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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  May 23, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a storm makes its way across maryland, when will it clear out tim williams has the answer in our weather forecast the maryland half marathon is underway details straight ahead eyewitness news is seconds away this is wjz and
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baltimore >> from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station good morning, welcome to eyewitness news this sunday i'm gigi barnett >> i'm tim williams, it's in the 60-degree range around the area and a damp start to a rainy day not a washout temperatures have been mild looking at cloud cover and fog this morning looking at 695, pretty clear going on the roadways, you don't see the sheen on the road that means it's not actively wet from the rain we have had rain move across the region and now we get a break and another batch coming in
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from hagerstown to d.c. another stretch from elkton to easton temperatures starting off around 60 degrees the high into the 70s on and off showers throughout the day here's what people will be talking about this morning, a murder investigation in baltimore county, police searching for two suspects that killed a well-known businessman outside of his tavern the owner is shot nine times and dies a woman is upset by the owner lee martin was shot in the head and body nine times he was found when closing upshot >> if you needed anything, he would help you out he's always
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helped me out and my mom, he was a father-figure >> she worked there for four years, his widow is in mourning this man says lee was his best friend and tried to comfort his two sons >> to be there to talk to them was not easy because they loved their dad and respected their dad he was a good father to them >> they don't know the motive for the murder the 40-year-old was still breathing but died later he took over the bar from a relative three years ago and he owned another business, an appraisal business >> police looking for tips if
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anyone has information >> there's a reward offered through crime stoppers call police at 1-866-7-lockup police find a 6-week-old boy dead inside a home they responsed to a call anyone with information is urged to contact police neighborhoods in and around annapolis remain on high alert after two kidnapping attempts a man speaking spanish tried to lure a girl into a vehicle police are warning neighbors to be on alert >> a lot of concerned parents >> the reason we're on patrol
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and around schools is to make sure it doesn't happen >> they reported seeing him driving a blue sedan with dark-tinted windows baltimore city detectives investigating one of their officers reporter: east chase street saturday afternoon, it's where an off-duty city officer shot a man who was trying to steal his personal car. tonight that officer is on leave, the suspect in shock trauma and the shooting under investigation. the officer was at a restaurant in the area when he her a car alarm go off and went outside to investigating and found it was his car. >> the suspect broke the
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window, when the officer approach he was inside the car, exited from the rear side. reporter: the officer yelled out and the man lunged at the officers. >> later we found a screwdriver on the suspect. reporter: the number of police-involved shootings are down. last year there were 8, this year 4. >> a lot of the previous shootings involved officers losing their weapons, we have focused on better training and we're at a 50% reduction of shootings. the suspect faces autotheft and assault charges. a baltimore man laid to rest as police continue to search for his killer.
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martin disappeared in early april, but last week fishermen found his body. his death has been ruled a homicide but no wore on suspects. police evacuated the macy's department store yesterday after someone discovered white powder. they determined it scam -- came from a fire extingisher. a judge will begin hearing arguments over a slot casino. they want to build a slots parlor. they have filed a lawsuit. both parties say that the circuit court's decision will likely be appealed. the orioles fly to the
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nation's capital. in the top of the first, tye smacks it into the out field to score two runs. washington scores 4 runs in the 5th. they beat the orioles 7-6. one of the highlights of the game, nationals have like four president mascots, the orioles bird managed to tackle three of them. but, you know, i think they finished the game and tied one game a piece. hopefully the weather will cooperate for them today. the half marathon faces a challenge today but it's been a damp start to the day.
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a little cloud cover, a little fog and the temperatures are comfortable. temperatures in the 60s area-wide and the mist that is rolling around is there when the rain is not coming down. first warning doppler shows some showers, hagerstown towards frederick, a spin many the atmosphere and the showers making its way across the state. some of the brighter colors that means the stronger colors are towards d.c. and making their way up the 70 corridor. taking you closer and give you an idea and show you what is going on west of the metro area seeing a few showers. over to liberty town to hagerstown a few showers and
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that's going to be the story throughout the day as we watch the system move across the area. 64 is the dew point. winds coming from the east at 13 miles per hour. across the state, temperatures in the 60s, 57 in oakland. 64 in elkton. 63 in cumberland and down in ocean city where the winds are calm there but the reading around the airport at 13 miles per hour, that's the strongest winds we have reported anywhere around the state right now. the larger story shows a lot of drying out through tomorrow. the storm system takes some time to get through here. the low is centered over the great lakes and starting to spin and you can see it move out and it's pulling moisture in. when you see the east win, it's pulling in moisture from the bay and the ocean. while we do have a good bit of
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space for some drying, see some sun through the afternoon. we have to get the front out and it will sink on off and push out of the area by monday afternoon and then by tuesday into wednesday, we look to see temperatures rebounding with clearing in the forecast and keeping an eye on a dynamic in the tropics that could play into the forecast later in the week. the temperatures going up in the middle of the week. your next high tide at 3:22. no advisories. periods of rain today, maybe a thunderstorm around. 76 degrees tomorrow, mainly cloudy with a passing shower and we will see the sun tomorrow. 84 on went. down to 77 on thursday.
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temperatures heading into the weekend not bad. we have a few items to keep track of through the week. >> bumps in the road. >> right. >> still ahead, disaster in the air, forensic team from the united states helps to investigate a deadly plane crash. the first runner is just about to cross the finish line for the half marathon, who the proceeds go to after the break. part of wjz's commitment. here's saturday's winning lottery numbers, good luck everybody. ,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. we're looking at a cloudy day looking across spaghetti junction where the highways meet and loop downtown. it's going to be a damp day. a little fog out there. temperatures pretty mile, we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. looking at the radar, not a lot of rain in the scheme of things. not one big mass but we have widely-scattered showers and could see some breaks in the afternoon. from washington county down to d.c. and in elkton to chestertown. up and down the 70 stretch. your forecast looks like this for the day, temperatures around 72 degrees with periods of rain and a thunderstorm heading into
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the afternoon. mostly cloudy with a shower in spots, mainly cloudy with a passing shower clearing for the afternoon. your five-day forecast is coming up. thank you. first turning to some of the other stories people are talking about. the astronauts receive a wakeup call this morning before their departure. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] these are the days. >> it was dedicate to the pilots who spend 8 months getting ready for the visit. they gave the station new batteries and new supplies. they undock this morning to begin its journey back to earth. the first person to complete a long-distance swim
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on mount everest. he hopes that his record-breaking adventures will raise awareness of climate change and he was known as the human polar bear. he would do well today considering that it's wet as thousands of runners are surviving the wet conditions to complete the maryland half marathon. >> wjz and sharon gibala are live where the race is ons -- underway. who might be a mudder and who might be. reporter: they are out there and we're told that the first racer is about to cross the finish line. it's over 13-miles and the fantastic thing is that it's all for charity, 100% of the charities go to the center.
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this is the second annual, the first was a fantastic success. you raised $250,000. what do you think of the turnout this year >> i think the turnout is fantastic. >> you as a cancer survivor, how does it make you feel to see the other survivors and nurses and doctors running for your benefit >> it feels wonderful. i'm thrilled. reporter: as far as the proceeds, what will the money buy >> the money of course goes to research and everyone out here understands what cancer is, everyone has face it at one time or another and this helps a lot. it's a major help to the center and it's wonderful for people to get out. >> they don't have to be a runner to help participate. >> we have two great bands here, milk shake and the bridge
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. we're at the fairgrounds and you can come out and hear the bands, milk shake and the bridge are playing, if you want to donate from home, you can log onto maryland half marathon. >> it looks like everyone turned out for the cause. >> i hear it's good running weather because you don't get too hot. >> we'll check back in about 20 minutes. reporter: see you then. >> sharon gibala reporting live from the maryland half marathon. >> just a note for drivers heading out, the half marathon may cause brief delays between 7:00 do 11:00 near the maryland state fair grounds.
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low pressure moving north and we'll deal with the low bringing
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us shower activity through the next day or so. 72 degrees, periods of rain, tomorrow a chance of showers, 76 degrees, seeing some clearing by afternoon. direct from charm city, mo'nique is taking hollywood by storm after her role in precious. >> in this exclusive, mo'nique reveals to vick carter how her baltimore career got her to where she is. reporter: mo'nique makes a turn from comedy to drama in her performance in precious. her gritty role as an abusive mother gets a claim. >> who else is going to love me reporter: the world doesn't know the mo'nique that baltimore knows. >> it started at home, baby, in baltimore. reporter: she invited wjz to
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the set of her new talk show. >> i love baltimore, baby. baltimore was the place that would tell me what was funny and what wasn't funny. reporter: it's a long way to here. how did it happen >> seems like yesterday i was walking on stage on a dare to do open-mic night. 20 years later, we're on the set of the show. reporter: from the spot light in baltimore, she rocked apollo theater. play on the parkers and lit up the stage with the queens of comedy, now it's a dream come true. reporter: i met oprah, and i say when i grow up i want to be just like you. this elementary
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school is where she hung out with friends. >> you've come a long way, what do you want young women to know about mo'nique. >> i never had a plan b, i only had a plan a, i was going to swim or sink, that's it. reporter: she's made it, the disturbing performance on precious. >> the reward was people's lives were change. the reward is people going to get heal, the victim and the molester . an award can't touch it oscar is next to the image award that is next to the golden globe awards and they're all in the buttless
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country. y'all can laugh. . >> if you like to hear more of the visit with mo'nique, you can see more on >> she's a character. >> yes. >> there's more to come on sunday morning. >> drastic measures. >> solutions proposed this morning. >> how friends and family plan to track down a hit-and-run depriver. >> a city park overcomes pollution when we come back. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico customers could save even more on their car insurance
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welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> it's tim williams, it's the bottom of the hour on this may 23rd, 2010. temperatures have stayed in place. looking at fog and cloud cover. a lot of mist and rain on and off through the day. we have a bit of rain down to columbia. around the immediate area,
8:31 am
around the beltway, no active rain falling. this will be the case throughout the day. we'll keep you posted on how it plays out. looking at periods of rain and a thunderstorm potentially. lows around 58, mostly cloudy with a shower or two and 76 tomorrow and then nice temperatures by the middle of the week. your forecast coming up. thank you. here's what people will be talking about this morning, growing frustration as oil washed on to the delicate wetlands on louisiana coast. here's a new look at the leak spews into the water. this morning, engineers are running into another delay to block the well. reporter: louisiana's beach is smeared with crude oil. the islands close as hazmat tries to clean up.
8:32 am
the oil keeps washing in and in the fragile marshes off of the coast of louisiana. >> the booms are not working. reporter: the spewing well has prompted president obama to examine the accident. >> the purpose of this mission is to consider the root causes of the disaster and offer what actions we need to take. reporter: scientists fear that the impact will beat them with the oil coming to shore. much more oil is flowing into the gulf than the previous estimate and it's prompting scientists to descend on to the gulf to bring his own ideas. another product engineered to
8:33 am
absorb the crude separating from the water. >> this product works, we can manufacture it locally. >> the prime concern is plugging the oil leak. it will shoot heavy mud into the wed in a top kill, something that has worked aboveground but never been tried 5,000 feet below the sea. joel brown, wjz, eyewitness news. >> today officials are considering some drastic conclusions including setting the wetlands on fire to burn the oil. a team arrived in india today to help with the disaster. they're sifting through the rubble after a plane crashed. they're looking for the cockpit and flight data recorders to determine what caused the accident. 158 people died and 8
8:34 am
jumped out of the wreckage before it burst into flames. a beloved baltimore member is hit and kill, now there's a new effort to catch the driver. a new plea from family and friends. reporter: stage worker julio gonzales was struck. repeated rallies held at the scene to ask the person who struck him to come forward. >> police are checking the cameras, we have several cameras, sooner or later they will catch you, we're asking you to do the right thing and turn yourself in. >> he worked for a stage hand for 3 years and his nature made him popular. >> one of the kindest men i knew. he took me under his wing and he never met a stranger.
8:35 am
reporter: the crowd of friends and family gathered twice on friday carrying signs asking about damaged cars, demanding that the culprit come forth and they want the city to slow down traffic at the intersection. >> the traffic coming off, coming over the bridge and down the street, they have no respect for the light or any pedestrians coming through. >> wjz checked with city police and they have no information in the case yet. baltimore county police asking for information in the murder of well-known businessman. two men fleeing the scene where he was shot nine times. he later died. friends say he bought the hops inn from a relative three years ago. police step up patrols
8:36 am
after a kidnapping attempt. a man speaking spanish tried to lure a girl into a vehicle near bates middle school. wjz reveals several problems, one alleged that an 8-year-old girl tried to hurt herself after harassments from classmates there. no buyer has come forward for the monument to fallen heros. it went up for sale on e bay after the company was bust for a ponzi scheme. the auction ended today with no bids. an honor for the
8:37 am
archdiocese as pope benedict named a priest, reverend spencer serves catholics in the military in his new role and he was or daneed in 1998. it's taken three years and $6 million and now after cleaning up, swann park is once again open. mike schuh reports how the toxins were scraped away. reporter: for years the poison arsenic lay in the ground. it contaminated the near-by park. >> this was a chemical plant there, but when they built i-95 the plant went away, but the chemicals remained and seeped into the soil of the park. >> no one knew. reporter: for 30 years children played on the ground. >> reggie jackson played here.
8:38 am
it was the place to play. >> reporter: three years ago the company that bought the company began to remove the arsenic and rebill. today is opening day. >> honeywell is the company that paid for cleanup. >> restoring the park to put it in a better place than when we found it. >> they made the investment and got it back up to par, it looks good. reporter: she came here as a child. >> i loved. i couldn't believe i was here. reporter: that's what the state told the polluters, clean it up and give it back to the city and now after three years, the city got the call. arsenic almost killed this public park but now private money has made it a better
8:39 am
place than it was. mike schuh, wjz. >> hon any the storm moving through maryland maybe responsible for a mess in baltimore county. it blocked people from walking to the center in lutherville and we can expect rain and thunderstorms through the day and we have that forecast now. the ground now is saturated. we've had some flash-flood warnings in effect. some of the storms that have come through, not so much wind but the rain has come down heavy lay in some places. these trees can't handle it. >> the wore of the day is careful. >> not going to be a bad day. just a pretty day. we had folks ask about the weekend plans, have a backup plan in case the showers come
8:40 am
through but now looking outside and there's no rain, it's just a lot of cloud cover, a bit of mist and some fog out there. no advisories on the bay. we have the rain, the winds are not strong. what we're dealing with, just the bit of mess and it's inconvenient but not causing major problems except it's slowing down some of the activities this morning. you can see the half marathon had to make their way around. but much of the area does not have active rain falling down. we have the 270 corridor, some rain falling there, some light showers, some just along the water's edge and along the middle of the bay but around cecil, most of the area not seeing the showers as we move into the morning but it's going to be an off and on day with some mist and some drizzle at
8:41 am
times. your forecast with temperatures comfortable. 66 degrees. the humidity is high. air almost saturated. pretty steady is the barometer reading. 63 down on the shore, 64 in elkton. 67 in packs river. 12 mile-per-hour winds at bwi marshall. everyone else has a light breeze. calm winds on the shore. what we're seeing in the bigger picture, this storm system, the low has been moving up to the north and the northeast, but it's pulling in in this flow moisture from the ocean and moisture from the bay, that's why we get the east winds coming across maryland and the moisture coming across is contributing to the air. a lot of the moisture, that's
8:42 am
why the dew point is high and moving out, it sinks down across the state and we see some clearing this afternoon. and then tomorrow, we'll see clearing, excuse me, seeing some clearing by tomorrow afternoon. by warm air, see temperatures into the 80s by the middle of the week. see 90 degrees by wednesday. a northeast wind on the bay. today up to 72 degrees, periods of rain and potentially a thunderstorm in the afternoon. 58 degrees, mostly cloudy, and then tomorrow, 76 degrees, cloudy with a shower. 83 on tuesday, down to 77, 81 on friday. >> it means beautiful gardens. coming up, preparing the garden for the summer season, how you can become an expert gardener. >> several have crossed the
8:43 am
finish line for the half marathon where all of the proceeds go to the center. talking to one of those runners after the break. ,,,,,,
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66 degrees over cloudy skies at 8:46, welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. the rain is not stopping thousands of runners from participating in the maryland half marathon. >> sharon gibala is there giving us an update. we were watching your feed and saw a familiar face. >> wjz's own mark just crossed the line. he's participating in the second annual half marathon where the the -- proceeds go to the cancer center. we have the first female finisher. >> my mom is a cancer survivor. i love doing events to support research. reporter: you are among many
8:47 am
who have stories. >> i got that impression, there were some cool posters that had notes from cancer survivors or people training and saying this is not as hard as fighting cancer. >> that will make you keep going. we have john and michael here with us, the cochairs of the race, good morning. >> thank you for joining us today. reporter: what do you think of the race >> >> when i'm standing there and getting ready to start the race, we have a young cancer survivor sounding the horn and a sea of people, you tear up, it's humbling that all of these people are here to combine our passions with running with the passions for fund raising. >> your mother was a cancer surviver. >> she's a 20-year survivor and doing greet and she's giving out medals right now.
8:48 am
it's heart-warming with the stories. a lot of them treated and giving back and people giving back to the community. >> some are kid survivors participating. >> we have a few and we have our starter was treated at the cancer center, nine-year-old sierra and she's doing well. >> all of the festtivities have been going on until noon. milk shake is on the stage. the bridge will be playing and if you can't come out, you can donate, there's a phone number on your screen or log onto maryland half qmilkmilk they mill -- >> they are fantastic. there's some kids rocking. >> thank you. >> sharon gibala, thank you,
8:49 am
reporting live from the maryland half marathon this morning. >> more to come, perfecting your plants, how to get the garden ready for the season. the tips and tools to do it coming up next. ,,,,,,
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we're getting our hands dirty with the ten tools to make our garden perfect. >> john is here to get us started and we will turn you loose, you have some great ideas. >> the first thing i wanted to talk about, this is a topsy,
8:52 am
the planter, grow upside down and they're gravity fed. one of the new things is that have added a stand to it. if you don't have a deck or a balcony, you can grow tomatoes on your balcony. >> i saw one for strawberries. >> it's a new thing, you have three other different types as well. >> and you don't need all of the space of the plant. >> right. a lot of folks into container gardening in the city, don't have a lot of space, use different types of annuals together and makes a big impact and doesn't take up a lot of area. >> it's inside here, change this out >> essentially, you can plant
8:53 am
those that come back every year or the annuals you have to replace once a season. the great thing about it, you go and fill it with soil and put your annuals in and make sure to water it. >> you explained this, this is very popular. >> this is raised bed gardening. the big thing is a lot of different gardening, a lot of plants that you can put in a small compact space. you don't have to a soils, you can do this with a base to it and have it on a table. vegetable gardening has become very popular over the last year or so. for $100, you save approximately $700 in getting your own
8:54 am
vegetables. >> you can decorate too and make your balcony look cute. >> this is one that i built but we also sell them where they are prefabbed and typically a 4 x 4 space. >> thank you. we do a web extra with you, log onto, get more tips analog on and hear the tips on we'll be right back with yoyo,,,
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has been on late night with david letterman. >> he teaches about water safety. >> he does a speech after. >> the skiing squirrel. >> i'm sure he really wants to do that. >> our report i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. >> i'm tim williams. we'll be right back ,, 3q it's frustrating when you pre rinse then still have stuck on food. but now pre rinsing is a thing of the past. new finish quantumatic is a refillable automatic detergent dispenser that knows when to release advanced detergent and power max bleach to blast away hard to remove stains. so powerful you won't need to pre rinse for 12 washes. new quantumatic. only from finish. the diamond standard. get a $3 off coupon at
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