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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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robo call regret. the man who approved those election-night calls learns his fate. >> for the first time, he speaks out. hello, everyone. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> no jail time, the man who ran the campaign learns the judge's sentence for his roll in the 2010 robo calls. more than 100,000 marylanders got the call. we have more on the impact this case could have on future
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elections. >> it was, in fact, a profound personal failure. >> reporter: for the first time, campaign manager speaks out about the election night robo call that he says cost his career, put his family through hell, and publicly humiliated him. >> regret? i just walked out of a courtroom. dam right i have regret. it was a mistake, it was the wrong decision, we live with consequences. >> reporter: a jury agreed that the robo calls amounted to voter suppression because the call hinted bob erlick's opponent had already won. >> we're okay. relax. >> reporter: he approved the call. >> i believed that there were several thousand african american supporters who had not voted that day. >> reporter: the judge strongly criticized him as he sentenced him to a month of home detention. any professional campaign person hearing the text of that call should have said no, it's
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deceptive, it's illegal, you shouldn't do it. >> this type of behavior is more than just a dirty trick. it is illegal. >> reporter: he insists his prosecution will impact future elections. >> very, very aware of the outcome of this trial and the consequences. >> reporter: the judge gave him 500 hours of community service. he'll have to split that 250 hours in baltimore city, 250 in prince george's county. >> also faces trial later this month. he wrote the robo call and is accused of conspiring to suppress voter turn out. different kind of punishment for a state senate. censoring the democrat for his ethical mistakes. he did not admit taking money from shopper's food warehouse while he worked on legislation. he was acquitted on bribery
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charges. set for a show down. maryland's same-sex marriage bill may come down to one or two votes and tomorrow it is in the hands of the delegates. we have more on this contention debate. >> reporter: that debate was supposed to take place tonight. with the votes so close, it's been postponed until tomorrow. it's a move some are calling political wrangling. on the floor, same-sex marriage. which way the vote will go is still in question. >> the situation is very volatile. a change of one or two votes could determine the outcome. >> reporter: the house recess after just 15 minutes. the only order of business, it would push back the same-sex marriage date until january 2013. it passed in a move that could
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appease some opponents. >> it allows both sides to petition the issue to the ballot. >> reporter: opponents say they want answers why one republican delegate has changed his vote. that delegate who proposed the new amendment, he refused to answer questions. his change of heart could be a deciding factor for the build. >> i think people on a moral issue should vote their conscience. people are getting their arms twisted. there's back-room deals going on. this is not the way you should pass something like this. >> reporter: with both sides fired up, fire works are expected when the debate hits the house floor. >> it will be a performance. we'll have a little vaudeville tomorrow. >> reporter: a vote could come as early as tomorrow. >> thank you. the house is set to begin
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debating the same-sex marriage bill at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. a former raven arrested again. his 4-year-old son riding in the front seat without a seat belt. lewis was driving even though his license was revoked. he told officers he was going to the grocery store to get food. he was arrested last august for wreckless driving. postponed before it could begin. defense team faces an uphill battle. a judge sent everyone home from the courtroom when a defense lawyer reported ill. huguely is accused of killing yardley love. the court of public opinion has already spoken. >> reporter: intense coverage of the murder trial captivating residents of virginia. >> it's absolutely the talk of the town. >> reporter: these ladies planned to spend the day in court, wondering if the defense team would change their opinions
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about the lacrosse player's role in the death of yardley love found beaten to death in 2010. >> there's probably a bias against huguely. >> he has a big sense of responsibility for what happened. what happened, i don't know. but it mandates strong punishment. >> reporter: they were going to lay out their case thursday, but there was an illness. >> is this taking a while? >> i felt's taking a while. no judge is going to require the defendant who's on trial for his life go forward if he wants to have both of his lawyers there. >> reporter: the prosecutor who rested wednesday presented a very strong case, medical evidence of blunt force trauma, a motive of jealousy over an affair with another lacrosse player. >> i really think he's guilty. >> reporter: this resident has been following the story since
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love died. >> she never got the chance to get married or have a kid. >> reporter: the judge in the case indicated he would like this case wrapped up soon before the president's day holiday. but there's a lot of ground that still needs to be covered here. the defense has to call witnesses, then closing arguments on each side and of course jury deliberations and no one can guess how long that would take. >> stay with us as the murder trial continues. we'll bring you the latest on breaking news in california tonight where two immigration officers have just been killed in a shoot out. the shooting happened inside a federal building. police say an immigration agent opened fire on two co-workers. the one was killed, the other fired back killing the shooter. they aren't sure about a motive
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just yet. it is life in prison for a man who tried to blow up a plane. a judge sentenced him today. he admits he was on a suicide mission for al qaeda when he tried to bring down the plane back in 2009. the 25-year-old defended his actions as coming from the muslim holy book the quaran. preparing for his big day at the vatican. he'll be elevated to cardinal. he's getting ready for the holy honor by celebrating mass with catholics. he'll get his redhead covering from the pope on saturday. if you want to learn more, go to for the latest stories and a link to the catholic review. health scare at a local college. a possible tb case on campus. wjz is live and we explain why
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the university is taking this so seriously. >> reporter: notified the campus to make everyone aware of this potential case of tuberculosis. the notice that the university of maryland, baltimore county sent out was vague. a member of the community has been identified as potentially having tuberculosis. a junior says he received an e-mail about it. >> it was an outburst of tb on campus. >> reporter: it doesn't state if it's a student, a faculty member, or a member of the administration, nor does it say when it was discovered. the university is working to identify people who may have come in contact with the potentially infected person. what do you know about tuberculosis? >> i know it's contagious, yes. so that is a big concern. >> reporter: tb is a bacterial infection, mostly found in the
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lungs. it's transmitted through the air and can be contagious. if a case worsens and is left untreated, it can be fatal. >> today it's treated with antibiotics and it can be handled quite easily. if you get tuberculosis, it's treated appropriately, you should do fine. >> reporter: the symptoms can include coughing, the coughing up of blood, chest pains, fever, weight loss, and night sweats. back to you. >> thank you. they're coordinating its efforts with health department. do you love hot cars? you missed your moment on light street today. this is the lotus indy car. you're one of the first to ever get a look at the car in action. the driver took it for a spin to help promote the baltimore grand prix. she and new organizer down force racing are all hoping to take a victory lap labor day, september
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2012. >> she was clogging up traffic too. she wouldn't drive fast. coming up, a dramatic day in court. a convict collapses in front of a judge. why his health scare was no accident. the plan to trim down some of your favorite candy bars. a sunny, dry, mild end to the week, folks. what about the weekend? i'll have your complete first warning forecast coming up next.
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it is 38 degrees with patchy fog in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a dangerous scene in los angeles, flames and gunshots come from this single story home. police say the gunman and one of his victims died in the fire. three other victims escaped. they're in serious condition, though. firefighters had to remain at a distance because of the gunman. they were able to prevent the fire from spreading to other homes. a school bus accident in new jersey is especially devastating for a family of triplet daughters. one of the 1 # 1-year-old girls
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was killed and the other two are in critical condition after a dump truck collided with their school bus. the circumstances of the accident remain under investigation. chaos in a florida courtroom after a defendant tells deputies he drank poison. he was about to be fingerprinted when he collapsed in front of the bench. he was seen drinking a liquid and is listed in good condition. last year he brought a gun to the courthouse and threatened to kill himself. more victims join a lawsuit over the italian cruise ship accident. part of a $528 million lawsuit against carnival. they claim the crew failed to conduct safety drills and the ship was off course when it capsized. 17 people died, another 15 are missing. and a mother and a daughter from maryland were among those who feared for their lives when
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it capsized. tonight we have their story of survival from inside the ship wreck. >> reporter: a once in a lifetime vacation, a gift from a proud mother to her daughter who had just graduated from the university of maryland. but the dream trip turns into the worst cruise ship disaster since the titanic. terror and panic on the costa concordia. >> there was a possibility we weren't going to make it. >> reporter: among the 3000 passengers when it veers off course striking a reef off the coast of italy last month. 17 passengers are killed, divers search for 15 others presumed dead. >> it felt like an earthquake. it was the crew tells passengers not to panic and to stay in their cabins. >> i can't imagine how they could tell people to go back to their rooms. >> reporter: she remembered the
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ship rocking violently, water pouring into their cabin. >> you knew something was very wrong. >> people were running around because the people didn't know where to go. >> the ship went black. >> reporter: the crowd panicked. >> everything started shaking really violently. i see things falling down, everything from the bar, shattering on the floor, people falling down. paintings falling down. >> reporter: anna and justina ran from their room trying to get to a lifeboat. >> it's on a slant. this shouldn't be happening. >> reporter: it took them nearly two hours to make them off the ship. some passengers literally climbed down the side of the ship to escape. >> they were aggressive. it's like whoever gets there, survival of the fittest. >> there was a moment where you thought, this could be it. you may not survive this. >> i thought i was going to die. it was really, really scary.
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>> reporter: she vows she will never go on a cruise again. justina will also stay on dry land for a while. everything you've lived through is haunting you? >> you think you're going to die. >> sometimes i get really sad. maybe i could have saved somebody's life by letting them have my spot on the boat. >> they called the captain who abandoned the ship a coward. he is now under house arrest facing multiple manslaughter charges. mars says their candy bars will be getting smaller. the goal is to have them be 250-calories or less. some of the current king sized bars have more than 500 bars. large-sized bars will be replaced with bags of two or more smaller pieces in order to encourage smaller snacking. >> and to encourage bigger profits because people will buy two. >> don't we love irresponsible
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snacking? >> yes, we do. >> sometimes. we have some weather to talk about. perhaps on sunday, maybe a winter event for our region. right now, no real issues. a little bit of fog in some spots. 38, dew point is 38. humidity, 100%. north winds not even moving. the barometer has dropped a bit. scattered fog in some of the valleys right now. 41 cumberland. ocean city at 46. locally, upper pros, a couple spots low 40s and yes there will be patchy fog. if you're driving out later tonight, some of those valleys could get quite foggy at least temporarily. to the west, there's a west breeze 12 miles an hour. once the breeze gets in here, things will stir around. the rain we saw today moved off the east coast. it's gone. down to the south, low pressure beginning to develop here in the gulf of mexico. in addition, a little area of
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low pressure and really kind of hard to see the energy from this will head down toward the gulf and move across the southern states. it appears it may be in the right spot to kick moisture back into our region for rain late saturday night or sunday. if we get enough cold air in there on sunday afternoon and evening, there may be a period of show before it ends. there's a chance on sunday, i think temperatures will be above freezing, we could see wet snow on sunday afternoon into sunday evening. tonight, tomorrow, no issues. mild day. and then sunday, enough cool say gets in here. that low down to the south will be on the northern fringe of that precipitation. north of us, it looks like it will rather cloudy. we may get snow on sunday. temperatures even then won't be all that cold. 10-15 knots in the bay.
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maybe patchy fog will partly cloudy skies. sun, mild afternoon, 54 degrees. yes, there will be a risk of rain or snow on sunday. but 40 degrees. 50 on saturday. 44 monday. and tuesday back up to 50. sunday maybe kind of a spring-snow event. >> okay. thank you, bob. is it a night to fear the turtle in college park? >> we have highlights from maryland's battle against boston college, n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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congrats to the women's coach, 300th women. >> the men need to follow that up tonight. just yesterday, they talked about tough times, feeling like they're starting from square one. it's frustrating. they were looking to take out that frustration on boston
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college tonight. a burst in the first half. a one-man fast break and 24 points. they made good when things went wrong. off the rebound, the terps get the ball to nick foust. he had 14. terps beat boston college 81-65. they'll play at virginia on saturday. in maryland, the head coaching debut of matt henry, 29-year-old assistant elevated to head coach after robert burke was put on indefinite lead. new coach figures coaching is easy when the kids play well. they win 77-63. orioles pitcher had a pain-free throwing session in florida today. this comes one day after the team said that the lefty is dealing with shoulder
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inflammation. the manager says his work out was encouraging. spring training starts sunday. baseball mourns the passing of gary carter who died today at the age of 57 nearly a year after he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. his enthusiasm as a player earned him the nickname the kid. no progress in long-term contract talks with running back ray rice who is a free agent. if no deal is reached, the ravens can still keep him by using the franchise tag which logs him into a one-year contract. the ravens have guaranteed he'll be a raven in 2012. >> hope so. th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people on a tour of the white house get an extra surprise today. michelle obama was there to say hello. she greeted visitors for more than an hour. the first lady's appearance was a total surprise. >> school kids. if you would like to add a touch of royalty to your barbie collection, it is the prince william and kate middleton first anniversary gift set. complete with kate's ivory veil. they look very happy. the royal dolls will honeyman at barbie's malibu beach house and ride her jeep around. >> he looks a,,,,,,,,,,,,
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