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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 18, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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next on abc 2 news works for you: >> the suspect admitted that he does not like african americans. >> and that's what police say at the center of a vicious and hate-filled attack on an elderly baltimore city man. plus, a strong storm system passes through, creating a ton of headaches and causing a lot of damage. >> now abc 2 news, the latest at 11. >> the storms that rolled through tonight packed a real punch. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. trees were toppled. lightning may have sparked one fire. at the height of the storm, more than 16,000 were without power. even a little while ago, skies were lit up as lingering lightning was spotted in the night. terry owens has been tracking the storm damage throughout the area. he joins us with details. terry? >> reporter: marybeth, tonight's storm brought a tree down on a moving car. we talked to the driver who described his frightening ordeal. it appears baltimore county got the worst of it tonight. heavy rain and lightning downed trees, knocked out power, and
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nearly took out bud hamilton. >> just driving along, and the tree came down. >> reporter: that's bud's car, surrounded by tree limbs. neighbors say the old tree on putty hill avenue in baltimore county had been struck by lightning before, but this time it gave way to mother nature. >> i heard a crack. i saw a branch hit the windshield. and then all of the sudden the tree came down in front of it. nobody was hurt. cars can be replaced. but that was a big ol' tree. >> reporter: in what is believed to be more storm- related damage tonight, this was the scene in middle river. the 300 block of darkhead road. authorities trying to determine if an attic fire was sparked by lightning. >> i was in my house, watching a movie, and i heard a loud popping sound, and loud bang. when i looked out i saw the fire engine coming down. >> reporter: while balances responded to the scene, no one was seriously hurt. at the peak of the storm, more than 16,000 bge customers lost power. we checked just a few minutes
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before air time, and now just over 7,000 customers have no electricity. norm is in the storm center to tell us more about what happened out there. norm? >> reporter: well thanks a lot, terry. earlier this afternoon, a very small thunderstorm formed down here in the arbutus area. it was only about a half mile across. but as it moved northeastward and hit the heat island of baltimore, in other words, all the heat of the day from the bricks, the concrete, the asphalt, the steel, it just blossomed. it became a huge storm in a matter of minutes over the top of the baltimore area, then tracked up into northern harford county. the same situation happened down in the glen burnie area. they got pounded with a big storm down there. but as you can see, over the past couple of hours, all the storms are making their way towards the north and east. there is still a pretty good storm down near the rockville area. a few scattered showers moving towards the baltimore region. but for the most part, the heavy storms are now over for our region. the forecast for the remainder of the evening mostly cloudy and foggy. storms gradually ending if they haven't ended where you are,
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they will be doing so shortly. we'll see an overnight low of 78 degrees. tomorrow, will it be a repeat of today? also, what is going on with bill. we'll tell you coming up. >> we know you're keeping an eye on the storms. and it's churning through the caribbean and looking more and more like we'll be spared having a brush with hurricane bill. norm will have the latest coming up in just is a bit. now the other story we've been covering all night. we're learn mortgage of one of the men accused in the vicious beating of a 76-year-old man in what police say was a hate crime. it happened at about 4:30 this morning at fort armistead park in south baltimore. the victim and his wife were out fishing. delia goncalves is live outside police headquarters to tell us more about the suspect's violent past. delia? >> reporter: marybeth, police are telling us tonight that 28- year-old calvin lockner is on a state sex offender registry for first-degree rape back in 2000. he was also arrested we're told three months ago for allegedly beating up his wife for, quote, associating with african
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americans. police say this man, 28-year- old calvin lockner was so full of racial hatred, he beat a 76- year-old black man. he even told police he does not like african americans. >> based on his statements that he said during the interview, investigated this as a hate crime. and apparently it was three white people on an african american is concerning. it's troubling that i have to sit here and talk this kind of crap. >> reporter: police say lockner and two other white men in their mid to late 20satacked the elderly man with a baseball bat or stick early this morning. the victim and his wife were fishing here at fort armistead park at the south end of the francis scott bridge. >> i never had no problem. i never thought about anybody getting beat you up in here. >> reporter: the victim's wife was not hurt. but after the attack, the suspects took off in the couple's 2008 chevy tahoe. but the suv had a lojack car theft device, and was quickly recovered. police arrested lockner and the
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two other suspects. the beating left a 76-year-old in serious condition with severe head trauma. >> we pray for a full and speedy recovery. >> naacp held a news conference on the hate crime earlier tonight, and while police call it a disturbing but isolated incident, doc cheatham says the beating speaks to a far bigger issue. >> whether or not it's considered to be black on black crime, whether it's considered to be hate crimes. but it is clear that we must come together as a community. >> reporter: and in that effort, doc cheatham goes on to say that the naacp will hold a prayer vigil and rally the evening of august 28th at the war memorial plaza, just about a block away from police headquarters here. police in the meantime are hoping that lockner will identify his two friends. we're live downtown, delia goncalves, abc 2 news. 3-year-old charles brandley died on august 12th in severn, and tonight his death is being ruled a homicide. police say the child's
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caretaker took him to the baltimore washington medical center and said the boy fell down the stairs. the boy was flown in critical condition to johns hopkins hospital where staff contacted police because his injuries were not consistent with falling downstairs. >> the officers from the anne arundel county police department began investigating the case, developed a possible suspect. it's a 28-year-old male who is the caretaker of the individual, the 3-year-old, during the incident. >> the medical examiner's office ruled the death a homicide. charges are pending, and anyone with information on the case is urged to call anne arundel county police at 410-222-3453. now to a story we've been keeping you on top of since the weekend. a shooting at the inner harbor inside the light street pavilion. police believe the two men shot on saturday were gang members. commissioner fred bealefeld says that simply shouldn't be happening. he is having officers identify gang members and question them if they're spotted in or around the inner harbor. >> this isn't brain surgery. they give us clues. and we should act on those
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clues before trouble starts. that's my lane, right? that's what i want my cops to do. and i want them to go up, and i want them to say welcome to the harbor. don't act like a jerk here. we want you to have a good time, but leave all this gang stuff at home. >> so far no arrests have been made. in harford county, a 15- year-old remains in the county detention center after police say he attacked his stepfather with a baseball bat. according to charging documents, it happened after stan smith, junior was told he couldn't spend the night at a friend's house. smith's stepfather himself has since been arrested and charged with assault in an unrelated incident involving his daughter. legendary jam band phish got back together earlier this year and went out on tour, much to the delight of fans in our area. the band decided to make a stop at mary weather post pavilion over the weekend.
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and fans property their reputation with them. 31 people in all were arrested, most on drug possession charges. police say four of the men charged were selling drugs out of an rv. it was seized along with various drugs and $12,000 in cash. >> i think that to see people selling drugs openly out of a vehicle like this is not common, but perhaps for this type of show or this type of crowd, that's not so unusual. and that's why we send officer there's, to make sure that illegal activity doesn't affect those people who not commits criminal attacks. >> additionally, two people were charged with second-degree on a police officer in a minor scuffle. chances are there cocaine in your wallet. researchers looked at 234 bank notes from 17 u.s. cities and found 90% had small traces. bills from larger cities such as baltimore, boston and detroit were among those with the highest average cocaine levels. salt lake city had the lowest. more than a month after his death, we know where and when michael jackson will be buried.
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according to a spokesperson, jackson will be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday. the august 29th ceremony will be private for only friends and family. jackson will be buried in a mausoleum in glendale, california. in the meantime, jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray, posted a video online today. he thanked all the people who have supported him. officials believe he gave jackson the drug that ultimately killed him. an update on a story you first saw on abc 2 news at 11. we're happy to tell you that the air conditioning is back on at the mccullough homes high rise in west baltimore. folks there are forced to sweat it out for four nights, many of them senior citizens. after abc 2 news contacted the baltimore housing authority last night, the city agency went door to door, checking on the residents. they told us they weren't notified about the air conditioning problem until saturday. the housing authority says the ac was restored this afternoon. it seems we get a different diagnosis almost every day,
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talking about health care reform and the discussion to separate politics from the prescription for change. and seeing ray lewis in a steelers uniform. brett favre is a viking. >> the high today at bwi 93 degrees, which did hit our 2- degree guarantee, giving us seven days in a row. outside right now the storms move out of the region, at least for right now. more on tap. we'll tell you all about it, coming up. at your chevy dealer.
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[ closing bell ] >> despite lingering consumer fears, earnings from home depot and target helped stocks rebound today. the dow gained more than 82 points after two straight
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losing sessions. the nasdaq gained 25. the s&p almost 10. the trend continued locally as area stocks were able to pull themselves up. after a really rough day yesterday, the sienna corporation gained just over 9% today. legg mason push ahead gaining 2 1/2%, and marriott end upped nearly 2 1/2%. and here is some good news in these tough times. some companies are hiring. a dozen fortune 500 gathered at the embassy suites in linthicum today looking to fill a number of positions, mostly in sales. scaling back is the theme for back to school shopping this year. >> i don't want to spend more than $20 on a backpack. >> basically what we got here now is lesson supplies. >> we will do some shopping next time. >> the national retail federation says back to school sales are down 7.7% so far this year. and that's across the country.
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>> we're seeing parents be much more practical. we're seeing them really take price into account, and seeing them make bare bones decisions. >> davis says the average american family will spend $46 less this year than last year. and we're working to help you save money on your back to school shopping. we have six tips for safing on the necessities your kids will need this fall. plus consumer reporter john matarese looks into which stores has the best selection and the lowest prices under our exclusive financial survival guide. the white house said today that president obama has not changed his prescription for health care reform. he still believes we need the assaulted public option, a federal insurance program to compete with private ones. there have been signs recently that the controversial plan could be bargained away to win passage of a larger bill. abc's viviana hurtado is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the white house insists it has been consistent when it comes to health care
11:16 pm
reform. specifically including the government-run option. >> the president prefers the public option as a way of doing that. if others have ideas, we're open to those ideas. >> reporter: but over the last few days, the administration seemed to signal a willingness to drop this provision if it meant gaining the support needed to pass health care reform legislation. >> the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. one aspect of it. >> reporter: a sliver that liberal democrats called the core of health care reform, and the perceived abandonment of the so-called public option has unleashed their fury. the white house sent out a trial balloon that quickly popped, according to political watchers. >> there is something out there that the white house wanted this out to kind of gauge what the reaction would be on the left to understand where the limits of the debate are, and they got a big wake-up call about it. >> a wake-up call that may have
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prompted kathleen sebelius to turn a political u-turn. this weekend she echoed the president's perceived compromise on the option. today she had this to say: >> we continue to support the options that will support lower cost, give american consumers more choice, and keep private insurers honest. >> reporter: secretary sebelius compared the current battle to the 1965 fight for medicare. at the time it barely passed, but now she says is beloved by many. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. the latest now on the storms out in the atlantic causing a lot of concern. claudette made landfall yesterday in florida's panhandle. she appears to be breaking up now over the south. at least one death is being blamed on that storm. anna is churning in the caribbean right now, and is expected to bring heavy rains. but the one we're keeping a close eye on has been hurricane bill. it's a little tricky to see because it's upside down, but that is bill out this the atlantic as seen by a nasa satellite. >> i could see it pretty well
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there. it looks big. >> right side up so we can see them really well. we'll be tracking bill. but we had some storms that blew up. >> like that. >> within a span of about 12 minutes. it went from a small storm to a massive storm with a lot of lightning, heavy rain, gusty winds, they've now calmed down. but tomorrow very good shot at the same kind of thing happening again because of all the heat and humidity being pumped up the eastern seaboard. let's take a look outside right now. your shot from harbor cam looking down on a wet pratt street. at least it's not raining anymore. but we are gaining quite a bit of fog, particularly in the northern suburbs. here is the temperature at bwi thurgood marshall. 75 degrees. 94%. there is no wind and the pressure falling, 30.01. high tide and low tide, 1:18 in the afternoon. winds tomorrow from the southwest at 6 to 12. sun comes up at 6:23. we'll set at 7:56. low today 71 degrees. high today 93. temperatures across the region a very warm one, giving us a 2- degree guarantee of seven days
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in a row. right now it's 73 in york. 80 in hagerstown. 64 in oakland. over on the eastern shore, it's still pretty warm in ocean city. they didn't get the rain, 86 degrees. 75 in easton. 75 in dover. and 80 degrees in pawtuxent river naval air station there is bill in the atlantic. talk about a classic look of a hurricane. there is the eye right there. a big donut shape continuing to make its way towards the west northwest between 14 to 15 miles an hour. and bill has still continued to increase. bill's winds are now category 3 storm. 125 miles an hour, moving towards the west northwest, now 13 miles an hour. starting that little bit of a northward turn, which is going to pair the leeward islands and make its way up into the atlantic. the national hurricane center is still plotting a course for bill, becoming a category 4 storm. and it looks like you could hit the island of bermuda. so that's not good news for them. but it's good news for the united states. it doesn't look like it's going
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to affect us. we will see some heavy surf along the eastern seaboard, maybe some clouds out of it. but it doesn't look like it's going to be a major situation. throughout the day today, boy, we had major thunderstorms because of the heat and humidity. here they come, bang right there. it didn't look like much, but i tell you, if you were underneath one of those things, you got slammed with it. but very strong, moisture flow coming in from the gulf of mexico. over the past couple of hours, around the baltimore area, our precipitation is dried out. but as you can see, still some pretty good storms down here near the rockdale area, making their way towards the annapolis region. and on the eastern shore still getting some shower activity there. and in the northern portions of delaware some scattered shower and storm activity. temperatures falling off. owings mills at 73. 72 in fallston. parkville 75. hanover 73 degrees. and down at thomas point, 78 degrees. 73 up in havre de grace. your forecast for tonight. the showers continue to move on off with fog around. during the day tomorrow, pop-up
11:21 pm
afternoon showers and thunderstorms once again. and the same kind of a situation occurs on thursday as moisture continues to flow northward from the gulf of mexico. your forecast for the overnight period. mostly cloudy, fog. storms ending if they haven't already ended. see an overnight low of 70 degrees. during the day tomorrow, partly cloudy, showers and storms once again. high of 89 degrees. now extended outlook for the next seven days, don't ask me where the seven-day forecast went. let me see if i can reload tonight computer. we'll have to back things up just a tiny bit here. for some reason, the computer is just not -- there is the tomorrow forecast there is the -- the seven-day just does not want to load. but we'll see if we can load it and have it by the end of the show. m.b.? >> thanks, norm. the o's are in florida taking on the rays. they were up until a 2-run home run gave tampa the lead 3-2. bj upton added to the rays' lead in the sixth with a solo shot. they would win 5-4. game 2 tomorrow night. and brett favre has another
11:22 pm
shot to once again win the super bowl, this time with the minnesota vikings. weeks of speculation became official today as favre signed a two-year deal. he then hit the practice field, and says he feels right at home with his new teammates. >> asked after practice, traditionally here we have the new guys say their name and where they're from, and something unique about yourself. i'm brett from hattiesburg, mississippi, and i'm the only guy on this team born in the 60s. that kind of broke the ice. >> favre played last season for the new york jets after spending 15 years with the green bay packers. and speaking of seniors working out in the heat -- just kidding, brett! seriously, it is a concern for all of us, but seniors in particular. how to stay safe while still getting your exercise.
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in 2 your health tonight, exercising in the heat can pose some serious risks for even the fittest. but if you're over a certain age, you should be extra careful. abc 2 health reporter kelly swoope shows us how you can still get your workout in, in the heat. >> so we haven't quite -- >> reporter: helen is always in step when it comes to her workout. she doesn't miss a beat. >> due to my illness, my heart condition, three days a week, i come to the gym. and three days a week i walk to fort mchenry. >> reporter: but with soaring temperatures, helen admits it's not easy getting her workout in on those outdoor days. >> yes, it's rough. a lot of the days are humid. >> the most important thing are to avoid the heat-related illnesses. >> reporter: like heatstroke and heat exhaustion. the manager of the harbor
11:26 pm
fitness and wellness center says seniors are at greatest risk of the illnesses if they don't take precautions. >> with seniors, they have more difficulty in temperature regulations than the average younger person. so they need to be more careful about exercising in the heat or going to somewhere where the temperature is more regular so they can get a safe, effective workout. >> in addition to avoid the peak hours between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., it's important to be hydrated. >> those people always begin hydrated. most people don't drink enough water throughout throughout the day. and that's one of the most important things so your body can use the fluid inside you to cool itself through sweating. >> reporter: in addition to water, sunscreen and hats, he says it's important to take breaks every 15 minutes, and look for the shade. helen kacmarik couldn't agree more. kelly swoope, 2 your health. >> and for more information about exercising in the heat, especially when it comes to seniors, you can contact harbor
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that's like getting all three incredible fios services for the price of two. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today. this is fios. this is big. we recovered the seven-day forecast. there it is. for tomorrow, thursday, friday, and saturday, scattered showers and thundershowers. because of the heat and humidity. and then sunday, monday, and tuesday, things start to clear up a tiny bit, and also cool down. but the next couple of days we're talking about some very heavy thunderstorms. and again, a lot of people got the heavy storms. some people didn't get much of anything. just if you happen to be underneath one of those, you just got pummeled by it. and the same kind of situation tomorrow. we'll have the radar on of course throughout the day. be tracking the storms. anything you need to know, we'll have them right here. >> you should have seen me tonight. i forgot my umbrella, so i wore that yellow fisherman's hat that you had for a promo. that was what i wore out.
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it was quite the sight. thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. >> with high heels no less. >> i did. >> thanks for choosing abc 2 news at 11. tomorrow, wake up for more news with "good morning maryland," or go now to abc 2 works for you. click weather on maryland's most powerful radar. baltimore's most accurate forecast. any time, anywhere, customize your weather by zip code. run the interactive radar. zoom anywhere you like. get your daily forecast hour by hour. the most powerful radar. the most accurate forecast, guaranteed. try getting weather when you want it, how you want it.
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