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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:07am-4:37am EDT

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aparent leading by roughly 1500 votes. he said even though he's behind in total delegates by a wide expect him to drop out. >> we think if we come into the convention in july in having won a whole lot of delegates, a whole lot of momentum behind us and most importantly candidate who is most likely to defeat donald trump. we think some of these ave now supported hillary clinton can now come over to us. all eyes turn to next tuesday's contest. utah and idaho as wells americanmowau. it's interesting to note that utah will be offering online voting for their republican caucuses for the first time. supreme court nominee merrickking the
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he met with harry reed and the top nate republicans are standing by their vow not to even con consider his nomin next president is elected. eight senators have said they would be open to at least meet with garland. change your mind about spring. extreme weather brought lightning, powerful wind and golf-ball size hail to northsday, leaving a lot of broken windows in its wake. it killed eight exotic birds at a zoo in fort worth. and a late in parts of the colorado rockies over the last two days. that's more than the town of ad in the past two months. as you've seen, old man winter, well, it is sticking around, it seems.
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your most important point we're going to make is computer models are not forecast. they just give us a little the puzzle. this was the european computer model showing a signiorm through all of new england. and now we have the new one in about two hours ago and everything shifted for umthe european model to the east. took the heavy band of snow and now into the coastal areas. that's why these are not the official this is just a glimpse. now the american model so also has a more nuisance type of event have that much snow in southern new england. as of now, the trend is a little bit off the coast. again, we're still 60 hours the event.
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a minor event, showerslong the gulf coast. and on sunday, we'll be watching where the storm is off the midatlantic coast. now a closer look at your day so, showers and storms plentiful this morning. we're watching them in north florida and another lie in alabama and mississippi. and a little chillier as we go further up towards the north. so, how did you do? your quiz? >> yeah. i don't like the way it sounds either way. >> a little wintry but the odds of a huge little less today than yesterday. >> we'll take that. well, seaworld's major de decision over the future of killer and the situation in brazil is getting dicier by the moment. ier by the moment. no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our
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in the brazilian police fired tear gas outside congress during a mass demonstration. they're protesting being appointed to chief of staff. after years of criticism, seaworld says it's ending itsgram of killer whales immediately. they have 24 whales in three parks. they're the last generation that will display. >> if you look at people's general comfort level of or human care, i've seen a real shift in society. >> we're pushing for them to release these orcas to so they can live out a semblance of a normal life in their last days.
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revenue. and rob ford underwent chemotherapy last year for anve form of soft tissue cancer. he became an international punch line after admitting to smoking crack but surveillance video captured a car slamming through the front of a southern florida pizzeria. a couple was dining the car crashed right into them. >> the car coming past me and just him being slammed against the wall. >> all i remember is being inst the counter in between the counter and the car and the people trying to drag me out. >> they received stitches at theere released. the 70-year-old driver simply lost control. look at that. city nearly 200,000
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right, let's get right to the madness, shall we? making its first appearance in the ncaa tournament in 54 years,wed they belong by upsetting the best offensive rebound team in baylor. check out the post gamewith this reporter-player exchange.
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>> you go up and grab the ball hen it comes off and you grab it with two hands and you come down with it and that's considered a rebound. so, they got more of thosed. >> okay then. yikes. next to perdue against arkansas little rock and nails agame tying three-pointer. it went into double ot as number 12 advances with the 85-83 win. then seaten hallne isaiah white head gautd ice cold as gonzaga got away with this one.'s roy williams got his 56th ncaa victory breaking a tie with his mentor, the late dean smith for most
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the internet is buzzing over the news x men apocalypseer er. the movie comes out in may. and miss a universe dide doing interviews and tends to shy away from cameras. officials said that was doing damage to the >> i'm sorry to tell you this but you've been over exposed. >> over exposed? >> yes, you're everywhere. this instagram wearing a poncho, amy. >> what's it cure? >> go away for a while. >> amy schumer is sure busy.oming back home to comedy central when the new
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and the unique japanese yours for $137 a night. a rare blue diamond ring will cost you a little bit more. it belonged to the temple-black. million. >> i'd be nervous to wear love to wear it. and actress emma watson met up with beat boxing on gender equality. >> we're like half, like women le on earth and they should have that means all day every day equal pay okay are we really this beat box is fantastic. yo, i'm drastically changing they cow, this is such a meme.
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