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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  March 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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to the neighborhoods, it's wjz, maryland's news station. the president gets involved in the florida teen's death investigation. >> we're going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> his emotional comments and the new developments from the federal prosecutor. outrage is growing as activists call for the arrest of a man who shot and killed trayvon martin. danielle nottingham reports and president obama is expressing sympathy to the boy's parents. >> reporter: schools around miami emptied out. hundreds left class to protest the death of trayvon martin. at one school, kids spelled out his initials on the football field. joshua was childhood friends with him. >> i want to pay my respects to
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trayvon martin. >> the killing has sparked demonstrations in several states. and now the president is talking about the case for the first time. >> if i had a son, he'd look like tray son. >> the 17-year-old was visiting his father in this neighborhood and a neighborhood watchman shot him dead. state and federal authorities are now investigating the case. >> all of us have to do some soul searching to figure out what happened. >> this is the street where zimmerman started following martin. he says that the teenager attacked him. zimmerman's face was bruised and the bloody. martin's parents say he only wants to get away. >> of course he's going to try to get away. >> reporter: next month a grand
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jury could decide if zimmerman should be charged. in stanford, florida, danielle nottingham, wjz news. >> trayvon martin's family says that they are humbled that president obama took the time to talk about the 17-year-old. jessica kartalija is live in the newsroom with more on planned parenthood. >> executives are leaving. in january, komen cut off funding to planned parenthood. facing an outcry, komen reversed course. structural changes are now underway to give affiliates more influence. the foundation is also reviews budgets in anticipation of revenue declines. a car crash kills two teens
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and leaves an officer injured. more on how the crash unfolded. >> reporter: the chase lasts for a little more than 2 miles. the toyota crashed into a tree after police pursuit through several miles in maryland. police spotted the car with four people inside and noticed it had been reported stolen. the officer followed it down connecticut avenue where the car hit a tree and burst into flames. two boys died, ages 14 and 16. they were trapped in the backseat. the driver and front passenger will describe. >> the driver i would describe as serious. he was in surgery earlier. and the front seat passenger was injured but is able to speak with us. >> reporter: many police departments in the area have no chase policies because of the danger involved. one officer was hurt but has
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been released from the hospital. police used fire extinguishers and were desperately trying to get the teens out of the backseat. then everything neared up and they had to back out. did police lose sight of a french terror suspect one death after his shootout death, questions arise. >> mohammed merah was shot and killed after a 30 hour standoff. he claimed to have a -- al- qaeda training camp. officials are asking why he was not stopped sooner. a french prosecutor is defending the police and the intelligence services saying they had done a remarkable job in finding the killer.
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>> the suspect's mother, brother, and mother's girlfriend have all been detained. a staff sergeant is charged with more than a dozen counts of murder. he left his base in southern afghanistan and went on a deadly shooting rampage. he was officially charged moments ago. we'll have much more coming up at 4:30. new details are emerging about the death of whitney houston. the super star died from an accidental drowning caused in part by cocaine use. ♪ i look to you. ♪ >> reporter: the los angeles county coroner's office confirms that drugs played a role in whitney houston's use. cocaine had been used in the time period just immediately prior to her collapse in the bathtub at the hotel.
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>> reporter: her body was discovered in the bathtub of her beverly hills bathroom last month. the super star was alive when she first weren't under water but drowned because of heart problems and drug use. the toxicology report found low levels of marijuana and prescription drugs in the 48- year-old's system but not enough to kill her. ♪ though i tried -- >> a family spokesperson says they are saddened to hear the results but glad to have closure. officials say it will be a couple of weeks before the exact amount of cocaine in houston's system is released. vandals start destruction in a frederick county cemetery. police say a group of peopler
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to apart a new market cemetery, vandalizing 20 gravestones. $50,000 in damage. hear from outraged family members. today catholic health initiatives accepted the transfer of saint joseph's to the university of maryland medical system. the decision comes after a year of discussions. saint joseph medical center made headlines after a prominent cardiologist with privileges there was accused of performing unnecessary stent procedures. the transfer still needs to be approved. well, it feels like summer more than spring outside today. taking a live look outside. there's not a cloud in sight but that could be changing. bob is here with the updated
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numbers. >> june 6th. that's the average temperature we have right now. that's the average on june 6th. it's 80 degrees at last report. 73 in oakland. and 68 degrees by the ocean. temperatures right now are running eight to 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. just 1 degree warmer than ocean city. and cumberland and oakland about the same temperature as yesterday. change is on the way. we have ocean air coming in from the east and showers or thundershower activity coming in from the west. looks like a cooler, wetter sunday in the region. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. >> reporter: friday afternoon traffic is always an adventure. on the north side of the inner
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loop. heavy traffic there. on the west side, 25 minutes from wilkins avenue to 70. and the outer loop also seeing congestion from liberty road to baltimore national pike. northbound on the harbor tunnel, we had an earlier accident that has been cleared. traffic is pretty heavy. 795, a disabled bus on the shoulder. people are trying to get a look at the accident. other accidents include york road at murdoch. and finally, haverhill at clair. a lot of activity on the beltway just west of york road. and this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood, and laminate. a hartford county school is recognized as one of the best in the state.
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[ applause ] they were named one of the blue ribbon schools today. the school was honored for its excellence in academics. of the 1700 schools in our state, only six received this award. >> congratulations to ring's factory. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00 -- >> more on the shooting spree that left 17 civilians dead. what the alleged shooter's lawyer is saying today. a new device is helping women prepare for the breast reconstruction surgery faster. bob will update the weather coming up. complete coverage continues with todd jackson, mary bubala,
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an investigation underway in california after five family members are found dead inside a home. police say it happened near san francisco city college and it's a possible murder suicide. officers found five adults dead, three women and two men. police are not searching for any suspects and no word on what led to the death. an extreme case of road rage. two women get in a fight in a parking lot. the woman on foot was leaning into the van and hitting the driver. a tv news crew ends up in a scary situation. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you can't touch the camera now. >> reporter and photo journalist left when the angry
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man pulled a gun out of his car. when the crew got back in their car, the man sped off. he is a family friend of a person they were doing a story about. officers say the man with a gun turned himself in. women who have a mastectomy. usually undergo a long process. manuel gallegus explains for wjz in tonight's health watch report. >> how are you doing? >> i'm feeling okay. >> reporter: barbara baxter had a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. >> obviously, no woman wants to lose a breast. of course, i went forward with that. >> reporter: the next step was reconstructive surgery.
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before that could begin, surgeons needed to create space in the chest wall. baxter became the first woman in the u.s. to use an expansion device at home. >> she can be at work or at home. it releases a small dose of compressed co2. the carbon dioxide. >> the typical routine is months of saline injections. this expectal treatment could change all that. >> she can do multiple small doses each and every day. so she has the potential with this to complete the process more quickly. >> she created enough space in
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six days. >> it's a piece of cake compared to the other way. >> reporter: she hopes the new technology will soon be available to other women. >> the company expects to apply for fda approval by the end of the year. >> can wall street end the week on a high note? well, it seems the markets are up for the day. but posted losses for the week. the dow was up 35 and the s&p 500 up four. the nasa tragedy is also. new home sales fell last month. the home prices surged to the highest level since june. the median sales price jumped
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to $233,700. experts say that suggests that builders anticipate more demand later this year. >> scary moments for investors in apple. the stock resumed five minutes later, recovering all of the loss. analysts blame it on human error. the world bank may have a new boss. jim young kim has been nominated to head the bank. he's the ideal candidate to carry out the world bank's antipoverty mission. and t-mobile, 1900 jobs. t-mobile is profitable but rapidly losing customers. that's your money watch. for more, just go to cbs money
4:19 pm in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. it's a paper airplane like you have never seen. yes. you weren't looking at the dessert eagle. it's inspired by a 12-year-old boy from arizona. the sunshine paper plane flew for six seconds after a helicopter towed it up in the air and let it go. the chopper had to cut it lose for the safety reasons when winds started to get out of hand. we just got an update. a military drone and it was on a reconnaissance mission -- i'm just kidding. >> that's not what the military is telling us. >> we shouldn't they they're not looking at that closely. >> hopefully, they'll give the credit to the 12-year-old boy. coming up on wjz eyewitness
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news at 4:00 -- a lot of debris. very heavy, very has underrous. >> construction workers are trapped under the rubble. the european targets the country's first lady. wjz 13 is always on. for instant updates, click ,,,,
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>> now the complete forecast and complete warning of severe weather. >> we've gone through march, april, and may. the temperature this afternoon is normal, average on june 6th. there are a few high clouds out there. and maybe tonight a shower or a thundershower is going to sneak in from the south, and west.
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80degrees. the dew point is down and the humidity is much lower than yesterday. this is the same air mass that was over new england yesterday with records up there. our winds have shifted more to the north and a drier but very warm air mass has been sitting out of the midwest. now it's in our region. set your barometer if you've gone one at home. 80 here, 85 in cumberland. ocean city by the ocean at 68 degrees. locally, even by the bay it's warm. 76, 77. 83 in westminster. these are record breaking temperatures. so far i've only seen 80. a bit of a breeze off the ocean. pittsburgh is 80 degrees. even up in the northern new
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england. the only really cool spot. they set a record on 82 degrees. coop spot national anthem tuck it. they're at 58 degrees. a light north and northeast wind. tomorrow we get back to the east wind and that's going to bring in moisture over the atlantic ocean. this thing is just spiraling around and around and around. the actual center of it is over portions of missouri. it's lowing moisture air to million up to the gulf of mexico. with the my dry air mess. tomorrow scattered showers and thunderstorm activity. could see decent rain. and then on sunday, looks like
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that low pressure gets a little closer. temperatures will be dropping, but we do have a really good chance of seeing just plain old rain. and we need it. we're one and three quarter inches below for the month. late tonight, clouds come in. maybe a thundershower. tomorrow lots of clouds. and periods of rain developing tomorrow night and on sunday. it does not look like a great weekend. but it's been to dry and beautiful i guess we'll take it. the sweet 16 wraps up tonight. the baylor bears are taking on the mass coo fears. and kentucky looks to avenge one of its two losses. catch all the action live on
4:27 pm a philadelphia priest heads to prison. >> town he will be building bars. an armored truck lost its load. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's 4:30. 80degrees and sunny in maryland. hello earn. thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. 17 counts of murder. an army staff sergeant is charged in the massacre in two
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civilian villages. >> reporter: murder charges were read to robert bales. the 38-year-old soldier is accused of killing 17 afghan civilians during a shooting rampage in two villages. >> my first reaction is prove it. >> reporter: john henry brown believes that the government will have a tough time winning the case. >> there's no crime scene, no csi stuff, no dna, no fingerprints. >> reporter: he's promising to make the mental state an issue. bales was involved in nine roadside bombings and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. >> what he's gone through is difficult for me to listen to. >> defense secretary leon panetta says the decorated veteran could face the death penalty if convicted. the u.s. military has not
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executed a u.s. service member since 1961. afghan officials have asked for a role in the criminal proceedings, but it's unclear what that would be. many kandahar residents say he should never have been taken out of afghanistan. this man is demanding the death penalty. he should be hanged according to islamic law. it could be months before he faces his first public hearing. in washington. hamid karzai does not want him tried in afghanistan. but afghan officials want to be involved. in philadelphia a shocking turn of events. >> a defrocked priest will not stand trial. days before the trial is set to begin, the former priest pleads guilty to sexual assaulting a
4:33 pm
10-year-old boy. a judge immediately sentenced him to 2 1/2 to five years in prison. he was one of three defendants accused in the philadelphia archdiocese. james brennan is charged with child sexual abuse. lynn is asking for the new trial because of the publicity surrounding the surprising guilty plea. shelling rings out across the nation of syria again. the european union is freezing the assets of bashar al-assad's family. the sanctions are to eliminate the leader from financing attacks on his own people. 22 people were killed in syria today. the family is not allowed to travel to other eu countries. >> it's helping millions of americans. that's what president obama is saying about the healthcare reform act. the law calls in changes in the
4:34 pm
number of people receiving coverage. the state of maryland is launching a website today to help navigate the new policies. for more information. go to and click on local news. a snow globe of cash. that's what one witness says she saw on the side of a maryland highway today. >> reporter: traffic is back to normal on i 270 near hyattsville where an armored truck loses some of its load. two bags holding $5700 fell out of an unsecured door. the truck was driving northbound when it happened. one woman saw money blowing all over the place. dozens of cars stopped to grab the money. traffic was backed up in all the excitement. police are investigating. state police are asking anyone who found money to bring it to the rockville barracks,
4:35 pm
no questions asked. new damage surfaces in baltimore from last summer's east coast earthquake. some million dollars cracks have been found in the basilica of the assumption. >> from the outside it's fine. >> these are some of the most significant cracks. >> reporter: the cracks are caused by last august's 5.8 earthquake. at first they went unnoticed. but once spotted -- >> very disappointed when we started to see the cracks. and we knew we had something to deal with here. >> reporter: the renovation kept it closed for more than a year. repairing the cracks means the return of some scaffolding. it will be open for services on weekends because engineers don't see a danger.
4:36 pm
>> there's confident there's no structural program. >> reporter: the diocese gave early warning to 21 future brides whose weddings are scheduled for here. >> all but one has agreed to stick it out. this is a beautiful place to be married. >> repairs run three to $5 million. but the diocese has earthquake insurance. as for the quake. parishioners have their own theory. >> he didn't destroy it but he just put a crack there. besides working weddings around the scaffolding, the basilica will host high school graduations. feels like summer outside. here's a live look at mostly sunny skies and a warm surgeon. bob is here with the updated numbers. >> it's really insign. fog this morning, and some of
4:37 pm
it was pretty dense. temperatures shot up because the winds went back to the north and brought the warm air in from new england. it's a lot drier today. 80 in baltimore. and ocean city at 68. 82 still in cumberland. today's temperatures are warmer than yesterday. cumberland is stuck at the same temperature as yesterday. we have moisture off the ocean and an area of low pressure across the midwest. thundershower activity and some rain here on sunday. so looks like a wet weekend. but it will be cooling down. >> let's check in on the roads. with kristy breslin. >> reporter: hi everyone. backups on all the major roadways. if you're traveling the harbor
4:38 pm
tunnel freeway in the northbound direction. expect at least 10 minutes there. that's due to that earlier crash. on the north side inner loop, from 95 to security boulevard, that's from 795, average speed 40 miles per hour. northbound 95. crawling along from 32 to run hundred. and significance delays on the harrisburg. accidents include route 22 at paradise road. and also northern parkway. let's take a live look. 295 at 32. and another live look. plenty of congestion on the beltway west of york road. go online to cars helping
4:39 pm and donate a car. >> it's a great day to enjoy ice cream. not just for you but for your dog. maryland's first ice cream struck for four legged friends. [barking] >> it's maryland's first ice cream truck for dogs. kelvin abrams came up with the idea. >> i read an article on the internet. and a bell we want off in the back of my head. >> jane loves it and so do all her friends. ice cream and cold water, dog treats and more. >> it's good stuff. >> reporter: the truck is ready to roll. and you'll be seeing it all
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over the baltimore area. >> people in dog parts have asked us to come out and serve ice cream. >> reporter: four flavors for your four legged friends. >> our dogs are our human friends. like i always used to say. they're just humans in little fur coats. we get poisoned with ice cream so why not spoil you dog with christ cream. >> the straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00 -- chaos in the courtroom. a not guilty verdict and find out why no one is going to jail
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for four murders. scary moments at'. it ends people into a panic. and a beautiful day outside right now. are the rain and clouds moving in. complete coverage continues with denise cone, vick carter, and first warning weather with bob turk and meteorologist tim williams and sports with mark ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide.
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two photographers are injured during clashes in portugal today. ♪ [ music ] >> police are accused of striking the photographers with batons while violence between protesters surged. labor union protesters are opposing government debt reduction measures. a verdict of a murder trial is revealed in boston and chaos erupts in the courtroom. family members of the shooting
4:45 pm
victims with outraged. it's one of the most brutal murders in history. but at this point, no one is going to jail for it. five people were shot and four killed, including a toddler. a new clue in the search for a missing teenager. we have more on what police have found. >> she was last seen leaving for school a week ago today. a widespread search and police found a bag they say was hers. inside is a pair of pants and a t-shirt. it provided no clues as toe whether she was abducted or ran away. her cell phone was found and submitted to a lab for testing. no foul play has been uncovered. investigators are visiting all registered sex offenders in the area.
4:46 pm
an investigation into the collapse of a two story warehouse that killed one worker and injured two others begins in new york. the construction workers were buried alive by concrete, steel, and bricks. >> a lot of debris. very heavy and very hazardous. >> the most difficult removal was in the northwest corner of the building. you had a lot of debris. and the fire department units had to tunnel in to get to the victim. when they got to the victim, he was confirmed to be alive. >> he survived but suffered a severe headache. >> right now our preliminary investigation indicates that they cut a structural beam.
4:47 pm
>> it's been under demolition since february and already had a history of unsafe working conditions. on march 5th. a stop work order was issued. department officials say they're looking into what caused this deadly accident and say human error is among many possibilities. >> it's our job to construct the contractors to remove the bricks and debris. an investigation into the cause of the collapse continues. we have breaking news now. a child is hit by a car in southwest baltimore. captain mike perry has the
4:48 pm
latest. >> reporter: we're at polasky and he was played in an ambulance. it's not clear how significant the injury is to him. there's a lot of concern. apparently, the driver has remained on the scene. baltimore police are conducting the investigation and we'll keep you updated. gunshots, smoke, and sirens on san diego bay startled people on shelter island. it may have been a terrorist attack but it was really an exercise. >> he saw the boat on san diego bay. >> there's smoke billowing out of the engine and i said that's for real. >> and he heard the shots too. >> it was big like cannon fire.
4:49 pm
>> turns out he wasn't alone. >> when you here gunshots 500 yards away and see blue and relates on the boat. >> the drill was designed to simulate a terrorist attack on north island. >> what you'll see today is something that could happen in san diego or whether every naval forces are. the navy says it's a planned annual exercise not due to a specific threat that they've heard could be coming. >> we try to pick ones that are challenging and realistic. and every year it's something different. >> the navy is now reviews its
4:50 pm
response to see what went wright. >> michelle obama invited students to help her plant the white house garden. they wrote her a letter telling her about their community garden up. they'll spend the day monday helping the official. >> sure feels like summer outside. is rain on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what a beautiful afternoon. enjoy it if you can. >> it's insane. it's insane. 80degrees outside. it's june 6th. that's the average temperature for june 6th. this weather today is the same air mass that was over new england with record breaking temperatures yesterday. the winds actually went back to the north. usually that would bring cool air in. in new england it was in the 80s yesterday. take a look at temperatures. 80degrees and north winds at
4:54 pm
6:00 and the barometer is holding steady. the humidity is down to 37%. it was 70% yesterday at this time. 80 now. and 78 ellington. 68 ocean city. walk, 81. 73 in oakland and the mountain areas to the west. they were 85 this afternoon. a lot of these areas did set records this afternoon. slightly cooler by the bay. in westminster, 83. newark down to 71. 70 in syracuse, cleveland was 83 yesterday. right now they're at 74. showers to the south and west of us. nantucket is 68 degrees. winds out of the north,
4:55 pm
northeast. and that brought in the new air mass. there were no clouds with it. but the front came through and scoured out the fog to the morning. low pressure has been spinning. we're going to to start seeing the moisture move in late tonight and as this band of rain moves into the area, the front to the north with ocean air comes in. both of them combine around the atlantic. a good chance we'll see a shower or a that you are tomorrow and rain as the low passes here on sunday. and yes, it will get progressively cooler. the bay temperature is around 54. maybe a shower or a thundershower. 57 for a low tomorrow. it will still get in the upper 60s and low 70s by. a good chance of showers and a thunderstorm or two on your
4:56 pm
saturday. and rain likely. still to come tonight -- >> reporter: a police pursuit ends in a fiery crash. did a police decision to chase ,
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00 -- two teens killed during a high speed chase. why police were pursuing their car. from baltimore city to the u.s. court of appeals, a controversial measure about pregnancy centers that has the catholic church fired up.
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an act of god leaves expensive cracks in a religious landmark. check in for more on these stories. wjz eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. >> >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhoods, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. a fatal pursuit. a police chase ends with a crash, claiming two young lives. >> the investigation into the crime that started it all. >> here's what people are talking about. >> police go after a stolen car in montgomery county and the chase ends in tragedy. we have new information about the victims. >> reporter: police just identified
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