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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 28, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, the white house fights back against claims that president trump's pocahontas remark during a ceremony to honor native american vets was a racial slur. >> we have a representative in congress, they call her pocahontas. but you know what, i like you. >> this as the president makes a new push for tax cuts and the plan they say would hurt poor americans than first thought. breaking news. a 3-year-old girl missing reportedly abducted from her bed. her mother's desperate plea. >> please bring her back and i love her. >> where police are searching for the young girl.
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license fight of the a judge rules whether a doctor can keep her medical license even though she won't use a computer. >> the american princess. this morning what we're learning about triple-digit aprince harr markle. the next step for the royal couple. and a beautiful day in the neighborhood. the tribute planned for tv icon mr. rogers. ♪ could you be mine ♪ could you be mine won't you be mine ♪ >> good morning, neighbor. on this tuesday we'll start with president trump igniting controversy during a ceremony honoring native american war heroes. >> the president took a dig at senator elizabeth warren again calling her pocahontas. now warren calling it a racial slur. the white house says that's
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ridiculous. the president heads to capitol hill to make a push for his sweeping tax cuts after another republican abandons ship. kenneth moton has details from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was another stunning moment for the president who is in the middle of trying to dramatically change this nation's tax laws. his fight -- >> you were here long before any of us were here. >> reporter: -- once again overshadowed by what many call an offensive moment. >> although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time weighing, they wall her pocahontas but you know what, i like you. >> reporter: silence in the oval. but the reaction outside loud and swift. native american groups condemning the comment. pocahontas a racially charged insult the president uses to label a political foe. >> it's pocahontas, elizabeth warren. >> reporter: massachusetts se
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under fire in 2012 for claiming without proof to have native american heritage. >> i think what most people find offensive is senator warren lying about her heritage to advance her career. >> president trump couldn't even make it through a ceremony to honor these men without throwing in a racial slur. >> reporter: the senator on cnn calling the president's words a distraction from his fight for tax reform. a new nonpartisan analysis find the senate gop tax plan would benef benefit some americans but hurt the poor and would raise premiums and add $1.4 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. he will rally republican senators. they're trying to pass their bill this week but unclear if they have the votes. >> that's right. still trying to get a few more senators on board. thank you. meanwhile, voters in alabama are getting
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their next senator. roy moore is promising a tough fight. >> he said dirty politics are mind the sexual misconduct allegations against him and compared the scandal to the russia investigation in washington saying the political establishment just wants to hide the real issues. >> these allegations are completely false, they're malicious, specifically i do not know any of these women nor have i ever engaged in sexual misconduct with any woman. >> meanwhile, the white house says president trump is too busy to campaign for moore in alabama. breaking overnight another former staffer is accused john conyers of sexual harassment. deanna mar says he made unwanted sexual advances toward her in the '90s. conyers recently stepped down from his role on the house judiciary committee after the ethics committee announced an investigation into sexual harassment claims from his staff. conyers denies those
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allegations. and things are a bit awkward at the consumer financial protection bureau where a judge will now decide who is in charge. the confusion comes after the former director retired and promoted his deputy lee andra english to take over but the president then appointed his own interim director mick mulvaney. mulvaney a big critic of the agency has announced a hiring freeze but while he was showing up at the office with doughnuts english was welcoming the staff back from the holiday and holding meetings. the judge in the case is now promising to act quickly. >> they brought doughnuts. so the pentagon is describing what it calls as an unsafe encounter between a military plane and a russian fighter jet in international airspace. officials say the russian jet came within 50 feet of the u.s. navy surveillance plane over the black sea. turning on its after burners and forcing the american pilot to fly through violent turbulence. they say the incident lasted for quite a bit. 24 minutes. the japanese governm
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radio signals suggest the north, north korea, that is, may be preparing to launcher in ballistic missile. hawaii is now preparing for the worst resuming tests on its nuclear attack. those warning sirens that will warn of an attack. they haven't been tested since the cold war as part of this week's test they'll sound for about 60 seconds from 400 locates all across the state. this morning, britain is preparing for another royal wedding and the papers are acknowledging it. >> she's the one says "the sun" newspaper so prince harry is set to rewrite all the royal rules proposing to the american actress meghan markle. here's danya bacchus. >> reporter: after months of speculation they made the official announcement they're engaged. >> how are you guys feeling? >> yeah, thrilled. >> reporter: sitting down to reveal all the details about how the prince popped the quest
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month on a typical cozy night as the two were roasting chicken at their cottage. >> he got on one knee. >> of course. >> was it an instant yes. >> yes, i could barely let you finish proposing. can i say yes now? >> the ring, yellow gold with a diamond from bought swan in and smaller diamonds on the side from his mother princess diana's jewelry collection. >> it is days like today when i really miss having her around and miss being able to share the happy news but, you know, with the ring and with everything else going on i'm sure -- ? she's with us. >> reporter: the two met last year set up on a blind date and from their first public royal appearance at the invictus games to a romantic birthday trip to africa, their love has been on full display. >> i didn't know much about him and so the only thing that i had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up, i had one question, is he nice. >> i never heard of meghan before and i was beautifully
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that room and saw her. i was like, okay, i'll have to up my game. >> reporter: now we wait for another royal wedding which we're told could happen sometime next spring. >> one step at a time and hopefully we'll start a family in the near future. >> reporter: so what will meghan markle's title be when she marries prince harry? her royal highness princess henry of wales. diane and kendis. >> does sound pretty nice. by the way coming up later this half hour more on the royal couple's future plans and how meghan markle is already setting fashion trends. a live report from london ahead. now time for your weather on this tuesday morning. it's almost winter but you wouldn't know that in denver where it warmed up to 81 degrees yesterday. that's the highest temperature the city has ever recorded for the month of november. but today, it's back to reality with temperatures in the 40s. meanwhile, the snow cover in the
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level for nalate november in 14 years. typically snowy conditions have reported no measurable snow. well, cyber monday now in your browser history but coming up the next chance to save big. the search for a-year-old reportedly abducted from her bedroom in the middle of the night. >> police release video of a bumbling burglar who got into
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take a look at this video of a burglar in a bathrobe getting stuck as he tried to sneak into this home nor
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in rockland county. he tried to wiggle his way through the kitchen window. eventually he did get inside. police released this video hoping someone will help identify him. overseas the ash pouring out of the volcano on bali has forced the island's airport to close for the second day now. stranding an estimated 59,000 travelers. people living within six miles of that volcano have been told to evacuate. but resort areas on the island are safe so far. airport officials say the ash rising to 30,000 feet is juice too dangerous for planes. pope francis is on the second day of his historic trip to myanmar in asia meeting today with the de facto leader of that country ang sung suu kyi being closely watched for the way he addressed their violent crackdown on muslim rohingya minority. the pope is avoiding the term but is calling for religious tolerance. over to business news where cyber monday was the biggest online shopping
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history. shoppers spent more than $6.5 billion. that's more -- 1 billion more than last year. the other big change this year, shopping by smartphone reached an all-time high, 40% of shoppers used their phones to either search for an item or buy an item. so in case you missed cyber monday, there's some more days for huge deals. the first one today, travel deal tuesday, green monday, december 11th, like cyber monday, be on the lookout for major discounts and friday december 15th is free shipping day when many retailers as you guessed it offer free shipping and free delivery by christmas eve. >> well, a connecticut family is in the christmas mood with an over-the-top display that is getting a lump of coal you might say from neighbors. dozens have signed a petition saying the holiday attraction featuring 300,000 lights is creating chaos and a traffic nightmare. the decorations draw thousands of peopl
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money for children's hospital. but if a compromise can't be reached there could be -- this could be the final display there at this home. >> i can understand why people would want to check it out. a judge rules whether a doctor can still practice medicine even though she won't use a computer. new claims against harvey weinstein. that's right. this time involving sex trafficking laws. and time for more gtl. the jersey shore is returning to tv. where the cast is reuniting for a new series. ll buy your car even if you don't buy one from us. because maybe you're already buying a car somewhere else. or maybe you want to shop around. or, maybe you don't want to drive a car at all anymore... like, maybe you want to ride a camel into the dessert and take a deep hard look within. just figure some stuff out for awhile. that's cool. whatever your plans for buying a car, carmax is the place to sell your car. okay, let's do this, tina, tchick-tchick. here we go, tchick-tchick. i believe in ya tina. c'mon now.
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scene. police have not revealed a possible motive. and they say it's actually not clear if the postal worker was targeted. a frantic search underway in jacksonville, north carolina for a missing 3-year-old girl. an amber alert issued for mariah wood last seen when they mother put her to bed. the marines, helicopters are helping in the search. >> please, bring her back and i love her. i'll do anything that i can, whatever you want. just bring her home please safe and sound. she's my baby. she's my everything. >> family members describe the little girl as shy and say she would never talk to strangers. harvey weinstein is facing more legal trouble. a british actress accusing the embattled movie producer of sex trafficking claiming he invited her to a hotel room in france and assaulted her. katie noble, her name
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civil lawsuit in federal court on monday. a spokesperson said he denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex. a doctor fighting to get her license back. a judge ruled against 84-year-old anna konopka. the doctor says she was forced to surrender her license to avoid a disciplinary hearing over record keeping. the state also said her limited computer skills prevent her from using new hampshire's mandatory drug monitoring program. but some patients are asking the judge to reconsider. >> overseas doctors in india sharing a remarkable story. they released the x-ray of a man who complained of stomach pains for three months. that is until he went to the hospital where doctors found that he had eaten more than 260 coins and 100 nails and say the mentally unstable patient is safe now because incredibly the coins and nails had not caused any permanent internal damage. he is now recovering after several surg
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the baltimore ravens are in the playoff picture. >> espn has monday night football highlights for us. >> good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt with this "sportscenter" update. in the afc the ravens continued to hang around the back end of the playoff picture. in fact after their win on monday night. they are the last playoff team in for the moment. thanks in part to trickery. they were not good on third down so they got creative on fourth downs. sam koch there, fake punt that keeps the drive alive as he hit chris mohr then buck allen looked like he would get stopped at the 5 blue plows into the end zone tying things up at 7 then rely on that defense. they force three turnovers on the evening and knock off the texans by seven. in the nba this was a much anticipated battle. lebron james and ben simmons the rookie going head to head for the first time. the veteran, lebron had it his way, 22 in the first half
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half. that was with simmons checking in. joel embiid got lost in the sauce. they have eight consecutive the longest streak in the nba and it's why when they hit a bump in the road i'm not going to freak out because they've got that guy and they'll win plenty of games. >> confidence for you. up next in "the pulse" the tribute planned for tv icon mr. rogers. ahead, what flew in and stole the cash from the counter at this store and the customers, their stunned reaction. how meghan markle is already setting fashion trends just hours after her engagement announcement.
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>> time for your tuesday "the pulse" and begin with mr mr. rogers. >> a documentary about his life due out in june. it's called "won't you be my neighbor" and explains how fred rogers had compassion and imagination during his show's 31 seasons on pbs. >> died in cancer in 2003. the director says mr. rogers is the kind of voice we need to hear right now. >> yeah. >> i'd say so. to another inspirational tv show. "the jersey shore." >> you won't want them to be your neighbor. >> making a comeback. >> mtv is getting the rest of the gang together. they're returning in a new series called "jersey shore family vacation." >> the cast members have pretty much grown up. they've married and become parents. mtr is keeping the details under wrap for
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>> next to a screen straight out of national lampoon's christmas vacation only this one happened in real life. >> yeah, it happened outside boston where police stopped this vehicle driving down the street beneath a giant tree. the car was nearly completely engulfed with the tree blocking its rear and passenger windows and most of the license plate as well. >> police are warning everyone to transport your trees responsibly. >> or just get a smaller way. >> which by the way they don't think this is. >> a national christmas tree right there. a brazen bird stealing cash. >> it happened at a store in brazil. a customer wasgrounded at jfk airport in new york after the collide, moments before takeoff. police say a virgin atlantic pilot pulled over to deal with a mechanical issue, and then an egypt air plane clipped it's wing while trying to pass it. no passengers were injured, but there
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the white house now facing questions about comments made by president trump-after he called senator elizabeth warren "pocahontas" during an event honoring native americans. senator warren says the comment was a racial slur-- which the white house denies. the president first used the moniker during the campaign to ridicule senator warren who claims that she is part native american. good morning washington. toss to eileen - another gorgeous day; unseasonably mild - only spotty shower chance thursday night - dry & seasonable weekend - colder pattern coming today: mostly sunny. cold start; mild afternoon. highs: 61-64 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear. lows: 36-43 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. continued mild. highs: 62-66 winds: nw 5-10 mph - another gorgeous day; unseasonably mild - only spotty shower chance thursday night - dry & seasonable weekend today: mostly sunny. cold start; mild afternoon. highs: 61-64 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear. lows: 36-43 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. continued mi.
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winds: nw 5-10 mph baltimore- saying goodbye to a
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detective... as the search goes on, for his killer. today marks two weeks... since homicide detective, sean suiter was shot to death. a visitation was held monday - with hundreds showing up to honor his memory. suiter's funeral is tomorrow. as of right now- police don't know who pulled the trigger. rumors, though, are running wild-- with word that suiter was supposed to testify against fellow officers in a federal corrpution case... the day after he was murdred. there's a 215-thousand dollar reward for information. check this out-- stunning new video of an armored car on fire! this is in glen burnie. firefighters were able to put the fire out - and no one was hurt. this was not the end of some daring bank heist. it's believed the fire was due to a mechanical issue. in montgomery county-- more funding is needed to target the violent ms-13 gang. that's the conclusion of county's council. a new report finds 9 percent of county residents between 16 and 24 years old - are at risk.
4:28 am
especially targeting areas including montgomery village, wheaton and silver spring. council members- floating ideas to stop the gang's brutal mission. they include- working with the catholic church and adding more money to the anti-gang soccer league. it's a headache for drivers... uber and lyft cars double-parking and blocking traffic. but now -- a new pilot program in d-c could lay the foundation for major changes down the road. the plan is to set aside one or two spots on every block - just for pick up and drop offs. along connecticut avenue- 60 spaces will be blocked overnight from thursday to sunday. d-dot will analyze the pilot data for the next year. if the program is successful, it could expand city wide. it's xx and we're just getting started.
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while you were sleeping, new allegations are reported against a member of congress. more on the new accuser-- now sharing her story. good morning washington. - another gorgeous day; unseasonably mild - only spotty shower chance thursday night - dry & seasonable weekend - colder pattern coming today: mostly sunny. cold start; mild afternoon. highs: 61-64 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear. lows: 36-43 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. continued mild. highs: 62-66 winds: nw 5-10 mph - another gorgeous day; unseasonably mild - only spotty shower chance thursday night - dry & seasonable weekend today: mostly sunny. cold start; mild afternoon. highs: 61-64 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear. lows: 36-43 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. continued mild. highs: 62-66 winds: nw 5-10 mph
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