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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  March 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the history-making, mega millions jackpot grows each higher. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. mary is off. here's what people are talking about. today. the odds are astronomical. and today, the mega millions jackpot grows larger. it is now at $640 million. gigi barnett has more on the dreamers, lining up to buy a winning ticket. >> reporter: well, kai, i think i might be a dreamer, too. here's my ticket. i could be a winner. if not, i'll probably be back at this soda pop shop in catonsville, buying a ticket again. one, two, three, four, five, six lines of folks, ready to cash in. >> reporter: it's the biggest jackpot on earth ever. $640 million. for some mega millions players, their dreams are now as big as the prize. >> first thing you do is what? >> i would donate some money to
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the cancer society. because i need a tax writeoff. >> help my family out. >> a huge house for my family so i could move away. >> so you would not be in maryland anymore? >> i would be in maryland. but i would be hiding. >> reporter: if she wins the record-breaking jackpot, she could buy 100,000 houses. >> i think anyone who is remotely inclined to play the lottery was out there buying a ticket. >> reporter: they are calling on every strategy to cash in. >> what's up with these dreams on my mind. i was like, i'm not going to play it. today, i'm going to play it and see what happens. >> reporter: for some layers -- players, it's all about the luck of the draw. >> 83 years old. i'm liable to have a heart attack. >> 83-year-olds can spend money, too, can't they? >> i'll be in st. agnes hospital. >> reporter: i love that. he's going to have a heart
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attack if he wins. well, the clerks here say they have sold more than 4,000 tickets today alone. and if no one wins, the lottery officials say the jackpot could be as high as $1 billion. back to you, kai. >> b-b-b billion? >> right. >> that's a lot of money, gigi. thank you. maryland and washington, d.c. joined the 42 other states who play the multimillion dollar lotiry. testimony continues in the trial of brothers accused in a pit bull case. >> this video shows travers and tremain johnson running from the scene of the crime. several jurors turned their head away when they showed the image of the dog burning. the johnson brothers' first trial ended in a hung jury. defense attorneys say the johnsons are being used as
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scapegoats. the johnsons face felony animal cruelty charges. kai? >> they face a maximum penalty of three years in prison. more leaks. and the arrest of george zimmerman. more protests across the country are being planned. >> reporter: george zimmerman remains free and is not talking about the shooting death of trayvon martin. but with continuing calls for his arrest, zimmerman's family is going public. robert zimmerman, jr., told cnn, his brother acted in self- defense and, quote, stop someone from arming him. the 17-year-old martin was not armed when the neighborhood watch volunteer started following him. zimmerman told police he thought martin looked suspicious. >> he's got his hand in his waistband. and he's a black male. >> reporter: across the country, demonstrations over martin's death show no signs of letting up.
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>> reporter: here in sanford, another demonstration is scheduled for saturday, demanding that zimmerman be put on trial. all of the protests have been peaceful. but local businesses are worried. >> what was your reaction when you first heard about the shooting? >> well, i'm a mom. and just -- i mean, i have a son. and that could have been my child. >> reporter: elizabeth reichert said business at her coffee shop is down, 50% this week. >> when you get the media reports that say up to 25,000 and 40,000 people here. like i said, any conscious person would say, maybe i don't want to go downtown tonight. i'll get a cup of coffee tomorrow. >> she fears her protest may be back. in sanford, florida, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: florida state authorities are now handling the case but say their investigation could take weeks for six straight months, maryland sees growth in the job market.
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maryland added 8,000 jobs since february. the state's unemployment rate remains steady at 6 1/2%. that's the lowest unemployment rate in three years. and it's almost two full percentage points lower than the national average. mitt romney is gaining momentum in tonight's campaign 2012 report. mitt romney and rick santorum are looking to knock down ahead of next week's primary. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in wisconsin, with one of that state's best-known lawmakers. he picked up the endorsement of congressman paul ryan, a conservative known for taking a tough line on government spending. >> because in this man, we have a person of conviction. we have a man with the right kind of experience. >> reporter: ryan joins a growing list of republican leaders, lining up to support romney. including former president george h.w. bush. despite that, the former governor's chief rival, rick santorum, says he'll fight to
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the finish. campaigning in wisconsin, he said the obama administration keeps imposing rules that are killing jobs. >> and i will eliminate every single one of those regulations on day 1. >> reporter: santorum is trailing seven points behind romney in the latest wisconsin poll. newt gingrich is barely registering on the same survey. he's got just 8% of the vote. >> reporter: despite scaling back his campaign, gingrich spent the day in wisconsin, taking aim at president obama's job performance. >> here is the worst job creation record since the great depression. >> reporter: the former speaker said in a radio interview, romney is clearly the gop front runner and he'll probably earn the nomination. the two met, and gingrich says he is staying in the race, until romney earns those delegates. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama is holding
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four fundraisers in new england today, bringing in roughly $2 million for his campaign and the democratic national committee. stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll bring you the latest on the candidates and the results during the maryland primary. a sign that spring is here. the first day of racing at pimlico race track. starting today, pimlico will host eight days of racing. the preakness stakes, may 19th. the full racing schedule was saved in december by a last- minute deal between the state and the maryland jockey club. right now, it's a chilly, gray afternoon. outside at the moment, it's cloudy and much cooler than it has been all week. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> hello, kai and everybody out there. yes, we already had rain coming earlier today. want to show you first doppler radar. many cases, you probably drove through some today. here's this batch making its
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way offshore shortly. but what we're going to do is open this up and show you, this is just the beginning of the storm. all of this ran out ahead of the main storm system, which we are expecting later tonight and into tomorrow. still a chance for a couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorm during that time frame. but with the rain coming in earlier, with the temperatures, they took a huge hit today. we are in the 40s in baltimore. we thought we would be closer to 60 degrees, where the sun has come out. we've jumped into the mid and upper 50s. but see the east winds off the bay. all of those areas in the 40s. 52, though, in westminster. we will have your forecast coming up. kai? >> let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. we had a very messy start on the harbor tunnel throughway. just moments ago, we had an accident cleared in the northbound direction. but unfortunately, we still have a pretty heavy delay back to the spur. you can expect at least 15 minutes to get through. over on the west side inner loop, slow traffic there from wilkens avenue to security boulevard. the north side inner loop, also
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seeing delays there from york road to dulaney valley road. average speed, about 35 miles an hour. if you're traveling on northbound 95, that's all in the red there, from caton avenue to the fort mchenry tunnel. that's been a tough spot so far this afternoon. accidents include woodlawn drive at security boulevard, falls road at joppa road. harford at fleetwood. also west 40th at baltimore city. let's take a live look. things are deferly slowing down there on the beltway, on dulaney valley road. this traffic report is brought to you by the all-new, 2013gs. when a sports sedan has raised your expectations of what is possible, there's no going back. back to you. an accident on the jfx ties up traffic for miles. sky eye chopper 13 is over northbound 83, near ruxton road. the driver was taken to shock trauma, but the extent of his injuries is unknown. the accident is cleaned up.
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all lanes now, reopened. dash cam video from an unusual traffic stop in montgomery county, has some saying holy license plate, batman. >> southbound 29 at prelude. and again, no tags. it's just got the batman seal. >> okay. >> how are you? >> all right. how are you? >> good. >> police pulled over the driver of a black lamborghini for having illegal tags. the driver was dressed as the black knight, mask and all. batman whose legal name is lenny robinson gave his name and let him go after posing for a few pictures. the caped crusader. still ahead. a school bus full of children, caught in indiana remassive -- indiana's massive tornado. scary moment.
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firefighters battling a blaze in michigan, the roof begins to collapse. and how much is too much of a chemical used in food packaging. meteorologist bernadette woods has your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,
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great escape. three firefighters avoid getting hurt while battling a wildfire in michigan. take a look. you can see them, when all of a sudden, the roof collapses. it's just buckling here. luckily issue they were able to scramble off the collapsing section in time. the cause is under investigation. >> wow. in san antonio, a motorcycle rider's brush with death is caught on camera. look at this. it happened just as the other car the other night. watch the car in the far right
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lane lose control. it is inches away from hitting the biker. look at this. biker just escapes being hit. motorcycle enthusiasts say it is a great example of the dangers motorcyclists face and why everyone on the road needs to be aware. luckily, nobody was hurt in this accident. a heart-pounding race against mother nature. a school bus driver in henryville, indiana, outruns this month's devastating ef4 tornado with nearly a dozen tornadoes. quick thinking saved them in the nick of time. >> tornado on the ground. quiet. >> i see a tornado on the ground. >> it's just above your head. do it. >> reporter: the bus now a minute and a half from the school. >> there's a tornado right there, guys. look. the funnel cloud. >> reporter: there he is,
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anxious, but has calm instruction for her precious cargo. >> don't block me. we're fixing to go as fast as we can, into the school. >> reporter: the bus pulls up to the school. >> everybody stay together. our group, together. right now, go, go, go, go, go. one, two, three, four -- >> go, go, go. >> six, seven, eight, nine. come on. >> come on, come on. >> 10, 11. go, go, go. >> reporter: just three minutes later, perry's cell phone still in the driver's seat, the bus is blown away. >> wow. unbelievable video and audio there. the bus driver, angel perry, and her 11 students survived the storm without injury. a mixed day to end the week on wall street. [ stock bells ringing ] the dow ends the day in positive territory. it's up 67.
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s&p up 5. nasdaq is down. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. master card and visa are warning of a possible security breach. the companies say the credit card processor, global payments has been hit by a security breach that may put 10 million cardholders at risk. master card has notified police and the banks. it is not clear if any of the information stolen was used for fraudulent transactions. card holders are being asked to contact the banks that issued them their card. stocks closed out its best quarter. americans opened their wallets a little wider last month. the government says consumer spending was 8/10ths of a percent, the most since july. but americans' income barely grew. and savings fell to its lowest point in two years. blackberry will no longer
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target its market. it says it plans to focus on an area it had more success. rim lost $125 million last quarter, as it faces tough competition from apple's iphone and google's droid devices. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. it's a very special weekend for one of the longest-running shows on cbs. a short time ago, i spoke with bob schieffer, the host of face the nation, with the expansion of the show to one hour. >> reporter: our first one-hour breakfast will be coming up sunday. and the lead guest is going to be vice president joe biden. >> congratulations on the anniversary. what do you expect you'll hear from the vice president? and what do you plan to ask him? >> well, to tell you the truth, i have already interviewed him. so i can tell you. we flew out yesterday to milwaukee to interview the vice president. and basically, what he said was
4:19 pm
nothing good about mitt romney. [ laughter ] the white house has decided that the general election is -- campaign is already under way. that's what this is all about. they've made a judgment that mitt romney is going to be the guy they're going to run against in the fall. and they want to get their licks in early while the republicans are still conserving on each other. and so pretty much what we talk about is how democrats see this campaign shaking up -- or shaping up. and how the republicans see it shaping up. i mean, basically, what you have here, two very different ideas of what this election is about. >> you can watch bob schieffer in the new hour-long face the nation, sunday night here on wjz 13. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00, a man attacked by a mountain lion. wait until you hear how another wild animal saved his life. off the hook. the ruling a judge makes about who is to blame for the deadly
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shootout at virginia tech. it's friday. will today's gray, wet weather ruin your wet weekend plans? wjz is always on. for the top stories, instant updates ask first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,
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we tried to wish it warm today. but i'm not sure that quite worked. >> it did not happen. it really didn't. we knew the rain was coming. we thought it would be a couple of hours later than it was. and because all of those clouds came in earlier with the rain, it really has hit our temperatures big time. we're going to show you first warning doppler radar. there's not a whole lot of rain going on right now. we had spotty showers throughout the day. and that batch is now making its way into southern parts of maryland and lower parts of the eastern shore. and that is going to move away. but there is more where that came from. a couple of drizzles to the west of that. not really showing up on radar quite yet. we'll switch it over and show you, though, this is what we're dealing with. sunshine gave way to clouds. such a fine line. if you saw northern parts, you saw sunshine. if you are under that band,
4:24 pm
it's been clouds. this is just a first part of the storm that will continue to move our way through the weekend. winds have turned around to the east. and that's what really gets us, is that east wind off the water when the water temperatures are still so low. they kept us at 45 degrees for our high today. and 47 in ocean city. you see, when you get away from that, we were in the 50s. and when the sun came out, jump to the upper 50s this afternoon. but our high so far has only been 47 degrees, after an incredible stretch above average. we are actually below average today. you can see that average has jumped 1 more degree to 59 degrees. here's that line. we showed this to you yesterday. we're teetering. really warm air to the south. and it's this storm track that is going to run on top of us the next few days. so we don't really get in on that warm air this time. but we're not going to cool down as much as those of us there are going to see snow over the weekend with a few of these storms. but what we're going to see with these storms is chances of
4:25 pm
rain. it is hanging out to the west. so we still have a chance for a couple of areas of shower. maybe a little drizzle tonight. and when the center of this gets closer, there's a chance also for a few norms -- thunderstorms with this. and keeps the temperatures down. then gets out of here sunday. and you notice, behind this, here comes another front. this also will bring another chance for a few showers. temperatures down while it's passing through. we do have a warmup next week. but temperatures closer to that average throughout this forecast here. here's how it works out. small craft advisories for the winds picking up in the northeast. moving through. tonight, rain and drizzle around. 40 degrees for our low. and tomorrow, we only go up to the 50s. mostly cloudy. chance for a shower or thunderstorm. this does not look to be an all- day rain event. but not a beautiful day either. we've had some gorgeous ones. and it's not exactly going to be one of those. but not like last saturday either. >> right. >> so sort of in between. then we'll have your five-day
4:26 pm
later. >> thanks, bernadette. don't miss your prime time lineup. then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. we'll have the top stories from around the world. plus, what happens when a kid tries to build a nuclear reactor in his garage? steve hartman has the fallout when he goes on the road. tonight, on the cbs evening news. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, how today's technology might have saved lives during the sniper murder spree. that story as eyewitness news continues. what the copilot in the jet blue cockpit is saying about the midair emergency on his flight. danger alerts. why hundreds didn't receive the emergency calling, urging them to flee their homes from a wildfire. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise after this. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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it is 4:29. 45 degrees and mostly cloudy. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. vic is off. and here's what people are talking about. never warned. colorado officials are apologizing to people who did not receive reverse 911 calls, urging them to evacuate. bigad shaban has the latest on the deadly wildfire. >> reporter: southwest of the suburbs, wildfires have charred six miles. crews have been unable to find a woman missing since thursday. >> we're coming to the home. looking for her remains. everything is a possibility. we've looked for her in a huge area, in the event that she tried to outrun the fire. >> this home video was recorded
4:31 pm
by a family who struggled to stay ahead of the flames while evacuating early this week. a reverse 911 call went out to residents, telling them to leave. but 12% never got the message. >> what we know is that there wasn't a glitch with the system. we don't know how significant that glitch is. >> reporter: colorado governor john hickenlooper took to the air to get his first look at the massive fire. >> i mean, there's nothing left. just the foundations in many cases. >> reporter: officials said the fire may have started as a result of a state-planned burn. at least 27 homes have been destroyed and two people are dead. firefighters now say they're making progress in fighting the blaze because of the light winds. >> we have about a two-day window where the weather is favorable for us for what we perceive to be not favorable weather. depending on the forecast you listen to. friday, late saturday. >> reporter: for the first time since monday, some residents are being allowed back to their
4:32 pm
homes. or at least what is left of them. bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> if it is determined that the controlled burn caused the fire, the state of colorado will be exempt from lawsuits, independence they can -- unless they can prove that a state employee was acting out of duties. a federal judge overturns a $55,000 fine. kai is in the newsroom with more about this. >> the judge said the school did not violate federal laws in response to its massacre. at issue was whether they waited too long to alert the campus of a possible safety threat after two students were shot. an e-mail went out more than two hours later. but by that time, student sung we joe -- sung we cho. but they said they worked
4:33 pm
according to the law. >> the jury found the university negligent in actions. federal authorities are trying to figure out what caused a jet blue pilot to have a breakdown in midair. the copilot is being called a hero for what he did to control the situation. >> reporter: the jet blue copilot, credited with taking control during a midair incident says jason dow does not want to be called a hero. court documents show he diffused the situation when flight 191 pilot clayton osbun became increasingly incoherent. the copilot's father said he is not surprised that he knew what to do. >> he's a great guy. he's probably the best son-in- law. >> they got out the door and took command. passengers say the pilot started yelling and ran up and
4:34 pm
down the aisle. doud reportedly then called an off-duty pilot into the cockpit and asked passengers to restrain the captain. together, the crew requested an emergency landing. >> flight 191, declared emergency. >> we're going to have to go into amarillo. >> reporter: the fbi will review the plane's cockpit voice recorder to try to learn more about how events unfolded. investigators have also interviewed doud. >> reporter: he hasn't been back to his ohio home. but he did let his family know he was safe after the emergency landing in texas. >> he called very shortly after it happened in a very short conversation that he was just okay. and that there had been a problem on the plane. >> reporter: captain clayton osbun was charged with interfering with a crew and faces 20 years behind bars if convicted. in washington, susan mcginniss, wjz eyewitness news. >> captain osbun was taken to a health facility for evaluation, once the plane landed in texas. this was tuesday.
4:35 pm
a new york construction worker disappears after he falls from a bridge. fellow workers say the man changed his harness when the platform he was on gave way. the coast guard has boats on scene and a helicopter to assist police and fire rescue. but the worker is still missing. the frog's neck bridge collects the bronx and queens. 10 years ago, maryland and much of the mid-atlantic were terrorized by the sniper murder spree. a lot has changed since then, including the way they might have been caught. current technology could have saved lives. >> reporter: maybe you've seen the cars with the boxes on back. maybe the combination laser, counter and computer. >> arrests for stolen cars. one lets you know if the driver could possibly be suspended. >> reporter: and it does it all by reading license place of plates -- license plates. >> i get an audible alarm. and it goes red and lets me
4:36 pm
know, this happened. >> reporter: 10 people were murdered in the sniper shooting spree. could the plate reader have catched john muhammad and lee boyd malvo? >> slowlts. >> -- absolutely. >> because the car crossed areas but didn't fit descriptions of the suspect vehicle. the plate reader would have remembered. >> how many times have they come in contact with law enforcement? that would have given us a clue. >> reporter: the plate readers would have not only seen and remembered, it would check patterns. >> it would check if i had seen that vehicle at all that day. >> technology today. >> mont gomry county currently has 22 vehicles, equipped with the plate readers. each is capable of processing 10,000 tags during an eight- hour shift. identity thieves have new,
4:37 pm
younger target the. -- targets. this new, 7-year-old california boy, racked up a few charms after his family lost a computer hard disk drive. a credit monitoring services caught the suspicious services, which included a $4500 necklace. more than 19,000 children had their identities stolen last year. parents are encouraged to keep their children's identity safe and monitor their online activity. a dreary day outside. let's take a look. dark clouds looming over the region. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating the first warning weather. >> hello, denise and everybody out there. and yes, the rain came in a little earlier than we thought. couple of showers out there still right now. even spotty drizzle. but here are the showers that pass through the city now. down through southern maryland and the eastern shore. all of those are moving off to the east. however, there's a lot more where this came from. this is just the beginning of the storm. this is the real storm system
4:38 pm
back in here. and that's what we thought tonight. and do expect tonight into tomorrow. but with everything earlier in the day, it really knocked down our high temperatures. 45 degrees in baltimore, where the sun came out. and you get away from the waters, 50s, close to 60 degrees in some cases. but that east wind off the water here in baltimore. with temperatures that low over the water now, really kills our temperatures. we will have your forecast coming up. denise? >> thank you, bernadette. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at we'll traffic control. hi, denise. hi, everyone. if you're taking northbound 95, you're probably in for an unpleasant drive. we're up to 30 minutes from the southwest side over to the fort mchenry tunnel. traveling 70 westbound, very heavy in that direction. on the west side inner loop, brake lights there from southwest boulevard around to security boulevard. we also have delays arn the west side -- around the west side of the outer loop. those stretch from 795 to the national pike.
4:39 pm
north side inner loop, stop and go there from dulaney valley road. about 15 minutes to get through that one. and accidents include northbound reisterstown road alt st. thomas lane. woodlawn at security. and also harford road at fleet wood. let's take a live look. things are a bit slow there. this traffic report is brought to you by volunteers of america. where 100% of donations go to helping people in our area. go online to cars helping and help people now. two english soccer teams are taking their rivalry overseas. the football club. and liverpool fc, will square off on july 28th, here at m&t bank stadium. it is the third soccer match at the stadium. the last was in 2010. tickets for the 1:00 p.m. match go on sale this coming tuesday. prices range from $36 to $125. the game is part of a three- city tour that will also take
4:40 pm
the north london clubs to new york and los angeles. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. why israel is closing off crossings into the west bank today. syria's accusations. what the attorney for staff sergeant bales is saying about the u.s. government. and the weekend is here. will the skies clear up in time? stick around for your updated first warning forecast coming up. we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ but we started using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months.
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the obama administration is expanding sanctions against syrian president bashar assad's military. the treasury department placed the syrian defense minister, army deputy chief of staff and the head of assad's presidential security on a black list. that freezes any u.s. assets they may have. assad himself and his inner
4:44 pm
circle have already been sanctioned. more than 9,000 say they have been killed during the uprising. israeli forces fire tear gas, stun guns grenades to break up palestinian forces. palestinian activists are calling for a global march to jerusalem, to protest against marches that they say have stripped them of land. israel insists the city remains united. well, he made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan, to save the life of a child. kai is in the newsroom with how a rhode island soldier is being hailed as a hero. kai? >> the army says dennis weekle acted with courage. this is him dropping in with his children. it was last week when his army convoy came upon a group of
4:45 pm
children in afghanistan. that's when he spotted the young girl trying to grab something off the road. rikele pushed her to safety. and a 16-ton armored truck. flags are flying at half staff. back to you. >> weekle was posthumously awarded the bronze star. well, japan is opening part of the evacuation zone around its leaking nuclear power plant for the first time. the towns of kawaiuccky and tamurrah will reopen sunday. however, most are waiting until the area is further decontaminated. this forced 100,000 people to leave their homes. in tonight's healthwatch, the fda has decided not to ban the potentially dangerous chemical, bpa, from food packaging. government experts say there is still not enough evidence. ines ferre reports on their
4:46 pm
decision, just moments ago. >> reporter: carrie jaffey has three young children. and she's careful about what they eat. that means only foods that are packaged without bpa. >> this is something that could affect our children now and for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: bpa is the industrial chemical bisphenol a. it's used in all kinds of food containers, from baby bottles and tin cans. and it could be a health risk, particularly for children and pregnant women. >> she will take it from her body and pass it to the baby, where it can cause terrible damage to the baby. >> reporter: a recent study looks specific at -- specifically at the effect of bpa. it found the chemical contains their behavior, making them anxious or hyperactive. >> reporter: many companies, including campbell's soup, have already started phasing it out. but phillip landrig an says the
4:47 pm
government needs to start regulating it. >> the problem is, we don't know if those are safe or unsafe. >> nine years ago, when her oldest child was a baby, carrie jaffey didn't know about the possible risks from bpa. >> i feel very concerned that i inadvertently exposed tore -- her to a lot of issues. >> in new york, ines ferre, wjz eyewitness news. >> about 90% of americans have traces of bpa in their bodies. a homeless man in alabama, gets a nasty surprise when a dead snake bites him. the 41-year-old man was playing with the decapitated head of what is believed to have been a cotton mouth snake when he was biteb. bitten. he initially refused treatment. but paramedics had to be called back after the man began to show side effects. he was treated with antivenin and was released. a california man was
4:48 pm
attacked by a mountain lion, while hiking. he survived, thanks to a bear. maria medina reports on this unlikely hero. >> reporter: bob bigs said he made eye contact with a mother bear, but decided to walk away, when he spotted her yearling and newborn. >> so i turned around. >> reporter: what bob didn't see, he says, was the mountain lion, talking the bears. >> i got between it and the cub. when it turned around, it might have thought i was coming after it. >> reporter: suddenly he became the lion's new target. and the animal gave bob no time to react. >> i got hit from behind and knocked me to my knees. and this mountain lion grabs me from the left side of the rear and climbs up on my back and just starts shaking. >> reporter: with the mountain lion's paws firmly gripped onto his backpack, he said he took the rock grip into his hand and started fighting. still, bob says, the lion didn't budge. so he took another swing.
4:49 pm
>> as i'm coming around, i see something coming from the left. and it was the bear, grabbing the throat of the mountain lion. and it just shook it. >> reporter: bob says the mother bear he just seen ripped the mountain lion off him, even fought with it for a few seconds before the cat was able to get away. >> and the bear just kind of calmly got down on the ground and went back down to the beach. >> reporter: bob came home and told his wife what happened. hard to believe, but he showed her the bruises to prove it. >> wow. his arm is black and blue and has puncture wounds as you saw. but he says he doesn't fear returning back to his hiking grounds. a tractor-trailer crash leaves a snowy mess on ontario highway with silver and gold. between $3 million and $5 million hit. another tractor-trailer, loaded with candy, was hit, spilling candy onto the piles of cash on
4:50 pm
the highway. police are now working to clean up the candy and the cash. wow. a gray whale found caught in netting in southern california is now free. the whale was first spotted by a helicopter off the coast of palos verdes peninsula. teams of rescuers used a blade mounted on poles. wrapped around the young whale's tale. this is the -- tail. this is the second gray whale that has been cut loose from the netting in the area. we told you about the other one, just a couple of days ago. a gray area. meteorologist bernadette wood is checking your updated forecast next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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welcome back, everybody. you can see, trying to brighten a little bit. we've had clouds out for most of the day in the city. but in some parts, the state has not been the case. we'll start off with first doppler radar. this is just the beginning of the storm that we're stigoing to deal with on and off through tomorrow. so a few showers crossing over to the eastern shore, just around cambridge now. also a few exiting the shores. and that is heading out to sea. but you see out to the west, a little more. not a whole lot at this point.
4:54 pm
but this is a much longer storm system. and it's going to take through tomorrow to clear up. we'll switch it over and show you. earlier today, some sun earlier in the day. then the clouds come in. northern parts of the state. over right now. socked in in those clouds. as far as the winds go, they turn around to the east with that storm making its way on that easterly wind. that, bwi marshall and in the city, brings in all of that cooler air off the water. and the water temps are very low right now. that's why we are still stuck in the 40s this afternoon. after we killed our high temperature. for the rest of us, we jumped into the 50s at least. and closer to 60 degrees in some cases, where the sun has come out. so far today, all we've managed for a high is 47 degrees. that's because the showers came in earlier than we thought today. you see temperature in the morning, in the 30s, but still just in the 40s right now. here's the overhaul look in temperatures. we've got really warm temperatures to the south. really chilly air off to the north. this is where we're going to see snow over the weekend.
4:55 pm
upstate new york heading into new england. now for us, right in between the two. we're going to teeter on the line for the next two days. and that's also where the storm track is. these showers are ahead of the main storm system. but here is that main storm system, still heading back towards our west. it will slowly crawl on top of us into tomorrow. the chance for a thunderstorm, along with rounds of showers and then when it gets out of here. sunday, another front coming our way. with it coming down from the north, just a chance for a couple of showers, early sunday into monday morning. but while this passes over us, they'll keep the temperatures down a bit. forecast looks like this. out on the waters. small craft advisory with the winds picking up. tonight, rain is possible. then as we head into tomorrow, couple of showers and maybe thunderstorms. we will have clouds around. but it's not like last saturday, where it poured all day long. it will keep us in the 50s, right on par with average. and we'll have your five-day coming up a little bit later here. >> okay. thank you, bernadette. still to come on eyewitness
4:56 pm
news tonight. you've got to play to win. the mega millions is now a record-break being $640 million. do you have your ticket? i'm gigi barnett in ,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up on wjz eyewitness news. mega millions jackpot history. and who has the winning ticket. >> controversial arrest. i'm mike hellgren. why four elementary students were handcuffed at school. more protests in the death of a florida teenager. who is coming to the defense of the man who kimed him? check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts
4:59 pm
now. mega millions mania. marylanders are in a frepsy over the large-- frenzy over the largest jackpot of all time. >> the chance for a win. >> i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about. >> it's the mega millions prize of $640 million. the record jackpot has the entire country rushing to buy tickets before the drawing. wjz is live in catonsville. gigi barnett has more on the excitement and people hoping to win. >> i'm one of those people. look. these could be the lucky winning numbers. if not, i'll be playing again, like everybody else. but somebody is going to win, probably.


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