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tv   ABC7 News 11P  ABC  September 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:19pm EDT

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frock heom tco>> rocking the dot tonight a r ermmut surprins peo heights metro station. l ofald to . the other change you couldn't
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see until the sun went down. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. will begin with the breaking news alert.> or : that breaking news from northwest where abc 7 is hearing a number of people have been shot. atn. what happened out there? >> reporter: in the heart of a very vibrant neighborhood, check out of the way. a massive police presence, the bulk of the investigation e appears occurring a block to a block and and a half away they heard multiple red around .
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officials confirming several people injknow.ated i this poi. en called t. scene. detectives here at the fiparsrtment.ioue ho we swillndanchor: we will check stay with abc 7 new updates. download the abc 7 news app or . we will do push alerts on all platforms. d.c. statincas hio tse mall. which brings us to our instant sh, lloud.c. be a state? yes, no? >> anchor: as a go to to ltannaysa gayle shows us t
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y rt>> reporter: that event wra up about an hour ago. it attracted big names from the band. it also had a handful of won't give up on thit for t gh d.c. statehood. dell lawmakers maheir voices heard on the hill thursday morng. >> to ask congress to ask upon the quest. coshooting. >> rorter: d.c.atevivinooes t refiofpeople who have t stsenting the jour teyy 5ths been injured, we do not know cie ecthtivee s are on the scene and awaiting c. fm u, >> we wantedr meo becort t o ut
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s toleo early r us to have sooi. attended, tht firs step a ufor . >> for these group, the focus on statehood wos been on the n w nghard, at least ithese el. take aedop look at the n en. you will see othe ft n. can you tell a difference? if you take a look at this new on pi boer. >> we went to the iowa state fair. we came back from houston, monument. it makes it brighter at night. texas.ext r us, the things we each side have m l the ortilingghway to the top. >> beco a coalition. >> with the monument back open, yogecan t esthcture.t ho
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r side wi yn oustoned outo seho go orrnveli sverict will become the 5dithf stnge isst a jack evans testicony but reans won't let that happ. republicans in the minority exercising the right to hear from evidence. the asubject ofumber of without warning.> it caught me by surprise. ly spped printing its express paper handed out by probes. the last high-ranking seats with boths a result of these probes. the results of our poll at slthos t do dit toripebursrson.. >> the first smiles at me in the morning.t t
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>> this trance haonwas his corn still partipiclth at socied with the . t w t nheewors ofld dwhay wite hee.ils ke nt coua smoad a man from missouri. became sick and died. >> he is our he und out the cdc recoizes 500 he was out of a out. across the country including here in our area. most used a product with thc, a compound found in marijuana. federal and local agencies urgen they just shut do paphe er stepped people to a gofundme ne who babes to stop. if you want to see abc 7's g einchor: abc 7 en stor dot 000 in a week. ry irobemotional to eally great. described as nothing short of cata
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to shelterhoe man'wot e es onorgulfed the house. let's tal for a second.eather a chance to get outside, i ps enhop,l evinthere tonight. evything. >> some areas are ho a chief r:>>eteologi: remeteor me21. look at sog t rovillin t 40saladasurn . he
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lan n w a htombtes rrow morning, going to be very ear. n terms of the wind. a lot of veet q iuiouzeros ar t region.gaithersburg. 53 quantico. dhl to the air. the area.mer ay 0. nndcumbwhen we talk about ar tcks ant chnue to the moistuook at the dewpwere is the less mooiis tu there is. dewp ldo tntoissor t. today. bill and or jeff wa him
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that is about ouy t fdarilight. how that affects the inthst where the vaguest 100 th humidity going to stay lo 88 sa bit. a few er way i still think it io great for the final weekend of summer. our next cmonday re if aiofyou e ng ula taga aces ie fthri heon ts. aceend.
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y, rreporter: yes, what you are s byowt nlly i slein>>e diwhate we supsed e . rest tomorrow and saturday
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that t t plan to is, u have to stop heher. atths thing. head coach mike says there isn't one go to player on this .vps ut talhey have five or six more mvp. for now pick it back inside to t after dark. while, it reopened today. there are some changes you ll onu now that t sun >> fin nigh tod a cure for ildhood awarded l
11:12 pm r cancer research. 28 local amateurs including a few survivors and nurses all took part. good stuff. let's go back t nothouou btoig mystics. hey, robert>> y have to win one. thk atwifina.oming up we will t
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ive southeast where the mystics have done it again. veo go to vegas now. if they do their back in the finals. all of the fanfare before the
11:16 pm mma. 27 tuesday. 30 points tonight. pretty mu unschppannit.d abtes keissh te elo aling g her, >> ht to gooowis id oer peoplef ma semiday00people, frgame. 53 percent of the votes.ams.
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clearly you guys wanted tothat m we ge yoa chce tvote t be a ready.ools getting you live
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hat breaking news. new video, the scope of the sce enayrom the olumbia heights metro station.
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"jmy kimmel live"! apa or c,nt n abbey"elyou for y , it's nothing to be proud the i have, think we're up to 50
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