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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  August 31, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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of unwanted drugs. hi, betsy. >> well, we have the much needed rain and now it's moving from the rain to the sun and a lot of it for the holiday forecast. good evening everyone, swine flu is back in ohio and lebron's kids are not wearing his shoes here tonight. it's not every day a prayer circle emerges but friends and family says she wasn't an every day woman. she ran a red light and then a car flipped several times and
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two people have tested for swine flu after the fair. one person in contact with an infected pig. cleveland teachers could have gone on strike on friday and we have learned that won't happen and how the deal was struck. the teachers' union say they won't release any other details until they teachers. a tomato fight in spain tonight, creating a mushy mess. many swimming in goggles to protect their eyes. finally lebron james posting his own kids' photos
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shoes here. >> he's decided to wear kyrie's shoes here. i think that's a good choice here. >> well, it's great to see him and lebron getting the kids pictures to school here. >> thanks a lot. well, as the school year begins, about a thousand students are in danger of not gettinqu that's because the state leaders are discussing the possibility of pulling the funds for the education and how it could impact the pre-k kids. it's a move by the job and family services that will likely cut the preschool budgets, leaving the parents concerned about the early
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they can no longer partner with the head start program. according to katie kelly, the change would mean $2 million less in cuyahoga valley and cutting service for about a thousand schools here. >> i think it's horrible and they should find somewhere else to find money. somewhere else. >> reporter: those against the move are asking for the governor to delay the move until they can find a different solution. the change is due to begin saturday and we'll have to wait to see how it affects the local kids in preschool. with the rising number of drug overdoses an alarming
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in at the hospital with needles stuck in their arms and the drivers take off. >> reporter: it's something that hospitals are seeing more often, patients are left inside the hospital doors on inside with needles in their arms. >> a lot of them are dropped offunexpectedly. >> reporter: she's here for six years and the opiate epidemic is the worst right now. >> we used to see periodic spikes, but this is the longest period. >> reporter: most are on gur anies -- here and revived by the pair medics. >> some of them are dropped off at the front door the and we're
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>> reporter: doctors are hoping after the good samaritan's law, they won't give up on helping them. >> don't give up, do everything that you can for your loved ones to help them. >> reporter: the problem isn't just in akron, many others are experiencing that too. >> i have a with a possible overdoses. >> with more information, of course it's going to be a lot easier to treat them. >> reporter: of all of the doctors they seem to agree, hoping that the drivers stick with the patient before leaving the hospital e.r. doors and it could possibly safe their lives.
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aware of the negative affects of the drug abuse. today, pouches will be given out to get rid of prescription drugs safely. just pour water and then seal the bag and it goes into the landfill no problem. the bags are available at acme pharmacies over ohio. trump flew to mexico to meet with their president. n.b.c.'s steve is there with the latest. >> reporter: the trip could be a disaster, he had called mexico an enemy and some mexicans a menace, but going
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presidential. >> it's a move and he's making it to meet with the president. >> reporter: he invited the republican and from ohio clinton slammed him going. >> trying to make up for a year of insults and dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and she got an invitation but decided not to go. . >> they're bringing drugs and crime and they're rapists and some are assume are good people. >> reporter: he's still demanding pesos for the wall.
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wall. >> reporter: build the wall, yes. deport, the immigrants, that's the unanswered question. in his much anticipated speech tonight he will talk about it like no politician would dare. >> thank you, steve. vice president biden will campaign for clinton this week and the event will take place the public is invited to attend and you can find a link to r.s.v.p. over at clinton and vice president tim kane will be in cleveland over labor day. when we come back a creative approach to farming and how one man is showing his support for
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if you are looking for something week, the food and festivities are here to northeast ohio. you'll find the beer and brats and it starts on friday and runs through labor day on
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can -- >> how great is oktoberfest? >> well, we were talking about the event today at the fair grounds and we're proud to call the cavs the champions now and we just got voted one of the top 10 oktoberfests in the world here. >> in the world? >> yes. >> it starts on friday? >> right on friday at 4:00 monday from noon to 8:00 p.m.. you can get the tickets and people can come back multiple times with the passes. >> what do you think makes it such a great festival, one that people obviously mark down on their calendars to go to every year? >> well the most important
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has changed a ton. the germmangerman heritage and people are looking at it like a party and even in munich and we still keep that tradition here with the music and food. right? >> absolutely. you know, jimmy, it's $12 to get in and then the entertainment is free. there's no other costs with the entertainment and we're proud to have the best german fair
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absolutely fantastic. >> we have the s nitzel here. >> we have the keep the language clean here, the f.c.c. [ laughter ] >> well, we have a pancake with cheese here and i call it the snitzel par ma shapb -- here this lovely plate here, is their pork haute. it's served with potato pancakes and some people like them with sour cream or apple sauce. >> well done, well done. >> and the entertainment is great as always i imagine.
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and one of them was voted for the emmys here and then a bunch of cover bands. >> folk singer bands here -- >> and we'll hear from betsy in a moment here. >> and jimmy, with you being a sporting guy, we have weiner dog races here and the monster stem contest with the beer and the micro beer competition here. we have over 18 of them here and the miss oktoberfest here and this little bag over here, we have the 5-k. charity bag here. they get a t-shirt and into
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first beer for free. >> we will end with a toast here. >> we call it a proast here. >> okay, so on friday, it startsand the tickets are online. thanks for joining us. coming up, a trump supporter couldn't find a sign for his yard, so he turned his yard into a sign.
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lace up your running shoes here, cleveland is one of the top 50 places to run in america. runners world released the list today. the cities safety, food and climate. cleveland and the surrounding areas have over 23,000 acres over 18 parks and ranking one on the list here is san francisco and boston and seattle. a pennsylvania farmer is thinking outside the box for this year's election. eddy cash dollar turned his yard into a sign for trump.
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nobody had one, so i said i'll make one. >> so that's what he did, he mowed hour-by-hour to get the letters here. the lettering stands at 100 feet and 20 feet tall. he doesn't expect any voters to sway here. a spokesperson says it's the definition of grassroots enthusiasm. wide receiver travis rudulph here, saw bo eating eating alone and sat down next
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and often eats lunch alone. betsy is here with the forecast here and what is coming up for the oktoberfest. >> how are you feeling after pounding the kegger here? >> [ laughter ] well it didn't have anything in it. >> well it doesn't now -- [ laughter ] >> refill, bar keep. let's go to the forecast here and we have the temperatures back to the low and mid-60s here 50s here. the rain will end and it's breezy as well. the pattern here from the north to south shift and we'll dry out. here's the thing, we have cooler and drier air moving in and that cooler air will really pack a punch to us. the temperatures in the north
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marquette and we'll find that cooler air pushing in tonight. that will bring in the drier air as well. it's cooler and it's drier air, but we have lake erie to contend with and that will give us the lake effect here. showers around in the morning and we'll see scattered showers midday with a mix of clouds and sun. look at the temperatures, only in the low 70s. remember we made 80s today. an isolated showers chance will learning into the evening and i think that most areas will stay dry and in the 70s here. the same breezes are bringing in the cold air here and we'll have the north winds at 13 to 18. the nation forecast you can see the high temps are only in the 70s for the next couple of
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this very dry air. that will mean cloud free days through the holiday weekend. labor day looks gorgeous and the high flying acts will do them there on monday. >> because if the cloud cover is there, they have to do the low show. do you remember coco crisp? >> he's coming back with the indians and we'll tell you
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sweep tonight. coco crisp is back and he returns to cleveland. the indians made it official today. he will report tomorrow and expect him to be activated to friday. he played four years here and had a great year in 2005. most recently he has had good years in oakland. he's 36 years old and will be postseason for that. tigers sox. a sack fly here and they tag up, he's safe and the tigers win and sweep them today, 3-2. so the tigers are now, right now four games behind the indians and the magic number for theindians is 27. first of the three game series here and our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. on friday night.
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and it's really fun now isn't it? we'll see what they do tonight with cory on the mound. thanks for watching and we'll be back at 11:00 p.m..
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?? think you know everything about the chris brown arrest? >> hold on. stop the press. >> think again. only e.t. has both sides of the story. >> it becomes a war zone. >> our exclusive interview with the star inside chris's house. and new details from the beauty n >> is this woman telling the truth? >> then the new bachelor re-vealed and it's a shock. >> only 800 shows. >> and behind the scenes of melissa mccarthy's musical moment. star struck over strie sand. >> and "dancing with the stars" the early years. the lost audition tapes. >> you don't want to look at it? fine. i'm the man. ??


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