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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the rise. today hitting 51 degrees. finally a chance to break cabin fever. nancy: feels nice out there with the rising temperatures. but stressing the infrastructure, no better illustration than the water tower. alison: so as we enjoy the break from the deep freeze we are tracking another weather maker. michelle: chief meteorologist bill kelly with a first check of the forecast. bill: we are going to be talking about that working in later on this week. i'll say it's rain. we break down the timing but let's just first marinate on the temperatures. 50 degrees in d.c. right now. just saying that feels warm. 45 in gaithersburg. 48 in leesburg. when we compare temperatures to same time yesterday when we met here last night at this time we are up 10 to 20 degrees. there is a noticeable difference. we talked about it this morning. you went outside. even though there was a coating of ice it was 35 degrees. over the weekend at dulles we had a
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we had a huge, huge temperature difference between this morning and today and the last couple of days. you have to go back 17 days, before christmas to find a day warmer than today. just a few clouds passing by so your evening forecast looking very nice. temperatures in the mid-to-the upper 40's in the next few hours. no weather related problems for you. in fact, i encourage you to get out. for the first time in several days it's not bad to get out and go for a walk. warmer temperatures bringing people out. amy aubert in georgetown, are you finding a bigger crowd out there today? amy: amy: absolutely. this feels like springtime out here. look at the crowds. there is a ton of people out here just out and about enjoying the weather. really taking it all in. earlier today we caught up with people happy to take advantage of a lunch break outside. the workers tell me the freezing temperatures last week forced them to sh
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doors. they are hoping the increase in temperatures brings back business. today it definitely did. we talked to people who ditch the jackets. one customer ventured outside in his flip-flops. >> i'm not used to the cold weather. >> you can go out in your shorts. they don't mind you'll be sniffling and season so i suggest you still dress warm. amy: at 5:00, we will tell you how the food truck workers made it through freezing temperatures last week. live in georgetown, amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. across the country the first major storm of the winter hitting california creating a dire situation out there. we are talking mudslides, wiping out entire neighborhoods. some places two to three feet deep. in mud. debris. and anything in the way of falling hillside. nancy: h
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14-year-old girl was rescued when her family's home were ripped away in the mudslide. they are bringing in dogs hoping to pick up the scent of anyone who might be trapped under the crumpled homes out there. at least five people have been killed. nancy: for 15 years the discovery channel called silver spring home. alison: it was the anchor for the downtown silver spring redevelopment. now they are moving out. next year. abc7's maryland bureau chief brad bell is in silver spring with a big blow to one of the major business hubs of the area. brad? brad: this is a real stunner when we got word and broke the news this morning. siren coming by, of course. if you have never seen one discovery place, the headquarters, this is it. this is a big building. georgia avenue from colesville all the way up here to wayne. fills a complete city block and then some. but vey
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empty. discovery employees learned of the move in a companywide e-mail this morning followed up by a meeting. discovery's president and c.e.o. the bottom line is after the company completes a takeover of fellow cable giant scripps this year they will move to consolidate a headquarters in new york. with many if not most of them moved to knoxville, tennessee. the movement of jobs will start around the middle of this year and at some point in 2019, discovery will put the land mark building up for sale. the company's chief of operations says discovery has no choice but they know it will have an impact on silver spring. >> we also have an obligation to shareholders to run ooze business -- run as a business. we have to change and evolve and become the cost structure. become more nonlinear and that makes
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brad: back live. looking in the lobby. you might see the dinosaur mock-up and the motorcycles. those are the shows that made the channel thrive. when we come back at 5:00 and 6:00 we will look at the other aspects. this is a hub of the silver spring redevelopment. we have reaction from the community as well as county executive ike leggett who says he fought to keep them but couldn't make a good enough offer. in silver spring, brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. montgomery county ordering a man to tear down his childhood home. the bethesda home caught fire in september. there firefighters uncovered a network of the underground tunnels as well as a man's body. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live with an update on the mysterious cape here, kevin. kevin: officials tell us the tunnels come out to the stet
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the investigation remains ongoing and the co-owner is nowhere to be found. >> it always seemed strange to me. kevin: he visibly remembers the day when the fire overtook the neighbor's bethesda home. daniel escapedded alive but his associate died in the basement. the investigators stunned the community. the manmade maze existed beneath the house. they sent a letter demanding he hire a demolition crew and they cited thing and the numbers that caused collapsed risk to the structure and the property of which it fits. the letter mentioned the hoarding, the accumulation o
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and added weight of the water firefighters sprayed on the structure. he makes it curious about the catalog found and how extensive the tunnels is. >> that was a good family. i don't think he would have had anything sinister. >> this three-page letter does not provide a deadline for demolition. however, i will tell you every neighbor we spoke with today wants the work done in quick order. we are live in bethesda, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. in less than 24 hours virginia's 2018 legislative session begins under new leadership. outgoing governor terry mcauliffe will kick things off and then governor-elect ralph northam will be sworn in this weekend. republicans begin the session
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statehouse after the one-vote tiebreaker last week. michelle: it's not just the cold to cause the pipes to burst and water main to crack under the pressure. big swings in temperatures as well. look at the temperatures in bethesda. right now tom roussey is in college park one of several areas hit hard. tom? tom: michelle, that is the thing. there is no end in sight for this. they have had a ton of water main breaks. this is one behind me that is one that they are dealing with in montgomery county and prince george's county. this is route 1 in college park, a half mile south of the beltway. in shows another one today that is on old georgetown road in bethesda. these are all over the place. they are dealing with it in northern d.c. and maryland. no one has it worse. montgomery and r
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county there have been 400 water main breaks since the cold snap began. wssc says it is definitely going to smash the all-time record for the most water main breaks in january. if you call in, they are asking for patience because they say this is so out of the ordinary that the crews can't keep up. >> these are the extraordinary times for us. we are running between 70 to 100 water main breaks a day with crews on 24/7. we are trying to catch up. we will catch up but it will take time. >> this is route one northbound in college park. you can see it's down in one lane. as the afternoon has gone to it has led to traffic issues. folks are heading up to get to the beltway. they will be here for some time. they have to keep the lane shut down. as i mention we checked with other
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virginia, d.c. i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: thank you. another note. loudoun county sheriff office tweeted out that the court complex closed today after a water pipe broke. you can see if you look closely. look at the water dripping from the ceiling tiles inside the building. we are told they will announce online when they are ready to reopen. nancy: that is a mess. thousands of counterfeit air jordan's seized at the airport. 400 pairs of the counterfeit nikes arrived last month. the real shoes by the way can cost upward of $200 each. michelle: for the first time in two years high-level talks between north and south korea. today word of a
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participate in a winter olympics next month in south korea. the athletes, cheerleaders, journalists and more will be allowed in. they have to wait to see if the peace talks advance beyond olympic delegations. alison: coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- president trump weighs in on all the talk about oprah in 2020. michelle: plus, police pull over a man, search the trunk and look what is inside. >> you are under arrest. michelle: the explanation that left officers truly dumbfounded next. nancy: new fallout over the h&m shirt that had online users calling the company racist. one group's demands next. alison: still ahead today, a close call. this is why schools delayed the
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michelle: take a look at the ohio man facing cruelty charges after they found the dog in the trunk of the car. >> report of you abusing a dog. >> she bit me. she is in the trunk. i wouldment abuse her -- i wouldn't abuse
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i put her in the trunk. >> put the hand on the steering wheel. >> the man told police the owner approached him and asked him if he wanted to buy the dog. he said the dog started to run away when the owner grabbed it, kicked her and threw her in the trunk. they rescued the dog and the vet said she wasn't hurt and the dog will likely go up for adoption. alison: look at this video. the poor cow. see the cow rescued from the ice. it took an hour and a half once the crews got there. goodness. out there with the chainsaw. all this playing out in unusually frigid north north carolina. they had to bring in chainsaws to crack through the ice. the cow was pulled to safety and the vets are monitoring it for now and they believe the cow will be okay. nancy: good to hear. oprah said in the past she is never running for office. but rumors were rampant after the golden globe speech sunday night. and today president trump weig
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disappointed. president trump: oprah would be a lot of fun. i know her very well. i did one of her last shows. she had donald trump before politics her last week. she had donald trump and my family. very nice. i like oprah. nancy: the thought of oprah running took over twitter. we saw #oprah2020 after her speech. alison: this was an incredible scene today. republicans and democrats sharing a table at the white house. the main topic was immigration reform as the countdown continues again toward a potential government shutdown. and kenneth moton has the high-stakes talk on the hill. >> from the capital -- capitol the white house. >> i'm assuming everyone put the country before the party. ken in the: immigration at the center of debate. hashing ou
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in front of the cameras. hanging in the balance the fate of the undocumented immigrants known as "dreamers" brought to the country as children. a bill to address the fate expected this week. trump: it should be a bill of love but also a bill where we are able to secure the border. kenneth: the big battle likely over the $18 billion request for the president's southern border wall. >> if we do not do something with the security and the chain migration we are fooling each other we solved a problem. i want to state that emphatically. there is not a democrat not for having secure borders. >> on capitol hill, a heard tone from democrats. >> president trump is fighting for an empty symbol rather than smart policy. >> leaders are trying to achieve a funding deal to set spending caps, reauthorizes the children's health insurance program and provides emergency disaster relief. >> we had deadlines. we un
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we are having good bipartisan conversations. >> lawmakers are signals if it continues it's likely congress will pass a short-term funding measure to keep the government open past friday. >> reporting in northwest, kenneth moton, abc7 news. nancy: there is breaking news out of breitbart. reports that steve bannon is stepping down after the dispute with president trump and the fire made in "fire and fury," the tell-all book out. this is developing news. we'll have more information has it becomes available. michelle: racist and unacceptable is how naacp characterized a sweatshirt from h&m. the company apologized for the ad featuring a black child with a sweatshirt featuring "coolest monkey in the jungle." celebrities and athletes including lebron james and weekend cut ties with the company due to the
4:19 pm
sweatshirts. nancy: apple is facing class action lawsuits and investigations in the united states after admitting it does slow down phones as the battery inside gets older. alison: two conservative white men suing google. ad discrimination against them. one was fired by google over an essay on diversity policies that went viral. they say google doesn't protect conservative employees and supporters of president trump. even suggested they are blacklisted from getting promotions. alison: facebook is shutting down the virtual personal assistant called em. it launched in 2015 to a small group of people. it was rolled out in april but it hasn't been popular so the plug will be pulled on em in ten days. nancy: the day started foggy and icy. did you see it? check it out. late this morning it was difficult to see the washington monument on the mall.
4:20 pm
i have lived here for quite a few months and i had never seen the potomac shrouded in fog. michelle: makes for great photos. bill: we got one. i retweeted this, this morning. did you see the one on the national mall with the monument? look at this. if you didn't this is on all the facebook pages. isn't that cool? you talk about san francisco and that could be the top of the golden get a bridge. focus in more on -- golden gate bridge. focus in more on that. andrew dearing, give him credit. he was on a flight, took off. snapped a photo. tweeted quite a bit. i made a post on this. i said i want to see your photos because today feels like it's spring. don't you think so? nancy: it does. bill: i want to know what you are doing. go to bill kelly weather on facebook or abc7billkelly. give me your photos. even if it's you and your kids outside with a light jacket, not a parka. alison: everyone is recover
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yesterday on the ice. nancy: it hurt! bill: you went down. nancy: i did. michelle: she has battle wounds. bill: in a couple of days they will be colored with the bruises. this is what it looks like. you talk about the ice. there is ice on the potomac. a beautiful sunset. temperature wise we are at 50. winds are out of the northwest. it's light at 10 miles per hour. there is not a wind chill factor either. if you go to the west it's colder. 36 on parkersburg. but focus in on this area. we brought this up before. a couple of days ago we got down to single digits. 8 degrees at reagan. minus 1 at dulles. that broke the record for the day. we are at 50 degrees now. major warm-up. i was out this morning. 8:00 or 9:00. 35 outside. i thought to myself. maybe you did, too. feels like spring. that so
4:22 pm
was in the mid-30's. if you compare it to the zero, i mean that is a huge difference between doing a 35-degree temperature and a 70-degree temperature. that is how big of a gap that zero degree mark and the mid-30's. it felt different. winds are very light around the area. you add the sunshine like we have now. it's making for a nice evening. i encourage you to get out and enjoy. it's cool. don't get me wrong. but much, much warmer than it has been. no problems for you. keep an eye on that. you're good to go. tomorrow morning, everybody is below freezing but a lot of the ice out there. most likely melted off today. certainly the ice did. but the water probably evaporating as well. i wouldn't deal with much of that. there could be slippery sots. otherwise tomorrow, more clouds than today and shaping up to be a nice one. partly cloudy and cold. mid-to-upper 20's. looking ahead at the daytime tomorrow. we'll go back up to the 40's again. mid-40's. more clouds than we
4:23 pm
we have rain off and on. if we thought 5 was -- 51 was good i don't know what to do with ourselves at 53. alison: thank you. still to come. could metro go private? they my outsource the newest operations. nancy: he bounced around the world but two things have been there. basketball and hard
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michelle: changing schools can be traumatic when you're young. imagine moving ten times by the time you are 18. where some may struggle, our rising star flourished. scott abraham has more. scott: basketball is a simple game. it starts with the point guard. >> you have to put the team above yourself. facilitating. getting others involved. then getting myself involved. scott: the st. stephens and st. agnes senior has a special love for the sport. >> basketball is a tool for me to remain focused, work hard and make new friends. scott: basketball has always been there for the 18-year-old. the son of a milita
4:27 pm
already moved ten different times making stops in hawaii, germany and the netherlands. >> hard work translates. so whether you are in woodbridge, hawaii, you work hard and whether it be on the court or in a classroom. it will pay off. scott: all of the life experiences at a young age shaped dominic into quite the leader. in the course of the game, you are not going to see him on the bench too often. dominic is the engine of the team. and a relentless competitor. >> when he steps on the court, he is a pitbull. he can guard 94 feet. very vocal. vocal leader. >> leading by example on and off the court. >> one thing my dad told me is point down something i want to be. be as good as i can at everything i do. scott: the best is yet to come for dominic. i'm scott abraham with our rising star. nancy: icy start to the day.
4:28 pm
the school was sliding right off the side of the road with a student on board. the driver describing the moment he lost control. >> plus, metro wants to make history in a cost-cutting measure. what they are doing that is making headlines. i'm sam sweeney. i'll explain coming up. alison: new at 5:00, how the alligators landed up to their snouts in ice literally. we'll show you what they have done to help them. amazing! that is when larry and i
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. nancy: with temperatures reaching 50 degrees today it's easy to forget how slick it was. this school bus slid off the road in potomac. on board a 15-year-old special needs student. john gonzalez spoke to the bus driver about the moment he lost control of the bus. john: it was 9:00 this morning, driver of the montgomery county public school bus turned to tulip lane. he had on board a school lane and a high school student. the bus started sliding. he tried to maneuver it bu
4:32 pm
the bus lost control went off the road teetering over a ravine. this roadway, this surface is very treacherous and very icy. no one was injured. they were all evaluated at the scene. there were no injuries or transports. a day when the public schools were on a two-hour delay this happened in potomac. they have been treating
4:33 pm
road to get enough traction. to get the bus back on the road. in mow toe mack maryland -- potomac, maryland, john gonzalez. michelle: that is why they delayed the start times. it was slick. bill: it was. even at my place, the trees, some of it, if the areas that weren't and you didn't think about it which i did but if you walk inside and go okay and you could tell. it's 47. warmer. >> we'll take that. bill: good afternoon. we are 50 in d.c. 17 days since we were warmer than today. go to the 23rd in the mid-60's. 45 in gaithersburg. 48 in frederick. cumberland at
4:34 pm
no wind gust reported. just up to 10 miles per hour. in terms of the weather alert. there are no weather alert to talk about now. normally i wouldn't show a map that doesn't have anything on it. we are talking about the cold and the snow. midatlantic view and there is not a single winter weather advisory or alert of any kind in the region. you get to the plains, the mid-to-upper plains to find the winter storm watch in effect. that is nice. a break for us. we deserve it. 42 at 7:00. 31 by 11:00. i don't see any weather related problems. i keen -- i encourage you to get out and enjoy. there are areas that are shaded and may have a touch of ice. most of us should have had temperatures melted. be aware. we are talking about a warmer weather pattern and another cold snap. both coming up. michelle: metro leadership loo
4:35 pm
it may outsource work to the private companies to maintain the silver line. sam sweeney is covering this with an explanation. sam: we know that metro is strapped for cash and looking for money anywhere they can find it. they are exploring the opportunity to put the work out to the private companies to maintain this portion of the silver line. only proposal, idea a long way out. but the exploration process is well underway. within the next two years trains will travel 23 miles further down the silver line than they do today. it will cost millions to keep the rails in tip top shape. now metro must decide who will get it. >> this is an attack on the workers. they are not
4:36 pm
it. they don't know what the career status is at wmata. another process being disrupted. >> it's no surprise they oppose the idea. under the current rules they can use the nonunion employees on the new section of track. i have never seen the tension that is here or the disrespect from wmata or the union or the workers. all out attack on the workers. again, this is still just an idea. very early planning stages. metro is hoping to find out more information from companies that may be interested about how low the price can go and the creative idea they might bring to the table. we will keep you posted. reporting live in falls church, sam sweeney. nancy: thank you. former arizona shr
4:37 pm
seeking republican nomination to fill the seat held by senator jeff flake. flake is not running for re-election. known for his hardline immigration tactics, arpaio was pardoned by president trump last year on a criminal contempt conviction. michelle: how majority whip steve scalise will undergo another surgery tomorrow. he nearly died after being shot in a congressional baseball practice in alexandria last june. the louisiana congressman says tomorrow's surgery is a routine follow-up. he says he will continue to handle the leadership duties while he recovers. a crime alert. look at this. in hagerstown. robbery overnight at the pilot travel center. the man bringing in a long gun and holding it right to the head of that clerk. the police only found tire tracks in the snow.
4:38 pm
he has announced every inaugural parade until last year. now may make sure it's not forgotten. hay honored the decade of the service. he was the voice of the washington senators. nancy: a judge in iowa delayed the trial of chris souls. he is accused of leaving the scene of a deadly crash. the lawyers say he called 911 after the accident. the prosecutors say he stayed on the scene for less than 15 minutes and left before he could be questioned. nancy: did you see it? alabama with the epic comeback. a crimson tide player is about to have two new rings. we will show you next. still ahead,
4:39 pm
it may be lost in space. the denials and the
4:40 pm
tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
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nancy: did you see last night's national championship game? alabama and georgia going into overtime. michelle: if you are a 'bama player it's the best night
4:42 pm
it better. you may be wondering how. here is how. pop the question. offensive lineman bradley bozeman surrounded by confetti there proposes to his girlfriend. and if you can't till she said yes. so he gets a ring. she gets a ring. very cute. nancy: he is lucky she said yet. michelle: do you think she'd say no? nancy: people say no sometimes. michelle: a double celebration. this couple tried to rob a uber driver. a woman going topless to distract the driver nancy. police say the woman opened the door and pulled the driver on to her chest and kissed him. her partner pulled a knife on the driver. michell
4:43 pm
driver was punched in the face when he refused to give up his money. you just don't expect that when you are an uber driver. >> you never know what the day will bring. there we go. yesterday we showed you a spacex launch with a top sec red payload -- secret payload. now reports that zuma is lost in space. the rumors, the fingerpointing and the denial next. >> a dog walking app sounds cool but unfortunately some private information has been compromisedded. we will explai
4:44 pm
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three, two one. ignition. liftoff. >> we showed you this yesterday. the secret satellite mission. now there are questions about what happened and if this was a failed mission. space access the rocket did everything they were supposed to do but is the satellite lost in space in the "wall street journal" and reuters reporting that the super secret satellite failed to reach orbit is a total loss.
4:47 pm
michelle: "7 on your side" with what you need to know. and richard reeve has details from arlington. >> this is the wag app. this links up dog owners and dog walkers. we'll light it up again and this lets them exchange information. this allows them access to a dog owner's home and the pet. they found 100 cust hers where the information was not password
4:48 pm
some of this information out there has some troubled. >> there is all the not tinnial for something to happen. i would be leery about it. i'd provide any information. i don't know what they are asking for. i wouldn't put the social security out there. the live information out by a limited number of the customers. they say they fixed the problem. this is important to look at the disclaimers on the servers. we have more coming up. nancy: thank you. the supreme court will weigh in. a case involves a man driving hi
4:49 pm
he told the officer, he was told to search without permission. heroin was found inside. a man was arrested after they pulled a tarp off a stolen bike in driveway. the bike was stolen. the highest court determined the action was proper. >> the democratic members of congress looking for compromise on daca. the president wants a border wall. campaign promise from any deal. it's not clear if it's flexible among the republicans in congress. >> the virginia department of the veteran services opened an office inside the pentagon. it will help local service member assigned to the pentagon transition from the active duty to reserve or
4:50 pm
retirement. this is the 30th office in the state. >> "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. nancy: target seeing a surge in november and december and they expect it to bring the overall numbers up. the retailers have seen big spending a sign of strong academy and the adaptation to the online shopping. turn now to "live desk." larry smith with a look at the "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: hi, there. the d.c. council wants to match the campaign contributions. $5 from the city for every dollar a candidate earns. what is the catch? imagine a lawyer taking control of everything you own to charge you hundreds of dollars an hour and not do anything about it. the cool in the area to fight breast can
4:51 pm
>> wi reported on the accomplishment of leon, stephen and nick cantos and the honors after they were the first blind triplets to be eagle scouts. tonight they will present them with the scholarship. see the reporting on the news app. bill: awesome. michelle: good stuff in the weather department. nancy: it's really good. bill: it's nice. martinsburg is 489. this feels
4:52 pm
the temperatures are in a ten to a 20-degree warmup. that is the change! this is the big picture. if you are traveling tonight. there are no weather related problems. a different feeling from 70's to the 50's. watch the future temperature. this is 31. so we hop to noon. there are 50's and
4:53 pm
this time tomorrow we are above freezing and cooler than now. the mild air will continue. a big snowstorm friday and saturday but we hop in thursday morning. there is the cold air behind it to make the way through. this is 44 tomorrow. this is the rain. thursday and friday in the 40s and the 50's. 53 on friday. likelihood on rain. sunday we are back down to the freezing mark. but the temps will boun
4:54 pm
back. >> a nice rebound. thank you. michelle: drill, baby, drill. that was the mccain-palin campaign mantra but now a reality in the trump administration. the potential small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000.
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michelle: the trump administration unveiled plan to widel
4:57 pm
national correspondent kristine frazao looks at the benefits and the risks. kristine: the future of energy policy in this country looks to some like this. to others like this. >> we are closing in as a country on the full energy independence. kristine: deputy energy secretary seems optimistic. >> in addition to fracking we have the laboratories working on technologies to produce more natural gas and more oil. forecast president trump kicked off a plan to open up coastlines to oil drilling. >> i'm for it. we need more energy resources. great weapon against terrorism. >> there is additional value and it will provide the revenue for taxpayers. >> many of the taxpayers and those who represent them are
4:58 pm
of president trump's party saying the benefit don't outweigh risks. >> our tourist industry depend on the beaches. kristine: in seattle, they call it an attack on the coastline. >> this is not what the coastal communities want. we have seen what happens with the disasters like the deep water horizon. >> in total 47 areas are open for drilling between 2019 and 2024 under the proposed plan. others call for a measured approach. if what we get is arctic frenzy in the arctic and we export the oil. one thing we can be serve of, there won't be any more of it. kristine: a nationwide fight on the best way to proceed. everything with the price at the pump, economy, and u.s. national security in the balance.
4:59 pm
i'm kristine frazao, abc7 news. larry: at 5:00, stunner in silver spring. hundreds of workers discover the future is up in the air. >> why warming crews are looking at repair record and the california wildfires cause a second deadly disaster. dog walker app hit by a serious security breach. >> after years, one of the center piece of silver spring ready to make a move. alison: brad bell has a look at why discovery is leaving. this is a big deal. >> this is a really big deal. today people that work here got an e-mail from the president and the c.e.o. to say the time in silver spring is
5:00 pm
>> this moved to silver spring in 2003 as a cable tv giant. the head of corporation operation says the takeover of the food channel and hgtv is a matter of dollars and cents. >> this company loves silver springs. and loves maryland. we are a maryland company. we have to make changes. it has changes and consequences. >> they will have existing campuses in knoxville will have many of the functions that are here in silver spring. eventually the company will sell the building on georgia avenue. a stu


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