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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, the holiday travel crunch. bumper to bumper. from new york to d.c. chicago to l.a. tens of millions on the road for thanksgiving. plus, the airport meltdown. a passenger pileup on one of the busiest travel days of the year. search and rescue. the u.s. navy plane crashing into the pacific. 1 peop 11 people onboard. eight pulled from the water alive. the all-out effort to find survivors. under fire. the new ad against senate candidate roy moore, labeling him an abuser. the president sticking with him. and tonight, the new photo that has a congressman apologizing. also, the former usa
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gymnastics team doctor dubbed a monster. what happened in court today. show of force. protecting the macy's thanksgiving day parade. more than 3.5 million people expected to line the streets. the new plan, following the recent terror attack. and your money. black friday deals about to go live. how to get hundreds off the new iphone. and the best way to beat the crowds. and good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm tom llamas, in for david. as we come on the air tonight, it is crunch time for the thanksgiving get away. the last-minute rush on america's roads and airports. take a look at this. this is a live look at chicago's kennedy expressway. look at all those cars. bumper to bumper, traffic as far as you can see. and a short time ago, this is washington, d.c., not much better. the scene very much the same. and while at the airport in denver, a major backup at the tsa security check after the terminal's rail syste
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down. in all, more than 50 million people expected to travel for this holiday. the most in 12 years. tonight, millions of them are still on their way. abc's senior transportation correspondent david kerley starts us off at reagan airport in washington. >> reporter: this is what airports hoped to avoid during the thanksgiving rush. >> we didn't expect the tsa line to be this long. >> reporter: in denver, these long lines because the trains to the terminals shut down. >> they need to figure this out. >> reporter: they did hours later. it was a broken sensor. and we are told most flights were able to get out without incident. this is what thanksgiving travel looks like. packed planes. 3% more flyers this year than last. and this is what just a couple hours looks like in the thanksgiving rush at charlotte international, where we went onto the tarmac to watch workers preparing aircraft to carry passengers home. maintenance engineer brett ebert. what about that time when i'm sitting in my seat and we're ready to go and the captain says, "oh, we got a maintenance problem." you're the guy that comes on and fixes it? >> yes. and kit be anything. it can be a broken tray table
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>> reporter: to deal with the nearly 30 million americans flying over the holiday period, airlines are adding jetliners. and they got a big break from the weather. >> it was either drive in awful traffic or pay for a really expensive plane ticket, so, just like, chose the lesser of two evils. >> reporter: it may be a bit evil on the roads, as those pictures from l.a. show. this, one of the busiest driving days of the year, with about 3% more vehicles on the road, too. >> my gps thing is telling me about four hours. >> reporter: he and somewhere in the range of 45 million other americans using their cars to get to a thanksgiving celebration. >> and our senior transportation correspondent david kerley joining us live inside reagan national airport. david, long lines behind you at this hour and adding to the holiday travel concerns is a new tsa regulation for our carry-on electronics, those tablets and games? >> reporter: yes. any big electronic device, potentially, is going to have to come out of your bag in the
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future. they're phasing this in. so, you may not see it over this holiday period, but down the road, they're looking for potential of explosives in those devices. they're going to want you to take out of your bag. >> all right, david, thank you. next, what can all the holiday travelers expect from the weather? abc's rob marciano tracking it all. he's along the west side highway here in new york. rob, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, tom. the wind is blowing here on the back side of a system that's going through the northeast. look at the radar. some snow in maine and rain along i-95, but other than that, pretty sparse. we'll take it. but the winds are going to blow tomorrow morning. chicago, still in the 20s. having some parades in philadelphia and new york, bundle up. wind wheechills will feel like 20s. record heat tomorrow in southern california. more rain across parts of the a pacific northwest and showers in florida. not too bad weather-wise to getting where you need to go on this thanksgiving. tom? >> all right, rob, thank you. next, to a stunning abuse of tr
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pleading guilty to sexually abusing seven young girls in his care, but more than 100 girls and women have come forward to say that he assaulted them, as well, including three gold medalists from america's 2012 olympic team. abc's paula faris on the doctor brought to justice. >> reporter: tonight, that former doctor for gymnastics brightest stars. >> guilty as stated. >> reporter: as he pleaded guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual conduct. three of larry nassar's victims under 13 years old. >> i'm so horribly sorry that this was like a match that turned into forest fire out of control. >> reporter: beyond today's criminal case, at least 125 women have accused nassar of sexually assaulting them under the guise of medical treatments. olympic all-around champion gabby douglas, now the latest athlete to say she was abused by nassar, posting, "for years, we were conditioned to stay silent." teammates d
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mckayla maroney and aly raisman also coming forward in recent weeks. today, raisman tweeting, "larry is a monster, not a doctor." and earlier telling "60 minutes" -- >> what did usa gymnastics do and larry nassar do to manipulate these girls so much that they are so afraid to speak up? >> reporter: tonight, usa gymnastics says they are "very sorry that any athlete was harmed by larry nassar," adding the organization reported him to the fbi in 2015. nasser faces a minimum of 25 years behind bars. at his sentencing in january, his accusers will be able to make statements. tom? >> paula, thank you. let's turn to politics now. senate candidate roy moore getting a boost from president trump. moore denying the claims of sexual abuse against him, more strongly than ever, even as a dramatic new ad of his opponent features the faces of those women. it comes as we hear from a second woman that accuses senator al franken of groping her, and new details about claims against another sitting
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lawmaker. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: alabama senate candidate roy moore may have gotten a lifeline with these words from the president. >> roy moore denies it. that's all i can say. he denies it. and by the way, he totally denies it. >> reporter: moore's campaign tweeted out video of the president's comments, and moore followed up by emphatically denying the allegations of sexual misconduct from eight women, some of them who were young teenagers at the time. >> i'll tell you, i didn't have any wrongful relationships any -- engage in any sexual misconduct with an underage woman. >> reporter: two weeks ago, his denials were decidedly less definitive. >> do you remember dating girls that young at that time? >> not nernll generally, no. but if i did, you know, i'm not going to dispute anything, but i don't remember anything. >> reporter: in a dramatic new ad, moore's democratic challenger, doug jones, lists moore's cu
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>> they were girls when roy moore immorally pursued them. now they are women, witnesses to us all of his disturbing conduct. will we make their abuser a u.s. senator? >> reporter: since the moore story broke, there's been an avalanche of accusations against other politicians, including democratic senator al franken, who took this picture seeming to grope a woman on a uso tour. a second woman says franken grabbed her from behind at the 2010 minnesota state fair. >> you're going to take a photo with senator franken, what happens? >> so, my his steps away from us to take the photo. i stand next to senator franken and he pulls me in towards him and then he moves his hand to my butt. >> reporter: in the house, an investigation has already been launched into accusations against the longest serving member of congress, democrat john conyers, following reports in buzzfeed that two different women accused him of sexual misconduct. conyers denies the charges, but he paid one of the women, a former staffer, more than $2
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melanie sloan, has gone on the record with "the washington post" saying conyers verbally abused her and once summoned her to his office where she found him dressed in his underwear. >> jon karl joins us from the white house. jon, tonight, another member of congress is apologizing, this time for a naked picture posted online? >> reporter: congressman joe barton acknowledges that it is a picture of him. it's unclear who posted it. and there have been no allegations of wrongdoing, although barton says he is sorry he did not use better judgment during a time when he was separated from his second wife. tom? >> jonathan karl for us tonight. jon, thank you. next, the crash of a navy plane off the seas of japan. and now the search for survivors. eight people recovered and alive, but three are missing. that plane was on the way to the "uss ronald reagan." it's the sixth major accident to strike the fleet this year. here's abc's senior national
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>> reporter: tonight that massive search in the pacific for those three sailors. at 2:45 local time, in the midst of a huge u.s./japanese exercise, the c-2 navy propeller plane ditched into the philippines sea, as it made its way towards the aircraft carrier the "uss ronald reagan." it was about 500 miles off the coast of okinawa. the navy says that within minutes, eight personnel were plucked from the sea in good condition. but a huge search involving the "reagan" and multiple air craft continues tonight. >> the fact that we had so many people survive this mishap suggests that this was a deliberate act. that it was a ditching, that it was some mechanical krob. >> reporter: this is the sixth major incident involving the 7th fleet this year. two previous collisions between navy destroyers and merchant ships caused the death of 17 sailors. the captains of those ships and the commander of the 7th fleet, vice admiral joseph aucoin, have been relieved of command because of the incidents.
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tom, is saying engine failure might have brought that plane down, but the u.s. navy is only saying it is investigating the crash. tom? >> and the search still under way tonight. all right, matt, thank you. next, to a harrowing escape from north korea. a young soldier risking his life, driving across the no man's land of the dmz, crashing his jeep and making a run for it. you can see him there, just yards from the border, as his fellow soldiers were firing on him. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz with the dramatic video of his escape. >> reporter: it happened near these iconic buildings stradingle the border. the only place where soldiers from the north and south come face to face. those from the north just yards from freedom. a quest that nearly ended in death for this soldier. behind the wheel of a military jeep, the 24-year-old barrels towards the south. his fellow north korean soldiers in hot pursuit. >> there's landmines, there are multip
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electrified fences, so it's not easy to get across. >> reporter: the jeep crashes into a ditch. the border so close. he breaks into a run as north korean guards open fire. dozens of rounds aimed at the defector. five or six ripping into him as he crosses the dividing line. critically wounded, these infrared images show what happens next. south korean soldiers stay low. avoiding fire, crawling towards the defector. that is him lying still. they carry him out, away from the danger and off to a nearby medical center. the defector is expected to survive, but he not only has those bullet wounds from which to recover, but he had parasites throughout his body, likely from food and water that were contaminated, which gives you a real window into what life is life for those soldiers and north korean citizens. tom? >> a horrible way to live. all right, martha, thank you so much. back here in new york city, the
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thanksgiving day parade. just weeks after the halloween truck attack. extraordinary measures already today, as people line up to see those famous balloons being inflated. abc's gio benitez on the plans to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: tonight, new york city officials saying it's their strongest ever show of force. police on high alert with the growing threat of truck attacks. enacting new measures to protect the three and a half million people expected to line the streets here for the thanksgiving day parade. >> each year, we've been increasing our security efforts. we want to make sure this is the most secure event going on. >> reporter: officers using new tactics. using wands to check people into a single entrance for tonight's balloon inflating, creating lines stretching several blocks. also redeploying heavy weapons, k-9 units. more than 80 sanitation trucks packed with tons of sand. and concrete barriers. this following the terror truck attack weeks ago in downtown manhattan that killed eight. police also relying on citizens for help. >> we're just
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for people, if you see something, hopefully someone will say something, so we will all be safe. >> a massive security presence. gio benitez live from where the parade will begin. gio, you mentioned in your report, new york officials are asking tens of thousands of spectators to be on alert. >> reporter: that's right, tom. police say they're going to have an officer on every block. and so, if someone sees something, they should go to that officer right away. tom? >> an officer on every block. gio, thank you. next, remembering david cassidy. actor, musician and star of tv's "the partridge family." all of which made him a '70s teen idol. cassidy reached worldwide fame by the time he was 20. his family tonight saying he passed away with joy in his heart. here's abc's nick watt. ♪ i think i love you so what am i so afraid of ♪ >> reporter: that voice, that smile. david cassidy was the teen heart throb of the 1970s. ♪ come on get happy >> reporter: he claimed fame as keith on abc's hit "the partridge family." i
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to be a really big star. >> reporter: and went on to act on stage and record and tour. >> i was the first really marketed rock music star that became lunchboxes, bubblegum cards and all that. >> reporter: a racy magazine shoot in '72 broadened his appeal. but he struggled with alcoholism and in february, revealed a dementia diagnosis and retired from touring. when dr. phil asked how he wanted to be remembered? >> bringing light into people's lives. giving everything in my heart and soul, because i know i'm a loving, caring human being. >> reporter: he died, his rep told us, surrounded by those he loved. david cassidy was 67. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the manhunt under way after a deadly robbery inside a popular restaurant. armed suspects tied up employees. the frantic calls to 911 just made public. pl,
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black friday around the corner. the insider tips to beat the crowds. and how you can save hundreds of dollars on the new iphone. and america strong tonight. the tiny top guns at the controls, cleared for takeoff. two close friends fighting their personal battle together.
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8 plus. face the crowds at best buy and you can get this 50-inch 4-k smart tv for $180. a $320 savings. and at toys "r" us, in-store exclusives like this lego sets 40% off. and this three-story barbie townhouse, 50% off. many other deals hitting store websites just after midnight tonight. at target, the xbox one on sale for $190, plus a $25 gift card with purchase. and at walmart, this ipad, $249. $80 in savings. many of those discounts just hours away. expect to see the best deals on electronics like phones, tablets, computers and tvs. for the clothes, tom, wait until we are closer to christmas. that's when the discounts really get good. >> 40% off the lego sets? >> reporter: that's right. >> thank you so much. when we come back, the new health headline tonight.
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killed. coworkers calling 911, pleading for help. >> we're closing the restaurant. three men come in arm ed with guns. our boss has been shot. >> tonight, police are asking the public's help in finds those suspects. take a look at this. a swarm of angry hornets taking over a family shed. look how big that hive is. one very brave exterminator fighting them off as he breaks the nest down to size. thousands of hornets buzzing all over his protective suit and mask, bouncing off the camera lens. you can hear it there. and a new health headline about the benefits of coffee. research saying people drinking three to four cups of coffee a day have a lower risk of heart disease and even early death. the findings based on a review of more than 200 coffee related studies. when we come back, these two 6-year-olds have a need for speed. why they're already battle tested and america strong. stay with us.
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finally tonight, america strong. two 6-year-olds, battle buddies, fighting their personal war together. earning their wings and ready to fly. they may be small, but 6-year-olds jack kirkbride and houston pirrung are now america's toughest fighter pilots. these two little boys are living with leukemia, battletested at johns hopkins hopsital where they became fast friends. >> raise your hand? >> reporter: their bravery earning them a chance to wear the uniform and be pilots for a day at joint base andrews. >> at ease! at ease!
6:58 pm
command, later suiting up for the ride of their lives. >> ready to get inside the cockpit? >> reporter: the air force taking them inside the cockpit. >> taxi, houston and jack! >> reporter: manning the controls and piloting an f-16 in a simulator. and getting to see their name plastered on a jet. >> my name! >> reporter: for two boys who've had to fight their own personal wars with cancer, a day to be recognized. >> we're going to make you three stars. >> reporter: now decorated wingmen. two friends, and the mission they'll never forget. and a big thanks to the check six foundation, which made that all possible. and we want to thank you for watching on a wednesday night. i'm tom llamas. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. for david and all of us here, good night.
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