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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 19, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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some of whom got shut out when clinics in other counties ran out of their supply. >> i guess in the first hour they ran out of room. it was disappointing but they told us there would be more clinics and now they are cancelled. it's lucky i found this. >> reporter: but health officials don't want luck to be part of this program. that's why more than 100 h1n1 clinics are planned for people at higher risk. as for the risks that come with getting the shot, howard county's health officer says these moms and others with concerns have nothing to worry about. >> the h1n1 vaccine is made exactly the same way as the regular seasonal flu vaccine, has been made for decades. it's been well proven, well tested, perfectly safe. >> reporter: in columbia, joce sterman, abc2 news. >> the clinic is one of many being held around our area. the state has a dedicated web site to help you find the next one near you. we have a link to web site at you will find that under "links." now let's look at the top
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stories. pennsylvania state police say a woman found with a gunshot wound at a baltimore county gas station was shot during a robbery gone wrong in shrewsbury. an employee of the gas station on mount carmel road in hereford saw the woman lying in the parking lot friday night and called police. pennsylvania police say the woman and someone else tried to rob a jewelry store but the store owner shot the woman in the back. police think her accomplice was a man and dropped her off at the gas station. charges in the balloon boy case might not be filed until next week. according to a county sheriff's spokesperson in colorado investigators won't be ready until then. it will be up to prosecutors to choose whether or not to file charges against richard heene or his wife. one of heene's attorneys says the couple is willing to turn themselves in to avoid a public arrest. was letting go of matt stover such a huge mistake for the ravens? i don't know. his replacement steve hauschka
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with the 44 yard field goal causing the vikings to win the game and remain undefeated yesterday. it was the ravens' chance to have a comeback in the fourth quarter with two seconds to spare but the kicker missed a pretty makeable field goal, vikings win 33-31. ben cardin unveils a restoration bill to promise to give the water lots of tlc. he announced the bill at sandy point park outside of annapolis. he says the bill will give states and local governments new enforcement tools and more than $1.5 billion in grants. it will also create a pollution trading program. that cardin says is designed to lower compliance costs and provide incentives for farmers. i think given the flexibility, given the tools in the bill there's no reason to believe that the states won't achieve the goals that are set out. >> the federal environmental plo text agency is also coming up with a bay restoration agency in response to an
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executive order by president obama earlier this year. it's warmed up across the area very nicely. look at some of the temperatures from storm center weathernet. live in parkville 56 degrees. the wind calm in millersville 59. and 53 at millersville high school in westminster. we have a frost advisory in effects for basically all of maryland early tomorrow morning. we'll tell you about it in the forecast coming up in a couple minutes. now to the latest on the woman who gave birth to eight babies. nadya, better known as the octomom. turns out the man who gave her the fertility treatments has been kicked out of the society for reproductive medicine. apparently he's had repeated violations of group standards. and said the doctor had implanted her with six embryos, far more than the national guidelines specify. she gave birth to the healthy octuplets in january. his expulsion from the society
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will not keep him from practicing medicine. we're used to hearing about scams posing as a business. now the con artists are targeting businesses but overpaying. find out more about this fraud. and a local business that seems to be spared from the recession. even though they see strikes everyday. and looking at brooklyn park today from our storm center weathernet. feels like 54. temperature 54. norm has a complete look at the forecast, coming up.
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looking at stocks today. everybody was up. the dow up over 96. s & p up over 10 and the nasdaq a little over -- almost 20. in these tough times a lot of maryland businesses would welcome a big order. that is exactly what some con artists are counting on. abc2 news joce sterman has details on a scam that could have those businesses losing money and even more if they are not careful. [phone rings] >> reporter: a tool the deaf and speech impaired rely on as lifeline of communication but con artists are using telerelay to breathe new life into an old trick, the overpayment scam. >> they are able now to take a
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scam we typically think of as a consumer driven scam aapply it to the business world and they can get away with a little more than they can with the normal consumer because of the telerelay system. >> reporter: with this scam fraudsters use that system to place large orders with businesses. they use a credit card and overpay on purpose telling the company to send the difference back to them or to a third party. and if the teller relay operator communicates all the details no matter how suspect they sound. >> though their instincts or experience may tell them it's a scam in process they can't do a thing about it. >> reporter: that's because federal regulations say the operators must repeat information verbatim and can't issue warnings giving scammers a cover of sports. but several maryland business owners haven't bought it, they called the better business bureau about the calls. >> of course everybody wants a large order, it feels good and they are hopeful this is a good order. >> reporter: but this kind of order could end up costing you money because the scammers are
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using fraudulent credit cards to try and get you twice by taking your extra money and the product you ship. that's why the bbb says maryland businesses should verify payment on large orders before sending them out. especially if they want shipment overseas and be wary of anyone who overpays up front because their so-called generosity may end up biting you in the back. joce sterman, abc2 news. t-shirts, big competition, even trophies. it's no joke. we take you to the largest ever wii bowling senior championship. it was not me, it was not you or your neighbor. follow us to the small virginia town that is now home to the latest mega millions winner. we continue to help you in these tough economic times by inviting you to our web site, to our "financial survival guide." you click on that today you'll find all the spelling errors you can possibly find. you're going to want to try to
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to a developing story. an epidemic of youth violence in the city of chicago garnered the attention of the entire country. in fact all the way to the white house. abc2 news diana avillar has the latest on just one tragic incident of violence that is afflicting chicago's youth.
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>> reporter: one of the four teens charged in the fatal beating of 16-year-old daran albert is no longer a suspect. monday afternoon prosecutors dropped the first degree murder charge against 18-year-old eugene bailey and released him from custody. bailey was arrested along with three others after authorities viewed cell phone camera footage of the beating acquired by wflv. at the time bailey's aunt claimed her nephew had nothing to do with the incident. >> he was not even there. >> reporter: earlier monday chicago's mayor and school officials met with parents, activists and the reverend jesse jackson to determine what could be done for wishing to leave the high school that albert attended. they may be bussed to a nearby military academy. more is being done on a national level as well. speaking in washington, dc u.s. attorney general eric holder said the problem of youth violence is a priority of the obama administration.
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>> the fact is that millions of children in our country live with violence in their daily lives, either as witnesses or as victims. >> reporter: the office of the cooks county state's attorney says bailey was released because additional information was developed through their investigation. they cleared him of the murder charge. diana avillar, abc news, chicago. this weekend three runners collapse and die during a detroit half-marathon. october 10th and m.i.t. student running in the baltimore marathon also collapsed and died. friends and family say that the detroit runners all appeared to be in good health. 36-year-old daniel landdon collapsed around the 11ening mile. 65-year-old rick brown, around the 11th mile. and jon fenlon had just completed the half marathon. we have a doctor for sports
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medicine with us. thank you for being here. we're still awaiting the autopsies, you're not involved in the case but - >> i ask only guess what happened. one thing you always hear is these guys were in perfect health and great shape. if you knew you had a heart problem you probably wouldn't run it. so the people who are in the race think they are healthy. whether or not they've ever been tested is another question. now, the only thing that makes any sense, that these had to all be cardiac deaths. they didn't have a stroke, they didn't die of a pneumothorax or broken leg, had to be a cardiac problem, cardiac arrest or cardiac arrhythmia. the problems can be hidden. you don't know you have it. they trained. how honest they were with other people you can't say. sometimes people have some problems when they run. their heart pulse becomes irregular.
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you get short of breath, a little chest pain but they blow it off. >> how do you know when it's time to stop? a whole marathon is 26.2 miles. we're talking 13.1. >> yes. you can't say you stop when you start to feel bad. >> you you maybe wouldn't start. >> you wouldn't go a mile and a half. so that's a problem. you have to know your own body. when your body says this is not just fatigue. this isn't just -- you don't want to run anymore. something's wrong. then you really got to listen to your body and stop. >> i guess that's really emphasizing the importance of having that good relationship with your doctor and having that full checkup, during training and everything. >> if you're 28 or 30 years old, how much of a checkup are you going to have? i'm not sure but there are people who run like legendary jim fix, writer and runner. he ran knowing he had a heart problem. he just ignored it. didn't want to own up to it. he died on the road.
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so, i would say if you're over 40 and you're planning to run the half or full marathon, go ahead and get a stress test. more than just eight-mile jog. a stress test. >> and it happened so close together. a couple weeks ago. >> this was not the heat, this was a cool day. baltimore is a heat-related problem but again, went to the cardiac aspect of it. the one in detroit, problem was underlying heart disease, arrhythmias and perhaps a heart attack on the older gentleman. >> dr , thank you very much for joining us. great insight. >> good. let's send it to norm lewis. beautiful evening in the baltimore area. look at the temperatures now at bwi marshall, 56 degrees. 38% humidity. winds from the northwest at 6, pressure steady.
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as far as the frost advisory, basically all of maryland including the eastern shore and lower eastern shore as well as delaware and new jersey is in effect from 2:00 in the morning until 9:00 tomorrow morning. our area of high pressure giving us beautiful weather. right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. clear scan. temperaturewise now in reisterstown 54. 51 glenwood. laurel 54. middletown 54. leesburg 56 and 57 chestertown. tonight, nice clear skies, going to continue throughout the region. no precipitation. all the weather systems continue to move to the north of us. tomorrow, a few light clouds but a nice warm-up. for the overnight, clear skies, frost in many areas but 35 for the overnight low. but colder temperatures in the northern and western suburbs. tomorrow, during the day, lots of sunshine, much warmer tomorrow with a high of 67 degrees. the extended outlook for the next seven days, getting into the 70s on webs and thursday. on friday 64. saturday your next chance of showers and sun returns for
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sunday and monday. back at 6:00 with more on the weather. >> thank you. there's one business that is hiring. it's actually right here in baltimore. it's in today's focus, jobs that last. photojournalist jay mcmichael spent his saturday at the patterson bowling center to see how the economy has been pitching a perfect game. >> this is protect one of the oldest bowling alleys in america. >> built in 1927 and has been continuously operating all these years. >> there were avid duck hunters, when they seen the pin fly around after the ball hit them, one of them commented it's like a flock of ducks flying around and at that point that's where the duckpin name came from. >> a little easier, balls smaller, you don't have to be very good at bowling, you just kind of throw it, whatever td
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happens, happens. >> there are six lanes on the first floor and four and six lanes on the second floor. the jobs we have are for mechanics and of course counter help. >> come on now! >> you have to have a place with amusement. any kind of bowling center is amusement and exercise. >> the best way to unwind. a little friendly competition. boosts morale. it's fun, we get together and we laugh. get to know each other and we like to come to a place that is very baltimore-ish, you know? very old baltimore. it's fun. >> many bowlers have called us at times and told us about good times that they had. as long as you can manage the center properly it can be here for many many years. and continue to operate. >> yeah! >> reporter: from duckpin to wii bowling. the wii bowling championship
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played by seniors. they've got the shirts, the competition, even trophies. apparently this is the largest-ever wii bowling senior championship ever held. the bowling is not just good for seniors but the cdc says falls are the leading cause of injury and death monsignors. and wii bowling is one good way to exercise and stay in shape. people lining up to get the swine flu shot. new numbers on the amount of vaccine that will come to memorial day -- maryland. and becoming financially fit. some area students are learning to survive these tough economic times. a preview of what is ahead on world news at 6:30. >> coming up on "world news" -- the election in afghanistan has been thrown out causing turmoil in kabul and more troubles for washington. we'll tell you what our latest poll says about support for health care reform. and the latest in the alleged balloon boy hoax. w 
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temperatures recovered nicely across the region after a very chilly weekend. it's 58 in hagerstown. in oakland, a little cooler but still not bad for this time of year, 46 degrees. 56 ocean city. dover 55.
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53. the problem we've got is with the nice clear sky and the heat we had during the day today is going back out into space. we have a little bit of a breeze making the wind chill a bit of a factor but not a whole lot of a problem with it. over the next couple of days basically our winds are going to stay calm. our local satellite picture, with the close view shows the clear skies, a few clouds lingering off the eastern seaboard of the united states. see the clouds in the ohio valley? they are not going to bother us at all. during the day tomorrow we might see a few clouds making their way through but for the most part an area of high pressure will be giving us a clear sky tonight and the problem with the clear sky is what little heat we got during the day today will radiate back out into space. tonight, clear skies, frost in most areas, 35 for the overnight low at bwi marshall but it will be colder in the northern and western suburbs and tomorrow we recover just a tiny bit with mostly sunny skies, 67 degrees tomorrow for your daytime high. even warmer temperatures are ahead. we'll tell but that coming up at 6:00.
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it was not you, it was not me. probably nobody you know but the town of shenandoah, virginia, is buzzing following a big lottery win. it's the second largest jackpot in the virginia lottery and it's headed to the small town of shenandoah. the exxon station there is excited to know they sold the mega millions ticket worth $200 million to someone in that area. a neighbor of the winners, the williams family, says the winning ticket couldn't have gone to a better bunch of people. >> we've been so excited to think of the news of a local person, somebody right here that has worked so hard all their life to win money like this. i think it's great. very deserving of this. i'm proud of them. they are a deserving, hard-working couple. >> but it's not just the williams. the exxon will also receive $50,000 for selling that winning ticket. the hanson brothers come to baltimore. how they are reaching out to fans on abc2 news at 6:00 which
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starts right now. if you have not been vaccinated for h1n1 and you want to, well, you may now have to wait. good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. manufacturing problems have led the federal government to revise the amount of vaccine available. in the shortterm here in maryland that is expected to drastically reduce the number of people who can get it. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich has the latest. >> reporter: there were thousands of them. children and pregnant women and other high-risk folks who needed the h1n1 flu shot. but even before the first shot of mist or injection was given on friday baltimore county officials guessed that they would run out. >> we've actually postponed some of our clinics. at this particular time we had originally planned for having a clinic on wednesday. however, we don't have any additional vaccine just yet, so rather than waiting until that time to postpone it we prefer


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