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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: the responsibility of used car dealers, the peddles require a new level of disclosure before the car can be sold. >> if they are aware of the defect. that is a problem. consumers may have a right of recourse. >> reporter: tougher consumer protection standard doesn't stop there. a quick check online suggests many toyota owners who were trying to sale their cars aren't also aware of the disrule disclosure rules. in baltimore area alone we found many for sale on the craigslist site. even the most recent postings don't mention the recall. anyone who sales a faulty car to a non-suspecting buyer could
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be subject to fine or closing down their business. >> they certainly would be subject to a consumer protection violation. >> reporter: if it causes a crash and the seller hasn't disclosed the potential problem it would be up to the courts to decide if they are subject to criminal or civil action. >> in recent months toyota's disappeared quickly from used car lots as buyers look for more fuel efficient vehicles. dealers across the area are pulling toyotas from their lots. general manager talked about what's being done to locate the affected vehicles. >> what's happening, those are tech anything -- technicians going out to look to identify if this is an an affected vehicle or not. >> the vehicles are being taken out of the inventory.
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they are being clearly marked with a not for sale tag in the windshield. dealership is waiting for further instructions from toyota. three winter car companies are pulling thousands of toyotas from their fleets because of the concern. they are immediately removing 20,000 toyotas from the rental fleets. hertz announced they'd temporary stop renting vehicles involved in the recall. enterprise holdings and national car rental chain says it is also pulling affected vehicles. toyota's big recall has left some travelers with questions. karl says his brand new toyota camry has taken off on him twice. he was able to shift into neutral and coast to safety. >> what's going to happen when someone is at a stop sign and the gas goes like that and they loose control and hit a kid at
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a bus stop? >> they cannot expect us, as consumers to drive a car they are no longer willing to sell. >> here's a little information that may help you out. if you are driving a toyota and the accelerator peddle sticks gm of a local dealership offers these tips. first, remain calm. put the vehicle in neutral. put both feet on the brake. don't pump the brakes. pull over to the side of the road. you can cut off the ignition. if you have a smart key push the cutoff button and hold it down for three seconds. remember, you can find out more about the story and the recalls leading up to it online at nice day of weather across maryland. it doesn't hold off any longer. we ought to see cold temperatures pushing into baltimore now. in fact our satellite radar pictures look clear.
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what you don't see is the wind. high temperatures today were up around 50. you can see now things cooling off rapidly. pittsburgh 17. winds up around 25 miles per hour. a very frigid night on the way. definitely be ready to bundle up for your friday. through the weekend it looks wintry. we'll talk about an approaching storm that could affect the weather saturday and where the worse will be coming up in a few. >> thank you. we have breaking news in a county police lieutenant arrested last week for sexting with a teenager girl. moments ago a federal grand jury officially indicted the 47- year-old on charges of possession of child pornography. he was arrested last week. he has been in federal custody. a hearing on these charges has
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not yet been set. tonight police need your help identifying a suspect responsible for several smash- and-grab burglaries in baltimore county. so far four businesses have been broken into. the crimes have been happening early in the morning. police believe the suspect hit these places. now, in two other cases authorities say the suspect took cigarettes but didn't take anything in other two cases. if you have any information call metro crimestoppers. update on the story we brought you as breaking news last night. baltimore county police now identified the man they shot outside of union memorial
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hospital's main entrance. the 61-year-old phillip hololand was wanted for attempted murder and assault. police got a tip that he was at the hospital. should police be able to track cell phones? and use them by means of gps? it is already happening. one state lawmaker only wants it to be done if police have a want to do so. we are joined now with more. >> reporter: is it a violation of your privacy if your cell phone sends out a gps signal police can track? state senator gladden thinks so and wants police to go to court before they can follow you around. in every cell phone is a gps signal that can be tracked if you have the right equipment. police have been using that stuff for years to track suspects to fight crime. at a hearing today she proposed two measures. first will require police to
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get warrants. she also wants warrants to be required before authorities can place a tracking device on the suspect's vehicle or body. both are proposed by maryland law enforcement. >> law enforcement has to stay ahead of the technology curve. the bad guys are. they are using gps for their advantage. weed. >> to be smarter than them. >> i want to protect people's privacy rights. >> reporter: her proposals are now in a hearing in annapolis. at least four more victims have come forward saying they were scammed by a baltimore county woman who was faking stomach cancer. she faces two charges of fraud and felony theft for milking people out of money pretending to have terminal cancer. as more people come forward it may mean more charges for rose dale woman. unfortunately prosecutors say they deal with cases like this all the time.
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american cancer society says make sure you donate to the reputable organizations. >> public can depend on the american cancer society. they'll take the dollars and make them work for cancer patient, families and caregivers. >> she could face up to 60 years in prison if she is found guilty on all four counts. that brings us to our poll question today. have you ever given money to a friend who made a plea on facebook? to cast your vote log on to look on the right-hand side of our home page. d.c. metro was taking steps to improve safety. acting chief safety officer says several changes are in the works including new rules, training and consequences for those who violate safety procedures. this move follows several worker deaths in the last year. two weeks ago two metro employees were killed when officials say a truck on the
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rails backed into them. you can call this the scarlett letter of drunk driving. delegate marvin holmes is proposing a bill requiring repeat offenders in maryland to use special license plates that say "dui" so everyone knows they have been convicted. >> 2079 drivers who have been convicted three times or more for convicted drink driving. 2,000 drivers with a history of drunk driving on our roadways. we as citizen who ;nsr"]ç?wáe t roads need to know who they are. >> they can be given to anyone with drinking or drug convictions three or more times. in annapolis talking about same-sex marriage. delegate burns is urging state lawmakers to prohibit maryland
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from authorizing same-sex marriages authorized by other state or countries. >> it is bad social policy and bad economic policy and bad political policy. more importantly it is bad educational policy. >> people can see this is more than politics or data or rhetoric. this is real people's lives. this hearing is another opportunity to talk about why equality is important to marylanders. >> last month washington, d.c. city council passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. a maryland lawmaker wants to allow courts to grant divorces to couples after they go a year without having sex. maryland divorce law currently requires many couples live apart apart. there are more hands on help from haiti to baltimore to
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help the victims. another local hospital sends medical professionals into the danger zones and not for the short term. politics are spicy enough. today the governor had a few loose labor with a baltimore company known for its good taste.
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spicing things up a little now. mccormick was named by fortune magazine among the top 100 companies to work for. today governor o'malley toured
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their technical center in hunt valley where they test the special herbs on seasonings. he got to taste some dishes. >> i want to say welcome to our facility. >> the event was to welcome the governor to our technical center. >> thank you for your leadership for this great corporation. >> we just named fortune's 100 best companies to work for. they survey employees of the company, look at the benefits and recognize our commitment to our employees, our commitment to the community and the long history we have had of being a great employer. >> he does a great job. >> . >> mccormick has a great culture. it is a culture you don't findüw in every company. the people really care about each other. we all work hard. we all have the ability to
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collaborate. >> welcome to our kitchen. it is wonderful to have you here today. >> they provided me with a ton of opportunity and helped me become a much better chef. it has been a great place to work. it is a great atmosphere and team atmosphere that we work together to make things happen. we are working in a great business. >> not only did this maryland post profits they posted 8% profit in the last quarter. not only is this maryland company hiring but this maryland company is increasingly ever more globally engaged. >> this is the greatest part of the tour. >> we'll continue to beef up the things that we do to make us a great place to work. >> now on our website we have links to mccormicks. we have information about preparing meals for you in 30 minutes. you can find ']some of the tast
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recipes for your superbowl party. not a bad idea. >> getting hungry sitting here looking at it. >> the crab cakes and everything. it is so funny. we put it on everything. it is not just seafood. we put it on everything. not just chicken but frosted flakes. maybe not frosted flakes. big changes in the weather. >> i brought my big coat. i listened. >> it is coming in in a big way. we'll get snow on saturday. 41 at the moment. that temperature is dropping sharply into the 30s. eventually down to the 20 or the teens overnight tonight. i do want to show you this, our two-degree forecast was 50 degrees. that means that we have a weather winner. we got up to 50 today.
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ellen bell out of baltimore. congratulations to you. you'll be getting an abc 2 news umbrella. i want to show you that we had a decent day around here weather wise. little cloud cover early on today. blue sky breaking out throughout the afternoon. not a bad deal. little bit of wind coming in as we push toward the afternoon. the winds only getting more intense as we look across maryland. you can see the big blast pushing into the western half of the state. wind chill factor down to 19 in york. take a look out in oakland. feels like four degrees with this powerful wind. you can see where the cold air has not moved in through the river and ocean city. still looking at a decent weather scenario there for another hour or q7i2two before whole state goes into a deep freeze. winter weather advisory up for virginia. i think across maryland we'll get a couple snow showers
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through the day on the day saturday. nothing tonight or tomorrow. tomorrow night looks fine. saturday is our primary time frame where we could see wintery weather. you can see a nice, clear sky. we have been watching snow with this polar arctic cold front coming down the pike. most of the last bit of moisture has did solved west of the appalachians. now to take you to a wider view. it is interesting. as we look up and down the east coast most of the east coast under thick cloud cover except for virginia and baltimore. the area that you see there. still in clear skies. the cold air pushing through in a hurry out there now. as we take a look we can see the cold front draped across central maryland. a lot of cold air pushing in out of the west. we'll show you the readings in the upper midwest. it is powerfully cold stuff. mild weather up and down the east coast. look at detroit, columbus back through chicago land. frigid stuff.
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well below average. you can see the contrast is 50s through richmond, charlotte and charleston. major front shoving its way through now. we'll all be in a deep freeze come tomorrow. it will hold tough right through monday of next week. back to storm we anticipate on saturday. right now you can see nothing. the storm will begin to develop as we go through the middle part of the day and friday. at 5:00 it is still way off to the west bringing snow across tennessee and kentucky friday night. as we go towards saturday morning this whole system moves eastward. right now you can see the core of the storm saying south of baltimore. if this track holds up that would mean snow mainly for virginia and a few snow showers in maryland. 19 windy, colder through the day tomorrow. only up to 30 and it feel like 20s and teens. tomorrow night winds let up. it is a frigid night at 19 degrees. seven-day forecast. staying frigid around here as
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we go toward the end of the weekend. >> thank you. an amazing story of survival in haiti. a 16-year-old girl was pulled from the rubble more than two kqp)thquake. doctors can't even begin to explain how he was able to survive. she apparently had been trapped for 15 days under a collapsed home and crews heard her calling for help. a french search team dug her pup and took her to a french hospital ship. more help is headed to haiti. a team of doctors from the university of maryland center is headed to the port-au- prince. they are being lead by the physician chief of shock trauma. >> we intend to bridge this for the long term. not for a week or two weeks. the decision is simple. if we are not going to do this
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who is going to? >> more than 200 health professions throughout the university of maryland medical system volunteered to assist with the efforts. many on teams that are rotate every week to and from haiti for the next few months. we'll be right back. thanks for coming back out. sure.
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stock market was sliding. dow jones dropped 115. nasdaq down 41. s&p 500 almost down 13. reports out today may cause new concerns about the economy. jobless claims were highier j& than expected. order for big ticket goods fell short of what analyst predicted. if you receive a letter offering a chance to switch your energy company in exchange for lowering the bill it is not a scam. tonight at 11:00 find out why you might want to seriously consider it before tossing it in the trash. legislation being discussed in annapolis could change the way marylanders get divorced. we'll tell you why how much sex you are having or not having could be the key. at 11:00. cold tonight. be ready for the big blast of cold air. we are back at 11:00. have a great night. t
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