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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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combating illegal immigration along with what to do with the millions who have entered the country illegally over the year and remain here. drops immigration speech expected tak place at 9:00 p.m. tonight hillary clinton's campaign will meet with the mask and present as well but has yet to be scheduled waiting to hear how the meeting todaybe between don trump in the mexican president went immigration in mexico and hillary clinton talks about him in ohio. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors f a few hours then flying home again that's not how it works. >> she spoke to the american legion national convention in cincinnati. blasting donald trump for his stance on immigrationon before referring
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she says that trump aide talk a lot but when it comes to diplomacy he falls woefully shortrtlk. you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. you do it by putting down the slope hard work of building relationships. hillary clinton from cincinnati, vice president joe biden will be here tomorrow to to autoworkers at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and warren then more autoworkers in parma at 5:45 expected to explain the stakes in the upcoming election and advocate for her upcoming economic plan we will bring you the parma visith onli at fox >> one day after the metroparks teachers union announced a
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president calls the contract terms good for the students and therefore educators cleveland teachers had been without a contract since june and have been trying to work out a deal l since last year the negotiations culminating with a marathon session on monday resulting in tentative agreement. one of t major sticking points have been teacher compensation which is done to annual performance ratings. chance to look over that deals before voting. >> something he is positive wil happen >> ii believe that the members will look at the contract in c provisions that they like they're going to see provisions that the parents and our communities will like so we moved to fix what we saw as
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which reads in part-- that team is asking questions about a suburban school lockdowe one that has social media buzzing as ed gallek as the latest >> there was no gun found, this time parents creating alarm , sh media, this morning at the building used for the clifton heights university heights school district , the school and at a lockdown 90 minutest , check your report of a student with a gun, they said the it identify the student and there was no gun, the stories and peered we heard of messages between parents on social media saying that video had service showing that there was a gun.
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again that there was no gun found,o and they said it was false information . new information about a man accused of murdering another driver after a car accident in solon. he was firing shots until told to drop the gun and get joins us. >> witnesses said that the suspect cut out of his car yelling that someone had killed his father in again firing his gun, family members the victim debbie pearl said that they are in shock.. she was a loving and respected woman. she was god-fearing and loving.
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his mother that her 3-year-old debbie pearlt who was murdered after an early-morning car cras in solon they are still in shock. subject that she was taken away like that. dozens packed bedford muni court wednesday during a brief hearing for the suspect matthew desha , who pled not guilty waived his right to a preliminary hearing this case will be sent to the cuyahoga county grand jury. got out of his vehicle with a rifle walked up to her car and began shooting
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cars pass by he then fired at passing vehicles. one of witnesses told him to put his gun down and theyo stayed with him until the police arrived. he was yelling at someone kille his father, nobody else was him and that matt desha do not know the victim, he said he served i the marines ptsd and is bipolar. he said h was not taken his medication. you see the amount of love that
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today marks the first day ohio brewers and vars can serve beer withh no cap on the amount of alcohol, transplanting, and market garden brewery
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>> ohio city is the epicenter o the localal brewery scene marke garden just opened this new 43,000 square foot brewery the latest is 15 percent alcohol.l. that's now possible thanks to a new state law it eliminateses t previous served in the state is meant to help the craft brewing industry to be more competitive, 12 percent is about three times the level of alcohol in an average light-beer, they say that it will be served and 5-ounce portions, as mothers against drunk driving make renew calls for caution in planning ahead for a safe ride home.a >> it removes a layer of restriction to the creativity so it is not a a big part of our
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after dinner kind of drink and not going to want to have five of these. you going to reach impairment quicker so again the overriding message is if you drink any alcohol do not attempt to drive after drinking any alcohol. market garden is not the only local brewer take advantage, platform beer in cleveland as well as thirsty dog and often unveiling higher alcohol beers, great lakes brewing does not haveveu plans for a higher alcohol
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major league baseball playoffs around a corner and the indians pull off netrade. >> fox 8's p.j. ziegler has mor on the familiar face returning home. he started his major-league career in cleveland and now coc crisphh baseball career has come full circle after being traded to the indians today, he comes to cleveland at 36 years old they finalize the deal today getting theze outfielder in cas for he had 11 home runs and 47 rbi, if they can make the postseason he will fill the voi
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testing positive for ped earlie this year, rajai davis knows how experience can be helpful. that addition, will be good for us. we will see how a month from now, things are going, looks like it's going to be hug for us down the stretch. coco crisp is expected join the team thursday are then adde to the roster friday.
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can expand to 40 players so the put them on the active roster will not have to make a move will not have to do what anybod to aaa.. coco crisp back with
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it ran a lot it will not be a there for the postseason and someone who know the team and has experience and coco crisp certainly has both.. local company began a special
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looking at time lapse video starting about 130 todayay you see these vertical cells and showers/storms bubbling up alon the cold front boundary pushing to the southern and southeaster counties. looking at the boaters forecast. potential of waterspouts tonight and
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and rainfall to the south near ashtabula, geauga county and along 322. a little heavier to wooster and to canto and getting closer to salem and even farther south to loudonville and sharif. loaded into the south will clear that over the next hour or two live with high pressure
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evening. hopkins 82 and 71 degrees. sitting on youngstown and some 70s '80s and close to 90 and cincinnati with high dew points across the entire buckeye state. so '90s are ahead of their front, looking atat tropical depression age and number nine and the gul of mexico is
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this is heading towards the northern part of florida, georgia, the carolinas and back into new england. tonight a few early renegade showers and then some clearing and then tomorrow partly cloudy also a few lake enhanced showers. tomorrow loaded 70s could see a raindrop or two and will be cooler through friday night touchdown, and great weather throughout the labor day weekend. >> are you expecting any strong
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>> ? >> ? >> of the name, louis stokes, but do you know the story of this local engine from humble beginnings to political power
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is banner year cincy died born int poverty, and house it did not have heat or indoor plumbingho became a figure and the united states congress.. i'll bet is a boeing cleveland you didn't see her life like this? >> i grew up in the projects in cleveland. didn't even have these kind of dreams. just before his death last year at the age of 90, he wrote it down for us to share in his autobiographyn entitled, the
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is fascinated by the work of the lawyers representing the accused and wants to follow in the footsteps. >> my mother can assume that th college was not even in my future. but if things work out, i'd like to be a lawyer one day. i >> 's father died when he was just a boy and his mother lived for her two sonsns, he and his younger brother who would be th first black mayor of a major american city in cleveland in 1967, their mother cleaned homes on the west side and move her family intome a federal housing
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today the housing project also houses the louis stokes exam which his daughter had never seen before. the history includes serving in the military that open a doo to an education >> i served in world war ii and then i took advantage of the g.i. billllrv cottey college an rest is history >> that hior rise to power in cleveland first as an attorney who argued that the first stop and frisk case before the us supreme court. they help to establish rules fo certain police dogs and his election to congress where he served 30 yearsd and his autobiography chronicles the political and civil rights strugglest in cleveland to address issues important to the
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the first president wizard and his ear that at congresswoman stephanie tubb jones funeral in 2,00808 and he said that i just want you to know thate i would not be here if not for you and your brother. >> not bad for a kid from cleveland. the title is right. he was a gentle man and he
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>> bill sheil fox 8 news here the book is published by the ohio state university pressss a available at fine bookstores everywhere. it is also for sale online you can find a link at fox >> inthe roar is getting ready take place which you can expect to see at the air show this
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>> over the rain comes into your backyard and then be out of her by the weekend y. >> you have the next few hours and then go ahead and show you what's going on todayay have been some thunder and some downpours and for some of us, not that of the passage of front has been slow with heavy rainfall moving southeast and ashtabula county near jefferson and andover near middlefield, geaug
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and farther south than last loudonville and shreve. also coshocton and new philadelphia. we will not get much rainfall for several days after this. we have minimal lightning strikes and notg severe storms with the cold front and also high pressure tonight.
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tonight liv tyler showers with partial clearing about 60 tomorrow in the 70s.. fighter jets racing across the sky and classic airplanes o the runway is ready for takeoff. >> kit ready to hear the roar over the shore asas maia belay at burke lakefront airport with what we can expect. there so much for your family to do at the airport about
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golden knights were here gettin ready to put on a showk. at fairview park high school, the going to make aboutut half a do parachute dies during the air show, the kickoff will be at the indians game friday, right now to working on practicing the performance. >> we will practice everything on the ground that we do in the airir we travel and about 120 and we practice is before we load up and get ready to fly. the stars of the show this year are the blue angels appeared they are headline of the show with an hour-long performance airedwi it was so loud moments ago imagine how loud it will be this weekend s. >> would you like to get a flight in one of those planes? >> we could put in a special
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>> with a place you might, we will save. >> thank you maia belay from burke lakefront. hands-free drive is about to get an update here is lou maglio. >> tesla plans improvements to its autopilot system after a fatal crash earlier this summer tesla ceo elon musk said that the software update will be released including a major update with software updates delivered to tesla owners of the autopilot system can maintain a set speedf keep it within its w and break automatically, radar helps the car to see things tha may be blocked two cameras in rice, and glad whether in may a driver whose tesla model s was operating in autopilot died at tree crashed into a tractor-trailera this update is
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it is a simple rocking horse but to those people who receive them there more than that. >> a local company does its par to comfort children of fallen heroes as tracy mccool is here with the story. heroes rock is a small company in man's way that builds specialized rocking horses because two children of fallen heroes including the armed forces, firefighters and police the latest labor of love hit th road with a rousing sendoff. the going on a tour of the western us bringing along some precious cargo, 27 rocking horses that will be delivered to fisher house that provides free or low-cost lodging to veterans and militar
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receiving treatment at military medical centers each has a personal touch from northeast ohio. the handprints on these are done by people fro all over.. the high school marching band did one last week crestwood middle school, mandalay village council.
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matter what you do for a living, it was new job is never easy.. >> a brown was released and was furious and now what he says
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you got to do the flip justl right with the all in otherwise you can mess it up statement they are hardt.
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possibly. in the news business we use the term turning the story.bu >> noted works harder than the ching, they're also good at turning pancakes. ed and peggy gallek, working at the united way pancake flip on public square this morning, and lorrie taylor, kenny crumpton were also flipping flapjacks k at the $5 breakfast that includes sausage and orange united way programs.. tomorrow will be better we will have som lake effect rain showers.
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claus today we will have cooler air and we will move across the warmer lake water and we will have the lake effect clouds. they will be building verticall from the passing front window last several hours and burke lakefront. you can see showers through ashtabula,a, columbiana stark county allowed 77 with rainfall in addition to holmes county. there could be a legging shower crossing central may carry.y. it is about the h pressure and cooler air. the dewpoints are lower with cooler temperatures. a tropical depression moving offshore the
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dewpoints are still relatively high land has shifted it will be showing what's coming in our direction withng cooler air less humid ai. seventy-three malarky in cincinnatiti still has mid- '80 with high dew points. tonight dewpoints will drop into the 50s.s. this is the and we have this down around of the yucat?n peninsula. this'll be the one across the georgia, carolina coast lines and it does get pretty wide it could be
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england. tomorrow clouds and some sunshine. friday looks fantastic with cooler temperatures. tonight near 60 and partial clearing, tomorrow sunshine partly cloudy with low to mid '70s. and then for the upcoming weekendnd we have a september call them. and on labor day, will be upper 70s-low 80's. and the next chance of rainfall will be the
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in baseball, third base is called the hot corner goes batted balls, and a hurry. >> also need to have good reflexes on the pitcher's mound. tribe pitcher zach mccallister, made the play of the game last night against the twins.t he deflected a his foot and snatched the ball out of midair without, the best news is that the indians won th game. five-four to. a former brown finds a home and the prep for the final preseason against
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>> from hackensack to this it was a shock to some that the browns part company with paul kruger. then a couple days later, he got some clarity on where his career is headed, while paul kruger kennedy released was a financial boost to the team salary cap situation, he wanted to relocat as soon as possible with the season-opening in a week,, he saints , he had interest from other teams such as the chiefs.. the browns will turn up for philadelphia on thursday when the bears are at first energy stadium,w defense has been very generous for much of the preseason, joe haden, who aims to bewh full go on the opener knows the defense has to improve. i feel like our defense can
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havee a lot of potential. and i think that with these new to next week's we can tighten u a lot. c corey kluber, will be pitching in search of his 15th win of the season as the indian look for more of that magic las night they got the runs early, even though they were down they were able to four counts. when you look at his stats, has speed and can cover ground can still some basis kind of fits in with what they haved on the roster and th have lots of switch hitters he is one of them so i guess tito more versatility. he also has well with runners in scoring position so he can play in the
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almonte cannot. go to fox 8 to vote for the friday night touchdown game of the wee the polls close aty nine in the winter now sent 10:00 p.m.. >> join us friday , or front touchdown as we welcome our the guest tracy mccool copley alum will help to bring
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the highlights on friday night touchdown friday
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we know that dogs can understan words especially when using basic commands. >> and i give them some credit, according to a study from budapest,t, dogs comprehend respond to language records of
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a heard various phrases when they heard things like well don they responded stronger than neutral words. they also responded strongly to a cheerfu tone of voice. researchers say that you may want to choose you words carefully. united kingdom zero posted this picture of a baby monkey and twitter went
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resemblance to lord voldemort l from harry potter. some said i was creepy, but not everybody i afraid some said that the monke is not hideous. entire security bidding a fond farewel to it won't retiring after 32 years. >> at are drawn fire for his decision not to stand during th national anthem, colin kaepernick gets support from a
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they broke in, reached around and unlocked the car and went through.h.oc >> stories piling up, downtown workers come out to find out the car had been broken into stealing what they could find even loose change, these people work together, they even had sometimes more than once and indifferent parking lights near thend fbi building on the near eastside.. the victim say that in some cases the thieves led some valuables that could have easi stolen. but look at what
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they say that tuesday, he held coworker, she left her job and found it like this near the justice center with two wheels stolen. hope that the place will step up patrols or maybe the parking lots can hire security. two officers on foot patrol, walking the beat because of the car break-ins. >> every day my walk to the car on thinking it's going to be busted out again and that is an everyday thing.. >> we did see those officers on foot patrol, we also asked the chief's office what kind of investigation might be done especially with so many better work so far no response, coming up at 6, what about the people runningg some of those lots and


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