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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. >> huge explosion had crocker parke glasslike shaking buildings for miles, no injuries, the question is what caused it . began with a small fire near propane tanks then the explosion sending planes into the sky as angelic as more of the exclusive video.
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from her cell phone in her office. >> it was terrifying, we thought the office,gh and wonder if everybody was okay. >> another view on cell phone video at about 10:30 a.m. outside of the american greetings . whether propane tanks exploded. this did not happen in one moment, less like 911 got a call of a small fire in the propane tanks the crews arrived just moments after that, the explosion explaining how she captured as it happened she
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started her camera rolling when she noticed the emergency crews arriving. >> it was surprising and purified. >> ed gallek fox 8. >> again, no injuries respond to people who saw and felt the blast. >> nausea -- or what's to happen they said that they were through for more tanks that were going to explode. >> is shift the entire shopping complexe including trader joe's where shoppers ran for cover they were quick to evacuate some sunday dreaming of about the shoppers were few and far between.
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shakes the building, everybody is safe and that's what counts. >> the injured in the explosion that could take weeks to figure out what started the first fire ..wh you can see more of the video at fox using also breaking news from brook park, a freight train, destroyed a van stuck on the tracks, we have exclusive video of the impact, there was nobody inside the at&t van led the train crashed into it, it happened on route 237 relatively settled in seven in holland road the driver drove around again and sou got stuck, but the out moments the train slammed into it,in the incident is under investigation . fbi agents raided a million-dollar homef in
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house on lake road where they could be seen removing boxes of evidence including computers a spokesman says it was part of a multicity investigation into child porn he said the south east michigan task force spearheaded several raids nationwide would not say if anybody was arrested here . >> driver of all the waldo wrong way crash and killed a 20 or woman is charged with aggravated murderay happened valentine's day morning valentine's day morning they say mark rafter was trying to kill himself when he drove the wrong way on 480 . chuckwa slammed into a car driven by kayla coates killinger he is still recoveringer. >> a former ohio model convicted in the murder for hire plot tragic events of the detective of her innocencet and we've got
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tara lambert circleville is interrogated in the video containedvi by crime watch daily . the detective trying to get a confession out of her but she will not break in when he tells her he has video of her ordering the hit . she said have been punched in the grown meanh getting in the to find her guilty she was
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>> people forced from their homes where brunswick apartment building caught firer that destroyed part of the hickory hill apartmentsof claimed the life of a 4-year-old girl, six people were injured their allowed to go back into the us will have a few days to gather belongings. >> has been a madhouse, but i believe people moving out all at once, but again, anytime one of us start to complain, i can't let blessings that i have stuff to move , look at the building and some have nothing left, i got lucky, my stuff is salvageable . >> the cause is still under investigation, if you like to help the displaced residents there is info at fox >> has been a wet and gloomy day here this is a look at the current conditions outside of
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rainfall, and the thick fog has lifted a little bit, so talk about maybe when we can see some relief. >> the rainfall is slowly pushing off southeast . there's still some are pockets of rainfall on 71,me and the turnpike and 77 the heaviest rainfall this day across southern ohio, rainfall amounts around three quarters inch . most of us will get three quarters inch in the gun midnight overnight it will partially clear up . temperatures start to tumble, 44 degrees at hopkins and 55 at
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tonight we may see some partial clearing after midnight . by midmorning back to sunshine with sunshine all day, tonight 40s, the rain to parts early . 45 -- 50 at the shoreline, further inland, around 50, we have st. patrick's day
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the vernal equinox. >> kluber mayor frank jackson delivered his annual state of the city address he says the city needs to make up 63 million-dollar loss in state funding and revenue in.s >> the only thing that it can do in 2017 is to lay off employees and to cut or eliminate service . he says that the leaders have a tough choice to make raise taxes or lay offto workers so he's calling for the city to invest $25 billion into neighborhoods to help with quality quality-of-life issuesto and touted the importance of education urging voters to renew an and operate a leading, he e says that the city still needs to find more moneyci as. >> that is why i am proposing a in half percent increase in income tax to give us $80 million, which is enough to cover the
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and . he says it will cost the lives of millions to make the police reforms promised in the consent decree signed with the justice department. >> the ohio primary less than a week away early voting continues at the local board of elections, if you are registered to vote you can cast your ballot in person tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on saturday fromrd 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the last day to vote early is monday march 14 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. also the last day to mail in your absentee ballot .. >> on election night will have real-time results at fox andl have the complete election
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>> the cavaliers won the first game came on the west coast trip last nighton to live abroad and company face kobe bryant for the final time,ac he's returned at the end of the season, his farewell tour stopped at the q. last month, the fans cheered each time he touched the ball, but the cavaliers won the game easily, the rematch tonight in los angeles the final meeting between lebron james and kobe bryant , with tipoff at 10:30 p.m.,f the brass still need a starting quarterback sources say they're kicking the tires onrarb super bowl quarterback colin kaepernick, struggling for season-ending surgery, and when san francisco hired chip kelly as the head coach dan colin kaepernick reportedly asked for a trade out of theed bay area, tonight for the 49ers are talking to the browns broncos on and just about the quarterback,
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deal goes downhe, me-time johnny manziel is still a member of the browns team, he continues to cameras caught him at a hollywood club last night a tragic trading for anything, because it will cost them less money than just cutting out right sources say they cannot find a dealy for from himself he will be waived by the end of the week . >> it is why college recruiting, only foreign terrorists see the strange list of questions that isis asks people who want to
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german intelligence officials say a man who defected from isis turned overo some information, documents that they used to recruit
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,, are you willing to be a suicide attacker ? or prefer to be a fighter for isisre ? include potential red flags like bad eyesight or inability to drive a stick shift , he says he turned them over because isis is not the model of a islamic light the list of attendees including michelle obama, former president
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as roslyn carter and hillary clinton, flash flooding has killed at least three and louisiana, rainfall causing major problems, a good samaritan rescued a woman trapped in floodwaters on highway 61 in mississippi she panicked when the water swept her car away several drivers raced to savor . we talk about how often people know it is dangerous but they still do it.ow >> just takes a little bit of water and some motion so always turnaround don't drown . looking outside from burke lakefront airport has it been cloudy withbe low visibility and has been cloudy all day with rainfall all day .wi a height of
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above normal . a record of 72 from 73, . it is a chilly rain especially lakeshore, the line of showers extending froml new england into the deep south to storms their louisiana, alabama, mississippi and kentucky, tennessee, we will get a light amount of rainfall theht heavier rainfall has been to the south,ie as high pressure gets closer, pushing rainfall out of the area before midnight then
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41 degrees lakefront, and 45 cuyahoga airport . northeast winds between five and 15, 40s 50s and 60s near near zanesville . you can see it going down, will be a sun filled friday and
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on saturday night daylight saving time begins at 2:00 a.m., fisher clocks ahead one hour . but they did weekend saturday . with low '60s then next wednesday dry slot and then friday next week a chance of lake enhanced no replies in the 30s . it will be short-lived . for helping to stop the runaway driver in a pursuit that has saved lives as dave nethers as
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>> fund on interstate 77 in the canton canton . the driver drew more than 3 miles into oncoming traffic before sergeant dave garberer used a pit maneuver to stop them wrong way driver, this dash-cam video from sugar june or 17 when sergeant carver was on his way to another call there was a driver hitting directly toward him even with his overhead lights and sirens activated the driver continues past him so he turnaround to go in the wrong direction to try to stop them . he was worried about oncoming traffic, notw being able i to see him have a curve so he used a maneuver to bring the car to a stop. >> i know a serious once he passed me into nonstop . he did
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it was going to be serious. >> he had 151 ovi arrest last year as the potential of saving 101 lives every person he removed the roadway . this guy he saved at least one person the driver that was impaired on the interstate. >> in the driver identified as 22-year-old todd steiger of canton he is in to serve a jail sentence this month, they th nethers fox 8 studio at the university of akron.. >> it is a sign of the times and fast food employee here is a deaf customer without saying a
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fast worker helping a deaf girl placer first order his going viral. >> in the video she looked at me like is this working and she enjoyed doing that and looks forward to going back, to bring awareness to the deaf culture, businesses need to try to make things easier because their lives are difficult enough. >> says that she grew up in a n deaf household and was thrilled to help, an officer found a surprise guest hiding under his car heard he saw several dogs in the street , and he went back to the station, one of them had climbed into the undercarriage
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ay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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