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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  August 7, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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fight the flu. a major new effort to keep the h1n1 virus from spreading inside schools. hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. sally is off. schools and the swine flu virus. the government is setting up new guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. schools won't be so quick to close their doors this time around. here's more. >> reporter: 7-year-old kaitlin knows her best defense against the swine flu -- >> when i heard about it, i
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learned how to wash my hands. >> reporter: she wants to know how to prevent the h1n1 flu when she shows up for her first day. >> we hope no schools have to close. >> reporter: health officials are intent on keeping as many kids as learning as possible offering schools guidelines with a family ring. >> keep sick kids out, cover your cough and wash your hands. >> reporter: the cdc says those who are sick don't need to stay home as long. last year 700 schools closed. many here in new york. this time around the government advisers only those with a severe outbreak or a higher outbreak should consider closing. this woman says she will make sure her husband gets in line for the vaccination. >> i think it's a great way to get everybody in line.
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>> reporter: for now, kaitlin's mom will be taking the precautions. >> we're trying to be careful. i think if we use the wipes in the backpack, hand sanitizer and 20 seconds of hand washing. >> reporter: the h1n1 vaccine won't be ready for the start of the school year but should be ready by october. back to you. a short time ago, the state health department confirms a fifth mader has died from swine flu. that person was from the washington, d.c. suburbs and had underlining health problems. studies of the swine flu will begin next week at the university of maryland school of medicine. 67 young adult volunteers and 67 senior citizens will be briefed. if they agree to go ahead, they will get two shots three weeks apart to test the vaccine. if it's found safe it will be tested on children. wjz news is always on.
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to check on instant stories and past stories on the swine flu go to our website. eunice kennedy shriver is in the hospital. breaking news. she's surrounded by her family. she's known for performing in special olympics in the 1960s. she has a home in montgomery county. a short time ago, baltimore county police officially closed the investigation into the death of two teens struck by a light rail train. suzanne has more from the newsroom. >> baltimore police won't file charges determining it was an accident. last month, jarrett peterson and kyle wankmiller were struck by a light rail train walking on the tracks. the tracks were closed. police interviewed the operator and other witnesses and determined that charges were not justified. however, police did not say how the train operator failed to notice the teens walking on the tracks. back to you. >> thank you,. baltimore county police
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were asked to finish the investigation by mta police to avoid any conflict of interest. baltimore city police continue to investigate the violent crash that left a baltimore county woman dead. gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: witnesses say they watched this accident take plate in front of them. some -- take place in front of them. one woman is dead. police know what she is. skyeye chopper 13 is over the deadly collision shortly after 3:30 yesterday afternoon. now police know the name of the woman killed in the accident. the crash left her car in a twisted mess near north calhoun and west lexington street. >> that's the first time i ever saw anything like that before. i hope i never have to see it again. >> reporter: investigators say 23-year-old kiera mckay was driving her car southbound on west lexington street when the
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driver of the gray car struck her. police say that car was stolen and the alleged thief was trying to get away from officers, from their regional auto tax board. but police say they were not chasing the suspected car thief, who they say was driving out of control. >> he took off at a high rate of speed before the officers task force could follow, based on the way the driver was driving. they were ordered to break it off immediately. >> reporter: rescue workers rushed the car thief and mckay to shock trauma. it was too late for her. meanwhile, witnesses say they saw the deadly accident unfold in front of them. >> the police car was coming behind him. not speeding. when i looked up again, the car was flipping and hit the wall. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the suspect in shock trauma in serious condition. back to you. >> thank you.
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the driver behind the wheel of the stolen car could face a number of charges, including manslaughter. a cat is fighting for its life after being set on fire. animal control found this cat yesterday in bad shape. witnesses report seeing two people dousing the cat in liquid and setting it on fire. a pit bull was set on fire and that had be euthanized. there is a reward leading to those who did these crimes. the governor says he's frustrated with the county council because it hasn't yet decided whether to allow a casino to be built next to the mall. the council has tabled the discussion until fall. if approved, it would be the largest slots operation in the state. july's unemployment numbers are out. they are better than expected. analysts say it could be a sign the recession is ending.
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even so millions of americans remain out of work, and those are taking on part-time jobs. >> i thought i was on the right path. you know, within a few years, maybe i would have that corner office and the bottom kind of dropped out. >> reporter: miller lost his public relakeses job last october. he's still looking for work. so are more than 4 million americans but the latest jobless report shows the worst may be over. the stock market celebrated with a triple-digit rally after news that the unemployment dropped from 9.3 -- dropped to 9.3 from 9.4% in july. jobs are still tight, like in construction. >> you go through the whole bidding and then once the numbers come in, they put it on
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hold. >> reporter: whether it's 9.5%. blue-collar workers find jobs, it will be tough. >> we won't rest until every american looking for work can find a job. >> reporter: chris miller hopes to return to his industry some time and is heading to houston to join the family's roofing business. >> the fact of -- the thought of me going to houston is a little overwhelming but for now i have to pay the bills. >> reporter: his troubles are over for now. back to you. the unemployment numbers boosted numbers on wall street. here's a look at the numbers. car shoppers caught up in the frenzy of the cash for clunkers program now have more time to trade in their own gas- guzzlers. a short time ago, president
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obama signed new legislation after the senate approved $2 billion more. -- more toward this program. a fantastic friday across the region. changes are coming. "eyewitness news" has weather and traffic together. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> the last time we had three days of 90-plus temperatures. that was back in april. we haven't seen that since. however, beginning sunday, we'll have at least three days of 90-plus temperatures. get ready for it. monday looks to be the hottest day. around here right now, beautiful, a few clouds, temperatures only around 80 degrees. 39% humidity. west winds at 9. really, really lovely weather. it will continue tonight, a little warmer. but the real warmup begins sunday and particularly on
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monday. back to you. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> friday afternoons tend to be tough. today is a case of that. we have several accidents to report. a back up to 543. watch for another crash on 95 northbound. that one at 895. watch for a wreck on 50 westbound. most of your delays will be on the eastbound side. we'll talk about those in a second. a wreck involving a motorcycle that's on hicks road. watch for construction blocking charles street until monday morning. it could be worse on the beltway. there are delays there. about nine minutes on the 95 between 895 and the beltway. there is a live look at
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whitemarsh. 50 eastbound jammed from white hall road to the bay bridge. this traffic report it brought to you by the maryland department of agriculture. kai, back to you. >> thank you. it took a few days but derek mason finally got the welcome back reception that he wanted. >> 1, 2, 3! [ cheers ] he was greeted by a girl scout troop playing music after practice today when he ended his day. he arranged it for the girl scout troop to play for him. >> small fender-benders cause
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you problems. very, very lucky to be alive. one woman's brush with death with the pennsylvania health club killer. up in flames, a massive fire destroys a boathouse in massachusetts. was anyone hurt. change is coming this weekend. don't miss the updated forecast.
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massive fire destroys a boathouse and several boats in massachusetts. take a look at the scene here in inipswitch. the fire went to three alarms. there were no injuries. the boathouse is a loss. police in new jersey released surveillance capturing a suspect with an assault rifle with a shootout with police. the video shows the man and his wife outside a building. moments later, the man is seen
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stalking and firing at officers in a cruiser. police were investigating a stolen car when they were met by a hail of gunfire instead. the suspects were killed. also in new jersey, a neighborhood is evacuated after police find a car full of explosives. it happened in hamenton. emergency crews removed a package containing five pounds of dynamite. police arrested the car owner and also found 200,000 worth of marijuana inside his home. in the consumer watch, slow- speed crashes result in thousands of dollars in damage. here's more. >> reporter: if this chevy malibu was going any slower, it would be standing still, yet this 6-mile-per-hour crash test caused $3500 worth of damage. >> it's ridiculous that you get thousands of dollars damage in 3 or 6-mile-per-hour damage. >> reporter: the insurance
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institute for highway safety tested these cars and needed pricey repairs from around $1500 for a mazda 6 and honda accord to more than 2400 for the nissan maxima and ford fusion. >> it doesn't have to be this way. it didn't used to it be way. >> reporter: he's right. this 1981 ford escort incurred only $86 in damage in a recent test. >> this entire unit is now. >> reporter: this man owns a collision repair shop. does this mean the bumpers are less safe? >> no. the cars are far more safer. as we improve the number of technologies that the vehicles have, those technologies have to be crammed in the car. not so much in the back but in the front of the vehicle, there's less distance from the bumper to where these very expensive components reside. >> reporter: gm told "eyewitness news" the focus on
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occupant protection and crash avoidance. why not make a bumper that's a little stronger that can withstand a little fender- bender. >> it depends on what you want. would you like a less expensive car that weighs lot that has a lot of great options and features or would you like a bumper that costs more, weighs more and gets less energy? >> of the six top selling mid- sized sedans. none got a safety mark from the highway institute. a massive break in lower manhattan. about 15 building were flooded. it disrupted bus service and several streets were blocked up. crews were on the scene trying to make repairs. the water is nearly 150 years old. the world's longest yard
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sale is open for business. it stretches from ohio to alabama. the four-day event is spread across 685 miles through five states. a national park, a state park and a world war i museum. bargain hunters from all over the nation turn out to find a deal. the sale is now in its 22nd year. coming up at 4:00, a hacker attack on the popular site twitter. how the website is responding. >> reporter: at barcs in south baltimore, how local artists are helping. get ready for the weekend. will the weather cooperate with your plans? wjz is always on at for instant weather all of the time click ú
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nice day outside today. >> it's only 80 degrees now. our normal high is around 86, 87. the humidity is low. that's making it very comfortable. this morning a lot of upper
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50s. downtown, mid-60s. at the airport, 60 this morning. very comfortable. that is about to change as we head into the second half of the weekend. tomorrow won't be a whole lot different. a little bit warmer. 80 now. dew point is way down, at 53. humidity down, way down, at 38%. west-northwest winds at 9. 30.12 inches, the barometer. beautiful, 82 in ocean city. 80 in baltimore. 86 the hot spot in washington and from washington to virginia tomorrow, probably closer to 90 but by the end of the weekend, everybody except the mountain areas above 2,000 feet, everybody is gonna be around 90 or better. 80 right now. 78 westminster. 79 up in bel air. a nice little best breeze kept things dry, sunny. cool air aloft, kind of interacts with the sun.
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you get some evaporation. the clouds begin to worm in the afternoon. we'll probably see a few more. out to the west, a huge area of very warm high pressure, ridge of high pressure has been sitting down here for days. it's finally gonna migrate out to the east. on the boundary line to the north -- to the north, tomorrow warmer. sunday, a little warmer. by sunday, definitely more humidity in the air which is gonna make the low 90s very, very sticky, uncomfortable. monday even worse as that high pressure moves off, here comes the winds back to the west- southwest. pleasant and cool but showers to the north, saturday and sunday. central a south and west --
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pennsylvania west. tonight, still comfortable, clear, beautiful. 62 around morning. enjoy it. tomorrow, back up to 86. still pleasant. we'll call it sunny, partly sunny and a warm day. normal high tomorrow is about 86. tomorrow will be nice. sunday back up in the low 90s. the hot day will be on monday. that will be our real hottest day of the summer, i think. >> high temps, high humidity. >> both. >> okay. >> thank you, bob. don't miss the cbs prime time lineup tonight. how the os road trip continues. they head to toronto. this saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >> the number of homeless people in this country is at record levels.
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one city is helping them, through it. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. unthinkable crime, a 3-year- old eastern shore girl killed and prosecutors say her mother did it. now a judge decides her fate. head-on collision. the woman blamed for this deadly crash accused of being drunk at the wheel but her family is fighting to clear her name. "eyewitness news" at 4:00 continues with denise right after this.
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it is just 4:30. 80 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with "eyewitness news." i'm denise koch. the story that continues to take unexpected turns. the husband of the woman who police say was drunk and high when she caused a deadly crash driving the wrong way on a new york highway defends his wife.
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but as kelly wallace reports for wjz what was found in the wreckage may be damning evidence. >> my little girl, gone. i don't know what to say about that. my little girl. >> reporter: daniel schuller was overcome with grief when asked about his 2-year-old daughter killed in the crash. as for his wife, diane, he said she didn't abuse alcohol. he blamed her tragic ride on a stroke. her diabetic condition, or an abscess in her mouth. >> i go to bed every night knowing my heart is clear. she did not drink. she's not an alcoholic. >> reporter: that despite a toxicology report which found that schuller had the equivalent of ten shots of vodka and marijuana in her body, a bottle of vodka was found in the mangled wreckage after she drove the wrong way on a new york highway, killing her daughter, three nieces and three men in another car.
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her 5-year-old son is the sole survivor and is still recovering in the hospital. >> did she have an alcohol problem? >> no. >> did you know her to get drunk and -- >> i never saw her drunk since the day i met her. >> reporter: schuller would not answer questions about marijuana use and said there was nothing wrong with his marriage. kelly wallace, cbs news, new york. >> now, police say her blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit, she had indigested alcohol in her stomach and high levels of the key ingredient of marijuana in her system. a 3-year-old eastern shore killed. prosecutors say her mother is to blame. kai's in the newsroom with more. >> well, denise, the judge ruled that victoria sparrow was criminally responsible for her daughter's death. 3-year-old lacy sparrow's body bass found inside her
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stevenville's home. she said she was not criminally responsible by reason of mental illness. the judge heard testimony from psychologists saying the mother knew the difference between right and wrong. >> prosecutors will ask for life in prison. a woman is charged with attempted first-degree murder after she stabbed her husband. 44-year-old barbara mierbaw is being held without bond. she responded to the couple's home tuesday morning. her husband was stabbed in the shoulder, triceps and head. she stabbed him after accusing him of cheating on her. victims of the deadly pennsylvania health club shooting continue to recover. the gunman killed three people and inidead three others. >> reporter: it will take dental work to restore heather's bright smile. but she says that's okay. >> very, very lucky to be okay. >> reporter: with the first shot, heather thought a light
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bulb blew up. i just heard, boom, boom, boom! i knew it was gunshots and from there i hit the floor. >> reporter: heather thought the shots were coming from the outside of the room. >> i turned my head and i looked and i seen that he was over there and i said oh, my god. all dressed in black. he had a black hat, a black head band or something. >> reporter: she was suddenly faced with a choice. >> what do i do? pretend like i'm dead or make a run for it? i thought i he could keep shooting. i went oh, my god. my teeth are knocked out. you've gotta be building me. i got hit in the leg shot. >> reporter: she fell to the door, short of there.
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and she crawled out fearful. >> if he saw that he hit me and thought she's not going to get very far, he would think he could still get to me. >> police say the killer, george sodini went on a rampage because of his hatred for women. several philadelphia police officers caught on tape beating three suspects after a car chase will not face charges. according to the d.a. this incident back in 2008 does not tell the whole story. officers felt the suspects could be armed and dangerous and in keeping with department policy, they did not kick or beat them once they were handcuffed. the police commissioner
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reported. the attorney who got the supreme court to overturn dc's 32-year ban on handgun possession is going back to court. this time he's challenging regulations prohibiting gun owners from carrying their weapons into the nation's capital. the social messaging site twitter is back up and running. that was not the case yesterday. >> reporter: it's as important to some as their morning coffee, millions try to log on to twitter. >> i tried it a few times. >> i was like how do i twitter? >> i think everyone was annoyed. >> this doesn't make twitter look good. it looks like they can't be taken seriously. >> this is very late '90s stuff. a major globally known website. >> reporter: seeing he could
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not use the site to send or receive tweets, he still managed to piece together what happened. he says it was a basic denial of service attacks where a hacker or hackers infected thousands of computers without the owners knowing it. the virus for malicious software started inundating twitter. >> it's like going to the browser, hitting "enter" to death. you nag it to death. >> reporter: it's still not fully operating. businesses like originate labs rely on it. workers here help businesses grow. they tweet regularly to more than 13,000 followers. >> we are looking for feedback from potential customers, from other partners. >> reporter: the founder is surprised by the outage saying
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it's become more than a tool for socializing. >> people have become reliant on it for their business. >> fresh off the gym, my twitter has been tipin'! >> withdrawal symptoms. >> the networking site facebook experienced problem yesterday. let's go to the weather. a delightful end to the workweek. a second day we're getting a break from the heat and humidity. "eyewitness news" has traffic and weather together. >> the wind was out last night t was freezing. sunday a bigger warm up. monday even warmer. nothing around here on radar. very pleasant temperatures. only about 80 degrees. take a look at these temperatures.
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100 in kansas. chicago with rain in the 70s. 90s. all of these 90s are headed to the east coast. we're looking for a big warmup. on monday, we probably could get to 95 degrees. that would make it the warmest day of the summer so far. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. hello, sharon. >> well, it's still pretty busy, an accident, three of those accidents are on 95. the latest one at 95 at 198 blocking the left lane. 95 northbound past mountain road with the backup to 543. watch for a wreck on 95. another one involving a motorcycle. this one wilson road at hick road and perry hall boulevard, buck schoolhouse road in rosedale. construction blocking charleston street. as far as delays go, the biggest ones remain on the beltway as well as 95.
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there is a live look at 95. slow going there in the north and southbound lanes at white marsh. very slow going on 50 eastbound. you are looking at a jam from whitemarsh road and the west side running pretty smoothly there. this traffic report is brought to you by the perry hall outback steakhouse. live adventurist, go outback. back to you. >> thank you. the animal shelter in baltimore is bursting at the seams with dogs and cats. ron matz reports barcs needs help and local artists are stepping up. >> reporter: there are docks and cats -- dogs and cats everywhere at the shelter. just listen to the numbers. >> yes. we're getting in -- a month, a little over 750 cat as month. a little over 400 dogs a month. >> reporter: that's why a dozen local artists are displaying
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their animal-themed work at zella's pizzeria. when they are sold, the money will benefit this non-profit animal rescue organization. >> it was really excited to see him and how many artists were really willing to be part of the show. i've had artists calming me and asking if they could have a piece of the show. we had so many we could only display two pieces. >> reporter: wjz suzanne collins donated two of her paintings. >> they are really nice paintings. she was so excited and we were happy to have her. >> reporter: the money raised will go toward animal care. we are in need of funds. >> reporter: poo is a lab mix, one of 50 animals a day coming into barcs. >> we have a very, very small staff.
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one of the things we need to do is raise money. >> reporter: the staff and volunteers are dedicated to the animals here but they can't do it alone. >> really in order to be able to save all of these lives, we need the community's involvement. we need their help. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz, "eyewitness news." >> well, the art selling will continue through october 5th. wjz 13 is always on. for more information, go to and click on our pets page. a reminder for you. the great prostate challenge is right around the corner. as part of our continuing commitment, you can get a free prostate cancer screening this sunday from 8:00 until 1:00 p.m. at the first mount olive freebill baptist church. come out for the great prostate cancer challenge. marty bass will be there that day. straight ahead -- what this man is accused of stealing from
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a convenience store. war, did american forces succeed in killing a high- ranking taliban leader? and the summer conditions are continuing. don't miss the forecast.
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nearly 1,000 people have been evacuated from a resort island off china's coast as a typhoon approaches landfall. chinese state television is broadcasting video of strong winds and heavy rains pounding the area. meteorologists expect the typhoon to arrive late tonight or early tomorrow. it's packing winds up to 60 miles per hour. police in belgium are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire at a retirement home. the flames broke out a building where more than 100 retirees receive care. thick, black smoke billowed while many were sleeping. nine people died. three more are in critical condition. 30 others had to be treated for
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breathing difficulties after they got out. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the cia has reportedly killed one of pakistan's top taliban leaders. a u.s. intelligence official says there are strong indications he's dead and the taliban is confirming it. richard roth reports for wjz he died in a missile strike on his farmhouse. >> reporter: for the first time, the leader of the taliban militias has been killed. believed to be in his late 30s and not often photographed, baitullah mehsud had a $5 million u.s. bounty on his head. capturing or killing him has been a top priority of u.s. terrorism efforts. as one american official has put it, the world would be a safer place without him. it said baitullah mehsud was among those killed in an american missile attack on wednesday in a remote village in a tribal area of northwest
4:47 pm
pakistan. the claim's backed by u.s. and pakistani intelligence officials, although they say they have no physical evidence. but two of baitullah mehsud's lieutenants have echoed the flame he was killed. the west blames baitullah mehsud for the 2007 assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. his death would leave a leadership hole linked to al qaeda and responsible for a link of suicide bombings and other attacks. but with several deputies vying to secede him, it probably won't be empty for long. richard roth, cbs news, london. government officials will go to the site to verify baitullah mehsud's death. a 21-year-old army ranger died protecting our country but even in our death, he macked to safe a life. when he was killed in afghanistan last month, his family decided to donate all of
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his organs. his heart beats inside 56-year- old judy meckle who lives in chicago. she was diagnosed with heart disease and without the heart transplant, she says she would have died. >> i don't think there could be a better tribute than -- in my case, ben's big heart to have his heart keep beating inside me. >> his organs will save dozens of people. he's credited with saving six soldiers the day he was shot. a police search gets underway in missouri after a man is caught entering a gas station, returning minutes later to offer the store clerk $20 for the m&ms candy display. the clerk turns him down. he dumps the money down, takes the candy and goes. more reports on michael jackson here's more.
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>> reporter: coming up on "entertainment tonight" i sit down with jeff con knowway, what has to -- what he has to say about drug addiction an michael jackson. the man lived in never never land. he built his surrounding and had all of the [bleep] and he was king of the hill there. everybody -- and everybody enabled him. everybody. >> reporter: and yet some of those enablers, you would think, wouldn't be doctors. >> uh-huh. ♪ >> reporter: while no toxicology report is out yet, speculation has swimmed around drugs and several of his doctors are under investigation over medications they prescribed to him. >> oh, god! oh, god! >> reporter: from his own years of drug abuse and painkiller addiction crown nelled on --
4:50 pm
chronicled celebrity addiction. it's our brad pitt exclusive. we're behind the scenes of his new movie. all of this and much more coming up on "entertainment tonight." well, the weekend is starting with fabulous weather but can it last? bob turk has your updated warning forecast right after this break.
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gorgeous day! absolutely perfect day! light breeze this morning. >> 0 at the airport this morning -- 60 at the airport this morning. there will be a big change coming by sunday and monday. try to keep this nice, cool weather in your back pocket or at least open the windows tonight and bring the cool weather in, pull the shades down. keep your house as cool as you can. sunday, monday, we'll call it
4:54 pm
very hot. temperatures around the region very comfortable. 80. dew point at low 53. humidity, 30%. nice, little breeze. barometer holding steady, 30.12 inches. 75 in garrett county. this weekend if you are heading up to the mountains. 85, 86, 87 degrees. we're gonna get in the 90s. ocean city may get to 90 on sunday, monday with the winds off the land. right now they are at 82. we're at 86. around the baltimore metro. temperatures upper 70s. just great former spring time temperatures. west winds all day long. kept the clouds from forming. just a few fair-weather clouds this afternoon. now to the west, we -- sort of a warm front beginning to develop. a lot of showers forming. the warm air is running into cooler air. we're getting these showers and
4:55 pm
storms breaking up. some of these are gonna pass to the north saturday night and sunday. they will probably stay just to the north. it's possible we might see showers saturday night. once sea showers pass to the region, they will get into the heat and humidity. tomorrow, pretty pleasant. back up in the low 90s. by monday, there will be a lot of 94, 95, 96-degree temperatures. down in virginia, some spots may get up to the 90s. it will be hot and rather humid by the early part of next week. a change happened by the middle of next week. it will start to cool off again. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. 80 is the bay temperature. a low of 62. mostly to partly sunny. a warm day but normal, 86 degrees for tomorrow. if you are heading down the beach, beautiful day today. tomorrow, maybe an even shower. 87 and 87 or better on sunday.
4:56 pm
the water temperature jumped back up with the winds out of the east at 75 degrees. yesterday, mid- to upper 60s because they had a west wind which bring up cold water. that's a big jump. >> big jump. >> thank you, bob. still to come -- >> reporter: i'm mike hellgren in west baltimore. this is the scene where a young woman lost her life. police say a stolen car went out of control. tonight, we'll have more on who she was and the latest on the investigation into this
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coming up next, speeds into another vehicle killing a 23- year-old vehicle. hear from a close friend of the family about the tragic accident. here in baltimore city. swine flu vaccines tests underway right here at the university of maryland school of medicine. that story coming up in a live report. is the economy turning around? the latest unemployment numbers show good news for those worried about their jobs. check in for more on these stories and all the breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. investigating a crash. the driver of a car stolen during a violent car jacking plows into another car, killing the 23-year-old inside. >> tonight, remembin


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