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tv   AB Cs World News With Charles Gibson  ABC  July 6, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome welcome to "world news." tonight, break through. the u.s. and russia agreed to dramatic cuts in the size of their nuclear arsenals. star tribute. magic and wonder among those participating in michael jackson's memorial. man hunt -- police in south carolina hoping for a break in the search for a suspected serial killer wanted for five murders. sudden impact -- sarah palin's resignation raises questions about her future and that of the republican party and our reporter puts her heart, literally, into learning the effect of eating fat-filled literally, into learning the effect of eating fat-filled foods. captions paid for by abc, inc. good evening. for some with long memories, it
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was an extraordinary site. the presidents from moscow and washington standing together to reduce war heads and launchers by as much as a third. the numbers right there. even those with short memories thinking back to last year's anger from washington to mass could you over russia's move into the nation of georgia, it was extraordinary. there are areas of agreement at this u.s./russian summit underway. so, too, are there issues of contention. jake tapper is with the president in moscow. >> reporter: good evening, president obama came to reset the relationship, knowing full well it might prove impossible to stop the nuclear threats of iran and north korea. today we saw signs of progress in that relationship and also saw clear indications that between the two super powers there might be some issues on which they will never see eye to eye. they stood in the kremlin, once the symbol of what president reagan called the
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"evil empire." >> president medvedev and i are committed to leaving behind the suspicion and the rivalry of the past, so that we can advance the interests that we hold in common. >> reporter: those interests include a framework to reduce nuclear weapons including warheads and launch vehicles, such as missiles or submarines, actions aimed at curbing nuclear proliferation around the globe. >> the united states and russia must lead by example. >> reporter: president obama also heralded russia's agreement to let the u.s. use the airspace to use military equipment to fight the war in afghanistan. but other tensions persist. >> we've had some frank discussions, and there are areas where we still disagree. >> reporter: russia's occupation of georgia, for instance. >> i reiterated my firm belief that georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected. >> reporter: the point of greatest tensions -- medvedev
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opposes u.s. plans for a missile defense system in eastern europe, which president obama argues would be modest, built only to shoot down missiles from rogue states such as iran or north korea. >> there is no scenario from our perspective in which this missile defense system would provide any protection against a mighty russian arsenal. >> reporter: president obama has made this trip a family affair, and has been trying to build up medvedev in both personal and professional ways, championing the russian president's call for more human rights while disparaging the hardline views of prime minister vladimir putin. but russian experts question whether that will work. >> i think the u.s. totally lacks leverage as far as the russian domestic situation is concerned. >> reporter: polls indicate that more russians think putin has more power than medvedev, but when asked who he thinks is the boss he did his best not to answer the question.
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thank you. and in his travels president obama has been generally gre gr by large crowds. in moscow it's skepticism coupled with an edge of reserve. after a decade of tense relations with the u.s. russians remain wary. even with a president that promises change. here's clarissa ward. president obama drove by today. pushing the reset button was never going to be easy in a country where anti-americanism is a well-established tradition. >> whatever the united states does in the world is often interpreted by a faction of our political establishment as something which is directed against russia. >> reporter: in the last eight years, profound disagreements over issues such as the war in iraq, the invasion of georgia, and nato expansion have sunk u.s.-russian relations to post cold war lows. "i'm against america's imperial ambitions," this man says. in a recent poll, 46% of
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russians said they had a mainly in addition negative opinion of the u.s. that's up from just 7% in 1990. but the majority also said that with president obama's visit to moscow this week, they do expect relations to improve. at this kremlin-sponsored summer camp, thousands of young people from across the country enjoy outdoor activities and are schooled in russian nationalism. lecture topics include the "mcdonaldization" of the world. [ speaking foreign language ] but they are optimistic about president obama. "he is so young and energetic," says vagiz, "and he will give a new surge to our relationship." "i see obama as an innovator in your country," adds alexander. "new face, new relationship." not all russians are enamored with the new face of america's leadership. but many are at least curious. clarissa ward, abc news, seliger, russia.
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next we turn to the memorial service set for tomorrow to honor michael jackson. today the jackson family announced who will participate in the program. security is going to be tight. crowds trying to get in without tickets could be large. jim avila is outside of the staples center in los angeles tonight. jim. >> reporter: determined to celebrate michael jackson as a music icon and downplay his controversial lifestyle, the massive memorial at the staples center tomorrow will be heavy on celebrity performances. ♪ mariah carey leads the list of performers. she's expected to sing michael's early hit "i'll be there." as she has before. other headliners include beyonce, smokey robinson, jennifer hudson, lionel richie, usher and stevie wonder. from the sports world, magic johnson and kobe bryant. diana ross is a maybe because of security concerns. former girlfriend brooke shields is a yes. and while all the jackson family is expected to attend, including
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his three children, michael's two ex-wives lisa marie pressley and debbie rowe are definite nos. rowe, mother of prince and paris, is notoriously anti-crowd and has had run-ins with paparazzi this week. his fans seem unworried about the crowd. more than 11,000 lottery winners were happy to line up for wristbands and tickets. >> i was going to go to one of his concerts, but this is going to be the closest thing i get to it. so, it's kind of like a healing process. >> reporter: all the tickets are free, but the catch is without one, the public isn't allowed in a two-square block area of downtown los angeles. and everyone without a ticket is being warned they will not get past the police barricades on car or foot. and while organizers begged ticket winners not to resell, ebay was already advertising at $10,000 a pair. >> just driving over here listening to michael music. i burst into tears.
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i can't believe it's so final. >> reporter: jackson's burst of posthumous popularity, an indication of the high stakes across downtown at probate court where 20 attorneys lined up for the first skirmish over jackson's 2002 will. his mother, katherine, losing the day-to-day control of michael's assets to the executors named in his will. she and the children remain to the main beneficiaries, but jackson's former attorney john branca is in charge of the estate. before the main event at the staples center, the family is holding a small, private burial service at a local cemetery. the los angeles police department said them very 3,000 firefighters and policemen providing security. >> tomorrow night, beginning at 9:00 eastern, diane sawyer and barbara walters will have a special edition of "20/20" with elizabeth vargas reporting on
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the future of jackson children. we have a chet to report. a architect or principal architect of the vietnam war. >> reporter: robert s. mcnamara was called the conscious much the west. before coming to washington he modernized the ford motor company, pulling the plug on the ill-fated ed zell. but everything is overshadowed by vietnam. >> i've asked robert mcnamara to assume responsibility of secretary of defense. >> reporter: for seven years, mcnamara directed the escalation of commitment in vietnam. he was so enmeshed. by 1954 people were calming it mcnamara's war. >> our fire pow serum mens. why shouldn't we expect to sa chief military advantage. >> reporter: but in private it's been learned mcnamara had doubts that the u.s. could win in
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vietnam. after he exhe pressed them to president johnson he was given the medal of freedom and shown the door. indeed mcnamara spent the rest of his life agonizing over the war. it seemed to haunt him. >> we were wrong, terribly wrong. and we owe it to future generations to explain why. >> reporter: mcnamara continued his public mia kulpa in "the fog of war." >> any angered with himself that he made mistakes in the application of military power. he's killed people unnecessarily. his own troops or other troops through mistakes through errors of judgment. >> reporter: robert mcnamara was 93 year old. overseas in china today. more than 150 people killed and 800 injured in rioting. it result from ethnic tensions between muslims and china's hong
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majority. one witness said the area looked like a war zone, and violence is said to be spreading to other chinese cities. in afghanistan, u.s. forces suffered the highest single day loss of life in nearly a year. a total of seven u.s. troops were killed in a series of bombing attacks and fire fights. meanwhile a suicide bomber attacked the gate of the main nato base in southern afghanistan. two civilians were killed, 14 others including two afghan soldiers were wounded. and still ahead, on tonight's broadcast. what's next for sarah palin? her bombshell resignation raising personal and political issues. that will be our "closer look." on trail of a serial killer, police follow the murders of five people. and what restaurant food loaded with fat really does to your body. our reporter finds out by eating the unhealthiest meal in america. (music plays)
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looking for leadership. kate snow travelled to wasilla and has tonight's "closer look." >> reporter: her surprise announcement had political operatives all over the country shaking their heads. >> i am transferring the governorship to lieutenant governor. >> reporter: internet bloggers had a field day over the holiday weekend, speculating that perhaps the governor was avoiding a scandal, or worse, under investigation. the fbi sunday took the unusual step of clarifying, "we are not investigating sarah palin." those close to palin say there's nothing to side. her reason for leaving the job was simple. >> what seemed to weigh heavily upon her was the cost associated with all the records requests, ethics complains, the cost of staff time, the distractions. >> reporter: those complaints have cost the state some $2 million. the palins are half a million dollars in debt themselves. sources tell abc news governor
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palin is being offered everything from hosting tv shows to radio and speaking engagements. but her political future was unclear at a time the republican party is struggling they're divided whether she makes a good presidential candidate. >> even if she gets out, i don't think she could run. >> i don't think this pre dude includes her for running for office. >> she can get out in the lower 48 now, can't do that from alaska. >> reporter: kristan cole has been friends with sarah palin for 40 years. >> she does not have a plan today to run for president. that doesn't mean she won't. the truth is this governor, just like many alaskans, is very unconventional. >> reporter: the governor's immediate plans? gone fishin' she left her home here in wasilla over the weekend to go to a remote part of the state, her husband's hometown of
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dillingham, where the family goes salmon fishing every summer. so, what's her next move? palin's only comments since friday have been on social networking sites. she told fans she's "never been one to waste time. kate snow, abc news, wasilla, alaska. governor palin's decision has certainly sparked a lively discussion at you can join it if you wish. coming up, the town on edge, and taking up arms as police track a serial killer. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, fatigue, and stop joint damage. because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma and nervous system... and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis. also ask your doctor if you live in an area... with a greater risk for certain fungal infections. don't start enbrel if you have an infection, like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections,
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that's a great call. one a day men's. time out! wearing pads just in case? i don't mind it... much. time out! are you really going to put up... with overactive bladder .forever? talk to your doctor... and give the coping .a time out. >>lice in two police in two of america's largest cities are working to solve a series of violent crimes
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over the holiday weekend. miami police are searching for gunman who stormed a birthday party early today. shooting 12 people. three of the wounded are in critical condition. and in an especially bloody stretch in chicago, at least ten people were killed and 30 wounded. in weekend shootings and stabbings. but violence is not limited to big cities. police in a small town in rural south carolina are living in fear tonight waiting to hear if there's a break in the case of a serial killer on the loose. five people have been shot to death in little more of a week in the town of gaffney. abc's jeffery kofman was there. >> reporter: there was a time in smalltown america when doors were not looked and strangers welcome. not today in gaffney where a serial kill certify on the loose. in this barber shop, today he's packing more than scissors and a
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razor. >> do you have a gun with you? >> right over there. >> that's yours? >> right. >> reporter: bill has a pistol in the drawer next to his chair too. >> you don't normally keep that here? >> no. >> reporter: these are not normal times the killing began when a 63-year-old peach farmer was shot in his home and last witness day a retired teacher and her daughter both killed and thursday a local business owner and young daughter gunned down in his store. police believe all of this is the work of one man. they think they know the kind of vehicle he's driving and because witnesses saw him. they think they know what he looks like. >> serial killer is just a definition. you can also be called a spree killer, but the fact is that he's just a cold-blooded murder. >> reporter: all of this is uncomfortably familiar for people old enough to remember a similar killing spree here in 1968 when the go-called gaffney strangler killed four women before he was caught.
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local reporters jim holland and bill givens. >> i never thought i would cover to serial murders in my career. >> reporter: how long did it take the community to put behind them. >> never did. >> reporter: >> if you were writing the headline for tomorrow what would it be? >> "man caught" that would be my headline. >> reporter: a small town eager to read that heed lined and put away guns. jeffery kofman abc news. gaffney. and 5,000 calorie lunch. what extreme eat diagnose to our reporter in one meal. the good housekeeping seal. you wanna know why? the full & thick collection really leaves the hair full. starting at the roots, your hair lifts up and away. look at all this body. and that's gonna last all day. [ stacy ] a little expert advice. full, thick-looking results the leading salon brand can't beat. full & thick from pantene. healthy makes it happen. this fiber? i'd ha my fill. then i found miralax.
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fin finally tonight, food for thought. last month, a consumer group listed some of the unhealthiest dishes served at popular restaurant chains. food packed wicalories salt and fat. that got us to wondering how unhealthy this food should be and what happens when you make one meal of it. yunji de nies found out. >> reporter: deep fried macaroni
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and cheese. bacon cheeseburger wrapped in case delia. giant cookie smothered in ice cream. center for science and nutrition calls them nutritional train wrecks. mr. garcia went to the center to see what it does on our bodies. before we went we took blood samples and gauged the health of our arteries with a healthy sound. >> now comes the fun part. we get to eat a whole lot of lunch. >> bone appetit. >> our one meal. appetizer, entry and dessert packed more than three times as many calories as the government recommends for an entire day. almost ten times the saturated fat. two hours later it was time to test. >> don, how are you feeling? >> still sluggish, still tired. >> reporter: john's blood samples said it all. >> essentially you can see what a clear difference. this is fat in his blood,
6:57 pm
basically. >> reporter: all of that fat goes right to your arteries. mine narrowed and you can hear the difference. here's what my blood throw sounded like before eating. and this is after. >> your heart is working twice as hard now. >> is that because the arteries are so much smaller? >> yes, narrow arteries. >> it shows that one meal can affect the health of your artery. >> reporter: cardiologist robert vogel and michael miller analyzed our results. >> what's worse. eating a quesadilla cheeseburger or smoking a cigarette? >> i say they're equally beth. >> each is important by the health of our arteries. your survival depends on it. >> reporter: effects only lasted about six hours but eaten regularly this is the food that
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heart attacks are made of. ungee unjungy denise. baltimore. i'm charlie gibson hope you had a good day. i'm charlie gibson hope you had a good day. for all of us have a good night. captions by vitac
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