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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 21, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EST

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suffered traumatic head injuries. one says he may have fall nooeno a culvert. a second agent is hospitalized this morning and reportedly doesn't remember exactly what took place. and a 29 suspect accused of killing a police officer near pittsburgh remains on the loose. they say he murdered officer branshaw during a traffic stop. another man who fled the scene has been arrested. argentina's navy says sounds heard from beneath the ocean's surface were not from its missing submarine. there were hopes that it was members of the crew banging on the vessel to raise attention. the navy says the subhad reported battery failure and was trying to return to base. here at home we're marking the passing of a star who became a fixture of prime time le
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della reece died on sunday at her home in encino, california. she is best known for tess "on touched by an angel." she had a hit record in 1957 and became an ordained minister in the '80s. she was 86 years old. if you drink while you're working on your car, perhaps you shouldn't test drive it right away. >> that's a lesson a michigan man learned. he took his dodge duran goe for a test drive and mightily crashed it into his house. his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit. >> no one was injured in the crash, including him, and now the duran goe needs more repairs and the house is a fixer-upper as well. >> maybe he was reversing the drive, break in the gas. >> maybe he just should not have had a
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>> hire add mechanic next time average the holiday season kicks off at the white house and find out what we're hearning about the christmas tree. and the american mother and her family held captive by the taliban for five years, what they're now saying in this first television interview since their release. our brian ross with the interview. but first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by my pillow.
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so this is a family trip to the pharmacy that turned into a deadly shooting in brazil. off duty military policeman rafael desusa opening fire on two suspected robbers while carrying his young son after he says they pointed a gun at him. at one point he hands off the son to his wife. >> you see the wife panic, feet away from her, and he comes over and hands over their son. turning now to the american mother and her family who were held captive for years by the taliban.
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interview, they describe brutal treatment to bly arian ross. >> reporter: everything is new to these children. playgrounds, sunlight, real toys, pizza. until just a few weeks ago, they were being held hostage with their parents by the taliban. born in captivity. >> we can only ask and pray that somebody will recognize the atrocities these men carry out against us. >> reporter: their parents, american mother caitlyn boyle and father joshua, had been kidnapped five years ago when they traveled to afghanistan. she was six months pregnant, somehow thinking they would be safe. think tell abc news, nothing could have been further from the truth. ask i w . >> i was shackled. >> reporter: she says she was sexually assaulted and beaten regularly, including
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even as she tried to protect him. >> that's how i would get beaten or hit or thrown on the ground. >> reporter: and she described how she tried to give her children as normal a life as possible. >> we just teach them to use things like bottle caps or bits of cardboard and tell them these are toys. my wish for them now is that they never have to face fear if the -- in their lives again. >> reporter: her father has yet to see her, still unable to understand how her husband got them into this situation. what are you thinking when you took your wife there in the first place? silence. i said they went to afghanistan to help villagers in that war-torn area, thinking that would somehow protect them, it did not. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and the boyles now plan to settle in
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something her father was very disappointed in. >> it was a very strange story, and there continue to be so many stories about why they were there in afghanistan. initially, he said he wanted to take her on a hike, then they said they were there to do missionary work. and then the u.s. was going to fly them out of that area initially, and he said no. >> he wouldn't get on an american plane. >> he wouldn't get on an american plane. weird, weird story. they were apparently unhappy with brian's interview, because it focussed on how they and their children are adjusting to a life of freedom. coming up, we're going to take a look at uber's parent company, facing a nearly $9 million fine in colorado over questionable background checks of its drivers. >> it comes after the state found you knuber allowed dozens work there after histories of fraud and convictions.
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the thanksgiving day parade and the nypd is ramping up security. >> despite a lack of credible threats to this year's parade, there will be a very forceful nypd presence this year. >> security will include bag checks of spectators along the bleachers as well as heavy weapons, beefed up technology. mounted patrol, even aviation teams. >> yeah. coming up right hirere, how you can stay on budget for black friday. >> you can save on shopping this year, stick around, you're watching "world news now." because your carpet never stops working there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone.
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♪ all right, so retailers have tried to keep it a secret, but black friday will be here soon. and we want you to be ready. we're here with the tips to save you money, with us is vera gibbons. >> it's been a week long, it's been a month long. so you've got
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research as soon as possible if you haven't already done so. >> what do you mean? >> you've got to find who's got what at what price point, sign up for alerts, check out what's going on on social media. it's a lot of work. it used to be so easy. now it's gotten seriously complicated. >> it's not just rolling up in your pajamas at the local walmart, running in as fast as you can? >> no. you won't get what you want at the right price point. i would suggest you time your purchases. it's an excellent time to buy electronics, really good time for that. but for things like fashion, beauty, shoes, you're better off on cyber monday when you have the site wide sale, and for toys, the two weeks leading up, you are best waiting, unless you're trying for the hatchimals. >> so in essence, don't necessarily do it for black friday itself, you might want to wait unt
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>> this goes back to the whole research thing. >> christmas morning at the 7-eleven. >> don't knock going there, you can get great gift cards. >> how to buy, where to buy, do you go in line, do you go to store. this is where apps come in handy, it will help you shop and compare. there's alerts when the price actually drop on specific items on your list. it's all about being prepared and ready. >> you mentioned that there are great deals on electronics, but also, should you limit yourself to just electronics? >> a lot of people fixate on electronics for black friday. and there are great deals on tvs and laptops in particular this year, but there are good deals on other stuff. i've see
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vacuum cleaners, luggage, sports apparel, pet supplies, petco and pets mart have really good deals. pet grooming, teeth cleaning and thi things of that nature. >> did you now costco started a deal on vacuum cleaners well before black friday. the deals are out there, and it's not necessarily electronics to worry about. in the meantime, evaluate deals as they come or whether or not they're too good to be true. >> yeah, just because it's a deal doesn't necessarily mean it's a great product. some of the door busters, for example, are no-name brands, just a way to generate hype and to get you in there. so you want to read the opinions of other people, amazon, e-opinions or the rating ts and reviews on consumer reports, the average rating on black friday is 39%.
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happy shopping. >> back at ya. >> check out nonpolitical you're watching "world news now"
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the holiday season has officially kicked off here at the white house. ♪ first lady melania trump welcoming the white house christmas tree on monday. a tradition dating back over 50 years. now she ushered in the first chas tree christmas tree of her husband's administration alongside son barron. it is a whopping 19 1/2 feet. it's not easy for growers to get this tree displayed in the white house. the national christmas tree association holds an annual contest where industry experts and consumers vote on the try. the winners are jim and diane chapman who are no strangers to this. they presented white house christmas trees in 1998 and 2003. now christmas did come a bit early this year for the trumps. typically, these trees arrive friday, the day after thanksgiving. the first family is expected, though, to spend their holiday at their
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florida. though needless to say, the holiday traditions will continue here later this afternoon at the white house where president trump is expected to use his presidential pardon power to pardon two thanksgiving turkeys. diane, kendis. >> thanks to kathryn there. those turkeys right now are spending the night across the street at a fancy hotel. >> bo and tie are hanging out. >> i get it, bow tie. >> or tae bo, not to get confused. the anticipation building there, but then the cameras are rolling. they make the announcement. and then some dude walks through. everybody was like what is going on? they're ready to do the viking clap, i think. >> an
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>> christmas as arrived or at least joe has.
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this morning on "world news now," sexual harassment rocks the media world. >> at least eight women say veteran broadcaster charlie rose harassed them. he's now suspended, off the air and plus the silence from president trump about the allegations of roy moore. why is the president taking no questions. also break right now, an air force training jet going down in texas. and the early morning implosion. people wanting to witness history with camera crews waiting to capture it, and then fate intervened. >> [ bleep ]. and we're pbringing


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