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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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eight people are dead. 11 people have serious and non-life threatening injuries after the truck mowed down people on a bike path in lower manhattan. it happened this afternoon after 3:00 on a bike path that runs along the west side highway. city officials believe it's deliberate. bill de blasio on the act of terror. sources telling abc news the suspect screamed "allahu akbar." abc news reporting that the suspect is identified as 29-year-old man from florida. the truck which was a rental from home depot hit a school bus after running down the bike path hurting two adults and two children there. >> today there is a loss of innocent life in lower manhattan. dead and injured going about their days enjoying the sun.
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greatest magnitude. >> president trump tweeting new york city, looks like another attack by aic sick and deranged person. law enforcement following this closely. not in the usa, he says. despite the horrifying number of the people kill and injured here it could have been far worse. an officer stationed nearby stopped the carnage moments after it began. we'll continue to monitor for the latest. nancy chen, abc7 news. michelle: a lot of folks calling that heroic officer a hero tonight. this statement coming from the d.c. police department. they said as a law enforcement agency responsible for protecting the nation's capitol we are actively working in coordination with the local and the federal law enforcement partners as well as homeland security agencies to ensure the safety of all visitors and the residents
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d.c. if you see something, say something. jonathan: nancy chen will update us as we learn it and "world news tonight" will have extensive coverage starting at 6:30. you can get alerted to breaking news immediately on the smart phone, especially away from the tv. michelle: incidents like the one in new york city is why you are seeing heavy precautions like this moving in placele in georgetown. in less than 30 minutes every road in georgetown will be cut off to all outside traffic. stephen tschida is live there. terrorism isn't the only concern that police have tonight. stephen: that is right, michelle. a lot of safety concerns in the nation's capital.
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thinning out in georgetown. barricades are in place. check it out. a lot of police already on hand. to keep people as safe as possible on this halloween. >> this year amid tighter security. >> the fire department on standby. >> a good thing. >> numerous routes are closed to traffic since m street expected to fill with people. they hope to avoid attacks such as those in europe. >> it makes people feel safer. stephen: they are advising people to be careful. last ha
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randomly and inflicting severe injury. >> i hope everyone stays safe this year. stephen: a police commander said tonight d.c. police will be flooding the city. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: it's tough to tell what is real and what is not. thank you. "7 on your side" alert about people trying to profit from tragedy. on saturday, marisa harris was killed when a 12-year-old attempting suicide crashed through the windshield of her car. a fake go fund me page set up in her daughter's name. they have not asked for any donations at this point. at the hour, the fake site has been taken down. jonathan: two miles of fresh roadway is open for a multimillion dollar attempt to avoid bottleneck. it has always been a headache. this is the new end of the interstate 95 expressway in stafford.
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sam sweeney is there to explain the change that should help commuters and travelers alike. >> until today every rush hour approaching garrison road in stafford county looked like this. two to three miles of gridlock. >> two. one. cut. all right. we are open! >> today with the cut of a ribbon and $50 million spent, they hope to fix the chronic congestion. >> it will take you two miles farther south and put you in the regular southbound lanes. >> that means express lane drivers aren't forced to exit the flyover. one lane extends express lane two miles south of garrison road. >> one of the number one thing we hope it does will reduce the merging. >> this is one of several projects to reduce gridlock. >> there is another extension here. billion dollar improvement in the area. this is just the beginning.
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working with the partners you will see a different type of usage. >> the northbound lanes will open tomorrow for the rush. they weren't supposed to open for nuen months but they finished on schedule and ahead of budget. >> they are continuing the work from the d.c. line. we asked about the extension. it is on target to open fall of 2019 and hopefully it will be early as well. michelle: fingers crossed. they are designed to be convenient but the bikes are picked apart scattered across sidewalks. what can be done to clean up the mess? jonathan: look at this. a home washed away. literally. the one thing the family is
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their home they have been with for decades. bill: good evening. i'm chief meteorologist bill kelly on halloween night. show you the numbers. this is nice. chilly evening, no question. in the 50's around the region for the most part. 56 at college park. we will break down the rest of the everything and the next couple of days coming up. z2ktqz z5yz
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michelle: breaking news from new york city. eight people are dead and 11 hurt after a man drove a rented pickup truck to a bike path. the suspect also hit a school bus before being shot in the stomach by an officer. sources telling abc news the suspect is 29-year-old sayfullo saipov from tampa, florida. the suspect was carrying a paintball gun and pellet gun and yelled "allahu akbar." jonathan: caught on video. bizarre scene with two parts. police responded to a break-in at a dentist office in tennessee and arrested one man. then another guy they halt didn't exist. case closed. after they arrest one guy. turns out it wasn't. the police processed the scenes theydy -- th
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discovered a second guy. how did they know? the foot hanging from the top of the ceiling. the officer is playing tug-of-war with the foot and pulls him from the ceiling. sat one point they -- at one point they were inside saying i think there is a second guy here. the guy heard the conversation and then they saw his foot. michelle: sounds like "oceans 11" or something. also on video terrifying case of road rage in paradise. >> this is not replay. the car repeatedly slams into a pickup truck in a tunnel. this is honolulu. they both screeched to a stop. they are still sorting out what happened here. so far neither driver is charged. jonathan: take a breath. calm down. unbelievable. the police are looking for two men and a woman involved in a road rage incident and home
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woodbridge. the police say the trio followed a young driver to his home after taunting him and tailgating his car. the attackers were seen last in a civic. they want to track them down. >> a shocking speed arrest. they caught the driver going 116 miles per hour on indian head highway. this all happened in construction zone. jonathan: yikes! rental bikes that are picked apart and left everywhere. what is done to curb the problem? we will get update on the terror attack. at least eight
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around the world for the terror attack in new york city. mayor of london offering condolences there. eight people are dead and 11 hurt after a man drove a rented pickup truck to a bike path. the suspect hit a school bus before being shot in the stomach by an officer. sources tell abc7 news the suspect is 19-year-old sayfullo saipov. from tampa, florida. in a tweet the president called the attacker a, "very sick and deranged person." jonathan: nature's furry caught on videotape. a home swept away yesterday. watch what happens when the river takes it to the bridge. force of nature at work. the house crumbled to skinny little pieces and it's sucked and swept away under the bridge. the owner says it has been a summer home for decades. no one was hurt. but you can see all left is the truck on the bridge. the rest of the house is gone.
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after weeks after dockless bike shares were introduced in the district this is becoming a common theme. despite anywhere. abeen a didn'ted throughout the city. can -- bikes are abandoned throughout the city. what can be done about it? sam ford takes a look. sam: a month after the city began the trial for the dockless bike companies they are popular with youngs people including the cousins in northwest who said they have had the bikes for a month for $14. line bikes did not respond to our questions about that. the cousins say they have had bikes rented stolen that were not locked at the time. >> no repercussions, he said, from line bikes. we asked about the mo bikes in southeast. how much does it cost? >> $1 an hour. >> so you have more bikes? yeah. 15 of them. >> we have seen the
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this one set near minor elementary school with no front tire for two weeks. >> neighbors are finding them blocking the sidewalk. >> the manager of this building calls the bikes legalized litter. he says they are stacked up around the entrance and he wants them to be remove and he has to talk to the city about it. reporting live, sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: more than 30 children are celebrating more than halloween. >> i take the obligation freely. >> so help me god. michelle: today, 31 children from 22 countries became american citizens. in a halloween themed ceremony in fairfax. the children dressed up, took the oath and they went
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jonathan: congratulations. michelle: our friend bill is trick-or-treating. jonathan: he didn't bring out the costume. i thought you would have something elaborate going on, a cool costume. yet, there you are. dressed like a weather guy. michelle: yeah. bill: i got to remind you that i moved out here and everything i brought has been in a my car. i failed to bring the assortment of halloween gadgets on the trip. next year i may be doing something different. i love fall and halloween. my favorite season. there are hundreds of people out and now there is a serious lull before the kids start coming out again to trick-or-treat. i want to talk about the overall area. before i go to graphics, check this out. showing you the tree. the reason is it's one of the stillest nights i have experienced in a while.
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nothing. it's very still. it's dry. there are no rain shower chances whatsoever. there are no cloud chance. the moon is out. a beautiful night. let's talk about the numbers. take you here to the national harbor. gorgeous shot of the wheel. a few high level clouds in the backdrop. the temperature at 58 degrees. winds at reagan are light. out of the northwest at 7. if you are making your way out, you notice the difference now that the sun has gone down. temperatures will drop. 58 in d.c. dulles 56. hagerstown, 52. culpeper, 53. cooler spots out west. generally speaking, the halloween forecast. trick-or-treat, the running man and all with the frankenstein, 54 at 7:00. 52 at 8:00. 50 by 9:00. areas to the west are much cooler than that. now in term
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temperatures, doing a great job forecast model is. take you to 7:00. draw up a little bit. we even have 40's out there. watch by 8:00, the numbers will start to tank. we have 4 the for winchester -- 42 for winchester. the valleys out west is where you get the coolest air. frederick at 45. then it's chilly out there with the temperatures in the 30's in some part. around d.c. we are at 50 at that time. we are warming up. i will say the future cast will show temperatures out there or the future outlook. 62 tomorrow with a chance of showers. 73 on thursday. 75 on friday. last but not least looking out at the forecast. we will warm up with the next chance of rain this weekend. fall clocks back and by the time we meet this time next week the sun is
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4:00 hour if not right around 5:00. live in arlington, bill kelly. back to you. michelle: thank you. jonathan: so it's official. every sport played right now. baseball, basketball, football, hockey. michelle: it's fun! erin: basketball. college basketball is back. terps and the hoyas held the annual media days this afternoon. how will former hoya legend patrick ewing adjust to his new head coaching duty? robert burton sits down with the former
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independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd.
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erin: two local storybook basketball programs held media days this afternoon. we start with georgetown where new head coach patrick ewing really has his hands full this season as he tries to turn the team around. last year under john thompson iii, the hoyas lost the last six game of the season that led to the coaching game. jt3's last season was his worth. georgetown finished 5-23 in the big east. but it's a new season. new head coach. robert burton sat down with ewing who is eager to get back to big east action. >> the new big east is, they have great teams. seven out of the ten teams made the ncaa. that is fantastic.
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the very soon future we will be one of those teams. erin: hefully they will. terp -- hopefully they will. terps basketball season ready to go. they held their media day today in college park. it is a different team but as scott abraham learned the terps are optimistic heading in this season. >> it's a team that is coachable. pretty intelligent team. so far, so good. >> i think the team is a lot different this year. collectively, we have, i think we have it all. our bigs are benter. playing more confident. >> sounds optimistic to me. game six of the world series is tonight. the astros can win it all as houston leads the dodgers 3-2. but you are saying they are not. jonathan: dodgers will win both games and win the series. michelle: stay here on abc7. "worldew
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tonight, breaking news here in new york city. the deadly truck rampage. authorities investigating an act of terror. at least eight dead, more than a dozen hurt. the death toll growing as we come on the air. authorities say a pickup truck makes a, quote, purpose full turn onto a bike path on the west side highway. the crime scene stretching several blocks. ending not far from one world trade. tonight here, the video of the suspect. reportedly shot by police. seen outside the truck. and this evening, we've learned that truck was a home depot rental. new york city police on high alert tonight, with millions out


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