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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 10, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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unsuspecting thieves. the hartford county sheriff's office is using bait in belair. >> reporter: the sound of bells signal a time of giving but shoppers are aware it is a prime time for would-be criminals. cars filled with shopping bags are prime targets but these sheriff's didn'ts come up with a trap used by law enforcement elsewhere around the country. bait car to attract criminals. unlike most cars you'll find in any given parking lot, window nated by all state insurance will be filled with items that would appear on any thief's wish list. >> gps units with it being the holiday times. full of presents and things of that nature and make it appealing for other thieves. >> reporter: the criminal won't know but tucked inside the car
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is the latest in surveillance devises including a jack to make for a short and unsuccessful get away. the sheriff's also plans to issue stark reminders to shopper who fail to protect themselves and their property. if deputies come upon a car that's been left running with no one inside it or with valuables openly visible on the front seat. they are going to leave something you might think 15 ticket underneath the window wipers. it is simply going to say attention, don't be a victim. the sheriff's office is matching suit in an effort to combat crime before it happens. in hartford county jeff hager. >> sheriff's detectives say they'll move the bait cars lot to lot and various areas of the county. tonight baltimore county mission are searching for this man here. he's wanted for a robbery and
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carjacking that happened back on december 3rd. police say they found the victim handcuffed and bleeding several blocks away from his home. the victim says he was beaten, robbed and had his car stolen. í he was handcuffed inside his home and was able to escape through a window. if you have any information call crimestoppers. he is usually in the east baltimore area. each week our staff keeps track of the most wanted suspects in the state and we wrap it all together with a crime checker. here's brian keebler with a list of crooks police want to see off the streets this week. >> reporter: we are working to keep your streets safe. each week we'll highlight criminals and hope to bring them to justice. last tuesday night there was a
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highs located in the 4100 block month montgomery road. annapolis police department are look for two men who robbed a wendy's restaurant last friday. they stormed in the restaurant with a gun, demanded money and ran off. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. you can see more reports by heading over to checker. across the area throughout the day today lots of chilly temperatures. right now from the storm center weather net look at the temperatures. right now we have got clarksville 30 degrees. 38 summer ridge. forecast for the next couple hours. partly cloudy. windy. temperatures right around 30 in the city. it will be colder by tomorrow morning. with the wind it will feel colder than that. we'll have a complete forecast coming up in a couple of
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minutes. now for a look at tonight's top stories. he refused to answer questions about the disappearance of his girlfriend. police say frederick christian is the last one who had contact with foster. a woman who went missing two weeks ago. tonight her family learned some shocking things about christian's criminal past, including the fact that he faced murder charges in 1997 and has three serious drug convictions. another watermain break in dundalk. thankfully this one was not as massive as the one in september when streets and homes were flooded. it is in the same area. department works crews say there were two watermain breaks in the 3400 block of dundalk avenue. no word yet on when the repairs will be finished. the introduction of smart cars to pay experience has transit has been delays again. nca talked about introducing the technology since 2001 but
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the implementation has been pushed back. now it could be next fall. mta spokesperson says they need to conduct a work ethic. it will allow drivers to use one card on light rail and the metro subway. if you live in baltimore county there will be changes in how you recycle. baltimore county will begin single stream recycling collection on february 1st. >> this means residence no longer have to separate paper from bottles and cans. they can be put together and sent out in the same container for once a week pickup. >> it is important that people place things that can be recycled in containers and not in any kind of plastic bags. did you ever think about the dangers of your holiday decorations of all things? from the holly to the twinkling lights. we have tips on how to keep you and your family save this wyoming -- winter.
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the dow was up more than 6 today. nasdaq also up along the standard & poor's. from a christmas tree to your window and doors, holiday
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lights make a festive addition inside and outside of the home this time of year. they can also pose serious dangers out there. samantha hayes is working for you this holiday with holiday decorating tips. >> reporter: holiday lights make the season bright. but they also pose fire risks, especially on a live tree. electrical safety foundation recognized these tips for decorating safety. before you hang lights anywhere do a quick inspection for frayed wires and broken bulbs. >> if it doesn't work you shouldn't use it. there is a reason why it doesn't work. >> reporter: if you need to replace items buy from a retailer you trust to avoid potentially dangerous counterfeits. >> they skipped on the wires but they also used flammable rubber coating. >> reporter: don't overload electrical outle . >> a lot of times you'll see a christmas plugged into an
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outlet with five or six different things plugged into it. >> reporter: unplug lights before you go to bed or when you leave the house treat it like a stove. >> reporter: keep children and pets away from indoor decorations. keep in mind outdoor lights are intended for temporary use and should be taken down when the season is over. two people who love each other united in marriage. in some states those couple could be gay but it may not be legal in other states. tonight, where the battle on marriage stands in one state. a family pet like no other. this amazing task of this house trained deer. (announcer) this holiday there's only one gift
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the law to legalize same- sex marriage happened new york. they are having trouble pushing a similar measure next door in new jersey before a new government takes over next
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month. >> reporter: new jersey lawmakers may postpone their answer on same-sex marriage. >> the majority of americans understand that as a matter of common sense that marriage is the union of plan and a man and a woman. when they have the opportunity to express that at the ballot box that's what they do. >> reporter: nowhere is that more visible than in california. voters decided marriage to be valid only between a man and a woman. making it one of 29 states with similar constitutional amendments. 11 additional states enacted laws against same-sex marriage. >> today we are finally full and equal citizen. >> reporter: supporters found more success pushing measures through state courts and legislators. since then four more states
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allowed same-sex marriage. as maine showed earlier this year these laws are vulnerable to voters, what may prove more powerful in time. >> younger voters are supportive of marriage of quality. >> reporter: the results from an action news "washington post" poll from april of this year backed such a claim. 49% of participants said they supported allowing same-sex marriage. a 13-point increase when the same question was asked three years ago. a national battle is brewing. a lawsuit was filed recently challenging the federal defense marriage act. most supporters and opponents agree the supreme courts decision could redefine the fight entirely. john gosselin ended up being a no-show in a rockville courtroom today. he was due to duke it out with tlc over the show. they went on without him. they wanted the judge to stop
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him from making media appearances that violates his contract as the star of the reality show. he filed a counter suit saying they violated pennsylvania's child labor laws. him and his wife kate are getting a divorce. the winds of change are blowing through the time square studios of "good morning america." many of you know that diane sawyer look take over world news tonight a as charley gibson reduce next week. she'll be replaced by a very friendly face. >> reporter: the speculation is over. after a career in politics . >> the strategy is working. >> reporter: george stephanopoulos is joining the breakfast club. starting bright and early monday morning the moderator of the sunday show "this week" will mover into "good morning
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america" anchor chair alongside robin roberts. >> what do you want the "good know about george? dience to >> they get enough to help them understand what's going on that day so we can start their day. >> if it wasn't for the audience, the audience has told us that it is a hard world out there right now. >> reporter: gma shuffle is a result of diane sawyer's departure after a decade on the today. she's giving up her alarm crack to replace charles gibson as anchor of world news. from early bird tonight all chris cuomo is flying the coop. >> as the dream job for a journalist. >> reporter: she shared a more
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personal look at george. >> he is one of the mathest guys smarter guys on the planet. you definitely want to get your news from him. >> i don't see it as a huge change. it is part of america change and we change with it. >> reporter: the one time white house aid will continue to anchor this week. no word on who yet might get tapped to take over the sunday show. when the community [ no audio ] you can always count on cops. about 500 children around the county are going to get a new coat for christmas, thanks to county police and a gift from charm city shops. officers identify children come to the center who needed a new winter coat. something they can call their very own. >> those members in need of
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coats get a coat to wear. not all of those kids come from a home where they get an opportunity to have a new coat. they may get a second-hand coat from an older sibling. we reach out to the community and the schools where the kids come from and identify the kids in need. >> the county will give out the new coats to children in need over the next few days. 'tis the season for giving. we hope you'll consider donating to our annual toy drive. buy a toy and drop them off unwrapped for children across the state of maryland that are they will be given out on the 22nd. you can drop them off at the following locations.
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we have wind. the wind chill advisory is only in effect for western maryland. why is that? well, the reason being is that their temperatures out there, the real temperatures will be down in the single digits coupled with the wind, the wind chill out there in garrett county and western portions of pennsylvania and west virginia, the wind chill will feel 15 below zero. it is chilly here. we'll have wind. it is not going to be dangerous. temperatures across the area. 35 degrees. 30 york. 16 oakland. when you figure in the wind it feels like 26 in baltimore. it feels like minus 2 in oakland. they have not even gotten into the cold overnight temperatures.
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wait and see what's coming. throughout the day we had a few clouds this morning. as the day went along we saw sunshine. we have flurry activity passing to the north. it is not going to bother the baltimore area. it will stay north. the clouds will dissipate after the sun goes down. that leaves clearer skies tonight. mother nature is ripping the blanket off the bed. tomorrow night into saturday morning we'll see temperatures down in the teens here in the baltimore area north and west of the beltway it will be colder than that. right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful radar. we are not expecting any precipitation to move into the region until sunday. it will be a wintry mix. that's just the way it goes around here. glen rock 29.
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33 suitland. churchville 30. rock hall 36. how cold does it feel? here are the wind chills. feels like 22 clarksburg. you'll notice temperatures are changing as we speak. the reason being, this is live data only available here on abc 12. feels like 23 churchville. 24 aberdeen with the wind out there trucking along. as far as our forecast for overnight. we'll see mostly clear skies tonight. as the evening goes along even clearer skies. there is a bright moon out there. during the day tomorrow quite a bit of sunshine. even with the sun our temperatures will barely rise into the mid 30-degree range. more showers are head our direction. when the colder temperatures are here as soon as the showers make their way up the eastern seaboard more winter like precipitation on tap. tonight mostly clear. colder in the suburbs. 23 bwi marshall. many places will see temperatures in the upper teens tomorrow morning. it will feel colder than that
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because of the wind chill. tomorrow 36 degrees. mostly sunny skies. still breezy. it will only feel like upper 20s to 30 degrees. extended outlook. there is it is on saturday nice day. 39 degrees. sunday daytime rain. 39 degrees overnight sleet and snow possible. same situation on monday. tuesday should warm up enough to be an all-rain situation. by the time we cool to 33 precip should be out of here. wednesday and thursday partly cloudy skies. we'll be back at 6:00 with more on the weather. now a look at abc 2 news at 6:00. the fire department says it was a confusing 9-1-1 call that caused a delay in response time to a deadly fire this week. the fire department is pitching in to help the needy. now a preview of what's
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ahead on world news. >> reporter: coming up, coverage of president obama's speech accepting noble peace prize. new survey shows many americans practice multiple religious. we'll look at the effort to save endangered oragutans. if you've taken your sleep aid
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look at this. you can see a ten-foot long alligator camped out in front of someone's home. the owners were away at the time time. a neighbor saw the gator and called wild life authorities. oh deer, billy is house strained and has his own
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bedroom. he likes to eat spaghetti and ice cream. a veterinarian nursed the deer back to health after she was brought into the clinic. >> when she first came here she would go to lady thinking lady was her mom. >> they say billy can flip on light switches with her teeth and turn on the faucet. national honor for a baltimore school. that's coming up at 6:00 which starts right now. we we combine tonight with breaking news in the theft trial of mayor sheila dixon. good evening. judge sweeney circled january 21st as the day the mayor will


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