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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  January 14, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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it is time to have some fun welcome. we are going to look at oscar nominations and some great food and some hard to find a specialty foods a and here to
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is jennifer. >> it is one of my favorite >> 's across the street for man i never go there.. proper we have won and eaten in the beachwood area w and we just opened in crocker park we are so happy to be there. >> she does the cooking lessons i knows what she is talking about with the great gadgets. this is one of my favorite new toys i love it everyone knows they fall out on you. they stick it is just like any part you could think of this is gorgeous it is also amazing because it has this little part right here and at times it tends
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boil over into cubes as well. >> you're always you are always going like this so this is a really brilliant investment $20 is really worth it you can get rid of all your other lights and i also love letters it is a little clip strainer you don't have to worry about hollanders anymore you just haven't like this and h it keeps all of the ingredients in the part i love all this it is so handy i love it. and then i want to talk about the cutting board a little bit we use this every single classabr we have many different sizes. >> this is amazing as his little feet to see these little feet right hereii you don't have to worry.
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these little feet popoff you see this was made by a gentleman who owned a skateboarding company. it is a skateboarding material he noticed people are taking it, got out of the skateboarding industry and came into this in the last so long it is very much easy on your knife if you're using plastic it tends to our town faster than theirs. you chop all on the never really have to worry t about contamination because it is machine washable i love this i just got it for my husband for christmas. i am obsessed and it saves you time in the kitchen we have a class called cut like a pro we spend two hours learning how to use or knives. it we do that a lot. and then this thing everyone will be excited about. this takes any curb herb with
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the herb off for you. t so then you just pull and twist a little bit. look at that. how annoying is picking rosemary? no pun intended but the saves you so much time when you use it. i do. it is so nerdy of may. we push it through, and you need to have a couple in heret because it will take it right off for you people get so this and then we have this handheldn spiral laser that is all the rage right now. so, this is our spiral laser i very much love this little invention so you know how everybody is in into healthy eatingn this time of yearin it is a new year. we want to spiral ice makingew zucchini noodles that is all the rage gluten-free no crimes. he
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will start to spiral ice. >> you look like you know what you are doing. >> i do this smu again times in class each week people get so excited, and you don't need to worry about buying an expensive tool. this will be out around $12 are really great investment with our beautiful zucchini. you could do potatoes if you really want potatoes you for i am put on top of us take or you could do apples for apple pie that would be wonderful here f and then they have scored it for you it gets funnier as you go. and then we have the juicer i love this juicer for so many museums because i love margaritas a lot so it is great for the you take your half of lemon put it in upside down and push p" all the
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pulpp no seeds and you get all the jews out. >> i like thate it is so gorgeous we saw those two i we saw all of those here that you see about the call of all of what that comes fromou africa it is gorgeous the last thing i want to talk about our these. thesege i made especially for older people with arthritis that twisting motion you can do this upon your hand and go back and forthh we could do salt ore can do salt or pepper or coriander any seasoning like that would be wonderful. everybody knows this is my last 20 everybody knows slicing tie everybody knows slicing garlic can be very frustrating s so just take your peeled garlic and drop back and forth and you will get
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one of my favorite things. yes. but they are wonderful over there to redo cooking classes seven days a week and we always have something for everyone. >> they will give you tips and jennifer willve be there to help you. >> coming up next you love movies? >> i love them. >> oscar nominations came out today who is in and who is out.
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will come back to new day the oscar nominations were announced this morning aan big day like super bowls for the movies. february 20 is a sunday crosswalk will hold the show people will talk about who willut speculate on who will win because no we have nominees i thought michael kitchen would be nominated he is won i lot of awards for most exciting thing but most exciting thing for me is that maybe leo dicaprio he has been so good for so many years tom hardy is tom hardy is also nominatedan this guy lives
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films ever made a bunch of nominations for the someone you will hear a lot about i think on february 28o good luck for leo. >> your is a film - - i think this is my favorite called the big short totally put together that is money nominations as i hoped i would see in this particular film we have one for christian bale and adam mckay but i just love the big short. >> an incredible male actor in this movie. >> not even talking about brad pitt there. the next one to want to talk about his joy here's one i thought would get a big spotlight i'm sorry. this is another great psalmist has'm if there is an award for the cast
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on a true story about a newspaper that went after the catholic churchw in allegations of improper behavior by many priests in the city of boston with the nomination service talking about michael keaton he has won every award there was out there he is not even nominated but mcadam says she is nominated. >> i love s her. oh my anytime he isn't anything he blows it away. >> yes he plays a character ray donovan on hbo. every time i see him he seems so different he is a real can million and really terrific now you can go to jenniferou lawrence and check out july. >> do you think she will get it? i was blown away atil the amount of words this young lady has wanted such a young and. >> in that same category we have cate blanchett and cherylyl
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lawrence i think is there because they love herer chance of winning that is how i feel about that one and how about the eat hateful beats this is quentin tarantino i thought he would get but i guessd this is some hateful dialogue with number one and filthy number two was shot and 70 millimeters ml the music is unbelievable and it could win. this is old-school western it is terrific and the characters are terrific if you're easily offended, you may want to skip itre it takes you to the loop it is racist with vulgar language. >> i just think it is good to see them and something. >> backpacks who would've
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time of it has 13 nominations also was some of the more technical areas nominated for best director so manuel gibson in this will but you have tom hardy who was nominated for the remnant and this is a crazy good futuristic film it will be out on video any second maybe it already came out on dvd it is a terrific, terrific film. >> your favorite out of all those films if you had to pick won? >> i love it i think it is so clever and funny it is funny but it is about the markets collapse they were trying to warm people,
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so they made a big profit l on it. >> the winners are announced and it seems like thene movie will probably have an increase innc sales because now i know any is user to see this movie and not that willis be. >> i was going through the list and picked out every single one this one i'm in the precursor the see all the movies and we are sort of on the same page we are talking about colors of the year and a great way to
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tickets go on sale to the public on friday. live nation .com you have to remember the code is iconic. something else pretty exciting they have announced it
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having you here and what is the serenity part. that is the first time it is coming right? i love that condo and we have it on the great models today. and then we have katie and they are models from our new planet fitness. she is modeling the flowing serenity type top paired with the faux leather jacket with the daytime. >> you look so great i love it. that is awesome.
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sporting good sheep she. the serenity top with athletic pants that can bind both combined both colors of the serenity. >> carline is her line is awesome. i love it. i love the stretch pants it is so cute. moving on to accessories them to. >> accessories and handbags always at the great lakes mall they have provided us with provided us with some great michael korsk that's the street going to need street going to need don't leave for hours.ha and there's great rose bag is from wilson brother and we have paired it with this fun colorful scarf another and handbags from jcpenney if you are looking for designer bags it got them l all at great lakes mall and statement necklaces are on trying to for
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of those colors the scarf is from them as well. >> yes, it is. beautiful. >> shoes. we cannot talk about shoes. t they are really colorfulol but high in both of those the rose quartz in the serenity. >> they make a statement to. >> i just had to bring these in because they are fabulous two. >> you would not be leave the compliments i get on these. the same types of little straps they are very adorablef and that is all you need. a statement statement necklace and you are good. >> these are really goodd so then we incorporate every year's a for as the color of the your palate. they have released the colors of the your eye color palette as well as lip gloss.
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>> a lot of different colors and >> even though they are serenity there are a lot of brighter colors you could pay or even in fashion that translates into the show you issue you see the great colorshahe with the eyeshadow. and then home to core there are a variety of candles available as well as the other pairing colors from jcpenney, cleveland are is offering this metallic set in the rose quartz sandstone from jcpenney is the new line available in the serenity i they are simple and the color as well and have little messages.
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lowou. >> yes exactly. learn the hard way. >> yes and then the success to the gentleman as well. >> yes. yes. this one is from dillards and it combines both colors for men and women. this is an exclusive line she has paired at and again i missed the stuff that goes in the back them as well. blue is a really common color to have in your bathroom. >> serenity rose quartzou that those and get their hands on them. thank you for being here. >> you can find anything your heart desires. >> if you can findth a wedding here from fashion shows to some unbelievable deals on counts,
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look we have the army with the tools to help plan your wedding you get a prize bag filled with goodies one is our today's bride magazineh that helps helps find 500 local wedding planners to help them your wedding. coming to a show here it is today'sdi you never thought of them several of
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saturday. mother of eight and the show is chocked full you definitely want to check out our fashion show where you see lots of color maybe it's not the traditional whats you will see like old and lush and champagne and the colors are s queued into the other colors of the core. we have - - if you can try on him by that day. we have a lavender bridal pop-up salon all under $600 a great deal. these are beautiful dance my counselor want to get rid of. they are gorgeous. a wedding cake is not just a wedding cake anymore. it
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represent sure story where you want to college were proposed are just what you think your wedding is. and then the gold metallic throughout the stand. that is one of the hottest transit accommodate so many people you will see the newest and long stretch limousines. >> and we have different recipes that will help you with appetizers and address there will be show only specials
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exhibitors. as well as the fashion show. and today's bridal shows this weekend at the i ask bridal show you can see them by purchasing them onlinel just use the promo code frost 50. still to come - - great dining world-class comedy and terrific entertainment you know where to find it we will be
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will come back there is nothing that can warm you up on a cold winter night and how about great entertainment to get you out of the houset boat yes we are talking about world-class comedye and great entertainment all under one roof that would be the place when you first military thank you into the club at least once one so we for all outlet? >> yes it was wonderful i did i
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comedian that came through delicious delicious food i can't say enough we have another adventure for you we may have something for you check it out the cleveland adventure center. >> it is called the cleveland outdoor adventures center and here adventure center a here you are at the president.tdnd there are not very many presidents for the show he is the vice president
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indoor shoot of the country and in the cleveland outdoor adventure show we have a lot of fish and tackle assault those over there. a lot of great stuff talking about this this is like a golf course or inner whoever scores the highest here will have the opportunity to move on to another shootot because of one of the better ideas here. >> this is really a big deal.
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set upp and if they hit the turkey and the legy and i throw the tank around here a couple of years ago. t and we have the tank which is about 4,000 gallons of those with fishing seminars all weekend long. and you may find the stomach. you can actually watch those who want coming out here keeping the tradition alive what are the things to do for the kids? >> we have life kurt trout with the kids can come and catch the trout they can learn about it which is kind of cool. a lot of different activities with the
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girls and girl scouts in uniform can come in here for free. a lot of this is back. >> cap could i forget? i love that day he is so much fun what a great personality i love that guy he is terrific don't be confused when you come out. i think there is a boat show coming out at the same time if you can count, but you come, you can check outf one through sunday
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kevin has been here. we've had a great time with kevin it would be a great night to come out plus the caps on in town. all of the above it. i know for valentines day valentine's day there are big names.n before we had bobby collins for valentines day and then bobby lee that is next
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who made it big on mad tv. here is a whole list for you. >> rob schneider and tom green one of my favorites j farrell will be coming up there is comedy for everything today and that is a mom oriented show. with families and children and all of the problems and a lot of music for the show too. p oh yes,
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produce murder mysteries it is the all girl mystery right now and i have a great cast and they are such sweet people and that is a great show as well it is about us everyday life. we don't take ourselves too seriously a great way to celebrate so please come down and see us. >> it is feel-good entertainment
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i had such a fun night and always think you should start those off because it is so delicious. we just recently had to rev stars great and wonderful reveal a serious restaurant and we would love to seriously entertain occasionally i jump out of a cake i can't do it tonight, but for special people i up next - - making the most of
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if you are looking for something good like it comfort food love the place.
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wase a thrill for me it was all long timeor a lot of foods i went there for the cowboys stakes. you put those on the big green egg but if you don't want to cook, this may be the way to go. it is cold and wintertime and you want a hot meal in your belly what i remember is coming home to school with my mother in the kitchen cooking stuffed cabbage m i we have a couple of artichokes in theou store there to the two and nancy is a measure of she helped me put the food together. >> beautiful stuffed cabbage what kind do you use c in that? >> beef and drive. >> i saw the chilly here which
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to ten different people to maintain people like is macaroni and his macaroni and cheese but we sell pac meat we do so some cheese and it macaroni and be. >> tonight they used to call it be for around eight or only or something? >> what is going on here? >> to make those dumplings a littleak pain and love but it is great, but we have our own bakery and italian bread. >> there is somethingd wrong with your lasagna it is round it is pretty cool. >> weoo use our own marinara and italian sauces. >> nobody complains about your
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>> we make split pea soup because that is good. >> and do use him from the shank? >> it is the way to have christmas and new year's with a big bowl of stew here.h >> asked to the chef in medina what he would do and his braised some short ribs a with the vegetables. >> sometimes a simple things are probably the best thing like mashed potatoes sort of a pain in the butt to peel and chop the more you buy them at the store they are not as nice but yours are homemade. >> we made those special for you yes. everything goes i am jealous she loves that stuff. i want to talk about this over here when i first came in with the short ribs. >> i was treated to a short ribs dinner not too long ago i looked all over i could not find them that is a terrific piece of me. is this one or two ribs? >> to eat. where do you sell
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great price. and it is make your own sausage? >> yes. how many different kinds of sausage do you make?ak >> five or six. we make the polish and smoked those are big shanks if you want to make soup. >> it is beef shank it is something a he as to cook a long time with the refrigerator out and make soup with it. if you
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short ribs or the beep shanks they are nice and sweet. >> i happen to be home on the weekend on sundaype seven days a week so you get off on warned roado i tell you it is hard to go there and buy stuff you never thought you would want to buy. i really like the terrific stuff thank you. seven days a week. the weekend is around the corner if you are looking for something to do other than chopping, had two h sheridan square 2016 and the mid american boat show is going on it now through monday moore than 400 boats and kinky boots
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palace it is a chance to get youro tickets go to the website and enter your password that
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well. on the menu today anthony hopkins likes that crop. what kind of indian food do you like? i like food one sliced up in in in now we add our seasoning paste one cup water 1 tablespoon vinegar and that chicken goes
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minutes spicy chicken vindaloo that is a recipe for today. are very important when considering orthopedic surgery it is the functional approach to patient care when you need something like this, you may want to check that out. >> that crystal clinic and we have spying out the newest things we've incorporated is our spine health institute is the spineti spying out wellness center and in that center, we take a differentte approach to patients and try to look at it at at at more patient centered standpoint with a more holistic approach. so, it is not an, that we will have a patient who comes in with
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get that under control, there are spine c pain is going to be more difficult to control we take that whole approach with allh of our orthopedic patients. now there is a new patients for optimizing patients before a total hip or knee by opt amazing things like weight and diabetes and nutrition, not only do we get the good results with typically gotten, but now we get even better results with that. the stronger we get a patient before surgery the more we get the other chronic conditions optimized and the better their outcomes are from a surgical standpoint. that is why i spend as much time talking to patients about sleep habits and their diet as i do feeling they are back am looking at their mri.
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wellness provider i see everything from that range of somebody who hurt their back playing football over the weekenddyo to 75 -year-old to have a hard time walking because of the degenerative changes in their backe and the same time with treatments i can provide there aren'tpr all all of the nonoperative stuff from physical therapy when they are seen as a new patient they also see the physical therapist which is very unique nutritional changes we can make in our diet and all the way to surgery o and i can it make sense to do all these other things because then when we do need to do surgery patients recover so much more quickly. the upfront i take with patients
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the country in addition to being spine surgeon, i also take a more functional medicine type of approach to caring for the patient when we look at things that cause pain, pain really is an inflammatory process and while it can happen from a broken bone, and when we go to the source of that information answer that outce with the autoimmune we struggle to get the spine being here until we get that done and so by taking we look at what is causing the problem or the root of the problem we are able to help people who would not typically
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care. we can provide this bowl this fullhi spectrum of care i traveled to multiple locations throughout northeast ohio so it is easily acceptable there is physical therapy at every single one of those locations so doing the therapy does not have to be a harsh it is close to home. and then if an mri or other x-rays are needed you don't have to go on-site y we can take care of them at one of our facilities. >> okay tomorrow . -ellipsis winter weather scary we have a reason to move into the snow belt air in northeast ohio we have great food to warn you up on friday. i'm getting warmer now. on monday you could curl up with the cozy blanket we have a full hour dedicated to soup
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noodle soup and david is sharing his recipe for french onion soup sometimes you make soup at home and then you make it for a whole year we will see you at
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