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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 1, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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gone too soon, two maryland die within hours of each other, tonight the campus remembers these young men. good evening everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm adam may, the university of townsend is in shock tonight with the suddenn deaths of two boys. >> reporter: one of the men's death is still under investigation, the other died in a car accident. >> i feel so bad for both of their families. >> reporter: friends say 27- year-old tim coyer had already served two tours of duty before joining townsend university and
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it's sigma sorority. >> reporter: police are also looking for the hit-and-run driver who struck him and drove on. >> it makes you think that there's people out there that would do that. >> it puts it into perspective because they're in our same age. we have a lot to accomplish and it can be gone the next day. >> reporter: the two students who died were in fraternities. greek life officials here on campus are planning a candlelight memorial in their honor monday night. we're live, derek valcourt.
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>> derek with the latest, thank you. if you have any information you're asked to call crime stoppers. a 9-year-old girl is rushed today the hospital after a lawn mower runs over her foot in hartford county. police say that somehow that lawn hold upper backed over her. it's unclear who was operating it at the time. she was taken to john hopkins pediatric intensive care unit. her conditions is not known at this hour. dozens of fans swarmed kentucky streets after a victory over their rival louisville. got pretty wild out there. officers tried their best to control the wildcat fans last
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night near the university of kentucky campus. the crowds overturned cars. police arrested 20 people but say none of the injuries were serious and the property damage was not that severe. >> the gop campaign is now moving into maryland. on tuesday voters will go to polls. a win for mitt romney would almost give him an insurmountable win but tonight santorum says he will move on. >> reporter: mitt romney took aim at president obama. >> he doesn't know what's going on in this country, he doesn't know what the future looks like. >> reporter: the president is too comfortable with trillion dollars deficits that could sink the u.s. economy says romney. he leads rival rick santorum in the wisconsin polls and in the over all delegate count. the former pennsylvania senator
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is vowing to stay in the race even if he loses tuesday's wisconsin delegates. >> less than half the delegates have been selected and we're going to fight the fight to make sure we can win. >> reporter: but there's a growing call within the republican party to end his campaign. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says the time has come to focus on the general election. >> i think it's at the best interest in our party to get behind the person who is obviously going to be our nominee. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is expecting the romney to win the nomination. >> this is about the middle class, none of what's he's offering is doing anything expect returning to old policy. >> reporter: the president's job approval rating is over 50% since june. but many americans are still worrying about rising gas
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prices. >> and so gop hopeful newt gingrich will be in maryland ahead of tuesday's primary. that's followed by a speech at hood college. mitt romney is favored to win. stay with wjz for the latest on campaign 2012. we had some clouds, sun, the clouds again today no april's fools jokes. taking a live look outside right now. we have a couple of showers moving in. we're live with an updated look. >> depending on what time it is you went outside that's what you saw. whether it was clouds in the morning, sunshine in between and clouds again. they are coming in from the northwest. all a part of a cold front that's making its way into the state. there's a pretty decent chance you will see a shower or two as
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you head into the next couple of hours. this batch making its way over the water. just scattered about as you head toward the carrol county. there's more where this came from and we'll have more of that. the nfl season may be over but in just a few weeks a kind kind of football will once again be taking over m & t stadium. monique griego has more. >> reporter: now after a year hiatus, european soccer is coming back to baltimore. >> as soon as they motetied us that the game was on we went nuts and -- notified us the game was on we went nuts. >> reporter: liverpool will face off where the ravens usually play. >> there's a lot of soccer fans out there. a lot of fans that are
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interested in european soccer and bringing these great teams and clubs out here. >> reporter: the first game in 2009 was a self-out. >> just like a ravens game, we hope we'll get a great turn out here. >> reporter: when the ravens aren't playing, officials say it's important to keep these seats filled by attracting other big events to the city. >> these kind of events really help a lot of different entities, it's a state, a city thing because it obviously adds economic revenue. >> when you look at the worldwide television rights and stuff with it it's huge. >> reporter: but futboll fans aren't planning to watch the game at home, they're planning to move their seats to the stadium. >> it is a great sport, it's an international sport. >> that soccer game is july
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28th at 1:00, tickets go on sale tuesday through ticket master. grocery shopping just got a whole lot brighter and fresher. the farmers market is back open for business. large crowds picking from a pretty good selection. and just made to order foods. that's the humty dumpty omelet stand. no longer missing, it's a tragic end in the search for a missing texas toddler. at last at sea, the u.s. coast guard comes to the rescue after storms sent a yacht off course. >> cigarette butts or old potato chip bags. instead they found a
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treasure. we'll tell you how these students stumbled upon a real jackpot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a tragic end in the search for a missing toddler in texas. they've been searching for the boy for five days. the boy's mother says he disappeared last week when she
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was taking a nap. investigators say they don't believe foul play was involved in the death. coast guard officials say they're waiting to launch a helicopter. a large wave hit the yacht yesterday and knocked out the steering column. medical supplies have been dropped down to the sailors. the yacht is trying to make its way to the san francisco bay. some students pick up a lot more than trash. take a look at this sixth grade class. they were cleaning up lake merit every tuesday but this time instead of the usual they found bags of watches and even sterling silver. >> we usually find cigarette buds or potato chip bags, or
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shoes. >> if no one claims the treasure in 90 days the students may get to clean it. the class cleans the lake as part of a class project. hundreds gathered in jerusalem. palm sunday is a holy day recalling jesus's entrance into jerusalem. oprah winfrey is going to be on the cbs this morning show tomorrow. the talk show superstar is joining gayl king about her new developments. you can catch it on cbs this morning. we have a lot of people watching that. >> and a lot of talk about that network too. >> i think the show is actually great. i don't know if you ever catch it. >> i like the set. >> the format and everything. i liked it better than the old
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one. nice day, too nice to be sitting inside and watching tv for a chunk of it. but now -- >> we got that nice little break in the middle part of the break. everybody just exploded and went outside during that time frame. >> now they're rushing back in. >> we have showers making their way through. it's 61 degrees right now. here are those showers coming down from the northwest. we'll have your forecast when we return. ♪
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so we got a little bit of rain moving in. >> it's making it's way through pretty quickly. you will probably just get a few sprinkles. right now this is what we're
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seeing this hour. that's what just made its way across the city. from the northwest, that's where it's coming from. there obviously is more showers in that form. very scattered about so they're kind of all over the place. this does extend all the way back into pennsylvania. we got a couple of hours of this to deal with. we had fog during the morning hours, that gave way to nice sunshine. then here came the next round of clouds along with some showers. so, winds with all of this going on did turn around to the south today and warmed us up. we got into the 60s. we're back above average. 59 is that average, the next couple of days we're probably going to be above average but closer to it than we have been for much of march. that's where we're starting off april. there's still record warmth out there. 90s across the south this afternoon. you see 80s all the way up into
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bizmark. now that air is not exactly moving our way. we're just going to ride in between some cold air. we have a few different storms where this current one came from. this will make its way through tonight into tomorrow. it gets out of here. the winds pick up out of the north and that keeps temperatures down some what. then there's another one coming in. this one crossing across the area. temperatures are going to go a little bit tuesday and wednesday with that storm approaching. but then with showers on wednesday and that front getting out of here. temperatures go back down to the second part of the week. on the waters with with this going on, south winds five to 10 knots right now. we have craft advisories that go into effect. tomorrow 44 degrees out there, few showers around turning breezy. then tomorrow eventually becoming mostly cloudy and windy. that was really going to pick up out of the north. 60degrees for our high. then next front comes in.
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clouds increase. these are our warmer days, back above average but not close to the 80s we had a few weeks ago. our highs for the ends of the week closer to average and we're really going to pay attention to that friday forecast. we know that's the home opener for the o's. >> speak of the devil. stan is here right now. we were just talking about the o's. >> the o's. the o's. >> watch this guy. >> the o's are actually 11-13 and that doesn't sound like devine intervention does it. 11-13. let's hope it's not an omen of things to come. things to come. we'll show you how well they ,,,
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stan is here with our wjz the fan sports report. opening day just what? eight days away. >> april 6th against the minnesota twins they're coming to town. the orioles dealt with one man show desmond jennings in sarasota seeing was believing. much to the shegrin of the orioles. there's buck in that inning he's something else. knocking not one, two, but three homers today. good day however nonetheless for j.j. hardy of the orioles. made one of a few highlights. he had two homers but tampa bay wins this one. tomorrow in new orleans, kentucky will go against kansas
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for the division 1 national championship. here's the coach from kentucky. >> they're one of the better teams. they have six pros. >> they're a really talented team. i think they're a very disciplined team. they have one of the best players in the country. we know it's going to be a tough game. we know it's going to be probably the hardest game we've played all season. >> kentucky the owner of seven wins. national championship, kansas- kentucky tomorrow at 9:00 start. nba highlights on a sunday featuring oklahoma city and the bulls who were without derrek rose. he probably would not have shot an air ball like this.
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durant had 26 points. oklahoma city wins it 92-78. just one game away from the chicago bull who is have the best record in the nba. martinsville nascar short car racing the 500-mile boiled down to a final lap show down. ryan newman there in the 22 car holds off a.j.almendinger at martinsville virginia. loyolla at home today ending noder dame, their first loss -- noter dame, their first loss of the season. lady greyhounds now 7-3. the basketball game wins in the tournament. nonetheless the ladies knock off the fighting irish 17-11.
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also today novak djokavich just stayed out of the water. edging carl patterson by one single stroke. that's a good tee shot. >> we have some women's ncaa action we'll have highlights plus much more at 11 11:00. >> be sure to tune in you can catch the academy music awards. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. coming up live at 11:00, a violent crash in kansas claim it is lives of several. dozens of people are hurt. more on the tragic deaths of two student at townsend university. we'll have reaction from campus. finally tonight, easter comes a little early for some families in chicago. check this out. this looks like fun. hundreds of kids took part in
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this unique egg drop. the kids all took there. thousands of plastic eggs filled with candy and toys were dropped from a helicopter. the kids ran into the field and grabbed as many of them as they possibly could. that gives a whole new twist to the easter egg hunt. ♪
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