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tv   AB Cs World News Sunday  ABC  July 5, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i' i'm dan harris, and this is "world news." returning fire. sarah palin, the soon to be ex-governor of alaska hits back at her critics fa s today. killing spree. police say there is a serial killer in small town south carolina tonight. people are bolting their doors and packing guns. >> i'm going to be ready. i have -- you have no idea. you've got to be ahead of this man. hog heaven. pigs living large. why one fast food company thinks happy livestock will make happy customers, too. and, final countdown. the legendary dj casey kasem stuns his fans, signing off for the last time. >> we began the weekend of july
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4th, 1970, and after 39 years, this will be our final 4th, 1970, and after 39 years, this will be our final countdown. captions paid for by abc, inc. good evening. two days after she announced she's stepping down, in a speech that has been both lampooned and lauded, governor sarah palin today went online to defend herself. she told her followers on twitter, critics are spinning, so hang in there as they feed false info on the right decision made as i enter last year in office to not run again. as rumors swirl about why palin is leaving office, the fbi has taken the unusual step of saying the governor is not under investigation. here's abc's john hendren. governor sarah palin is taking to the internet to fight back in one of several postings, she promised to smack down lines about her.
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on facebook, she say, i am now looking ahead at how we can advance this country together. i hope you will join me. palin's lawyers are vigorously protecting her image, warning the media the palins will not you a low them to propagate defamatory material without answering. today, republican leaders took to the airwaves to say they are just as baffled as everyone else. >> it's astounding. >> it's also unclear what her strategy is. >> reporter: what is she up to? >> nobody knows exactly what she's trying to accomplish, unless you're sarah palin. >> reporter: the man who will succeed palin takes her at her word that she's protecting her family and alaska's budget from bogus ethics investigations. >> what i heard from the governor really had to do with the weight on her of the concern she had for the cost of all the ethics investigations and the like. >> reporter: but today, several republican leaders questioned whether the 2008 vice presidential candidate is setting up an unconventional presidential run, and they
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questioned how stepping down now could possibly help. >> if this is geared for her run for the presidency in 2012, it is one of the most politically tone deaf decisions that we've seen. >> in a primary, this is going to be an issue she'll have to face. will she be able to withstand the pressure? >> she's got to demonstrate leadership. >> reporter: as palin continues to defend herself online, each news statement fumes speculation that her political ambitions are far from over. and that we haven't seen the last of sarah palin. john hendren, abc news, washington. in rural south carolina tonight, they started burying the victims of a serial killer who has murdered five people since last weekend. there is real fear in the town of gaffney, right now. people are bolting their doors and carrying their guns. jeffrey kofman is there. >> reporter: for the residents of this small south carolina town there was little to celebrate this holiday weekend. as they gathered to bury two more victims of a serial killer, who is now believed to have
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murdered five people. you knew all five? >> i did. i've grown in this community, and it's just really been hard to accept. >> kind of scared. >> it's just the whole county is on alert. >> reporter: hundreds of police officers and investigators have descended on char key county, in a race to catch the killer before he strikes again. the sheriff has released this drawing of the man they're looking for. they do not know his motive. >> there's no evidence that he knows the victims. there's no evidence that the victims are connected. >> reporter: the killings began last saturday on the outskirts of gaffe knee, when a 63-year-old peach farmer was shot in his home. then, on wednesday, a 50-year-old woman and her elderly woman wore shot in their home just a few miles away. on thursday, a businessman and his daughter were shot in his home supply store. he died at the scene, the 15-year-old girl died in the hospital yesterday. >> the pitfall in any of these cases is trying to logically figure out why he might be doing this.
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you know, is he driven by some delusion, by anger. >> reporter: whatever his motive, he's put this town on edge, on alert. >> we're keeping the doors locked at night. we've got guns pretty much everywhere. i've got a gun in the truck and i'm carries a gun right now. >> reporter: you have one on you? >> i do, right now. i have a .25 automatic with me right now. i'm going to be ready. you have no idea. you have to be ahead of this man. >> reporter: terror has visited gaffney before. 40 years ago, the so-called gaffney strangler murdered four girls before he with us apprehended. he was killed in prison. and 40 years later, headlines again. and this one says it all. this really is a community living in terror. and that terror will continue until the murderer, the serial murderer is caught. dan? >> that image of the man with a gun in his pocket is memorable one. jeffrey, thank you. in los angeles tonight, they're making final preparations for michael
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jackson's memorial service on tuesday. meanwhile, investigators reportedly want to speak with at least five doctors who prescribed jackson medications that may have played a role in his death. ryan owens is on that story. >> reporter: in los angeles, cell phones have long been mandatory accessories. today, they seemed more essential than usual. >> i check my e-mail. i haven't gotten any yet. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of michael jackson fans are anxiously awaiting word that they are among the chosen few, randomly selected to attend tuesday's memorial service. more than 1.6 million applied online. less thasz than 1%, 17,500, will get inside. >> i just hope that i really do get a ticket. it would be a dream come true. >> reporter: the worry for police is what disappointed fans locked out of the ceremony will do. top brass at the lapd are meeting again today to go over the security plans to cordon off the downtown staples center. it's massive. 2,500 officers at a cost of
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$2.5 million. >> we don't have a choice. it's a major event in our city. we have to police it. we are going to keep it safe for everybody. >> reporter: police are focused on finding the doctors who prescribed the singer so many medications under so many often false names. >> and michael wasn't no freak. >> reporter: already, grief has turned to anger for some. jackson family adviser, the reverend al sharpton preached this morning at los angeles' first ame church. sharpton lashed out at the media for focusing too much on the singer's scandals and not enough on his legacy. >> show the same respect you showed frank sinatra and elvis presley. ♪ >> reporter: in london, madonna paid tribute to michael jackson. in the same arena where he was supposed to stage his comeback concert a week from tomorrow. >> long live the king! >> reporter: and as the tributes continue, so do the legal
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battles over what michael jackson left behind. tomorrow, a judge here in los angeles will hear arguments about whether michael's mother katherine should be in charge of that estate or if it should be the attorneys that he named in his will back in 2002. dan? >> ryan owens in l.a. again tonight, thank you. and abc's going to have live coverage of the jackson memorial service tuesday, starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern, 10:00 a.m. pacific. at disney world in orlando, two trains collided at a stop overnight, killing one of the drivers. the passengers were understandably stunned, but unharmed. the drivers, however, had to be cut at of their trains. parts of the system were closed on this busy holiday sunday so the accident could be investigated. overseas, a rare act of defiance in iran. a prominent group of religious leaders today sided with the reformers and the protesters, calling the recent presidential election illegitimate. as you know, iran's supreme leader has upheld the result of that election.
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also today, vice president joe biden had a strong message for the iranians on another issue, their reported attempt to build a nuclear weapon. biden told george stephanopoulos that the u.s. would not step in if israel attacks the nuclear facilities in iran. >> reporter: if the israelis decide, iran is a threat, they have to take out the nuclear program, the united states will not stand in the way? >> look, we cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do when they make a determination. if they make a determination, that they are threatened. iran's nuclear program is just one of many difficult issues that president obama will discussi in russia starting tomorrow. perhaps the trickiest job for obama, figuring out who is actually in charge in russia. yunji de nies is in moscow for us tonight. >> reporter: president obama
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faces not just one russian leader, but two. a president and a prime minister. president dmitri medvedev holds formal power, but prime minister vladmir putin, who elevated medvedev, may, in fact, still be in charge. >> it looks like vladmir putin is still making the key decisions and running the show. >> obama would certainly make better use of his time spending more time with putin and really trying to understand what makes this guy tick. >> reporter: but the president plans to spend the bulk of his time with mr. medvedev. he told the associated press he wants to reset america's relationship with russia. >> it's time to move forward in a new direction. i think medevdev understands that. i think putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new. >> reporter: the leaders are meeting to discuss nuclear disarmament, the growing threats of north korea and iran. they'll also focus on afghanistan. the u.s. wants guaranteed access to key supply routes that run through russian territories as they ramp up the fight against
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the taliban. on those key issues, analysts say mr. obama must deal directly with putin and he must be tough. >> this is going to be a real leadership test for him because this is going to test really how tough, really cold-blooded he can be. >> reporter: prime minister putin has said he hasn't ruled out another run for the presidency here in 2012. all the more reason that, while obama may want focus on russia's current president, he cannot ignore the powerful prime minister. dan? >> yunji de nies, thank you. we have some breaking news out of honduras right now. there's a confrontation going on at the airport there where police fired tear gas at thousands of supporters of the exiled president. this demonstration started after the president boarded a plane in washington, d.c. and said he was flying back home to reclaim his office after a military coup. but the interim government in hon door us are has said it will
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not allow that plane to land. rains and flooding in southern china have killed 15 people and forced a half million others from their homes the flooding has destroyed houses, flooded crops and made roads impassable. 300 teenagers are stranded at a school tonight with limited supplies of food and water. and coming up here on "world news" this sunday, new developments in the death of pro quarterback steve mcnair. police say that he was murdered, but what about the woman that died with him? the fast food chain who says it wants the pigs that go into the meals to be happy. does that mean healthier or tastier food? and casey kasem, the king of the countdown, shocks his fans. thritis painh not treating is not n option. all prescription nsaid pain relievers, like celebrex, ibuprofen and naproxen, help treat arthritis pain and have some of the same w wnings.
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it's's whole new neighborhood. () xcedrin pm. relieves pain fast. plus a sleep aid to help you fall fast leleep. excedrin. what ache? tennis history was made today. roger federer holding off andy roddick in the longest final in any grand slam tournament. 77 games, in one match. the victory gave federer a record 15 grand slam titles, and restored him to the number one world ranking. today, police in nashville released the first details of their investigation into the death of nfl quarterback steve mcnair. they say the key to solving this mystery is in the relationship between mcnair and the woman who died with him. from our partners at espn, here's bob holtzman. >> reporter: hundreds of stunned titans fans dropped by steve
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mcnair's nashville restaurant on sunday, covering the front windows and sidewalk with flowers and personal messages. police now say mcnair was murdered, but they haven't yet said who killed him. police found the murder weapon under the body of 20-year-old sahel kazemi. she was shot once in the side of the head. but police have yet to classify it as a murder-suicide. >> based on the evidence at the scene and based on what we know from witnesses thus far, you can lean certain ways in an investigation, but you can't be closed-minded in an investigation. >> reporter: police have also now confirmed that mcnair and kazemi were dating, and had been for several months. and though investigators insist they haven't ruled anything out, they aren't looking for suspects. instead, focusing on the victims' relationship. >> we have already begun talking to friends of miss ka sekazemi d
6:17 pm
friends of mr. mcnair in an effort to ascertain were they having any squabbles. was one upset at the other? if so, why? >> reporter: mcnair was married with four sons. he made the pro bowl four times and led the tennessee titans to super bowl xxxiv, where they came up a yard short of forcing overtime. detectives won't say who the gun belonged to, and are interviewing staff members at two nashville bars where mcnair spent the hours before the shootings. it will likely be at least a few days before police announce whether someone killed mcnair's girlfriend, or whether she killed herself. dan? >> bob holtzman, thank you. the former mayor of washington, d.c., marion berry, is in trouble again. police say a woman in a car flagged down a police officer last night and said that a man in another car was, quote, bothering her. berry, who went to jail after being video taped smoking crack in 1990, was charged with stalking and released. coming up, the secret to the
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new happy meal. one fast food chain says it's happier pigs. we're going to take "a closer look" at that. the gold moiststizes and has a touch of mineral shimmer to enhance skin'totone. olay tone enriching body wash. for skin that shimmers.
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these these days, as you know, there's a lot of concern about food safety, about where our food comes from. now, one chain restaurant says it can lead the way toward better food, though it serves fast food. the approach involves making the pigs that are in the meals happy, for a little while, at least. john berman has this "closer look."
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>> reporter: on this happy farm, beside the happy fields, live some very happy pigs. one day they'll become happy meals, but not that kind. this seems like an odd place to be talking to a guy who is running a fast food empire, yes? >> not so odd, really. >> reporter: steve ells is the founder and chairman of chipotle, quickly becoming the burrito behemoth, 870 restaurants and counting. >> i think it's really important that people know where their food comes from. >> reporter: why did you come here? why this farm? >> well, i mean, joel is a leader in this movement. >> reporter: joel salatin is the owner of polyface farms. he has a different way of raising his pigs. he wants them, well, happy. the live in the woods and they >> get to fully express their pillness. this fully respects and honors the pigness of the pig. >> reporter: steve ells is a
6:22 pm
fast food mogul who cares about the pigness of the pig. chipotle buys no pork from factory farms, why? >> well, first of all, you can breathe here and it smells great. you can't breathe in a confinement operation. the odor is horrific. and you can see the terror in the pigs' eyes. 100% of the chickens that we served are served vegetarian diet. and not given antibiotics. and, most of our beef now, comes from the naturally raise protocol. >> reporter: this isn't cheap for you. >> it's not. chipotle has higher food costs than our competitors. >> reporter: much higher, right? >> a little big higher, but we have a business model that allows us to invest in high quality food. and it's great because obviously this higher quality food tastes better, which brings people back. >> reporter: it's not clear whether you can taste social responsibility, but you can taste a good burrito. so, whether or not you can taste
6:23 pm
a happy pig, this is a happy meal. >> delicious. >> reporter: yeah. >> reporter: john berman, abc news, swoop, virginia. there is a lively debate about now, not just about food quality, but food safety and much more on that debate can be found at and coming up here on the broadcast, dj casey kasem, the king of the countdown, signing broadcast, dj casey kasem, the king of the countdown, signing off one last time. look. when at last we're alone. when we both decide. anuncer: today, guys with erectile dysfunction can be ready withth another dosing optn from cialis. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be readydy anytime the moment is right. so relax and take your time. tell youdoctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chesest pain, as this y cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cias. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury seek immediate medical
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this weekend, with almost no advance notice, the legendary dj casey kasem, a giant in the music world, counted down the hits one last time, pulling the plug on a weekly ritual for millions of listeners. >> we began the weekend of july 4, 1970. and after 39 years, this will be our final countdown. >> reporter: the news came as a shock to fans. kasem, who is 77, was the last of the big-time djs. a legacy that includes alan freed and wolfman jack, personalities who brought music to americans when radio was king. >> i would hear casey kasem, and i would see dick clark. and i really felt these guys were part of my family. >> reporter: kasem handed over the mic of his signature show,
6:27 pm
"american top 40," to ryan seacrest five years ago, >> number 14 this week. >> reporter: kasem pioneered the countdown format on radio, and those dedications, thousands of them, through the years. >> a long distance dedication from patty to roger. >> reporter: he also gave life to cartoon characters, most famously, as the voice of scooby-doo's sidekick, shaggy. >> here it comes, an aerial attack. >> reporter: the music business has changed radically in recent years. kasem's wife says it's time to moven. >> stations are changing, the networks are changing, radio itself is changing. >> reporter: almost no one knew until this weekend, and kasem has declined interview requests. >> he's never been big on good-byes or hellos. he lets his work speak for himself. >> reporter: kasem's first number one was "mama told me not to come" by three dog night. his last, "second chance" by shinedown. ♪ sometimes good-bye is a second chance ♪
6:28 pm
>> reporter: the music may have changed, but kasem has not. >> i'm casey kasem. now, one more time, the words i've ended my show with since 1970 -- "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." >> kasem is not going to completely disappear from the air waves. some stations are carrying repeats of his top 40 140e shom the '70s and '80s. that's going to do it for "world news" on this sunday. i'm dan harris. for all of us at abc news, thank you for watching, and good for all of us at abc news, thank you for watching, and good night. captions by vitac
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