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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 5, 2009 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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wednesday weather: thunderstorm stretching from nebraska to tennessee to new england. most severe around kansas city, nashville and boston. mountain thunderstorms could trigger lightning and wildfires from oregon to arizona. >> a scorching 113 in phoenix today, 97 in sat lake city, 83 in sacramento and portland, 7 for detroit, 85 in ind yap ligs. 90s from the east coast from new york to miami. 103 in dallas. >> they are cute, cuddly and they're the newest addition to seattle's woodland park zoo. >> these are snow leopard twins born on memorial day. this is when they're still not old enough to take off your finger. the girl cub has a name. the brother does not have a name yet. >> maybe too little to bite your
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finger off. >> doesn't roll off the tongue. >> there are four names to choose from on their web site. the winning names will be announced next week. >> they're snacking on some piece of rotting flesh it looks like. >> cuddly. we'll be right back. ♪ don't lose a grip on the scenes of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive ♪ it's the eye of the tiger
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>> some members of congress are already on summer break back in their home districts and they are finding plenty of people outraged over health care reform. >> some of it appears to be well orchestrated and the white house is pushing back. here's jake tapper. >> reporter: at a town hall meeting, house majority leader steny who iier got an earful. it was just the latest such episode of people protesting
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health care reform with visceral anger, such as the not quite brotherly love in philadelphia over the weekend. >> you want to us believe that a government who can't even run a cash for clunker program is going to run one seventh of our u.s. economy? no, sir! no! >> reporter: one maryland democrat was hanged in effigy but texas democratic congressman, who was shouted down before he could even speak, says there's nothing authentic about these protests >> this notion of a grass roots campaign is totally and completely phony. the republican party has coordinated this apparent outrage and stirred it up. >> reporter: clearly some of it is organized. bob mcduffy wrote a widely circulated memo to put the congressmen on the defensive with your questions and follow-up. the congressman should be made
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to feel a majority and if not a significant portion of at least the audience, opposes the socialist agenda of washington. the goal is to rattle him, get him off his prepared script and agenda. >> they need to hear the people's voice. that's what a democracy is about. >> reporter: one official from freedom works which is run by corporate lobbyist dick armey says his group is organizing but he says washington ignores those real people with real emotions at their own peril. >> those inside the belt way need to know you can't fake this sort of outrage outside the belt way. >> reporter: how is their organizing and geing people to come to town hall meetings and express their feelings any different from a liberal group doing the same thing? >> i think what you've seen is they've bragged about manufacturing to some degree that anger. >> reporter: this is just one area where the white house is aggressively pushing back. all those town hall meetings are on youtube. the white house has launched
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their own web video in which they refute some of the claims being made by president obama and health care reform and solicit voters to send them any claims they think are fishy. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> now some baby talk. the government is out with a new estimate of just how much it costs to raise a child these days and it is not for the faint of heart. >> the number might make anyone wonder how they could actually afford having kids. charlie gibson wondered as well. >> reporter: the u.s. government put out an estimate that young john, if he's an average baby lsh cost his parents $291,570 by the time he finishes high school, $291,000. as if parenting weren't scary enough. they tell young parents to start saving for college. how about the $291,000. where is that supposed to come from? and where does all the money go? a few percentages. the governor says 32% of that $291,000 will be for housing. 16% for food, probably higher
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for boys who would eat the dining room table if you let them. another 16% for child care and edge case and 14% for transportation. those minivans take a lot of gas. but this is all just money. mom and dad's love gets thrown in for free. it's like those ads on tv, 18 years of housing, 93,000, 18 years of meals, 46,000, one smile from the baby or one hug when they're older, priceless. so welcome, john shepherd. go easy on your folks and try to make those sneakers last an extra years. >> the number don't surprise me. i've always thought girls were probably more expensive than little boys. we take a lot more correct of work, braces and glasses and all those things. at least di. >> so i've heard. we need to see the pictures. aren't girls' clothes a little more expensive? >> yeah. i guess boys have sports equipment that probably -- >> but boys like to eat cheap.
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we'll eat hot dogs and macaroni every night. >> we eat cheap, too. >> well, it's the organic -- >> well, maybe not kids. >> the debate rages on. >> well, maybe not kids. >> the debate rages on. we'll about six years old,ore ws i remember taking something from a store. whatever i took wasn't worth much... but the lesson i learned was worth everything. life's most important lessons are best learned in the home.
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>> laura ling and euna lee were working on a documentary for current tv when they were arrested in north korea. >> later this morning they'll be reunited with family in california. in our american landscape coverage from our san francisco station kgo. >> it's been the worst time of my life and now i'm looking forward to the best time of my life. >> reporter: tonight family and friends of the american journal itss held captive in kneear getting ready to welcome them
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back home. laura ling and euna lee are in the air right now flying to southern california with former president clinton. >> lillian kim is in the newsroom with more on his role if their release. >> reporter: other high level diplomats were considered to go to north korea but bill clinton emerged as north korea's preferred choice and so he went. before his arrival, the former president had been assured he would be returning home with the two journalists. laura ling and euna lee began their journey home after nearly five months in a north korean prison. before boarding a california-bound plane, the two current tv journalists shook hands with former president bill clinton, who flew to north korea to secure their release. >> my friend is supposed to bring back a half a dozen small u.s. flags so i can wave. >> ling's father, doug, plans to be where the two women are scheduled to arrive. he says the experience has taken an emotional toll. >> it has been an emotional
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yo-yo, positive and negative. one day is good, one day is bad. >> reporter: and today you feel? >> pretty good. i think i'll go get drunk. no. >> reporter: ling and lee were sentenced to 12 years hard labor after admitting to crossing the north korea border while on assignment. the families of the two women asked mr. clinton to get involved. clinton's vice president, al gore, who co-founded current tv joined in on the request. gore reportedly called the form are president ten days ago. >> president clinton is perfect for this role. symbolically he's at the level of a president having been president of the united states so the highest possible level. >> reporter: the north koreans certainly made the most of clinton's visit. a picture she's grinning kim jong il standing side by side with the former president. then there were meetings and a vip state dinner. at the san francisco academy of art university, a toast tonight in honor of mr. clinton and the freed georgists.
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lee graduated from the university eight years ago. >> i'm also proud to live in this country right now because we don't forget about our own. >> reporter: as for family members, all they can think about is tomorrow's reunion. ian is ling's husband. >> it's been the worst time of my life and now obviously la i'm looking forward to is the best time of my life. >> reporter: laura ling and euna lee are scheduled to arrive at burbank airport in southern california at 5:30 a.m. >> president clinton's role in the women's release could have lasting repercussions. some experts say it opens the door for the u.s. to establish a dialogue regarding north korea's nuclear program. others say given north korea's record, clinton's visit amounts to negotiating with terrorists. >> their behavior has been absolutely atrocious and then we've made this tremendous concession. i think by sending a person of this profile, this high stature
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to north korea is -- could turn out to be a mistake. >> they essentially were the bargaining chip for north korea to say to the united states you want to denuclearize us, you want these journalists back, we need to sit down and talk. >> what they'll probably ask for is direct talks but who knows. they right now are acting very, very unpredictably. >> such a welcome bit of news for these families that have been going through a range of emotion for so many days. >> that one father hilarious. >> it should be interesting to see how this affects diplomacy between the u.s. and north korea down the road. >> things cooling off. >> in iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad has been sworn in for his second term as president. >> outside the ceremony police fired tear gas at protestors. there was at laefs one arrest. opposition leaders have claimed that ahmadinejad stole the election. >> your papers are coming up
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> you having chair trouble? >> i am. it's going to affect my performance. be forewarned. >> if things go badly, it's because of the chair. speaking of things going badly, this seems like a bad idea. maybe it just me. there is a new doll on the market for young girls. it's the breast feeding doll. it's called bebe gloton. basically the idea is it comes with this little brazier that you put on and the baby can attach to it and pretend to breast feed. >> and what age is the child that is supposed to play with this doll? >> you can see the girl in this picture looks, what, maybe 6 or
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less? i don't know. younger than that probably. definitely not typical teen-age pregnancy age. so maybe it's preparing youngsters for what lies ahead. i don't know. i've seen mtv where they have entire specials -- >> what a truly bizarre, bizarre doll. that makes me think a man thought of that. i cannot see any woman thinking that would be a good idea. >> yes. >> okay. so in china they did a sort of interesting poll. they took about 3,400 people and basically asked them what professions do you trust the most? they gave them a list. it turns out in china they trust the prostitutes more than they trust politicians and scientists. hard to believe. >> willis agrees. >> the survey was published and they found about 8% of people said sex workers are more trustworthy, placing them right behind farmers and religious workers.
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>> maybe elliott spitzer should go there. he might do all right. >> bizarre. >> hey, is that a cocatu in your bag? that's probably what security was saying. you feign interest. >> it's very good anchor humor. >> this is from the daily mail. somebody went into the pet store and grabbed a 19 week old worth a lot of money and they stuffed it in the bag and took off with it. bird theft is apparently a big deal. >> i have heard that. it's pretty lucrative, isn't it? >> these things live from like 60 to a hundred years old. you've got a lifelong friend you stuffed in your bag. >> i'm s ♪ doo doo doo doo doo ♪
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>> breaking news this morning. a deadly shooting spree inside an l.a. fitness gym outside pittsburgh. >> victims come running in covered in blood. >> then two american journalists pardoned in north korea are now on their way back to the united states. >> and movie trailer. the oscar-winning actress gives movie-goers a different kind of experience. >> cinema is for everybody and everywhere. >> it's wednesday, august 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> kind of an interesting story. if you can't go to the theater, the theater comes to you. good morning, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. we are following two major breaking stories this morning. former president clinton is on his way home with the two freed american journalists. but first there has been a deadly shooting inside a health club in suburban pittsburgh.
3:31 am
>> three women are dead after a gunman walked into a crowded aerobics class, turned off lights and opened fire. the shooter then killed himself. witnesses say it may have been a romantic relationship gone terribly bad. >> the victims come running in covered in blood, he's going to kill me, it's my ex-boyfriend, he's going to kill me. >> everyone was running out of the men's locker room pip just seen a girl laying down right outside the locker room. me and a couple of other guys picked her up and carried her over here. she kept saying she was going to die. >> many victims were taken to local hospitals where at least five others are in critical condition. we'll have the very latest coming up on "good morning america." >> now to the other breaking story, the return of two american journalists held in north korea.
3:32 am
laura ling and euna lee are on their way to california this morning. the women are apparently in good health after their ordeal and obviously very relieved. martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after he arrived in north korea, he secured the release of the journalists. he had been assured before he got there that that's what would happen. >> this is a big coup to have a former president on their soil requesting the release of the journalists. >> reporter: and they were making the most of it, pictures of a grinning kim jong il side by side with president clinton, meetings with mr. clinton and a vip state dinner. but the white house insisted this was not an official visit. >> this was a private mission. >> reporter: it was former vice president al gore who sought mr. clinton's help. gore is the co-founder of current tv where laura ling and euna lee worked when they were detained last march.
3:33 am
secretary of state hillary clinton has also been heavily involved in trying to secure the young women's release, including issuing an apology to the north koreans during an interview with me just two weeks ago. >> the young women themselves have apparently admitted that they probably did trespass so they are deeply regretful and we are very sorry this happened. >> reporter: since president obama took office, the north koreans have tested a nuclear weapon, a long-range missile and flurry of short and medium-ranged rockets. critics say the clinton visit is rewarding bad behavior. >> their behavior has been atrocious and we've made this tremendous concession. by sending a person of this high stature to north korea could turn out to be a mistake. >> reporter: for the families of laura ling and euna lee it is a day of joy. in a statement they said we are counting the seconds to hold laura and euna in our arms. once they are safely home, all
3:34 am
eyes will be back on north korea to see if the clinton visit does anything to get them back to talks on the nuclear issue. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> now to capitol hill. the senate will likely pump another $2 billion into the cash for clunkers program before adjourning this week. americans are swarming car lots as we've been telling you, turning in more than 150,000 gas guzzlers for more energy-efficient vehicles, getting rebates of up to $4,500 each, which has nearly eaten up the program's original $1 billion. >> the postal service says it will have to take drastic steps to keep from drowning in red ink, including the possibility of shutting down as many as 700 post offices around the u.s. more could be added to the list. despite a 2 cent increase on stamps, the postal service is facing a $7 billion loss this year alone. mail volume is down by 28 billion pieces thanks to increased use of the internet. >> the downpours in kentucky are not letting up just yet. flash flood warnings have been
3:35 am
extended this morning. national guard flood teams are busy around louisville where flooding is waist deep in some places. water gushed into buildings across the university of louisville and flooded out the city's main library, destroying thousands of books. quite a mess there. >> now here is a look at your wednesday forecast: thunderstorms from nebraska to tennessee and up to new england with severe weather in some of those areas. thunderstorms out west with lightning threatening wildfires. >> a high of 3 in portland, 97 for salt lake city, 11 in phoenix, just 69 in fargo, though. 80 in chicago, 90 in st. louis, 90s along much of the east coast, 10 in dallas. -- 103 in dallas. >> well, there weren't any public celebrations for president obama as he turned 48 yesterday. >> i wonder if he got our cake. the president surprised everyone by turning the spotlight on someone who shares his birthday. he appeared unannounced to the
3:36 am
white house press room and serenaded helen thomas. he presented her with a plate full of cupcakes and a kiss. >> thomas turned 89. she joked that she wished for world peace, no prejudice and a health care reform bill. >> she has seen so many presidents. she's been there for so many administrations. but i'll bet that's the first time the president has come over there, basically sat on her lap, smiled and handed her -- >> she was there when i was interning. she was there a long time. we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ happy birthday to you
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>> the government is beginning to sketch out what a swine flu vaccine program might look like. clinical trials are set to begin soon. if they go well, the vaccine should be available by mid october for first of two doses. >> the second dose could be given about three weeks later. it takes another two weeks for the vaccine to take effect. so even those who are first in line wouldn't have full protection until late november. officials expect there will be a public vaccination program at schools, day care centers and other organizations when it comes online. a new study shows that america has earned the title of prozac nation. more people take antidepressants than ever before. >> the number has nearly doubled
3:40 am
in less than a decade from just under 6% of the population to more than 10%. john mckenzie looks behind the number. >> reporter: it is a sobering revelation. the survey found 27 million americans were taking a daily antidepressant. >> what this study tells us is more people are being treated and that's a good thing. but it also raises questions about whether they're getting the appropriate treatment. >> reporter: americans can now choose from at least 38 different antidepressants, prozac, paxil, zoloft. the survey found most people taking it are not suffering from depression, it's more often for nerve pain, back problems, smoking cessation. even menopausal hot flashes. in many cases they get it for no obvious reason. >> it wasn't clear why they were receiving them, if you looked in the doctor's records or asked the patients themselves. >> reporter: most are prescribed not by psychiatrists but by less trained family
3:41 am
physicians. that can be a problem. >> if they only do a cursory evaluation because they don't have the time, if there's a condition that they're missing, if they're overprescribing, if they're not following through. >> reporter: more and more patients are now demanding antidepressants after being bombarded with so much advertising. in less than a decade, spending on direct-to-consumer ads quadrupled. >> the stigma associated with mental health problems is slowly fading. five out of six americans now have a positive opinion about psychiatric medication. the risk is even more americans will turn to antidepressants too quickly and inappropriately. john mckenzie, abc news, new york. >> interesting to hear so many people are not taking it for depression but for pain. those who are taking it for depression, it does make you think maybe the quick fix factor is at play. while these numbers that have gone up, the number of people
3:42 am
actually going to counsellors for treatment is going down. when the combination of the two is what typically works. >> whenever this topic comes up, it's also mentioned synonymous with children. are we overtreating children? one of the big concerns in 2004 the fda addressed with a series of black box warnings telling parents this can really increase suicidal thoughts in young kids. there's so many warnings throughout but it's also such a needed treatment for so many people. >> a lot of people rely on it. >> when we come back, what police say was in the mother's system when she drove the wrong way and killed seven people. you're watching "world news now." now."
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>> turbulence forced a northwest airlines plane to make an emergency landing on tuesday. one passenger was hurt and a flight attendant was hospitalized. it had taken off from knoxville, tennessee and headed for detroit. there were severe thunderstorms across the region at the time. this comes one day after 26 people were injured during a continental flight from brazil. lots of turbulence troubles lately. >> kind of makes you nervous to
3:45 am
fly. >> buckle that belt. >> a horrific car accident on a highway here in new york left a very painful question. what would cause a woman to drive her minivan full of children the wrong way for miles? then crash and kill eight people? >> we have coverage from new york station wabc. >> announcer: this is eyewitness news, the news leader. >> disturbing developments in the taconic parkway crash that killed eight. police say the diver, diane schuler, was drunk and high on drug when is she drove the wrong way for two miles on the parkway. this explains so much of what happened that day. we have two reports tonight. we'll begin with jim dolan at the state police barracks in hawthorne. jim? >> reporter: bill, you remember what they said at the time, right?
3:46 am
she was a loving mother, a doting, devod mother, except here's what we know now -- ripped on liquor and stoned on weed, diane schuler loaded up her car with her own children, with her brother's children and killed nearly all of them. the carnage was numbing but the mangled wreckage jarring was a as it was could not approach relating the horror that emerged from the parkway last week, a grim parade of lives young and old extinguished in a heart beat all, it turns out, because of a liquor fueled drugged mother who took to the road. >> she would have had difficulty with perception, with her judgment, with her memory. around that level of alcohol you also start to get what's called tunnel vision where your perception is changed so you can't see peripherally all the time depending on her tolerance that she has to alcohol. >> reporter: diane schuler loaded up her minivan with her son and daughter and three
3:47 am
nieces and headed back to west chester county from a catskills children's camp. she was surely already drunk because her autopsy she's blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. but there were also 15 ounces of undigested alcohol in her system and a broken bottle of vodka was found in her car. shortly after crossing the tapanzi bridge, she called her brother saying she was disoriented and having trouble seeing. little wonder. besides the alcohol, she had also been smoking marijuana. >> having them together, the effects are intensified. >> reporter: indeed. after driving two miles the wrong way, she killed her, her own daughter and three nieces. three men in the car she crashed into were also killed. the police do not expect anyone to be charged in this case criminally, but they are still investigating. they want to know who knew diane schuler was drinking so much and smoking weed when she filled her car with her children. reporting live, jim dolan, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you.
3:48 am
jim talked about those three other victims in the other car. they are all from yonkers and include a father and son. tonight those men's families are outraged over the news diane schuler was driving drunk and high on drugs. michael bestardi was killed in the cash along with his son. they plan to meet with the d.a. tomorrow. tonight they are filled with both sorrow and fury. >> how do you put five children in a car when you're a mother and you're drunk? how do you do that? it's incomprehensible. we have children. i would never, ever do something like that. it's just -- it's crazy. >> the inexplicable has been explained now that we know what likely happened. now come the tougher questions. did anyone else know diane schuler was highly intoxicated and didn't do anything?
3:49 am
could this have been prevented? and is the law done with this case? we continue our coverage. >> reporter: bill, what a question. of course tonight that question remains. hundreds of people came here, as you may remember last week, to mourn the death of all of these victims. tonight police say one of those victims, diane schuler, is a murderer. so the question remains did anyone know diane schuler was driving under the influence? >> if you had full knowledge, just closing your eyes doesn't make it go away. >> reporter: attorney phil nicholas says criminal charges depend on what police find and what prosecutors can prove. >> what the police have to determine at this point is if anyone had any knowledge, did they know that this woman was drinking, that she was planning on driving, did they release the car to her and trust her with a dangerous instrumentality? and if they did, then sure, they
3:50 am
there may very well be criminal responsibility and liability. >> reporter: tonight the investigation is ongoing and police will talk to family members again. >> it's been a criminal investigation from the inception. at this point it appears there will be no criminal charges. >> reporter: tonight neighbors bombarded with the truth don't know what to think. like aubrey fisher, who baby sat some of the victims. >> i couldn't believe that an adult could make a decision like that being the only adult with, you know, the children. >> reporter: attorney phil nicholas also tells me if someone was charged in this case, it would be a lesser charge than murder or homicide. again, we must stress no one has been charged tonight. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> just such an unbelievable turn in that case. certainly not what anyone was expecting. especially when you heard sort of the glowing reviews from family and from neighbors about what a great woman this was,
3:51 am
what a great mother she was. it's just so sad to think. >> you heard jim dolan talking about the neighbors saying she was loving and doting. then these new details emerge. the way the story was played in the new york media over the last week, i think a lot of people thought this was some sort of bizarre medical condition that had afflicted her. some people even thought it was diabetic shock perhaps. nobody even mentioned this possibility. then yesterday comes the news they found this bottle of vodka in the car and the news that she may have been using one of these substances as close as 15 minutes before the actual point of impact. >> unbelievable to hear double the blood alcohol content and 15 ounces undigested. you're probably wondering what about the husband left in this situation. so far he's not commenting and extended family not commenting since the results of those toxicology reports. >> you can understand the fury of the family of the people in the other vehicle, too. so upsetting. more news coming up.
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>> that was the theme to "entourage," which was not in the top ten. >> are you upset? >> i'm glad. it's a horrible show. >> i'm glad you're always so diplomatic in your reviews of things. finally, a different kind of movie trailer. it is the brain child of tilda swinton and some of her friends >> they're delivering movies in scotland in a 30-ton truck. the bbc has the story. >> reporter: the tourists are enjoying the stunning scenery and peace and quiet. but for one night only, that's
3:56 am
about to change. ♪ we're going where the scene is blue ♪ >> reporter: the mobile cinema is coming. it's actually possible to pull a 33-ton truck. >> reporter: and they've come from all over the world to take turns towing the screen along narrow highland road. it is an unusual sight in the villages along the way, bringing international films to audiences who lost their own local cinemas long ago. >> in every small town all over europe, there are at least two cinema shaped spaces where cinema used to be. cinema is for everybody and for everywhere. we are noticing how few opportunities there are for people to realize how incredibly wide cinema is. >> reporter: this is not your average movie-going experience.
3:57 am
there's no popcorn, no pick and mix, no hollywood blockbusters. instead they're throwing films from places like iran, india, japan. instead of a nine screen multi-plex, there's just this one plush, rather cozy space. it's a deliberately low-tech affair. people living nearby appreciate the effort that's gone into bringing the movies to their door. >> cinema in a bus. it should be a bit different anyway. >> to have a mobile cinema that comes and opens up like a pandora's box is really wonderful. >> reporter: even when the film is over, there's no normal rushing home. these enthusiasts want everyone to feel included on their cinematic journey through the hills and glen
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> gunned down. an armed manur >> gunned down. an armed man bursts into a gym in pennsylvania and goes on a killing spree. what we know about the shooter and his victim. >> then coming home. two american journalists jailed in north korea are free and will be reunited with their families this morning. >> and driving distraction. should the government ban drivers from texting? >> the public is sick and tired of people being distracted and causing accidents. >> it's wednesday, august 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> clearly we have a lot going on this morning. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm jeremy hubbard. death inside a hleast on >> it's wednesday, august 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> clearly we have a lot going on this morning. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. we begin with breaking news in suburban pittsburgh.
4:01 am
three women have been shot to death inside a health club. >> it appears the gunman targeted at least one of the victims, thought to be an ex-girl friend. a chaotic scene as a shopping center in a quiet pittsburgh suburb turned into a crime scene tuesday night. witnesses say a man burst into an l.a. fitness center and walked into an all-women's aerobics class, shut off the lights and opened fire. >> what happened was they were in a pilates class or something like that and they turned the lights out and all of a sudden the shooting started. >> i could see flashes in the dark. that's when i realized someone was using a firearm inside of. >> the suspect had who two guns. the victims had no warning? >> 15 people were shot, including one would who said the shooter was her exboyfriend. strangers did what they could to help those injured until ambulances and medical personnel arrived on the scene.
4:02 am
police discovered the suspect's car in the parking lot and are searching it for clues. >> those officers are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting spree. at least five of the victims remain in the hospital in critical condition this morning. we'll have more on the breaking news later on "good morning america." >> for the first time since mid march, laura ling and euna lee are enjoying their freedom instead of facing 12 years of hard labor in north korea. former president clinton secured amnesty for the two women by meeting personally with north korean leader kim jong il. martha raddatz has the details. restraining orders the first brief glimpses of laura ling and euna lee at the pyongyang airport. the young women looked to be in good health as they climbed the stairs to the aircraft where former president bill clinton waited.
4:03 am
he greeted the journalists rather formally but had they first met, it was described as an emotional moment. in los angeles, laura ling's father says the family is thrilled at the news. >> well, one of the few times that something that positive happened to me besides having the two girls. >> reporter: the best day of your life did you say? >> one of the best days of my life. >> reporter: it has been nearly five months since the two journalists were first detained by north korea. they were sentenced to 12 years hard labor on charges of crossing into north korea illegally while working on a story. bill clinton spent less than 24 hours on the ground to secure the release of the women but after weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations, clinton had assurances even before he arrived that he would be bringing lee and ling home. it was former vice president al gore who approached clinton to act as emissary. gore is co-fonder of the media outlet where the journalists work. the north koreans had rejected gore and several others as emissary. gore said all of us are overjoyed at their safe return. our hearts go out to them and to
4:04 am
their families for persevering through this horrible experience. hillary clinton was heavily involved in securing the release of ling and lee. president obama kept close track as well. he has long said he wanted to engage with the north koreans but instead north korea conducted a nuclear test, fired a long-range missile and a flurry of short and medium-range rockets. that's why some are worried about the message the north koreans might get from bill clinton's visit. >> there's no penalty for the things that they've done. we could get into a situation here of a moral hazard where by rewarding bad behavior, we're only going to get more of it. >> as students head back to classes, teachers are on alert for any sign of the h1n1 swine flu. the obama administration is expected to release new guidelines friday about what
4:05 am
school officials should do if students do show up with symptoms. here's lisa stark. >> reporter: classes are already back in session at rockdale high in georgia. this year the principle is keeping a sharp eye on students. >> we ask them are they feeling okay. forced to stay home from work to care for their kids. the government is advising the schools to identify students and teachers who are ill and send them home. >> they're hoping to avoid the
4:06 am
chaos of last spring's school shutdowns. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >> hard to believe school's already back in some places? >> that's crazy, yeah. >> here's a look at your wednesday forecast: thunderstorms and scattered severe weather from the central planes and all the way to the northeast. lots of lightning could trigger wildfires from arizona to oregon. >> boise hits 94. albuquerque 98 today. it's heating up in the middle of the country. 86 in omaha, 90 in st. louis, 103 in dallas, 89 in boston, 92 for new york and 90 in atlanta. >> i say bad friends, jeremy for new york and 90 in atlanta. >> i say bad friends, jeremy thinks funny you be the judge.
4:07 am
>> a rude awakening for a party pooper in germany. >> friends knew he was a hard sleeper. when he dozed off at a party, they child him to a train station about a mile away. they bought a bike ticket for the sophia and put him on a train still sleeping. he was still on the sofa when he was awakened by police on a platform several miles down the line. >> bad friends. when he realized he had no cash, he ran four miles home and went straight back to bed. >> there's more to the story, too. >> there has to. this is not just a hard sleeper.
4:08 am
there were substances involved clearly. had to have been. a night of heavy drinking no doubt about it. instead of using a sharpy on his face to write vulgar words -- >> they went with the path less taken. >> clever. >> we'll be right back. ♪ you would cry, too, if it happened to you ♪
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>> fake a look at this police video out of nationalville. >> tasers weren't powerful enough to subdue this suspect who is 6'1" and 300 pounds. they used the taser on his twice. the suspect lost his pants but kept on going. tasers have been controversial in nashville. some think they're not enough to protect the place. some say this video proves it. >> outside pittsburgh last night, a gunman walked into a fitness center dance class,
4:12 am
turned off the lights and open fire. >> at least four people are now dead. in our american landscape coverage of the story from our pittsburgh station wtae. >> reporter: channel 4 action news at 11:00. we continue to follow this horrible mass shooting in collier township tonight where just about now three hours ago, andrew, five people were shot and killed inside this l.a. fitness center. >> meantime five women are fighting for their lives at mercy hospital. three have been upgraded to serious condition, two remain in critical condition. meantime we can turn to channel 4 action news reporter shannon who has been on the seen all day long. what do you have from the scene right now? >> well, we are looking at right now is what you're seeing from sky 4, you we can see ground level. we see scores of police officers. they have not let up. the same amount of police officers who were here two hours ago are still here scene. many are responding to this one
4:13 am
vehicle you're talking about. you're seeing it here on ground level. it's very close to the front door of the l.a. fitness center where the shooting took place in collier township after 8:00 tonight. police officers responding right now looking for any evidence they can. we saw them earlier in the evening going from car to car all through the parking lot looking for any information. obviously they were trying to find the shooter's car. this middle-aged white man who walked into the fitness center, started firing, killing at least five people, including himself. we heard tonight from so many witnesses who were inside the building at the time. we're talking about big, strong guys who were working out, doing their thing with their head phones on, the same kind thing they do probably four, five days a week. those guys were very scared, very shaken up tonight when those shots rang out inside the l.a. fitness center. here's what a couple of them had to say to me earlier. >> i was right beside the room where it all took place.
4:14 am
i seen everybody running. i took off my head phones at that moment and i kept hearing shot after shot repeatedly. that's when i realized there was a gun going off. >> reporter: did you not want to believe at first that that's what it was? >> absolutely. i didn't know what it was at first. it almost sounded like thuds, not gunshot. i didn't know what to make it i didn't know what to make it at first. when i seen everybody starting running around, i got as low to the ground that i could. i was scared he was going to run into the room i was in and start shooting other people. after i came out of the locker room, there was a girl laying right outside the men's locker room that got shot in her thigh. me and other friends from the gym helped her up, lifted her up and took her over to peter's place, about 50 yards away from everything. she kept saying she was going to die and everybody was trying to keep her calm. she was just hysterical. i'm still shaken. this is just like something out of a movie. >> reporter: at a mass shooting like this that we saw here tonight in collier township,
4:15 am
what you see is the worst of people and you see the best of people. after this shooting, after all those shots were fired and people were scrambling to get to safety, so many of the people rushed to help those injured, rushed to help those, applying pressure to the gunshot wounds as so many people waited for paramedics to respond to their injuries. >> all right, thank you. we are getting this statement right now from l.a. fitness saying each of us in the l.a. fitness family are shocked and saddened by senseless act of violence that took place at bridgeville club in pittsburgh, this evening. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and friends. we are working with local law enforcement as they conduct their investigation. >> we're going to go from scene back now to mercy hospital where we find marcy, where five people earlier this evening were taken there in critical condition. what is the latest on those shooting victims, marcy? >> reporter: five brought here, two remain in critical, three have been upgraded to seriously.
4:16 am
i've had a chance within the last few minutes to speak with a 19-year-old girl who came here because she tells me two of her cousins were shot, one in the shoulder, one in the uterus. she said the one shot in the uterus is in surgery at this hour. she's hoping to see them, obviously very upset by what happened. i want to go ahead and let you take a listen to what she told me just a few minutes ago. >> it really, really angers me. they were just there being active, not doing anything wrong. it's just so shocking that -- why. why would he go in there? it's something you would like to know the answers to. but you can't because he killed himself. it's just something you want to know the answer to. why did he go in there, why did he shoot these people? just something you want to know. >> reporter: and she says that one of her cousins actually said she laid on the floor and pretended to be dead but was still shot there inside that class. again, the latest, five people
4:17 am
brought here originally in critical condition, three have been upgraded to serious, two remain here in critical condition. that is the very latest for now. >> our american landscape coverage of last night's shooting at a fitness club near pittsburgh. the numbers have changed. you saw on the banner it said four people have been killed -- it said five. we now know it's four people including the shooter. >> much more news coming up. stick around. stick around.
4:18 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> huge, huge, skinny, train wreck. >> gigantic news this morning. >> there it is, your wednesday train wreck and there she is. paula abdul has tweeted tata to
4:19 am
"american idol." we heard all these rumors, she said she wanted a raise, wand a fair deal. now she is saying with sadness in my heart i decided not to return to idol. >> this is huge. >> she said she'll miss nurturing all of the new talent and said she's been happy to be part of a show from day one to becoming an international phenomenon. randy, simon, kara have all signed deals. >> i predicted this. >> no, you actually didn't. let's take a look. >> she wants more money. this is a negotiating tactic. she will be back, mark my words. >> i will mark your words. we'll see how this ends. >> she just wants more money. this happens a lot. >> well, i'm wrong sometimes. not very often. it's a rare thing. they had to go digging through -- >> thank you, research. you made my morning totally worthwhile. >> dig through miles of videotape just to find the one time i was wrong.
4:20 am
>> there's still a chance. maybe it's her stoking the fire. >> if that's true then what? >> we'll replay that clip and we'll get you an ice cream cake. >> formal apology. >> no. >> as of today he is factually incorrect. >> rihanna is no longer scared of chris brown apparently. he's going to be sentenced today. basically she's saying she doesn't want the sentence to be as harsh as it might be. her lawyers are going to appear at the sentencing to ask the court to ditch the order of protection that bars brown from coming within 50 yards of her. they want a less stringent level one order that doesn't have the distance parameter. >> i wonder if they're considering being friends or maybe more. >> regardless the sentence is likely to be five years probation, 180 days of labor-oriented service and a year of domestic violence counseling classes. >> i'm going to keep my mouth quiet on that.
4:21 am
you know what i think on that situation. >> another story involving twitter, which seems to be the way everyone communicates these days. >> we got to start tweeting. >> we should. >> the background on the story is shaquille o'neal made comments along the line about david beckham of i dare him to score on me. now o'neal has taken it one step further. >> david, these are the goals right here. >> you have on the little glove. >> exactly. >> no way you score me. >> so i guess the gauntlet has been thrown down. he did make a comment saying why isn't he challenging kobe to score on him? >> he's picking a fight via tweeter? >> and jessica simpson may have predicted her breakup with tony romo. she said i don't know what would
4:22 am
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>> here are some stories to watch today on abc news: the investigation into that deadly shooting at a health club in collier township, pennsylvania begins in earnest today. the identity of the gunman hasn't been released. >> two american journalists released from north korea arrive home a short time from now. former president clinton helped negotiate their release. >> and president obama visits an rv plant in indiana today. he'll announce $2.4 billion in grants to create electric cars and tens of thousands of jobs. >> finally this half hour, the secretary of transportation says it is time to do something about people who multi-task behind the wheel. he's planning a high-level summit in the fall. >> studies show driving while texting is just about as bad as driving under the influence. diana alvear has more. >> a tow truck in a pool. the car it plowed into in pieces, both drivers in the hospital, all because of an
4:26 am
accident police say was caused by texting. >> i watched it ram into the car in full speed. >> reporter: accidents like these are the driving force behind a september summit announced tuesday by the transportation secretary. >> the public is sick and tired of people being distracted and causing accidents. >> i think they should stop. that's why i pulled over. i have a phone conversation going on right now. >> i almost hit a couple of people. so i know what they mean. >> reporter: when >> when we are done, i expect to have a list of concrete steps to announce. >> reporter: one of those steps may be to recommend a federal ban on cell phone use and texting while driving. >> what gets drivers to change their behavior is a strong law, strongly enforced. >> reporter: the statistics are shocking enough. one study found texting while behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do, making it 23 more likely they will crash.
4:27 am
>> anyone who says they can text and drive is misleading himself and even worse they are going to be killing other people on the highway. >> all right. time for a moment of brutal honesty. you have ever texted behind the wheel? >> i think not but on because when i was really driving no one was texting as much. but i wouldn't put it past myself. >> i've checked my blackberry behind the wheel, which is probably equally dangerous. i haven't returned e-mails but i've scrolled through and looked. >> in high school i would drive while reading a book. i look back now and think what an idiotic thing to do. >> you still see people driving down the road reads the newspaper, eating sandwiches, putting on their make-up, shaving. >> anything else or are you good? >> these are the things i've done. i'm kidding. do not w
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