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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  January 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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baltimore, and tonight the three men accused of stabbing 20-year-old first class darrius ray is behind bars. it happened during a fight early saturday morning in northeast baltimore. good evening everyone, i'm roosevelt leftwich. we'll have much more on the arrest ahead. but first we're going to tell you about another fire in our area. cheryl conner tells us more about the victim found inside at this deadly fire. >> reporter: the victim's family was too distraught to talk on camera but they tell me he was a local attorney. smoke and flames filled the second level of this single- family home in edgewater in bay view drive. a neighbor called 911 around 2:30 this afternoon. >> i was out back with my dog and heard a crash and i imagine that was the windows busting out and i saw people running and ran around front and there was the flames. >> reporter: the fire went to two alarms and a man's body was found inside.
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a nephew identified him as john sorel a local attorney. >> it took firefighters a long time to bring it under control. there were no other injuries. >> this part of edgewater doesn't have hydrants so trucks had to bring in water but it was too late. >> it's a friendly neighborhood an when something like that happens it's a shame. >> reporter: most of the damage is on the upper level of the home but fire investigators are still looking for a cause. in edge water, cheryl connor, abc 2 news. >> accelerant sniffing dogs were brought in as they look into the cause of this fire but that is standard procedure in a fatal fire. this deadly fire comes less than 5 days after another fire claimed four family members. we obtained a copy of the call made by a neighbor. >> there is a fire here, olive and broadway, there is an old lady in there? let me get somebody there.
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>> this fire is going fast man. >> okay, we're on the way. >> the four victims are phyllis rawser, 14-year-old niche a digs, 24-year-old erica morris and her daughter tyrese brown. there were some questions about whether or not the home had a working smoke detector inside, it turns out it did have a working smoke detector inside nonetheless baltimore city fire officials returned there to check smoke detectors in the neighborhood. they installed them in homes that don't have any. now to the death of that marine stationed at marine headquarters in washington, d.c. he was in baltimore fry night for a party. private first class was in a home inside maclean boulevard when according to police michael wiggins, vernon hadly and nickey woodward tried to crash the party. they were told to leave but they did and returned with weapons. a fight broke out and ultimately ray was stabbed to death. police say this could have all
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been prevented. >> you don't have to be a detective to know that there is somebody in that party that new that someone else was going back to get a knife and cause harm. it wouldn't have taken much to call the police so we could have prevented a catastrophe. this is a catastrophe, a person going to a party, forget he is a veteran, goes to a party and dies. that's not a message that we want to send. >> the police took all three men into custody early this morning. each is expected to be charged with first degree murder, stay with abc 2 news for any updates on this story. well weather getting pretty active on it there across martinez and some heavy rain moving in our direction. this is gonna be around for a while. through the early part of tomorrow, some really heavy rains, in fact there are concerns for some flooding from this and also a high wind advisory is up now so i'll say
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the most powerful radar, the heavy rain, we'll show you where it is. if we zoom in north of the city you can see heavy rain coming down between westminster and bel air. tricky to travel there on i-83, more heavy rain moving in from petersburg and franklin that will eventually push through the rest of virginia, on up through washington and into baltimore. so it is going to be a wet night out there. flood advisory -- flash flood watches are up for the baltimore area, also, high wind advisories up for the day tomorrow so it's gonna be kind of a mess. overnight pretty warm, depend watching out for flash flood concerns, we'll break down this storm and tell you how fast it gets out of here and what the rest of the week looks like. all of it is coming up. rosy? nothing like some zeppelin. annapolis is rocking and rolling for a good cause this evening. the irish pub held a special
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fundraiser for earthquake victims. half a dozen bands performed including catholic release services. >> we just felt that we had to do something to help haiti. when you see the pictures of the children and see the devastation you -- your hart heartbreaks and you have to do something. >> they are down there, and know what's goin' on, until you are there, you don't know what is going on. i know this money will go to a great cause and i know the people down there need it desperately. >> even a surprise appearance by governor martin o'malley. ♪[ music ] in the meantime friday's star studded telethon raised nearly $60 million. today the haitian government said at least 150,000 people are confirmed dead and that number is just in the capital city. they continue to hope their loved ones can be found alive but the reality is becoming
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apparent. it is making sure that those that did survive get all the help they need. brad willis has the latest from abc. >> reporter: in haiti one miracle is not enough. the greek rescue team pulled an 11-day survivor from the rubble yesterday was back at it sunday hoping more people might be alive. they found richard xantes under the ruins of his shop. he is doing fine, greatly improved from yesterday. he said he survived by diving under a desk when the hotel came falling down upon him. he found soft drinks ands potato chips and lived off them until he ran out three days ago. but he urged the rescuers to go back and find out like him who he believes might still be alive trapped in a survivable space like he was. friday they declared an end to the relief efforts. scattered miracles are welcome but they must turn their concerns to the hundreds left homeless by the quake. they stepped up the relief
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efforts distributing water and supplies to many homeless. it's a joint effort with many countries helping. their beach head landing was reminiscent of many of their finest moments. surely this would be one of them. arriving back in port ah paris rye cliff jean says that he can help. >> we need to identify a few tent cities that can become sustainable homes. >> reporter: meanwhile in this deeply religious country many flocked to mass to give thanks for what little they have left. . we invite you to stay with abc 2 news for all the recent developments in haiti. we're constantly updating our web page with new information and images and ways you can help. online at a new audio tape reportedly from osama bin laden has the terrorist leader claiming
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responsibility for the attempted bombing of a person jet headed to detroit on christmas day. the voices yet to be authenticated but it does refer to the bomber by name and calls him "a rehoic warrior." officials said there appears to be no link between that christmas day plot and al queda. that recording is just another issue for president obama who already has an awful lot on his plate. stunned by the loss of a long- held senate seat the obama administration must now go all out in order to prevent a possible disaster for their party in the mid-terp elections. that means bringing in the team that helped him win the white house more than a year ago. rachael martin has more. >> we have to deliver. >> reporter: mew marching orders from president obama's campaign manager. he has been brought back into the fold this time to stave off major losses for them in the mid-term election. >> it's a recognition that things need to go better in
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november than they did last tuesday. when people are unsettled and frustrated and dealing with economic angst you have to run a really good campaign. >> reporter: they are tightening operations following the republicans upset victory in massachusetts. >> this president is never gonna stop fight being to create jobs, raise income tax. >> reporter: but he needs the help of republicans to move forward, help that may not be forthcoming. >> we're not gonna have bipartisan ship as long as the democrats are moving towards just more spending and debt. >> reporter: so what will it be? a new focus on getting things done in washington or political gridlock? the first test will be the confirmation of federal reserve chairman ben bernanke for a second term at the end of the week. >> he will have bipartisan support in the senate and i think he will be confirmed. >> reporter: on wednesday the president will use the state of the union address to outline the course of action for the
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rest of the year. now one quick program note for you. diane sawyer will have an exclusive interview with president obama tomorrow night on world news. still ahead tonight, a warning from the fda. a knock off diet pill could pose some serious health risks. >> particularly helpful to protect the skin from premature aging as a result of skin damage. >> so how do you know which products really work? easy. we're gonna tell you. plus it may have been a little rainy but at least we're not dealing with this stuff. ahead, you may not believe which state is near a white out. >> and watching maryland's first powerful radar tracking heavy rains in the baltimore area. pushing up through pennsylvania, we're talking about the heavy rain we're expecting and when it finally degrees outcoming up. finally degrees outcoming up. watch this. [ ding ] boom. cool.
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men is best. they recommend adding one new item to your lineup, that way you will know what irritates your skin. snow is causing problems in arizona tonight's. yeah we said it. out in arizona. these children may be having a blast playing but about two hours north of phoenix snow is making travel treacherous. many travelers at the phoenix airport are simply stuck tonight. the governor there has already declared a state of emergency and it's not over yet. forecasters say more snow is on the way. >> boy, a lot of weather out there rosy. >> let it stay out there. we've got a lot of rain and we'll take that. a lot of rain coming in. really held off most of the sunday, the heavy stuff. pushing in right now, going to continue to be the case into the first half of tomorrow. flood watch is up because we have concerns with low lying areas and typically flood out, that's possible with an inch or more of rain. watch out for that. a lot of wind coming in tomorrow too. let's get you right into it. let's show you some of those
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wind advisories going on right now as we speak. you seether really across the state. we have multiple flash flood watches, high wind advisories is up. it is going to be kind of a messy day out there to say the least into the early part of tomorrow. the wind could be so heavy around the morning rush hour you may want to leave yourself some extra time. no chance for win 2003 weather. temperatures too warm. if we look at radar, our exclusive live radar here at 2:00, plus radar service sites you see that heavy s.w.a.t. of precipitation, and i do want to take you around and tell you where some of the heaviest rain is now. north of towson, hunt valley, northward. a lot of heavy rain coming down there. then as we take you back down into our live motion radar, heavy rain pushing into bel air at the moment. doused with heavy rain and then down south of the city this heavy rain towards receive region, that's going to be pushing north as well. so a lot of rain here and more off to the west, it's going to keep soaking us through the
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night and into the day tomorrow. so watch out for that. right now out at the airport 54 degrees, thaw chance for wintery weather but you see the winds coming up, us that the high wind advisory from the national weather service, take a look earlier today. you see that cloudy sky. a few showers at times, watch what happens as we go past sunset here, you will see that rain sort of douse the camera there right after sunset. we captured that as that heavy rain began to move into the downtown area and our current rainfall totals at some of our exclusive weather bug sites, 1/5 of an inch of rain, half inch totals plus from spikes west and northwest up towards manchester, heavy rain. i expect these totals to be up women over an inch as we push forward into the day tomorrow. temperature-wise now, we're in the 50-degree range or so in most spots, 54 out at bwui. some of the warmest air of the day right now. this is a warm weather storm system and we'll stay way above freezing overnight. in fact our high temperature may be at midnight and then we'll cool off certainly late
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tomorrow afternoon and night with our next cold front but mild stuff out there, sort of a tropical rain by january standards, you see much heavier rain back off moving into western maryland. this is just one round we're just exploring with our live radar. back off to the west. wait until you see this. massive storm here, major train of moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico. where you see these reds heavy thunderstorms pounding parts of georgia up to the carolinas. we may hear the rumble of thunder here early tomorrow morning. a little unusual for january and you can see that rain again all pushing steadily from west to east. this is what we're going to be dealing with here, at least the first half of tomorrow. this is actually not the main storm, this is a storm riding along a frontal boundary that's wrapping into the huge storm that's up into the northern part of the upper midwest but a lot of rain riding along that supermild air along the east coast for about another 12 to 20 hours and then we've got really cold air coming in toward the end of the week. it will be noticeably colder tomorrow night into tuesday. here it is for you.
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wind is all this heavy rain and wind get out of here. the wind will leave first and the winds begin to die down tomorrow night. toward 8:00 the morning rush hour, still looks like a lot of heavy rain around, washing it closely. make sure you check out the forecast tomorrow. if you're traveling toward the eastern shore the heavy rain is going to last a longer period of time there but you see off to the west things clear out nicely as we push into tuesday. overnight tonight, flash flood watch, if you're in a low lying spot the chance for flooding is possible overnight tonight. heavy rain, it will be windy through the day tomorrow. the one positive thing is the rain moves out by midday, those high winds will actually help dreyfus out a little but watch out through at least midday tomorrow. the potential for more heavy showers, even possibly the rumble of thunder. we'll be dried out by late in the afternoon pushing towards sunset, we'll take into tomorrow night, looks all dry,
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things getting colder. back down to freezing overnight tomorrow night night, our next shot of really cold air going to bring us back towards that january feeling so to speak. not that that sounds great. that january feeling, take a look here as we show you our seven-day forecast and you'll see things do get a lot colder toward the end of the week. we push this rain out of here quickly tomorrow again by tomorrow afternoon, dry day tuesday but chillier. take a look what happens on friday, our next major shot of cold air coming in. maybe snow showers. five days away. we'll worry right now about the heavy rain tonight and tomorrow morning. leave yourself a little bit of extra time out there. rosy? >> well if you have an old couch we know what you can do. the latest craze, couching. plus, the o's have reunited with a familiar face. and sports extra will have the whole entire story.
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a new old face is returning to bird land as the o's afreed to terms saturday on a 1-year $6 million deal with miguel tejada. he'll be taking on a new role as he will play third base for the first time. and sports extra will have much much more on the return of tejada, they'll also have more on fanfest which games o's fans a taste of summed earn. some 10,000 fans showed up at the convention center to play games, get autographs, pick up the mem ra peel ya and get excited about the upcoming season. but it also helped groom future o's fans. >> this is our second year here, got a bunch of, you know, good things for the kids, and you know, with the players signing autographs and since he is young i would like to, you know, get him started young. >> i hear you. >> well, yeah, that kid looked really enthused about that. fans even had a chance to to
11:25 pm
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ah yes, looking for something to do with grandma's old couch, the one that has been gathering dust in the
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basement. this is couching. only for the ambitious and crazy. it started as a joke and has turned into a packed event at this utah ski slope. >> that just looks like a broken leg. >> or a good time. you know, kids will be kids, right. let's show you the weather we've got going on. a lot of heavy rain. wintery weather, a little too early for that, even though we're in january. flash flood watches up all across maryland, also a high wind advisory, maryland's most powerful radar, you see there is a lot of wet weather out there and the heaviest still yet to come in from the west. in fact you can see some heavy rain moving up from the south pushing into baltimore. also bel air up into harford county getting a lot of wet weather right now too. so be ready for that overnight. flash flood watch, heavy rain, high winds, we'll be okay. leave yourself a little extra time in the morning because that ponding water on the roads, you know what that does to traffic out there rosy. >> thanks a lot wyatt.
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that's all for us. thanks for watching, you can get all the stories in the universe we're covering. don't go anywhere, the press box sports extra with rob long, the dapper rob long, starts right now. welcome to press box sports extra, i'm rob long, there's plenty of college hoops action. this week. and the orioles made some noise by bringing back miguel tejada. but first things first t super bowl matchup was decided, to indy first. in a rematch of super bowl iii. really? we talk about that as if they have never played since then or something. let's go to indiannapolis firms. peyton manning was looking to return to super bowl and mark sandhis was hoping to do his best broadway joe. indy struck first, manning connected for pierre gargon to to sit set up a field goal by matt stover. but the jets answer back. ednchez goes back and braylen


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