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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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right now at 5:00 today, a new program launches right here in summit county to try and prevent drug abuse. coming up, why some believe a bag can make all the difference. lynna? >> all right, tiffany. donald trump goes to co kent state prepares to celebrate a brand new kind of dining hall. here's hollie. >> john and lynna, thank you so much. a very happy wednesday to you. a final day of august, we'll end it with a few showers and possible thunderstorms. now, this map makes you think this is going to pure -- it's going to pour all day. we'll be in the upper 70s and
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all that means is you're grabbing your rain gear as you're getting the kids ready. make sure you pack the umbrella in there. we'll be near 80 degrees today. we have a lot of cloud cover around. there's not a whole lot of wet weather to talk about at this point. a couple of things to watch. we have a few showers just off the lake shore there in cuyahoga county. we'll watch and track and see if those move inland. most mostly cloudy skies. well radio go hour by hour coming up. take a look at the best chance of rain today. also, what about the labor day weekend. first, danielle has a look at your drive. could have some wet roads. >> all right. we'll be preparing for it and make sure you get to where you need to go on time, at least trying to get you information to make decisions. right now we're clear on the traffic map. what you will encounter is the
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throughout the region all this entire season, but we're still green. so no problems. i will check a little bit of slow traffic south near i-480 as you're approaching summit county. here is the picture in the area. that's all cleared out. everybody is getting by just fines. those drive times on 271 between route 8 in mass done na. john and lynna, back to you. >> all right. danielle, thank you. >> new this morning, li investigating a shooting on the city's east side. this is the scene on east 61st and superior. the man was taken to university hospitals. no word yet on his condition this morning. we'll keep following that story. >> northeast ohio families are all too familiar with the devastating effects of the opioid drug abuse. a push begins to try to change that today. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live from akron.
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difference. and lynna and john, we know all too much of those events where you can bring your old medication to law enforcement officers, and they will get rid it of for you. now you can do it yourself. we'll show you how it's done. it's basically a bag that you add water to and it's safe for the land fill. what it also does is keeps prescription pills out wrong hands. addiction to prescription drugs leads to an addiction to heroin. we'll go ahead and show you this information. it's at the summit county public heatlh in akron. they're planning on giving away 40,000 bags. that's how many bags were donated to this effort. now, we also know you can get the bags at acme pharmacy
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to help with the heroin epidemic here in summit county. live in akron, tiffany tarpley, channel 3 news. >> thank you, tiffany. a man accused of killing a woman will face a judge today. he's been charged with murder and is being held on a $1 million bond. police say he ran a red light and hit 53-year-old debra pearl's car. his suv flipped several times. then he got out killed pearl. the victim and the suspect's families are expected to be in the courtroom today. to canton now where police are searching the for suspect who killed two men yesterday morning. it happened in the 2300 block of midway avenue. police say the 911 call came from a neighbor. when they arrived, they found two men had been shot and killed in the house. police say there are also three children in the home. they were taken to the hospital as a precaution. two akron men have been
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for allegedly shooting a woman in the cuyahoga valley national park. they've been charged with attempted murder, among other charges. court documents say the two tried to kill the woman by shooting her in the head. if convicted, they could face up to 30 years in prison. a memorial for the victims of the serial killer anthony so sowell are seeing another delay. organizers say slow caused the delay. two days before halloween in 2009 police arrived at sowell's home to investigate a possible sexual assault. that's when the grim discovery was made. the victims' family say a memorial would help with closure. the cleveland schools and teacher's union have reached a deal. this avoids a strike. now it goes to the union
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the teacher's union was prepared to strike by thursday night. both sides say the deal is fair, and it's good for kids and teachers. >> a state law banning cities from local hiring requirements is now on hold. a cuyahoga judge delayed the new law after the city of cleveland sued. the city wants to keep its law that requires 20% of workers on public projects be cleveland residents. republican lawmakers passed a ban on such requirements. it was set to ta today. the next court hearing on the case is in november. >> vice president joe biden will campaign for hillary clinton here in northeast ohio. the event will take place thursday at the united workers' hall in parma. you can find a link to rsvp on were website, now, hillary clinton and tim
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thursday. donald trump will travel to mexico to meet with that country's president. he tweeted it last night. the president invited trump and hillary clinton to meet with him privately. he's promised to build a wall on the border and make mexico pay for it. he's compared trump to and mussolini. the u.s. is not confirming -- death. he's apparently second in command is known for giving rousing speeches to encourage recruits to carry out attacks. people in reno, nevada say
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crashed. the plane appeared to be making a landing at the airport when it crashed. one witness says it sounded like the plane's engine stalled. in word on how many people were on board. >> facebook was forced to fire editor who is oversaw the trending topics earlier this year. facebook faced allegations of political bias. but now with no one helm, fake news stories have made it into the algorithm. for instance, there was a story about megyn kelly being kicked out for being a traitor, which is false. facebook is working on it. they're working on letting a computer choose stories on the algorithm alone. i don't know if anybody would be hired to be the editor. they're trying to make it
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too well. >> they say there's accusations before. i've posted a picture of peyton on my facebook page. peyton is a real dog. >> no fake background? >> no. this is legit. 5:09, distracted by technology, the new study surrounding student's smart phones and the use of those. >> and big news for beer drinkers. a new law in effect for this mog. local breweries. hi, hollie. >> hi, lynna. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms today. a little wet weather on the radar already. i'm going to show you exactly where and when the chances are at the highest. it is the middle day of the week and august. we hit 88 degrees yesterday. we've got a live look this morning.
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it could get iffy throughout the day. like i said, we'll do some tracking to see if the wet weather lingers into the labor day weekend. can you imagine how close it's getting? we'll be back. good morning. i have a sore throat, fever and cough, is it the flu? (phone)symptoms consistent with... (phone)spontaneous combustion that doesn't sound right. (phone)hysterical pregnancy (phone)disco fever what? (phone)maybe make an appointment at summa health? yeah, let's do that. don't trust internet diagnoses. trust the physicians at summa health.
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time right now is 5:13. doesens of dogs are -- dozens this morning after a miniature schnauzer breeder surrendered the dogs. some of them are receiving medical care before they're ready for their forever home. lynna? big news for all the beer lovers out there. the ohio cap on beer alcohol levels has been officially lifted. the law took effect right at
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across the state are pretty excited about it. this is that buckeye beer legend. in may, a cap was lifted for 90 cap brewers here in ohio. this owner says this change will open a whole new door for brew masters. >> it's awesome. i feel like i can spread my wings. what's more is we can offer in other places and we couldn't offer them in ohio. it means a lot. for our business, it means more business. >> craft beer was a $22.3 billion industry in the u.s. last year with sales growing by nearly 13% over the previous year.
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roller coaster. recently cedar point asked the question and melt answered. it's unsure if this was an act for fans or if it was the start of some tasty negotiations. >> tasty. very nice. all right. as we take a live look outside, you don't see that every day. we're doing a live interview. >> right. >> with frogs. >> right. >> i actually love thos the birds, and then you have the frogs. >> this could be the first ever live interview with one of those characters. >> i stopped drinking caffeine a few months ago. i thought i was losing it. >> are you going to go back to it. >> fire up the pot, people. >> i love that. that's a great picture. that's a great live picture. >> caption contest is what that screams. >> how do you feel? >> all right. well, you better take those
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it's one of those mostly hot mornings so far. back to school, we have to say a huge thank you to all of you for the photos you've been sharing. this is annie sharing her back to school smile for us. keep them coming. i know there's more school starting today. good luck to you. you're going to have a great, great time. back to school 3 is the hashtag to use on instagram. we would love to the word. smiles are contagious. we say that all the time. it's really a great looking holiday weekend coming up. for a lot of you, it's a long one. maybe some of you are off friday and monday, some of you may be off today. travel today could get a little slow with scattered rain and a possibility of a few thunderstorms there. you know how that is. roads get wet and things slow down. it's going to be scattered enough that at any point it's
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not as high as yesterday's 88 degrees. the stretch over the next 12 hours shows mainly overcast skies with the chances of rain at times. right now, the truth is that as most of you wake up and get breakfast going and lunches packed and things organized, maybe even something in the crock pot for dinner later, it's mostly cloudy skies. there's not a lot happening. zooming in, we have showers over the lake. now, what i've noticed is some of these are starting to move inland a bit here. cuya c some showers along 90 there. and then we're also seeing the showers in ashtabula have now moved out and are further east. so we're in the clear. geneva, painesville. as we take a look at the big picture, though, there's a lot happening in the tropics. i know this is a travel weekend coming up. we have tropical depression 8 coming up off the coast of north carolina there. this is one to watch if you're going to be traveling to the
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this could absolutely have an impact on florida. we could be adding a lot to what's happening there in wet weather. so at home, things will not be soaking rains all day. so i do think on and off showers, possible thunderstorms. 9:30 this morning, we see more scattered showers today. it's possible as you're getting after school activities that there will be wet roads and their think ahead and plan for some extra time. probably not the best night to grill because you will be dodging some raindrops potentially. window nation 7-day forecast, we could have leftover chances tomorrow. bring it on. labor day weekend and all clear. sunshine and beautiful and eventually warming back into the 80s.
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>> wkyc is brought to you by mike bass ford. get a great deal and a great deal more at mike bass ford. so far i'm not tracking any accidents at 5:19. we move to the south. we're pretty much green on our highways and major roadways. also, i was checking a little bit of slow traffic. u.s. 42 in medina county as you're approaching, i believe, cone road. 11 miles per hour there, adding minutes to also slow traffic 271 south as you're approaching 71. that's all cleared out. speaking of 71. 71 southbound at route 82. royalton road. watch for possible ramp restrictions from overnight. here is the picture in the area. we have normal drive times. >> thank you, dani.
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they're teaming up to give attendance a boost. there will be coupons for zip's events. the 30,000-seat stadium only saw 5,000 fans last year. it's the lowes attendance acing on -- entirely gluten free menu. kent say the number of students with gluten intolerance has been going up all year. so it created a gluten free dining hall. it's said that -- americans have a sensitive to gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley.
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in your child's hands. >> your cell phones. it's even for distracting for kids. researchers asked kids to cross the street while talking on the phone. they found everyone else's reaction time was the slowest, but children were the most affected. cell phone safety should be back to school preparation. >> so they tell us not to walk across the street with a phone, but go do it for this study. >> right, and see exactly how distracted you >> okay. interesting, though. 5:21 now. mark your calendars. what you need to know about apple's new iphone release, even if you're not an iphone
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okay. whether you're an
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android user, it's time to put cash back in your pocket. >> to you like putting cash back in your pocket? i love putting cash back in my pocket. >> agreed. with the apple announcement you've been talking about for weeks, it greatly impacts the value of both of your phones, especially if you want a buyback. >> what? >> apple, android? how is that whenever apple makes an announcement, there's a surge in people selling their devices, whether or not they're migrating from android to apple, vice versa. it affects the entire world of technology. what this means to you right now, whether or not you're an iphone, samsung, lg, htc, blackberry, $49 prime phone,
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this is the time to find out what your phone is worth and to consider getting paid. for most of the major services, you can lock in a quote right now. you don't need to sell. get the quote now while the prices are slightly higher. one of my websites, compares the price between all stores. lock in the price now. come tuesday of next week, you will be way ahead of the game, and, yes, samsung users e first competitor next in line. why? well, a lot of people may not be happy with the new iphone and may switch from iphone to samsung. therefore it also affects your buy-back offers., you won't regret it. you have a few days to consider it. most companies give you three to four days to even agree. >> i'm glad you're doing this. i just got this yesterday.
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right now, get $300. >> yes. >> just because apple is coming out and we're getting rid of old phones. >> and they take all the offers into account, so your smartphone provider and all the other offers are aggregated with that service. >> not ebay? >> not ebay. that have a bonus, but i would check out flipsy first. >> thanks. here's hollie. >> thank you, guys. we havea and thunderstorms. we'll hit around 80 today. we were 88 yesterday. grab the umbrella as you're getting things organized. make sure you're thinking about rain gear. on the travel map, it's quiet so far. some scattered showers around here. i'm going to show you where. very active in the tropics. john and lynna, we'll be talking a lot about that. we have a big traveling holiday weekend coming up. that could mean trip for some
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thanks, hollie. 5:27 now. off to cuba. find out when daily flights take off from the u.s. >> a close encounter, how one woman got into a sticky situation with that guy, a
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow!
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i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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5:31 right now. time for the morning rush. police have issued a statewide alert for man. this is 83-year-old donald rapowski and didn't return after he left home. he needs his medication. he was last seen wearing dark pants, a hawaiian shirt. he has white hair. he was in a dodge charger like this. call 911 if you see him. tiffany? >> reporter: well, lynna, today a new program will launch right
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drug abuse and drug addiction. so often we hear about how an addiction to prescription pain pills can lead people to heroin. it is cheaper and much easier to get on the streets when those pills run out. well, today, bags will be available that you can use at home to safely get rid of any old medication in your medicine cabinets that you know longer need. so everything begins right here today. we're outside of the summit county public health building. th's begins, and this is something we'll continue to follow to see how it goes here in summit county. john? >> all right. three northeast ohio men are one of several inmates' whose sentences have been cut short. this is part of obama's cutting sentences. this sentence has been reduced
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also, hal mincy was convicted for distributing crack in 2001. he's set to get out in december. let's bring in hollie now for a look at that forecast. >> thanks so much, john. it's 5:33. if you're just getting the day started and the coffee brewing and the breakfast starting too. we have scattered showers and storm chances now. this is a little misleading because pour all day. the chances will be there not only this morning but also into the afternoon and evening commutes. so rain gear today. 75 at 9:00, upper 70s at noon. we'll be around 80 for a high today. not as hot at 88. in the coming day, we'll see cooler weather coming in before it warms back up again. a lot of cloud cover as you're waking up this midweek. as we do zoom in, we'll see
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county. so we're starting to see some wet weather. no thunderstorms, which is very important to note. yes, roads are going to be wet in spots. so we're going to watch and track real closely. as we do track on future view here and track you mid-to-late morning, we do see more and into the afternoon too. so danielle is keeping an eye on things. these wet roads, as we know. we slow things down a little bit. >> they cause accidents and people are not -- you're used to driving them, but sometimes you don't make adjustments we're at 77 at the turnpike on the summit-cuyahoga county border. traffic is moving just fine. i know many of you were stuck in that traffic jam in that area right now. right now the turnpike, 271, no problems. speaks of 77, watch for the overnight road closures at rockside, state route 82. some pavement repairs are going on in that area. hopefully that will clear out. today is the last day of that. other than that, we're green.
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lynna, we're good to go. >> thanks, dani. sounds good. 5:34 right now. topping your morning news feed. people on hawaii's big island are preparing for hurricane madeleine. hurricane conditions are expected within the next 36 hours. how about looking at a view from the international space station. do we have that video? in the atlantic, hurricane gaston, meanwhile, is growin looks like it will skip the united states. singer chris brown is out of jail this morning after she was arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. a woman said brown pointed a gun at her inside his home. there was a brief standoff with police. brown took to social media to proclaim his innocence. jetblue is headed to cuba.
5:36 am
american airlines with regularly scheduled flights to cuba. the first flight will take off from fort lauderdale and travel to the cuban city of santa clara clara. u.s. law prohibits travel to cuba still, but there are dozens of categories for travel, like visiting garage. when she looked up, she was staring right into the eyes of a bear. dave mcdaniel has the story. >> reporter: so close she could feel the bear's breath. >> never that close. no. frightening. >> tucked out of the rain and enjoying social media and games on her phone, and then she looked up. >> this is exactly where i was at. i could move it just a little bit.
5:37 am
she sent a message to her son with a message, help me. >> i thought she was messing with me. >> when she followed up with don't make a lot of noise. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. >> once her 6'6", 320-pound bear walked up behind her. >> i felt like if i did some kind of knee jerk, that that might scare him, and i didn't know be. >> a trap was brought in later in the afternoon, bringing in standard garbage cans and trash bags. >> they feel the bear has been fed and they hope they can move it out for everyone's safety. >> crazy. in florida, you think about the alligators. now bears. >> now you're dealing with
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a big announcement expected from donald trump today after he makes a quick visit from mexico. tracie potts joins us with a live report. all right. so tim tebow holds his baseball workout even though some say he has no chance of making it to the major leagues, but despite his critics, there's one thing he can still do, and i applaud him for it.
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5:40 right now. donald trump is headed to mexico today to meet with the country's president who has said he will never pay for trump's big wall. >> tracie potts is live in washington with that plus trump's immigration speech planned for arizona tonight. hi, tracie potts. >> reporter: every time he says he's not going to pay, the wall gets higher. wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for this meeting today. it's something we found been trump's speech in arizona on immigration. that's still happening tonight. first, he's headed south of the border. >> he's going to lead an administration that will end illegal immigration. >> we're also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> donald trump's message in arizona tonight and mexico today.
5:42 am
he's invited both candidates to visit. trump has 3% support in the latest poll. hillary clinton says americans should pay close attention to what he says here, whether he'll deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. trump's team says tonight's speech will contrast his policy with clinton's, which he'll called guaranteed amnesty. >> all we know is something strange >> clinton's running mate talking about the relationship with russia. >> don't we need to know what trump's relationship is with russia and why it's so cozy. >> reporter: meanwhile, republicans seem to be holding their own. both john mccain and marco rubio won their primaries in arizona and florida.
5:43 am
speaks to the american lesion. and we just learned this hour that she is going to be getting the endorsement of a former assisted deputy secretary of defense from the bush administration. by the way, she spent a lot of time this weekend raising money in the hamptons. it looks like $20 million. >> electric. we'll see if that -- okay, thank you so much. we'll see to ohio. hollie? thank you. it's august 31st. we have some wet weather today. i think it will be scattered, and the weather is looking really promising for a lot of the holiday weekend. i know many of you are off friday and monday, good for you. today it is going to end up being showers at times, perhaps some thunderstorms to take those umbrellas and the brain
5:44 am
equipped for the bus stop too. 80 at 5:00, not nearly as hot as yesterday's 88. and overthe next 12 hours, we'll see a lot of overcast skies. we're going -- over the next 12 hours, we'll see a lot of overcast skies. we're going to see an increase. most of you are dry. we're seeing much more overcast skies. as we zoom in, what we've noticed over the past 30 minutes is a lot more activity anticipated by our computer model forecast. as these showers continue to move inland, more wet roads along 90 and could cause some slowdowns. sometimes the smallest rain shower could do that. you will see that some of those showers are now east side of cleveland and also lake shore lake county. we're seeing showers as well, just approaching mentor at this point. we're going to zoom out and take a little trip.
5:45 am
we have tropical depression number8, keeping a closer eye on it. maybe with the holiday weekend coming up you have plans in south plans -- you have plans this weekend. we'll continue to see how we continue with those chances on and off. as you're grabbing your kids for school, headed to work, the great news is we're just looking terrific for the holiday weekend. all the way through. air show and everything you've got planned. speaking of terrific, rylee, about three years old. she's located in stowe. very special because she was saved from the cleveland kennel almost two years ago. fallon sent the picture in, saying she's our baby. we sure get it. it's 5:35. sheer a check on your -- here
5:46 am
good morning to all of you. we take a look at the traffic map. we're watching the region. it's still an accident-free commute. some slow traffic, u.s. 43 near sandy avenue southeast in starr county, that's adding a few minutes to your commute. they meet in canton, no problems there. we move northeast to 271 at state route 8, we're looking great in that construction zone. all green on 271. a little bit of we're tracking 90 east as we approach 94, but that's all cleared out and to the west, we're all green. normal drive times pretty much throughout the region. john and lynna, back to you. >> thank you, dani. >> well, despite losing all of his big name sponsors after his incident in rio, ryan lochte has a new endorsement deal. it's with a company called robo cop. they make sound grenades.
5:47 am
scaring the attacker. the company will not say if this would have saved lochte in rio. can't make this stuff up. >> no you -- no, you can't. corey kluber tries to close out a perfect month of august. the indians are 5-0 in his starts. last night the indians got the bounces to go their way. they rallied to francisco lindor scores a home run. check out this. line drive coming off the leg of zach mcallister. he used a hacky sack type kick to save it. the tribe tries to take the twins tonight. have you seen this?
5:48 am
going to bring back a player. a deal that would send coco crisp back here to cleveland. the deal has to be done today for coco to be eligible. he's hitting .234 this year. all right. for my take this morning, correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't this the land of opportunity, the place where we're taught to go after our dr much bashing of tim tebow when he goes after an opportunity. he held a baseball workout in front of major league scouts. here he is. he sent out invites saying he wanted to hold a workout. no one had to show up. 42 scouts did. he wasn't perfect. he had a few slips in the outfield, but he showed he has power, hitting off two major league pitchers. he hit a home run, over 400 feet, one of the toughest
5:49 am
he's a pro athlete. he didn't say he's going to make it in the majors, but he wants a chance at a career in baseball. >> it's not about publicity. it's definitely not about money. i took a pay cut to do this. for me, you pursue what you love, right? regardless of whatever happens. regardless of if you fail or fall flat on your face. that's the worst thing that could happen. when did that become a bad thing. when did pursuing what you love become >> there's the lesson. tebow won who national championships at florida. he won an nfl playoff game with the broncos while others said he wasn't an nfl quarterback. you don't think he could fill a major league stadium? one thing tim tebow can do besides win is market himself. he got 28 major league teams to come and take a look at him yesterday. you can't fault him for that. tweet me your thoughts at john wkyc. no matter what tim tebow does,
5:50 am
>> i agree. you know, forget the haters. >> why say he can't do it. >> love his attitude. >> right. >> love his attitude. 5:50 right now. coming up, ways to save. hi, matt. >> good morning, lynna. people are looking for college backpacks. i'm going to put a light bulb in one and throw a brick on top. that's coming up right after
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it's 5:53 right now. chipotle is deal every sunday in september. kids eat free when you buy a burrito bowl and order a taco or a salad. they work hard to win back customers after several food born illness outbreak last year. all right. 5:53. the best tech bs in bs -- in
5:54 am
country. >> last week many of you remember i put a wine glass in a backpack and dropped a brick on it. >> that's it right there? >> yes. i am bringing in the prop and i just dropped it, and it did break. it is a breakable light bulb. there are no tricks. i never care whether or not you buy any of the items i feature, but before i show you the prices r you ready for the test. take a look. >> we're going to put this light bulb to the test and put backpack. >> and i'm once again going to drop in brick on top of the backpack. we are going to do this in one take. we don't care whether or not you buy it. >> go ahead. >> front zipper. >> this works with all of the backpacks. cody r you red -- are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> dropping the brick. it's still intact. wait. if you're not yet convinced,
5:55 am
light bub. here it is. there you go. bam. does this actually work? oh, my, seriously. what? >> yep. >> wow. >> i want to point out, just dropping it between our studios, i broke it a minute ago. >> just a real light bulb. >> off to 70% off. it's leaking mercury. >> no, it's not. >> $45 could get you any of the a lot of people are like, i found it cheaper. there's only one store selling this. i if they protect a light bulb, can you imagine what they can do to protect your laptop, dignity. >> okay. we hope to be here for the 6:00 hour.
5:56 am
>> yeah, let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: john and lynna, it is overdose awareness day. coming up, i will let you know what's happening new at northeast ohio to try to prevent addiction. >> when you sent me out and said go find breakfast. i'm going to do one better. i'm going to help make breakfast. we'll tell you how you can help about half a million people in northeast ohio when we back to you. >> google is about to get competition. -- uber is about to get some competition. google is announcing a release. so far we're clear on our major highways. i'm hearing reports that traffic lights are not working in barberton. i will give you the rundown. hollie? and rain showers will be
5:57 am
to affect your drive this morning and your day in general. and then we'll talk about the forecast. will we have more thunderstorms to think about? i will let you know, coming up. a live look this morning of public square. a pancake flip. it's a great cause. we love to see you down there to support it. we're going to tell you all about it. ink you get a stack of three, i
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right now at 6:00 from prescription pills to heroin, it's a farm scenario. coming up, how some feel may help change that. john? >> all right, tiffany. big news for beer lovers, why you could soon see some new options at your favorite watering hole starting today. let's check in with maureen. >> reporter: i'm cooking breakfast. flipping pancakes. we'll tell you how $5 can go a


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