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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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from suspect was resisting arrest. it is hard to see what was going on in the video. was the suspect face down? face up? what led up to the video. we don't know that. but we do know that punches were thrown by a cmpd officer, now cmpd is investigating whether or not excessive force was used. this video was sent to us by a 19-year-old viewer, she lives here,tationing this, she was taking this video from her balcony. >> i do respect the police, i understand they have a job to do. but at the same time, they are here to protect and serve, not brutalize people. reporter: in case you are wonder
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malcolm glen elliott ii, charged with run hit-and-run, resisting arrest. and a suss betweened -- suspended license. >> thank you, david. bill: if you would like to buy a handgun right here in mecklenburg county it could take some time, there is a delay in the permit process. a local sheriff and gunshot ownerring trying to make changes, ran en robin kennedy is joining us live with more. >> the sheriff defense tells me pistol purchase permits went up
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december of last year, the demand does not show signs of stopping. some may be leaving empty handed. there were 8 of these saves full of about 500 handguns reserves for people to buy, the store can't yet sell them the guns due to a major backlog in mec length luol len berg count -- mecklenburg county with the permits. sheriff office said it has been flooded with applications. they only have 14 days to let someone know if they are approved for a purchase permit, they can't meet that deadline
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information comes from the clerk's office. >> we're unable to do that now until we have all of the information back, i 78 always going to error on the side of safety, we have to have all of the information back before we issue the permit. reporter: he has been in touch with the clicker of courts office, they don't have manpower or technology to get that data-quickly. >> the systems have not been automated except for last few years, some are on microfish, some on written documents some on cds. it takes a loot of people to process the thousands of permit applications. reporter: sheriff wants law changed to give his office 14 days to respond, once they get mental healthy report from the clerk of courts office, until then he is waiting on that information so guns don't end up in the wrong hands. hyatt could not agree more.
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can gitic -- get extra manpower and get the records automated. that is the ultimate goal, we need to know whether a police officer called on a dispute or a firearm sale, if someone has a mental health problem. reporter: we learned about delays, our office has mobilized all resources to address the explosive demand, however, those resources alone are insufficient to pro vent delays -- prevent delays, our current wait time is 4 months i have requested additional support from state and county officials and explores technology enhancement to ex pe expedite requests, we appreciate your patience and offer our sincere apology for delay. bill: thank you, robin.
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have being a sigh of relief, josh international an is -- norman is staying with the team for another season. josh sims is live with more. >> the franchise tag most personallyic keeps norman with the panthers for another season, gives team until july 15 to negotiate a long-term contract. it means, will get paid by a top top tier corner in the league. he will make just under $14 million in 2016, norman has to produce another pro bowl level season if they don't work out a long-term deal, if he does not he could face free agent again in 2017. recording a career high 4
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he was named pro bowler and garnered all pro honors for the first time in his career. bill: he is a fun play or watch, thank you. >> we'll turn to weather now, really hard to imagine a better start to the workweek in 60s, low 70s, been gorgeous, but unfortunately later on this week we'll have to bust out the umbrella, checking in with chief meteorologist brian basham to let us know. brian: some areas of region we have showers. it is still light so far. we have rumbles into later portions tonight, look at that big area in light green that is area we're not expecting it to turn severe, keep in mind that is not expected it could happen. here is a look at doppler right now, a few showers, rolling
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area, if you are morgan are -- morgan to know they all seal to could moderate to brunn of storm is now just on to west of us. just on tennessee side of border a couple thunderstorm warnings, in the last half hour. the potential is there, if we see severe weather it will be down to the south, i'll track this for you,let you know when i expect to to move across our area. bill: a gaston county woman is behind bars after allegedly killing her husband and possibly two other people in alexis north of stanley, neima abdulahi is joining us now.
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her first court appearance. reporter: crystal gambino stood in the courtroom with no expression on her face, charged with killing her husband at their home, more charges could be brought against her once the other other victim are identify. 42-year-old crystal gambino walked into the courtroom with a blank stair, a family member asked officers to do a welfare check at gambino's home monday night. they arrived they discovered three people dead, a neighbor, said, he knew something was up. >> we heard a lot of loud noise, i guess it was gunshots. reporter: gambino of the arrested in stanley now charged
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death of her husband gee geo van -- geogigi gam gambino. >> i was surprised to hear it was shocking, i heard about this this morning. reporter: gaston county police believe they have prob probable cause that she has -- >> neighbors describe her as a loving woman. >> they were very nice to me. reporter: this case is being september to a grand jury -- sent to a grand jury. we know them pretty good, they have been neighbors a long time they helped us out a lot. reporter: christa is held without bond here. police are still working hard to
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they are related to crystal gambino. neima abdulahi, fox 46, wjzy. >> thank you. >> gambino's court appearance set for march 21. she could be indicted before the date. kayla: a west mec len mecklenburg high school steurn hasstudent has died in a car crash. 16-year-old died in the crash. two other students were seriously injuriesed. the driver's identity has not been released. anyone who saw the crash is asked to call police or crime stoppers. bill: around 3:30, cmpd found a
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rushed to the hospital, but they do not believe that is where the crime occurd. >> 5:00 a.m., a shot in the head, female, she was on the sidewalk, we got her, transport her. right now she is talking to us, getting x-rays done, we're not sure it happened here. bill: the victim's identity has not been released police tell us there are no witnesses or suspects at this time. kayla: new at 6:00, superintendent of union county public school is stepping down, dr. mary-ellis said she will retire on june 1. investigator had been looking into a potential conflict of interest involving laptops, she is president of a company that had two other top school administrators and a sales executive from sale company la
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on tissue was selling sell -- at issue of selling laptop to district. bill: how will results from super tuesday shake up the race to white house? will donald trump and hillary clinton have big wins? we have the latest still to come. kayla: combatting human
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kayla: republican donald trump
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odds on favorites to win super tuesday. their rivals are unrelenting, joel waldman reports from washington. reporter: among republicans ream super tuesday battle appears to be for second place, each and every delegate counts. millions turning out to vote in more than 11 states, a quarter of all delegates up for grab, super tuesday in past has been make or break for some cam dates -- candidates this year some political observers contend that is not necessarily the case. >> really, you know it is a matter of how many dell can thes delicates can cruz and rubio accumulate. reporter: senator ted cruz hoping to perform well especially his home state of
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trump, the lone star state has most delegates 155 for the taking, cruz describes super tuesday as most important day on the political calendar. >> there is -- any candidate who cannot win in his home state has real problem. reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders finds himself in the same boat, casting his slow the thisvoteearly this morning. >> if this is a large voter turn out across the nation, we are going to do well, if there is not, we'll be struggling. reporter: several candidates will be in florida looking to march 15, when winner takes all in the state of both florida and ohio. joel waldman, fox news. bill: north carolina attorney general roy cooper said he did you not see a need for state to overturn charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance, it would allow transgender people
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please. they say the ordinance should be repeal, cooper said they should focus on education, job creation and taxes. kayla: 155 people were arrested for human traffic in south carolina last year, they will catch more this year. attorney general allen wilson discussed the efforts to combat human traffics this morning. wilson said that human trafficking is a $150 billion a year industry, affecting 21 million victims a year, last year was first time two people in south carolina were prosecute the for it. >> human trafficking is a fannie word for modern day -- fancy word for modern day slavery. kayla: south carolina human traffics force is teaming up
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security to help combat the issue. brian: all right, i am tracking storms that are moving into the area, beginning tonight, we have seen at least a little bit of rain in the northern regions of the area. bulk of rain continues to be to the north, and to the west of the area. we're tracking a cold front. as it moves in heaviest rain, potential for them will come on the front en of this cold front. i want to mention, get out tonight, do it sooner than later, it is starting to look grim, 7 p.m. there is a 20% chance of showers in charlotte. wind speeds at about 11 miles an hour, winds continue to pick up throughout the night, but so are rain chances, have you 70% by
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most of us will be indoors by that time. we do want to track that for you. future cast. 9:32 right here, we're looking for heavier rain from shelby to north of sals burying that will brush to charlotte to mecklenburg county around that time frame, 9:30 to 10:00, it should be quick moving, by 12 12:30 tonight, things get quieter. showers, lightly falling on the back side of this, by time we get up and get moving in the morning things are cleared out, much better shape sunshine on width, cooler temperature attached. in mountains we'll see snow, on wednesday morning, by wednesday afternoon, that will clear up but there will be more mountain snow chances later on in the
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mostly sunny tomorrow, winds ought 10 miles an hour at worst. temperatures going to 50s tomorrow. kayla: all right. thank you brian. >> three men accused in a shooting that left cars and a hotel lobby riddled with bullets in charlotte went before a judge today. the three waived dollar right to court appointed attorneys, they will have another hearing in march, the suspects are accused of firing 40 to first spots in up down early sunday morning. wright of the caught with an ak-47 and a pistol. we're told they were all 3 in town for the town. >> cmpd is investigates aftertion fired shots into a gas station store at 7-eleven near i85, no arrests have been made this is an ongoing investigation. anyone with information is asked
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bill: bail has been denied for man accused of kills a well-known charlotte business owner, kevin dejesus was extradited, he allegedly shot and killed jesse campbell in january. bill: investigator need your help finding a man who chased a jogger with a knife at rock hill, last week a 20-year-old woman one for a run, if she started picking up speed, she heard footsteps from behind here, and saw this man, holding a give knife chasing after her. kayla: coming up, naacp, and mother of a man shot and killed by a officer are speaks out.
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bill: with the naa considerations p by her side, mother of a. police officers were trying to arrest him on a felony drug charge, witnesses say that suspect walked out of a corner store, was chased by police, and was shot as he tried to jump a fence, the naacp urged people to work toward justice and remain peaceful. >> this is being appropriately investigated, we urge the community to be vigilant in pursuit of justice. bill: officers say that a gun
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argues he was not armed. kayla: walking out the day margaret sellings walks in students walk out of class at 10:00 this morning protesting spelling's first day as new unncsystem president, students say that spelling is plans to corporatize the system by breaking down state historically plaque andhist blackand nate eu6 native universities and require some to earn an associates degree before attending a 4 year university. >> paid more than the last president, she is just tip toyingtip-toeing around the issue. kayla: this is not first demonstration, others have taken
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president in october. kayla: i-77 is back open tonight. it was closed for about 2 hours earlier today, traffic was backed up for miles. one person suffered minor injuries. kayla: thousands of business owners and residents demand lawmakers work on a bill to fix roads in south carolina, they met at tate house in colombia, lawmakers have been discussing the bill for some time, it appears no action has been taken. city officials in greenville sent an e-mail to local senator saying that roads are traffic and crumbling, officials argue that traffic fatality rate is rising in south carolina. >> i'll rather have my 60 dollars, if i don't get it i'll survive. kayla: consumer in north carolina getting hit about a new sales tax starts today.
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that is after the break. bill: we're going to explain how two companies make it easier to get around at the airport, that story and much more after the break. brian: the temperatures still up warm at 68. winds are picking up we'll see showers, we'll all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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kayla: welcome back starting today you will notice a new charge on your receipt after get your oil changes or an appliance installed in your home, the new state tax on services. reporter: next time you need new tires, or something fixed under the hood, get ready, because the taxes on your bill are going up. we used to pay taxes just on the parts not labor.
6:30 pm
carolina state sales tax is expanding to include repair, maintenance and installation service. >> a lot of people don't like it, because it is going up, the first one i i did i for got to add it. >> smaller items like repairing your watch too. >> they would see repair of $2 $225, now they see a tax for that. >> combined, the taxes come out to 7%. >> whether you hit auto shop, or the jewelry shop, check for that extra charge, courtesy of the state. fox 46, wjzy. kayla: tax hike was approved last year in north carolina two year budget part of republican
6:31 pm
reliance on income taxes in favor of those based on consumer strong actions. bill: more taxes and rain on the way. let's send it back to brian, where is that rain heading in right now? brian: it is in northern regions. i'm glad you did not ask me about taxes. let's talk about what is happening with the rain. we look at morganton light to moderate rain, circles around lenore, and up to will will -- this, you seeing here will miss charlotte. we track this weather out west, you can see southern branch letting it have it in atlanta, it should stay south of our area, potential for us to turn
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but we will see, is wind, and up in the mountain, high wind warning until noon on wednesday. looking for 20 to 35 mile her our winds, gusts to 60. and that could cause wind damage up there. then, beyond that a wind advisory for the surrounding areas, 15 to 25 mile per hour winds gusts to 50. potential for damage there. the upper elevations not getting the worst of the wind, charlotte circumstance steady winds out of south at about 18 miles an hour, gusts at 25 plus. let's talk about what happens in a couple of days from now, we addressed our rain chances tonight. we get to thursday, we'll see another cold front push to the area, helping to keep it down
6:33 pm
we'll see rain chances beginning same time as tonight, past 9:00 hour. mainly look for rain, we have seen snow chances it should be in northern elevations, foothill to north, as some of that looks like it crosses mecklenburg county, highly unlikely. by friday morning we clear out in lower elevation, could see little bit of snow in upper elevation on back side of the low pressure system, we'll dry out for weekend. lows, tonight, mountain, we have freezing temperatures in 20s, we have 40s for almost everyone else, tomorrow, is going to be cooler after a couple days in 70s we back unby 20 oral most oral most 20 degrees, check out the extent forecast. wednesday, good news, we have sunshine for wednesday. thursday, friday, rain chances,
6:34 pm
morning, cooler temperatures thursday at 30. it gets nice over the weekend. next week. kayla: you caught me off guard with the snow. >> uber is offering rides for those headed to or leaving charlotte douglas international, various ubers will be available. riders can meet their driver curbside at the dedicated pick up area. uber also partners up with american airline to create a service that help passengers get to and from the airport. bill: you can help feed hundred at charlotte residue mission on -- rescue mission on sunday, you can bring donation to mission until march 18, they provide a free 90 day christian
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homeless, suffering from various addictions. kayla: the man accused of kill two female college students in virginia is to plead guilty, matthew is charged with murder in death of 18-year-old graham, and 20-year-old harrington, graham was a university of verge victim, student, who disappeared in sipseptember of 2014. >> harrington a virginia tech student who went missing after a concert in 2009. kayla: still to come from courthouse to capitol hill, legal tug-of-war between the fbi and apple continues. bill: nascars biggest names give
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>> the legal tug-of-war between apple and fbi moves from courthouse to capitol hill, house judiciary committee held a hearing today. fox news correspondent christian fisher with more from washington. reporter: the legal battle continues, apple takes its case to lawmakers today ask congress not court to decide whether it should be forced to help fbi preserve data from an iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> hearing comes a day after apple case got a boost from a official judge ruling that feds cannot force apple to provide access to a locked iphone in a new york case involving a drug dealer.
6:39 pm
given to us under the law. it is our job to tell people there is a problem. reporter: a number of lawmakers said they are preparing legislation to compel company like apple to assist fbi when needed. >> adoption of new communication technology by those intending harm to american people is outpacing law enforcement technological capability. >> late the court decide then congress can makes it inquiry. reporter: they call for an open dialogue between the government and tech companies to avoid disputes like this in the future. fox news in washington. bill: some of nascar's biggest names show support for donald trump. trump hosted a rally in georgia yesterday. current and former nascar members were there.
6:40 pm
trump referred to as hottest young driver in the world. they spoke highly of trump for his family value, calling trump a winner. >> i'm going to tell you, he wins with his family be he does. i tell you one thing, if you leave out one other thing, any of his children, you would be proud to have them as part of your family. >> the driver opinion a 1 180 from last year. >> time to send it over to josh sims for a look at sports, panthers making a big decision today.
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>> hopefully i can stay, do another year for a long time. >> josh norman, saying he wants to stay with the panthers, and panthers making a move to keep him in the qc at least for another season, with the tag. norman will make under $14 million this upcoming season, gives panther until july 15 to
6:44 pm
norman comes off his best season as a pro, career high interceptions. two of those he took to the house. >> to inspect to nba hornets return home following a six-game road trip where they were 4 and 2. in february, the team stitch 7 and 3. moving to 6 spot. head cove said that team's success last month started on the defensive side of the ball. >> better defense on the road our defense got better. you know it really started with frankly the game in l.a. against the lakers. 7 and 3 month, against really good teams, so, in out, on the road, and you know it shows we have a lot of fight and a lot of
6:45 pm
>> hornet host suns at 7:00, i'll have highlights in sports. josh: to college we go, north carolina topped syracuse 75 to 70 senior night at smith center. marcus page playing in last game in chapel hill, the win was big the best moment of nate is when page addressed his coach roy williams during these senior night speech. >> one thing you did, you always believed in me, you always told me, i believe in you son, you are going to make shots you are going to do fine, you are going to be a great player, you just believed in me, i can't thank you of ifenoughfor that, that allowed me be a confident person myself and help me grow as a person, you made my a better man, i am 10 times better man than i was when i get here, thank you. >> thank you. >> >> what a moment right there, north carolina wrap up regular
6:46 pm
game against duke, and blue devils they are in action at home against wake forest. duke is tied for fifth place in acc standings, virtue of hills win last night, duke has no chance of regular seen conference title, they can aimprove next week, duke and wake forest tip 8:00, highlights tonight at 10:00. >> that i steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve,
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bill: no, katy perry is not moving to rock hill, not right now, on social media claims that perry is looking for something different from hollywood, like a small town, the mckendy post is a fake new site that claims to be premier news fantasy site. bill: oscars may have come and gone but many of the best films are coming to dvd this week. a look at what you can look forward to in entertainment. >> all about oscar for this week's new in entertainment. brie larson, about a mother and her 5-year-old son held captive for years.
6:50 pm
danish girl. also nominated, stallone for his work in creed. michael caine and harvey key tell, they reflect on their lives during a spa vacation in sweater land -- switzerland. night before takes joseph gordon levitt on one last holiday adventure celebrating christmas together. and barbie spy squad. >> from small screen. the americans out with a third season.
6:51 pm
complete series, new video games include mortal combat xl, if legend of zelda. fox news. >> here is a look at what is coming up on fox 8:00, new episode ofny girls, new girls, grand fathered. kayla: mission accomplish for nasa astronaut scott kelly, he is getting ready to return to earth after a record breaking run. nasa tv broadcast the space station exchange. >> really start person said to he one time, team work makes a dreamwork, spaceflight. and spaceflight is the biggest
6:52 pm
you know it is incredible since -- important to work together to make what is seemingly impossible, component. kayla: kelly ask two russian ast nat toastronauts to touchdown in kazakhstan tonight. that's spent 340 days in space. >> stick around we'll be right back after this. your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with
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kayla: dashcam video captured what appears to a meteor in the skies over scotland. a fireball in sky monday that was visible from the road in aberdeen shire. officials say that they believe the object could have been a low altitude meteor, burning in to a fireball. now brian, we'll be watching the skies here for different reasons. brian: true. cloudy. that was in scotland. we're right now mostly dry across the area, a little bit of rain north aron statesville, we have more moving in tonight. coming in 8:00 on western edges, moving across the area through
6:56 pm
by early morning they clear out. tomorrow afternoon we'll be sunny. rain chance for morning hours, gone at this point, will be cooler at 54, dropping to 30, thursday morning. but other system around same timing in flew friday morning -- in through friday morning, more rain chances keeping temperatures cooler through saturday. i am really, really, lucky next week. >> next week looks best. >> we had 73, two times yesterday and today. kayla: amazing. bill: done we have it with rain last week? brian: we've been hit 7s twice this year. kayla: thank you, brian, thank you [ indistinct conversations ] always set a place at the dinner table for good manners.
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