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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 12, 2018 2:37am-3:00am EST

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storm that's going to be impacting the northeast as we go through friday and saturday. for the i-95 corridor, the biggest issue is the locally-heavy rain. some spots will receive up to 3 inches of that heavy rain, potentially causing flooding, not just on the roadways but also when it comes to your small streams and rivers. those have been iced up recently, that will cause some big issues. a changeover from rain to ice to snow in the interior northeast as we go from friday night into saturday. all of that will clear out very quickly on sunday as the chill arrives. here's how much snow we eck spenting. locally up to 18 inches. >> wow, 18 inches in the watertown area. so the new york city pipe-bombing suspect has made his first court appearance. when asked to enter a plea, he said at this moment, not guilty. he's accused of setting off a pipe-bomb in a subway passage at the port authority bus
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he was the only person seriously injured in the december 11th attack. in san francisco, yet another swimmer has been bitten by a sea lion. the victim's friend says they were swimming at the aquatic park when the sea lion latched onto her friend and tried to drag her under the water. the woman was taken to the hospital but was not seriously injured. swimmers are encouraged to stay in pairs and keep a watchful eye. consumer news now. chrysler plans to invest more than $1 billion to modernize its plant in michigan. the plant will add 25 ha00 new s and pay a reported bonus of $2,000 each to some employees. meantime, if you drive a 2006 ford ranger pickup truck, ford is urging you to stop driving it. the auto maker is now blaming a second death on a defective
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ford dealers are prepared to come to you to get the vehicle and provide loaners until the pickup is fixed. saudi arabia enters the 19th century this year when women are allowed to drive in a few months. >> crazy. >> that means that ladies in the kingdom are going to need some wheels. >> some of them took a trip to saudi arabia's first new car showroom just for women. it was decked out in pink and orange balloons. it is staffed by women and in a mall only used by women. interesting to see how they're going to implement this huge change in a country where so many rules and laws like that. >> which is why they've taken so many months to get it into play. it goes in effect in june in saudi arabia. coming up, new worries about this year's flu season with the outbreak already spread across 46 states. what you need to protect yourself from others who may be
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we're seeing this morning just a few of the many faces behind this year's deadly flu outbreak. a mother of two has died outside of boston along with a toddler and 21 year old aspiring trainer. >> the mother of one says she thought she was just battling a bad cold when she went to the hospital. only two days later she died. her husband is in shock saying she was so healthy. >> she had the flu. and she also developed a bacterial infection. and it just really was severe and caused severe pneumonia. >> meanwhile, it's so bad in some
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state of emergency. >> there are precautions you can still take to protect yourself, especially at work. >> reporter: with flu fear spreading across the country. >> we're told it could be a nasty one. >> why is it so powerful this year? >> deadly flu bug appears to be making a come back. >> reporter: so many of us worry about catching the virus at work. >> i take hand sanitizer with me everywhere i go. >> i teach my students to sing the whole abcs song while they're washing their hapsd. >> reporter: somebody with the flu, comes in here, sneeze on the hands, put it on the door. >> yep. >> reporter: now how long can that lafe there and keep infecting the co-workers. >> the flu can live up to 24 hours. >> reporter: we saw 33 people come through these doors. if just one of them is sick, one university study finds when one person comes to the office
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sycamore than half the surfaces and half the employees can be exposed to the virus after about four hours. what do we need to keep in mind? >> don't touch the door with your hands, fush wipush it with elbows or your back. >> reporter: and once you get inside, be careful in the elevator. >> you can see the entire building get sick if a person comes if here and starts touching these buttons, these bad boys are dirtier than toilet seats. >> reporter: be sure to clean your desk area with antibacterial wipes no matter what. >> the blue aflu and the cold ss look alike. >> reporter: finally, keep in mind that germs can linger in the air up to 30 minutes after someone with the flu has passed through, even like big
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like a conference room. >> if you were here before the meeting started, sneeze and then you sat down, you can still get some of those germs. >> reporter: what about during the meeting? >> if you have to sneeze, allergies or not, sneeze into your elbow. >> the thing is, we make this fun and say the dab was the cool thing. it was just sneezing and protecting ourselves from other people. >> when you read the statistics, it's crazy. sneezing can pratravel 26 feet. >> is that you, jack? >> wash it down. apparently one foot is the more extreme danger zone. >> yeah, that's crazy. >> forget it! >> that just means you're pregnant. >> no. all right, coming up, the tonya harding
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♪ well, the winter olympics just weeks away, and a new movie in theaters, it seems like tonya harding is everywhere. >> of course that movie we're talking about "i, tonya" depicts a troubled relationship with her mother. amy robach spoke with both of them. >> hey, stop talking to her. that girl is your enemy. >> reporter: tonya harding. her story depicted in the new film "i tonya", talking about her difficult relationship with her mother. how would you describe your mom as a mother? >> not a good one. i know she probably did the best that she probably could. >> reporter: does she get any credit for that? >> yeah, she gets credit. when i'm
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will wonder where i'm getting it from. >> if there's no, you can't do it type thing, she'd be nothing. >> reporter: her parent captured in this 1986 documentary. for years, harding has accused her mother of abuse. >> she's not a good mother, she hits me, and she beats me. >> reporter: and we're hearing from her estranged mother, a former waitress. >> i was working right around the clock, morning, noon and knigh night, trying to get money for her to skate and have lessons. >> reporter: she says she was not a child abuser. >> spanked? yes, absolutely, positively. you've got to show them right from wrong. >> reporter: but that's not houghton yeah remembers it. >> when i was young, i remember she drug me into the bathroom and beat me with a hairbrush, literally. >> reporter: what had you done that made your mom go off on you
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with a hairbrush? >> oh, i wasn't landing my jumps perfect, and if i -- that was it, that's it. >> i remember distinctly one time at a competition, they called her on the ice three times, and she's still going like this, and i said stop it, and i went like that with the brush and i said okay, get. >> reporter: she says actress alison janney's portrayal of her mother is spot on. >> i made you a champion, knowing you would hate me for it. that's the sacrifice a mother would make >> oh, my god, yes. she was fabulous. >> all right, that was amy robach with tonya harding and tonya's mom. tonya's mom, i got to say was a little too enthusiastic when she was talking about
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>> alison janney place the mom. also won last night for playing her. >> tonya was at the golden globes when she won. coming up next, intomorrow knack theater
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anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer
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heartburn, but my ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, doctor recommended... 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. ♪ and now, for our "insomniac theater," previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> and we're going to start with the first-ever collaboration between spielberg streep and hanks. they risk their careers, the newspaper and their very freedom as they race to catch up with the "new york times" in exposing a massive government coverup. >> you know, the only couple i knew that both
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wanted to socialize with was you and your husband and you own the damn paper. that's the way things worked. politicians and the press, they trusted each other so they could go to the same dinner parties and tell jokes while there was a war rage being in vietnam. >> i don't know what we're talking about. i'm not protecting lyndon. >> the man who commissioned this study. >> i'm not protecting him, i'm not protecting any of them. i'm protecting the paper. >> well, it was nominated for six golden globes but got shut out. "the post" is drawing critical acclaim from many. one writes, if the intention was to send audiences out feeling inspired about journalism and its function in a republic, consider it accomplished. it reaches through the years to reverberate with a timely, contemporary chill. next to a different movie,
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stories of the character "paddington bear." you find the bear working a series of odd jobs to buy a book for his beloved aunt lucy's birthday, but then the book is stolen, he's sent to jail. >> no, no. >> excuse me. mr. knuckles? >> yes. >> i just wonder if i could have a quick word about the food. >> you want to complain? >> oh, no, i wouldn't say complain. ? o >> oh, that's a shame, because i just love it when people complain. >> really? >> oh, yeah. >> well, in that case, it's very gritty. >> oh. >> and lumpy. and as for the bread, need i say more? >> love the little bear in his prison uniform. that's good.
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it. the critics are loving paddington too, giving it a 100% certified fresh saying good
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the morning on world ani"w now," presidential profanity. >> and what the late night comics had to say about this. and a powerful winter storm is on the move bringing with it heavy snow and freezing rain. it's going to be a dangerous day for millions caught in its path. yes, alabama won the big game, but we're now hearing about an alabama coach's playbook being stolen ahead of the national title. what georgia fans are saying about this.


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