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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 20, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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we begin with a mystery at this hour. arson investigators trying to determine the cause of an overnight fire that burned a number of cars in northeast baltimore. good evening, i'm terry owens. the early morning fire destroyed vehicles in a secured lot behind the bp gas station on belair road. jeff hager was there as victims learned of the losses. >> reporter: waiting for a new clutch for his 1987 pontiac but as jim gaskin inspects the fire damage on his collector's car he realizes it's probably reached the end of the road. >> i'm on a fixed income. this is going to kill me. >> reporter: in the wee hours of the morning tuesday firefighters arrived here just off belair road where they discovered three vehicles fully engulfed in flames. all of them awaited repairs. jim hobson, the manager at coons collision center says he's relieved no one was hurt. >> the fuel tanks could have blown up and caused a lot of
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problems with the neighborhood and houses not too far away from it and anything could have happened. >> reporter: arson investigators must now try to determine if someone set the fires intentionally. >> it happened a couple of years back. when the economy went down they started everything going on. i don't know what exactly happened. >> reporter: investigators have impounded a 2002 ford escape where they believe the fire started, to search for evidence of arson. the owner's wife confirms that someone stole the car and crashed it last month. >> we just did all the work on it. we just had repairs done on it. then somebody steals it and now we're trying to get it repaired again and we can't afford this. >> reporter: it appears the fire spread from one vehicle to the next until it reached jim gaskin's car. one of 35 cars of its kind produced two decades ago. that is now probably destined for the scrap heap. >> this is my baby. i've been taking care of this.
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it was in really good shape up until about two years ago. >> reporter: in northeast baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. a maryland scientist was in federal court today after being charged with espionage. dr. stewart nozette was arrested jest outside of dc yesterday. charging documents accuse him of trying to sell secret information. the documents indicate that the former government scientist was willing to hand over top secret national defense, satellite and military information. peter earnest, the executive director of the international spy museum and former cia agent says the big unknown is what tipped off the government. >> they don't walk around with spy written on their forehead. they relight to you every single day they carry out that deception. when it happens it's a blow, it's a shock. even for trained counterintelligence officers. >> reporter: dr. stewart
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nozette was once credited for discovering water on the south pole of the moon. now for a look at tonight's top stories. the man police say is responsible for the hit-and-run death of a johns hopkins student turned himself in overnight. police interviewed the 39-year-old suspect from sykesville but then released him. no charges have been filed. 20-year-old hopkins junior miriam frankl died this weekend after being hit by a ford truck on st. paul street in baltimore. new numbers on the swine flu front. the flu still appears to be the most dangerous to kids and younger adults. health officials say that more than half the people hospitalized for the swine flu are 24 and younger. but more than 2/3 of the deaths we're seeing in adults ages 25 to 64. national health leaders say so far the h1n1 virus seems to be bypassing the elderly population. and we are learning more tonight about the hours before steve mcnair's death. the text messages reveal a
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woman asked the former ravens quarterback to transfer $2,000 into her bank account hours before she shot him and herself. mcnair was murdered back on july 4th, sahel kazemi texted mcnair july 3rd asking for the money. the text also show sahel kazemi met mcnair at the national condo where he was shot. he asked her to leave the front door open for him. and there is a new church structure for anallygance who -- anglicans who want to rejoin the catholic church. the new entity created by pope benedict xvi allows anglicans to join the catholic church while maintaining their identity and many of their traditions. it's a response from anglicans who want to join the church. temperatures across the region a lot nicer than they had been the last couple of days. warming up nicely from our storm center weathernet some of the stations reporting in now. anne arundel community college in glen burnie 68 degrees.
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63 at summit ridge in mount airy. dundalk elementary school at 66. and anne arundel community college in hanover, near the airport at 67 degrees. here's the forecast for the next couple of hours -- partly cloudy, mild temperatures. holding in the 60s for the next couple of hours. it's not going to be as chilly tonight as it was the last couple of evening. during the day tomorrow, if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow. more on it coming up. the university of maryland football team is planning a tribute to veterans. the game before veterans day the players will wear uniforms with a camouflage design. the black and tan uniforms designed by underarmor will have a logo patch -- wounded warrior logo patch. with inspirational words on their backs. the game november 14th will will be played at home against virginia tech. a day of silence on the university of connecticut campus today as the student body pays tribute to jasper
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howard, stabbed to death after a university-sponsored party over the weekend. students dressed in dressed in black in a show of solidarity. >> even if you don't know him it just shows you care about the university, the students here. he was a good kid. >> johnny hood, a harford man, was taken into custody after the fight on charges of breach of peace and interfering with police. an incident report identifies hood as one of those involved in the attack. hood was arraigned monday and ordered held on $100,000 bond. a judge in connecticut rescheduled a probable cause hearing for a former yale lab tech dhargd with murder. the judge postponed the hearing so that the defense team could get an inventory of items taken with search warrants. clark is accused of killing annie le and hiding her body behind the wall in the lab where they worked. clark is due in court november 3rd. beachfront homes are great for getaways but this
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beachfront lost its beach and ended up in the water. the events that led up to this dream home disaster. ♪ the folks no joke heart disease comes with ease♪ a hip hop artist and figures. how he's using his music to urge one population to see the doctor. first, we'll head outside, get a economic of the weather conditions at booker t-washington middle school, school number 30 in baltimore, made it up to 70 degrees today. the current temperature is 67. @
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studies show african-americans develop heart failure at higher rates than their counterparts. melissa long introduces us to the hip hop doc. >> reporter: dr. ronnie whitfield isn't your typical physician. when he's not seeing patients he's doing this. ♪ if you eat healthy there will be less of me to - >> reporter: combining medicine and hip hop music to teach young african-americans about stroke and heart disease. ♪ a stroke's no joke♪ >> reporter: dr. whitfield also known as the hip hop doc says he's being creative because traditional messages just aren't working and the grim statistics speak to the
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point. studies find blacks are 20 times more likely to develop heart failure and twice as likely to have stroke when compared to whites. and 50% of blacks continue to suffer high blood pressure 10 years after diagnosis. experts cite factors like genetics, family history and environment but still don't know exactly why the rates are so high. that's why dr. whitfield is being proactive offering a musical message for the heart. ♪ we got to exercise we got oopen our eyes♪ >> reporter: for "health minute," i'm melissa long. your appliance has the energy star symbol but is it really saving you money and saving the environment? according to a recent test the answer is no. how much extra energy you may be using. and he's back on tv every tuesday night. actor christian slater tells us how a game of hockey landed him the leading role on "the forgotten." i'm megan
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>> the dow was up 50 points. nasdaq down almost 13. the s & p off over 6 the deadline for the first time home buyer tax credit drawing
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near and some lawmakers want it extended. the senate banking committee -- the white house unveiled a new plan to help low income and first-time home buyers using freddie mac and fannie mae but it's once again the taxpayers who will financially back up the initiatives. university of maryland economist peter moricci says this is not a quick fix. >> you shouldn't be fooled into thinking this will help hundreds of thousands of people very quickly. it's more like tens of thousands and slowly. a new abc "washington post" poll shows for the first time the number of americans who approve of the president's handling of the economy has slipped to 50%. energy star is the name we see on appliances and it's supposed to mean big savings on your energy bill. but that logo may not always be what it is cracked up to be. as mary snow reports a new
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government report found some holes in claims made by appliance makers. >> reporter: the energy star label is intended to guarantee consumers a product is energy efficient. but a consumer reports lab mark connelly found appliances like this freezer that shoornt have the energy star logo. >> in our labs we found it used a lot more energy. >> reporter: can a maffer just put on an -- manufacturer just put on an energy star sticker? >> they are supposed to 1r-9 products tested and they do but they themselves test it. >> if you had not run this test people would buy this thinking i'm saving energy and money. >> correct. >> reporter: but in reality? >> in reality it's using twice as much energy that it claims. >> reporter: an appliance like this claiming an energy bill of $60 a a year could be actually double. ofhands of products he tests a year he estimates 5% to 10% should not be labeled energy star. >> for the most part the products we test that claim to be energy star are in fact telling the truth but again there is enough products out there that give us some
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concern. >> reporter: those concerns are shared by the department of energy's inspector general who in an audit found the department had not implemented planned um priewments in the energy star program. the report concludes those delays could reduce consumer confidence in the integrity of the energy star label. we asked the department of energy's kathy zoy about the criticisms. >> the inspector general identified a number of improvements to the program. we agree with them and put a plan in place to get all those improvements implemented. >> reporter: but as the department of energy works on those improvements it's in the process of providing a rebate program for consumers buying energy star products. stimulus money is being used. can consumers be used those products are as energy efficient as they claim to be? >> there have been examples that are rare where a manufacturer misused or misappropriate rated or misapplied the energy star logo. when the department of energy or epa found out about that
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they've taken steps, taken action and those manufacturers have had to recome pense people who bought those appliances. >> the department of energy says it's started using a third party to test some products and making plans to expand that testing. take a look at this. a weekend storm near chatham, massachusetts, forced a beach house off the beach and into the ocean. the cottage came to rest on a sandbar. the home was one of the last of 12 beach houses in the so-called first village. erosion near the home's original spot forced a number of other homes to be demolished or moved last june. the weather at our beaches nice today. was it as nice there? >> it was a gorgeous day. it will be even nicer tomorrow with warmer temperatures, sunshine continuing. it will continue for a couple
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of days. a little bit of indian summer going on right now. >> i'll take it. >> your shot from harbor cam, no, the kids are not swinging from the yard arm, we're just shooting through one of the big masts of the sailboats up at the inner harbor. the kids enjoying the swing sets. our temperatures now, boy, that is a big sail boat mast. wow. bwi marshall 68 degrees. 32% humidity. wind currently from the south/southwest at 8 and pressure steady. a lot of people called and asked about the hurricane that is out in the pacific. there's where it is. there's baja, california, this is mexico. there's the united states. that's the southern portion of arizona. the reason i'm saying this, i've probably gotten 20 calls in the past day or so, people traveling down there or are going out into the caribbean on a cruise. this system, again, is a hurricane. but it's a very minimal hurricane. the winds have subsided
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substantially. right now cabo san lucas is about here. looks like the system will go to the mexican coast here. basically to cabo san lucas, they will have only about a 30 mile-per-hour wind and a little rainfall out of it. the majority of the activity with maybe 65 miles per hour with the wind not a big deal. at one point in time it was a category 5 storm but it has lost a lot of power. in the meantime, look at our satellite picture, across the region. nice clear skies, a few light clouds but lots of sunshine during the day today courtesy of big dome of high pressure sitting here. a few light clouds over top of the region this evening. a few light clouds on and off but the other good thick is that these clouds will act like a blanket and keep a lot of the heat from radiating back out into space. there are some showers way back here in the mississippi valley. they are going to move in this direction. will not bother us but we have rainfall on the way for the end of the week. right now nothing showing up rain-wise on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. nice clear scan. it will stay that way until
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probably late friday evening. in monkton now 66. 66 carney. same in fallston. 68 glen burnie. annapolis 60. here's your forecast overnight, the area of high pressure gives us nice protection. a few light clouds overnight but the majority of the rainfall for this portion of the forecast goes in that direction but here's the system that is heading in our direction that we will see by friday evening. overnight we're looking at mostly cheer skies, a few light clouds, not as chilly, 512 for the overnight low. during the day tomorrow mostly sunny, even warmer than today with a high of 73 degrees. your extended outlook for the next seven days, there's the sunshine tomorrow, even warmer temperatures on thursday. now on friday we'll start out with sunshine and then we'll get into a situation where we'll see the rainfall moving into the region, and then on saturday more scattered showers. sunday things clear up, partly cloudy skies. monday and tuesday partly cloudy, temperatures cooling off once again. don't forget, you can always go to our web site,, to check out maryland's most
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powerful doppler radar on-line. you can manipulate it yourself. that's what it looks like when you click on the weather tab. again, you can take and drag the image, you can zoom in, you can zoom out. you can do just about anything you want with it. again, it's available to you on your computer 24/7 at back at 6:00 with more on the weather. >> thank you. tonight at 10:00 on abc -- "the forgotten," the show is about a group of volunteers called a forgotten network to help police solve cases involving jane or john doe. stars christian slater who leaves the group in identifying victims, a role he got thanks to a hockey game. >> i got involved with this because my agent was playing hockey with this man, and i guess in the locker room jerry said, brian, we're looking for somebody to be in the show. i got to find somebody. i can't find somebody. my agent said, hey, you got a
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guy. and, here i am. here we are. sitting here now. >> again, "the forgotten" is on at 10:00 on abc2. tonight, a tough decision will be made as "dancing with the stars" says goodbye to another couple. last night donny osmond ended up with the highest score after dancing the argentine tango and getting a near perfect score. 29. mya came in second place and mark had his best week yet with a pasadoble. three-way tie for fourth place. max danced for derek who has the flu. >> it's in the stars that derek and her are going to do great. and i think audience loved our performance today. given the circumstances she did an amazing job. >> melissa joan hart came in seventh this week and athletes round out the bottom three with football star michael irvin with the lowest score.
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"dancing with the stars" airs tonight at 9:00. >> who will go? for a look at what is new at 6:00 -- cars vandalized one baltimore county neighborhood. what residents say happened. and meatless mondays in baltimore city schools. the goal to help cut costs and make sure children eat healthier. why the move is drawing some opposition. now a preview of what is ahead on world news at 6:30. >> coming up -- the cdc finds more evidence that young people are the most vulnerable group to the h1n1 flu. an updated survey shows one in six americans lives in poverty. and the effort to improve school lunches without making them more expensive. and that's how verizon fios works.
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just about every kid wanted a treehouse growing up but this treehouse in massachusetts has gone to new heights literally. it's four stories high and while michael chapman, a professor, botanist and bird lover built it for himself his neighbors in the city say it's got to go. his neighbors complained and now he has to tear down his treehouse by november 3rd. a giant pink flamingo appears to have ruffled some feathers. what the owner of cafe hon decided to do about it. that's on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts now. thieves looking for a quick buck are causing a lot of problems in a perry hall neighborhood. good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. for the past week or so dozens of cars in an area near gunpowder state park have been broken into or vandalized. neighbors are asking police for help. it happened in


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