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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  April 13, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore.
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>> from the city to, , to the counties to your neighborhood, now it is complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> a major artery closed. construction on the jfx will soon get underway. how it could affect your commute. hello again and here is what people are talking about and soon to be dealing with today. a matter of hours from now a major reconstruction project will begin on the jones falls expressway possibly causing problems for drivers, wjz and weijia jiang are live along the jfx. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. city transportation officials are not mincing any words they say if you are going to take the jfx you are going to get stuck in traffic so now is the time to make some other plans. when emergency road work on the jfx starts friday evening drivers can expect to stop. >> even when the whole thing is
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open it can be treacherous. >> that is supposed to be expressway getting out of here now you cutting it down pretty much it is going to be a regular street now. >> at 7:00 p.m. one lane in each direction of interstate 83 will be shut down near the 29th street bridge as crews work underground to fix pipes. >> we know there is a void under there and if left unchecked that could be back a sinkhole and obviously we don't want that to happen. >> the city estimates construction will last for at least a month. >> wow. that is a long time. >> enough time public transportation officials say to figure out how to use the light rail and metro. cars come every eight to 10 minutes. >> you don't have to deal with traffic hassles, you don't have to deal with parking downtown. many of our properties have free parking. >> but if you have to brave the roads the department of transportation urges you to use one of these 9 alternate routes, including york road, charles street, park heights, perrying parkway, hartford road
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and bellaire road, otherwise gridlock may be impossible to avoid. >> it is going to be rough but we have to manage if it is for the better. >> you might not see any construction for a few weeks after the lanes are closed because crews have to get a good look at what they are working with. even though the project is slated to last for six to eight weeks the city said it could take longer. reporting live in northwest baltimore, weijia jiang. >> for a map of alternate routes go to our website and click on this story. the trial continues today for a man charged with killing two teenagers in a hit-and-run. they were killed six months ago. reuben dunn is charged with vehicular manslaughter, yesterday his former girlfriend testified he had been drinking and was the 1 behind the wheel that night. in florida george zimmerman remains in jail after making his first court appearance,
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prosecutors say he murdered trayvon martin, he says he acted in self-defense. the prosecutors say he followed and confronted the unarmed teen. a bail hearing won't be held until late friday. later today ministers will hold a rally, appealing to healing and unit, a former maryland soldier accused of supporting a terrorist organization is expected in court today. ron matz has the latest on this. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. craig backon is expected to enter a plea, he is 24 and accused of leaving the united states for somalia. he will appear in federal court in green belt, prince georges county later today and faces up to 15 years in prison if
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convicted. don, back to you. >> backum joined the army in 2007 and spent time in iraq and south korea. while we were eating dinner north korea launched its test rocket last night it failed and fell into the yellow sea but as don danielle reports it is still seen as an aggressive act. >> reporter: they are meeting. >> the launch is in direct violation of the u.n. security council and threatens regional stability. >> reporter: the north korean officials said the rocket was supposed to deliver a satellite into orbit. the first stage of the rocket ignited as planned, 100 seconds later it burned out and splashed down 100 miles west of soule, the second stage failed to ignite and the rocket exploded on reentry. >> i am sure that northern
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koreans would go ahead because for them to cancel it would be to deliver a blow to their regime. the u.s. condemned them and dispatched a delegation to meet with them. they called it a provocative act. the obama administration has threatened to suspend plans to send food to north korea in exchange for curtailing its nuclear program. russian foreign minister also deannounced the launch but said russia opposes any further u.n. sanctions against north korea. the rocket's failure is a major set back for north korea's new leader kim jong ill who attended a ceremony honoring his father and grandfather just after the launch. >> experts say the rocket was the same type that could be used as a weapon against the u.s. or other countries. breaking news to tell you about
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right now, a jackknifed tractor- trailer in baltimore county, sky chopper 13 is over the scene. we go live to captain mike perry good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are on the outer loop of 695 at charles street with a jackknifed tractor-trailer. as you can see this occurred about an hour ago. it is significant in the fact that a diesel fuel spill has occurred as a result of the tractor-trailer jackknifing and striking the right side barrier wall. we do not see any other vehicles involved here but it is tying up two lanes of the outer loop of 695 from the east side to the west side so expect major delays. we see a significant back up and it looks like fire officials and others are here some time working on this fuel spill and getting this tractor- trailer on the side of the roadway so it will be a big deal most of the afternoon. back to you. >> thank you very much. we will bring you more information on this accident as it becomes available. weather-wise it is another beautiful day in our area.
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take a live look outside right now. the skies are pretty clear and there is a lit breeze blowing light breeze blowing but it is a lot warmer than it was yesterday. will these conditions continue? we have marty bass in the outback and meteorologist tim williams over in the first warning weather center. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. temperatures around 57 degrees at bwi marshal, 60 in washington, 58 ocean city and 46 in oakland, so we are warmer than yesterday by three degrees. but there is a shift in our forecast. it is starting to allow warm air in place. to talk about how it is going to play into the weekend sending it out to marty. >> just real quick, something we will answer. when is the normal daytime high 90, if ever?
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>> i am just curious about that. >> i don't know that it is ever. we will check it. >> there is a reason we are asking. let's take a look at graphics. it will get warm tomorrow, a shift of winds out of the west- southwest, right now just barely out of the north 5 to 7 but weather is where is air is coming from. it is coming from where it is real warm and i got news for you, right now well into next week a cousin of the summertime bermuda high if you will is going to keep us in a heat pump situation. the coolest temperature we see over the next 5 days is not even in the 60s. we are going to touch 90 one of those days. which one? meteorologist tim williams will have those details shortly. now back inside inside. >> prom season is almost here and one business is helping young girls get ready. for the second year they
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are holding their own gown give away. tomorrow girls who can't afford a prom dress can stop by the salon and take one home from of charge. it is from 8:00 to 3:00. still to come a stand off is over, a deadly incident up in new hampshire. and it is a gorgeous friday afternoon. your complete first warning weather forecast is still to come. >> complete coverage continues with don scott, jessica kartalija and first warning weather with marty bass and meteorologist tim willia,,,,
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a stand off in the small town of greenland, new hampshire is over. authorities say they found the bodies of a suspected gunman and a woman in the home where the two had holed up. both dead from gunshot wounds. the stand off started after police tried to search the house for drugs last night. investigators say the man opened fire inning 4 and killing the town's police chief, who was set to retire in eight days. in egypt shows are rallying in cairo to denounce the presidential candidacies of mubarak officials including his spy chief. supports of the muslim group
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have packed the square. others have boycotted today's rally. still to come on eyewitness news at noon looking ahead to the weekend. find out what is in store weather-wise, the complete first warning weather forecast now just two and a half minutes away but first a look at today's midday stocks followed by last night's multimatch numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, welcome back to eyewitness news at noon. this is lulu right here, now lulu is a rottweiler mix and not unlike some of the pups we get up here and put on this desk, they kind of like think it is a vet table, i mean it just -- very nice here -- >> but it is cold and hard. >> and hard so anyway, look out that way, she has got this great rottweiler profile but there is a bit of a mix in here, she is going to be big i am just telling you up front, this dog will be 60 pounds, she literally has paws at three months the size of golf balls so just take it from there, she is at the maryland spca. that is the number and we are going to get you home. you have a good life okay. and, of course our yellow scarf compliments of mr. basement who believes that together we can make a difference for pets that need a home. all right, tim we got warm weather coming our way buddy. it never hits 90 for a normal daytime high. the warmest we get tim and i looked it up is 87 degrees so we are going to young williams
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we are going to hit 90 one day over the next 5 days. >> i am telling you it is going to be warm -- we go right from spring -- we just had snow two days ago and now jumping ahead skipping right over spring at least for a little while, 57 at interest with, 46 oakland, mountains 58 in ocean city, around the med metro areas 50s with a nice breeze from the north around that is going to keep our temperatures down just a little bit for a while. but we are going to start to see a shift in the temperatures from this north to about the west and southwest and as marty talked about earlier it is going to start tapping into very very warm air. next rainmaker comes through tuesday and wednesday, that front will knock our temperatures back. in the mean time we continue to heat up. mid-60s today, in the 70s, as marty mentioned with warm air leading the way and a front potentially getting here by tuesday and wednesday we stay in this zone of very very hot air and our temperatures will get into the 90s and near 90
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for at least two to three days out of the next five. in the five-day-forecast is going to show it. next high tide at ft. mchenry 1:14, probably talking about keeping your pets with some water outside the next stew days first time for a while. 40 degrees tonight, then for tomorrow we start that warm up, 73 degrees, marty will have that very hot five-day-forecast coming up. >> looking forward to that. the baseball season continues, tonight the 0s and the blue jays play then tomorrow see them play right here. still to come on eyewitness news at noon it may be another police drama but it is unlike any you have seen before. find out when we sit down with them. remember we are always on for you. for constant updates and that first warning ,,
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>> ever wonder what it is like to be a rookie cop on the streets of new york city? this show gives viewers a glimpse of what it is like or will. two of the stars are here to tell us more about it. good afternoon to both of you? >> good afternoon. you have such a great voice don. >> thank you very much. i have been watching the promos and this is actually shot on
12:23 pm
the streets of new york. tell me what that is like. >> yeah, it is not just on the streets of new york but specifically in harlem there has been you know quite a few things shot obviously in new york city but richard price, who is the writer-creator of the show and a really terrific kind of unique crime writer, okay, now i guess i am hearing terry from the show. he really wanted to make a point of showing the very specific side of -- of -- of new york city that you don't normally see so you know this neighborhood in harlem is really stind kind of an instrumental part of the show. >> while we were talking to you we were playing lips of clips of the show, yeah, but i -- >> -- different from every other cop show? >> you want to take this one? >> it is richard price. >> we got richard price.
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>> riff >> richard price who wrote color of money and his voice is unique and the fact that it is shot in harlem, that is just a great part of the city to be able to have that come into your living room no matter where you are based. >> we say all of our dialogue backwards, you will not find that on any other cop show. >> yeah, and -- >> -- and there is that -- >> -- time is up thank you very much lisa and adam -- >> -- the guy -- >> -- new program, nyc 22 right here on wjz this sunday night at 10:00 and it is going to be worth -- just talking to them makes you want to see it. be sure to check in today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. it is going to be a mess on the
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jones falls expressway. we will have the latest on the closures that effects thousands of people and george zimmerman is in jail but the ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. here is this warm up. let's not deny, 73 and 70, the
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