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tv   News  ABC  August 10, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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doing great. >> thank you. >> megan went off and got married. >> she got hitched. >> look at the pictures. the blushing bride. she looks gorgeous. >> we can't show the bride without showing the groom. there he is. >> he looks awesome. >> getting ready to see the new couple? >> let's go. >> aw. >> look at that. you said? >> they were smiling. it's almost like they love each other. i love it when things work out. it's beautiful. >> and they build on this day. good for them. >> so lovely. in news today -- a violent day in the middle east. there were bombings in baghdad and the northern city of mosul. they killed at least 32 people -- i'm sorry, i'm supposed to be talking -- >> you were on a roll. that was good. >> i was going to go for it. let's look at weather and then we'll get back to the bombings. >> we'll get back to the news. >> we have heat at 5:30. good morning. we'll take you out to where the couple is going to be celebrating -- no, they are
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not. we'll tell you -- we won't tell you the location, let's just say it's far away. i wouldn't mind being at the boardwalk hotel in rehobbyth, 76 degrees. a little breeze from the water. you'll find some of nature's air conditioning there. 78 rock hall. 75 annapolis. 77 glen burnie, eldersburg and reisterstown. we're in the 70s. going to 91 by lunchtime. 95 our two-degree guaranteed high this afternoon with the heat index value between 100 and 105. that means that puts us into the category of discomfort and heat advisories, do whatever you can to keep yourself cool. more on that coming up. 5:31. kim? >> you see volume building on both directions of the bw parkway if you are making your way southbound in the far right lanes there. you pretty much have a smooth ride heading down towards laurel and beyond towards the washington, dc area this morning as well. a quick reminder, charles street is going to be closed
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until 7:00 a.m. between center streets and west reed streets because of a road repaving project. that reopens at 7:00, you may want calvert as an option. in columbia, word of a crash deep in residential part of columbia. probably will have little impact on the commute. jfx, looking good going downtown, no problems at this time. back to you. now back to the news we were mentioning before. a violent day in the middle east. bombings in baghdad and the northern city of mosul killed at least 32 people and wounded dozens more. iraqi officials say the strike was a double truck bombing that killed at least 23 and wounded more than 100 near mosul. officials say bombs exploded in three neighborhoods in baghdad. president obama has begun his second trip to mexico as president with the 45-minute meeting with his mexican counterpart. the two have discussed trade issues, swine flu and the
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violent mexican gangs dominating the drug trade now. the talks are ahead of today's three-way summit between the united states, mexico and canada. the family of a maryland inmate who hanged himself in a holding cell at the frederick county adult detention center plans to sue. the 126-year-old inmate used shoelaces to hang himself but inmates are not allowed to have laces in shoes for safety reasons. two county correctional officers already face disciplinary action in this case. a well known pediatrician from the eastern shore has died from injuries he suffered in a car crash that happened four days ago. dr. jose alvardo was the chief of pediatrics at the peninsula hospital in salisbury. police say his car ran in the back of a disabled tractor-trailer this past wednesday. he was flown to shock trauma but later died on saturday. in washington, it appears that quick action by a train operator may have prevented a deadly accident on a metro earlier this year just three months before two trains did
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collide on the tracks. "the washington post" is reporting that back in march a safety system designed to help trains avoid crashes malfunctioned and that forced one train's driver to use an emergency brake to stop the train. this crash in june killed nine people and injured more than 70 others. it will be several days before investigators release the official cause of this weekend's deadly plane crash in carroll county. the pilot's 61-year-old robert koshemba and a friend died in the crash. they were both from anne arundel county. the two seater crashed in a cornfield saturday morning, 7:30 a.m. shortly after taking off from keymar west of taneytown. investigators say he was a experienced pilot. in the old days when matthias would hold a town hall meeting maybe 30 people would show up. >> ben yardin is holding a -- ben cardin is holding a rsvp
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town hall meeting. it will be at host inside as it is outside. >> reporter: the meeting is expected to start 7:00 on the campus of towson university. it's an rsvp meeting and it's expected to be a doozy. here's why -- president obama's plans to make big changes in the health care system has been meeting with the applause in some circles, even more so, anger toward what many are calling the biggest mistake ever is also mounting here. protesters have showed up outraged by what many have called the administration's attempts to socialize meeting. opponents say cardin is only allowing people on his mailing list to speak. >> let me start by disspelling the outlandish rumors that reform will promote euthanasia or cut medicaid or bring about a government takeover of health
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care. that's simply not true. >> reporter: once again that meeting will be held here at towson starting at 7:00. however, the doors are expected to be open at 6:00. you can expect lines. if you're going to try to get here you may want to get here early. once again, also protests are scheduled out here. both for the changes and against it. it will be a hot time at towson coming up tonight. we'll have more on this story coming up a bit later. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. new information about south carolina's governor. >> what has been dug up on mark sanford now? and you'll miss elizabeth on "the view" today. she has a pretty good reason. >> a big reason. what can you do? >> and outside right now, 71 degrees. 84% humidity. it will be hot. here is mark jones with the mta report. >> good morning.
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the commute is off to an excellent start if your ride is on light rail or the metro subway. both on time. marc, showing no present delays on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. out there on the buses the 27 diverted at falls and northern parkway due to ongoing watermain break repairs. the 21 with a diversion at pennsylvania and dauphin. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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it's the kind of weather you go outside and it smacks you in the face immediately. it's so hot. justin has the details on what to expect. >> the weather is smacking you in the face. nobody else will. i hope that's how it works out today. good morning to you. this is not going to be a pleasant day weatherwise. if you didn't like yesterday, guarantee you're not going to like today. 71 degrees to start this morning. 74 up towards york. 77 hagerstown where their heat index this morning is 80. we've got clouds and storms pushing to our north up towards new york but this morning we are sounding the all clear. around 70 to 75 for most of us to start the morning. quickly jumping to 91 by lunchtime. 95 this afternoon with a heat index value approaching 105. puts us in the heat advisory
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category. we'll talk more about that coming up. 5:40. try to stay cool, here's kim. >> looking in anne arundel county, this is route 50 at route 97. if you notice a little bit of increased volume that is because, that's a little residual from an earlier crash than the on the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge that blocked one toll plaza lane. however, it's since been cleared and traffic has been reopened. things are running smoothly. downtown, keep in mind charles street remains closed at least until 7:00 a.m. between west centre street and west reed street for a road repaving project. use calvert street as an option. in columna, a crash involving a motorcycle. a report of a medical call on the shoulder southbound 95 approaching route 100, causing slowing as people are rubbernecking to try to find out what is going on but shouldn't impact the commute too much. jfx at north avenue, no problems to let you know about as you make your way southbound headed into downtown.
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back to you. 5:41. not only will it be hot outside, it will be a real scorcher indoors over at towson university. >> that's because it's going to be a big town hall meeting about health care here tonight at towson. i'm roosevelt leftwich. that story is coming up, next.
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our health care system has hit a political nerve. >> the their lit a fire on the internet plays out live at towson university. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich live as senator ben cardin prepares for who knows what? >> reporter: that's the thing, who knows what is going to happen? there have been angry protests all over the country as people oppose the plan calling it probably one of the worst mistakes in the country's history are expected to be here tonight along with people who say it will be good for the country. both sides are expected to clash tonight. here's why. let's look at video of some other things that have gone on. as you can see angry people upset with the president's plan to change health care have been turning out in meetings all over the country along with people that support the plan. but the anger has been directed at what many people are saying is going to be a very expensive attempt to what they call socialize medicine. already many people are upset with the format of cardin's town meeting tonight at 7:00. they say he's only allowing people on his mailing list to ask questions and speak.
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the president says he hopes to talk directly to the public but many say the meetings are not being held fairly anywhere. >> [indiscernible] >> i don't think any opinions are changed in an event like this but i think it's important to have events like this. i know i'm not getting any answers. >> reporter: that meeting once again will be held here at towson starting at 7:00. however, the doors are opening at 6:00. it's expected to be long lines, so whether you're for or against what is going on here, if you're going to get here you might want to get here early. more coming up on this at the top of the hour. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> thank you. a look now at some of the other top stories we're working on. roll up your sleeves, trials begin for the h1n1 swine flu vaccine across the country today. health officials at the university of maryland school of medicine are taking part in those tests. young adults and senior citizen volunteers will get the vaccine first. if it's found to be safe the
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vaccine will then be tested on children. keep it here on abc2 because this morning "good morning america" will be live at the university of maryland school of medicine for the beginning of today's trials for h1n1 vaccine. in new york divers return to the murky waters of the hudson river hoping to find the last two bodies from a fatal crash that killed nine people. officials say members of a pennsylvania family and tourists from italy were all killed when a helicopter and small plane collided mid-air. south carolina governor mark sanford is back in the headlines this morning. an associated press investigation found that sanford used state aircraft for personal and political trips. that's against state law. records show that since 2003 sanford has flown to locations of his children's sporting events, political party gatherings and even a birthday party for a campaign donor. lawmakers are once again calling for his resignation. it's another boy for "the view"'s co-host elisabeth
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hasselbeck and her husband, quarterback tim hasselbeck. isaiah was born in new york city, weighed in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces, everyone is doing fine. young hollywood out in force last night. the reason? the teen choice awards. one of the big winners, the vampire drama "twilight" racked up nine movie awards. miley cyrus with six trophies. and zac efron was a multiple award winner, too last night. the multiple choice award went to britney spears. and tonight the jonas brothers will host and perform on the show. it continues, round two tonight. >> i love the jonas brothers. can't go wrong with that. also in full force, the sweltering heat. as cheryl conner reports people across maryland are doing whatever they can at this moment to beat the heat. >> cold water.
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>> reporter: oderley is doing her part to keep people cool. >> drink plenty of fluids, stay cool, if you don't have to go outside, don't go outside. you see where we are, inside under the air. >> reporter: we found plenty of people in federal hill park. tyra green is watching her 1-year-old niece, 3-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son closely. >> basically just how i feel and see them sweating or you know, they are getting cranky i'll take them in. >> reporter: limiting your time and going prepared with water, even for your pooch, is the safest way to be outdoors during these oppressive days. 74-year-old heidi bassin needs to keep moving after knee replacement surgery but she's out for just a short time. >> i walk around the park and that's enough for a while. then stay in the air conditioning >> reporter: jen lily says she tries to build up a tolerance for the heat. >> being inside all the time with the air conditioning and then having that traumatic
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experience when you go outdoors and it's, you know, 20, 30 degrees hotter, is where we end up with as -- some problems. >> reporter: no matter how you cope, listen to your body and take a break when you need it because the heat is here for at least a few days. >> it feels like baltimore now. >> reporter: cheryl conner for "good morning maryland." >> here's a look at the six cooling centers that will be open today and tomorrow from :00 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. you can find the list on there's also a free bus service that helps people reach cooling centers. i heard correctly that woman says it feels like baltimore now? where's the summer been? we had three days of nineties in april. then it took the week after the fourth of july to hit 90 again. we have not had too much
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humidity but it's here now. we're making up for lost time. this morning after storms rolled through sunday evening in harford and cecil county, check it out, havre de grace with 95% humidity. we go up from there. 76 fallston. northeast in cecil county 76 degrees. yeah, as we run through the mid-70s, check this out, what time is training camp today? >> 8:45. >> westminster starting at 78, feels like 82, the sun is not even up yet. i think that's the official forecast for today. yuk! big storms rolled through last night. cloud line just clipping portions of cecil county as the storms are running to the north and east. check it out, up towards new york city, big storms, trees down, they had problems up there and more problems coming through central new york. that is basically where the storm track is. it's going to stay to our north. as we check out the wider
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imagery we have basically high pressure in control. storm track to the north. back to the west. it will close in on us as we head through tomorrow. today's storms probably going to stay to the north of philly, poconos, north of new jersey, an isolated shower could pop up. tomorrow afternoon storms roll through between 4:00 and 6:00. then we try to knock down some of the heat as we go through the rest of the week. 95, with the heat advisory feeling like 105 at times. our extended forecast, 93 tomorrow, better chance of storms, 88 wednesday. 81, will feel wonderful despite the rain on thursday. back to you. traffic is movingifiesly here at route 50 -- moving nicely here at 50 and 97, no problems to let you know about. northbound 97 headed to the beltway and both loops of the beltway are checking in incident-free at this time. downtown, keep in mind that charles street could give you a little bit of a snafu because we have road closures there, charles street between west centre street and west reed street, closed until 7:00 a.m.
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you might want to try calvert street as an alternate. in columbia earlier crash remains on the scene. and southbound 95 approaching route 100 you may see a little bit of activity on the shoulder causing drivers to slow down a little, that is being reported as a medical call. as you look downtown here, mlk at fayette street, you can see things look good as you make your way in and out of the city, no problems to report. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc for the work day. listen to country music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban. back to you. still ahead, from the southwest to the west coast, man's best friend totally ruled. look how cute they are. coming up new at 6:00 -- web ads make products seem irresistible. why you don't always get what they offer no matter what site you see them on. for some fi. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. tastes too good. there is fiber.
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web site, a brand new one for dog owners celebrating their company's launches by raising money for a good cause. they call it the running of the bulldogs. >> it's so cute. >> you pay $10 to run the drooling dogs through the small course. good stuff. >> i lov that. the debate over health care reform comes to towson. what to expect tonight. and a look at our exclusive weathernet, at the harbor school in annapolis, 79 degrees, feels like 82. it will be a hot one.
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welcome on this monday. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm joce sterman. before we look at justin's weather let's look at what we're working on for you today. [indiscernible] i can only handle


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