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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. molotov cocktails on campus. homemade bombs found in a college dorm, the scary discovery days before graduation. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm adam may. tonight, police are trying to find out who left the bombs there and derrick spoke to several students. >> reporter: some of the student says said they were caught off guard by this. some say that the molotov cocktails were ready to go. two molotov cocktails discovered inside of the terrace student apartments sunday morning. >> i saw the cops taking it away. they had the bomb squad check it out. >> police confirm they found two containers filled with flammable liquids in what they describe as wicks inserted into
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each one. >> that's not a college prank gone wrong. it was a little disconcerting. >> reporter: campus police declined or request for an on camera interview, but say they are investigating what happened. >> many students had already moved out for the year. the few that remain credit police with quick action and said they are not too concerned. >> i think it was just students goofing off right before they left. >> they made it seem like we were all in harm's way. it didn't play out like that. >> a very safe campus, you know? this is the first incident i know of like that that happened here. it happens and thankfully, we caught it. not much else we can do about it. >> police would not say exactly what that flammable liquid was and said they don't know
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exactly how long those molotov cocktails had been sitting there. >> all right, derrick, thank you. >> the fire marshall's office did collect the devices and disposed of them. >> a serious story in the midwest, the death toll is climbing after several tornadoes tear through states, dozen says of fatalities in missouri. significant results coming out of john hundred. the hospital there took a direct hit. tornado warnings posted from texas to michigan. >> tonight, police are searching for a motorcyclist who played the role in the death of a maryland state trooper. he was chasing a motorcycle on interstate 95 when he slammed into the back of a tractor- trailer and died. troopers believe the motorcyclist was wearing a white helmet. they have no other information on him, tonight. >> a baltimore doctor accused of helping people commit
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suicide is aquited of criminal charges in arizona, but he is not in the clear just yet. he still faces similar charges in georgia. he has been cleared of criminally assisting in the suicide of a woman in arizona. he spoke to "wjz" about his involvement in the right to die movement. >> reporter: how many people have you helped in is. >> roughly 100. >> reporter: he was the medical director of the final exit network. >> you have to pull the balloon down, i'm not going to pull the balloon down for you. >> reporter: that's what happened 20 this man, a man
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with throat cancer. assisted is suicide is illegal in 38 states, including maryland. doctor and congressman andy harris is an outspoken critic. >> he is being the judge of life and death. physicians, we are not supposed to be in that role. >> reporter: in a new interview with the son, he continues to defend this. >> how coming can put your dog down, where as your mother, who is suffering similarily to your dog, you can't put down. >> reporter: he is free on bail until tuesday. a court denied his motion to dismiss the charges. >> one of lance armstrong's teammates broke his silence tonight on "60 minutes." tyler hamilton said he witnessed armstrong using performance enhancement drugs
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and he claims that armstrong handed out drugs to his teammates in an effort to win. >> i remember, one time, after a race, getting a drop from him. he put it in my mouth. squirted it in a teammate's mouth and squirted it in his own mouth. a tiny amount, enough that won't be detectable the next day when you get drug tested. >> reporter: his attorney issued a statement in response to the "60 minutes" report saying that armstrong has passed more than 500 drug tests. >> standing by his words, today president obama did not back away from controversial remarks about israel's borders. >> the border of israel and pal enstein should be based on mutually agreed swaps so that
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secured and recognized borders are established for both states. >> the president is reiterating comments he first made last week. some republicans call the president's endorsement of the 1967 borders a mistake, but the president said he is only stating what has been a long time policy toward the conflict, benjamin netanyahu issued a statement saying he support president obama's desire for peace. >> a baseball fan, with serious brain damage and tonight, police make an arrest in a brutal attack in dodger's stadium. but the police are still searching for more suspects. manuel gallegas has more. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team early sunday morning, arresting one of the men they believe is involved in the brutal beating of giants fan brian stowe. the suspect is identified as 31-
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year-old gee 31-year-old giovanni ramirez. the reward for the whereabouts grew to $200 thousand. stowe's family was confident all along and finally got the call. >> they were so compassionate to our family and made a promise they would not rest until they got these guys. >> fans were also relieved. >> i'm glad there is some consequence. i hope the family gets justice and i wish him a speedy recovery. >> reporter: 42-year-old stowe was moved to san francisco general last week. he is in a coma like state. >> turn yourself in, save us a
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lot of grief and just end this. >> reporter: police are hoping that end is near. >> manuel gallegas, "wjz," "eyewitness news." and doctors said that stowe has opened his eyes, but his long time rehabilitation is uncertain. today marks 68th day of the lockout, the longest work stoppage in history. >> is. >> a man has died after being stabbed several times. detectives tell "wjz" they are speaking with a possible suspect, but they have not charged anyone with a murder. >> also investigators are trying to figure out what caused a nasty car accident, leaving eight people hospitalized. several of the people became trapped after three cars collided. two of the patients had life- threatening injuries and the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. finally, welcome relief, gas prices have dropped 11- cents in the last week. many analysts predicting a continued decline and the price dropped just in time for the unofficial start of summer. triple a said nearly 31 million americans will drive to their memorial day destinations, but many marylanders say vacationing next weekend is probably not an option. >> between that and the price of gas, i can't afford to take that extra trip. >> we are saving our money. >> "wjz" is monitoring the gas prices here in maryland, a gallon of regular has dropped to $3.789. five cents higher than we were paying last month, more than a dollar higher than this time last year. >> a new warning for parents that may be using crib bumpers. some pediatricians now want to
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strip them from store shelves. and gige barnett shows how maryland may be the first state in the nation to ban them. >> reporter: one of the safest places for babies, but if a crib has a bumper, it could kill. some studies show babies can roll into the bumper and suffocate or choke on strings. nationwide, bumpers are blamed for at least two infant deaths. >> they are very dangerous, i would never use them. >> reporter: dr. joshua sharpstein is considering the recommendation to pull them from shelves. three years ago, he asked the fda to pull cold medicine for infants from store shelves. that worked. companies that make the bumpers said if installed properly, they are not danger. for that reason, some parents
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said that's all they had to keep babies safe. >> they will finds it somewhere else and i have them. >> reporter: if the recommendations are approved, they would hot block parents from using crib bumpers they already have or driving to other states to buy them. in baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, "wjz" "eyewitness news." >> is. >> maryland apparently not alone. illinois' attorney general has asked manufacturers to stop making them all together. >> a lot more to come on "wjz"'s "eyewitness news," an amber alert for two children. why tonight, police say the whole thing was just a heck. >> judge just married newly weds struck by a police car. how one couple's wedding ended in disaster. >> new fallout over a strange internet craze. >> new changes will be decided soon for baltimore's inner harbor. i'm tim williams with more
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coming up. >> i'm bernadette wood, showers and thunderstorms return to the area along with warmer air. more on that coming up after this break. ,,,,,,
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choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. it's 67 degrees and mostly cloudy in central maryland, bernadette will have the complete first warning weather forecast. first up, heads up for international air travel.
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this is ash from iceland's active volcano that could impact flights. forecasters say the ash could reach several countries this week, including britain and france. the eruption brings back the memories of last year when another volcano grounded airlines for several days. some experts say the current eruption is smaller and probably won't be widespread disruptions. >> one big hoax, a statewide amber alert. police say a man lied about his car being stolen with his two young kids in the back seat. it fell apart when the kids mother called and said the kids were with her. now, the father could face charges for the hoax. >> a kentucky couple's wedding ended in -- the bride was thrown from the car with the
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wedding dress still on. the couple is doing better tonight. >> signs of change in the same sex marriage debate. for the first time ever, a majority of americans now support same sex mare ran, according to a few gallop poll. a plan to legalize it failed in the general assembly this year, here. >> adding new attractions to the inner harbor, tomorrow, the city will hear suggestions on how to spruce up the waterfront. as tim williams reports, some people don't want to lose what is already there. >> reporter: professional volume request ball is a familiar site at the inner harbor. for 12-years, potential 50,000 visits and several million dollar economic impact to downtown, one of the largest and most popular outdoor facilities in the world and one of the contend doctors to become an inner harbor fixture. >> one of the few, maybe the only that promotes healthy
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physical involvement of baltimore citizens. >> reporter: a ferris wheel, an elevated tower for sight seeing, two of the ideas the baltimore development corporation which oversees development for the city is considering for the site. >> let's say we add three or four attractions, that's great for us, great for tourism. new products people have not seen before. >> reporter: nine bids were received. >> so people want to come to baltimore, it's not just to come to baltimore for the waterfront or for the stadiums, but also because baltimore has this new great park that attracts them. >> reporter: many visitors welcome the change. >> i think it mighting something the kids would like. >> that sounds good. it's not really much to do. >> i think it would be not a bad idea. you would get more families down here, but you don't want to take away the volleyball courts. >> reporter: that's what they want to hear. >> zip lines at a miniature
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golf course are among the other ideas being considered for the site. >> a hot new internet trend costs two workers their jobs in australia. planking, lying down on smoke stacks 10 feet in the air. that looks scary. they are trying to outdo each other by taking pictures of themselves lying down on odd objects. there are thunderstorms, not that far away, coming our way tonight. so far, not too bad. we want to switch it over to our satellite radar. theres a lot of extra moisture in the air and the radar is not picking up quite as fine tuned as we would like to see. showers passed off to the
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north. thunderstorm or two. not that far passing north of us, a couple of isolated ones, trying to pop up. what we are throwing our eyes to is this batch making its way northeast ward and it will continue to dwindle as it moves in that direction. it is fizzling out. here's a little closer of a look. that was from earlier today. here comes this batch in here. thunderstorms not that far away. there are severe thunderstorm warnings associated with that, again, losing some of that strength although we may get a warning or two around here during the overnight hours with that. temperature wise, we have not dropped that much. 67 degrees, 69 in dc. 72 degrees in cumberland, we did manage a high of 76, today for our high, which was on par with average, but we'll be above that average, for most of the upcoming week. here's how it looks overall for the week. various chances for showers and
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thunderstorms will continue, but as compared to last week, a lot more in the way of sunshine and warmer air on top of us. here's what we are looking at. a lot of damage, destruction and devastation from this storm system right here. this is earlier, to day before it really got underway. in minneapolis area, a lot around joplin, missouri and that batch is moving eastward. for us, not quite as extensive when it gets here. but it is heading our way. overnight, scattered showers and thunderstorms, and then again tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms and dealing with the same storm system on tuesday, but by tuesday, sunshine earlier in the day, warming us up and then showers and thunderstorms as we head through the afternoon. this thing, though, is going to get out of here, but the way the storm track sets up, continues to race out of the middle of the country and into new england and they will keep clipping us with showers and thunderstorms, some of them strong at times, all the while,
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keeps us on the warm side. temperatures will be up there. out on the waters, small craft advisories going back into effect with winds out of the south, tonight, pretty warm out there. 62 degrees for our low. tomorrow, we go up to 82 for our high. take a look at the next few days. a chance for a showers and thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon at 8 degrees. then yet another storm comes our way, afternoon shower on wednesday or thursday so very warm out there. by friday, another storm system coming in our direction. >> coming up next, happy days are here again for the o's, how they beat the washington they beat the washington nationals, coming up ne,,,, [ horns honking ]
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at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪ orioles on a nice streak right now. >> consistency is the key. can they keep it up. they beat their beltway rivals, washington nationals.
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among the four hits came two- runs, from one swing of the bat. two-run homer on an 0-2 pitch. that is all that was needed. kevin gray, strikes out roger, while catcher matt, throws out brian, trying to steal second. matt, two for two. 13-27 overall in nabbing base rabbits. 2-1, here's buck on vlad -- >> i have been around him a long time and i have never known him to come in and have a bad day. he is quick to smile and doesn't take himself too seriously for a guy who has done what he has in his career. fortunate to get a chance to watch it. >> kansas city and baltimore starting tuesday. >> men's lacrosse, 14,000 fans. maryland/syracuse. sudden death overtime, grant from the right side goes low to high. that's the frozen rope, game
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winner. maryland beats the orangemen, 6- 5 and now they are headed to baltimore in the final four. >> virginia, denver, in the other semi-finals. >> meantime, fort worth, texas where david toms, colonial over charlie one week after losing the players championship to kj in the playoff. >> is. >> last night in canada, put up your dukes. bernard hopkins getting ready, proving his get up and go hasn't gotten up and gone. he takes the wbc lighweight title -- hopkins also became the oldest fighter to take a title since george foreman took the heavy weight crown from michael moira. salsbury in division 3, mens lacrosse, here in baltimore and the heat beat the
11:28 pm
bulls -- sorry, i lost the score, but they beat them by about seven. 34 points for chris bosh. the heat leads the series two games to one. >> still to come -- we'll tell >> still to come -- we'll tell you how much it we,,,, ú [ horns honking ] [ whistle blows ] [ male announcer ] can the network you live on handle the computers,
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