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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 21, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EST

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finally tonight, "twilight" fans are enthusiastic. they'll be lining up all weekend to see "new moon." the second of the vampire book series to hit the big screen. last week, we profiled the phenomenon. it's already lived up to the hype notching a record $26 million opening last night and it's on track to surpass "the dark knight" with $67 million in total opening day sales, poised to top $100 million in a week alone. monday, cynthia mcfadden has an interview with doug hampton. he's a key player in a washington sex scandal that just
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won't go away, and could ultimately destroy nevada senator john ensign's career. >> so, there is no doubt in your mind that john ensign understood that ethics laws were being broken, as well. >> there's no doubt in my mind. >> this is a serious allegation you're making against a sitting united states senator. >> why would a client hire doug hampton if he didn't think he was going to have access to john ensign's office? it's the only reason i would hire him. >> that is monday. cynthia's interview there. but that's our report for tonight. for now, i'm terry moran. for cynthia and martin bashir, all of us at abc news, good night, america, and have a great weekend. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, along with my friend yeyha, with a message from t-mobile. you look like you've got your hands full, huh, yeyha? >> shh, i have to tell people i'm on "jimmy kimmel live." >> jimmy: oh, you're on twitter.
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>> yes. >> jimmy: and on facebook? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and on g-mail? >> yeah. i have to tell people i'm on the "jimmy kimmel live" show tonight. >> jimmy: you know, yeyha, it's obvious how excited you are to be here, but getting the word out does not have to be this difficult. all you need is the cliq from motorola, the new 3g smartphone by t-mobile. it comes with the motoblur service that integrates facebook, twitter, g-mail and more all in one click. >> oh, that's good idea, jimmy. i want -- >> jimmy: you're supposed to say thank you here. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're welcome. by the way, you're a weezer fan, right? >> right. >> jimmy: you should let your friends know about the t-mobile motorola cliq challenge, the online contest where anyone go on facebook to vote for their favorite school. weezer will come play at the school that creates the biggest clique. >> that's good idea. i want weezer to come to my school.
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>> jimmy: and yehya, what school do you go to? >> i left the school as a small boy, i don't know. >> dicky: to vote for your school in the t-mobile motorola cliq challenge, logon to >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with music from death cab for cutie and kristen, robert and taylor, the cast from "the twilight saga: new moon." i'm going to kmart to go christmas shopping. wait, christmas? didn't we just carve pumpkins? - they have layaway! - genius. exclusive kmart layaway! get the hottest gifts on your list now, pay a little each week and pick .them up in the nick of time.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- from "the twilight saga: new moon," robert pattinson, kristen stewart and taylor lautner. music from death cab for cutie. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live"
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and now, face the facts -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. and -- not only am i the host of the show, i'm a vampire and i'm a werewolf, too, so, i hope i don't have to kill anyone tonight. the new movie "twilight: new moon" is finally here. the good news is, robert pit tinson, kristen stewart and taylor lautner are here.
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the bad news, they forgot to wear shirts, so we might have to send them home. not to be a bummer, but should people really be sucking blood during flu season? i don't think so. the movie has beaten one of the "star wars" sequels for most advanced tickets sold. it's supposed to make $9 trillion. and really, there's a lot of excitement tonight. this is the most excited i've been about vampires since i found out count chocula was part of a ball lanced breakfast. in may, they first showed the trailer at the mtv movie awards. there is a video of fans watching it. they taped themselves while they were watching tv, and the video became very popular because they went nuts, and if you haven't seen this already, take a look.
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these are fans. >> but i can't help myself. you are so mouth watering. >> oh my god! >> oh my god! >> oh my god! >> jimmy: oh my god! oh! [ cheers and applause ] i'm in love with a vampire, what can i say? there are long lines to see the movie everywhere around the country. there are huge lines at movie theater a couple miles away from us at a place called the grove. we sent our own hairy myth ka feature from the movies to check
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it out. here's our hollywood boulevard chewbacca. >> hi. hi. what are you waiting in line for? >> "if you moon." >> "new moon." that's with that robert patterson dude, right? >> yeah. >> do you think he's hot? >> yes. >> yeah. like, there's a lot of, like, hot kids out there. i used to know this hot guy that the girls thought was hot. he worked at blockbuster, and one day, he just went bald. it could happen to the "twilight" guy. >> i could still like him. >> that's something for you to think about. >> i would still like him. >> ah -- yeah, i'm sure you would. >> wow. >> jimmy: jealous around this time of year.
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were wolves instead of wookies. guillermo, are you a fan? >> yes. >> jimmy: team edward or jacob? >> team edward. >> jimmy: guillermo is bi lingual. he speaks english, too, and the producers of the movie were looking for someone to translate into spanish for them for the latin american markets, well, guess who they called? >> what do you do? he didn't want this. >> what did we do? what did he tell you? >> both of you calm down. >> nothing. nothing. >> slap. ow. oh. woof, woof. look at the doggie. he's not a doggie, i'm running. i will help you. what can you do? i will change, too.
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arf! arf! oh, my god! >> jimmy: very nicely done. usually when they translate into spanish, the people actually speak spanish, but not you. >> a little bit. >> jimmy: one of the few teenage girls that isn't a fan of "twilight" is miley cyrus. she said it's like a cult and it's scary. the same thing i say to my niece about her, by the way. she's probably just upset about, you know, as you know, at one time, vampires bit off her father's mull let and he's never been the same. but though miley doesn't like "twilight," she likes the word like. this is an interview she did. they were talking about "twilight." let's count together how many times she says the word like. >> i don't like vampires, i don't like any of the stuff. i don't like the wolf that pops
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out on the screen when i'm watching my tv at night. i don't like it. i don't like anything to do with it. i don't like the shirts, i don't like any of it. i feel like it's like seriously, it's like, people get really into it. and maybe it's because people fall in love with the character that i know, it makes me kind of like, i'm not into it. >> that's all right. >> i feel really lame because everyone's, like so, excited, and i'm like, don't talk about it. >> jimmy: 17. that's a lot of likes. a lot of likes. does she, like, have an endorsement with, like, the word like or something? changing gears for a moment, if i could. i have an announcement to make. after much prayer and months of careful thought, i've decided that season 25 will be the last season of the oprah winfrey show. i canceled it. oprah announced on her show she will stop doing it in 2011.
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she said after 25 years of the oprah show she wants to focus on yo-yo dieting full time and i wish her well. i read a rumor about it yesterday, but i didn't believe -- i wanted to hear it from oprah herself. i gathered around the television with my friends today. it was very emotional, and sure enough, in a nice way, she gave us the very bad news. >> after much prayer and months of careful thought, i've decided that next season, season 25, will be the last season of the oprah winfrey show. >> jimmy: no! no! oh my god! oh my god! no, it's not! well, it's been a roller coaster this week. oprah will not be leaving television. she said she plans to focus on
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her cable channel, the oprah winfrey network, which she plans to expand by having it eat the food network. poor chicago, they lost obama, the olympics and oprah. things with an o are not safe around there. the expectation is oprah is going to move here to l.a., and her neighbors, especially the businesses around her studio that depend on her, are extremely unhappy to see her go. >> her show has helped business for lunch in the area. everything from parking to, you know, subway, everything around here. >> stay, oprah. we love you. >> don't leave us! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: poor gale is taking this really hard. this is pretty good. this is a state senator from utah, his name is chris butters. a reporter asked him if he would support a bill that would ban discrimination against gays and lesbians when it comes to
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housing an unmroim and his response provides us with our unintentional joke of the day. >> i don't mind gays. but i don't want them stuffing it down my throat all the time and certainly in my kids' face. >> jimmy: guess he's a cop. that guy looks like he's about 70. how old are these kids of his? 50? president obama is wrapping up a whirlwind tour of asia. he was in seoul today where the south korean president gave him two gifts. gave him a taekwondo outfit, and an honorary black belt. seems like a dumb gift but apparently obama used to practice taekwondo. in return for that, obama presented the south korean president with some of his own traditional gash, his mom jeans,
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of course. which, honorary mom jeans. tell you, he's got the hips to pull it off. speaking of the martial arts, this is good. a drunk man in seattle got in an argument with another guy. he was so intoxicated he believed he was a ninja. that has happened to me, by the way. being a ninja, he attempted to ninja leap a fence, and in doing so, impaled himself on the fence. a lot of us get drunk and believe we're ninjas. it's happened to me a dozen times. so, we put together a video in the event you decide you are a ninja. watch this and see if it doesn't help you snap out of it. >> do you think you're a ninja? think again! do you think you're a ninja? think again. not a ninja.
12:22 am
not a ninja. not a ninja. not a ninja. >> leave britney alone! >> not a ninja. not a ninja. you're not a ninja! this message was paid for by ninjas. >> jimmy: that's a good message. strong message. important message. well, it's friday night, and it is time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary senscensorshi censorship." >> aclu is offering to help an arizona sure thatch was told it had to stop [ bleep ] the homeless. >> you spent a lot of personal time with sarah palin. in your opinion, is sarah a [ bleep ]. >> yes, i think she is. >> this is crazy. i'm afraid they're going to rip robert's [ bleep ] off. >> you interviewed him for a
12:23 am
special. >> yes. >> he's the one that negotiated that whole give us your [ bleep ] back. >> yeah. >> he's going to be on to tell us about it. i'm [ bleep ] up. >> season 25. we are going to [ bleep ] your socks off. >> today we're going to reveal the secret to the ultimate [ bleep ] workout. >> she will learn, if she doesn't already know, what a really big [ bleep ] she has. >> what is that people from poland will [ bleep ] you in the rear to wish you good luck? >> my mom came one that. >> for the record, do you want to [ bleep ] mayweather? >> yeah. >> and now, brian williams with a sesame street nightly news update. >> oh. >> no one is [ bleep ] on sesame street. >> jimmy: what a show we have tonight. the stars of "new moon," kristen, robert and taylor. and from the sound track, death cab for cutie.
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and we're just like oprah would do, we're going to give a copy of the soundtrack to everyone in the studio tonight, so, be a vampire. stay up. ( upbeat music playing ) ( panting ) ( cat meows ) cats everywhere are using fresh step because it doesn't just mask odors, it eliminates them. so don't be surprised if your cat needs help finding her litter box. fresh step with odor-eliminating carbon. it's almost like not having a litter box. join fresh step's support of the a.s.p.c.a.
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it's almost like not having a litter box. >> jimmy: hi there, we're back. oh, my goodness, the energy in the room is just absolutely ridiculous. still to come on the program, music from this band, death cab few cutie, and they are on the "new moon" sound track, and that will be good. by the way, i want to mention that unlike a lot of you here in the audience, i have seen the movie -- you want to know what happens? okay. first of all, there's some vampires. and they -- they suck blood and stuff like that, but not too
12:29 am
much. i think they only, like, they get, like, poodles and stuff. they suck their blood. i've hesitated enough. our first guests tonight are vampire, a werewolf and a teenage girl the new movie "new moon" opened today. please welcome, and scream until you die, for taylor lautner, kristen stewart and robert pattinson. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. my ears are starting to bleed. listen -- hold on a second.
12:30 am
i wanted to say something. let -- this show is -- this show is on in the middle of the night. people are trying to rest, so be quiet. thank you for coming. wow. what a reception, huh? that's crazy. that is -- this is why the beatles stopped performing. it must be worse when you go out together, i would think. >> well -- there's very few times when we all do go out together, i mean -- but yeah -- >> jimmy: i don't blame you. this is crazy. are you able to maneuver silently at all, to get around, to do anything? >> you can. but you just -- you say, do you want to go out for a little scream? like, and you just go outside the hotel and start screaming with everybody else. >> you have to go all the way outside. you just stick your head out the window. >> until you are exhausted and go to bed. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. that's great and terrible at the same time, isn't it?
12:31 am
>> it's simple. >> jimmy: doou get that in every country? i know you go all over the world. >> that's what amazes me. everywhere we go, we have this same amount of passionate fans. >> jimmy: what are the differences? are there differences in the different countries in the way people react? >> yes. >> jimmy: who is the craziest? >> we were just in latin america, and they were -- i know they're supposed to be, you know, by nature passionate people, but they were overtly. >> jimmy: like tearing you apart? >> in brazil it was a little crazy. >> jimmy: who is the most laid back of all the countries you've gone to? >> i'd say england was, because no one knew what the film was about. >> just self-devprecatiself-dep. >> jimmy: i know you guys don't like to talk about your relationship and personal relationship a all that stuff, so, taylor, what's going on with these two?
12:32 am
>> i wish i could tell you. >> jimmy: what's going on with you? you're dating taylor swift, i heard. is that true? >> where did you see this? >> jimmy: i don't know, in, like, the news or something? >> you've seen everything i've experienced. >> jimmy: you are making out. does kanye west burst in and -- >> not yet. >> jimmy: what happened to you in between this first movie -- the first movie and -- you get hit by gamma rays or something? because you're very, very muscular. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah, really. >> yes. >> jimmy: you noticed that? >> yeah, i think his mental transformation is really, really overshadowed his -- >> jimmy: you think so? have you transformed mentally? >> i would say so. i actually think that was more
12:33 am
important for jacob's character than the physical transformation. >> jimmy: i don't think so. >> all right, all right. >> jimmy: how did you do it? you worked out, right? >> yeah, a lot. required a little bit of working out. >> jimmy: that is a pain. >> but the hardest thing was the eating. i mean, getting in the gym was easy for me, because i was motivated. >> jimmy: what do you mean the eating? >> constantly eating. eating a lot, but also putting something in my mouth every two hours. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice. >> such as -- some beef patties. >> some meat? >> jimmy: that's the problem i would have no problem. eating every two hours. i do it now. >> and you look fantastic. >> jimmy: well, it pays off, obviously.
12:34 am
what about you guys? do you, oh, no, the movie's coming, i have to get in shape, i have to work out? do any of this stuff? >> especially when i say taylor, yeah. you know, kind of -- it was incredibly annoying. >> i think you can handle yourself. >> it was kind of -- you can do all the interviews saying, we're reinventing the image of vampires and stuff and do whatever you wanted, and i thought, you know, having a kind of completely prepubescent girl's body wouldn't work out. and taylor comes on, i'm like, geez, i'm going to get fired. >> jimmy: we might have to start giving you the injections, get roger clemens in here to help you out. and kristen, do you work out, do you worry about that sort of thing? are you a fitness buff? >> no, i'm so lazy and complete liboring. i probably should have gotten more active before i did "new
12:35 am
moon" considering the desperately ravaging through crowds. yeah -- >> jimmy: you did ran a lot. i saw it. the audience hasn't yet. they seem angry about that. this is not the first thing you've done, though it's become, like, it's become the thing that people go crazy for. it's a cult phenomenon. you have done other things, for instance, taylor, we found a photograph of you -- we found it in a magazine, wasn't much of a find, but here is why i want to mention this in particular because here's a picture of you break dancing. this is the lobby of our building. this is in front of our front door that we walk in here. >> that's so cute. >> jimmy: and there you are, defying gravity. some -- what's going on there exactly? >> how -- wow. where -- >> jimmy: we got it in "people" it wasn't like -- we didn't have
12:36 am
to go to the national archives or anything. >> that's scary. >> jimmy: how old are you there? >> about 12. yeah, it was awhile ago. >> jimmy: and we have some video from that time, as well. >> are you kidding? >> so exciting. >> jimmy: we do. ♪ >> that was awesome. >> jimmy: we did find that. >> he's a skilled guy. >> jimmy: that's right. that's how you train to become a werewolf one day. why is it that werewolves never wear shirts? >> there's lots of justifications. we're not object if iing the men in this movie at all.
12:37 am
they are 108 degrees. they're hot, you know? they faze, they hide cutoff shorts and nikes in the woods in little bushes. >> jimmy: they would ruin a lot of clothing, too, if they kept the shirts on before they transformed. >> that's true. >> jimmy: but also, makes me wonder if matthew mcconaughey is a werewolf. it really was. i think i counted six guys took their shirts off, like, in spectacular fashion in this movie. it was like vampire chippen dales. it really was. we have a clip of the movie and since -- one of you is going to set it up? >> i think we should jointly introduce this, i've forgotten what it is. >> we've all been prepped. get it together. >> have you been prepped for this? >> it's in italy at the end of the movie. >> jimmy: take a look. here's a clip from "new moon." in theaters now. take a look. >> what do we do with you now?
12:38 am
>> you already know what you're going to do. >> she knows too much. she's a liability. >> that's true. felix? >> jimmy: well, that looked like it hurt. >> i was just terrified the entire time with my belly hanging out of my robe. that's the ong thing -- >> jimmy: did you get injured at all? there's a lot of physical stuff. seems like you guys did the
12:39 am
stunts on it. >> i injured myself tripping over a rock. i wasn't -- it wasn't when i was running across a field or anything, just tripping over a rock in rehearsal. >> jimmy: what happened to you? >> um, i almost died. it was really terrible. >> jimmy: thank goodness. robert, you? >> in the first movie i -- i had a little problem, which was from the insurance people. on the first shot in the first day i kind of strained one of my ass cheeks. my ass couldn't take the strain of the first one. >> jimmy: is that a medical term? oh, my god. you had a strained ass cheek. >> i did. they had to bring in a therapist. >> a personal masseuse. >> butt massage on the first day. >> jimmy: wow. >> i remember a groinal pull -- >> the whole way around. i didn't know there was a muscle that went from the whole way up
12:40 am
your groin into your cheek and like, you know -- >> jimmy: you see what these people went through for you? well, when we come back, we're going to take some questions from the excited audience. "new moon" in theaters now. more with taylor, kristen and robert. we'll be right back. chest came back- my i knew i had to see my doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes. that's important to me because i know the two medicines in symbicort are beginning to treat my symptoms and helping me take control of my asthma. and that makes symbicort a good choice for me. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. and should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol may increase the chance of asthma-related death. so, it is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on other asthma medicines. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. i know symbicort won't replace a rescue inhaler.
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>> j >> jimmy: hey, we're back. robert, kristen, taylor are here. "new moon" is in theaters now. we have some excited fans. we've got twihards, which honestly is one of the worst group nicknames i've ever heard. it's right up there with clay mates. let's be honest. they do have questions. fun to give them a chance to ask questions. start there. what is your name? >> my name is anna. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> arlita, california. >> jimmy: go ahead. >> rob, i just wanted to know if your shirt misbuttoning is a fashion statement or do you get dressed in a hurry? >> my thirty -- >> you look great. you always look great, but you know, your buttons are always kind of off a little?
12:45 am
maybe -- >> i think it's -- my center of gravity is all messed up. >> jimmy: is that true? are you a one button off kind of guy? >> sometimes more. >> i didn't know it was being noticed. >> jimmy: well, something that i guess to think about and consider. >> i do, yeah. is it a bad thing? >> you look great. regardless. >> jimmy: all right, all right, well, very good. that's the answer to your question, though i don't know what it is. your name? >> troy. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> long beach, california. >> jimmy: okay. have we frisked troy? all right, troy. go right ahead. ask your question. >> for kristen. i was wondering. did you get your swine flu shot yet? >> that's so strange that you say that. i did that yet. why? do you know something that i -- >> jimmy: he's been watching you. >> seriously, i'm genuinely
12:46 am
freaked out. actually freaked out right now. how do you know that? >> jimmy: did you all get them? >> i haven't. >> jimmy: you got to be careful. you could strain your ass if you don't -- there you go. kristen is protected. who is next? >> hi. i'm jessica. >> jimmy: she has her own fan club. >> my question is for taylor. no, no, no. it's because -- >> jimmy: i don't want you to feel bad because i was goofing on my nephew, who is here, who happens to look like robert, and his name is taylor, and there he is. and he's -- he's embarrassed. but that's why the tyler was in, so don't feel bad. what is your question? >> he's a werewolf. >> i really like your shirt, and i was wondering if i could have
12:47 am
it. >> this shirt? >> yes. >> maybe after the show. >> okay. >> jimmy: wow. you know what? men, i think people would look down on men for demanding the shirt off a woman and yet -- you're a sick -- >> he takes it off in the movie. come on. >> jimmy: don't worry. you'll get plenty of that in the movie. yes? what is your question? and name as well. >> i'm chee from long beach. my question is for rob. when was the last time you cried and why? >> jimmy: that's a terrible question. >> he's going to start crying. >> i'm upset already. >> jimmy: let's think about this and really be honest with this answer. >> it was -- a commercial on tv, for, you know, like, a -- when you have a cold and, you know,
12:48 am
and i had a cold at the time and you know, they ask you the questions in the commercial, do you feel stuffed up? and i was like -- that was enough for me. >> jimmy: you were feeling sorry for yourself? >> it caught me by surprise. when i cry, i start weeping. i have emotions. >> jimmy: you really are becoming human this is wonderful. they say you have no soul, but i don't believe that for a second. by the way, vampires -- 109 years old in the movie? >> around about, yeah. >> jimmy: 109. seems like they should smell like a grandpa or a grandma at that age. >> it is written into the stories that they -- they smell like -- what is it? >> jimmy: diapers? >> i think yeah, something like that. they smell of sparkles. >> jimmy: we have another question. your name? >> my name is jessica.
12:49 am
i'm from los angeles. i have a question for kristen. i was wondering, out of the four books, which is your favorite? >> jimmy: you have to be very careful with that question. because you know how the fans are. >> i know. and i'm sweating. no, i -- i like "new moon," and i'm not saying that because of the movie. it was -- the most meaty for me. i always read it from a different perspective, i read it, like, having the part already and so this was the most -- i reached the ultimate low and the ultimate high so it was the most engaging for me because i knew what it would take to bring it to life. >> jimmy: so this is the one that you like. i think we have -- one more question? yes. young man. what is your name? >> guillermo. my question is for kristen.
12:50 am
will you marry me? >> yeah. >> jimmy: there we go! >> yes! >> jimmy: you know, you have to -- you have to do it now. you said it on television. it the law. thank you guys. i hope it goes well. i hope you're able to enjoy the success. robert, taylor and kristen, everybody. "new moon" is in thinker thes now. we'll be right back with music from death cab for cutie. narrator: meet diana. she said she wanted a pc that wakes up faster. so windows and toshiba said, "we'll not only build it. we'll fly you to tokyo to approve it."
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>> jimmy: this is it, "new moon" sound track. here with the new single, "meet me on the equinox," death cab for cutie. ♪ meet me on the equinox meet me half way when the sun is perched at it's highest peek ♪ ♪ in the middle of the day let me give my love to you
1:00 am
let me take your hand as we walk ♪ ♪ in the dimming light oh, darling understand that everything everything ends ♪ ♪ that everything everything ends meet me on your best behavior meet me at your worst ♪ ♪ for there will be no stone unturned or bubble left to burst let me lay beside you ♪ ♪ darling let me be your man and let our bodies intertwine but always understand ♪ ♪ that everything everything ends
1:01 am
that everything everything ends ♪ ♪ that everything everything everything ends a window ♪ ♪ an opened tomb the sun crawls across your bedroom the halo ♪ ♪ the waiting moon your last breaths moving through you as everything ♪ ♪ everything ends as everything everything ends
1:02 am
as everything ♪ ♪ everything everything everything everything ♪ ♪ everything ends ♪ meet me on the equinox meet me half way when the sun is perched ♪ ♪ at it's highest peek in the middle of the day let me give my love to you let me take your hand ♪ ♪ as we walk in the dimming light oh, darling understand that everything ♪
1:03 am
♪ everything ends
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