of carbon monoxide leaks. ford is not recalling any vehicles- because it says they're safe. we're talking about "explorers" made between 2011 and 2017. there is an ongoing investigation into carbon monoxide and exhaust odor- but for now, ford is offering free inspections and repairs. for more information- including a hotline you can call - go to you may remember the concerns brought up by police
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officers got sick behind the wheel because of carbon monoxide leaks. ford says the issue with those suv's is different- because police cruisers are modified for equipment. right now-- a southwest dc man is behind bars, accused of flashing elementary school children and following them to school. it happened monday morning, near jefferson middle school - amidon elementary - and appletree charter school. olah morgan is facing several charges this morning. police are investigating whether morgan is connected to other indecent exposure incidents in the area. this morning- crews are putting the finishing touches on a new luxury hotel, set to open at arundel mills. the final steel beam is now in place at maryland live casino. the 17-story, 200-million dollar hotel is expected to open next year. casino officials say the hotel will have 310 rooms, luxury spa and an entertainment center. new tihs morning-- it was a late night for some of music's biggest names. they joined forces to raise money for thousands of people impacted by recent hurricanes.
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held last night at the barclay's center in brooklyn. jay-z, j-lo, d-j khaled, and many others took the stage. fans could donate as little as a single dollar to gain access to the live stream of the event. the proceeds will benifits people affected by hurricanes harvey, irma, maria and the earthquakes in mexico. it's xx and we're just getting started. right now-- a member of right now-- a member of congress slamming the president for his words to the family of a slain soldier. what the white house is saying, as the controvery grows. good morning washington. frost advisory: most of the area until 9am this morning taste of fall this week,
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continued dry, next rain late monday abnormally dry resulting in more muted autumn color today: sunny, warmer & more comfortable highs: around 70 winds: ssw 5 mph tonight: clear & not as cold lows: 39-49 winds: light thursday: sunny & gorgeous highs: 71-75 winds: ssw 5-10 mph a on


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