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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a pedestrian has been struck on interstate 75. >> it happened tonight underneath the local 12 -- >> just in the last few minutes, police cleared this scene and pulled the cars that were involved in this accident away, picked up the flairs and all took off. there was a three vehicle accident. when we first arrived here we saw an ambulance driving away
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struck. . the southbound lane, all of them were shut down far few minutes then two lanes of traffic were opened and the car left in the fast lane was closed so they could remove the vehicles that were involved in the accident from the scene. we will continue to follow any details and try to confirm whether or not that was that pedestrian who was struck taken to the hospital in that ambulance. reporting live, local 12 news. >> do we have any idea what that person was doing on the interstate. somebody trying to cross. any word from police? >> reporter: we haven't had any information on that. in order to talk to the police officers who were here. it wasn't safe to do that. i did call a couple in order to
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the people back there said they didn't have much more information than i did. it wasn't safe for me to walk out on the the interstate. >> stay safe and i'm sure we will get that information and pass it to our viewers. also breaking new, part of sixth street is closed down. firefighters tell local 12 there was a small grease restaurant. firefighters are still tonight scene. no one was hurt. >> the police shooting of a man on cincinnati's west side. tonight the leader is calling it a suicide by cop. >> city leaders say it was justified. we hear what 911 callers had to stay that led police to harrison avenue. we heard three different officers hitting him six times.
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headquarters. we found out that he did not have a real gun. however the police chief pointed out that the pistol he had was very real and said the officers actions were in line with their training. >> before the fatal shooting, 911 calls came in about paul gas ton. it was the first in the series -- callers reported a man with a gun the, they were talking about gaston. he wrecked his pick up the truck minutes before. >> he exited the car, stumbled out and dropped the gun. >> off stirs surrounded him
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one woman pleased to comply with the officers orders. >> please do what you're asked. please. >> as you can see, as you can see he raises up -- the driver is recording and you clearly hear the gunshots afterwards. [ gunshots ] >> my granddaughter was with me and she was draw -- traumatized. >> later t he had an air soft gun which shoots soft pellets but looked real plus callers reported a man with a gun not a man with a toy gun. community activists are hoping the circumstances surrounding his death do not repeat in the future.
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let them figure it out later. >> the mayor was at the media briefing today as well. he says that the officers were just tphaoeud their actions. -- justified in their actions. >> thanks very much. we learned that gaston had troubles with the law before. it was for an incident in october where he's accused of telling a woman he was going to kill her and her children and time. three of them fired the shots. all five were on paid administrative leave night while the shooting is being investigated which is normal in these cases. >> a driver may have been headed the wrong way twice before crashing into another car killing its driver. karen chin was in court today. she is changed with aggravated vehicular homicide. police say she was drunk driving north.
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jose arena died. she may have also been driving south in the northbound lanes a half an hour earlier. >> >> that is going northbound. there somebody in the fast lane going southbound in the northbound area. >> the police say chin's blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit.
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the way as well. we are already breezy from the international airport. 38 at the international airport. it's been cool all day but those winds are making the 30s and 40s and have a windchill value of 29 at the international airport. we will stay dry overnight through the morning commute as well but we do have the thigh partially clearing. see partly cloudy skies throughout the morning commute and we will be 43 by 5:00 and get to 47 by 9:00. >> thank you. sometimes a college campus can be a tough place to get around. it was tougher for one man today on the campus.
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asked a man for directions. then the guy who punched him ran away. he told campus police that the man was 5'8", wearing a white hat and had a gray and black backpack with a logo on it. >> the. we don't hear people getting attacked with hammers it happened twice. she got in an argument, punching her in the face and hitting her in the head with a hammer. she had her pit bull attack the person. they will both be arraigned in the morning. >> governor doesn't support tolls, he supports a bill that bans them continuing the saga that is replacing the
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bridge -- obsolete bridge. >> . it doesn't call tout bridge -- but says no tolls can be used on a project connecting kentucky and ohio. governor of kentucky came out in support of the the bail which is the opposite of what we saw his predecessor steve bashire advocate. >> . the bridge is old. nearly 53 years, it's rusted and over used according to recent studys with daily travel doubling. more than a year ago, ohio governor and now former kentucky kentucky governor said they fixed the bridge with tolls. >> i would be not interested in paying a toll of any kind. >> why is that. >> who wants to pay more money when you already drive across something for free every day. >> reporter: she isn't alone in her opinion.
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citizens and politicians haven't been shy about how to pay for a new bridge or improve the current one. >> i go a lot on the other side. we don't go to different places. some areas. >> michael lives in burlington. he's not opposed. >> i'm used to live in california. that's what you to in oakland bridge. it's no big deal. people get used to it. >> these how former kentucky governor felt and vetoed previous bills. now he isn't wasting any time putting his two cents in. he said he'd sign the bill to ban tolls saying the administration is working with legislators to make sure appropriate are included that will allow more ability to
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>> i do believe that we get and we give. i think that burden needs to fall also where. >> i don't know what round this is with the new leadership in kentucky but the conversation continues now with a different view point atop of the leadership in kentucky. the the governor will be in the northern kentucky area tomorrow making several stops and better believethy will be asked. local 12 will be with the governor tomorrow. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful.
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catholic us feel about it.
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chopper landing in the ocean. we have some incredible video. >> the hell continue every went down hard near the uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor. they saw smoke coming from the chopper's tail. there were five people on board when it happened. bystanders e immediately jumped into action. >> we are all certified. it's in and helped. somebody is still in the aircraft.
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pilot side in the back seat and saw them and saw it was twisted so it's just instinct. >> when we first saw it turn and i said, do those land on water because that looks like it's coming in and within a second somebody else got down and we just turn and ran and tried to take cover. >> all five people were taken to the hospital. the fbi agent belongs to the brother of one of the san bernadino terrorists. the feds searched the home in corona, california for four hours. they won't say if the search warrant had anything to do with the massacres. they killed 14 people at a social service agency in december. >> the two children who were revived earlier this month in like hi swallowed the drugs. the doctors in warren, ohio
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-pbtd. police are still waiting on toxicology reports but leading toward the two that the two injusted heroin. 18-year-old was charged. the children are now in the county's custody. >> john has another newspaper endorsement tonight. they say the ohio governor is the best bet for republicans. he is a proven leader who can work on both sides of the aisle and says he has a plan. during his campaign, donald trump has more on the offensive than defensive. . >> local 12 reports on the surprising war of wards and how he's playing with catholics and republicans around here. >> on his way home from mexico, pope francis was asked what he this thought of donald trump's promise to build a wall between
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>> a person who this of building walls, wherever they may be located and not building bridges is not a christian. >> the pope's remark appeared to catch trump off guard. >> it it's good i like the pope. it it's bad i don't like the pope. trump found out what pope francis had said. >> i am a christian and proud of it. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. but local catholics we met aren't finding fault with the pope. >> it's insulting not to the catholics, that's not a person you say negative things about. >> the pope is coming from the human aspect, he's concerned about the humanity of the immigrants and i think trump is looking at is political. >> the wall slap has spread to
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trump supporters have tweeted foe dows of wall -- photos calling on the pope to tear them down. >> i think the pope ought to stay out of america's internal politics. the chairman the citing with trump. >> america is a wonderful country. have very well coming to immigrants of all kinds and our history. we built an entire nation around immigration. i think the pope's comments were unnecessary. >> mr. trump saysthy has a lot of respect for the pope and thinks he was misinterpreted. >> turning for animals to his landscaping need. the cemetery officials say they are testing them to see if they can help control envaseive plants. an acre of weeds. not something unheard of. the low ka cost cost weed eaters
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coverington you may remember. >> a local brewery can make a splash. you make it happen. it listed america' best new brewery. it defines a new brewery as one that's been open less than three years. .. it's a raersd choice can award so the readers are determine bid your votes. >> i have been kwaeut waiting for this night for some time because tomorrow it will be warm. so, it will be windy. so we are going to look at wind gusts up to 40-45 miles per hour. gusts. you can see gusts to 40. we aren't but we sure will see a flag flying. you can see the balloon blowing
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continue to see dry conditions. the dinner plans --. the 50s and 60s it will be great. but tomorrow is going to be pretty windy. make sure you prepare yourself for that during the afternoon hours. a beautiful shot crystal clear and we do have mostly clear to to partly cloudy skies looking from the atrium medical center weather camera. temperatures in the the upper 30s in since nate because were clearing out of it but the winds are going to continue to kick up and that helps us from falling too far. we are still at 50 in evansville. this the warmth will continue to come our way. the winds will shift from the southeast to the southwest and they are still coming out of the
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continue to see that shift by tomorrow morning. 36 in wilmington and the mid 30s. you are at 38 degrees. we are dry. an area of high pressure off to our east. we still have some high and mid level clouds that aren't causing any precipitation and we stay dry all evening long and we will stay dry through the morning commute. i expect to see a pretty good day tomorrow except for the winds. the winds are at 17 miles per hour out of that southeast direction. once we tap in to the southwest direction we will start to see those temperatures sore in the 50s for -- tomorrow morning. by the afternoon t20-30 miles
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35-45 miles per hour possible. >> they will end with more clouds. i expect it to -- by 5:00 it is mostly cloudy. but a moisture cold front moves through. you can see a couple sprinkles there. it's a 10% to see a sprinklele during 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 friday evening. i wouldn't worry about the rain on friday. sunday is when you will need the rain gear but saturday is still dry and warmer with temperatures the warmer 50s. it will be around 44 at 7:00, 54 at noon with highs close to 60 oh. 63 on saturday. it will still be a bit breezy during the afternoon. upper 50s a rain. monday we dry out with up the upper 40s. a slight chance of seeing a
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but temperatures will be in the lower 40s and this weekend it will be great especially to start. >> can't wait.
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aim excited about this it snapped the net. over the break by five. than is in regulation. the deflect jumper. were going in to over. time. the in bound pass and goes back out of bounds and takes over ball down by one. there is the jump shot by jacob evans and it's off the mark now. there are seven seconds left to play in over time and you see it trailing by three and at 70 to 67. we will update you when that becomes final. ever since that 7-point loss. they have been on fire.
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average margin of victory and 26 points. not a chance far little revenge. they haven't loss all season long. he was ejected less than three minutes in his last game against south carolina. seems not almost unfair. he is off the mark but not to worry here. up by nine. later on the run. they return the favor. they rack up their 2th win of the season. -- 20th win of the season. nascar ran the dual 125 setting up the field for sunday's daytona500. plenty left to be decided. leave it to steal the show. dale taking the first race, 15
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passed away on that very same track. 44 cars went racing tonight. you are look for the 17th career win at daytona. he will start inside second row. junior, a man who wears many hats had v to make those sponsors happy. the second dual race response on the outside role. johnson gets a little loose and starts a multicar pile up. bush will go on to win it. that got the car all banged up so instead of starting tonight front row they will have to start in the back of the pack. still ahead, the boys of summer are back. spring training under way today
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>> so, you don't need a ground hog to know when spring has sprung. pitchers and catchers reporting for edition of spring training. so much to be decided over the next few weeks and despite tault losses, injuries and trades from last season there's optimism out for good year. he's been cut short by that bad hip tpwhau was encouraging. and there were 34 pitchers. they show up next tuesday. the hall of fame and doesn't matter it it's florida or arizona. best time of year.
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there was no radio the booth. we broadcast from the top of the stands and joe and i had a great time doing games there. it's luck sure luck sure use that it's in good year. that's the best part of my job. spring training is the best part
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>> >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey, everybody! whoo! hey! welcome to "the late show"! (cheers and applause)


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