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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 24, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

5:00 pm, and of course while we're on the air as well. a raven arrested and claims of racial profiling. tonight the mayor fires back. ravens undrafted rookie tony fein has been released on his own recognizance after being charged with assaulting an officer at the inner harbor. his agent says he was profiled by police. the mayor's reaction to fein's defense. >> reporter: this is not the picture undrafted rookie anthony fein wants in the ravens media guide this year. the 27-year-old linebacker was arrested this weekend after police say he assaulted a city officer. >> information that i have is just on the investigation is that he did not adhere to the command of the police. >> reporter: security officers in the light street pavilion said they thought fein was passing a gun to a friend last night. it was really a cell phone. when confronted by city police, charging documents say the football player shoved the officer. fein buzz then arrested and
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booked. but in published reports, his agent, milton d. hobbs out of tennessee says his client was racially profiled by police. mayor dixon responded this morning. >> i don't believe that's the case. i accept that in this case. >> reporter: security is tighter following a shooting at the same pavilion. tough talk followed that incident with both the mayor and the police commissioner, calling for more aggressive policing. but both say that was not the case in this incident. >> bottom line, people can't be jerks at the inner harbor. if a police officer comes up to you and asks you to do something, just follow instructions. there is no need to make a scene or make a big issue out of nothing. >> reporter: fein was processed and booked. he was released on his own recognizance. his trial date is set for october 7th. brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >> the ravens, who play a preseason game tonight with the jets released a statement
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saying fein will get his due process and his opportunity to explain. baltimore county police say a man found shot to death over the weekend may have been killed by someone he knew. 51-year-old scott greenberg's body was found saturday night by his ex-wife. that home was along velvet valley way east of owings mills. apparently his ex-wife is there to drop off their children. and police say when she got to the home, it didn't seem like anyone was there and the doors were locked. so she called greenberg's father, who told her where to get a key. >> it appears he was shot inside the house there was no forced entry. the house had not been ransacked or robbed, which leads investigators to believe that he knew who the killer was. >> reporter: besides no signs of forced entry, investigators say they don't have much else to go on. tonight police in anne arundel county need your help in tracking down two suspected bank robbers. the robbery happened before noon on saturday at the pnc
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bank in crofton. police say the female suspect walked into the bank and grabbed a deposit slip, looked around the bank and left. moments later, a man walked in and gave the tell area bank slip, demanding money. it seemed as though he was armed. if you have any information on the robbery, or know who those two suspects are, you're asked to call the robbery unit at 410- 222-3465. today is a very tragic day in the city of buffalo. our hearts are broken right now. >> that was the city's mayor reacting to this morning's death of two firefighters. they were killed while battling a fire inside a building that housed a convenience store. >> when police arrived, they had a report from the civilian, that there was someone in the basement pounding, calling for help. crews started fighting the fire, advancing in to do a search. and there was part of the floor
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collapsed in the store. >> well, as it turned out, there was nobody in the basement. no rescue to be made. firefighters from across the region responded to show their support. a line of firefighters saluted the fallen men as they were pulled from the building. the cause of the fire and the circumstances surrounding the collapse are still under investigation. the murder trial for the men charged in the death of former councilman ken harris has been postponed until next year. harris was killed in september of last year during a robbery at the new haven lounge in northeast baltimore. gary collins, charles mcganey and jerome williams have all been indicted on first-degree murder charges. city investigators have said dna evidence connects them to the crime. if convict, the three suspects could face the depth. jury selection is expected to begin january 12th. maryland health officials confirm the state's 7th h1n1 flu-related death. that word comes as mayor
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o'malley announces the launch of a computer tracking system that will allow hospitals to share things like diagnosis and treatment. the latest death involves an elderly adult from the washington area who already had medical conditions. coming up on abc 2 news at 6, jeff hager went to today's h1n1 meeting with the governor, and he'll have all the details coming up at 6. we're following a developing story out of washington, d.c. an internal cia report reveals that u.s. interrogators threaten to kill the children of 911 mastermind khalid sheikh muhammad if any other attacks on the u.s. occur. the allegation is part of the 2004 justice department report that examined cia treatment of terror detainees. that report was declassified as part of a lawsuit filed by the aclu. another water main break, and of course traffic nightmare on saratoga street. public works are trying to fix the 40-inch main which broke louisiana night between king and green streets. according to the city's department of public works, the
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hole created by this break is very deep, possibly as much as 25 feet. you can imagine it will take a while to fix it. the clock is ticking down on cash for clunkers. the federal rebate program that encourages people to trade in their gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient models ends at 8:00 tonight. t.j. winick has the latest. >> reporter: cash for clunkers expires at 8:00 tonight, and now dealers across the country have until noon tomorrow to file paperwork to get reimbursed. the government extended the deadline at the request of dealerships who have been struggling with the program's website. >> i can starting from what it was this morning. >> reporter: with the red tape so time consuming, many dealers only accepted trade-ins until last night. >> it takes over a half hour to process everyday deal. so it's very time consuming. so like everybody else, we're waiting for hurry money. >> reporter: well over a half million cars have been sold, a deal the program's backers say is good nor the economy and the
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environment. >> i think it's great for the program, getting some of these old clunker cars off the road. it would be great, get better gas mileage. >> reporter: but cash for clunkers has been criticized for some for the amount of money it spent. $3billion total. and not all industry analysts are convinced the program will look so good down the road. >> and we're forecasting up to a 40% decline of car sales immediately after the program. and so that's definitely not good from the industry but, prices have shot up and inventories are very lean. >> reporter: next up could be a clunkers program for your old refrigerator, washer or dryer. included in a second possible stimulus bill is a 300-dollar initiative that would give consumers a break if they bought certainly is models. for some students in carroll county, anne arundel, this was the first day back to school. in anne arundel county it was extra special.
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students and teachers got an upclose look at major renovations at freetown and lakeshore elementary schools. the newly renovated schools include new computers, gymnasiums and cafeterias. if you lived in the baltimore area, pretty decent day. lots of sunshine out there. but look at the lower eastern shore right now and throughout the afternoon. as a matter of fact, throughout the morning in the afternoon. the lower eastern shore has been getting shower, and even a thunderstorm activity. that is basically relegated to the eastern shore. it will not bother us here in baltimore. here your forecast for the next couple of hours. look for partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures holding in the 80s for the next couple of hours. tomorrow is going to start a return on the heat. so how long is it going to last? the answer is coming up. coming from a former waitress, it's one rule you don't want to break -- tipping. even in these tough times? so what is the right amount to leave, even if you don't think the service was that good? have you heard of kangles?
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some words of warning about the option some women are choosing. and keeping the faith at one downtown baltimore church. bethel is back after a lightning strike sparked a devastating fire. and norm said is it was very pleasant today. indeed it was and still is. 82 degrees from sparrows point. back with more in a moment. ú (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!! i need the baker file stat!! reply!! still making changes. circle back later!!
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you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 5. >> many people who rely on tips for their income say they have taken a big hit during these tough times. apparently people who are finding it difficult to afford eating out find harder to tack on an extra 15 or 20%. sandra endo takes a look at the rules for tipping in fight times. >> reporter: there are rules for just about everything, even tipping. >> 15 to 20% is the usual. >> reporter: but like all rules, sometimes they're honored. >> 20%, sometimes a little heavier. >> reporter: and sometimes they're broken. >> if the service is great, my little tip is not too great for them. and i feel bad. but it's the best that i can do. >> reporter: pamela with the washington school of protocol says when economic times are tough, consumers spend less. and that often means cutting back on gratuities. >> the dine and dash is back. and although they're paying the bill, they're not leaving any tips. >> reporter: coast-to-coast,
5:13 pm
servers are feeling the squeeze. fewer customers, smaller orders, and less tips. >> people would tip a little bit more like 15, 20% are additionally going or the the 10% and 15%. >> now it's just 10%. >> for every 50 bucks you spend, you should leave your waiter 10, okay? i'm seeing 6 and 5. >> reporter: excusable behavior in a bad economy? irene says absolutely not. >> it's just like stealing. it's like not paying the bill. it's part of that gratuity -- that gratuity is part of the meal. >> reporter: and a big part of servers' income. usually a waiter's minimum wage salary guess to taxes. many of them share their tips with food runners and bar tenders. experts say if tight times have you tipping less, chew on this advice. order less, or take advantage of specials. >> if you're going to dine out and go to nice restaurants, you pay the tip. >> reporter: in washington, sandra endo, abc 2 news. >> here is a delicate question.
5:14 pm
how should you tip if the service is poor? the experts say that's the only time you should consider giving slightly less, maybe 15% instead of 20. however, they say before you lower the gratuity, speak to a manager first. well, the pads may be popping a little louder than usual for a preseason game when the ravens host the jets tonight. former ravens defensive coordinator rex ryan comes back to baltimore as a head coach of the guys in the green and white. and rob carlin is live with a preview of tonight's ravens reunion. rob? >> reporter: yeah, marybeth. and it's not just rex. keep in mind bart scott, jim leonard there is a number of former assistants for the ravens here. so it really is like a homecoming for a lot of guys to come back, granted, from the other locker room, though. to take on the ravens. an 8:00 kickoff on espn. but all eyes will really be on rex ryan. rex was a coach with the ravens for nine years here in baltimore. the last four as a defensive coordinator. he got along great with his
5:15 pm
players. why? because he was not afraid to talk a little trash. and everyone knows the ravens love to talk a little trash. he knows it might be a little weird to see rex on the other sideline. >> not at all, man. at this point, he made the transition. i'm sure he has made the ajudgment. i'm happy forex. and i hate to lose him, you know, but glad he got the job. well-deserved. but it's going to be fun. >> reporter: and that's really the thought of most of these guys. that they hated to see him go, but they're really happy for him. and they knew he deserved to be a head coach. he stuck around, got passed over by the ravens, which i think may have hurt him a little more than he ever really let on. now he is finally a head coach. and he is going to be bringing all kinds of exotic blitzes at joe flacco tonight as his first time going against his former quarterback. should it be a fun night here at m&t bank stadium. marybeth? >> that does make it extra special. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate.
5:16 pm
here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> like i was saying, it should be a nice game. >> a beautiful night tonight. we want to thank rex for coming back and convict us. hope he doesn't is too good of an evening out there. let's take a look outside right now. your shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. a beautiful evening right now. moderate temperatures. but the heat is coming back. we'll talk about that in a second. right now at bwi, 82 degrees. 51% humidity. wind currently from the northwest at 9. pressurizing. there are the tides. hawaii 10:45. 5:43 in the afternoon or evening. tomorrow's winds from the east at 8 to 14 miles per hour. the sun comes up at 6:29. we'll set at 7:47. 82 in downtown. 80 in york. 8 in hagerstown over on the eastern shore. ocean city 85 degrees. the satellite picture early this morning.
5:17 pm
look at the shower activity over st. mary's and charles county, and also on the eastern shore. and throughout the day, those showers have been sitting right there and regenerating on the eastern shore. but not here in baltimore. we are going to go precipitation-free for tonight and for tomorrow. but by the end of the week, that's not going to be the case. we have another system rolling in that looks like it's going to give us another wet weekend. a larger picture shows the showers and thunderstorms stretching from the jersey coast down across the outer banks of north carolina where they'll be getting showers. also spotty showers back here on the spine of the appalachians in west virginia. the clouds that you see around right now, as we go through tonight, those clouds are going to be dissipating, and a very nice evening is on tap. as a matter of fact, 2 next couple days are going to be okay, if you don't mind heat making its way back. in out of baltimore no precipitation. bury the lower eastern shore still getting that scattered shower activity that it's had on and off throughout the day. and that's where they're going to stay. they will not be visiting baltimore, at least not for this evening. as far as our temperatures across the region?
5:18 pm
not too bad, but as you can see, our storm center most active radar, you can go ahead and take a look at it on our website at when you get ahold of it, grab ahold of a little bar. switch it around the baltimore area. nothing happening. but if you want to see other action, widen out on the map a tiny bit. land is the showers on the lower eastern shore. you can do this yourself at home at interactive radar, 24/7, 365. as far as our forecast for this evening, all the showers 245 you see down to the south will remain down there. for tonight, a pretty nice evening. the clouds go away. during the day tomorrow, a few light clouds here and there. but for the most part very nice weather. here comes weather system making its way across southern portions of the great lakes that will cause portions of northern pennsylvania and buffalo area some shower activity later on in the week. for tonight mostly clear, cooler, 64 degrees for the overnight low. but this the northern and western suburbs, don't be at all surprised to see the overnight lows down around 60
5:19 pm
degrees. during the day tomorrow, beautiful day. mostly sunny. but warming up again. the high tomorrow 88 degrees. and the extended outlook, you see it's warm tomorrow, 88. look at the 92 on wednesday. cooler off on thursday. friday increasing clouds, 81 degrees. then on saturday and sunday, looks like some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity. 81 and 82. and then sunshine returns on monday with a high of 80 degrees. we'll be back in a while with more on the forecast. in 2 your health tonight, each year as many as 12 million children nationwide become infested with head lice. currently parents use a special shampoo but it doesn't kill the eggs. a new shampoo may solve this unpleasant problem. a study finds natrova to be twice as effective at getting rid of lice, and it also killed the nits. muffin tops, saddlebags,
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love handles, you have probably heard most of the expression. the physical imperfections that drive many of us crazy. how about kankles? melissa long gives us a quick ankle explanation as well as some words of warning about the options some women are choosing. >> reporter: we all have physical flaws, even the superrest of supermodels have them. so what is the latest of perfection of the 21st century century? >> kankles. >> reporter: that's right. kankles. a slang word where the leg and ankles meet with no indentation definition. it could be to big bones. the average anklele is around 10 to 11 inches. but according to kathy, a physician at temple university school of podiatric medicine, kankles can be caused by all types of medical issues. >> things like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular risks. all of those can lend themselves to deformed ankles
5:21 pm
or kankles. >> although there are exercise use can do, many people are opting for liposuction to get rid of ankle fa something the doctor says can do more harm than good. >> the foot, the lower extremity has a lot of neurovascular structures. so removing some of that adipose, you could be removing nerves, vascular structures that could be a worst defect in the end. >> reporter: the best way to handle the chubby joints, see your doctor. if they're not cause bade medical problem, kankles may be a condition people should just learn to live with. i'm melissa long. she just wanted to have a little fun swimming on a hot summer day in florida, instead, a little girl finds hess the center of a rescue operation after she became stuck in a pool drain. and the emergency landing may be the easy part in this case. the crash came after the landing. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand. we all have confidence
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abc 2 news at 5:30 is coming up. hello, everybody. i'm terry owens. new at 5:30, it's a homecoming for members of a landmark baltimore church displaced by fire. plus, a tragic accident takes the life of a child. and the man who made the decision to free the lockerbie bomber speaks out. how he is defending the controversial action. we'll have those stories and norm's up-to-the-minute forecasts, all ahead at 5:30.
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>> thanks, terry. our look around the nation starts in key biscayne, florida a little girl who stuck in a pool drain. rescuers shielded the girl as they actually removed cement to free her. no word on how she became stuck, but she is expected to be okay. try explaining this one to your insurance agent. a small plane ran out fuel and a pilot tried to make an emergency landing on a highway in santa barbara, california. but even after touching down, the pilot and his wife weren't out of danger. at least one car plowed into the back of the piper comanche. no serious injuries were reported. in oklahoma, summer has gone to the dogs. most pools have closed the pools for the season, but dogs were able to get their dogs wet during the canine splash. while most dogs love the water, others weren't so sure what to make of it. a book written back in the
5:27 pm
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now abc 2 news at 5:30. >> it is a new day at one of baltimore's oldest churches. good evening, everybody. i'm terry owens. bethel ame is back in business after a lightning strike and fire burned the steeple and part of the balcony. as roosevelt leftwich tells us, the church is looking at the opening as a time to renew their faith. it hit everyone like a bolt out of the blue, because it really was a bolt out of the blue, or more precisely out of the thunderstorm. lightning struck the historic bethel ame


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