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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. on this monday, november 23rd, the radiation scare at the three mile island nuclear plant. 150 workers evacuated and we're live on the scene to tell you how it happened. senate showdown on health care. this time, will the democrats fight each other? will they wrap it up by christmas? we have some answers on health care this morning. the doctor in the michael jackson case goes back to work today seeing patients and a tearful show of support. and television without oprah? gayle king is here to tell us why her best friend decided to end the 25-year reign of her
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show. and "twilight" mania, gigantic box office, young girls and their moms. does this prove no sex is really what sells? and good morning, america. welcome to thanksgiving week. diane sawyer here with robin roberts. and we have been talking about that radiation leak on three mile island that caused real concern over the weekend. >> real panic in some ways. 20 workers were exposed to radiation and had to be decontaminated. while the company in charge says the public was never in any danger, they don't know what caused the radiation leak and for everyone who lived through the three mile island accident 30 years ago sounds familiar. >> david muir is in middletown, pennsylvania, outside the nuclear plant. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, diane, they're still trying to figure out what caused that leak this morning but as you'll well remember these are the cooling towers for unit 2 that made this
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so famous back in 1979, the massive evacuations in the scare that came with it. unit 1 is off in the distance much the lights where the leak happened this weekend. as we mentioned, there were several workers exposed to limited radiation. the 150 workers were evacuated shortly after 4:00 saturday afternoon when a radioactive leak was discovered in an opening in the unit one building here on three mile island. authorities said they're trying to figure out what caused it. >> we narrowed it down to one or two work activities that created some airborne contamination in the building. all of it was contained inside. >> reporter: this happened when workers were pcutting through pipes? >> when cutting through pipes and using a vacuum-type device that may have blown radioactive dust up in the air. >> reporter: all workers were immediately tested. 20 reported positive for radiation, the worst exposure, 16 millirems. >> the actual exposure does not
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look like it's going to be a significant health threat to that worker. >> reporter: unit one had been shut down for weeks for improvements. it took exelon energy five hours to notify authorities but the residents and neighbors who live here were never in any danger. >> could have been much worse and it makes me want to just take preparation. >> reporter: for the people who live in the shadow of three mile island, what happened in 1979 will never be forgotten. >> radioactivity is 75 tons a dose lethal to a human. >> reporter: the meltdown can still considered the most serious in power plant history causing widespread panic as 140,000 neighboring residents chose to evacuate. eventually it led to sweeping changes in nuclear regulation. in recent weeks during a tour of three mile island the plant manager assured bob woodruff that a repeat of 1979 would ever happen. >> that kind of melting is not going to happen again. >> that's correct. >> there's no way?
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>> that's correct. these plants are extremely robust. safety systems are tested frequently. >> reporter: i'm told this morning investigators with the nuclear regulatory commission will be on site at unit one investigating what happened over the weekend and did ask this morning about that one employee who received the most raid yalgs, the equivalent of a little more than three chest x-rays. we're told he's doing fine and could be back to work at early as today. a good sign that workers are streaming back in but quite a scare. >> that is a great sign. thank you for being there. now to the new battle lines being drawn in the fight over health care after that 60-39 vote saturday night to move forward with the debate. the white house has long been fighting for republican support, but now it's focusingen a handful of democrats. our senior white house correspondent jake tapper live in washington has the details on that. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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well, the white house expressed pleasure that the senate voted to begin debating the democrats' health care reform effort but as one senior aid pud it, that was the easy part. it only gets tougher from here on out. the white house said that president obama looks forward to a thorough and productive debate on health care reperform. >> the road ahead is a long stretch but we can see the finish line. >> reporter: but many hurdles lie between here and the finish line. a quote significant formidable and never-ending list, one top senate democratic aide says. first come the amendments. moderate democrats said they oppose the public option in the bill which would compete with private insurers and drive down costs. >> let me be perfectly clear, i am opposed to a new government administered health plan. >> reporter: but other democrats have said the bill won't be true reform without the public option. other amendments that could be problematic address whether women receiving government subsidies can buy insurance policies that cover abortion. whether illegal immigrants can
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use the health insurance exchange and republicans plan on going after the planned source of funding forcing democrats to make tough votes to keep the bill's proposed tax increases and medicare cuts. >> there is no way that the seniors are not going to lose care. >> reporter: another hurdle, downward sliding poll numbers for both president obama and the democrats' health care reform effort especially in red states home to moderate democrats. >> you will have the answer to that. >> reporter: then there are the conservative celebrities out on book tours criticizing the democrats' plans. >> those of you carrying that book under your home "going rogue" with me. >> reporter: a hurdle democrats hope to knock down. in an e-mail to supporters the president's former campaign committee called sarah palin's attacks dangerous saying she's helped enable "false attacks by special interests in partisan extremists." debate begins next week and could last from three to five weeks. robin? >> all right. chilly.
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coming back to me, jake. i'll turn to abc's chief washington correspondent host of "this week," george stephanopoulos. george, we heard jake telling us, it took a lot to corral those 60 democrats for that initial vote. are they going to be able to hold them together for the rest of this? >> that is the big question and right now over the next 20 or 25 days democrats in the white house are going to be playing three-dimensional legislative chess with the time clock. so difficult. look at the groups they have to reconcile going forward. number one, the centrist democrats that jake talked about who are against the public option. there are at least four right now. senator ben nelson of nebraska, senator mary landrieu, senator blanche lincoln of arkansas and senator joe lieberman of connecticut. now, if they satisfy that group they'll face some trouble among liberals. people like sherrod brown of ohio, bernie sanders of vermont, so if those liberals say we're not going along with the change on the public option the
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democrats will have to reach out again to key republicans like olympia snowe and susan collins of maine, but keeping this all together is tremendously difficult. >> and the republicans' strategy will have to make them vote on amendment after amendment and keep testing it. >> and really, really tough amendments. any amendment will need 60 vote to pass. here's one example. they will put one up that says none of the tax increases on this bill should apply to any individuals or families earning less than $250,000 a year. that was the signature campaign promise of president obama. republicans and independent groups argue right now that some of these tax increases do hit the middle class, how will democrats vote on that? >> can't let you leave, george, without the latest word on afghanistan. the decision, when? >> white house officials told me just this morning that the president is not prepared to schedule a speech just yet. they're looking at next week but that is not definite. >> okay, thanks again to you. we'll have chris cuomo now with the morning's headlines
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including news about the job market. chris? there is information out there. good morning, sdwn. good morning, everyone. a new survey top economists out this morning and the headline is the worst could be over soon but a full recovery will take a while. specifically most believe companies will stop eliminating jobs by the end of march and will slowly begin adding to their payrolls again. keep in mind, 7 million jobs have been lost since the start of this recession. most economists believe it will be 2012 before that many jobs are created again. we were talking about the troops overseas. the u.s. military says four american troops have been killed in action in afghanistan in just the last 24 hours. two died in a bomb attack in the south. so far this month 15 u.s. service members have died in the war compared to 58 during october. the doctor at the center of the michael jackson homicide investigation is returning to his medical practice today in texas. dr. conrad murray says he wanted
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to go home and take his life back step by step. our jeremy hubbard has the story. >> reporter: sunday morning dr. conrad murray was in a houston church wiping tears and asking congregants to pray for him. this morning he's going back to work in houston. his lawyer says he visited the clinic friday. because of a deteriorating financial condition and prompting by many of his beloved patients on november 20th, dr. conrad murray resumed his cardiology practice in houston, texas. dr. murray plans to attend to patients in both las vegas and houston. attorney ed chernoff said. he said he hasn't been paid by jackson's estate and has been out of work for several months and he took the 100,0$100,000 j his physician and last addressed them in august. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth and i have faith the truth will prevail. god bless you and thank you. >> reporter: murray was at jackson's bedside when he died in june and admitted he gave the
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singer propofol, the powerful anesthetic to help him sleep. since then has been the focus of a homicide investigation and has not been charged with any crime. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news. a little more michael jackson information. he made history again winning a record four american music awards last night posthumously. jermaine stepped for him but he was edged out as top winner by taylor swift who won five. some video of a frightening moment on the set of the new tom cruise movie. seven bulls being used in the filming of "night and day" broke free, ran through the streets to a nearby beach. two women suffered minor injuries. neither cruise nor diaz was on set yet. we focused on the one because it was particularly angry. there were really seven but that was one angry bull. >> heading over to sam champion for the weather. >> good morning.
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happy monday. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. heavy fog in the deep south. now, the worst fog on the boards, central, central oklahoma and louisiana, could be travel delays due to that in some areas. showers that are right in central virginia and north carolina. they start to come up the coast. the big discussion this morning, how much rain gets into new york and boston? it'll be late tonight and probably light showers along the coastline of the cape and long island. look at 72 in l.a. 68 in san diego. this area has been dry. no storms toward the west coast. a pleasant week for the holiday week.
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all of america's weather in the next half hour. robin, it is a busy holiday week. >> thank you. now, italian prosecutors are wrapping up their case in the murder trial of amanda knox
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accused of stabbing her roommate. "20/20" anchor elizabeth vargas has been covering it since the beginning and has the latest. >> it reel hi has. after nearly 11 months italy's most notorious criminal trial is nearing an end. amanda knox was back in court over the weekend and for seven hours prosecutors gave their closing arguments asking for a sentence of life in prison. 22-year-old amanda knox is about to learn her fate. charged with the murder of her british roommate meredith kercher, she's been in prison in perugia for two years and about to find out if she'll spend the rest of her life behind bars. when the prosecution requested a life sentence and nine months of solitary confinement if convicted knox began to weep. >> she was sad. she was very touched by the words we use against her. >> reporter: the prosecution alleges that on november 1st,
7:15 am
2007 knox and her ex-boyfriend raffaele sollecito murdered her and that it was part of a sex game after the two girls argued and that it was knox who slit her throat with a kitchen knife and made it look like a break-in. she called this pure fantasy. "meredith was my friend and i didn't hate her" she told the jurors who will decide her fate. the idea of revenge against a person who has always been good to me is absurd. her mother and father called the closing arguments fictitious and out of line. >> it was actually very difficult for amanda to listen to because they were saying things about her that had no semblance of her personality. >> reporter: in italy where there is no death penalty, prosecutors are seeking the maximum sentence for knox life in prison. her defense team says that's what the worst of italy's mafia
7:16 am
bosses get, not a 22-year-old college student with no criminal history. >> it's terrible. it's the worst thing i've ever had to go through in my life. >> reporter: nonetheless her parents remain hopeful. amanda's lawyers get two days next week to make their own closing arguments. >> she knows she's innocent. we know she's innocent. the evidence of the trial that's inside the actual courtroom clearly shows that she's innocent. hopefully we'll see and get to bring her home before christmas. >> reporter: after a day of rebuttal, the jury is expected to get the case late next week. they've been deliberating after each hearing so it could come quite soon. as for her parents they bought her a plane ticket home. if acquitted she will be free immediately. if convicted a long battle, a long process of appeals begins. >> of course, her parents remaining very optimistic. it was really seeing the prosecutors with a re-enactment of what they speculate could have happened. >> they do speculate but they have no explanation for why
7:17 am
there isn't a single speck of dna evidence from amanda in the room where the murder took place, not a strand of hair, not a fingerprint, nothing. >> but her side with the closing arguments coming up. thanks so much. shifting gears, chris cuomo was dragooned by his expecting wife, yes, he was, to go there. our head writer was there screaming at the shirtless guy, no wonder "new moon," the "twilight" sequel broke an all-time opening day record there and went on to earn more than $140 million this weekend and judging from those steamy trailers you might say sex sells. aha, not so fast. as dan harris reports, if you're expecting sizzle, you find something else. >> reporter: the "the twilight saga: new moon" features shirtless young men who happen to be vampires or werewolves and exactly four kisses. >> kiss me. >> reporter: but not one sex scene. and for women and girls who made
7:18 am
up 80% of the opening weekend audience, that may be the core of "twilight"'s appeal. >> the kind of downplayed sexual tension definitely adds to the movie because you're just waiting for something to happen. >> reporter: it's a rather stark comparison with other vampire fare from bella lugosi to "true blood" vampires are often strongly associated with the libido. >> almost like a romantic notion. like you'll be dated in a way. >> reporter: and then killed. >> and then killed, yes. >> reporter: the "twilight" books upon which the movies are based were written by stephenie meyer, a mormon who makes her lead vampire, edward, a chase protecter of bella. it's a hit among girls and among tens of thousands of so-called "twilight" moms. >> look out there, robert. they've got their shirts on. they say "the twilight moms." >> hollywood had no idea they would rope in the older gals
7:19 am
when aiming for the younger ones. the reason they're getting the response is that all these "twilight" moms are yearning for love they're obviously not getting at home so "twilight" d dads, pay attention. >> reporter: if they want to attract "twilight" boys and dads they may have to revert to the more lusty vampire. of course, with $140 million opening weekend, they may not need the guys. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news. >> did you love it? >> i love that my wife was so happy being at the movie. i'm a little hoarse from screaming the shirtless boy came on. >> the baby is due in february. how many more months of going to chick flicks? >> whatever it takes. whatever it takes. >> anyway -- >> were you screaming the whole time? the girls every time the boys come on, they scream. you know what, the idea of them falling in love the way they are, the girls like it.
7:20 am
the moms, i don't know if they're searching for what's mott at home. >> 20% of the audience was male. you had company. >> there you go. the love triangle that thrust a united states senator into the spotlight. we'll hear from the scorned husband at the center of it an abc news exclusive. >> the person who knows oprah the best, gayle king will join us when we come back. so black friday is this friday. yep. we have over 599 doorbusters... throughout the entire store with guaranteed lowest prices. i love you. i love you, too. i get that a lot. this friday, sears has over 599 incredible... black friday now doorbusters, starting at 4am. like jeans for the family just $9.99 from canyon river blues. and take $140 off this 260-piece mechanics tool set. plus, this samsung 40-inch lcd tv is only $599.99.
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7:24. cloudy skies in baltimore. 45 in york, 48 easton. lower eastern shore out to the beaches into the low to mid-50s.
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essentially not much movement on the thermometer. the clouds are rolling in. near harpers ferry, parts of montgomery county getting wet weather now. that may sneak in towards mount airy, portions of howard, maybe even carroll county, by the end of the morning commute but i think we'll hold off most of the commute with dry weather. shortly thereafter we build in showers, 9:00, 10:00, into the afternoon a wave of low pressure to the south throws in a northeasterly wind keeping us damp and cool. the wet weather comes in with not a lot of rain to be expected but enough to remind us it's wet and a little nuisance today. briefly midday near 50. once the rain comes in though we'll pull back not upper and middle -- pull back into the upper and middle 40s. 44 overnight. we're expecting showers to give way to late clearing tomorrow and back to 56 degrees. let's check the roads with kim. >> we have a lot happening. fortunately, no incidents on the beltway as we look at the northeast corner you will see
7:26 am
stop-and-go heavy traffic between harford road to about belair road. give a few extra minutes. a lot of crashes, a crash from dundalk at hazel mill road and that is going to be at lynch road. also in jessup, oceano avenue at waterloo road. route 1 and howard street. and route 24 at edgewood road. jfx, a crash reported in the northbound lanes at falls road but as see we have heavy to moderate volume as you make your way southbound this morning. we'll be right back.
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7:27. they deliberated over two days and jurors will now decide the fate of mayor sheila dixon. the jury has been deliberating since last thursday but took the weekend off. court starts at 9:00. abc2 will be at the courthouse when the jurors return. be sure to tune in to see what
7:28 am
happens. we are inviting to you if you're away from the tv. we'll have it on-line. a maryland soldier was among the fort hood victims and this morning she will be laid to rest. lieutenant colonel juanita warman of havre de grace was a military physician assistant. she helped service members coped with the mental strain of deployment. she was at fort hood to get ready for deployment to iraq. she worked at the perry point veterans affairs medical center in maryland. she will be buried at arlington national cemetery later on this afternoon. we had a violent night in our city. let's start in west baltimore. police say two women were stabbed at the corners of smallwood and vine. one of them was stabbed in the back. police say an hour later two more women showed up at st. agnes with stab wounds telling the hospital it happened on wellham, four blocks from vine. right now police say the only description they have is they are looking for five women. the two other victims were taken to area hospitals. and 2:30 this morning
7:29 am
police rushed to the scene of curly and monument where three men were stabbed. police are still not saying whether the incidents are connected but looks like all the victims will survive their injuries. no arrests have been made in either of the cases. we'll have another morning update in 25 minutes. let's return to new york and more of "good morning america" at 7:30.
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our viewers have enriched my life beyond all measure. >> oprah making her emotional announcement on her show on friday that she will end her iconic talk show at the end of next season, 2011. many viewers are asking why. and what's next for the one-woman empire? this woman we'll ask the one person who may know but will she tell us? her best friend and editor at large of "o" magazine, gayle king as we say good morning, america, on this monday morning. hope everyone had a good weekend. i'm robin roberts here with diane sawyer.
7:31 am
>> and also this morning, what a family story this is. a mother's desperate controversial attempt to help her autistic son to do something about frightening behavior. she says marijuana baked into brownies has saved his life and changed it and the question this morning is would you do it? what is the medical community say? you'll meet her and have a chance to make up your mind. but first an abc news exclusive interview with the man whose wife had an affair with a rising star in the republican party. nevada senator john ensign. he spoke with "nightline"'s cynthia mcfadden and reveals new details that could have repercussions in washington. cynthia with more on the fallout. >> good morning. no question that doug hampton, the former co-chief of staff to senator ensign is angry. his one-time boss and longtime friend has acknowledged he had an affair with his wife. in his first network television interview hampton charges this is more than a personal betrayal.
7:32 am
he makes allegations that senator ensign committed crimes. >> last year i had an affair. i violated the vows of my marria marriage. it's absolutely the worst thing that i've ever done in my life. >> his power and his influence has led to the complete destruction of my life today. >> you've lost your job. >> lost my job. >> lost your best flepdz. >> lost my best friend. >> have nearly lost your wife. >> nearly lost my wife. >> reporter: doug hampton says his life is in shambles. following a sex scandal from senator john ensign, the man who had been his boss and his best friend. >> you've been described as almost as close as brothers. would that be accurate? >> sure. >> reporter: this past june the conservative christian senator made a shocking public admission. >> i take full responsibility
7:33 am
for my actions. >> reporter: his mistress none other than hampton's wife cindy, his campaign treasurer. the two couples had been close for 20 years but during christmas of 2007, hampton discovered his wife and the senator were having an affair. >> i say, what prosecutor we going to do? are we going to destroy each other's lives? no, no, it's just the biggest mistake we ever made. we do not want this. john cries like a kid. puts his heads on his hands and cries like a little boy. >> reporter: they tried to work it out but months later the affair was still going on. he's still sleeping with your wife, you think? >> yeah, that's hard to hear. yeah, i think he's absolutely at this time pursuing her. >> and what does he tell you about his feelings for his wife? >> he's in love with her and i'm not going to apologize for how i feel. not only am i going to pursue the relationship, you can't work
7:34 am
for me anymore. >> reporter: by april of 2008 senator ensign had fired both doug and cindy hampton. days later they received a check for $96,000 made out to doug, cindy and two of their children. the check is from ensign's father, mike ensign, a wealthy casino owner. the ensign family claims the check wasn't a payoff or severance, it was, quote, a gift, made out of concern for the well-being of longtime family friends. >> oh, hey, listen, we realize our son is having an affair with your wife maybe some money will help. that's ridiculous. >> is it crystal clear to you that $96,000 was, in fact, severance and not a gift? >> crystal clear. >> reporter: if the check was indeed severance, the senator may have violated campaign finance laws by not revealing it. the ensign family insists they complied with all tax laws. but there's more. doug hampton says the senator
7:35 am
helped him get a new career, lobbying. only problem is, that's illegal. federal ethics laws prohibit staffers from lobbying the senate within a year of leaving and may well be illegal for a senator to help them do it. >> is he lining up clients for you? >> absolutely. hey, i talked to so-and-so, call him. >> let me make sure i understand what you're saying. there is no doubt in your mind that john ensign understood that ethics laws were being broken as well. >> no doubt in my mind. >> this is a serious allegation you're making against a sitting united states senator. that he knowingly assisted you. >> why would a client hire doug hampton if he didn't think that he was going to have access to john ensign's office? it's the only reason why i would hire him. >> reporter: doug hampton lost confidence in the institutions charged with investigating claims like his. has the department of justice contacted you at all?
7:36 am
>> not at all. >> the senate ethics committee contacted you? >> not at all. >> the fbi? >> not at all. >> you've heard from no investigatory body at this point? >> none. >> what conclusion do you draw from that? >> not really interested getting to the bottom of this and it's interesting, when you're campaigning, boy, you got to talk about everything. when you're elected, you don't have to talk about anything. >> senator ensign has his own complaints about doug. a former ensign spokesperson implied that he tried to blackmail the senator but charged doug hampton denies. senator ensign said previously he is "confident that all rules and ethics rules were followed and that he will cooperate with any official inquiries." diane? >> why is hampton coming out now? >> he's just very frustrated and feels all those people that are supposed to be investiting have failed him and he says this
7:37 am
is the truth and that a sitting senator should not be permitted to get away with this. >> all right. well, you can see the whole thing, be there, tonight at abc's "nightline" for cynthia's entire interview. thanks so much. sam, the weather once again. >> good morning, diane. all weekend long we were talking about that thousand-year flooding in scott lapd and england, 90-mile-an-hour wind, homes lost, bridges washed away. the southern half that have moisture and what it's done to turkey. we'll start with dramatic pictures of very heavy rain also in that southern line of that european moisture just flooded that area more than 6 inches of rain out. awful lot of damage. watch this man's home and that will continue this weekend as one more hit of very heavy moisture moves into northern ireland and also into scott lapd and england as we get close to the end of the week and weekend. another storm system in the middle of the country that develop, as well. where it's likely to stay wet and even a little snowy into the thanksgiving holiday and that's
7:38 am
take it from missouri all the way around to the great lakes with this low, so could be minneapolis your first set of snow could be chicagoland gets a little snow out of this, as well, as that low continues into northeast area. i would think middle atlantic into new england. >> all o >> all of that weather was brought to you by quilted northern ultra plush. diane? >> okay, sam, thanks. coming up next, gayle king is here. we want to know everything. we'll be back. tisue with plush-quilts ® . ayered bath it has two layers fo softness and an inner layer for a luxurious experience you can see an feel.
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and and now the question so many folks are asking this morning,
7:42 am
what is next for oprah? there's been all kinds of speculation ever since her announcement friday that the "oprah winfrey show" would end after 25 seasons. joining us now is her good friend, editor at large of "o" magazine. >> i'm asking that question too. what is next? >> we ran into each other yesterday. >> the number one question people. >> number one question i hear all the tile. i too am having oprah withdrawal. i really am. the night before she was going to announce to harpo, i knew it was for real because i kept hoping she's going to change. she's going to change and called her and said, you don't have to walk down the aisle. you don't, i know the invitations are out and the caterers are here but we can go back home. you don't have to marry him. what any parent says to a person. she says, oh, no, no, no, no question in her mind. >> she's contemplated it before. >> yes. >> what do you know for sure as
7:43 am
why now that she made this decision? >> i think -- i know what she said on tv the other day was really true. she tried so hard to hold it together when she was making the announcement. the only time she choked was when she was talking about the viewers. when she started talking about her life and it was in her bones and when she started talking about the viewers, i think, robin, after 25 years it's just time to go while you're on top. it really was as simple as that and maybe have a central blens of a life. listen, no pity party for oprah. has a great life. does wonderful things but at the end of the day it really is her life and it's time -- this weekend, for instance, she went to california with a big bag of books and was so happy to be able to know that that's what she was going to do for the weekend. >> what were your conversations with her like this weekend? >> are you sure? are you sure? that was before. now i'm like, i said to her, how do you feel? because the reaction i'm getting from white men 57 years old,
7:44 am
young women in their 20s, black and white, all age groups, there really is no oprah demographic because it's all over the board about what are we going to do. best compliment came from my doorman, moose, he said, miss king, i don't know what i'm going to do because i feel like i'm an oprah boomer. what does that mean, i said. an oprah boomer, i don't have her power, influence or money but i just feel like i should go out and do good in the world and be better and that's the influence she's had on my life. i called to tell her that story and, you know, she was very touched by that and she takes all that in. but i think, robin, what is the next step for her? i don't even think she knows. she's riding off from the "oprah winfrey show" but not riding off into the sunset. >> there will be a next chapter. >> i know there will be. i said, i think this is going to be harder for you than you realize. >> why do you say that? >> because it has been so much a part of your life and she goes, no, because i know that the time is right. i know the time is right. >> she said she felt in her
7:45 am
bones and her spirit and she just knew that it was a moment. >> she loves that show too. make mo mistake about it. >> let's show a clip from friday. you'll see just what you're talking about. this is oprah on friday. >> i want you all to know that my relationship with you is one that i hold very dear and your trust in me, the sharing of your precious time every day with me has brought me the greatest joy i have ever known. >> and you could tell that's what was so important to her. the kwekz that she had. >> yeah. >> with her viewers. that's why people are like, why -- you don't top that. you just do -- >> you really don't. that's why i love the speculation about who will replace her? who is the next oprah? the cover of "the times" today, there really is no replacement for oprah. she is so much a part of the culture. we have to come up with a new model. new way of doing things. there really -- it's -- her shoes, i believe, are not something that can be felt.
7:46 am
they're not. they are not. i know i'm biased. but i also know i'm not the only one that feels this way. >> a little talk about maybe you -- >> what are you talking about, willis? me no speak english. no, no, no. as a matter of fact, i have never heard that conversation from oprah or anybody associated with oprah. do i want to do something with the "o" network, absolutely, positively but, no, i don't see that. >> we have to think about -- >> oprah hasn't asked me to replace her. she got my number. >> she does. she can check in if she like. >> we still have 20 months. >> that's -- i'm so glad you pointed that out. >> there's no telling what we're going to see. >> i'm so glad you pointed that out because, you know, we have a whole other season. when she said we're planning stuff, we'll blow you away, knock your socks off. that is really true. they have -- and now i think is the type of thing that people say i got to get to "the oprah show."
7:47 am
want to be there for the last year. i think it's going to be a very nice farewell and it's going to be 18 months of farewell. there won't be just one particular show. i'm happy for her and really sad for me. >> i know. it's all about me, robin. >> what it seems like, she's doing much better than other people. >> she said, gayle, you are not helping. but i mean i really do. i feel -- i'm happy because i know for her it is the right decision. and she's so at peace with it but i got on the elevator last night after walking spencer, it's what you do in the neighbor. a gooi got on and said i have to tell you my wife was literally weeping on friday because she feels such a tremendous sense of loss. >> a lot of people do. the fact that thinking of her at her home with a bunch of books this weekend and just doing what she wants to do. >> very much alive and happy and that's a good thing for all of us. >> thank you. give her our best. >> see you in the neighborhood. >> walk our little doggies.
7:48 am
we'll be right back. (announcer) the more you experience muscle pain... the more you expect from your pain reliever. tylenol 8 hour eases body pain... with one layer that works fast...
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7:51 am
♪ you can ♪ you can see my heart. >> doesn't get more exciting than rihanna tomorrow on "good morning america" as she shared her story about helping other young women who have faced physical abuse in their personal lives but she is taking the stage with new music this time. more one-hit songs than anybody in the decade. >> out there in sometimes square.
7:52 am
fantastic on the american music awards last night. coming up this morning on "gma," the mom who says brownies spiked with marijuana helped her autistic son's life. >> now the how to save big tip just in time for the biggest shopping day of the year brought to you by big lots before shopping this friday create a real game plan. list who to buy for, how much to spend and where to get it. for more saving tips go to would you like a pony ? yeah. would you like a pony ? yeah ! ( cluck, cluck, cluck ) oh, wowww !
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7:56 am
good morning. 7:56. cool breeze out of the northeast at 4 miles per hour. 44, knocked occasionally a few notches on the thermometer, current wind chill of 42. the rain not here yet but we'll get some rain this afternoon. currently dry and overcast, 48 at parkville middle school. for a sampling across the region, we're all dealing with overcast, got light showers well to the west. they are encroaching on the region. we're closing in on the 8:00 hour. after 9:00 we have a chance of
7:57 am
getting the rain from this particular system. that will last into the afternoon and for tonight. plan for things to go downhill briefly near 50. cooling back into the 40s with developing rain this afternoon. the rain continues with 44. it will be light rain overnight. here's kim brown with traffic. >> we have stop-and-go traffic around the outer loop. here at harford road you will see people on and off the brakes all the way through to providence road. same on the west side between liberty road and the baltimore national pike. moderate-to-heavy volume on the west side. we have several crashes. one at ballies corners road at new section road. use caution. westbound span of the bay bridge in the queen anne's side, we have a crash that blocked one lane. i'm getting word it recently cleared. same on the eastbound span at the toll plaza, a crash there still has residual delays from about route 8. in employer a crash work -- in bel air, a crash working southbound 24 at route 1, that currently blocks the left lane. jfx at north avenue, traffic is
7:58 am
heavy and steady as you make your way southbound but fortunately no incidents or major delays.
7:59 am
8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with a mother's controversial treatment for her autistic son. she says marijuana saved his life. has she really found a new treatment? this morning the debate dividing doctors. also, beyonce like you've never seen her before. we have your backstage pass to her electrifying concert. then there were three. the finalists on "dancing with the stars" going toe to toe. who will be the last one standing? ♪ oh, we've got a big
8:01 am
announcement that is coming up but first we're saying good morning, america, on this monday morning, november 23rd. >> and i wish you could smell the smells getting ready to come out into our studio because emeril is here and you know it's thanksgiving. >> yep. >> he's getting ready. his three cheese macaroni and cheese, pumpkin soup and fabulous brussels sproud cheddar cheese bake. >> macaroni and cheeses now. you have to have multiple cheese. and anika noni rose. loved her in "dreamgirls" and now there's "the princess and the frog" and talked about what is a groundbreaking role. we'll hear about that. >> why are we out here surrounded by these wonderful people. it is thanksgiving week. what a perfect time to once again launch our warm coats, warm hearts -- warm coats & warm hearts drive with our good friends at burlington coat
8:02 am
factory. a big surprise coming up. first we thought we'd look back and see how you've come through. you have come through the past two years. we know you'll do it again this year too. >> for the past two years we have collected winter coats from our "good morning america" viewers and friends who wanted to share the warmth. >> bin affleck, everybody. >> this is my coat. >> will smith is here. >> i'm going to donate it here. >> donations by the truckload and everyday heroes with enormous hearts. >> aw, thank you. you're very welcome. >> this year the need is even greater. >> we've had several agencies tell us they need 100% more coats than they needed the year before. >> reporter: so we're looking again to you to help us reach that even bigger goal. so take a cue from the jonas brothers who last year showed us how it's done. >> coats off your back but $10,000. >> yes, sir.
8:03 am
>> so excited to continue with the good friends from burlington coat factory and phenomenal organization, one warm coat. what's up with the band? >> high school golden eagles marching band is here to help us kick off because right on the other side of town is a truckload, robin. take a look inside. >> let's do it. >> your name is? >> nancy. >> oh. >> it's a dozen coats and then some. our first year we got 175,000 coats. second year, 177,000 coats plus. this year we're counting on you guys to deliver even more. there are more folks that need them this year and we're going to roll on for awhile. it just keeps coming. >> again, our good friends at burlington coat factory helping us get the drive started. we want you to help, as well. and we'll have more information for you at >> we'll also talk a little bit
8:04 am
more about it in the next half hour and show you how you can connect to our web page, and click on our warm coats, warm hearts drive. >> it worked out last year and they're collecting them this area and will deliver them in their area of bridgesen port. >> news now. >> coat drive, a big deal. also robin's birthday today. you should know that. for her birthday here's her gift, saints 10-0 after whooping up on tampa bay. big news, the battle lines are shifting in the fight to reform health care. the white house and senate democrats are claiming victory for this weekend's 60-39 vote allowing the bill to move to full debate but now the hard part begins. several moderate democrats say they will not vote for a bill that includes a public option. while several others say they won't unless it does so senate leaders may have to reach out to moderate republicans to succeed. we have some encouraging news about the job market. it looks like companies will finally begin adding jobs to
8:05 am
their payrolls by spring. that's according to a new survey of economists but most experts believe it will take until 2012 for the job market to fully recover from this recession. well, fewer people are driving to work and that means demand for gas is down so price are expected to come down, as well, averaging 2.64 heading into thanksgiving, still 70 cents higher than last year at this time. we have word that the government is about to announce one of the largest crib recalls in history. our consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy is telling us the recall will involve cribs with drop-down sides which we've reported on in the past because of their strangulation risk and the danger, god forbid, of babies' heads being trapped. the specific models haven't been announced yet. when that information comes we'll put it all for you online, your preschooler may be watching a lot more tv than you realize. why? a new study find kids in home-based day care spend as
8:06 am
many as two hours a day in front of television. it linked too much tv during preschool years to language delay, obesity and attention problems. finally this is a good one, a proud new dad literally walking on air. shuttle astronaut randy bresnik is celebrating the birth of his baby girl abigail as he takes another space walk. plenty of cigars to go around as mission control broke the news after waking up the crew to the song "butterfly kisses." abigail won't get to meet dad until friday until shuttle "atlantis" returns to earth. our thoughts go out to the whole family. he should enjoy his sleep while he can. time for the weather. sam champion. sam? >> hey, good morning, chris. so, chris, i'm standing here in the band -- very good. a little -- so i walk up and i'm like, so am i standing in the brass section. what did you say. >> woodwind section. >> that's how bad i am. woodwinds clearly woodwinds. to the boards.
8:07 am
one or two things going on we want to talk about as you walk out the door. shots from our friends -- you know, no, you can go as long as you want. i don't want you to feel you have to play the whole time. you just do what moves you. friends at ktrk dealing with patchy fog, from texas into oklahoma and southeast. it's patchy fog so may impact some of your travel at the airports, dallas and also oklahoma city, a little concerned about charlotte and atlanta getting clogged up from this but most of all it's going to burn off by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning and scattered showers into the northwest. that rain outside the great lakes as the storm system
8:08 am
♪ >> i just -- i'm having the best time staying here, diane. i feel like we're in high school, diane. >> woodwinds, sam. and now to one mother and her controversial treatment for her son's autism. she says medical marijuana baked into brownies, not only changed some profound behaviors of her child but also saved his life. she's speaking out for the first time in network television here with us on "gma" and we will hear from her in a moment. but first more on her story. >> let's go. let's go. >> reporter: today 10-year-old joey perez is thriving but his mother mikko believes it wasn't conventional medicine that cured him of some of the severe symptoms of autism. instead she credits thee
8:09 am
brownies baked with a controversial ingredient, medicinal marijuana. >> any kid would love brownies. >> reporter: she believes the drug prescribed by a doctor saved his life. before the treatment she described him as hostile and dangerous and his weight dropped to 46 pounds. >> you could see the bones in his chest. my son was going to die. >> reporter: within weeks she says he relaxed, made sounds for the first time and gained 38 pounds. he went if taking 13 different kinds of medicine a day to just three. joey's psychiatrist warns marijuana is not a cure for autism but says its effect on joey's brain triggered hunger and altered his personality for the better. >> he was clearly starving. had very poor eye contact. after he began the medical marijuana he was very bright eyed and smiling and laughing. he was just a totally different boy. >> reporter: mikko isn't the first parent to use cannabis to help their autistic child. a mother in rhode island blolgs about giving it to her
8:10 am
9-year-old in cookies and tea and parents of sam, 10-year-old california boy claimed the medical marijuana they put in his melon has worked wonders but many say treating it that way is dangerous. >> he is intoxicated. he's stoned. it means that he's under the influence of a drug and may have an addiction. it can cause psychosis, may lead to schizophrenia. no evidence at all at this time and no reason to prescribe any kind of mar walk that for a child with autism. >> reporter: still mikko believes without it joey may not be alive today. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news. >> and joey's mother, mikko perez is here along with ted courtroomwell, an attorney and longtime friend of the family. thank you for being here. i watched your face and heard your reaction when that doctor said stoned. he's stoned. you said not at all. what do you mean? >> not at all. my son for whatever reason and i know that we need to do further
8:11 am
research, it has -- the marijuana has balanced my son. >> all right. let's begin at the beginning and i want to establish first of all for people who never heard of this and first reaction is shock how did you hear about it? >> i -- at first i did some research and i found a daughter that actually had a protocol and -- for medical marijuana for children diagnosed with autism. >> people have asked what is your position on marijuana. do you use marijuana. >> no, i don't. this is completely out of my character. >> never used it? >> never. >> what were the behaviors that drove you to seek out this dramatic, if not controversial -- >> my son had self-injurious behaviors. he was extremely aggressive.
8:12 am
he would run out of our home. >> it's called eloping -- he would dart away. >> he was a danger to himself and other. >> how soon after you gave him this did it change? >> within hours, within hours, he had requested food that we had never seen him eat before. his demeanor had changed. he was calm. >> a want to repeat again he at one time i know was on 13 medications then he had come down to six and now how many does he need? >> he's on three technically 2 1/2. we're using one as needed and doctor headrick is working with me to remove one more. >> the american academy of pediatrics said this is not scientifically value dated and could be dangerous for children. are some of these providers and these are medical providers in california, but are some of
8:13 am
these providers just taking advantage of truly heartbreaking situations. >> the key comment in that statement is that it hasn't been tested and that's why we're here on "good morning america." we want to bring awareness to the situation. miko started a foundation. we want to open lines of communication so it can be tested properly. the quote from the original doctor said there's no evidence. this is the time to do the testing, do the research to get the evidence to prove it. >> and how much are you giving each week? i read that you don't have to give it every week. in fact, it can carry over week to week. >> the medications that he was previously on we were giving him three times a day. okay? right now we may give him a brownie once every couple of days, every two to three days. we're not overloading his system with the medical marijuana and the brownies are no bigger than
8:14 am
a quarter. i mean -- >> small. >> very small quarter-size, yes, yes. and he's healthy. >> i know he can't speak. he still can't communicate with you. but to anyone out there again who says, marijuana, we know what marijuana does, it's recreational -- it is about being stoned, as we said at the beginning. what do you say back to them when you look in his eyes? >> i saved my son's life. and marijuana saved my son's life. when a mother hears that their son is knocking on death doors, you will do anything to save your child's life. and the research that we need for this medical marijuana needs to be done and it needs to be done now. >> well, again, miko, thank you so much for coming in and we know that these are -- these are dilemmas right at the center of
8:15 am
your heart and we thank you so much for being here and let us know what you think coming up next we'll be back. >> thank you. ( sfx: lever and stairs flattening noise, and sliding sound ) pop-tarts®, plase!, ♪ ( sfx: toaster pop ) when you give your kids... kellogg's frosted strawberry pop-tarts®... baked with real fruit, .they'll rise. # and you'll shine. ( sfx: mom giggles ) pop-tarts®. made for fun™. i want a product with he best decongestant. my choice is clear: #claritin-d., (announcer) nothing works stronger, faster, or longer to relieve your worst ! allergy symptoms, including congestion, without drowsiness.
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8:19 am
crown another champion. will it be donny, kelly or mya. while danceoff and the big finale tonight and tomorrow night and have your all-access behind-the-scenes sneak preview courtesy of our taryn winter brill. >> reporter: the kicks, the turns, the lifts. for ten weeks the celebrities of "dancing with the stars" have been giving it their all and now in the final week, three finalists all showstoppers and, of course, endless hours of rehearsal. how many hours are we talking? i mean you have a week to prepare? >> well, yesterday we rehearsed from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00. took a three-hour break then came back from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. >> reporter: your shirt is soaking sweat. >> it is. >> reporter: it's taking a serious toll. >> i notice you're rehearsing in uggs. how are your feet doing? >> i did my first in heels. but it hurt so bad. it's ice constantly.
8:20 am
>> reporter: with four dances left, the big emphasis is on the final freestyle. historically the make or break event of the competition. >> we're using the entire stage. >> yeah, we really are. >> it's noting about energy. wall-to-wall energy. >> we're doing three lifts in our dance and it's scary. >> it's high energy. it's fun. a lot of smiles. >> that narrows it down. >> reporter: so what might they wear for the grand finale? i tried but they gave me no hints. >> we have wardrobe consultations the week prior to our dance and we have the utmost say in what we're going to wear. >> reporter: we're in the costume department. on a show like "dancing with the stars" i call that mission control. they've got 12 seamstresses working around the clock. that's 12 to 18 hours a day. if you're curious how many costumes they've produced this season, 350. more than any other season. and, of course, during this toughest of competitions one of the biggest success stories has
8:21 am
been kelly who says she's truly found herself through dance. i want you to describe kelly osbourne in three words before this competition started. >> miserable, lonely and depressed. >> reporter: now three words after this competition. >> i'm on top of the world. there's nothing that can stop me now. >> reporter: you talked about this emotional transformation. everybody is talking about your physical transformation. >> i was pushing a size 10 when i started and now i'm a 2. i feel unbelievable. i feel so healthy. i feel so energetic and i feel really happy. >> reporter: as for donny, a little bit of sibling rivalry with his sister marie a former dancing contestant helps him keep his eye on the prize. >> i'm the happiest because i tied her. i want to be happier, though. >> i don't blame him. robin, such a blast hanging out with the three finalists. let me tell you that costume department, it blew me away. this season alone they've gone through 150 pairs of shoe, 3,000 yards of fabric and get this, 250,000 rhinestones, 50,000 rhinestones, what more could you
8:22 am
ask for. >> wait. there's more. thanks, taryn. see it on "dancing with the stars" tonight, tomorrow night and then all three finalists will be us wednesday here on "gma." wow! ♪ (announcer) thoughout the years, .she thought... ...there was no solution for her dry, itchy skin. then one day...there was. with natural oils .that soothe... ...and relieve itchy skin. eucerin calming body wash. brings calming one step sooner.
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vo: ...could have saved $110 in just two months by hopping at walmart. vo: imagine the special gifts you can buy your family with the savings. save money. live better. walmart. for joint pain. for joint pain. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. sure, decaf or regular? - regular. - cake or pie? - pie. - apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream... please.
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when other toppings are made with hydrogenated oil, the real dairy cream in reddi-wip's sure an easy choice. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. fork or... spoon? good month morning. 8:25. cloudy skies. stevenson university, 49 degrees, feels like 46 with the east/northeasterly wind and that had will dominate -- will dominate today. 50 easton. 45 baltimore. 45 new york. as the rain trying to approach from the south and west. we're still a couple of hours away from it really dominating but we'll get sprinkles and showers that develop over the next couple of hours. that will take our temperatures back down this afternoon. briefly near 50. back into the 40s with that developing rain this afternoon. nothing too heavy but it will be wet through the evening commute and through tonight at 44.
8:26 am
a morning shower tomorrow. we should clear out late in the day and get back to near 56 in the afternoon. for a check of the roads here's kim brown. >> we have heavy traffic around the outer loop but fortunately things are moving along pretty decently as you see at harford road, no more stop-and-go. those earlier delays pretty much cleared out for the most part though we still have heavy traffic on the west side between 795 and route 70 interchange. again no incidents working on 695. we have a crash reported in pikesville, greenspring avenue at hillside drive. use caution there. also in bel air still see the left lane taken away due to a disabled vehicle on route 1 and 24. and downtown at pratt and sharp street. heavy volume downtown but these are pretty typical delays. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
7:27. 8:27, rather. we want to tell you about the local headlines. they have deliberated for other two hours -- for over two days and jurors today will decide the fate of mayor sheila dixon. the jury has been deliberating since last thursday but had the weekend off. court starts in about 30 minutes. we're there waiting for the verdict. a maryland soldier was among the fort hood victims and this morning she will be laid to rest lieutenant colonel juanita warman of havre de grace was a military physician assistant helping service members cope
8:28 am
with the mental strain of deployment. she was at fort hood to get ready for her own deployment to iraq. she worked at the perry point medical affairs center in maryland. she will be buried at arlington national cemetery this afternoon. says michael phelps owes the state of california $23,000 in back taxes. the state filed a tax lien claiming that michael phelps owes taxes from 2005 and 2006. he has many endorsement deals estimated to be worth $50 million. the ravens touched every blade of grass on the field yesterday except the goal line and end zone. they forced peyton manning into making mistakes but indy tightened every time the ravens had a third down no touchdowns. in the fourth quarter with a chance to beat indy for the first time in seven chances joe flacco threw a pick. game over. indianapolis wins 17-15. >> it's disappointing and a tough loss.
8:29 am
i thought our guys competed and fought and they did everything they could to try to whip the game. we could have all done better, me included given the situation of the game. we rebounded up to the first drive. the obvious difference was the red zone. >> the ravens are now 5-5 and play pittsburgh coming up this weekend. it's pretty clear what needs to be done. got to win them all now. see you in a half-hour for "good morning maryland." at 9:00. with some areas in your home, you can never be sure what you're walking into, until now! nice! with new air wick compact imotion, you get concentrated freshness continuously and it has a motion sensor
8:30 am
so it lets out extra freshness when you need it most. with even the tough places covered, your entire home smells great. air wick freshmatic compact with imotion. air wick, it's good to be home. ♪ ♪ raining more than ever as long as we have each other you can stand under my umbrella ♪ ♪ you can stand under my umbrella ♪ >> the one and only rihanna. the trumbull high school band in the background too, of course, rihanna, number one hit that made her a sensation and tomorrow the phenomenon continues with rihanna performing her new music live only on "gma." it's going to be right out there in times square, so be sure and join us tomorrow morning. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts here with diane, chris and sam. >> and from one superstar to another we'll go behind-the-scenes this morning with beyonce, it's a rare
8:31 am
glimpse at her life on stage and off. >> wow. >> another international sex symbol is here. emeril lagasse getting us ready for thanksgiving. special mac and cheese, pumpkin soup. he's hot. >> and the voice behind the groundbreaking new movie "the princess and the frog," this is so exciting. anika noni rose is going to join us live to talk about that and she's going to sing for us, as well. >> that's a treat. all the music you've been hearing in the background. we can hear it. they are blowing us out at that trumbull high school golden eagles high school marching band. playing out there today because this is our big kickoff for the warm hearts warm coats drive, burlington helping us with that. the band out there this morning collected 3,500 coats last year. we went into trumbull. they'll beat their donation so do us a favor. blow us out of the water. give us more coats than we can handle, just keep giving us
8:32 am
coats and if you want to know how to donate coats for us, get on "gma" right here. these coats will stay in your local community and even if you know folks who need warm coats, go to, click on our little warm coats, warm hearts drive, look at this. all these coats coming in and we'll tell you exactly how to do it. >> wonderful. >> look at them keep coming. keep coming. >> how are you? >> if you do it for no other reason how about as a birthday present to robin roberts. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's robin's birthday. ♪ >> make a wish. ♪ >> all right. >> i know. i have to agree with what diane is saying, the perfect birthday gift if you have a gently used coat and can you make a donation, we have burlington
8:33 am
coat factories all across the country, please do that. that would be a wonderful gift. that's all i want for my birthday and a front tooth too but thank you all very much. we'll cut -- this doesn't mix with emeril's cooking. is it okay, emeril? is it all right? >> it all blends together. >> birthday cake goes with everything and it has no calories. >> your call for bringing in a coat as a gift, we already have our first person who will step up and do it. "ninja assassin." here's one of the stars. >> come on in. >> just a little bit of the coats we got. come here. happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> this is a great thing you're doing. nice to see you. >> oh, my hand. ninja assassin. movie comes out. what is it about. >> just think "movie "300," ninjas. >> "300," ninjas. joel silver, the -- he's done
8:34 am
"lethal weapon" "die-hard." predator. t the 8711 stunt crew who did the stunts. >> this is all big. you're a little good-looking to be a ninja. do they have a stunt double for you or you're doing this stuff. >> i had aaenpproval from the na league and i never heard from them. you're only as good as the people you're surrounded by. we had an amazing crew and team working with us. pretty fantastic, so it's one of these movies where there are characters that you care about and then -- >> and then they kill you. >> wednesday it comes out all across the country. >> there's a love story for the ladies. >> aw! >> aw. >> rick, "ninja assassin" comes
8:35 am
out wednesday. >> this man is in very good shape. he just hides it. he's a rock. >> i don't think it's even listed in the phone book. >> still waiting for their phone call. >> we got one or two things going on. by the way, on robin's birthday, we have to have some nice weather. let's get to the boards. here's what it looks like outside your door, a little preview coming over for thanksgiving by the way. just to give you kind of what we think will happen by the time we get toward the end of the week. mostly from the great lakes all the way into northern new england and into the northeast, i think, we'll see showers. it looks like most every place else will settle down. look at the nice mild temperatures throughout the deep south. for this morning, fog in some areas likely to travel or impact travel an the country. traveling make sure you check in with your airport and make sure carriers are moving everything on time. wait a minute. what's your name? >> ridge. >> what does this mean, you can
8:36 am
do weather bette >> all >> all that brought to you by reddi-wip. >> who are we going back to. >> diane. >> done with confidence. i like that, ridge. way to go. now we'll turn to beyonce. billboard magazine's woman of the year even though she's on tour, an international tour she put together a special thanksgiving concert for her fans in under a week. it's different than the sold out stadium she's been performing to across the globe. it's a personal look at how a talented young girl became a musical powerhouse. ♪
8:37 am
>> i first heard about the possibility of doing a show in vegas while i was on tour in america when i was asked to do a completely different show, in the beginning i was like absolutely no way i can pull together a whole new, brand-new show in three days. i snuck in a couple of days during the tour during our sound checks just to get an idea if it would even be a possibly for us to execute this show. >> the content and the flow, i don't know what that version was. one more time. ♪ >> all of the shows start with the music. it's the most important thing. the arrangements, the set list, that's the first step of the show. >> well, this is what i have so far. my whole objective here is for people to see what they don't get to see. which is give me my band, give me a stage, some cool smoking lights and, you know, you see the sweat. you see the pain, you see the
8:38 am
love. you see the soul and it's about that. ♪ to the left to the left and everything you own in a box to the left ♪ >> a couple of years ago, and this idea to have a female band. we had auditions in new york and chicago and houston and l.a. and people flew from all over the world. ♪ >> i wanted young people to feel like it's somebody on the stage they can identify with. they're all different, different shapes, different sizes, different races. they play better than the guys. it just makes me really, really proud. i always will believe in the strength we have as women. there are certain things that you just should not put up with and you have the choice to set the standard.
8:39 am
♪ so go ahead and get gone ♪ holler up and see if she's home whoops i bet you thought i didn't know what did you think ♪ ♪ i was putting you off of ♪ because you're untrue woman in the car i bought you people drop them keys hurry up before you texting me ♪ ♪ bending in the front yard telling me how i'm just a fool ♪ ♪ talking about how i'll never ever find a man like you got me to stay ♪ ♪ you must know by me i could have another you in a minute ♪ ♪ as a matter of fact of a fact he'll be here in a minute baby ♪ ♪ you best know by me i could have another you by tomorrow don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable ♪
8:40 am
>> there it is. the thanksgiving concert behind the scenes with beyonce, be sure to watch it. in it is on thanksgiving night at 9:00, 8:00 central. (announcer) this holiday there's only one gift that will light up your house. verizon fios. i know, i couldn't sleep either! (announcer) this holiday, give yourself amazing hd and get $150 back along with a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. just call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v now for verizon fios tv, internet and phone for... for dad, there's tons of hd sports available and more. mom can use the home media manager to play family photos and videos on the big screen. the kids can connect with facebook and twitter right on tv using fios widgets. and it all comes with $150 back when you call right now. but fios fits your budget all year long - the average customer saves over $100 a year versus their
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8:43 am
all all right. you can read -- there's a handsome man, emeril himself. you'll help us with the sides we need for thanksgiving, but first you're a big celebrity but also a movie star. a voice in "the princess and the frog." >> yes, indeed. >> a greater. >> a greater. great, great movie. >> wow, we got a little bit here. >> the big one! >> oh, that's good. doesn't look anything like you, though. >> no, it's a great movie. a great opportunity. just shows how popular you are. god bless, my friend. back to food. what do we got here? >> you know, it's thanksgiving week, so these are brussels sprouts. this is how they grow and the stalks get big. we'll do a little casserole. here's what we do. pumpkin soup. then we'll do a three-cheese baked macaroni. >> three cheese baked macaroni. >> for the princess.
8:44 am
>> and brussels sprout cheddar cheese bake. shall we? render down half a pound of bacon. in a separate pan once that comes out with the drippings we're going to then caramelize some onion and a little bit of garlic, you keep it separate. >> okay. >> so bacon, separate, take it out. okay. into the side then the onions. >> got you. >> now, here's what you got to do. the recipe seems a little confusing because we do this twice. we take the brussels sprouts and actually shave them down, chris. what we'll do is we just add them in there. with a little butter. and then after a few minutes, when they cook, then what we'll do is -- >> when he say shave them down, turn them sideways. >> shave them. >> you'll see the bottom of the sprout, cha, cha, cha, like a ninja. >> exactly. all right, so now once the sprouts cook, about four or five minutes here's what we'll do. i have some of that cooked there. we'll add the caramelized onions
8:45 am
then we'll add the crispy bacon to that. >> rendered. >> oh, yeah. >> they like it. >> so then once you have all those together. >> all right. >> then what we're going to do. >> that's nice. >> good for you too. brussels sprouts. >> what we'll do is mix those and add a little bit of salt. >> all right. >> and some pepper. >> all right. >> and a little bit of stock just to moisten it up a little bit now this goes in a buttered casserole. >> all right. >> so you just lightly cook the brussels sprouts then what we'll do now is top these with cheddar cheese. >> it's a nice touch. >> time and temperature. >> so you can do this ahead of time. 350 degrees. it's going to just until the cheese melts. maybe about 20, 25 minutes and it's going to be perfectly done just like this. >> we have a minute left. high point. >> tease are the three mac cheddar cheese right there.
8:46 am
and if you want you put a little crispy bacon or -- all kind of seasonal things, then, of course, right here. >> a good-looking soup. what's the trick? >> this is the pumpkin soup and to that, as well, are pumpkin seeds that i have -- all right. did you taste yours. >> it is delicious. and nutritious. >> oh, it's really good. get the recipes on wednesday, i'll have more thanksgiving tips and more thanksgiving recipes and then, of course, friday leftovers. >> beautiful. you are one of the things we are thankful, mr. lagasse, thank you very much. >> thank you, chris. >> happy thanksgiving. >> got to have the mac and cheese. mac and cheese. yeah. >> sounds good. you know how to get the recipes. go right on to the website, slash recipes. we'll take a quick break. thank you very much, mr. (announcer) now you can save $14.99 a month for a year with the verizon quad play. call now and you'll get verizon wireless,
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america's most reliable wireless network - plus mind- blowing verizon fios tv - plus lightning- fast fios internet - plus unlimited nationwide calling - all together for an insanely low $134.99 monthly access with one year agreements. it's a bundle you can't get with cable. call now and we'll add a special bonus: $150 back. it adds up to the deal of the year. there's only one thing that doesn't add up: staying with cable. we've put them all together so you can save more than ever - verizon wireless, plus fios tv, plus fios internet, plus home phone - save $14.99 a month. call now and we'll add $150 back. pick the phone and save. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v
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8:49 am
now you remember our next guest from the hit film "dreamgirls." now tony winner anika noni rose is back as the voice as the main character in disney's big holiday film "the princess and the frog" which features the first african-american disney princess ever. it is wonderful to have you here with us this morning. >> thank you. >> what was it like for you to play that role? >> you know, i was so ecstatic when i found out i got the role and i feel like every day judging by the reactions of the children that i get to see, i just get more and more filled with love for this character in this movie. i adore her. >> uh-huh. and you -- it's easy to see. we'll see a little bit. they really do. here it is. "the princess and the frog." >> yes, yes, yes! and this is exactly the answer. you must kiss me. >> excuse me? >> you will enjoy. i guarantee. all women enjoy the kiss of
8:50 am
prince navin. come, we pucker. that's new. >> there's a little twist. you turn into the frog. >> i turn into the frog. i do. i think it's a warning to not kiss a frog but -- but, you know, it's very interesting because i go through this journey as this frog and it's really sort of a speak on love because they fall in love with each other in their little green mucusy bodies and not about the beauty or station in life. it's about them getting to know each other and her getting to know herself as she goes on the journey. >> the beauty is hearing you sing, my friend. we have a treat for you and i do mean it. we are going to hear you from. from the film. "almost there" anika noni rose. ♪ ain't got time for dancing.
8:51 am
that's just going to have to wait a while ♪ ♪ ain't got time for messing around and it's not my style ♪ ♪ this old town can slow you down people taking the easy way ♪ but i know exactly where i'm going i'm getting closer closer every day ♪ ♪ and i'm almost there i'm almost there people down here think i'm crazy but i don't care ♪ ♪ trials and tribulations i've had my share ♪ ♪ but there ain't nothing going to stop me now because i'm almost there ♪ ♪ i remember daddy told me fairy tales can come true ♪
8:52 am
♪ but you got to make it happen it all depends on you ♪ ♪ so i work real hard each and every day that things for sure are going my way ♪ ♪ just doing what i do look out, boys, i'm coming through ♪ ♪ and i'm almost there i'm almost there ♪ ♪ people going to come here from everywhere because i'm almost there ♪ ♪ i'm almost there ♪ there's been trials and tribulation tribulations i know i've had my share but i've climbed a mountain i've crossed a river and i'm almost there ♪
8:53 am
♪ i'm almost there i'm almost there ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
bye-bye. ♪ bye-bye. ♪
8:57 am
good morning. 8:56. not so much a strong wind but a cool breeze we're dealing with. averaging 5 to 10 miles per hour. eased up a little at the present time. bel air elementary school 45 degrees. a hint of a wind chill and yes, we'll have a little more chill this afternoon. 46 joppa, 47 sparrows point. lisbon 44. i mention them because just off to the southwest montgomery county, 270 getting wet. the first sign of rain from this particular system. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. and there's reinforcements coming from virginia so we expect things to get wet over the next couple of hours, just beginning to move into the area. a brief hint of 50. sliding back in the 40s this afternoon and stay in the 40s with more light-to-moderate rain at times overnight. let's check the roads with kim. >> it's cleared out for 9 most part, but several incidents on the inner loop 695.
8:58 am
long days between liberty road and the charles street exit because of an earlier disabled vehicle. that has been cleared but now we have a new disabled vehicle on the inner loop at 83. causing pretty significant delays in that area. in pikesville, a crash still on scene at greenspring avenue, hillside lane. and also in essex, crash on the scene at 702 and old eastern avenue. final look at the city cameras, this is the jfx at northern parkway, traffic looks pretty good as you make your way southbound and northbound. we'll be right back with "good morning maryland" at 9:00.
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