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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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about tonight. >> four baltimore children, all under the age of 10, handcuffed and taken from their school. and police say it is justified because of the seriousness of the crime they're accused of committing. mike hellgren has more on the allegations and reaction to the controversial arrest. baltimore city police arrested, handcuffed, three 9- year-old girls and an 8-year- old boy at morrow park elementary school, after a vicious fight last week. they're charged as juveniles in an attack on a playground, where according to police, one victim's head was placed under water, and another victim was put on railroad tracks. kimberly regger has children who attend classes here. >> he knows it's not right at all. they should have hand -- handled it a different way. >> the action of the baltimore police department and arresting and handcuffing very young children are appalling and in violation of state regulations, regarding school arrests. >> reporter: they told the baltimore sun, he's upset, because he was not notified of
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the arrests. >> reporter: he also told the sun it was retaliation, after his son and granddaughters were beaten on the swing set. police defended handcuffing the children at school. >> reporter: certainly, it's our policy whenever someone is arrested, regardless of their age, we handcuff them. not just for their safety, but also for officer safety. >> the fact that the police department is defending these actions by saying that children should be treated just the same as adult criminal suspects is simply wrong. >> reporter: baltimore city schools will only tell us the incident is under review. police say the children were not handcuffed in the classroom. that was done in an office. >> personally, i would actually think that it's the best thing to do. in a neighborhood like this, sort of falling down a little bit. they should arrest him. >> i bought this place about 10 years ago here. and i've seen it all at that school. >> reporter: and the aclu tells us, they believe the arrest should have happened at the children's homes and not here at school. reporting live at morrow park
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elementary, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, mike. now, police are not relying the children -- not releasing the children's names because they are charged as juveniles. the other big story tonight, big dreams about big money. the mega millions jackpot is now at a mind blowing $640 million. wjz is live in catonsville. gigi barnett has more on mega millions fever. hey, gigi. >> just staying at $640 million. we have been here at the soda pop shop all day here in catonville. this has not stopped. people having come be-- have been coming in throughout the day. clerks here say they sold more than $6,000 worth of tickets in this one day alone. >> reporter: it's the biggest jackpot on earth ever. $640 million. for some mega millions players, their dreams are now as big as the prize. >> first thing you do is what?
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>> i would donate some money to the cancer society. because i need a tax writeoff. >> help my family out. >> a huge house for my family, so i can move away. >> but you would not be in maryland anymore? >> i would be in maryland, but i will be hiding? >> if she wins the record- breaking jackpot, she could by 1,000 houses, worth half a million each. >> i think anyone remotely inclined to play the lottery was out there buying a ticket. >> reporter: lottery players are calling on every strategy to cash in. >> have these be number -- numbers in my mind. i was like, i'm not going to play it. >> but for some players, it's all about the luck. of the draw. >> mega. >> 83 years old. i'm liable to have a heart attack. >> 83-year-olds can spend money, too, can't they? >> i'll be in st. agnes hospital.
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>> i love that. all right. so back here live at the soda pop shop. ticket sales end at the 10:-- end at 10:45 p.m. tonight. that's 15 minutes before the drawing. if you haven't gotten your ticket yet, there's still time before the drawing. if nobody wins, the jackpot will pick up to $1 billion. >> unreal. so if we don't see you tomorrow morning, we'll know that you won. >> you'll know that i am not coming back. >> okay. >> i'll be on vacation. >> tim will be doing the show solo. gigi, thank you. wjz will bring you the winning mega millions number tonight at 11:00, right after the drawing. the sentence is in for the baltimore woman who savagely attacked another woman and robbed her inside a howard county bar. and it was caught on tape. >> 25-year-old whitney white was sentenced to 18 months behind bars. take a look at the surveillance video.
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you can see white attack another woman and take off with her purse. identified white as the suspect. in addition to jail time, white was ordered to serve five years supervised probation. >> white pleaded guilty to one count of robbery. >> right now, city police are looking for the man who broke into a north baltimore home and sexually assaulted a woman. it happened here on the 3900 block of frisbee avenue. the victim told detectives she was arresting -- resting in a bedroom when a masked man broke in and attacked her. the suspect wore a black mask over his face, which appeared to be home made out of a mat. -- hat. >> more disturbing testimony in the trial of twin brothers accused of setting a dog on fire, leaving it to die. weijia jiang reports from the courthouse, the officer who found the dog tried to save her life. >> reporter: jurors heard from the baltimore police officer who put out the flames on the puppy with her sweater. but the star witness in this case seems to be a city police camera.
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>> reporter: when this young pit bull, nicknamed phoenix, was doused with gasoline and torched -- >> we were so appalled that anything like that could ever happen. >> it was baltimore police detective, cerita teal, who put out the flames. >> and there was people standing around. but nobody was really doing anything. so i just got out of the car and took my sweater off. and i started hitting him to try to put that fire out. >> reporter: on friday, keel took the stand in the retrial. against mothers. she described the-- brothers. she described the gruesome scene and said the little burning puppy was a puff of smoke. she said it was a bad smell at the time. it smelled like burning meat. attorneys tried to shatter her credibility as an investigator, pointing to teal's failure to secure the crime scene, take pictures or record names. but prosecutors are relying most on police surveillance video from the scene, claiming the johnsons are seen running away in the tape.
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defense lawyers say it's too grainy and of poor quality to use as evidence, let alone to identify their clients. they told jurors, not a single person will say they saw that face, that face on video. >> reporter: prosecutors will continue to call witnesses next week. the trial is expected to last for several more days. reporting in downtown baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the johnsons face felony animal cruelty charges. the maximum penalty, three years in prison. credit card companies were scrambling to control a major security breach. millions of card holders could be affected. as alexis christoforous reports for wjz, customers are being warned to watch their statements for signs of fraud. both master card and visa confirmed, they're investigating a possible security breach that may have put the account information of thousands of credit card holders at risk. >> maybe if it was just a few hundred people, i would blow it off for the day. but now i'm like actually
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wanting to learn more about it and see if my account might be at risk. >> reporter: the breach was at a company that acts as a middle man banks and-- man between banks and merchants. the wall street journal identified the company as global payments in atlanta. the company couldn't be reached for comment. but a notice on its website said that we are aware that individuals, attempting to perpetrate fraud via the internet may be using the name. >> reporter: the first attempts to breach the name began last week. both visa and master card began notifying banks that their cards may have been compromised. >> reporter: the stolen information could be used to make counterfeit cards. the blogger said investigators think street gangs in new york city may have had something to do with the breach. and that it happened between january 21st and february 25th. both rushed to reassure customers they won't be held
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responsible for fraudulent charges. alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: card holders who are concerned about their accounts are being told to contact the banks that issued them their cards. well, a cloudy, cooler end to the week. and a live look outside right now. hard to believe the month of march is almost at an end. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating the first warning forecast. bern? >> good afternoon, denise. good afternoon, everybody out there. and a little brightening you saw in that shot. but we also saw a couple of showers. they made their way to the eastern shore. now heading out to sea. but take a look out west. there's another batch coming where that came from. and this is more what we expected. the ones today broke out ahead of the main storm system. and they really put a hit on that high temperature we forecasted am but here is that storm out to our west. it's going to take through tomorrow to clear us. so we'll switch it over and show you, tomorrow as the low passes over us, the chance for a shower or thunderstorm, they're going to be scattered about. and that will keep temperatures down somewhat. we'll have your forecast.
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it's the day maryland racing fans have been eagerly anticipating. it's opening day at pimlico. a live look from sky eye chopper 13 at historic hilltop now. expectations are high for a very successful meet. >> one, five, six. >> morning light. >> i just like some of the names. and 8 is my favorite number. >> reporter: a day of firsts for tyler. >> first time i've been here. >> it's opening day at pimlico race course. the first race of the eight- week stand at old hilltop. >> before we come, we haven't been here before. >> reporter: racing fans, like the phillips family, place their bets. >> i try to look at performers. my wife goes to the name. >> full moon. >> reporter: in an effort to draw even more crowds here at pimlico, the stakes this racing season are even higher. >> the black eyed susan has
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gone to 300,000. pimlico special is 300,000. others are now 100. >> absolutely. that's what you do. >> the headline event at pimlico, the middle jewel of the triple crown. the 137th running of the preakness stakes. and the return of... >> but i am pegasus, lord and protector of the preakness infield fest. >> reporter: a music fest, featuring grammy nominees, maroon 5 and wiz khalifa. as for tyler's first day. >> it was fun. i like it rilot -- it a lot. >> the 137th running of the preakness stakes is saturday, may 19th. it's also the last day for live racing at pimlico this season. >> you got to meet pegasus. well, two of the top soccer teams in england are coming to
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america. putnam, hot spur will play an exhibition game at m&t bank stadium in july. it is the third high-profile match in baltimore. tickets for the 1:00 p.m. match going go on sale this tuesday. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. i'm mike schuh in charles village. there's art, public art, and gorilla art. the toilet that is turning this neighborhood upside down. when eyewitness news continues. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, how today's technology might have saved lives during the sniper murder spree. that story as eyewitness news continues. the other side of the story. the world has heard from trayvon martin's family. now, george zimmerman's family is speaking out. why they say he acted in self- defense. ready for the weekend? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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girl: i want to tell you about my friend. his name is ben. ben learned about a homeless boy who had an infected tooth, and the boy died. that made ben really sad. he wrote a law so every kid can see a dentist. we have special dental van that goes from school to school.
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he even helps make sure we learn how to brush our teeth. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. 10 years okay, maryland and much of the mid-atlantic were wereirized by the sniper spree. alex demetrick reports.
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current technology could have saved lives. >> maybe you've seen it on back. maybe the combination laser and camera landed you a ticket. or worse. arrest. >> to let you know if the driver could possibly be suspended. >> and it does it all by reading license plates. >> i get an audible alarm. and it also goes up red and lets me know, hey, key in on this. something is happening. >> reporter: just the tool police didn't have in 2002 when 10 people were murdered in the sniper shooting spree from maryland south. could the plate reader have helped catch john muhammad and lee boyd malvo earlier and helped save lives? >> absolutely. >> because the killer's car crossed paths and didn't fit descriptions of a suspect vehicle. the plate leader would have remembered. >> how many hits or how many times has the same tag come into contact with law enforcement? that would have given us a big clue. >> reporter: during the sniper spree, the plate readers would
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not only have seen and remembered, they would have also searched out patterns. >> and it will double check any readings to see if i have encountered that vehicle at all. >> technology common today and too late for the past. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. montgomery county currently has 22 vehicles equipped with the plate readers. each is capable of processing 10,000 tags during an eight- hour shift. an investigation continues into the cause of a fire at a joint base andrews, form earlily -- formerly known as andrews. firefighters battled that blaze with the help from prince george's county fire department. investigators believe it started in the back of one of the town homes. it's a special weekend for one of the longest running shows on cbs. a short time ago, our own kai jackson spoke with bob schieffer, the host of face the nation, with the expansion of the show to one hour.
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>> our first one-hour broadcast will be coming up sunday. and our lead guest is going to be the vice president, joe biden. >> congratulations on the anniversary. what do you expect you'll hear from the vice president? and what do you plan to ask him? >> well, to tell you the truth, i've already interviewed him. so i can tell you -- >> prayer enough. >> i'll tell you, we flew out yesterday to milwaukee. to interview the vice president. and basically, what he said was, nothing good about mitt romney. [ laughter ] >> the white house says -- has decided that the general election campaign is already under way. that's what this is all about. they made a judgment that mitt romney is going to be the guy they're going to run against in the fall. and they want to get their licks in early, while the republicans are still carving on each other. and so pretty much what we talked about is how democrats see this campaign shaking up, or shaping up. and how the republicans see it
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shaping up. i mean, basically what you have here, two very different ideas. of what this election is about. >> you can watch bob schieffer and the new hour-long face the nation sunday morning at 10:30, here on wjz 13. all right. let's hope sunday morning has sunshine. [ laughter ] a very important morning for a lot of people. >> we have a couple of storms we need to talk about for this weekend. >> storms? >> yes. there are a few showers out there. a few showers moved through today. temperatures are still on the rise this evening. but right now, at bwi marshall. we are at 37 degrees with easterly winds. clouds coming in has kept temperatures down. and we'll have the forecast heading through the weekend when we return. [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes
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and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use websites, tools, and apps. for making your financial life a little bit easier.
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there's the sun. >> there it is. >> i was going to say. hello, sunshine. now, it has taken pretty much until now for that sun to come out. other parts of the state have gotten in earlier. and their temperatures have risen because of that. we've had a few showers to talk about. first warning doppler radar. most of those have moved across the south. that has now headed off to sea. but you notice in maryland, here comes that west batch.
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with not only showers and thunderstorms, and it is moving eastward. let's switch it over and show you from earlier today. clouds coming in and those showers. but notice how the cloud line just sort of hovers over the p.a. border. the farther north you are, the more sunshine you had. for all of us, a little sun at this point. now, the winds have turned out of the east because of that front approaching. and look what that has done to our temperatures. you notice in baltimore and ocean city, we are in the 40s. the water temps are still so low. so when you get that eastern wind, easterly wind, bringing all of that cooler air back into the inland areas. the temperatures really take a hit. notice in oakland. 59 degrees. 57 in cumberland. only managed a high of 57 so far today. we started out at 35. there is actually a chance we could go up a few degrees before we go back down with that sun now returning. and you notice on the large picture, there really is some warm air out there. but there's also really cold air out there, just to our
6:24 pm
north. there is going to be snow over the weekend. we're just going to ride the line between the two, where the storm track is. and those showers today, broke out ahead of the main storm track. and here is that main storm track. it's going to take tonight through tomorrow to clear us. and when it moves through, not only showers, but some thunderstorms are possible. you see it right out here to our west. so it's going to take through the day. scattered showers showers and thunderstorms possible. but that gets out of here on sunday. right behind it. here comes another front. chance for a few showers. later sunday into monday. while these are going through, temperatures are going to take somewhat of a hit over the weekend. forecast on the waters now. notice the bay temps up to 52 degrees. but that's what we mean by the weekend. tonight, forecast. we go down to about 40 degrees. some rain around. maybe a thunderstorm or two. tomorrow a couple of showers or thunderstorms around. just scattered throughout the state. 59 degrees. that is our average. and the thing is, if we get stuck in that easterly wind,
6:25 pm
the cooler places will stay lower than 59. but for the most part, we'll probably get close to our average. well, the last time a piece of public art in baltimore generated this much controversy was when the man-woman sculpture was unveiled in front of penn station. now, as mike schuh reports, charles village is talking about the newest piece to turn up in the middle of their quiet neighborhood. >> it's an art installation. >> i love it. >> it's definitely an eye catcher. >> i like it. >> reporter: 50 pounds of porcelain in the middle of a new traffic circle. >> reporter: i work for the contemporary art museum in baltimore. >> so if anybody could judge the value of this, it might be you? >> very well. >> is it art? >> i think we're referencing duchamp. we're referencing ready made. what is it about this piece that speaks to you. >> i think what makes it is the champagne bottle. >> obviously a reference the brandy left downtown at poe's
6:26 pm
grave. this circle is on love. is this a protest? >> when i pulled up barkley street and turned onto here, i cracked up. . >> reporter: the neighborhood association sent two guys to remove it. this neighbor talked them out of it. >> i actually told them not to. not that i have authority. but come on. it's not hurting anybody. >> reporter: but this neighbor disagrees. >> this to me is disrespectful. the city is full of enough garbage as it is. >> reporter: maybe. but it's an instant attraction. >> you could call that dumping if you wanted to. or you could call it art. >> what if -- what if the artist could tell us? >> why are you wearing a mask? >> i'm wearing a mask because i don't want to be identified. >> reporter: he says a hefty fine for littering scares him. >> is this protest art or pranks? >> it is all of the above, sir. i just did it for the people. >> reporter: installations may be temporary. but memories like this last forever. in charles village, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: well, the city considers the installation trash. and says the city crew will remove it once they get a complaint. it is located at 32nd and gilford if you want to see it before it is removed. the contention is it is chuck e. cheese. but i don't want to malign chuck e. cheese. i don't know. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. caped crusader caper. the video of batman being pulled over by police in maryland. you just have to see. life or death moments. see what happens when a roof collapses under firefighters, battling a fire. the hero of flight 91. more on the do pi -- copilot who took action when the pilot had a midair mental meltdown. ,,
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it is 6:30. 47 degrees and partly cloudy. good evening. thanks for staying with we'll. here -- wjz. here's some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the family of george zimmerman is coming to his arrest.
6:31 pm
he is the neighborhood watch volunteer who admits shooting trayvon martin, unarmed teenager, sparking protest nationwide. >> reporter: george zimmerman remains free and is not talking about the shooting death of trayvon martin. but with continuing calls for his arrest, zimmerman's family is going public. robert zimmerman's brother said his brother acted in self- defense, and quote, stop someone from shooting him. you return force with force when someone assaults you. the 17-year-old martin was not armed when the neighborhood watch volunteer started following him. zimmerman told police, he thought martin looked suspicious. >> he's got his hand in his waistband. he's a black male. >> reporter: cross the country, demonstrations show no signs of let -- letting up. >> reporter: here in sanford, another protest demands demands
6:32 pm
that zimmerman be put on trial. all of the demonstrations have been peaceful. but locals are worried. >> what was your reaction? >> well, i'm a mom. and i have a son. and that could have been my child. >> reporter: elizabeth reichert says business at her coffee shop is down 50% this week. >> when you get the media reports that say up to 25,000 and 40,000 people down here, like i said, any conscious person would say, maybe i don't want to go downtown tonight, i'll go get a cup of coffee tomorrow. >> reporter: she fears her patrons won't be back, as long as the protests over trayvon martin continues. also tonight, for the first time, we are hearing from trayvon martin's older brother. javaris fulton said descriptions of his brother's actions the night he was killed, don't add up. >> it's bad. i was listening to zimmerman's father speak yesterday. and he said something like my brother was on top of his son
6:33 pm
and said, you're going to die tonight. that doesn't sound like my brother at all. >> reporter: florida state authorities are now handling the case but say their investigation could take weeks. as the wildfire continues to rage in suburban denver. troubling information on an early-warning system that may not have worked for some. dozens of people say they did not get the emergency notification about the wildfire. investigators are looking into the glitch. nearly 500 firefighters are working to contain the more than six square mile wildfire apparently sparked by a controlled burn. that fire has damaged or destroyed at least 25 homes. two people were killed. another is missing. federal investigators are still trying to determine why a jet blue pilot appeared to have a meltdown on a packed flight. as susan mcginnis reports for we'll, -- wjz, the copilot is now being called a hero for what he did. >> reporter: the family of a
6:34 pm
jet blue copilot, credited with taking control of a midair incident, says jason dowd doesn't want to be called a hero. court documents reveal he diffused the situation, when pilot jason osbun became increasingly incoherent. the copilot's father-in-law says he is not surprised doud knew what to do. >> he is a great guy. probably the best son-in-law i could have. give you the shirt off his back if you want it. >> reporter: investigators say he got osbun out of the cockpit, locked the doors and took command. passengers say osbun then started yelling up and down the aisles. doud then asked passengers to restrain the captain. together, the crew requested an emergency landing. >> jet blue 191, declaring emergency. >> we're going to have to go into amarillo to declare an emergency at this time. >> reporter: the fbi will review the plane's cockpit
6:35 pm
voice recorder to learn more about how events unfolded. investigators have also interviewed doud. >> reporter: he hasn't been back to his ohio home since the flight but he did call his family to let them know he was safe. >> he called in a very short conversation that he was okay and that there had been a problem on the plane. >> reporter: captain clayton osbun was charged with interfearing with a crew and faces 20 years behind bars if convicted. in washington, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> the captain was taken to a healthcare facility for an evaluation. a toddler -- [ no audio ] the 2-year-old boy is struck at the intersection of leverton and south highland avenue. the officer knocked the boy to the ground. hesuffered a-- he suffered a few cuts to his face. but is otherwise in good shape. time now for a quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. more on that big upcoming
6:36 pm
soccer match this summer at m&t bank stadium. farmers markets are becoming a year-round business for some vendors. and more on the city elementary school students, handcuffed and arrested at school. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. people around the country, including those in maryland, are waiting for transplants. kai jackson reports, a local group is rallying to get them the gift of life. >> reporter: mondawmin mall in northwest baltimore is the setting for a life-savingert. -- life-saving effort. the group is encouraging more to become donors. >> just to give a mother a chance to see her baby grow. a person, another day, take a deep breath, with a lung transplant. it's important as a community. >> reporter: murray, who is a registered nurse by profession says she was obese.
6:37 pm
and she had liver damage and the need for a transplant. in 2009, she got a transplant. >> my donor, he signed up with the mva, when he renewed his license. i don't know who he is. i don't know much about his life. but i know what he's done for me, i'm going to do for somebody else. >> reporter: nationwide, more than 112,000 people need transplants. of that number, 2,000 marylanders need them. recipients need organ and eye transplants. >> this is celebrating national donate life month, which is the month of april. >> i believe that jesus died for me. so why should i not want to be like him and give a life? >> reporter: kai jackson, wjz eyewitness news. >> doctors say up to eight lives can be saved through organ donation. another 50 lives may be improved through tissue donation. holy police stop, batman. new video of officers pulling
6:38 pm
over the caped crusader in montgomery county. >> with a black lamborghini. and a driver dressed as batman. >> you can send me robin if you issue -- wish. >> misstopped the dark knight in silver spring because he didn't have his license plate properly displayed. the driver is now identified as baltimore county businessman lenny robinson. and his getup is all for a good cause. he visits sick children in the hospital. after posing for picture, officers let him off with just a warning. >> plightee loo -- politely shook hands with the officers. and a school bus throws children in the path of a massive candidate. see what happens. this is mark viviano, with the orioles in spring training, where the team has turned back the clock. former orioles, working with the present delay players, with a reminder of how good it used to be. i'll have that story when eyewitness news continues. and i'm bernadette woods in
6:39 pm
for bob turk. in the first warning weather center, where we're putting together the exclusive touches on your first warning five-day forecast. we'll have that come we come back. wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto -- ,,
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a near disaster for firefighters in michigan. a fire at a cleaners when the roof started to collapse. take a look. you can see the roof buckle from underneath them. the firefighters were able to get themselves to a more secure location. they were trying to ventilate the building when it happened. there were no reported injuries. well, four students are seriously injured, following an accident, involving a school bus in massachusetts. the students were all in a red bmw that collided head-on with the bus. police say two of the students have life-threatening injuries. the bus driver received minor injuries. he was the only one on the bus at the time of the crash. investigators believe the car crossed the center line. a school bus driver in indiana finds herself in a race against mother nature. she had to rescue nearly a dozen school children during
6:43 pm
this month's devastating tornado in henryville. joe arnold colombo reports on how her quick thinking saved them in the nick of time. >> tornado on the ground. quiet. >> i see the tornado on the ground. moving towards the school. >> everybody -- everyone that has a book overyour head, do it. >> the bus now a minute and a half from the school. >> there's a tornado right there, look, guysux the funnel cloud. >> reporter: mary is anxious but has calm instruction for her precious cargo. >> don't block me. don't block me. guys, we're just going to go as fast as we can into the school. >> reporter: the bus pulls up into the school. >> everybody stay together. together, right now. go, go, go. go, go, go. one, two, three, four. five. six. seven. eight, nine. come on. 10, 11.
6:44 pm
go. go, go. >> just three minutes later, perry's cell phone still in the driver's seat, the bus is blown away. >> wow. the bus driver, angel perry and her 11 students survived the storm without injury. for anyone who rides a motorcycle, this video from texas will send shivers down your spine. watch as a car in the far right lane, spins out of control. it comes across the highway and nearly hits the motorcycle rider in the left lane. when the video is slowed down, you can see the car misses the motorcycle by just inches. police say no one was seriously hurt. well, it sounds like a fable. a bear saves a california hiker from a life-and-death struggle. bob big says he sees the mother and her cub whenever he starts on a hike. on this day issue a mountain lion attacked bob. with the mountain lion on his
6:45 pm
back, the mother bear came to his rescue and to protect her cub. bob said she scared off the lion and then calmly walked away. and bob got out of it with a few scratches and a great story. >> unbelievable. >> that is unbelievable. a lot of unbelievable stories in this section. >> what comes next? >> nature's miracles. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. we've now learned why the air force dumped the incinerated remains of 9/11 victims in a landfill. and one state says that it is selling 3 million lottery tickets an hour. those stories tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's oysternomics 101. ,,,,,,,,,,, you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too.
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a cooler friday in the baltimore area. a live look outside now. what is in store for the final weekend of march? meteorologist bernadette woods is in the weather center with the updated first warning forecast. >> it is incredible. it will be april next week. even though it felt like that for a long time now. here's the forecast for tomorrow. a couple of showers. they're spotty. and tomorrow, on and off during
6:49 pm
the day. a chance of a shower and thunderstorm. this is going to be scattered about. but with this front passing over, it is calming down. forecasting a high of 53 degrees but the areas immediately down the coast are going to be cooler than that 59 degrees. by sunday, they would get back up to 60s. chance for a couple of showers late into the day monday morning. we'll be in the upper 60s as we head through the week next week. denise and jess? >> thank you. sunday looks good. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. one week from orioles opening day. the birds warm up down south in florida. >> mark has highlights from spring training next in sports. ,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
one week from today, i keep saying it. seven days, baseball. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. >> getting this team ready for the opener in a week. and the teams will count. next friday and the past seven weeks, orioles have been counting on their pitchers to show much-needed improvement during spring training. it was another warmup. and manager buck showalter says he is pleased with how lefty brian matusz pitched. miguel cabrera, one of the best in baseball, ripping a two-run double to right field in the first inning. matis would settle down after giving one up. looks like he'll make the
6:53 pm
opening day starting rotation. o's are looking for a cleanup hitter. adam jones continues to make his argument. there is his fourth home run of the spring. that leads the team with 12 rbis. but in the end, they fall. 6-4, the finals. this year is being guided by hall of fame. scott macgregor. former short stop, mike bordick is back for another season, working with the infielders, instructing hitting and base running. brady anderson, helping out on the field and in the front office. he's been hired as a special assistant to the general manager. and former catcher chris hoil, in his first year. all of these are players who knew what it was like to win in baltimore. even though the times have changed a little bit, the game is still the same. and, you know, as a player, we had success in the few years
6:54 pm
that i played. >> hopefully we can pass along information and some things on to these guys and some experiences and really try to change the culture around here in these guys. and you know, winning breeds confidence. and you gotta get to that point. hopefully we can bring them to that point. >> mike bordick will be making his points in the masn broadcast booth. serving as a game commentator. he'll be sharing duties with jim palmer for the first time. opening day. seeing the twins and the o's. our special live coverage will come your way friday at 2:00. the nfl draft is less than a month away. the ravens have eight picks. and as ever now, they'll head into the draft with word that pro bowl safety ed reed will be part of the team this year. reed tells the paper that four or five more seasons is realistic for him. he's played 10 nfl seasons. he's 33 years old. but for several years now, he's
6:55 pm
hinted at quitting. reed says he continues to weigh the pros and cons of his health. he has been bothered by neck and shoulder injuries. second race at pimlico. looks like a two-horse stretch. but there's a challenger, coming on the outside. it's the five horse wolf pack, ridden by kendrick car movie, not just challenging. finishing like a champ. taking that second race on opening day at the spring meet at pimlico today. and from the horses to the hoops, the ncaa final four. starting with two teams from horse country. kentucky and louisville at 6:00. followed by kansas and ohio state. the winners will meet for the title on monday night. and we'll have college lacrosse highlights at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. blue bloods. and that's it. we'll be back at 11:00. i'll jessica kartalija. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away, of course, there's much more ahead on the cbs ev >> pelley: tonight, millions of tickets per hour. a lottery stampede as the
6:59 pm
jackpot rises to the highest in history. mains ofagon explains how remains of 9/11 victims went to a landfill. david martin finds the man who was punished for trying to reform the air force mortuary. a rare look inside one of the world's most isolated countries seth done new england burma with the democracy movement. and "on the road" with steve hartman with a typical american teen ager who built a nuclear reactor. >> when i hold something that's radioactive it's kind of an indescribable captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, we often cover history around here and history was made today-- a world record jackpot. at least $640 million in the megamillions lottery. nue odds of getting all six


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