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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 7, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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growing concerns over unemployment as wall street and main street brace for news on the job front. want to avoid the flu this fall? it's now going to take three shots. and as kids head back to school the h1n1 virus is going with them. >> it's ready to we're afraid explode once schools reconvene. a grieving husband defends his wife who investigators say was drunk and high when she caused a crash that killed eight people. >> she did not drink. she is not an alcoholic. something medically had to happen. >> we'll have the latest twist
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in the wrong way tragedy. and find out why the cash for clunkers program could end up costing you long term "early" this friday morning, august 7th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs finally friday. good morning, everyone. i'm maggie rodriguez along with harry smith. julie chen is on assignment today. breaking news this morning out of the middle east. an important taliban commander has been killed from a drone attack from a cia drone attack no less. we'll get the latest on that in just a few minutes. also ahead this morning, we'll be speaking with lisa ling, whose sister laura was released from captivity in north korea earlier this week along with fellow journalist euna lee. lisa will give us some insight into her sister's five-month long ordeal and tell us how she's doing now. first, experts say it may take three shots to get vaccinated for the flu this
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year. as millions of children head back to school the next couple of weeks, concerns over the h1n1 virus are ramping up. our dr. jennifer ashton here with more. >> good morning, harry. today health officials will lay out major guidelines for schools on how to manage and prevent any flu outbreaks. >> the h1n1 virus has been smoldering this summer among children largely in summer camps. so it's ready to we're afraid explode once schools reconvene. >> reporter: in the summer hemisphere where it's winter h1n1 has become the dominant strain of the flu infecting thousands. the death toll over 500. a grim warning for the u.s. the centers for disease control present one model predicting 40% of the country, or 140 million americans, could be infected. experts say a nationwide vaccination program is crucial, but currently there's no approved vaccine available in the u.s. >> there's a bit of a race between the virus and getting the vaccine out there first. >> reporter: and when there is a vaccine, one teacher is
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proposing a controversial plan where schools could vaccinate the student body. >> if all students are to be vaccinated and that's the recommendation, then certainly schools as a place for vaccination would be one of the possible strategies. >> reporter: until then schools and families across the country are planning and preparing the best they can. >> amanda is going to be carrying around little hand sanitizing gel. >> i'll have some answers to the most common questions about h1n1 later in the program, harry. >> so three vaccinations? >> probably two for pn and one for seasonal. it's recommended that people get all three. >> dr. ashton, thanks. joining us now from the white house is education secretary arne duncan. good morning, mr. secretary. >> good morning, harry. how are you doing? >> i'm pretty well. a lot of people very very concerned about this fall and this winter with h1n1 on the way. it has broken out in a really significant way in south america. we're tracking this. last spring individual schools
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closed. some entire districts closed. what guidance is the government giving today to school districts around the country as they're opening? >> i'm feeling this first and foremost as a parent. i have two young children at home going back to school this fall. i want what every parent wants. i want to keep them safe and keep them learning. i'm asking parents to use common sense, monitor their children. if children are coughing cough into a sleeve. we're talking about frequent hand washing as well. we want schools to have a tiered response. we want to prepare for the worst but get off to a great start this school year. >> is there a guideline from the government in terms of school districts? do they know what -- >> there are guidelines. we're going to put out clear guidance and the decision with whether or not to close schools will always be made at the local level. we want to provide as much facts and information as we can so that local school districts and local health departments can make a good decision. basically, this will be a tiered response. if there are a handful of children at a school who might
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be sick we want parents to keep those children home. we want them to plan now to do that. if the numbers start to escalate dramatically, it might make sense to close the school. >> there's still no vaccine. are you satisfied the government has pushed the drug companies hard enough to make a vaccine available early enough? >> folks are working extraordinarily hard. we've been in constant daily collaboration and communication with cdc, with hhs, with department of agriculture in terms of feeding children. we're anticipating the vaccination, the vaccine will be available in mid-october. we want our schools to be sites of the distribution for the vaccine. >> you'll use schools as vaccination centers? >> absolutely. we want children to get vaccinated. it will obviously be a parent's choice. it will be a two shot vaccine. you have to do it once and come back a couple of weeks later. we think schools will are be a big part of the solution. again, we want to keep children learning whatever happens. >> secretary duncan i'm sure
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we'll talk much more in the weeks to come. thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks for having me. congress has passed a $2 billion extension for the popular cash for clunkers program, but some critics are being vocal this morning, saying it may not be such a good idea after all. cbs news correspondent terrell brown is in elmsford new york with more. good morning, terrell. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. we're at a scrap yard this morning. all of the cars out here are clunkers. this ford f150 the jeep cherokee and these three guys over here. so business at the scrapyard is going fairly well. 60 cars have been brought in since the program got started. another 15 or 16 came in yesterday. but it's auto part recyclers that say this program is putting a dent in their process. more crushed cars and new scrap metal. cash for clunkers is said to be environmentally friendly but some are trashing the new government program. >> we think a much more efficient program would have been to encourage recycled parts
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usage. >> reporter: recyclers say some salvaged car engines are still valuable. instead, they're being needlessly destroyed. >> based on the rules, no parts of that engine can be sold. >> reporter: the cash for clunkers program requires that all cars either be crushed for shredded. some car parts can be salvaged before that happens but not the engine. dealers are told to destroy the engine by replacing oil with sodium silicate and then running it. what's its value after that? >> after that it's just scrap metal. >> reporter: with the engine destroyed, many cars bypass the car recyclers and go straight to the salvage yards. >> all those parts that could have been reused will go right to a scrap processor. >> reporter: a sad fate even for a clunker. and the engines in these cars have to be destroyed. one, the government wants to keep these cars off of the road keep them from being resold. and also it's an effort to get more fuel-efficient cars on the road. now, in the process of getting
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cars recycled they end up at a place like this and this is what ends up happening. take a look at this, maggie. it's so cool. maggie maggie, i could do this all day long? can i do this again? i've got to get rid of this remote because i could do this all day. i'll send it back inside to you. >> now that they've extended this they're going to be very busy toing that kind of thing. cbs' terrell brown. filling in for russ mitchell at the news desk this morning is jeff glor. in for jeff glor. >> good morning, maggie. good morning harry. good morning, everyone. as you mentioned off the top, there is word this morning that a top taliban leader in pakistan is dead. two senior leaders of baitullah
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mehsud's group say the notorious leader has been killed. u.s. officials have yet to confirm that death, though. cbs news correspondent richard roth reports. >> reporter: it's been the first time a leader of pakistan's taliban militia has been reported killed but it's the first time there's been so much support for the claim. capturing or killing baitullah mehsud has been a top priority of u.s. counterterrorism efforts. as one u.s. official has put it the world would be a safer place without him. it's said mehsud was among those killed in an american missile attack wednesday on a remote village in a tribal area of northwest pakistan and the claims backed by u.s. and pakistani intelligence officials though they say they have no physical evidence. but one of mehsud's lieutenants has told journalists it's true. the west blames mehsud for the 2007 assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto and a wave of violence in pakistan. richard roth, cbs news, london.
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economists believe the rate of job loss ins this country is slowing as the labor department is scheduled to release july unemployment numbers this morning. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers is in chicago this morning with more. cynthia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. those numbers are expected though to be a 26-year high as we edge ever closer to 10% unemployment. even though economists projected that that is no comfort to the 9.3 million americans currently living off unemployment. >> not today. thanks. >> reporter: as the unemployment rate increases, so does the number of people lined up at job fairs across the country. >> i need to see the unemployment figures go down and go down drastically. >> reporter: job creation typically lags behind most economic indicators but in this case it drags. >> the unemployment rate will probably start to go down over the next summer summer of 2010. people who are out of a job are still going to have a tough time
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for the next six to nine months. >> reporter: in january, greg moore was let go from a company where he had spent 30-plus years. he realizes finding a new job could take time. >> i would like to get a job before the end of the year. but realistically, i'm planning to go past that if need be. >> reporter: even more problematic than the slow job growth is the fact jeff that if congress doesn't act to extend unemployment 1.5 million americans' benefits will run out by the end of the year. they will be left with no job and no money coming in. >> cynthia bowers in chicago this morning. cynthia, thank you. we are going to turn now and move to mr. dave price. always good to see you. friday. >> absolutely. >> mr. price. >> time to take a breath head on into the weekend. what's happening all across the country, jeff see what we need to wear. things are changing in the northeast, everyone as we head through the next several days
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into new england. temperatures are going to be dropping into the 40s and 50s in some locations, chilly at night. deep south, just as it should be this time of year in the 90s. humanity is going to be up there. into the great plains high heat working its way towards the great lakes and midwest. by the sunday monday mark warmest temperatures you've seen in a while in places like chicago. in the northern plains and stretching back you're going to see thunderstorms and warm weather. warm air comes up cool air comes down. that's what creates that instability. in the pacific northwest, look at the temperatures, 10 to 20 degrees below normal. meanwhile in the pacific, we're watching felicia, a category 3 hurricane. not an issue for the hawaiian islands until maybe monday.
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>> and that's a look at your weather. see you again in just a little while. harry, maggie? >> you guys did a good job over there. >> we appreciate that. >> we discuss these things before. coming up a grieving family defending a wife amid allegations that drinking and drugs led to her fatal wrong way crash. we'll also talk to lisa ling about her sister's emotional return from north korea. and we'll remember john hughes. the ledge enry movie director who brought us some of the most beloved films of the 1980s.
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it's a tragedy that somehow gets deeper by the day. a mother drunk and stoned when she drove the wrong way on a new york highway last week killing herself and seven others including four little girls. now her husband is speaking out in her defense. cbs news correspondent kelly wallace has the story. >> my little girl she's gone. i don't know what else to say about that. my little girl. >> reporter: daniel schuler was overcome with grief when asked about his 2-year-old daughter killed in the crash. as for his wife diane, he said she didn't abuse alcohol. he blamed her tragic ride on a stroke her diabetic condition, or an abscess in her mouth. >> i go to bed every night knowing my heart is clear. she did not drink. she is not an alcoholic. something medically had to happen. >> reporter: that despite a toxicology report which found that schuler had the equivalent of ten shots of vodka and marijuana in her body.
7:18 am
a bottle of vodka was found in the mangled wreckage after schuler drove the wrong way on a new york highway, killing her daughter three nieces, and three men in another car. her 5-year-old son is the sole survivor and is still recovering in the hospital. >> did she have an alcohol problem? did you know her to go to bars? >> absolutely not. >> did you know her to get drunk? >> i never saw her drunk since the day i met her. >> reporter: schuler wouldn't answer questions about marijuana use and said there was nothing wrong with his marriage. kelly wallace, cbs news, new york. >> joining us now are daniel schuler's attorney dominic barbara, and daniel's sister-in-law jay schuler. jay, let me begin with you. these autopsy results are adding insult to injury to your family revealing that your sister-in-law was drunk and high as she drove with the five children in the car. what is your feeling about your
7:19 am
sister-in-law now that you know this? >> my feeling hasn't changed to diane at all. they -- she was a wonderful, wonderful mother wonderful sister-in-law, wonderful friend. i even spoke with her family. absolutely we have not changed. diane would not do this. this isn't the diane that we know. she was caring loving loved children. as i've stated before i've left my son in her care numerous times, once when i left the country. there is not a doubt in my mind. that's why we need dominic to help us to find out what happened. danny is heartbroken. heart broken for the families. they are in our thoughts and our prayers. we want them to know this is not diane. we would never, never ever let this happen. >> mr. barbara, if i was in the
7:20 am
victims family's shoes, i wouldn't want to believe it either but the toxicology report was conclusive. her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. she was smoking marijuana. there was a broken vodka bottle in the car. how do you explain those things? >> maggie i'm going to ask you to explain how a woman gets up eats breakfast, leaves the camp ground at 9:00 a.m., gets kisses from her husband. leaves other people and she is not drunk. let's start that with premise number one. premise number two, she is at some point something happens to this woman. there's no doubt about it. we're finding more and more proof. as a matter of fact a phone call from one of the children now we know the children observed the mother the aunt was having problems forming words. that's not drunk. >> how is your nephew the sole survivor of this crash, doing? >> brian is a trooper. it's going to be a long haul.
7:21 am
he will need some extensive rehab. we're just giving him love and support from the family. we are aroun him around the clock. around the clock just to make sure that he's okay. >> jay schuler, dominic barbara thank you so much. >> thank you, ma'am. >> for more information on this developing story and more of my interview with them go to still ahead, his movies defined a generation. we'll look back at the remarkable career of director john hughes. >> i haven't seen a car for an hour. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by hershey's kisses. delightfully delicious, one of a kind kisses.
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then save some room to share a decadent dessert. a lot of bold flavors, for a limited time only. chili's -- @ welcome back to "the early show." american journalists laura ling
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and euna lee have now spent the last two nights in the comfort of their own beds finally home after all those months in north korea. ahead this morning, we'll speak with lisa ling, the sister of laura. >> hello. look how pretty it is. sharon will have traffic after marty's first warning weather. >> a few high clouds meandering across the region. they will be out here before not too long. let's take a look at the forecast for today. sunny high of around -- let's say 86 degrees. now to sharon with wjz traffic control. >> good morning. we don't have any accidents or delays. construction in three spots. westbound northern parkway between roland and falls. the right lane is blocked for a
7:26 am
water main repair work. we have construction blocking charles street between center and read until 7:00 a.m. monday morning. detour calvert street. east span of the bay bridge watch for construction blocking the right lane. otherwise the speeds are full speed if not above on the top and west sides of the beltway as well as 95. the traffic report is brought to you by the maryland department of al culture. take the by local challenge. traffic incident at the top of the news. suspected car thief causes a car crash. now many are wondering if the crash was the result of a police chase. >> reporter: police say they weren't chasing the stolen vehicle but witnesses have a different version. meanwhile, one woman is dead and a suspected car thief is in shock trauma. police say the driver of this car was driving down calhoun street when out of nowhere a
7:27 am
speeding car slammed into her. rescue crews rushed both drivers to the hospital but the woman doesn't make it. doctors pronounce her dead in shock trauma. minutes before the crash, officers say they spotted a man on martin luther king boulevard in a stolen vehicle. some witnesses say it looked more like a chase. the suspected car thief here at shock trauma faces a slew of charges including vehicular manslaughter. >> thank you. in a pap police, government house is going greener. they will apply solar panels on the roof of the governor's mansion. it will heat half of the mansion's hot water and they are agent efficient lighting and thermostats. maryland is sending firefighters to the great northwest and alaska to help battle raging wildfires. later today 20 firefighters will head out. it's parents day at the
7:28 am
united states naval academy in annapolis. stay with wjz 13 maryland news station. up next lisa ling on her sister and more on how the women are doing today and is
7:29 am
7:30 am
folks out on our plaza cheering for friday. oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> maybe for dave too. i don't know. we'll see about that. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. coming up, the paula abdul plot thickens. is she really gone from "american idol," or is a deal in the works to bring her back? what about those rumors? did you hear this harry? victoria beckham, posh spice, might replace paula abdul. they're circulating. i don't know.
7:31 am
we'll examine all that ahead. >> i just don't know if we have enough program to fit all of that in. also this morning, remembering john hughes the legendary director who died yesterday. his credits include everything from "sixteen candles" to "home alone." and one of the great, great, great movies ever, "ferris bueller's day off." we'll take a look back. but first, we've all known lisa ling for years from her own career in broadcasting. over the last nearly five months, we saw her in a different light as she became an impassioned advocate for her sister laura ling and euna lee, the two american journalists who were jailed in north korea. lisa joins us this morning on the phone from los angeles. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. >> how is your sister doing after seeing her husband and her family eating her mother's cooking, and sleeping in her own bed? >> well we have all just spent two of some of the best days of our lives. laura is doing well.
7:32 am
she is still a little bit slow and tired. you know if you think about it she sometimes spent weeks without talking to anybody. and so she was in relative isolation. so all of this over the last couple of days has been incredibly overwhelming. >> those best days come after what your sister described as the most heart-wrenching months of her lives. in the last couple of days what she has told you about her time in captivity? >> well they were very challenging, and she's actually eager to talk about her experience. but, you know it's been very difficult for her to really process because, you know things are kind of -- we're giving her time, and she really needs that right now. but the story that she was telling us, the brief stories were just really fascinating. right now we really just want to focus on getting her well. >> were you confident when president clinton went to north korea, that he would return with
7:33 am
your sister and euna, or did part of you fear the worst? >> well we were desperately hopeful that he would come back with laura and euna. and i have to say that we are so so gracious to president clinton. you know, i was only able to talk to my sister four times, and those calls were all very strictly monitored. and she was communicating messages from the north koreans. and on the last call she said that it had to be president clinton or she feared they would imminently be sent to a labor prison. so he was so kind enough to agree, and we were so appreciative. >> anyone in your family's position would want the government to intervene. what do you say to critics who say, by sending someone of bill clinton's stature to north korea, we are essentially engaging that regime? >> first of all, bill clinton was only on the ground in north korea for 20 hours, and he went solely to try and bring laura
7:34 am
and euna back. and frankly, if bill clinton had not gone over there, laura and euna would still be there. and so he was the one who agreed to go and the government gave his blessing. and, again, we are so, so happy and grateful that he did. >> and we are so happy for you. please send our best to laura. >> thank you, maggie. >> lisa ling thank you. now here's dave with another check of the weather. let's take a look at the maps right now. we are going to kind of zoom in on the southern and central pl plains right now. look at this warm air begin to work its way up. it's all going to move eastward as we head into the weekend and through it. temperatures in the 90s saturday and sunday. some of the warmest temperatures you've seen in a while along the great lakes, into the midwest, even squeezing into the ohio valley. let's widen out right now, check out what's happening today. it looks like if you like cool weather, you're going to get a good dose of it in the pacific
7:35 am
northwest. look at the counterclockse rotation around a low, which brings cool air in your direction, and you're going to see temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below your norms. in the northeast, temperatures in the 40s and 50s up through new england. it is going to be a cool awakening for you as you get up in those early hours. warm and humid in the southeast, everybody. and in the plain states northern plains and stretching back to portions of the northwest, you're going to see some potentially strong thunderstorms rolling through in the next 24 hou good morning. let's take a look at the forecast. beautiful friday morning. we will start out with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s. sunny high of 86 this afternoon. this evening clear, partly cloudy: summer-like humid. sunday through wednesday, four straight days where we will see
7:36 am
>> and at 35 minutes after the hour that's a quick look at your weather picture. guys, over to you. ladies and gentlemen. folks. coming up it is the big question forththth "americh@h@h@h@ viewers. oh, my goodness, paula abdul. is she taking time out? >> she wants more money. will she get it? >> or is she gone for good? we'll ask that question when we come back. >> will we answer? >> i don't know.
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ñ the big question on "american idol" right now isn't who will win? it's who will judge? paula abdul left but there's speculation about a back room deal to bring her back. here's cbs news correspondent sandra hughes. >> reporter: in eight hit seasons of "american idol," judge paula abdul has been the sideshow that's kept fans coming back for more. >> i want to squishy squeeze your head off and dangle you from my rearview mirror. >> reporter: paula's exit from the show comes as cameras are ready to roll. >> if the rumors are to be
7:40 am
believed and she really was offered $5 million a year over three years, it does seem a little bit gauche in this economy to say, no that's not good enough and i'm taking off. >> reporter: idol regulars ryan seacrest and simon cowell are being paid millions more. >> paula felt disrespected. that's what i'm told. >> are you ready? >> reporter: yet there may be another job on the horizon. producers for "so you think you can dance?" will meet with abdul this weekend. but many think abdul will take her usual place next to simon when the show comes back. >> the mystery will thicken, and suddenly i think paula will appear. >> reporter: paula is adored by idol fanatics. producers may not be ready to split up this dysfunctional tv family. sandra hughes cbs news los angeles. >> no rumor to the truth that dave price will be the next
7:41 am
"idol" judge? >> absolutely no truth to that rumor. >> didn't they bring on that woman to replace her? >> kara but everyone said the writing was on the wall. the fans love paula. >> and the rumors that posh spice, victoria beckham was going to replace paula abdul. posh says they're not true although she confirms she will be on "american idol" next season as a judge for one episode. >> pish-posh. >> that was a great line. >> coming up we'll give you some information that your family could really use. really important stuff about the h1n1 virus. don't go away. our dr. jennifer ashton will be here. ( john mayer's "say" plays throughout ) everyone's nervous going back to school. ♪♪
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parns, everybody, listen up in this morning's "healthwatch." we're separating fact from fiction when it comes to the h1n1 virus. with schools getting ready to open we'll review some basic facts with our dr. jennifer ashton. good morning again. >> good morning, maggie. >> let's see if these are fact or fiction. number one, the h1n1 flu vaccine, which is being recommended for everyone will give me the flu. >> definitely fiction. this is a big misconception. people always say they took the vaccine and got sick. there is no live virus contained in this vaccine or the seasonal influenza vaccine. when people do get sick likely just a coincidence. definitely fiction. >> number two, wearing a mask will protect me from the h1n1 flu. everybody was advocating that when we were first learning about this flu. >> also fiction, maggie. the cdc only recommends use of those masks under very specific circumstances. actually they're more for the protection of others if you yourself are sick.
7:46 am
once they get moistened through our respiration and saliva they become ineffective. definitely false. >> you can still get sick from someone wearing a mask? >> it doesn't form an air tight seal around the mouth. it's not 100%. >> hand sanitizer is as effective as washing my hands? >> believe it or not, this is true. you have to wash your hands correctly. you have to use really warm or hot water at least to20 seconds or longer. you have to get all of your hands wet. when you go to turn off the faucet you can't recontaminate your hands. but the alcohol-based hand sanitizers also very effective. >> i'm sneezing have a sore throat and cough, so i must have h1n1. >> definitely fiction. when people get a regular cold cause by the cold virus, they can feel pretty bad. but 93% of people who have been confirmed to have h1n1 had a fever. 83% also had cough. if you have true influenza, you know it. most of the time it's not subtle. and the last one. if the rapid flu test comes back negative that means i do not
7:47 am
have h1n1 flu. >> also false and fiction, maggie. >> explain what the rapid flu test is. >> there can be rapid tests done in urgent care settings and they are not as reliable as the dna or pcr testing for influenza. they're only accurate about 50% of the time. again, you have to use the overall clinical scenario judgment. if you're really suspicious go back and get retested. >> dr. jennifer ashton thank you so much. still ahead, the director who brought us some of the most beloved films of the '80s is gone. we'll remember john hughes here on "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by dannon activia. helps naturally regulate your digestive system. i'm a little irregular today. don't you eat activia? for my little issues? they're not that bad. summer's no time to put up with even occasional digestive problems. believe me once they go away, it's amazing how good you feel. announcer: activia is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system in two weeks.
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7:50 am
so we've been talking this morning, especially off camera about all the amazing john
7:51 am
hughes movies. ferris bueller -- >> his run from like '83 to '90 was one of the more impressive runs by any filmmaker. >> any director. >> just the create output. his writing, his directing, his producing. >> he basically walked away from hollywood. a lot of speculation about he just couldn't stand working with studios. >> yeah. >> somebody's always saying oh what about this? what about that? he's like i do this. i'm good at this. leave me alone. >> and the thing about john hughes movies, every time they're on tv who can turn away? how many times have you seen ferris bueller? >> you've memorized them. ferris bueller, sixteen candles, breakfast club home alone. you rattle through them. bueller? bueller? >> favorite scenes in john hughes movies. go dave. >> bueller. every time i look at matthew broderick over here aka jeff glor. >> i don't see it. >> oh, mied god, he looks just
7:52 am
like him. >> i have heard that, but i never saw it. >> do you have a favorite scene in a john hughes movie? >> "home alone," my kids were of an age that that came along. we watched that on a continuous loop for about six years straight. just so good. >> how about "breakfast club?" so many great moments? when ally sheedy. >> you grew up in suburban chicago. he said i didn't have a tortured childhood. i have nothing to complain about. i just like to do this. >> and "ferris bueller's day off" was set in his city. how perfect. >> he wrote he would wrap up a screen play at 3:00 in the morning and start another one at 3:02. that's how it works. >> we're going to take a break. after these messages, much more
7:53 am
of "the early show." [ sighs ] whoo-hoo! this hair color is a washout. try nice'n easy with color-blend technology. in 1 step, get a blend of 3 tones. highlights lowlights, and shine. it makes a fresh, light-filled frame for your pretty face. nice'n easy. your right color. my name is quinn and this is my eggo. on fridays, i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. there's only one way to eat an eggo -- your way. l'eggo my eggo. announcer: no surprises. no shocks. dulcolax stool softener provides stimulant-free constipation relief
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good morning. let's take a look at the forecast the day. it will be super this afternoon. very pleasant. sunshine, high of 86. now for traffic. good morning, sharon. >> hi, marty. unfortunately, it has turned into not so good of a morning. two accidents blocking two right leanest the backup to charles street. that's a six-minute delay.
7:56 am
rubber necking delays for 11 minutes back to harper rode. another at york road on the right shoulder. we also have rode repair work going on blocking the right westbound lane of northern parkway. there's a live look at that backup on the top side. that's rubber necking because of the wreck on the inner loop, outer loop rubber necking. log log on to back over to you. >> in the news, a man in a stolen car causes a deadly crash in west baltimore. some are asking in a police pursuit wasn't a factor in that. >> reporter: police say they weren't chasing that stolen vehicle, but witnesses have a different version. meanwhile one woman is dead and a suspected car they've is in the shock trauma. police say the driver of this car was traveling down calhoun
7:57 am
street when out of nowhere speeding cars slammed into her. the impact of the crash was so strong. both drivers were rushed to the hospital, but the women is prow announced dead in shock trauma. minutes before the crash, officers say they spotted a man on martin luther king boulevard in a stolen vehicle, but some witnesses say it looked more like a chase. meanwhile, the suspected car they've here faces a slew of charges, including vehicular manslaughter. >> the countien county council is still staying whether to allow a slot machine parlor to be built near a mall. an decision is expected this fall. >> another animal is fighting for its life. two were seen dousing the cat with a frommable liquid and
7:58 am
then sat on fire. >> stay with us. up next, the clunker or bust program now that it's a huge success, what happens to
7:59 am
8:00 am
got no clunker but still want cash? there are other ways to get uncle sam's money. we'll tell you about the other programs available to you. samantha harris takes us on an exclusive backstage tour of her hit broadway musical. what's it like to be on broadway? >> a lifelong dream. >> and shows me a few dance moves. and dave meets up with some very competitive swimmers. >> come on down here, mark. >> there we go. >> you've got to be kidding me. we'll swim along with dave and find out where the real action
8:01 am
is "early" this friday morning, august 7th, 2009. welcome back to "the early show." in this hour we have something to suit every taste. you can see me dancing with samantha harris or dave swimming with jerry stiller. >> bare chested. >> your choice. >> both of us. >> you don't ever come out of the pool do you? >> we're never bare chested. >> just to clarify. >> leave it there. >> that's a good tease. >> that would have been great not to actually say what was coming up and exactly how it would play out. >> leave it to someone's imagination. >> all right, everybody. also coming up in this hour of "the early show," if you want to make sure that a present is really personal we're going to tell you how to get it custom-made. this works for everything from makeup, shoes, books, even coffee.
8:02 am
how great is that for a birthday or anniversary? >> it doesn't have to be expensive, by the way. it may surprise you. >> and to quote billy joel bottle of red, bottle of white. it doesn't just depend on your appetite. the season makes a difference too. we're going to tell you about some great summer wines. >> absolutely. by the way, everyone this is our slogan for the hour. news is awesome. and speaking of that -- >> wait a minute. see that illustration? >> there's a television right there. >> there's jeff glor. >> there's jeff right there at the news desk. let's dissolve right now. >> that is awesome. news is awesome. good morning guys. good morning, everyone. there is no confirmation yet this morning, but numerous reports say that pakistan's top taliban leader has been killed. two senior members of baitullah mehsud's group say the taliban chief was killed in an american missile attack wednesday. a u.s. official says there's "reason to believe" the reports that mehsud is dead.
8:03 am
it's believed that mehsud is responsible for coordinating a series of deadly attacks including the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. sonia sotomayor will be sworn in tomorrow as the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice. the senate confirmed sotomayor yesterday by a vote of 68-31. most republicans voted against the nomination including john mccain, who spoke to maggie just before casting his vote. >> how strong is your reservation against the nomination of judge sotomayor? >> it was a tough call. it really was because, obviously, judge sotomayor is an inspirational person and a role model. but my concerns were her decisions and the opinions she rendered with those decisions as an appellate judge. >> do you think her appointment to the court would be detrimental? >> i don't -- i hope that it's not. i don't think that her approach to being a judge is the way that
8:04 am
people that i would want there. elections have consequences. the president was elected, and he is obviously going to succeed. >> sotomayor will be the third woman to sit on the nation's highest court. in the philippines, relentless monsoon rains this morning. rescuers raced to save children there from flooded villages. storms there have killed at least 12. meantime the first major typhoon of the season is bearing down on taiwan threatening 90 mile an hour winds. in beijing, a happier story and a bride who thinks big. the train on her bridal gown was more than a mile long. it took more than 200 guests three hours to roll it out. the newlyweds are hoping for a world record. katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning. the number of homeless people in this country is at record levels. now one city is helping them
8:05 am
through, of all things classic literature. can it work in yours? "assignment america" tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> daveprice, another member of team awesome, is now out on the plaza. dave, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, jeff. let's go over here and meet some fine folks here. this lovelely young lady's name is? >> emma. >> emma, where are you from? >> jacksonville florida. >> i love jacksonville. it's beautiful. daddy is 50 years old. how is that -- is that very old? is that not too old? how old is 50? >> not too old. >> not too old. >> thank you. >> is daddy still, you know energetic and all? >> yes. >> can daddy beat you in a race or do you beat daddy now? >> i beat daddy now. >> okay. things are changing for you. nice to see you. happy birthday. hello to everyone in jacksonville, florida. let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening all across the country, including pittsburgh pennsylvania, and quincy illinois, and hampton roads,
8:06 am
virginia. let's check it out right now. look for sticky humid weather as you head to the gulf coast and into florida. really cool conditions over the weekend in places through the northeast, especially into new england, where it could be in the 40s and 50s as you wake up in the morning. how about that? in the pacific northwest, we're talking about l kooercooler than normal conditions by so10 to 20 degrees. warm weather also rolling into the plains and the midwest potentially where itted can edcould be in the let's take a look at the forecast today. we'll be in the 90s by the end of the weekend, and we'll we'll have a four-day run of temperatures at 90-plus. for the first time this season. 62 is your overnight low. tomorrow we'll see partly sun where i. warmer afternoon, with a high of 88. we'll be in the low 90ed on
8:07 am
sunday, mid-80ed monday, and >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by macy's. >> all right. that's a quick look at your weather. these picture are from rollsville, right outside raleigh. they watch us on wral. one of our favorite stations in our favorite state, and raleigh is one of our favorite cities in the whole country. >> kind of a kooky vibe out here? >> are you people kooky, a little crazy, a little fun? just wait until the next half hour. >> so you don't have a clunker. presumably. not a problem. there are other ways to get money out of uncle sam. we'll find out how to do that when we come back.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
cash for clunkers has been making a lot of headlines. but there are other government-backed programs designed to boost the economy and help you save some money. our own ray martin is here to fill us in. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> cash for clunkers is wild man. >> you knew this was going to be popular. at least a lot of us thought that. i was surprised on how fast folks got off the couch, took their old vehicle to the dealership, and bought new cars. within two weeks folks exhausted the first $1 billion. it was spring loaded demand. this is a government program, which is designed to get people to take an old less fuel-efficient vehicle and buy a new one. who would have thought a government program that could work? 83% of the vehicles traded in. old vehicles traded in were trucks and suvs. 60% of the vehicles purchased were passenger cars. the average fuel economy of the new vehicle purchased on the trade-in was 25 miles per gallon, even a little bit more. the average fuel economy increase was 61%. the first $1 billion is expected to fund sales of over 200,000
8:12 am
vehicles. >> they're already talking about millions of barrels of petroleum saved by switching out just the cars that have been dealt with so far. >> and folks buying smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. with the new vehicles on the road hopefully you'll see the look on the highway is going to change. >> there are other programs out there that get much less focus. one of the ones we want to talk about this morning is the federal tax credit for energy efficiency. we see the ads for some of the window makers with big rebates. is this working? are people signing up for this? >> i think there should be more noise about this. this is where you can get a tax credit of up to 30% for the first $1,500 of what you spend for things like insulation new doors and windows, roofing materials, heating and cooling systems that are more fuel efficient than this. when i talk to contractors, they say this is getting some attention. what's really getting attention is folks putting in tankless hot water heaters. they're getting rid of their water storage tank system the old hot water heater.
8:13 am
putting on instant on hot water system. it's about $3,000. they get $1,000. and they save $200 to $300 a year. >> over a couple l of years, it pays for itself. >> maybe four or five years. there are also tax credits for up to 30% for energy efficient heating stumdsystems. these are more expensive. solar energy systems and geothermal heat pumps. there could be more attention here because itted can add up. >> tax credit for first-time home buyers. we're finally starting to see a bump up in the numbers of existing home sales. are people taking advantage thf? >> this is actually creating a new market for first-time home buyers. the tax credit was $7,500 last year. now the tax credit is up $8,000 if you're a first-time home buyer. haven't owned a home in the last three years. there's income limits here. $75,000 single and $150,000 married. this is causing people to get
8:14 am
off the sidelines, buy homes that are more moderately priced like $250,000 or less. the supply of homes is coming down. prices, the falling prices of homes is slowing down folks, here. so if you want to buy a home before december 31st, you have to close before then you want to do it, the stars are aligned. low interest rates, low home prices. get out and buy that home if it makes sense to do it for you versus renting. >> as always good advice. ray martin thank you so much. maggie? >> harry, thanks. up next i'll go dancing with the stars, specifically samantha harris now kicking up her heels on broadway.
8:15 am
tonight's dinner specials: teamwork... time together... real conversations... and memories. all for under $2 a serving. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
8:16 am
our friend samantha harris of "the insider" and "dancing with the stars" is making her dancing debut on broadway in "chicago." she gave me a tour as well as a dance lesson.
8:17 am
samantha harris plays roxie hart, the singing, dancing lead role in the musical "chicago." congratulations. >> thank you. >> what's it like to be on broadway? >> a lifelong dream. >> it's a dream come true for samantha and pure joy for packed audiences eight shows a week. ♪ take out those autographs all signed ♪ ♪ good luck to you roxie ♪ >> every core of my body seems alive when i'm on that stage. ♪♪ >> no stranger to the stage, she grew up doing musical theater in minneapolis. >> i'm samantha harris. >> and became co-host of "dancing with the stars." >> do you have a new appreciation for the dancers on dancing with the stars? >> i have a huge appreciation. i always did but now even more so. >> is mansamantha took us on a private backstage tour of the set.
8:18 am
>> this is where the director sits and makes all the light and cue calls. right behind here is the ladder that roxie climbs for my first song. ♪ sometimes i'm down sometimes i'm up ♪ >> when this is over how will you remember it? >> the most challenging and most exhilarateing experience of a lifetime. >> i wanted to fill the thrill of the broadway stage. >> are you ready? i'm going to teach you some roxie moves. >> i'm ready. >> all right. i want to see some jazz hands. let's go. >> what number are you going to teach me roxie? >> i figured the rocky number seemed the most apropos. ♪♪ >> your hands should stay short of just being loose. >> dancing on broadway is harder than it looks. uh-huh uh-huh. >> beautiful.
8:19 am
thank you. >> you did a great job. >> chicago is going to be seeing maggie very soon right here on the ambassador stage. >> after much more rehearsal. who knows? maybe i will make my broadway debut someday. >> that's a good idea. >> nice works, mags. very nice. >> thank you. >> did you get the broadway bug? >> standing "o." >> i kind of did get the broadway bug. it was fun. let's just say that something is in the works, and i may be inviting all of you gentlemen to come see a show soon. >> i think that's a tease. >> with one of your friends in it. >> really? >> wow. >> that's all i'm saying. >> wow, sounds great. >> i'm going to need major rehearsal. >> the role of roxie will be played by maggie rodriguez. >> not a leading role. >> no flash photography allowed during the performance. >> tent would be >> it won't be a major role but it will be something. >> from your dancing with the stars to my dancing with the stars. we went to manhattan's jewish
8:20 am
community center where i actually -- you know what? i didn't swim with sharks. i didn't do anything dangerous for shark week. i did step into the pool and i did spot one celebrity swimmer. take a look. the pool at an upper west side center in new york is always hopping. it's in the far left lane the slow lane, where the real action is. because that's where these folks, all senior citizens by definition, can be found swimming on any given day. hey, jerry. >> hello there. >> including this guy, the pool's most famous swimmer. >> you want me to wear a bra? >> no. a bra is for ladies. meet the bro. >> who's known here not for his bro but for his breaststroke. can you take mark spitz? >> mark spitz wants to take me on one day, come on down here
8:21 am
mark. there we go. >> but it's not about races and competition for this set of swimmers. >> i want to live. i want to live a little longer. there's more to be seen. >> howard eisenberg is 82 years old. every time he comes to swim, he's in the pool for more than an hour and a half. and it shows. how's it going over with the ladies? >> i do have a girlfriend. >> what does she say? >> i think she whistles at me. >> you don't say? but the ladies at the pool seem to be there purely for the exercise. andiery y ierjerry agrees. he says swimming is a form of exercise he can embrace at his age. >> i used to be good at situps and pushups, all that stuff. anything that was horizontal i could do. >> really? >> not everything horizontal. >> you want to expand on that. it's a rated "g" show. but enough of the talk. it was time to swim. but if you think the slow lane is all sugar and spice, think
8:22 am
again. >> ow, hey. you're supposed to keep to the right. you just hit me on the neck. >> that's why they have ladies day and they have men's day. >> it got ugly. there was a collision in the pool. some woman starts yelling at jerry. by the way, just a quick note for you viewers at home the hair on my back was prosthesis designed especially for this shoot. >> you did that on purpose? >> just small patches. >> why? >> thought it might make more interesting viewing. >> another note for our viewers at home keeping our daily logs we would have in two sections in the show two pieces with jazz hands. >> what are the chances? >> these people are amazing. it really keeps them young. >> i think jerry stiller is a better swimmer than you. >> i don't doubt that. he's a faster swimmer. >> he has less resistance. >> less prosthetic hair.
8:23 am
>> it looked good though didn't it? >> hot. >> someone said is there seaweed in the pool? i'm like no. again, stay ahead of me. stay ahead of me. >> we actually have a segment about that coming up. >> i'm not kidding. >> on back hair? >> how men can rem
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> hello again. fair weather clouds in one part to have sky. it is beautiful. hi there don. good morning. it has gotten busy late this morning. a big problem on the top side of the belt way blocking two right lanes on the inner loop. it is on the shoulder but causing a big back up on the inner loop. 83. on the outer loop, rubber necking can he lays back the hartford road. a crash on the belt way and inner loop, york road.
8:26 am
another crash middle river on green bank road. a new one windsor mill, liberty. and another one. there is a live look at the delay because of the accident on the inner loop. brought to you by maryland department of agriculture. eat local. maryland's have a good weekend. >> you too. marty over in the first warning weather center. >> the forecast today, a generous amount of sunshine, high temps around 86 degrees. tonight clear to start. parly cloudy overnight. temperatures low 60s. tomorrow sunshine, humid. move into the upper 80s. >> a suspect driving a stolen car speeds into a fatal crash in west baltimore. many are wondering if it was the result of a police chase. >> reporter: police say they weren't chasing that stolen vehicle but witnesses have a different version. one woman is dead and a
8:27 am
suspected car thief is in shock trauma. the driver of this car was driving down calhoun street when a speeding car slammed into her. the impact is so strong rescue crews rushed both drivers to the hospital. the women doesn't make it and she is pronounced dead at shock trauma. officers say they spotted a man on martin luther king boulevard in a stolen vehicle. some witnesses say it looked more like a chase. the suspected car thief faces a slew of charges including vehicular manslaughter. >> sit possible for mayor sheila dixon to get a fair trial here in baltimore city. they will try to select an impartial jury here they say one can be selected but will take interviewing several candidates. >> former miss maryland usa
8:28 am
will learn her fate. she pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice charges. she was charged with conspiracy to sell cocaine and will be sentenced in november. stay with wjz. up next custom made comfort. new technology to give you
8:29 am
8:30 am
like being in some crazed rock concert. >> not very many crowds can get harry to jump the way he was jumping a second ago. good for you all. you're not going to show our viewers? >> there you go. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. coming up some great products with a personal touch. we'll show you how to customize a gift to make it really remarkable and memorable. believe it or not it's not as
8:31 am
expensive as you might think. >> i was just talking about this with dave just a moment ago, seeing you in the pool. this is a huge trend, this hair removal for men. >> really? you can't see it through my suit. >> i know. this is how it works. a ltittle wax on little wax off. >> then they pull it off, and you're like the 40-year-old virgin. >> you know what they call it manscaping? >> has anybody had it done? >> no one's going to admit it. >> hold on. you just had your back waxed? oh, no. he thought he was bidding on a piece of artwork. i'm sorry. coming up what's the perfect wine for a warm summer's evening? we're going to get some advice on the perfect bottle for this time of year? >> first dave is here for a friday. we're so psyched for the week en. can't even see straight. >> it's incredible. >> can i just do my segue that i had had planned, please?
8:32 am
>> sure. >> now from harry to hairy. kim liked it. >> maggie's getting ready to go on vacation. >> can you tell? ou can so tell. first of all, let's walk over here. guys how clever is this? our friends celebrating justice sotomayor as of saturday with a t-shirt that says "wise latina." nice to see you guys. pleasure to see ou not plaza. and this the lady from youngstown, ohio that did that great sign. what's your do's name? >> madison. >> does she watch "the early show" every day without shutting her eyes? she shuts her eyes doesn't she? keep your eyes open. let's see what's happening all across the country. what a gorgeous day here in the northeast. keep in mind as you head into the weekend, believe it or not, in places like new england and through some of the mountain areas in the northeast, you are
8:33 am
going to see some very cool temperatures overnight. 40s and 50s in the early morning as well. we're going to see rough weather rolling into some of the northern plains states. into the great plains, you're going to see high heat roll on through. that's going to push into the midwest. sticky and a chance of showers in the southeast and gulf coast, typical this time of year. and cooler than normal temperatures in the pacific northwest. that's a quick look at the food morning. 33 minutes -- good morning. 33 minutes after the hour. sunshine, a gentle summer breeze. lovely. mid-upper 60s. this day sunshine 86, below normal. not humid. great way to start the weekend. partly cloudy later on. 62 your low. tomorrow partly sunny. high of 88. 92. we stay in the 90s
8:34 am
>> and that's a quick look at your weather picture, everybody. you're all set for let's make a deal aren't you? maggie, we'll send it back inside to you. >> thanks dave. if you're buying a gift for someone or just treating yourself we have some great items this morning that can be customized to fit anyone's needs. let's begin with finding the perfect shade of lip gloss. jillian veran is director of artistry for prescriptives, and she's here with a made to order custom blend. every woman has a drawerful of a million lip glosses. >> you know it. >> what's your advice for those women who can't seem to find the perfect one? >> that's just it. we all have different needs at different times. we buy things use them once throw it in a drawer and call it a day. we never use them again. here's the thing. custom blend lip gloss from prescriptives is so special because we eliminate the mistakes. we take your needs, your wants, everything you could possibly want for whatever the special occasion is or just an everyday
8:35 am
lip gloss and make it in front of you, in front of your own eyes. >> what i did was i looked through a couple of magazines. i found this picture here and i really liked her lip gloss. i said to you guys, i really like this lip gloss. can you make it for me? >> we did. this is it. we want you to try this on. here's the thing. when it comes to making a custom customize lip gloss, you can bring in a picture, a swatch of fabric anything. we can bring it in and make it right in front of you and adjust it to your skin tone. what i did with this photo is i slightly adjusted it to your skin tone. no mistakes. >> what you like may not be perfect for your skin. >> we want you to love it and feel like you walk away looking like that celebrity or that occasion that you need. >> let's see how close you came. where should i look? right here? does it look like emily's? i don't know. i don't remember, but i love it. how much does this cost? >> $26. so you're actually saving money
8:36 am
because we know that's the right color that you want. >> how long does it take? >> it takes less than ten minutes at the counter, and it's a fun, interactive thing to do with the analyst. >> i love it. thank you so much jillian. let's keep custom making stuff, harry. >> we have custom items from head to toe this morning. let's find out how to soothe those aching feet. matt schwartz vice president of -- >> sales. >> what's the name of it? >> aetrex worldwide is here to show us how to get a perfect shoe. good morning. how are you? >> great to be here. >> so early this morning, before we went on the air, you had a gizmo, this machine. what do you call this machine? >> it's called the i-step. >> i got on this machine. what does it do? >> our brand uses technology to customize foot ware to help people feel more comfortable. it tells you your size arch step pressure points and it matches the appropriate product. >> that looks like a map of the ocean floor. >> you have very interesting feet harry. the beauty of this system is all of our footwear comes with
8:37 am
insoles inside them. we can remove plugs to customize to your special needs. >> as opposed to i want more comfortable feet. you can go out and get dr. scholl's. so you change these things around to match that map we just made right? >> that's right. i click a button on there that highlights which plug i should remove to release pressure for your specific feet. we recognize that not everybody wears aetrex. we have a very customized or thotic line that can customize to your arch point. >> look at this. >> looking handsome. >> wow. you're the man. >> thanks a bunch. very cool. davy? >> no maggie actually. she's going to do books first. >> i'm going to do books. if you're looking for a unique gift for a new mom or a child. check out the customized booking with the first adventures of incredible you. liz gumbinner is president of
8:38 am this is a cool mom pick for sure. >> we see a lot of customized books at and most seem like they're made from marketers. >> what's different about this book? >> it weaves a beautiful story about your child using customized customized personal information just seamlessly. >> let me tell the viewer how it works. i did this. you give me a bunch of questions like your mom's name your dad's name. someone special in her life who she likes to go to the park with. and you made one for my daughter. this was custom-made for daniela alexis rodriguez, and her story includes all her favorite people and things she likes to do. the first time you ride a two-wheeler bike you'll ride down broadway which is the street we live on and give your daddy a scare. >> the people that developed this book are smart and clever. i commend them for doing something so beautiful.
8:39 am
you can get it at, takes about two days and costs $39.95. >> you can read it to your kid while having a cup of coffee. >> you can soothe your nerves with a nice cup of joe. this is custom coffee. it's referred to as a dating service for people to match up with their favorite blends right? how much? how long does it take? how do you do it? >> it's really easy. it's like a for coffee. go to fill out questions, what kind of roast do you like? do you like it light or dark? how acidic do you like? do you want it to smell like floral or not? if you don't know the answer to the questions, they'll help guide you through it. >> again, what this is are our two custom blends. maggie's, which is very nutty as i smell it. very nutty. >> you're saying i'm nutty? >> and this is my friend, which is -- >> very fruity. i'm just teasing.
8:40 am
>> exotic was the word i was looking for, maggie. >> the great thing is you can customize your own label as well and make it look just how you want. if you want dave's fruity blends, that's what you can have. >> i'm ready to wrap this baby up. liz gumbinner, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> fine out more about custom picks at just so everyone knows, dave and i love each other, and we're really, really best friends in real life. ♪ reunited because it feels so good ♪ one of "big brother's" biggest fans doesn't necessarily help you win the game. just ask ronnie who knew every previous program by heart but was this season's fourth person to be evicted. julie chen spoke with ronnie moments after he was shown the door. >> my name is ronnie. i'm 30 years old. i am a huge video game geek. >> nice. >> ronnie's going to be someone i'm going to have to learn to like. >> i thought ronnie was the
8:41 am
biggest dork in the house. come to find out, he is playing everyone like aed fiddle. >> i have not lied to jesse. i have not lied to lydia. i have not lied to kevin. >> you've been lying to everyone in this house. you are the rat. we figured it out, and you got caught. >> i really miss my wife. she would know what to do. she would have some advice for me. >> i've decided to nominate ronnie for eviction. you've lied to every single person in this game and you've been a snake. >> by a vote of 4-3, ronnie you are evicted from the "big brother" house. do you have any regrets about how you played this game or anything you did in this game? >> you know julie, i told my wife before i came here that if i were to be evicted, i wanted to be able to look back and say, i played the game by my own terms. i was evicted ultimately because of something i did to myself and did not allow someone else to do. i feel that i achieved both those goals. >> this game really gets to you,
8:42 am
doesn't it? the emotions. >> i love this game. this is such a -- i don't regret anything. i tried for so long to get on this show. i consider myself blessed. out of the thousands to be picked to be on this show and i would do it again in a heartbeat. >> is it possible to live in that house and play the game and not start getting a little paranoid? >> okay. the best description i could come up with what it's like to be in that house. imagine you, 12 other people who are alpha type personalities just like you, extremely competitive, and they're all bloodthirsty to kick you out of that house to get money, and they're willing to back stab and do anything. >> you want to go back? >> i would go back in a heartbeat. >> thank you, ronnie. >> for more of julie's interview with ronnie, go to our website, now from "big brother" to hairy men. there's a new marketing campaign
8:43 am
that shows men flaunting their newly smooth -- is that how they do that? that's crazy. is this really how they do it? oh, my gosh. so is this really a trend or a publicity ploy? cindy barshop, owner of the completely bare hair removal salon, is here's to tell us how to take it all off. wow, i had no idea. i really didn't know. i'm an old guy. >> you're out of the market. >> i'm a dinosaur. this is like crazy hot. >> crazy hot. it's interesting because all men are doing it like 25 to 60 years old. no stereotype. everyone is coming in and getting it done. >> where? >> it's the head. it's the neck. it's the back. boxers and briefs they're doing now. >> no. >> i don't want to go there with you. i'm going to ease you into this. >> men come in for waxing? >> it's a fashion now, yes. it's a fashion. >> does anybody know this? >> i think everybody's knows
8:44 am
this. we're doing very well. they do it. they start with shaving, and then they go over to waxing and do the laser hair removal. >> you've been in business for how long? >> ten years. >> your business is growing like crazy? >> we have five locations now. we're going national soon. >> give me some shaving tips. >> you're shaving at home. >> when you go home later today. >> here's a quick, inexpensive way to make sure you don't get razor bumps or things like that. use dove soap. it works great. >> instead of shaving cream? >> absolutely. on the body. your face, do what you want. >> so if i'm going to shave the hair off my arms i should use that. >> we can demonstrate later when nobody's around. also with the razor, i would recommend the five blade. >> these are good. >> and here's a little trick. put a little olive oil and make sure there's no rust that gets on there. it will also keep it very sharp. >> you know what they say also you should change your blades more often than most people do. >> but in between, this will
8:45 am
make it last a little bit longer. >> i love that. >> this is waxing at home. >> this is so interesting. >> men have to do this now. they have to keep up. absolutely. take a look at the fashion and keep up just like the women did. we have a wax at home kit. three major things you have to think about. one is to make sure the hair is long enough. use a low temperature wax. what i say is that means it's not -- >> what does that mean? >> not microwaveable. microwave something, and it's hot on one side and cold on the other. keep it safe. the other big tip is to use a pad and make sure the skin is dry. you can download a dvd, and it will show you how to do it. that's the spa la. we heat up the wax. put it on like this. >> how do i get it off then? >> you put it on a strip and pull off close to the skin. there's definitely -- >> you mean like in the movie, like in 40-year-old virgin?
8:46 am
>> right. >> where the guy goes yaah? >> if you have a low temperature wax, it doesn't hurt that much. if you're going to do that much go to a professional. if you have a lot of waxing and your hair's coarse do that at home. >> you have laser treatment as well? how does that work? >> it's a light pulsation that kills the follicle from underneath the skin. it hurts less than waxing. you're in a good position because men tend to be a little bit of babies. they'll come in for a wax like 40-year-old virgin. >> they're not so macho. this is so interesting. it's why you do morning television. i feel like i really learned a lot this morning. >> did you? will you use this? >> that's very personal. for more on hair removal for men, visit our website, thanks so much. that was really great. up next we'll pop the cork and beat the heat with some summer wines. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
8:47 am
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8:49 am
what is the best wine for your table during these dog days of summer? >> here to answer that question is gary vaynerchuk. >> good enough. >> say it. >> vaynerchuk. >> vaynerchuk. >> he's got some great choices all for under $15. >> first things first. centimeter times we do these segments and the wines are very inexpensive, and there's so much nitrates you feel like your head is going to explode. you promise me we won't have these issues here. >> harry, do you think i'm going to bring bunk wine to you? >> no. >> let's establish that. >> that's what i love about gary. >> and let's establish another thing. price has no impact on quality.
8:50 am
there are so many wines under $20 bones that are phenomenal and plenty of $60 wines that stink. >> true that. >> true that. >> what are we going to start with here? >> suave. >> this is a huge story. soave was taken over as a brand. the wine went right down there. you order a soave now, you're going to beery happy. >> it passes the sniff test. >> soave is back. there's way too many people drinking pinot grigio. it's the same old thing. you've got wines like soave that are wonderful and under $20. >> that's so worth it. >> perfect for summer. >> i'm going to jump over here to the riesling. i'm tired of people thinking that riesling is girly, girly frufru stuff. all the winers when we get together in the weiner cave we talk about riesling.
8:51 am
it's the most serious white wine in the world. this is from germany. give it a little whirl. what do you think? >> it's awesome. >> i didn't make these wines. if you dislike them it's fine with me. >> we don't lie. >> there's a whole bunch of stuff going on. that's really good. >> great with shell fish lobster, things of that nature. >> a little brunky. >> a brunch wine. >> portugal. portugal is on fire. everyone is talking spain. >> breaking news. portugal is on fire. >> we'll have to redo the show. >> portugal is probably the country right now that brings the most value dollar for dollar. i'm very fascinated by the quality of the wines under $20. big fruit, very massive. >> not my favorite. i'm sorry. >> what's the grape here? >> taniga national. >> i think i have too much of the other one on my tongue. >> do you want to go back to it? >> no.
8:52 am
>> what do you think? >> it's a hard follow. i get what you're saying. >> this is for big meats and burgers. >> i can see that. >> finally, primi tivo. from italy. linked to zinfandel in the summer. we're hot dogging it barbecuing, this is the wine. >> i like it. >> you can bathe in it. >> rolling in here. question? >> what do you think for the summer mad dog? >> i'm high on the blackberry but the apple i try to stay away from. >> why is this night different from all others? >> gary, thank you. go to the web for more on these wines, >> to the weekend. >> to the weekend. have a great day. >> watch for the saturday edition of "the early show" tomorrow morning. have a great weekend, everybody. your local news is next. >> cheers.
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hello, five minutes before 9:00. fair-weathered clouds cannot change the feel of this friday. it is nice out there. marty is in the first warning weather center. >> look at the forecast for date. a pretty simple one. we are talking about sunshine. temperatures this day right around 86 degrees. comfortable. tonight we start getting a little humid. clear to partly cloudy. 62 is the low pom tomorrow, a little warmer with a high of 88 degrees. and thing is significant. starting sunday through wednesday, it will be the first real multiday run with temperatures above 90 degrees so far this season. don, take it away. >> thank you. in the news, a suspected car thief speeds into a fatal
8:56 am
crash in baltimore. now people are wondering if the crash wasn't the result of a police pursuit. eyewitness news and gigi barnett stay on the story. >> reporter: police say they weren't chasing that stolen vehicle, but witnesses have a different version. meanwhile one woman is dead and a suspected car thief is in shock trauma. police state driver of this car was traveling down calhoun street in west baltimore where out of nowhere a speeding car slammed into her, the impact of the crash was so strong rescue crews rushed both drivers to the hospital and the woman doesn't make it and they pronounce her dead at shock trauma. minutes before the death, officers in the regional task force spotted a man on martin luther king, jr. in a stolen vehicle but some witnesses say it looked more like a chase, the suspected car thief who is here at shock trauma spaces a slew of charges, including vehicular manslaughter. back out continue to tv hill. >> thank you, gigi. will it be to possible for mayor sheila dixon to get a
8:57 am
fair trial in baltimore city as defense and prosecutors try to select an impartial jury for dixon's publicized case. a fair jury can be seated but it will take interviewing a long list of witness candidates -- excuse me of juror candidates. a hagerstown woman is facing attempted murder charges during an argument with her husband. she picked up a knife and stabbed him several time. the man is being treat for wounds to his head, shoulder and arms. she is being held without bond. the ravens got a is you are prize advice ter to the training camp. rapper snoop dogg watched the practice before joining the team in the middle of the field. it was set up by snoop dogg and his good friend, ray lewis. another outing for the orioles. rookie starter david hernandez did not last long on the mound in the motor city after giving up four runs. the os did their best with their bats but lost 7-3 yesterday, the orioles end up losing three out of the four
8:58 am
they played in detroit. the orioles road trip continues through the weekend. or the orioles head to toronto and take on the blue jays starting tonight. masn on wjz this weekend. see the birds in action tomorrow afternoon at 1 p.m. right here on wjz 13. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news and first warning weather today at n
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