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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  April 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the scene there. that road is closed in both directions there. 95 no problems in either direction and smooth ride on the harrisburg expressway both northbound and southbound. let's go back again and take another live look, quite a mess there on the west side of the inner loop there at 77 in both directions. for the most accurate and up to date traffic information available you can always log onto don, back to you. >> thank you, it is 6:00 and here is what else people are talking about today, a wind whipped wildfire in hartford county, it is under control at this hour and homeowners have been allowed to return to their houses. wjz and andrea fujii are live with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fire did force mandatory evacuations on sunday, impacting dozens of residenting and burning more than 18 acres. sunday afternoon more than 100 firefighters rushed to attack a
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wildfire ripping through the woods here. >> the fire started to come closer to this house. >> david lives along the woods and could see the flames coming from his backyard. >> very concerned for my house, my neighbors house, our property and the kids. >> dry conditions and low humidity fueled brush fires in this same area last week but this time firefighters were also battling winds. >> well the wind feeds it so it spreads faster than we can get on top of it. >> residents were forced to leave as firefighters battled what amounted to a 4 alarm fire. bringing in help from the department of natural resources and surrounding counties. three hours later residents were allowed to return to their homes, all of them spared from damage. and firefighters say they will continue to keep a watchful eye on that area to make sure embers don't reignite. don, back to you. >> thank you very much, andrea. the cause of that blaze is still under investigation. this morning investigators are looking into the cause of a fire in the pigtown area of southwest baltimore city. here is a look at photos of the flames coming through the
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rooftop deck on a house there. the blaze broke out yesterday evening in the 1100 block of sergeant street. no injuries are reported. today an investigation continues in prince george's county after a two-year-old is hit and killed by a van there on 85th avenue in new carrollton, police say the toddler was playing in the front yard of a home and then ran out into the street and was struck. the driver of the van stayed at the scene afterwards, it is unclear whether that driver will face any charges. this morning broadcasting and cbs in particular are mourning the death of mike wallace. as adam may reports he was the first correspondent hired to do 60 minutes. >> reporter: mike wallace died peacefully saturday in a connecticut care facility with his family at his side. he was 93. his friend and 60 minutes colleague of 40 years morally safer last saw him and a year and a half ago. >> he was the same old feisty mike. he began his professional
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life in radio and his early years were far ranging. he sang, did commercials, and worked on variety and game shows. wallace joined 60 minutes in 1968. viewers of the popular show tuned in to see him ask probing questions in a confrontational style. >> the political image is that of a loser. why? >> reporter: the master of the tv interview wallace interrogated politicians and criminals, dictators and movie stars. he completed more than 800 reports for 60 minutes including this q and a during the hostage crisis. >> and he calls you, imman, forgive me, his words not mind, a lunatic. >> he coulder tate anyone, including his boss. and he says there was a a softness to him not seen on television. >> a sensitive guy about all
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kinds of things, could be very sentimental. >> his last interview was roger clemens, 60 minutes will dedicate its next broadcast to him. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> you can see that broadcast tribute on 60 minutes this coming sunday right here on wjz 13, 7:00 sunday night of course. the navy says it will begin providing compensation to those affected by a military jet crash in virginia. it was on friday the f-18 crashed into an apartment building in virginia beach. dozens of apartments are destroyed but no one is killed -- no one is killed. a malfunction was blamed but a full investigation is underway. the two men arrested in connection with a series of shootings in tulsa will be arraigned this morning. jake england and alvin watts are expected to face charges. police say 1 may have been
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trying to avenge his father's murder. all 5 people targeted were black. police were trying to determine if this was a hate crime. a string of burglaries in baltimore county puts a group of office buildings on alert. as gigi barnett explains detectives say they that have been searching for this burglar for months. >> reporter: police say this man enters office buildings then burglarizes several suites. detectives have been searching for him since january. >> we will respond to one burglary and discover that we actually have four or five businesses that have been targeted. >> investigators say he strikes at night, stealing as much as he can cart out. >> postage stamps, money, office supplies, electronic equipment. >> he has even swiped food from the kitchen area, police say since december he has hit buildings in cockysville and the franklin area, the latest this week. >> on april third between
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midnight and 12:40 a.m., we discovered three businesses have been targeted in an office building in the 400 block of frederick road. >> blinds were drawn this weekend at the catonsville complex and they relm installed new security equipment. police say that is wise because the suspect strikes when nobody is there. >> no reports of confrontations. he simply breaks into the businesses while no one is there. >> now they are offering a reward for information that puts their suspect behind bars. in baltimore county, i am gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> police say the man usually breaks a window or a glass door to get inside those businesses. turning to sports the orioles are tied for first place in the american league after sweeping the minnesota twins out of town. jason hamel took a no hitter into the 8th inning in his debut yesterday. he faced the minimum batters before justin morneau ended the no hitter, the birds beat them 3-1 and host the yankees
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beginning tonight. bubba watson has his first green jacket, winning the 76th masters. he beat out him on the second hole of a playoff. he two putted from 12 feet after hitting his second shot out of the trees and from 155 yards away, shot a right angle. he was a 33-year-old from the florida panhandle and was emotional after his victory. >> i never got this far in my dreams to talk. it is a -- it is a blessing. i mean to go home to my new son it is going to be fun. >> -- number 4 in the world, making him the highest ranked american golfer at this time. >> all right. congratulations to bubba. >> yeah. >> one of the i sconic pictures from this year's masters will be him with with the pink
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driver. a very cool deal. >> it is also supposed to help him focus his adhd on the drives. >> well, there you -- >> yeah -- >> -yesterday -- >> -yeah -- >> -- observation and then we are going to do, then we will do the manic monday piece. ron, yesterday jason hamel, in the latter innings of the game is carrying a no hitter -- >> i was there. >> the number 1 rule is -- >> shut up -- >> -- shut up -- >> -- mention -- >> -- that -- >> -yeah -- >> -- did -- >> uh-huh -- >> -- going, i can't tell you how many people i know on twitter and facebook -- i guess messages on my phone, right -- >> -- uh-huh -- >> -- hitter, the 8th inning, there is a no hitter -- >> -- yeah, yeah --
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>> -- media -- >> -that -- >> -- wrong? >> -- new aspect -- >> -- sure -- >> -- twitter -- >> -- sure -- >> -- started to say something yesterday and people jumped on me like i was -- >> -- yeah. >> -- you know -- >> -- mattress -- >> -- guy -- >> -- weather here but you -- i mean -- it is social media and sports superstation, nary the twain shall meet, wow, congratulations to all of you, you gave justin morneau the chance to bust up a no hitter. we have red flag warnings everywhere -- >> -- wow -- >> -- andrea fujii -- >> -- county -- >> -- county. we will get very little help as far as rain in the region.
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68 is the high. these windy conditions doesn't help this issue. 68 today maybe a chance for a shower. overnight partly cloudy, 44 tomorrow, cloudy, another chance of a shower with a high of 58. all right. who we got with us? >> good morning. manic monday in fell's point with taymar's house when the eyewitness -- [ cheers ] >> -- on. ,,,,,,
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hi, my name is stephanie. good morning wjz. >> all right. stephanie, good morning. and here is a good view of the waning full moon. the moon was made for tv and
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there is proof of it. clear skies in the area, later on partly sunny skies and even later than that a chance for an afternoon or evening shower. 50 degrees now. 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 33% humidity, a westerly flow at 7, barometer at 29.89. 40 oakland, 43 cumberland, 50 haggerstown and ocean city, 54 dc, easton and pax river, 48 degrees elkton, 50 annapolis and kent island, 52 rock halt, clonal by, a 47 westminster, bellaire generally speaking around 50 so a couple of showers will try to mag right into the area, there is a cool flow, you can almost see the confluence of two air masses here that is really going to define our weather over the next few days. i would love to tell you there is enough shower activity to calm these red flag conditions but i don't think that is the case, we will continue to have to watch for the potential of fires there is kind kicking up but we will go below normal
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for the next couple of days. much of the same tomorrow a high of 58. 56 on wednesday. barely 60 on thursday. when was the last time we had three days below normal? seems like forever. maybe back in -- i am thinking mid-march. 65 on friday with sun, saturday partly sunny back to near 70. don't take it away. >> thank you very much. there is a red flag on the rush too, the west side of the beltway, here is christie with wjz traffic control. >> hi don, still a mess. we still have the accident on the inner loop blocking those two right hand lanes the delay back to 40 and a lot of rubbernecking to expect a delay in that direction as well. as far as accidents go in baltimore, a south payson at wilkins avenue and fire equipment on the scene there,
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the road blocked off there. and another accident we are watching johns hopkins road at maple lawn. let's take another live look, as you can see you can expect quite a while to get through that. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. and now it's time for manic monday. ♪ [ music ] >> all right. hey, listen if you are in a northern suburb and you are going to take the west side of the beltway to get to bwi you best be taking the jfx or 95. wow, good morning, ron, how are you? >> we are doing great don and marty and everybody. we have a good manic monday for you this morning. it is taymar's house. [ cheers ] >> come on down miss tracey, victor, butler, how are you. >> wow, wow, we are doing great this morning. >> tell us about taymar's
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house. >> it is a christian organization where we support pregnant moms teenaged moms that is and support them to let them know although they are young and have a child that their education don't have to stop, that their dreams don't have to stop and we just thank everybody for coming out to support us today. >> great crowd this morning. thank you all for coming out. [ cheers ] >> you got a big event coming up. yes, the night of the arts is part 5, this is our 5th year of our big fundraiser may the 19th, come and join us at the walters are museum, tickets are 30 dollars, go on line and order them or give us a call at that number. this will be an event you do not want to miss. >> and there shall be a performance. [ cheers ] >> just like this morning, thank you traysy. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. our guys are here, our crew is here, tony -- >> -- you- >> -- coach -- >> -- don -- >> -- coach- >> -- that -- >> -- luther -- >> -- morning --
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>> -- again, thank you for coming down, luther let me hear those magic words. >> maestro, the music if you please. >> all right, get me get my twanger, i always have a problem with this, all right, here we go, it is manic monday at fell's point, it is taymar's house. thank you for coming down, buckle your seat belts. this is going to be awesome. stand by. ♪ [ music ] [ singing ]
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[ cheers ] >> -- huge -- >> -- hand -- [ cheers ] >> -- comes to -- >> -- you -- >> -- that -- >> -- yes -- >> -- you -- >> -- yes -- >> -- it -- >> -- november -- [ cheers ] >> thank you, guys -- [ cheers ] >> -- the newsroom -- >> -- appreciate it --
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>> -- all right -- >> -- awesome. have a great day. we will see you. >> done deal. talk to you in a bit. >> and still to come on wjz -- >> reporter: he lives on campus and even goes to class, but at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business
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expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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now the weather, the complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >> all right. good morning. want to take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. just in the past few minutes we have seen a little bit of shower activity trying to meander our way. it is not going to be the flavor of the morning or the midday. we take a look at the forecast. it is going to be -- i mentioned part of the afternoon outlook, that is going to be increasingly windy conditions with a chance of a shower, 68, those showers out of here by bedroom. 44 is the low overnight, don take it away. >> thank you very much. 23 and a half past the hour, students at mcdaniel college in westminster have taken on a 4 legged friend with the hopes of helping others, here is monique griego to explain how all of us can help them. >> reporter: he is the big man on the mcdaniel college campus and just like anyother undergrad hudson is here to kickoff his career as an assistant's dog. >> he is like a college
6:24 am
student. >> gabby is part of the puppy club, a part of the group raising them for the independence organization. >> when we receive the dog it is eight weeks old and we do basic training, things you teach your dog at home, sit, you know, down, things like that, shake. >> reporter: for 18 months hudson will live with the club members in student housing and on any given day he can be found roaming around campus. >> good boy. sit. >> reporter: the goal is to get him socialized and ready for advanced training. hudson is so well-known around campus a lot of people call him mcdaniel's unofficial mascot. >> everyone loves him and wants to hit him. >> but taking care of him is not cheap. >> we have to cover his vet bills and food and grooming and toys. >> so they are holding an auction to raise money. despite their added responsibility, these puppy razors say the reward is worth it. >> he is going to be with
6:25 am
someone who really needs him and the fact that we will actually be able to raise him for 18 months was like the greatest experience one could have. >> monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> students and the community can donate items for that silent auction on april the 18 of the. next up this morning right here on wjz, a decision in coming. will there be an arrest in the trayvon martin case this week? >> good morning. i am andrea fujii. mandatory evacuations as a brush fire rips through hartford county. the latest in a live report. >> the temperatures are warm, the trees are in bloom but there is one more element to consider. i am tim williams with more on how this warm spring is going to be bugging you coming up. >> good morning, i am christie bresland at wjz traffic control. major problems on the west side of the inner loop and several other accidents to report on. i will have all those details, marty. >> the sinking of the titanic is 100 years ago this sunday.
6:26 am
coming up on coffee with the man who discovered the wreckage of the unsink able and he shines new light on its current peril. bob ballard joins us at 6:45, the morning edition continues the morning edition continues right afte,,,,,,
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>> good morning, maryland, now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team, your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is the both tom is the bottom of the hour and look how right the sky is. there are a lot of lights on the west side. christie will have the latest on that after the weather. >> official sunrise at 6:38. 50 degrees on tv hill, still 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. now through this day we are going to be looking for clouds to increase. we will end up partly sunny by the afternoon. there is a chance some late afternoon and evening showers. 66 at lunch on its way to a high of 68. 64 degrees this evening. don take it away. >> -- problem from the get go this morning. here is christie bresland in
6:30 am
for sharon at wjz traffic control. >> hi, don, hi everyone, well still quite a mess there on the west side. let's take a look. the two right hand lanes are still blocked off. with that delay solid back to route 40. on the outer loop it is also heavy in that direction from security boulevard over to 40 at least 15 minutes to get through. in other accidents there and there in baltimore city. on the harris harrisburg expressway a struck animal there backing things up and hess road remains closed there. let's go back and take another live look. as you can see things are still quite a mess there on the inner lop at 70. a lot of medical equipment still on the scene. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. don, back over to you. >> thank you. the top of the news this half-
6:31 am
hour a big change could be coming this week following the death of florida teenager trayvon martin. it is susan mcginness with the explanation for wjz. >> reporter: as sanford, florida and the nation await a decision in the trayvon martin case an attorney for martin's family told cbs news a decision to arrest george zimmerman should have been made the night he was shot but now it is in the hands of special prosecutor angela corey. >> we believe that she should make a decision and we -- we -- we are optimistic she will make a decision within this week. >> this as attorneys for zimmerman continue to claim he is a victim, saying he was attacked that night by martin and saying the shooting has been falsely portrayed as a racial event. natalie jackson says she has not seen all the evidence but what is nope is more than enough. >> she has a right to investigate thoroughly so i would not say frustrated but we do believe that they have enough information to make a lawful arrest. >> -- allen chapel in sanford,
6:32 am
a room filled with people calling for justice, and where a group called the dream defenders got a special welcome. [ cheers ] >> -- several florida universities who made a three day 40 mile march from daytona to sanford. they reached their destination triumphant but knowing their journey isn't over. students hoping their three day march will help their voices be heard. in sanford, florida, susan mcginness, wjz eyewitness news. >> that group says it plans to engage in non-violent civil dis0 bend answer later. in chicago jury selection begins in the trial of a man used of murdering members of jennifer hudson's family. william balfour is charged with killing them. the 150 potential jurors will be questioned by the judge and attorneys beginning today. opening statements are set for
6:33 am
april the 23rd. he was a picture on cbs for 4 decades and this morning word of the death of mike wallace. he died this weekend at a care facility in connecticut. his family by his side. wallace began co-hosting 60 minutes in 1968. his last interview was roger clemens in 2008. 60 minutes plans a tribute to him for next sunday night. mike wallace, dead at the age of 93. firefighters in hartford county are keeping an eye on a wildfire that is under control as of right now and home own others are being allowed to return to their houses but that has not long been the case. wjz and andrea fujii are live with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fire did force mandatory evacuations on sunday, impacting dozens of residents and burning more than 18 acres. sunday afternoon more than 100 firefighters rushed to attack a wildfire ripping through the thick woods behind
6:34 am
denby town road in hartford county. >> the actual fire started to come closer to this house. >> david bob lives along those woods and could see the flames coming from his backyard. >> very concerned for my house, my neighbor's house, our property, and the kids. >> dry conditions and low humidity fueled brush fires in this same area last week. but this time firefighters were also battling gusting winds. >> well the wind feeds it so it spreads faster than we can get on top of it. >> respects were forced to leave as they battled to a 4 alarm fire bringing in help from the department of natural resources and surrounding counties. three hours later residents were allowed to return to their homes, all of them spared from damage. and firefighters say they will keep a watchful eye on that area to make sure embers don't reignite. don, back to you. >> thank you very much, andrea. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a carroll county care community is devastated after a century old barn goes up in
6:35 am
flames. it housed donations to the westminster rescue mission for men and the thrift store that raised money to operate the shelter. revenue collected at that mission also went toward food boxes for families all over the county as well as vouchers for clothing and furniture. the cause of the fire is under investigation. gasoline prices may or may not have kept many away -- or at home this holiday weekend but don't expect things to ease up at the gas pump anytime soon. the national average for a gallon of regular has jumped nearly 4 cents over the past two weeks. it is now at $3.97 across this country and even higher here in maryland, on average you will pay 4 dollars a gallon here now, that is three cents higher than this time last week. and expect problems on the jones falls expressway beginning friday. some lanes on the jfx near 29th street south of it will be shut down for emergency repairs underneath the highway our partners at the sun report the north and southbound closures
6:36 am
will reduce traffic flow by 1/3. it could take a few weeks to a month. our mild winter may have helped plants and trees bloom earlier but it could come at a price later on. tim williams has more on a potentially buggy spring and summer that could should effect almost everyone. >> reporter: the calendar finally says spring but for insects the season began weeks ago. >> whenever we have an unseasonably warm winter as we have had this year, it simply means, hey, the bugs are going to start a lot sooner than they did in a normal year and we are seeing exactly that. the plants are in bloom. the leaves are on the trees. the bugs are coming. >> he is a leading bug expert and says warm temperatures preceded spring's arrival by more than two weeks and some bugs had already been sharing warmth inside our homes but it takes warmer temperatures to get them moving outside so as we enjoy. >> amazing weather. >> beautiful bugs that may have otherwise died or stayed south have found ways to survive.
6:37 am
>> the insects we worry the most about are the ones with several generations every year. when we have a warm year these guys can simply complete more generations, that could translate into more bugs. >> and an earlier season for bugs mean people also have to take precautions earlier than usual. ticks can pass on infections and mosquitoes that trigger scratching are an agent for west nile. >> people need to avoid areas with ticks and they need to inspect themselves carefully when they come inside and need to remove those ticks within the first 24 hours. >> steps to turn back the clock on the bugs, tim williams, wjz eyewitness news. >> and he expects bug traps and pesticides to be bought up earlier and at a faster rate than in recent years because of all those bugs. today the easter bunny will take a special -- make a special visit to the white house, it is the 134th annual easter egg roll there but this year one of the activities --
6:38 am
or all the activities will promote healthy living. it is the largest event there, 30,000 people won tickets through a lottery. turning to sports the orioles are tied for first place in the american league after sweeping the twins. jason hamel took a no hitter into the 8th inning yesterday. he allowed just two walks before justin morneau ended the no hit bid. the birds won 3-1. they host the yankees beginning tonight. >> tonight. the yankees in town for three. all right. we have got a really cool coffee with coming up. this next week will be the 1 hunnd anniversary of the sinking of the titanic and national geographic channel, beginning last night and continuing through tonight has been discussing the wreck of the unsinkable. bob ballard will be joining us in a couple of minutes.
6:39 am
he is the man who discovered the wreckage of the titanic. the man who has been beating the drum that this is hallowed ground, the grave of over 1500 people, and needs to be preserved, not picked through. he will explain it all. you are looking at a giant problem on the west side of the beltway. 695 at i-70. christie bresland is going to have an update on that and show you the weather and show you why that flag is stretched out later on this afternoon. all that and more as the morning edition continues right after this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:40 am
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6:42 am
hi, my name is max, good morning, wjz. >> all right, max, thank for being with us, we have red flag advisories virtually area and statewide and, of course andrea fujii is reporting on another brush fire in the area. i want to take a look and just out to the west -- puts them together. there is moisture aloft out to the west and as you look at the
6:43 am
currents i will tell you there is a chance of showers later on this afternoon this evening and then again tomorrow but not enough rain i think to calm down that red flag situation and it is going to get quite windy this afternoon and if there is a brush fire it is going to spread those embers, 50 right now, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, 33% humidity, westerly breeze at 7, barometer 29.89, 37 oakland, 46 cum beer land, 48 haggerstown, low 50s -- excuse me, 48 elkton, low 50s hagers town, easton ocean city, mid-50 has pax, those are your currents in those areas. there is a cool flow moving our way. i really think that is going to be the headline and then we will be talking about a couple of showers or the chance of it late this afternoon then again tomorrow but it is going to get cool, below normal for three straight days and that hasn't happened in quite a while. clouds and sun in creasingly windy through the afternoon, 68 the high, late afternoon and evening chance of a shower that
6:44 am
breaks early, patchy clouds overnight, 44, tomorrow the same forecast but down tone to 48 degrees, we are going to ciept in the mid-50s on wednesday, just barely 60 thursday. finally back above normal friday with sun, 65 saturday, partly sunny, 68 degrees. don take it away. >> thank you. now over to christie bresland at wjz tv traffic control. >> good morning, don, good morning, everyone, well still a mess on the west side of the beltway in both drictses, as you can see on the inner loop the two right lanes are blocked off, the delay solid. we are looking at least 15 minutes there due to rubbernecking there. as far as the restest region goes traveling on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound direction accident there at middle town road. we also have that problem in false ton, hess road is closed there, we still have fire equipment on the scene, other accidents include south payson and wilkins avenue and also johns hopkins road at maple lawn. let's go back and take another live look, as you can see it is still going to be a while
6:45 am
before they get that mess cleaned up, this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. don and marty, back to you. >> all right, this is a good one. this morning's interview is with dr. bob ballard. [ cheers ] >> -- coming up on the 100th anniversary of the wreck of the titanic. i guess it has been a little busy here for you the past week or so, huh? >> it has. you know, there is a lots of attention, a 100 anniversary always you know draws a lot of attention and with jim cameron rereleasing his film and the cover of national geographic, yes, there is lots going on, i am involved in a lot of different projects, come up to mystic aquarium and also one
6:46 am
there and there, so yes, there is a tremendous amount of activity right now but naturally i am focusing on our film airing in philadelphia on national geographic channel, so i hope you will watch it. >> oh there is no question if i am not watching it it will be dvrnd and by the way i have -- >> -- fascinating -- >> -- in the future. the group that some would say has plundered the grave site of over a thousand people now has come in line with your thinking that this needs to be preserved and maintained as a hallowed spots for those souls and their surviving relatives and i think that is kind of a cool thing. >> well and senator kerry from massachusetts introduced a bill yesterday in the senate, so i am glad that people are finally coming around because in our
6:47 am
film save the titanic we actually interview a group of people we have never interviewed before. when i found the titanic, belfast was in complete denial and didn't want to talk about it but now they have finally come out of the closet. they are finally going public and we were able to interview them, go into their homes. it is a very special opportunity that i had and i -- they were called the guarantee group and they were the ones that were representing harland and wolf on that historic maiden voyage and everyone went down at their station. they never found any of their bodies. >> when you say preserve the site, do you want people to stop diving on it -- >> no, no, -- >> -see -- >> -- people should continue diving. it is just like going to gettysburg, but you don't go to gettysburg with a shovel. you don't grow to pearl harbor and take belt buckles off the
6:48 am
arizona, so i am actually very supportive of visitation but the zab marines bmarins are landing on the deck and doing that and they should not and because it will become an underwater museum in the future and we actually should take steps to do conservation preservation. i have actually applied for a permit to do conservation and preservation of the ship in the next couple of years and i hope they will get me do it. >> i am sitting here feeling a bit guilty. they were host to the -- >> -- the -- >> -- know about, you know keeping the room at a chilly temperature to give you a feeling of what it might have been like to be on the deck. should i feel guilty about going to see that? >> yes. >> that is a short answer -- >> -- public executions used to
6:49 am
be very popular in england as well. no. i just think that -- to take it out of context. you know if you were to bring things from gettysburg, you were to go in there and dig stuff up at gettysburg, you know there is a lot of things still there, you know that is inappropriate. you should for the go and look at artifacts from the arizona, you should go to the arizona, the ground speaks to you, when i went to gettysburg i was in tears because i lost family on both sides of picket's charge and that is a very hallowed ground for my family -- >> yeah -- >> -- american casualty -- >> -- well, you know -- >> -- more people dying in the civil war than we actually knew. >> right, close to -- >> -- important -- >> -- as well -- >> -- understand why you said yes and i -- and i can't respect it and i can appreciate. maybe it is because of that exhibition and public hugh and cry and comments like yours that we now realize we need to move this forward and into a
6:50 am
different train of thought and that appears to be the case. listen unfortunately our time has run short. i want to urge everybody if you ever had any interest in the titanic, this national geographic is just spectacular -- >> -- at stores. >> exactly correct and bob on monday, and 9th we are watching nat geo and that work they have done. it is great. we could talk to you forever. but thanks for being on the show and taking the lead. >> thank you very much. >> we will see you later. bye-bye. >> all right. electonic museum in the future. i love that. >> suspect it interesting? >> isn't it interesting? >> yeah. >> isn't it interesting? >> yeah. we love gardening... pull out ,,
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six and a half until 7:00. here come your updates. >> let's take a look at the forecast. 50 right now, 68 is the high. increasingly windy through the day. clear skies this morning will give way to a mixture of clouds and sun through the afternoon with a chance of a shower late this afternoon or this evening. now, here is christie bresland
6:54 am
at wjz tv traffic control. >> the west side of the beltway has not been fun this morning. let's go and take a live look. on the inner loop the two right lanes still blockedded off. a significant delay from 795 over to 70. on the north side of the inner loop a crash there we are watching at charles street. other accidents include john hopkins road at maple lawn. southbound on the harrisburg expressway, that one at middletown road and hess road the fire marshal on the scene for this one. still closed between suffolk lane and canterbury. let's take another life look. as you can see it is still going to be quite a few minutes to get through that delay on the west side. that is brought to you by home paramount pest control services. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. and we have a courthouse closure to pass along, baltimore county courthouse in catonsville will be closed due
6:55 am
to a water main break nearby, district court in catonsville. people are glad to be back home after a wildfire tore through their area. there was a evacuation, residents have been allowed back in their houses, high winds helped fan the blaze that charred 18 acres, the cause is still under investigation. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire in the pig town area of southwest baltimore city, too, here is a look at feet toes photos of the flames. no injuries are reported. an investigation continues after a two-year-old is hit and killed by a van on 85th avenue in new carolton. police say the toddler was playing in the front yard of a home thin ran out into the street and was struck. the driver of the van stayed there at the scene. it is unclear whether the driver will face charges. a string of burglaries in baltimore county has a group of office buildings and police on
6:56 am
the alert. a burglar enters offices and burglarizes suites. the targeted offices there. police are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of that man. expect traffic problems on the jones falls expressway beginning on friday when some lanes in the jones falls will near 29th street will be shut down for emergency repairs underneath the highway. our media partners at the sun report the closures will reduce the traffic flow by a third. the work will continue anywhere from between a few weeks to a month. christians celebrated easter at church services around the world yesterday. here at imalt baltimore a mass there was extra special as they were saying goodbye to him. there[ male announcer ] as they if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze...
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