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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  April 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. coming up next on eyewitness news, a storm in state lewis. the latest on the deadly accident and the people left injured. spin that good morning, everyone. privacy versus protection. there is a debate brewing. i'm here with why police across maryland are not happy about it. next. >> plus, the ravens finish strong in the 2012 nfl draft. we have the very latest on the team's new class of rookies. and alive with outside. a chilly, wet night makes way for some morning light but will today's sun warms up? a urologist jim williams will have a complete first warning weather forecast. >> and it's a gorgeous day for a walk for a good cause. i am sharon gibala. i live at march for the
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animals. we will tell you all about it and how you can participate. eyewitness news is seconds away. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the cities to the counties to your neighborhood. now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news. i'm gigi barnett. >> and i intend williams. temperatures in the 40s. rain moved through yesterday, didn't interfere with many plans are at the same that the skies are bright this morning. >> the grass is nice and green. a nice little drink. a good bit of sunshine out there today. the brain that moved through has completely moved out of the area. just some high-paying clouds
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out there. temperatures responding very nicely to the sun. 42 degrees right now, 46 in elton. colder out past washington county. hagerstown, cumberland, and oakland in the 30s. our forecast today is bright for you were with clouds giving way to sunshine. tonight we go down to 39 degrees. 66 degrees with sun giving way to clouds again. we look for some sunshine and then clouds increasing a head of another storm system moving our way. we'll have the complete details coming up. >> thank you, tim. here's what people are talking about. a deadly storm in st. louis. officials say strong winds tore down a tent killing at least one person and injuring hundreds more at a sports bar. we have the latest area. >> reporter: firefighters transferred injured for baseball fans after fierce winds toppled a stand.
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one person dead and five others seriously injured. >> the injuries were mainly cuts, bruises, and twisted ankles and maybe a broken arm. >> witnesses say the storm lasted only a few seconds. powerful winds whipped chairs through the air and sent heavy temples crashing into fans. many celebrated the win earlier in the afternoon. >> the music was loud. people were in attendance of the ballgame all afternoon. i don't think they were really aware of the seriousness of the situation. in dozens of people were treated at the scene for minor injuries. wjz eyewitness news. >> and it's not yet clear for men who died was struck by falling debris or hit on lightning. a manhunt for a fugitive in washington state is over this morning. this comes after police say they've located the body of a man wanted for killing his family. explosives were used to blow a
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hole in a bunker in the foothills of seattle. they found the body of peter keller. he vanished last year -- last week. much more coming up in the next half hour. a controversial ruling for maryland's highest court changing the way police departments do business. from now on police cannot take dna from the suspects after they were arrested them for a violent crime area we show you more on the bullying. >> good morning, everyone. police say this really makes it easier for repeat offenders to get away with their crime. >> reporter: a crime solving tool under fire in maryland, and police say public safety is at stake. >> our concern about the courts ruling is that it is going to impede us from being able to put certain bad guys behind bars. >> the states highest court ruled police are no longer allowed to collect dna samples when they
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arrest suspects. during that first became legal in 2009 as one of the governor's signature initiatives. since then the state has banked 16,000 samples that lead to 58 criminals found, including 34 burglars and eight rapists and, but the aclu collecting dna without a conviction first is unconstitutional, even though strip searching, paul ed sampling, and fingerprinting are not. >> dna reveals best amounts of highly private, personal, confidential information about you. >> the ruling stems from a case in which a man was arrested for assault. detectives took his dna and mashed into an unsolved rape case. the high court says that violates protections against searches without a warrant. the attorney general disagrees and plans to fight the ruling. >> we are in the 21st century. we have the ability to use dna
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to identify precisely who committed a crime that occurred in the past. we need that tool. >> the next step is to take the case to the u.s. supreme court, he says. wjz eyewitness news. accorded not address whether the state can repay the samples already on file. a man behind bars this morning in prince george's county accused of killing a pregnant woman. police say nathan rogers murdered his girlfriend, 23-year-old jasmine mauch. she was pregnant with his baby. police found her body last night in the trunk of a car in district heights. >> in checking that vehicle, they detect a strong chemical odor emanating from that vehicle. once they got inside the vehicle, they notice the victim. >> police say maas told rogers that she wanted to keep the baby but he didn't want her to. he now faces first-degree murder charges. another blow for a baltimore city police officer/in out at a skateboarder and then he lost
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his job. according to our media partner of the baltimore sun, the court of special appeals says police commissioner fred bill feld had the authority to fire riviera. he was caught on video yelling at a teenager back in 2007 quarter in him to stop skateboarding in that area. >> the nfl draft is in the books, and the ravens wasted no time showing off their newest acquisitions. the ravens top three draft picks were officially introduced saturday at the team's facility. alabama linebacker courtney upshaw and iowa state lineman keeley shoe. we will learn his name soon. he is new. we will learn his name this season. they were all taken and
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effective rounds. the rookies say they are ready to get to work. >> i'm ready. i love winning games. to be part of this defense and to be on the watch of ray lewis, guys like that. >> of the ravens didn't stop there. they selected delaware guard geno gronkowski and south carolina state free safety christian thompson in the fourth round. in the fifth they took a cornerback is the jackson. finally, they got a new target for joe flacco taking tommy schrader. so they've got the new class of rookies. including one that i'm sure all of the sportscasters are going to do exactly what we did the first time they roll out his name or your. >> if he's busy, let's hope they learn it fast. >> that so they can so all of the letters on the back of his or
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z. >> number something. >> number 12! great day shaping up a little damp if you're going all because of the rain that moved through yesterday. it did come through late enough in the day that most folks did not have their plans dampened by the showers that came through. a few rumbles of thunder, mostly south of the region. those stars that we talked about toward the midwest are still very potent. they are moving our way. we will see them around tuesday or so. of course, taking a look at the two stadiums. you will see the orioles on wjz today. that came at 1:30. raven sitting pretty quietly right now. 46 degrees right now. 42 is your dewpoint, relative humidity at 85%, westwind at 6 miles per hour, 30.25. temperatures around the state,
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37 in cumberland, 39 oakland, 42 in oakland. 49 down in ocean city. around a immediate metro area, 49 in annapolis, 49 on cannes island. winds are coming in from the west. you see some changes that top of the hour. data is starting to come in. a bit of the west and northwest wind around ocean city. west winds around the airport. that west wind brings in drier air. what we got to the west is that put in system moving across missouri moving into iowa and indiana. the ohio river valley will start to see that. this will bring more clouds than we have now our way by tomorrow afternoon. the storm system will move our weight on tuesday. like the rest of the systems, they continue to progress right on out of the region. you see the rain potentially on monday night, tuesday could be a damp day. i tuesday evening those storms
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of role on out of here. all the brain associated with a friend yesterday has cleared the area. high-pressure moving in. one thing that will happen as well is the warm air stays in play for the rest of the week three we will go into the 60s today, 70s tomorrow, then we run into the 80s. the only real hiccup looks like it's going to be on tuesday with those thunderstorms rolling through the region. sunset today at 5:10. mostly sunny and breezy, seasonably mild, 69 degrees. the average high of around 68. tonight is 39 degrees apache clouds. then for tomorrow 66 degrees. it will start to give way to clouds in the evening. here's that run we are talking about. 74 on tuesday, then we are up into the 80s this weekend with overnight lows in the 60s. >> still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, scenes from a police car end up in a deadly
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crash. why the sole survivor is now filing a lawsuit. >> mr. president, i know you won't be able to laugh at any of my jokes about the secret service, so cover your tears if that's possible. >> the jokes and jabs came out for the annual white house correspondents dinner. we will show you highlights coming up. >> and the 17th annual march for the animals is just about to begin here. we will tell you all about it and how ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the last weekend of april. may starts on monday -- i'm sorry, i tuesday. we are looking at a nice way to end this day -- and the month, i should say. rain moved through yesterday. that's cleared the area. a little breezy today but a good bit of sun. the rain was needed. washed the pollen out of the air helping us with our drought conditions. we continue to track the rainfall totals as they move across the area. one air move headed our way.
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that's here by midweek. that means teachers go into the 60s today and tomorrow. then we start a run of 70s and 80s. some parts of the area in the 30s out toward the west and your 50 down toward a annapolis and south of the region. 69 degrees today with clouds. a good bit of sunshine out there already. 39 degrees and patchy clouds. 66 tomorrow with clouds in the evening. your first warning forecast coming up. >> first, back to some of the other top stories of the morning. the search for gunman who killed two brothers in california is over. police say they arrested the man who shot to bail bonds in last week. investigators say they were brothers and they were tying to catch a fugitive. when they enter the house where they thought the fugitive was, police say one of the man's friends shot and killed the brothers. the fugitives that the brothers were looking for later turn themselves in. the woman at the center of a public health scare at one of the busiest airports in the country
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is speaking out. lisa sievers was on a delta flight that was quite teen thursday at chicago's midway or airport. she was on her way back to uganda on a mission to adopt children. first responders were worried that she might have had a contagious disease. >> i was covered from here to my ankles with hundreds of these red spots. >> as it turned out, she had scabies, but when she went to the hospital doctors found that she had a dangerous blood thinning condition that she developed while in uganda. if left untreated, it could have been deadly. >> never let it be said that the president doesn't have a sense of humor. listen to this. >> -- or what mitt romney would call a little fixer-upper. >> hollywood's a-list was in attendance for the annual white house correspondents dinner last night. the president didn't just make
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fun of himself and republicans. he also took aim at the gsa saying not even a mind reader could figure out what those guys were thinking. >> thousands of animal lovers and their four-legged friends will be at the park this morning. >> the 17th annual march for the animals is about to kick off. wjz is live through the park area sharon to ball is out there with a whole lot of four-legged friends. >> good morning. it's a gorgeous day to be out at the park, whether you want to participate in the march for the animals or you just want to come and enjoy the activities and sites that go along with it. we are here talking more about the event. good morning, eileen. >> this is actually our 17th year. we support maryland spca. you can see we have really fun activities going on.
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>> it's a mile and a half walk. people can bring their pets to this one. we encourage people to bring their pets. it's mostly dogs we see, but we've seen a goat, a turtle, a ferret. we have utility courses here. we are grateful to everyone who supported us, including our sponsor. it's fantastic because there is a lot of stuff to see and a lot of vendors as well. >> we have vendors selling crafts, animal items, a doggy ice cream truck. there is something for everybody. the dogs can participate in a little contest. i saw that there were some dressed up. >> we have a costume contest for dogs and smart pet tricks. >> fantastic. sounds like a whole lot of fun. again, we are at drew and hill park. it runs today. registration begins at 9:00 and even goes until 2:00. >> thank you. are you going to try your hand with
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the frisbee dog? >> it almost knocked me down during one of my takes. >> stay clear. we will check back in about 20 minutes. >> good reason to stay away. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> he's the only american citizen being held in guantanamo bay. he's from both marconi. i'm adam may. and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> five days of first warning weather today and tomorrow 60 degrees are you we have that
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done tomorrow until the evening. clothes will fit in ahead of a storm system on tuesday. 74 degrees on tuesday. in the 70s and 80s for wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> military officials say the relationship between the u.s. and key middle east ally is still afraid on the eve of a major anniversary. u.s. officials have not been able to reach an agreement with pakistan to reopen an important supply route. closed since november after an strike killed pakistani troops. the white house turned on the demand for an apology saying the country is not doing enough to stop militants like al qaeda. it's been almost a year since osama bin laden was killed in a hideout in pakistan. he's the local face of terror. a former baltimore county man who plotted with al qaeda to kill americans. >> wjz investigates very of the boy next door turned into the deadliest form of home-grown terrorist.
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>> the face of terror graduated from a maryland heights will and then joined al qaeda, but now he's going to help turned and other terrorists. -- turning in other terrorists. >> reporter: quiet civilian streets of this neighborhood. suddenly ground zero ended 2003 investigation. >> die knockout side my door. >> agents search for information. >> that guy used a little trust the street from me. >> the 1999 graduate is now the only american citizen being held in guantanamo bay, a u.s. detainment and interrogation camp in cuba. >> what do you remember about him? immaculate a nice kid. >> but he had a secret. the seemingly innocent maryland man was plotting terror. >> bin laden gave him a job.
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>> well the attacks were five most, it prosecutors say he was inspired. two months later he jumped on a plane to afghanistan. >> he joined with the materially supported al qaeda. >> he planned to kill the president of pakistan but the plot failed. soon after the mastermind of 9/11, he came back to baltimore. he tried to develop plans to well up gas stations and poison local water supplies rate here in the metro area. when that failed, he flew to indonesia. he successfully had al qaeda money. >> what strikes you about this case? >> vista home and got involved with the worst of the worst. >> law professor michael greenberger is a former u.s. counterterrorism official. he's explaining it read by a landmark deal struck by the u.s. government. in a brand-new, he pled guilty and he will actually testify
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against other terrorists. >> effect that they've given him what i consider to be a good deal suggests to me that he does have information that is useful to the united states in plotting out what the terror threats are. >> his defense team. >> he wishes he'd never been involved. >> but he isn't the only suspect with maryland heights. since 9/11, a handful of other marylanders web also been charged with less serious. >> do you think the government is taking the right steps? >> we cannot forget there's an ease of entry into these criminal terrorist activities. >> in this case, the transformation from a quiet team who went to school to a terrorist leads some people who knew him puzzled. >> who knows what triggers anyone. >> adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> cables are between 19 and 25
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years behind bars. >> it's unclear what will happen to him after his sentence. >> much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, including the search for a gunman in washington state comes to an end. more on the murder case and the groundbreaking bumper where police found the shooter. >> the sole survivor of a fiery crash in montgomery county player's losses against -- players lost is against the police. >> plus, you won't believe what happened in this l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> coverage continues with the gigi barnett, he derived his team williams. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> i'm gigi william. >> and i'm tim williams. 40s in the west, 50 some eastern shore. we have a pretty broad range of temperatures right now. it's a very nice day shaping up with sunshine all over the place. hardly a cloud to be found. the ramos threw last night and it's out very early this morning. since then, the clouds have been pulled out with it for the most part. just a few high, thin clouds out there. temperatures in the 40s. 46 at bwi marshall, 50 on the shore, 39 oakland.
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69 is our forecast high for today. warmer than yesterday. only got into the 50s yesterday. tonight going down to just around 39 degrees with patchy clouds. tomorrow we see clouds that can ahead of the next room system. we have to -- will have the complete first warning forecast in just a few moments. >> first, here's what people are talking about. a manhunt for a fugitive is over in washington state. police say they found a body that appears to be a suspect wanted for killing his wife and teen daughter. >> police use explosive to blow open the sponsor in the foothills east of seattle traded inside they found a body. they believe that the person has an dead for some time. there's a great deal of some blood in the pistol nearby, and they believe that this is peter keller. >> the manhunt began last sunday when his wife and teenage daughter were found dead from gunshot wounds inside the burning remains of their home. the 41-year-old disappear but police found pages on his
8:32 am
computer that gave them a general idea where the bunker was located. they believed he first started building it eight years ago and that was loaded with supplies, including food, a gas mask, and generator. family members describe him as having a survivalist mentality and say he was probably heavily armed. >> we are going to take a step back and have our bomb disposal unit ensure that the scene is safe. >> the search for a killer in a popular hiking and biking area had many on edge. in that i know my wife was pretty apprehensive. >> police say photos of the elaborate altars don't do it justice. it had multiple levels and numerous entrances. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> police say keller withdrew $6200 from his bank account last week and told his coworkers that he might not ever return. a ballgame celebration ends in
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tragedy and thankless. police say the strong winds sent heavy tent poles crashing to the ground. the collapse killed one person and injured nearly 100 others. investigators say it's not yet clear if the one fatality was caused by falling debris or a lightning strike. a landmark ruling from maryland's highest court changes the way police officers look criminals. the state supreme court ruled that police officers can no longer collect dna samples from people arrested for violent crimes. practice began in 2009 as part of the governor's plan to crack down on repeat offenders. although that dna has sold hundreds of cases, electing dna before a person is a crime of a crime and is unconstitutional. >> , on the other hand, reveals that the vast amounts of personal and confidential information. >> we are in the 21st century. we have the ability to use dna
8:34 am
to identify precisely who committed a crime that's occurred in the past. >> we need that tool. >> the court did not address whether the state can retain this file. >> a police cruiser slammed into their car. police are saying that's not what happened and they are charging richardson with car theft. thousands take to the streets near downtown cairo in egypt for protest. take a look at this. they are demanding the presidential election commission be dissolved after it upheld a bay and. it would allow the former prime
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minister to run. the protesters marched to the defense ministry is protected by soldiers. the election is set for the end of may. and a child in china is lucky to be alive after she's nearly run over by a truck. several school students are running across the street when a truck loaded with sand and stones lips down a slow-moving girl. the truck later crashed into a traffic light. the driver was injured but the girl ducks when she saw the truck and suffered only minor injuries. millions of people turned out to safely get rid of expired or unneeded prescription drugs, but it was all part of the national drug giveback day. mike shue visited the most successful location in maryland. >> reporter: so many cars rolled up in delaware. turn the thousands of dollars in prescription medications are being handed over to the feds.
8:36 am
>> these were my grandmothers. she went into a nursing home. >> nursing home, funeral home, as wanting to get the meds out of their homes but not down the toilet. >> the epa has said that flushing of prescription drugs down the toilet will hurt the water supply. >> the show knew that. she turned in a full trash bag. >> it was actually from my father. he passed away a couple months ago. he was on a lot of medication, so we brought it up here from virginia. >> we are at the number 1 turned spot for all of the maryland. in just a half-hour they are at the halfway point. >> they don't know why this spot is so popular. these pills will be gone for good. >> permanently out of circulation, not in the water, not picked up by curious kids or stolen by thieves. mike shue, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> of the dea says another turn and will be organized in the fall. it keeps happening at ballparks. umpires are ready to take on the streakers. the latest one at orioles park. this incident caught on tape and posted on youtube. police say christopher that can of park hill out onto the field and was tackled by an umpire. he faces trespassing and disorderly conduct charges now. this is the fourth time this year that a fan has run onto the field. >> a new attraction at camden yards. big names and lots of loyal fans yesterday to honor one of the team's greatest players. adam me has the story. >> reporter: thousands braved the rainy weather for the clips -- for a click at this. >> when i was traded here at
8:38 am
baltimore, i was really crushed. i tell you, it didn't take me but about a week to get over it. i was happy to come here and i was happy to be part of this organization. this is an organization where this presentation and i came together and we became recognized. >> it's become known as one of the worst in baseball history. >> our executive said he is an old 30. well, i don't think frank was an old 30, because when he got here, he wore the triple crown and the ndp. >> robinson shared that moment with some of his former teammates. >> we had fun playing the game. we've enjoyed each other. we played the game, as they say, the orioles way. that's the correct way of playing the game. >> adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> as for the modern-day birds, they dominated in game two of
8:39 am
the series. they scored 10 runs in a blowout win. they go on to win this one to watch the finals. they watch this afternoon against the oakland athletics. see the game right here live at 1:30. first pitch. >> they dominate in the home stands. one game out of first place yesterday. i don't know what the blue jays did. maybe they are tied. i'm not sure. >> tied for first, apparently. >> well, they are contenders. it's a great day to be at the ballpark. a little breezy but a gorgeous spring afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. around game time we talk about the daytime high of 66. around 1:30, we call it 62
8:40 am
degrees downtown. sunshine and a light breeze. take a light jacket and you will be very comfortable. there is going to be a ton of sunshine. a beautiful day to be down at camden yards. right now at 46 degrees, the rain moved through yesterday. we didn't get that much rain. about a quarter of an inch in some parts. that was about the max. that was over the course of six or seven hours. from about sundown last night to about 3:00 in some parts of the area as it made its way toward the eastern shore and off into delmarva. now it's moving out of that area completely. temperature a 5%. west wind drying us out. 30.24, the barometer reading. around the state integers ranging from the upper 30s in cumberland and oakland to about 50 degrees in dc and ocean city. 40 degrees westminster, 46 in columbia. a lot of column readings for
8:41 am
wins around the state, but they are coming in from the north, the west, or the northwest. again, a dryer, cooler air mass moving around the region, but we are going to see warmer air over running the mid-atlantic the next few days. we stay in the 60s today and tomorrow. ahead of the storm system, this is the storm system that protestants to the midwest yesterday. it's moving in our direction but it loses a lot of its punch as it moves into our region. we will have some showers on tuesday. we could expect the rumbles of thunder. clouds will increase tomorrow evening ahead of the storms. what they will do when they get here, they will breeze right on through. they are just moving right along. so they come through, stay for a short time. what we will have also been pulled into the region, warm air from the south takes us to the 70s and
8:42 am
80s heading into the end of this week. sunset at 7:59. no advisories in effect. wins are not a major part of this forecast are yet 69 degrees today. average is 68. we are right on target for seasonably normal temperatures. 39 tonight, back into the mid- 60s tomorrow. storms on tuesday. at least through the afternoon. 77 on wednesday. 85 on thursday, 87 friday. >> still do, eyewitness news sunday morning, we get a taste of the newest restaurants. >> it's going to be a good morning. >> geac, with burgers, of course. >> it's a great morning. the march for the animals. we already have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. 46 degrees. a live look over federal hills. 8:45. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. call it a walk in the park with a couple of your closest furry
8:46 am
is four-legged friends. we are talking about the 17th annual march for the animals. >> we are alive with sharon gibala with more on today's events. somebody's talking. >> we have dogs doing tricks over here. they are learning how to catch for his bees and jumping over their owner. it's pretty amazing. i know my dogs couldn't do that. as far as the law goes, it is a fantastic event. it kicks off at 9:00 a.m.. at 10:00 a.m. the events begin. they go until 2:00. this is a fantastic fundraiser. good morning. >> we are very excited. this is our biggest fundraiser of the year. we are hoping to raise over $350,000 to help animals. we expect five to 6000 people.
8:47 am
>> will this support you for the year? the. >> we need a lot of help to help animals and people during the year. we are grateful to our title sponsor, but it really takes a lot to help these animals. we are doing 3000 adoptions and 9000 neuters every gear. everybody helps. >> this is a great event even if you don't have a dog. it's a lot of fun. i understand that there is an ice cream truck, costume contests. lots of activities. and you don't have to have a pet. we've had people bring in a stuffed animal or walk in honor of their pet area you are saying it's a one and a half mile walk but people don't even have to walk or your. >> a lot of people come to enjoy the festival. you don't have to go for a walk at all. >> it's a beautiful day to come out to the park. registration begins at 9:00 a.m.. the event goes until 2:00. back to you guys.
8:48 am
>> looks like a lot of fun. >> it is. it's a beautiful day. sharon gibala reporting live from the walk. >> still to come, if you didn't know, we are counting down to national burger month. how many days i had? >> just two. >> one of the best burgers around around to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we love theme parks but with four kids, it can just be too expensive. yeah, so to save money we just made our own. oh no! what could be worse than ninety-foot swells?! typhoon! first prize! it's a cheese grater. wooooo... this isn't scary. are you kidding me? look at that picture of your mom's hair from the '80s. there's an easier way to save. wooohooo... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> it's almost burger month. i didn't know that me was burger month. >> dot the four seasons and inner harbor east. thank you for being here. when jeff comes in, typically,
8:51 am
you have been at your restaurant the night before and you get up and spend some time with us. we always appreciate you coming in. >> and you bring food. >> thanks for having me here today. >> me is burger month. >> absolutely. we are participating in burger month. each week we are doing a different burger. to highlight the months, for the first month we are doing all baltimore burger. i am doing bit with scrapple on it. for me this scrapple is very baltimore. you go to some where and i thought it would play where -- i thought it would play well on the burger. >> give us the layers. >> it has the burger patty, and then it has a very nice flavor within me. we put the scrapple on top of that and a little cheese and bacon and the shredded iceberg lettuce. >> it's just a heart attack waiting to happen. >> we should say that this is
8:52 am
one of the newest restaurants here in baltimore restaurants. newest hotel. >> we've had a great year. it's been a pleasure to open it, and it's a beautiful building. everyone should come see. >> baltimore four seasons considered one of the best hotels in the world. it's been ranked by several different sources. >> we were one of the five busiest hotels in the country. 116 out of 120 on the hottest new hotels are your. >> that's impressive. >> the really cool thing is that you do not have to be a meat eater carnivore like me. >> we are also doing the vegetable burger. we make it medium rare by cooking tomato product and rice and putting it in the middle. we are doing it also with another burger. it's the feel and up pretzel
8:53 am
roll. you get it in bars around town. i thought it was a nice play. >> that's one of the tastes that only a chef would know. it doesn't seem like a natural blonde. >> yet. >> you obviously look at that and think it works. >> it's a classic french combination. it was a good thing. >> some of the things, it you make things at the restaurant. >> we have some homemade pickles here. we have some pickled pepper which we put on top of the burger buns as well. >> okay. >> also, i've made some of the scrapple. it's a three-day process. it's very user friendly. soak it in milk for a whole day. season it and cook it. if you'd like to try it, you are more than welcome to. >> if you'd like to try it,
8:54 am
your website is. >> wit and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today 66, clouds late in the day tomorrow, and then 74 on tuesday, 77 heading into next weekend. temperatures near 90 degrees. >> 1 year ago today millions of people were glued to their television sets as the royal couple tied the knot. >> today is the one-year anniversary of the day prince william and kate middleton said their ideas. the palace isn't saying how the couple is celebrating their big date but they did say that those persistent baby rumors are not true. >> we were looking for a baby. >> that's right. >> we were talking about the price. we've been celebrating the bicentennial of the war of
8:57 am
1812. >> it's tied into the world 1812. we are doing the burger and one of the tall boys here for 1812. >> can't go wrong with that. >> i'm tim williams. >> i'm gigi barnett. >> thank you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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