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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 4, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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so you've crashed into a tree... kathy shear, nationwide insurance. you take out your phone and you open up the nationwide mobile app. so you click on the accident toolkit... you can take a picture of the damage. there's an interactive form that lets you exchange information with the other driver. it also has the ability to record the exact location of the accident. we're the first insurance company to have a claims app like this. for more innovative thinking go to today. my name is kathy shear and i'm on your side. now abc 2 news, the late e at 11. >> we're starting tonight with
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breaking news near pittsburgh. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. a deadly shooting spree inside a pennsylvania health club. reports from the scene have four people dead, including the alleged shooter, and more than a dozen wounded. here is how it looked not long ago outside the l.a. fitness at a shopping center in bridgeville. that's right outside pittsburgh. some of the wounded are said to be in serious condition. they've been rushed to at least two area hospitals. a witness says she was in an exercise class when a man came in the backdoor and started shooting. she said she heard as many as 15 shots. we'll have more on the story as new details become available here on the air and online at and the other still developing story at this hour, two american journalists held by north korea on charges of spying, and then convicted and sentenced to seven years hard labor are on their way home tonight. laura ling and euna lee should be back in california some time tomorrow, and they both owe former president bill clinton a huge thank you.
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abc's carla wall has more. >> reporter: after nearly five months in a north korean jail, laura ling and euna lee will soon be home. the two american journalists were pardoned by kim jong-il after a surprise visit by former president bill clinton. their families are overjoyed. >> i my god, i can't believe that they're coming home. >> it's been an emotional yo- yo. positive and then negative, you know. one day is good. one day is bad. >> and today you feel? >> pretty good. i think i'll go get drunk! [ laughter ] >> reporter: the meeting between mr. clinton and kim jong-il had been in the works for weeks, and while it was tense at times, the outcome was not in doubt, mr. clinton having been assured before he got there the women would be released. >> this is a big coup to have a former president on their soil requesting the release of the journalists. >> reporter: the north koreans also wanted an apology for the journalists' illegally entering the country, a they got a
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qualified one from secretary of state hillary clinton several weeks ago. still, the white house insisted mr. clinton's visit was not official. >> this was a private mission. >> allegations between the two countries have been strained. since the north koreans tested nuclear weapons earlier this year. critics charge mr. clinton's visit rewards that bad behavior. >> their behavior has been absolutely atrocious. and then we made this tremendous concession. >> reporter: there is also hope, though, that the journalists released could ease tensions and lead to a dialogue between the u.s. and north korea. carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. and now back here at home. communities around the country and many right here celebrated the 26th annual national night out against crime. and just two weeks after a historically violent weekend in baltimore city with 12 people shot at a cookout, delia goncalves finds out tonight if the event is having an impact.
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♪ what do you like about this? >> the band. the stuff. and the concert. >> reporter: but dorian's father remembers a time when block parties like this weren't exclusive to national night out, a symbolic way for communities to take back their streets. >> bring it out and have a loud bang. and we used to sit out here and have fun. >> reporter: these men say that was time before street violence escalated, when neighborhood children had a place to go, and people to rely on. but this, they say, is a good start. >> anything that shows that somebody else cares about them but us is always going to help. i don't know how much it's going to help right off the bat, because they really getting back to it. but in the long run, i'm sure it will help. >> my mom works at the baltimore city health department, and i enjoy coming with her. >> reporter: gabriel's mom was one of many providers on hand as were police officers.
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>> definitely like a symbolic show of solidarity for the neighborhood. >> reporter: from west baltimore to park heights, the city celebrated national night out and the achievements made. >> the northwest is facing some of the lowest crime numbers we've ever had historically in this area. >> reporter: police credit their partnership with the community, but say that relationship needs more nurturing. whether it's here in pressman street or citywide. >> this is definitely a challenge. and i think part of our role in the next coming weeks, months, and years is to continue to build upon the community foundation. >> reporter: so boys like dorian grow up on safer streets. in west baltimore, delia goncalves, abc 2 news. the fbi has joined the investigation into a baltimore county couple accused of sexual assaulting children and using them for porn. john nicklas and shannon honea were arrested last week after police found video evidence of child pornography in their middle river home. nicklas' ex-wife confirmed last night to abc 2 news that the man has one son and two young sisters. police are looking into whether
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those children or any other relatives railroad victimized. according to court documents, the assaults happened in both the couple's home and in an atlanta hotel room. but police also think the pair taped children at a third location out of state. and that has the fbi joining in on the investigation. >> when you got people who have become film producers in a very gross world, it's going to extend not just say here in baltimore county, it's going to extend out really to the rest of the world. >> one other update on the case during a bail review, the judge decided to pull the bond available for shannon honea, so she is being held without bail. if there is any chance you know of children who may have had contact with these suspects, you are urged to call the county's crimes against children unit at 410-853-3650. it did not take long for ocean city police to crack down on businesses selling salvia.
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that's the hallucinogenic herb that had been sold legally in boardwalk shops. last night the city council banned the substance and today ocean city police did a sweep of businesses, finding three in possession of salvia. ocean wave on dorchester street, ocean beach ware on atlantic avenue, and rave on northwest baltimore avenue. salvia is banned in ten states, but not in maryland. a 911 call from a westminster shopping center leads police to a man who was p% allegedly threatening people with a knife, all because of his myspace page. anthony palmerino says he left the cyber cafe when george arts confronted him and accused him of deleting friends from his myspace page. >> he came right towards me and pulled out his knife and started coming towards me. and i jumped back and was really scared. >> state police caught up with arts outside a grocery store across the street and arrested him. according to court documents,
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arts had a history of mental disorders. a theft inside a maryland saks fifth avenue store is under investigation tonight. montgomery county police even have a picture of their suspect. just one problem, though. they say they can't determine if it's a man or a woman. they say she or possibly he grabbed a chanel dress worth about $2,400, and somehow the suspect got the security tag off, and then bolted. they're hoping getting these images out will not only help them make an arrest, but also determine who the suspect is. tonight they're dealing with devastating flooding in kentucky after record rainfall. nine inches, including a half a foot in just an hour. it left much of louisville under water, and countless drivers stuck fender-deep. >> i was just driving up princeton drive, and all of the sudden the water just appeared like i was in a river. i've never been in anything like that in my life ever,
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ever. >> flooding also shut down the university of louisville campus and destroyed thousands of books at the city library. even the horses at churchill downs had to be evacuated. tens of thousands have been left without power. and around our region, no precipitation right now. we had a light shower that made its way up 95 earlier this afternoon. but that has now gone. the green return you see on the eastern shore and southern maryland is not shower activity. it's the heat of the day radiating back out into space. maryland's most powerful radar is so powerful, it's picking up the difference in the air density. here is your forecast for the overnight period tonight. mostly clear, humid, 70 degrees. tomorrow we've got some clouds and showers making their way into the region, as well as some cooler air. we'll tell you all about it, coming up. >> thanks, norm. governor o'malley gets on board with baltimore's controversial red line light rail project. the red line calls for a 14- mile track running east to west from johns hopkins to bayview medical center to woodlawn.
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the project has seen its share of opposition, and despite the governor's support, today was no different. homeowners along the route fear an above-ground track would decrease the property values. >> it will create more traffic. they're taking away parking lanes. it cuts the community in half. you can't get across to the waterfront. i don't know any other city that has cut their waterfront off the way we have. >> i'm optimistic, but we've got a fight. nothing is done. this is a competition at the federal level now. and we have to compete so that our dollars don't go to some other state instead. >> congressman elijah cummings also supports it. he says no one will be removed from their homes. governor o'malley is asking the federal government to pay half of the estimated $1.6 billion costs. and that brings us to our web question. we're asking do you support the red line proposal? so far 35% of you say yes. 65% say no. what do you think? go to our website, to vote. it's located on the right side
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of our home page. a joyful homecoming tonight at the canton pier in baltimore. the navy hospital ship the comfort returned from a four- month humanitarian mission to latin america and the caribbean. during the deployment, we're told the comfort's crew provided medical assistance to more than 100,000 people in six countries. well, they're still riding high on the streets of baltimore, but not on a balance sheet. what it will take to keep the city's mounted patrol from being put out the pasture. and the latest from washington on cash for clunkers. will lawmakers come through with a financial fillup? well, the 2-degree guarantee for today was 89 degrees. the high today got to 88. so we did hit that 2-degree guarantee. we'll be back with our forecast right after this.
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[ closing bell ] a choppy session for stocks today. the dow hit a nine-month high ending up more than 33 point. the nasdaq gained nearly 3 points and the s&p closed up just over 3, also a nine-month high. hotel giant marriott international is the day's biggest winner, closing up more than 5%. joseph a. banks dropped more than 2%. and baltimore-based bank first mariner ended its day unchanged. well, unless someone rides to a rescue, a baltimore tradition could be trotting into the sunset. charm city's mounted police have been around for 121 years. but now city council has slashed funding, and the mounted patrol is running out of money to board and feed its six horses. officer says it's not only an important crime fighting tool, but also a key part of
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community relations. >> you can't pet a patrol car, but you can pet a horse. in some of the communities that we walk around, we find people will actually come up to our horses and pet them. and as they're petting them, they will let us know different things that are going on in the area. >> a police spokesman says they're hoping to raise $200,000 in private donations with the help of the baltimore police foundation. that money would go toward vet bills, feed, and other needs. good news tonight if you're still hoping to catch a ride with cash for clunkers. word from washington tonight that the senate will vote to extend the popular cash for clunkers program before going home on friday. lobbying most of the democratic senators at a white house lunch may have paid off for president obama. majority leader harry reed announced that the senate would vote to approve an additional $2 billion to extend the cash for clunkers program. at least through labor day. >> the cash for clunkers will pass the cash for clunkers.
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>> when will you do that? >> before we leave here. >> reporter: the popular car exchange program has encountered some major roadblocks. but most critical, running out of funds this week. and resistance in the senate from some democrats who want tougher fuel efficiency standards, and republicans who see it as another industry bailout. >> why not an increase in demand for boats? or how about rvs? or how about refrigerators? >> reporter: but the administration points to results as proof of the program's success. 157,000 vehicles have been traded in for more fuel- efficient models. the deals are worth $664 million. so where do these so-called clunkers go to die? salvage yards throughout the country, where business is brisk. >> we have about a good 70 to 100 cars waiting to be picked up. >> reporter: that's the business of destroying these cars, and their gas guzzling engines. but this trash is someone
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else's treasure. the shredded steel is recycled into building materials. minority leader mitch mcconnell predicted a vote to extend the program, but with some republican changes. and it looks like ford is making up for past since. the ford focus is on top of cnn's list of cash for clunker cars being purchased, and the iconic american automaker says its explorer suvs, the same ones that started the suv craze in the '90s are the most traded in vehicle. ford is also seeing people snag the gas-friendly escape suv. toyota's corolla, prius, and camry made the list, as did the honda civic, hundred day elantra, and chevy cobalt. certified baltimore's most accurate, here is chief meteorologist norm lewis, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> nice evening out there. a little on the humid side. things are looking good, but we do have some clouds and showers
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in our direction, with cooler air. but that's only going to last a couple of days. >> for a moment. >> heat is going to be coming back for a weekend. let's take a look outside right now. your shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. >> it's dark. >> there you go. the moon is -- was int the upper portion of your picture right there. and right next to the moon, we talked about it last night. it looks like a very bright star, but it's not. it's the planet jupiter. after the newscast if you want to look at the moon, the bright star that is near the moon is not a star. it is the planet jupiter. outside right now 77 degrees. 82% humidity. the wind is calm. so there is no wind. and the pressurizing 29.90. there are your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. a high tide 8:38 in the morning. low tide 1:44 in the morning. sun comes up at 6:09. we'll set at 819 timothy mcveigh. right now 74 in york. 77 in downtown. still 81 out in hagerstown. and 82 in the ocean city area out on the boardwalk.
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dover right now at 76. 77 in atlantic city. our satellite picture throughout the day. well we had some morning clouds. they gave way to lots of sunshine during the day today. a few light scattered showers. but the heaviest rainfall was back to the west of us. watch this system right here. this was a lot of heavy rain right there. but watch this system as it makes its way through the river city, louisville, kentucky with just huge amounts of rain in a very short period of time. this is what it looked like in louisville, kentucky today. we already showed you some of the action that they were having. unbelievable amounts of rainfall in an extremely short period of time, just turned roadways into rivers. almost instantaneously. the downtown -- well, there is downtown louisville. can you imagine that? downtown baltimore? just boom, all at once. those folks are having some real problems. well, as far as what is going to be going on over the next couple of days, we'll talk about our forecast. and as you can see, there is no precipitation around the region. this is just the heat of the
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day, radiating back out into space. by tomorrow we will be tracking some showers. right now in moncton 72. edgemere right now at 79 degrees. here is the forecast. that precipitation out in the ohio valley, the heavy stuff is going to run down into the carolinas. but during the day tomorrow, we'll start out with sunshine. but during the afternoon shower and thunderstorm activity giving us some rainfall. and then on thursday, another little shot of showers. mostly on the eastern shore. but that's going bring in the cooler air. but the heat comes back for the weekend. here is your forecast for the overnight. mostly clear and humid. during the day tomorrow, it's going to be a mostly cloudy day. not quite as warm as i originally expected, 85 degrees. that's your 2-degree guarantee for tomorrow. mostly cloudy with some scattered showers and storms. the extended outlook or the the next seven days, 85 on thursday. 84 on friday. then shower and thunderstorm activity with increased heat and humidity come back for saturday, sunday. monday up to 90 degrees. and tuesday same kind of situation. check this with meteorologist justin berk early tomorrow
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morning. i'll see you tonight at 5, 6 and 11. >> all right, norman. a great debut tonight for orioles pitcher brian mattis as the birds win in detroit. mattis was the fourth overall pick in last year's draft. he allowed and run in six hits. nick markakis homered. orioles win 8-2. purple day at the ravens camp in westminster. all members of the team's purple just for women club got a special gift from the team. thursday is rookie's day. and of course the rookies first preseason game is next thursday against the redskins. for all your ravens needs, just head to, and we will be right back.
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we have a breaking news update on the deadly shooting spree inside a suburban pittsburgh health club. it happened tonight at the l.a. fitness club inside a shopping center in bridgeville. reports from the scene indicate now five people are dead, including the alleged shooter. more than a dozen people are said to have been wounded, some seriously. witnesses say man walked into a latin dance class in the aerobics center, turned off the lights, and started shooting. >> and by the time i realized, i looked over and i could see flashes in the dark. and that's when i realized that someone was actually using a firearm inside of there. >> as always, we'll have more on this story as new details become available online overnight at and on "good morning maryland" starting at 5 a.m. in 2 your health tonight, imagine this. you go to the doctor and then you're referred to another physician, and now you have to worry about your records and lab reports getting transferred. kit be quite a hassle.
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but as health reporter kelly swoope tells us, it doesn't have to be that way. >> hello, how are you? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: armed with his handy laptop, dr. edward miller makes the rounds, checking on patients like margaret bonds. >> good. no other symptoms? no problems? no chest pains? >> reporter: he loves the fact that med star physician partners is using electronic health records. >> he knows what procedures i've had done, if there is time for a repeat chest x-rays, a time for a mammogram, all of that information is readily available. >> reporter: dr. miller says they rolled out the electronic health records program about five years ago. and while they still have to keep the paper for at least seven years, it's been a seamless transition. >> if i see you and you say you need to see the gastrologist, then when you see that gastrologist, he would see my ♪, any lab tests i got on you,
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any x-rays i obtained. >> reporter: bonds retired nurse says there are many benefits to her file being electronic. >> yes, i've had reports of loss of lab report, not necessarily here, but at other places. everything is going to be timely and up to date. >> reporter: dr. miller adds, in these times of making health care more affordable, electronic health records are also cost-effective. >> you talk about cutting down on excess expense. well, if you don't have repeated tests or tests that are done unnecessarily because we have those available, that's a great process. >> reporter: and a secure one too. all their data is double pass word protected. and doctors are even able to access your records from home. kelly swoope, 2 your health. >> and if you would like more information about electronic health records through med star physician partners, you can call 1-877-mpp docs, and we'll be right back with a final look
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at the forecast. tomorrow on "good morning maryland," a lawsuit against the archdiocese of baltimore for closing towson catholic high school goes to court. i'm jamie costello. we'll have that report, plus weather and traffic tomorrow on "good morning maryland." >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand. coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here! have you smelled this chair? or these curtains? you've gotta wash this whole room! are you kidding? wash it?! let's wash it with febreze! whoa! [ sniffs ] hey mrs. weber. [ sniffs ] hey, it smells nice in here. you know, i like to keep things fresh. helps me concentrate. [ male announcer ] for all the things that you can't wash, wash it with febreze.
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we're all a fan of jamie costello's dine on a dime series. just a couple of weeks ago, jamie got a sneak peek of the restaurant opening inside the old baltimore ohio building downtown. we stopped by tonight to see how opening night was going. by all accounts, the answer was pretty darn good, and tasty. and we like to make a note that they didn't bring us anything. [ laughter ] for tomorrow some scattered showers and some
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cooler less humid air moves in for thursday and friday. the heat comes back on saturday and sunday, with chance of showers and thunderstorms. i won't grumble anymore. >> woe is us! that is all tonight. thank you for watching. remember, you can cover all the stories we're covering on and on twitter. and we'll be back tomorrow. good night. >> good night. baltimore's weather leader and taking your online weather experience to the max. interactive maps, baltimore's most accurate forecast, and maryland's most powerful radar. now strap in pour the ultimate ride, with real-time video straight from the cameras of real-life tornado chasers. mother nature's most amazing twists and turns, all new at
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